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25 year shelflife non-GMO, non MSG, pesticide/drug free foods
Survival /camping supplies, tools, water containers/filters & more  
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What is freezedried

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Why do we need Thrive Life?  Two reasons 
isaster preparedness and having healthy wholesome food available to eat now
If you missed the recent National Geographic documentary "American Blackout"

you can watch the full length version at  
This is a must watch. Although this was a fictional movie it is probably very accurate in portraying 
what will happen when the power grid goes down and people run out of food, water, electricity,
and gasoline. Those who didn't prepare will become your enemies and attempt take from you so
they can survive. The grid will go down; when is the only question and whether it will be due do
an EMP weapon burst in the sky, a cyber attack or an enormous solar flare. The key thing to note
in this movie is the irrational behavior people exhibit when under stress and they have no water,
food, or electricity.  There's a recent real life version that occurred in in Clayton county Georgia
where the people on government subsistence didn't get their food stamps on time, That situation
had the same chaotic result.
Keep in mind less than 5% of the population has food for 7 days or more.
Less than  2% of our population have both food and water for more than 7 days.
Less than .5% have food, water, and medical supplies for more than 7 days. Scary. 
Supermarkets turn over their entire inventory every 4 days, or in as little as 4 hours if a major event
or emergency such as a blackout occurs. That's why they ask for your phone number and track your
purchases so they can anticipate what's needed and continually restock daily. There is no one, two,
or three week stock of food kept in the grocery store backrooms.
We can live without oxygen for about three minutes before we pass out.
We can live without water for about three days before we start getting delirious.
We can live without food for about three weeks before becoming too weak to function.
Store enough pure water. Change stored water at least annually.
1 gal/person/day for the first three days
3 gal/person/day for 3 to 10 days
10 gal/person/day for emergencies more than ten days
You should have both stored water as well as a mechanism to properly filter  or distill water
Go to  here  and our other site  for water options.

We need ThriveLife because this company provides us with the most nutritious and healthiest 
food products bar none that are available today to put into our bodies. As in 25 year shelf life for 
most items; non GMO, with no added sodium, no MSG, no pesticides or chemicals or steroids used 
in growing the food, and gluten free with no transfats or hydrogenated oils used.  And ThriveLife 
provides us with the largest selection of products to choose from that is unmatched by any other 
company. The recipes in a jar concept will give you variety in your meals, save you time, and save 
you money. The FDA says 25% of the supermarket produce purchased gets thrown out. It doesn't
have to be that way.

The alternative?
Wanna see what's available on your supermarket shelves and in the meal freezers? 

Try this Hungry Man meal with over 100 different ingredients including MSG, soy, transfats, high fructose 
corn syrup, etc, etc, etc.  And we put this in our bodies??? The packaged food industry is trying to kill us.  

We’re now seeing obesity in infants, strokes in eight-year olds, heart attacks in 20-year olds,
and some 30-year olds require renal dialysis to stay alive. Teens are now getting gastric
bypass surgeries. What used to be called “adult onset diabetes” is now more often called
“type 2 diabetes,” as it is no longer reserved for adults. What is wrong with this picture?
It’s the food.

Instead of eating whole foods—real foods—the contemporary American diet typically
consists mostly of sugar, highly processed grains, and a montage of chemicals that are
anything but food. Children are surrounded by these fake foods every day, which have a
very different effect on their bodies than real food.

Watch this short video to understand how serious the problem of how poisonous our food supply has 
become and who is behind poisoning us and why

The case against GMO's
GMO's, genetically modified organisms,  are a big deal. Many countries such as Russia have banned 
GMO food and seeds completely. Why?  Read the  report at "The case against GMO's" for all the reasons 
these are destroying us. It didn't turn out the way it was supposed to. GMO's produce cancer and are very 
detrimental to our health.  Previous proponents of GMO crops are now opponents. Why aren't they banned 
in the US? It's all about the money honey. Health doesn't seem to matter. If this link becomes unavailable
and is taken down, email me and I will send you the .pdf. for many more articles.
70% of rats in one study died prematurely and developed tumors when fed a diet of GMO corn.
GMO food fills your grocery store aisles. Switch to Thrivelife foods to make that problem go away.

Here's what we should be consuming

25 year shelf life freeze dried food     assembled bug out kits         water storage      filter straw, many filters

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Ordering from our consultant site as opposed to the company site will
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you bring into the program.

This page is designed to tell you things about ThriveLife  that you won't find on our company
website as well as clarify what we feel Thrive Life is all about
and how these foods can improve 
your family's health.  ThriveLife is not like other long term food storage companies out there.
ThriveLife is different. It can make a difference to you and your family's health, as well as lower 
your monthly overall food/grocery expenditures. These foods are not just for long term storage 
but can save you from the 20-25% of your grocery budget you are now tossing into the garbage 
can each month. These delicious nutritious foods can save a LOT of preparation time for those 
having  busy schedules as well. And ThriveLife is not just about freeze dried foods that taste great 
and contain no chemicals, GMO, or preservatives; it covers a whole range of survivalist supplies

and concerns in preparing for emergency conditions when the infrastructure is taken out.

ThriveLife is a debt free company started in 2004 making unique food rotation 
storage container shelving (and they still do) that made them a small fortune.
These units have adjustable spacing to accommodate any sized cans, even tuna fish cans.
The key feature is to put the new cans on top which roll to the back and the oldest cans 
are in the front to be used next.

