Thrive Life Recipes - recipe in a jar
The goal with these recipes is to save time by putting everything in the dish you want to 
prepare in a 1 pint or 1 quart jar ahead of time so all you have to do is pour out the contents 
of the jar into a pot of boiling water and abra cadabra; you have a delicious ready meal.
At a cost of $1.50 to maybe $3/person. Doing it this way  is especially good when preparing 
meals RVing, camping or boating where you don't have a big kitchen to work in, and don't want 
to spend a bunch of time preparing the meal and cooking. The entire "recipe in a jar" concept  
is great for providing your elderly parents who say they don't want your help with their meals but  
can get really good nutrition by you preparing their meals in a pint jar so all they have to do is 
pour the recipe contents  into a pan of hot water, which they can do. They think they made their 
own meal and you know they got flavorful, nutritious food for their meal. Buy a cheap labelmaker
at Office Depot and label the jars as to what recipe you have in them.

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Creamy Mushroom sauce.
Great over a bed of rice or macaroni, or other pasts or on mashed potatoes
ThriveLife has lots of options this sauce would work good with.

many more recipes to follow as I get time to post them

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