Then they took their profits  and expanded operations to now deal in survival tools, campstoves,
camping/survival  gear, tents, sleeping bags, ready to go bug out back packs, first aid kits, water 
storage containers, filters as low as .02 microns, purification chemicals, and much much more.
ThriveLife  specializes in making freeze dried foods for long term storage, as in 25 year shelf 
life for most items; with no added sodium, no MSG, no pesticides or chemicals or steroids used 
in growing the food, and gluten free with no transfats or hydrogenated oils used. And nothing is
from China. Many competitors sell survival food made in China loaded with sodium, chemicals,
pesticides, drugs, steroids in the meats,  and containing many chemicals and preservatives to give
it the required shelf life. Most of that doesn't taste good and coming from China who knows what
else is used for filler; like the melanine powder (used for making plastic dinerware) found in recent 
powdered milk from China.

ThriveLife's  instant non fat dry milk is made out of "just non fat milk", nothing else, and tastes better 
than store bought milk and costs less, about 22.6 cents/8 oz glass,  if you buy it in 6 gal containers. 
Store bought homogenized milk with fat particles which have been made super small in the homogenization
process contains xanthine oxidase which gets into your arterial network and creates atherosclerosis,
severe plaqueing of your arteries.  Heart disease rates are highest in the countries that use the most
homogenized milk. Read about that here. ThriveLife non fat milk has 
no fat and thus contains no xanthine oxidase to do that. Thrive Life non fat instant milk is a much 
better alternative than fresh whole or 2% or even 1% real milk. Plus when the grocery stores shelves 
and freezers are stripped in an emergency crisis and there is no fresh milk to be had; you've got  
your 25 year shelf life ThriveLife milk to use. ThriveLife competes with companies like EFoods, 
GoFoods, Desert Store, Mountain House, and others but there is a huge difference in the quality 
and taste of ThriveLife foods versus the others. I've tried many; might be okay for when we are 
desperate, but not okay for daily consumption. You will use delicious ThriveLife foods in your daily 
meals and save money in the process.

The big difference is that ThriveLife goes beyond dehydration. 
When freeze dried, foods are picked at maximum ripeness and nutrition value when they taste good!
Foods you buy in the grocery store were picked when green. Not only are they tasteless for most part, 
but lack the nutrition they would have had if they had been allowed to ripen on the vine or tree. Freeze
drying instead of dehydrating seals in all the nutrition and flavor as produce is picked only when ripe, 
sliced, diced and flash frozen in an instant removing 98% of the water which provides longevity of 
product as well as maintains all the nutrition values; WITHOUT ADDED SODIUM or other chemicals
needed for preservation that the competition uses.  Read the labels. Other companies load their 
offerings with sodium (read the label) to help with preservation, just as the pioneers, Indians and 
Eskimos used salt to preserve their meats due to lack of refrigeration and freezers. We all know
excess sodium (salt) consumption is a good way to meet your maker early.

Which peas would you rather eat?

To gain a better understanding of the loss of nutrients encountered when conventional 
canning or regular freezing of fruits and vegetables is employed (up to a 77% nutrient loss traded 
for shelf life gain)  see this pdf on the subject
Fresh fruits and vegetables may not be consumed for a significant length of time following harvest 
during which severe time severe nutrient degradation occurs. The stuff is edible but contains little 
nutrient value. The ThriveLife freeze dried process has no loss of nutrients; plus the fruits or 
vegetables are harvested when fully ripe which means the nutrient content is at it's peak at the 
time it is freeze dried.

That's not the end of the story - here's how industrial farming has destroyed the taste in our 
foods.  Produce today is grown for longevity and firmness for shipping. Taste, flavor and nutritional 
value never enter into the picture. This article applies to more than just tomatoes.

All ThriveLife foods have no added sodium, no MSG, NO GMO foods are used, no gluten,
the produce has no chemicals or pesticides used in the growing process, and no drugs or steroids
were used in any animal products. All produce and animal products used are continually tested to
insure this is so. Quality food you put into your body doesn't get better than this today. A can of 
ThriveLife onions is just onions. A can of potato beads is just potatoes; nothing else. 

Heart healthy
Listen to what this heart surgeon has to say about how processed foods are the responsible
culprit for heart disease. Using freeze dried foods that is just food instead of a can or box full 
of chemicals and preservatives can be a large part of the solution to this problem.   

How about cost effectiveness. 
For example, are canned green beans loaded with sodium and other preservatives cheaper 
per serving than Thrivelife freeze dried that are healthier? I
A University of Utah MBA study showed that 126 families of 4 using THRIVE Foods in 50% 
of their cooking
saved $100 per month and 44% saved $174 per month.

Although many people purchase ThriveLife products for survival preparations and 
long term storage, most discover the high flavor content and start using ThriveLife products for 
20-25% of their every day use food budget after they get introduced  to the recipes created by 
our onboard professional chef as well as consultants who put together their own concoctions. 
See some of these recipes  here .

By using freeze dried product they eliminate the 25% of their food budget that spoils and 
gets tossed out each week. The FDA surveys state 25% of purchased food; mostly fresh produce
and meats, is wasted and tossed out because it spoils before it is used.  Think sour cream, salsa,
milk, leftover broccoli nobody wants warmed up again, etc. If your monthly budget is 
$500, that's $125/mo wasted. Multiply that by 12months/year and your yearly waste is $1500.  
Hey, $1400 buys a ThriveLife one year's food supply for 1 person. 
hmmmmm?  Something to think about. 

People actually save money using ThriveLife freeze dried products because what's left in the can
doesn't go bad. And with many of our products, the cost per serving is simply less than the 1 year 
shelf life can on the grocery store shelf. You can buy a 3 serving can of kidney beans at the grocery 
for about $1.25 in the cheaper outlet stores. That's about 42 cents a serving. A 46 serving #10 tin of
freeze dried ThriveLife kidney beans at consultant catalog prices which normal customers would 
purchase at, is only  $15 (on sale right now for only $14.09) that's 32 cents/ serving at full price or
30 cents/serving at sale price.  How much of your pint of sour cream for last night's baked potato gets 
used before it goes bad  and gets tossed out? Most, in our case. Use ThriveLife powdered sour  
creamor salsa mix you just add water to and you can make just enough for your immediate use and 
the rest in the can is good for next time; for several years even if the can is opened. 

How much fresh market deli salsa goes bad in your frig before it gets tossed out? Most in our case. 
You don't use salsa everyday and fresh salsa is only good for a couple days before it goes bad. 
ThriveLife makes a killer salsa by the way. Better than most Mexican restaurants. If it isn't hot enough 
for you, just add some chili de arbol powder to it; but it is absolutely delicious. Chef Todd out did 
himself on that one. It's item #66446 on the consultant's only pricelist, $14.95/pantry can. 
$145.99/box of ten with a 5% discount.  Since currently it is a consultant's only item, you need to 
know you can make it from the #10 tins if you have the recipe. And here's the recipe.

Debbies single serving salsa recipe

The left over half of the onion or extra stalks of celery or asparagus not used and put in the frig gets
tossed out after a few days when they go bad. And you should never use left over onion as it starts
gathering bacteria as soon as you slice it open. In the days of the bubonic plague people used onion
slices put on plates throughout their house to act as magnets for the viruses so the people
never got the plague inside that living space. Today if we get a cold we do the same. The onion 
sucks up the bad guys. When potato salad from Sunday's picnic make people sick the following 
week; it's not the mayonnaise or eggs that went bad; it's the onions attracting the germs and bad 

When I was first introduced to ThriveLife I thought , looks good, but I'll bet the stuff costs a lot more 
than regular grocery store food. What I have since discovered after getting more involved, is that 
that is not so. This is very cost effective. What I wasn't prepared for was the taste difference . 
Amazing the difference when food is processed ripe and without chemicals.  This stuff is really good.
Serve your family some of these recipes and you will be queen (or king) of the house. Here's how.

Recipes/meals in a jar
When Irina and I joined we were treated to a four course dinner by our immediate upline using these
recipes. Every course was absolutely gourmet. What busy people do is put a recipe together from
the #10 tins or the smaller pantry cans into 1 pint jars or quart jars.   When comes time for the meal 
instead of opening a dozen  #10 tins or so and taking out a half cup of this and a 1/4 cup of that and
a teaspoon of something else, and looking at a recipe, they simply pour the contents of the jar into a 
bit of boiling water to reconstitute the freeze dried contents and a few minutes later, dinner is on.

Watch the quick video with Chef Tess to get the idea of meals in a jar.

And ThriveLife does make 12 ThriveExpress, easy to use individual pouches of recipes 
already assembled that you simply open, add to boiling water, and kazzam - instant lunch or dinner.
These serve 3-4 people per pouch and average about $7/pouch. But they are not as economical
per serving as putting your own meals together into pint or quart jars using the #10 tins, following the 
recipes, and doing it yourself. Those meals can be put together for $1.50 to $2 to $3 per person 
depending upon how much meat is used.

So what's the difference between doing this and adding prepackaged hamburger helper to a 
skillet of cooked hamburger for example? Read the labels. Your recipe jar of ThriveLife freeze  
dried food is just food; grown with NO pesticides, herbacides, drugs, or steroids;  picked at peak
ripeness and freshness with maximum nutrition;  flash frozen in an instant to preserve that;  gluten 
free - no transfats/hydrogenated oils used; NO added chemicals, preservatives, or MSG added,
and especially no added sodium (salt) to screw your body up and waste your immune system on. 
JUST GOOD FOOD! Go back to this page for a reminder.
By comparison, here's the ingredients list from a package of Lasagna Skillet Dinner 
you'd buy at the local grocery so you get the picture of how unhealthy prepackaged food is and 
that you can turn the health of your family around using ThriveLife foods and keeping chemicals/
preservatives out of your body:

Enriched macaroni and/or wheat flour , wheat gluten, ferrous sulfate (men don't need more iron - 
they normally carry too much as it is - bad for the heart), niacin, thiamin mononitrate (putting nitrates 
in our body is not a good thing) , riboflavin, folic acid, sugar, corn syrup, dehydrated tomato, wheat 
flour, salt, corn starch, modified food starch, whey, MSG (flavor enhancer causing big troubles),
maltodextrin, onion powder, garlic powder, spices, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, 
dehydrated blend of cheeses, milk cheese culture, more salt, enzymes, citric acid, hydrolyzed soy
(soy turns men into women by messing with the hormones), corn protein (virtually all corn in the US
that goes into packaged food is GMO), disodium inosinate, disodium guanylate, natural flavors, sodium
phosphate, lactic acid, and red #40 lake ( red dye can cause cancer) - contains wheat, milk and soy
ingredients.  Now there are a few good things in that list, but do I really want to put that mess of 
chemicals into my body?  Not if I can help it.  What's in Thrive Life products?  JUST FOOD!

Recipes - ThriveLife has a professional chef that makes up many of these recipes. 
You can find more recipes to put together your own food meal jars at:  - this site is hosted by our upline who are real worker bees.
Be sure and click the More Thrive Meals button there for even more recipes
Debbie's new section under Recipes-Cookbooks  covers single serving recipes also.
Many more shared consultant's recipes can be found at

and at .

and at     

and new recipes all the time can be found at 

Try this one

Check out  self reliant mamma's site for even more recipes

Simply corn, peas and potato flakes is one of my favorites. Frozen corn and 
frozen peas from the grocery will not have the nutrient value of the freeze dried corn and peas.
See for why this is so. Use the freeze dried 
ThriveLife version of the corn and peas if top nutrition for your family is your goal.  Heat the corn 
and peas up with a little bit of water, then toss in some potato flakes and stir until you have a good 
mashed potato consistency and the peas and corn are thoroughly mixed in with the potatoes. All the
nutrients which came out from the corn and peas into the water now is retained in the rehydration of
the potato flakes.  Simple, quick, tasty. I make this one a lot. Ber 

Putting your recipes together in jars for quick meals, RVing , boating, camping, etc.

All this at a cost of $1.50 to maybe $3/serving depending upon how much meat is in the recipe.  
Doing it this way  is especially good when preparing meals for RVing, camping or boating where 
you don't have a big kitchen to work in, and don't want to spend a bunch of time preparing the meal 
and cooking. The entire "recipe in a jar" concept  is great for providing your elderly parents who say 
they don't want your help with their meals but  can get really good nutrition by you preparing their 
meals in a pint jar so all they have to do is pour the recipe contents  into a pan of hot water, stir and 
let sit ten minutes or so depending upon what's in the recipe, which they can do. They think they made 
their own meal without bothering you and you know they got flavorful, nutritious food for their meal. 
That's called a win - win situation.

Make your own jam 
raspberry, strawberry, blueberry etc. using freeze dried fruit cheaper than by buying store 
bought and without all the chemicals and preservatives.
Got 20 minutes? Make 6-1/2 pint jars of freezer jam for yourself or others. Here's the recipe : 
4 cups Thrive Raspberries plus 2 cup water, crush berries, add 4 cups of sugar, let set 10 minutes. 
Mix 1 pouch of liquid pectin to 2 tablespoons of lemon juice in a bowl. Take this mixture and stir into
berries. Stir for 3 minutes. Pour into pint jars. Presto! Gift jars done!

Regarding survival preparations
Here's some statistics. Think hurricanes like Katrina, tornados, fires, earthquakes, flooding - emergencies
can come in many flavors and simply take out the infrastructure and available aid in a matter of minutes;
not even hours. The west coast should be gearing for a 9.0 Cascadia quake that is long overdue when
the San Juan De Fuca plate slips again under the North American plate. The Kitsap Penninsula will be
landlocked as the Tacoma Narrows bridges may be unuseable and the Ferry docks may be badly damaged.
See this video for a good explanation of Cascadia and how the San Juan de Fuca plate is diving under the
North American plate and what results. 
Try this one, Mt Raineer the ticking time bomb; it will wipe out the whole Kent Valley, most of Tacoma and
Puyallup. Same problem for the Kitsap penninsula - landlocked entrapment
You will be home alone as the path through Shelton, the only road off the penninsula which will be damaged
also, will not handle the traffic. This quake will destroy things from British Columbia, through Washington and
Oregon to well into California. The San Adreas fault is due for a big one also; which will affect most of California
all the way down to Guadalajara, Mexico. On the backside of the zoo in Guadalajara you can see the huge canyon
of the San Andreas fault, it's like a half a mile deep.

Why do we need ThriveLife?
Less than 5% of the people have water enough for 7 days.
Thrive Life has water containers, water filters, and chemicals for purifying water.  has even mroe quality filters.

Less than  2% of the people have food and water for 7 days.
ThriveLife has more than just survival food; in small packets, pantry cans, #10 tins and 6 gallon pails
as well as packages of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or a year or more's worth of food.

Less than 1/2 of 1% have food, water and medical supplies for 7 days.
ThriveLife has a great selection of emergency first aid/medical kits  and loaded bug out backpacks 
for all budgets. See the emergency supplies section of the catalog.
You can survive without oxygen for about 3 minutes is all.
You can survive without water for about three days before going delirious.
You can survive without food for three weeks but you will not be comfortable in doing so.

What are people thinking? What if an asteroid hit and we went dark for a year?
Think about the St Helens explosion. Yellowstone is a supervolcano and will leave half the
United States to fend for themselves when it blows.  It's overdue also and waking up.
See  for what that will do.

Think about comets and the potential for large meteors striking earth as earth goes through it's
debris tail. What if Iran or China unloaded an EMP electromagnetic pulse burst weapon in our
atmosphere which will take out everything electronic, including your car if it's newer than about 1978. 

Are you willing to die and let your family die when the real catastrophe hits because you couldn't
or weren't willing to store  several months of food and water and medical supplies? $1400 of
freeze dried food is one year's worth for one person. We're not talking megabucks here.

Supermarkets keep just enough food on the shelves to service their customer's immediate needs.
Why do you think they ask for your phone number when you are at the cash register? So they can
log what you buy so the trucks can bring in daily replacements and they have  just that amount on 
hand. They don't want to throw away and waste food either. There is no storage in the back rooms
of supermarkets. The huge warehouse in Seattle isn't going to help your grocery store in Silverdale 
when the quake disabled the bridge joining the two. When the trucks come in the stuff is put on the
shelves. As in Katrina, a supermarket can be cleaned out completely in as little as four to six hours; 
not days. The supermarkets in Centralia, WA when the flood came from a chinook wind/rain and 
snow melted off Mt Raineer and
I5, the main freeway through there, was submerged, were the 
same way; cleaned  out completely in a matter of hours . In fact they were underwater as well if y
ou remember the pictures.

Drinkable water
You need to understand what you are trying to filter for when researching and choosing water filtration.
We need to filter for bacteria which range in size from .2 to 5 microns, such as e-coli, salmonella, and
cholera.  We need to filter for protozoas, amoebas, giardia lamblia, and cryptosporidium which range in 
size from 1-15 microns in size which is pretty easy to do. And we need to filter out viruses like hepatitus,
norwalk, and polio viruses which range in size from .02 microns to .20 microns and this is where cheap
filters don't cut it and if you want to get this job done you have to dig deeper into your pocket.

A micron is a millionth of a meter. A micron is 10 to the minus 6th meters. A nanometer is a billionth 
of a meter, ten to the minus 9th meters.  200 nanometers is equivalent to .2 microns. The smallest virus 
is the polio virus at about 20-25 nanometers or .02 to .025 microns. So if you want to catch these you 
have purchase a filter capable of .02 microns or less. There are several good choices for this, the Katadyn 
combi micro at .02 microns using a ceramic filter good for 13,000 gallons - along with an inexpensive carbon
filter which needs to be changed every 105 gallons to keep the taste of the filtered water good. 
ThriveLife sells these but you can find them on the net for as little as $147. The other filter with that
capability is the LifeSaver 4000 or 6000 which has a filter capability as low as .015 microns (15 nanometers). 
This can be found on the net at around $147 also.  See my page at 
for more information on even more  specific filters. 

Solar charging / lighting capabilities
Thrivelife offers the
Goal Zero Switch 8 Kit & Lighthouse 250 so you have lights at night off of solar and
can charge your favorite goodies such as cellphone, MP3 player, I Pad, etc.  
See at Thrivelife at 

It's time to do some preparations in the food, water, medical supplies and maybe additional 
areas if you haven't already.And that includes a good bugout bag in case you can't stay where 
you reside. Click on EmergencySupplies under Products at  for 
ready to go bugout bags and water filters. At least get one or two of the water filter straws and 
keep with you at all times and a good first aid kit. 

ThriveLife has first aid medical kits; but in hopes of getting the biggest bang for the buck, we did
a major search on, Ebay and other places and settled on a $49.95  unit you can get
from Costco online  item # 559398. Supposedly good for 100 people, has 745 pieces (many of which
are simply bandaids) but contains many other good things as well and has room in it for more stuff like
a good can of Watkins Petro Carbo salve which has been the snake oil healing agent of choice in my
family for years. You can get those on ebay for around $11-$15/can. If you get a cut, put some Watkins
on it, and it will not get infected; that simple. If it gets infected, put salve on it and all the red and swelling
will go away. Watkins salve would be the one item I would have in my medical kit if I could only have one
item; it’s that good. The Costco metal box the first aid kit comes in is good sized and has some room in it
for a few more things too; like larger patches and more gauze and adhesive tape. Anyway, I thought we
would make you aware of that item if you haven’t already purchased a good first aid kit.

There are several ways to become involved with ThriveLife.
As a customer, Q customer with better pricing , or as a consultant who can then make money 
from others he/she recruits as a customer, Q customer, or consultant.

Watch this short video to see what ThriveLife is all about.  This is a NOW business.
Not only can you prepare your family for emergencies, but can cut your food bill in the process
and create a residual income at the same time while helping others. There is nothing negative
here. You have all the products, tools, and support to provide a food-water-medical supply cushion,
a better, healthier life and a better income. Watch the short video.

1. Simply be our customer and purchase your products at a discount off of our site at . You will note the prices are less by 10% or more on our site than
they are in the catalog (email me for a pdf copy ) or on the
company site which you can also order from.

UPS Shipping charges are very reasonable as they are subsidized by the company
$0           -   $80.00              $7.99
$80.01   -   $140.00            $10.99
$140.01 -   $200.00            $14.99
$200.01 -   $400.00            $20.99
$400.01 and higher             6% of order subtotal so a $500 order would cost $30 for example.
*Contiguous US Only. If you're interested in shipping to a destination outside of the contiguous 
United States, please call (877) 743-5373 for additional information.

2. Ask us to receive the monthly special and unadvertised specials list
If you will send your full name and email addy to us at  and request to be
put on my ThriveLife list I will send you updates when the monthly specials and unadvertised specials
come out which offer huge savings on this stuff. 
This month you can get a 55 gallon blue plastic water drum with pump and 2 top quality filters ($200 retail) 
for only $107. Drums only are $85. 
The regular $449 FRS - Food Rotational Shelving system which started this whole thing off can be 
had for $254.99 on Special or $249.99 if you are on Q (since a $200 discount is practically giving 
it away, the Q people on this item won't see much more of an additional  discount). The FRS system 
allows you to effortlessly put newly purchased food at the end of the can chain so you are always 
using off the front which represents the oldest can on the rack.

3. Q Club - Want better customer pricing than just ordering off our site?
Register as a Q member,
which requires a $50 monthly minimum commitment, kinda like an autoship except you choose 
what you want, and receive a greater discount over pricing than you find on our consultant site
at www.detailshere.thrivelife.htm . The actual extra % discount varies with the item. 

Non fat instant dry milk - this is great stuff by the way, I love it and prefer it over store bought 
homogenized milk containing fat and xanthine oxidase that fills your arteries with plaque. 
See for why store bought homogenized milk does that 
and why non fat instant powdered milk doesn't do that.
If you buy instant non fat powdered milk  in a 6 gallon pail it comes out to only  22.6 cents an 
8 oz glass. Less if you don't like that creamy a taste as you can dilute it more.
ThriveLife site price   $21.69 for a #10 tin. (56 cents a glass including shipping) 
Consultant site price  $20.29  about 7% less than retail 
Q Customer price      $19.50  about 11% less than retail, or 4% less than consultant site pricing.

Buying in larger quantities saves money; a lot of money. 
Buying one #10 can of Thrive Life Instant non fat Milk even at Q price is not cost effective in 
my opinion -  $19.50 + 7.99frt = $27.49  for 53 servings = $0.52/serving

·    If you buy one case of #10 cans, a 6 pack, price/serving gets better:  $111.59 + 10.99 =122.58 
for  318 servings = $0.385/serving , 26% less

·    If you buy one 6-gallon bucket, it will be the most cost effective choice:  $87.99 + 10.99 = $98.98
for 437 servings = $0.226/serving , 56.5% less

·    The most cost effective way to buy your needs is to bring your order total close to $400.00 by 
adding other items so you are paying the least amount of shipping cost.

How to register and become  a Q member.
The advantage of becoming a Q Club member is that you can get stuff for less than from 
ordering off a  consultant site and will automatically get the lowest price available considering 
the unadvertised specials, monthly specials and Q Pon specials you might not be aware 
of.  And you can select from any item in the catalog except those available to only consultants. 
But how to work the Q Club membership is a learning process. Your first step should be to go to ; read it all, and decide if becoming a Q member is really 
for you or not.  In order to get this special Q member pricing you are committing yourself to a
monthly purchase amount of at least $50, and there is a $100 level also.  
If you choose the $50 level, Q membership costs  $79.95 upfront (unless you are already a 
consultant in which case there is no charge) and has a $19.95 annual renewal fee. If you commit 
to the $100 /mo level the upfront membership fee is waived as well as the annual renewal fee if 
you purchased $100 or more 11 times during the year. It's kind of a no brainer to sign up for the 
$100 Q if you sign up for Q at all. Your Q purchase should consist of things you are considering 
for long term storage as well as for things you will be using all the time. 

Q members are also entitled to Q Pon specials ; again pricing lowered even further just for 
Q members. You need to register for Q Club membership through an existing consultant's site. 
If you become a consultant you can't sign up for Q membership through your own site, but have 
to sign up on your sponsor's site. But after the first order you can place your Q order from your 
own site from then on. 

Smart Start 200 available to build your home store for you - explained well in this .pdf 

Smart Start 200 is a great way for you to get to sample everything in the small pantry sized cans 
and economically build the recipes you will want to master and stick with.
Smart Start 200  runs for 3 months at $200.00 per month budget,  is designed for recipe 
based products and comes in a box each month.  1st month box contains a recipe booklet, 4
herbs/seasoning, 2 Thrive Express pouches and 18 pantry cans of Thrive Foods; the 2nd month
box contains 4 Thrive Express pouches and 18 pantry cans of Thrive Foods; the 3rd month box
contains 2 Thrive Express pouches and 18 pantry cans of Thrive Foods.  This Smart Pack 200 is
a great way to get to know many of the products by following the recipes that are included in the pack
and find out how easy, nutritious and delicious meals can be made at home so quickly. To sign up for
smart start 200 go to  click on The Q at the right, then main website,
then put Smart Start 200 in the search box.

To sign up for Smart Start 200
For Non-Q Customers:  > Shop > Search Box (at the right side top) type in “Smart Pack 200” 
and click > click on the picture or “SHOP” > price of $215/ box for the month 1, 2 and 3.  The customer 
can order 1 at a time at his/her leisure or order 3 all at the same time.

 For Q Customers:   > Shop > Log In (right side top, next to the Search Box) type 
email & password > Type in “Smart Pack 200” in the Search Box > click the picture of Smart Pack 
200 – You will find the Q price of $200/box for each box.  Order one at a time or all 3 together.  
When it’s done, remember to Log Off.

·    If you are going to order it as a Q order:   > The Q > Log In (type in email address & password) then follow 
the steps - $200/box and it will be shipped one box per month for 3 months.  When done, 
remember to Log Off.

 For Consultants:
Consultant’s own "My Office" > Bring curser to the Arrow right side of your Name & ID # > 
My Q > type  “Smart Start 200” into the Search Box > Click “SHOP” under the picture of the 
Smart Start 200.

It saves money to become a Q member:
Lowest prices
Earn a point for every dollar spent
Redeem the points for items from the catalog
Easiest and most convenient way to accumulate your Home Store (pantry) and a long term 
Food Storage for any kind of emergency situation

  Important to know
If you sign up as a consultant  and you sign up for Q on your sponsor's site, as you are 
required to do, you must understand that even though you are getting the best pricing on goods; 
your sponsor is getting the commission on what you personally are buying on Q. That's 20 % on 
your first purchase and 5% on following purchases. You don't make a commission on your own Q
purchases; you just get the lowest pricing available.  So if you are a consultant and have a larger 
purchase planned, you may want to  spend $50 of it as a Q member to satisfy requirements and 
perhaps spend  the balance as a customer on your own site so you get the 10% commission back 
into your own pocket  instead of giving it all to your upline sponsor. Consultants earn 10% on 
whatever is purchased on their site. You need to lay out what you are purchasing, run the numbers, 
calculate a consultant price as well as a Q price for each item, and see if the Q price is a greater 
savings than 10% of the consultant price you would get back if you bought it on your own site. You 
need to determine if it is more beneficial for you to get Q pricing with no sales commission or 
consultant site pricing with the 10% commission back. Then decide where to buy it.  As a consultant 
you are only required to buy $50/mo on Q, even though you can purchase as much as you want on Q,
especially if there's big items on special discount you want that would be more off than 10% of your
consultant price. 

Learn more about Q Club here 

     Q membership comes in two flavors ;
a. Build an emergency food supply - in which case the company lays out the order of purchases 
for you based upon your Q monthly budget and how many calories per day for each person you 
want to allot for. You can edit/change their lineup before the purchase is made, but essentially 
most of the decisions are made for you via company computers. If you're wondering just how much 
food storage you need, use the Thrive planner. It will calculate a plan that fits your family's needs.
See for a walk through on how 
to use the Thrive Planner to select what you need to store. 

b. Build your own home store in which case you choose what you want entirely and are using 
stock for some everyday meals also and not just emergency planning. A well stocked home 
store eliminates unnecessary trips to the grocery store as well as unnecessary fast food runs; 
especially if you take your home store stock and turn some it into recipe jars. It's an easy way to 
save money, save time,  get better nutrition and bring food and supplies directly to your door. 
You can edit your selection at any time before the purchase.

To become a Q member go to 
Click on  The Q
Click on Get Started
Select the items you want. There's a button on the upper right that will show you 100 items per page
for two pages worth.
Then just follow it on through.

4. Become a CONSULTANT to be able to make money on other's purchases.
Here's where it gets interesting and I have to be very honest with you upfront. Becoming a consultant 
is not for everybody and especially not for lazy people.  ThriveLife wants worker bees in their organization
and not drones. The ThriveLife consultant opportunity is not a program where you spend 3 minutes 
a day placing an ad someplace and earn $600/week doing that by sponsoring a few people and living 
off of their downline's efforts six levels deep.  Many companies show high payout complans requiring 
little effort except sponsoring others but they lack longevity because they are not product driven companies
and do not possess all the elements of a sound business. Many things are lacking to keep them solvent and
sustainable. They end up getting shut down for being scams or ponzis if the product is not paying the way.

Successful consultants in ThriveLife sell product by working with tasting parties because it is the 
flavor and convenience that sells the product. Most people are programmed that long term storage 
food is boring, tastes bad, and I just need to buy it once and it's good for 20 - 25 years. The concept 
of rotating stock and using that stock to decrease your grocery bill, especially when you need food 
and had a low income week, is new to people. And people are not used to how good this stuff can 
taste; especially with our professional chef's recipes. Combine taste with the "recipe/meal in a jar 
concept" for speed and meal convenience and you've got housewives, kids and dads as well
using this stuff for daily meals and not just for the big earthquake emergency. And it's cost effective
because there is no waste. Use just what you need and the rest in the can is good for several years, 
even in an opened can.

Although this company is fairly new with the ThriveLife label offering many things now, the old name 
Shelf Reliance (they started out in 2004 making shelving remember to accumulate their fortune which
allowed them to expand into the survival arena) is what they went by for many past years. The current
ThriveLife opportunity offering ALL the survival things we need including survival tools, campstoves,
camping/survival  gear, tents, sleeping bags, ready to go bug out back packs, first aid kits, water 
storage containers, filters as low as .02 microns, purification chemicals, is less than a couple years old.
There are not a lot of consultants in ThriveLife yet, but this debt free  company is growing by leaps and
bounds. I believe the opportunity here to earn income from this company as well as providing a great service
to the people, consumers if you wish, by offering them ThriveLife products, which can improve their health and
well being besides preparing them for emergency conditions, is simply enormous. 

I've spent many hours on ThriveLife's website and with my upline sponsor going over ThriveLife. 
This is how a company should do business. Everything is in place. This is a company that will be here
many years from now. But a consultant will earn his salt if he wants to make money off of others. 
This is not a free ride. Considering EVERYTHING is in place with this company and looking at their
incredible growth rate; this is very doable and you can make good money here as your organization 
grows. It really depends upon your patience level and work ethics. If you are not willing to put in the 
time and effort; stick with buying your product at a discount and call it good. You need to prepare for 
bad times and the products are healthy and also economically advantageous to use on a daily basis.

I have been in many MLM companies over the past 13 years.  Most I never made money in but stayed 
with some of them because the product was good. But most really never had a doable marketing plan 
the average person could follow to create good income with. ThriveLife does. And the products are
absolutely necessary for survival, a high priority considering what's going on in our country and world 
today. When people go to a tasting party and listen to what this company has to offer; it's kind of a no
brainer whether or not to get involved, even if just as a consumer/customer.  They know they need the
products. They know they can improve their health by using them. And the tasting party allows them to 
know they taste good. 

Let me give you some stats first about the direct marketing business overall.
There are over 91,000,000 people in direct sales.
56% of those are in MLMs - multi level marketing; where they earn money from sponsored people
also.73% of those in MLM never make one dime. Their expenses exceed their income.
less than .1% (that's less than one tenth of one percent) earn more than $400/week.  
I personally make more than $400/week in one of those and I am not a big gun. Many make a 
lot more than I do. I personally know people making way more than $400/week who never 
sponsored anybody. But looking downstream, you have to consider other things besides
just your current paycheck; such as company stability and what's their chances of being here 
a year or two from now. Are they product driven or is the income coming from others joining 
and it's really just one big ponzi? Only product driven companies survive.
85% of the people in MLM are here to make money. But the big question is, do the costs
of running the business exceed what you can make in the business? That's where you have 
to be a worker bee instead of a drone. Only worker bees make successful consultants. 

Becoming a consultant in ThriveLife is an investment in both your time as well as your money.
1. First you have to purchase a starter pack of products; $199, $289, or $587; one of the three.
These, by the way are incredible bargains. ThriveLife feels if you are not using the products you 
can't properly sell them to others. This is a product oriented company. Fortunately the products 
are in high demand and the mechanics used to market them is well laid out. This isn't Amway 
where you buy stuff, are told it's cheaper than grocery items because "it's concentrated"  and find 
out it isn't cheaper, and store it in your garage never to be seen again. Then downstream you look 
at your garage full of unused products and all the tapes and books you bought, see that you are in 
the hole $4k and decide this isn't for you and bail out. Been there done that. Amway's turnover rate 
is said to be over 80% a year because that is the typical scenario. 
In ThriveLife you are expected to use the products yourself and be a walking testimony.
If you don't want to do that, don't become a consultant, stay just a consumer/customer.

2. Secondly, you have to have your own company website at a cost of $9.95/mo. First month free.
This is where you and your customers go to purchase product at a discount from the company. As
your commission  is only about 10%,  plan on obtaining a gross volume of around a hundred dollars 
a month minimum from both you and your downline's purchases  just to pay for your website fees. 
The website is great and allows you to build a list of people to communicate with. Draft one letter 
as often as you wish and it can go to all in your list. A list and communicating with them is an absolute
necessity in this business.

3. You have to purchase a minimum of $50/mo of product on top of that to be able to remain as a consultant.
In other words you have to be a Q member at at least the $50 level to maintain consultant status. The company
feels that if you aren't using the products yourself, you won't be a good salesman. Of your Q purchase each month,
you are purchasing products at lowest available cost but you make no commission on your own Q order. After the
first month your sponsor only makes a 5% commission on your Q order. Who gets the rest? Nobody, the company
just doesn't  pay it out. Maybe that's where the tithe to their church comes from. I don't know.  My upline doesn't want 
to talk about that aspect. They say it is what it is and thems the rules.  So your monthly cost is around $60/mo to
be a consultant. Now, $50/mo of that is food that you should be consuming or adding to your emergency stores,
and you have to be on Q club for that so food is cheaper than your site prices, and you can be eating that to lower
your grocery bill so you could think of your true cost as really being only the website fee. BUT for most part to recover
$60/mo in out of pocket money is going to require you to sell $600/mo in product. If you don't think you can
do that, consider carefully whether or not you really should or should not become a consultant. There are many
ways to make money with Thrivelife and get more free and half off product but it does require placing customers, 
Q members and consultants under you. This is not a free ride. 

Kinda like how to get to heaven when you die. You can say you believe in Jesus because
you know that part is necessary to make that journey. You don't get to heaven by going to church, 
and just being Mr Nice Guy, even if your life doesn't have a lot of sin in it.   Them ain't the rules. 
See John 3:16 for the rules. But if your life doesn't reflect that belief, especially in how you treat 
and forgive others; you will be disappointed in just which angels come  to pick up your soul and spirit  
when you check out at the time of death.  You have to walk the walk and not just talk the talk. 
Grace is not a license to sin, but not having a genuine belief in Jesus only gets you a one way ticket 
to the hot place when you pass on. 

The way they have laid the ThriveLife program out forces us to become the walking talking testimony 
by using the products. It would be very hard after using these products to NOT tell others what you 
have discovered. Consultants earn 10% of what is ordered off their ThriveLife  website. They earn 
20% to 32% of a Q member's first sale (depends on size of sale) they sign up and 5% from all 
future sales of that Q member. See the consultant training manual for what a consultant makes on 
team commissions; sales other consultants he sponsored made and their sponsored people made 
in his organization. 
Party Hosts will receive 10% of their event or party sales in free product. A host 
benefit purchase is based off of the retail amount of the product
sold at the party and varies with the
quantity of the total order. Party hosts are simply people who rounded up their friends for you to do
a presentation to in their home which usually includes sampling product.

So, if you would like to become a consultant then contact me that you want to become a consultant 
and I will help you through the sign up process so you can get your consultant ID and website and 
get you to work. Or go to my page at where I have
instructions you can follow on your own. 

I must also tell you that we have fallen into the best organization possible. My upline and their upline 
are super smart, super workers, the  and sites
are theirs. They built them and keep them updated as our tools. They keep us updated on everything;
provide us with new materials and game plans to work with.  They will come and put on tasting parties we
set up to generate both customers and consultants for us. There's really no stone unturned here in this
group. In ALL the MLM's I have ever been in, and it has been many over the years,  I have never seen 
this degree of having their act together as I see here with this organization and this company.  There is 
also a high income potential here as these products are needed right now. And because of the no compromise
quality and nutritional value of all their products plus the variety and huge selection of 
different things offered this company will be around for a long time to come. You won't build a downline 
this year only to see it disappear next year. 

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