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A tribute to Cubby I and Cubby II 

Electric Power Bikes - The electric alternative to laborious pedaling.
7 forward speeds, 5 levels of electric motor assist (or none if you wish) 
Long lasting lithium ion battery; 25 - 45 miles per charge, 750 watt motor, 
20mph top speed, dual disc brakes, 3.3" x 20" fat tires. Sold factory direct 
which eliminates a 30-40% middleman charge. Class 2 bike means it can 
go anywhere a pedal bike can without special licensing - DNR/forestry trails, 
city trails, folds up to go in the back of your SUV. Not limited to but opens 
up a whole new world of outdoor adventure and capability for seniors. 
$999 - $1699 w/free delivery depending upon which model chosen.








The first part of this page is devoted to things you need to know about.
Health stuff - Heart Health info - Cancer cure alternatives - valuable URL's to 
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The second part of this page starting  here  
is the list of internet 
 affiliate, and MLM programs we can make money with; 
all involve excellent products we should all be using.

Use these FREE Translators for ALL Languages.  
Utilice a este libre traductores para TODOS los Idiomas.

Continue scrolling here for a long list of many things 
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More Pages to explore - a section taking you to many more interesting 
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Parachute of Jesus
Statistically the Bible does not tell us what percentage of spirits/souls go to heaven 
or hell at death. Near death experiencers, however, have been told these numbers 
by angels; as low as .1% to 2.5% go the heaven at death. Why is that number so low? 
It is why "Parachute of Jesus" has become a book instead of a single page 
tract handout on salvation. The book is available online to read, and is available as a 
free .PDF by request .  We have learned  much about heaven, hell, and the afterlife 
and would like to share this information with you. Put into practice what has been learned 
and greatly improve your chances of making it through the pearly gates when you pass on. 
Be one of the virgins who carried extra oil with her.That oil IS the spirit of God within you.

Salvation or Kingdom of Heaven    Or here.    Go to here for the video in Russian.
Is there a difference? Perhaps there is. Irina's latest video points out the differences 
between just being saved, "salvation", from the torments of hell at death to 
being considered a saint at the second coming and gaining position in God's 
Kingdom of Heaven. There may well be a difference. The last section of my "Parachute"
book also discusses this difference. See more of Irina's videos at

All about NESARA (now Gesara as it is now worldwide and global in stature) 

FREE info on heart disease and cancer went out of business in May 2016 so video webinars I had posted 
there are no longer accessible.
I can email you
a. my ebooks and docs on hypertension and heart cures
b. my
25 ebooks and docs on cancer for you to read

but you will have to send me a  64 gig USB flashdrive to put all 
of the four 11 part cancer webinars on (and I will include the above emailable files also.)
You can buy USB flashdrives at very reasonable prices at 
Mail flashdrive to Berry Ball PO Box 752, Davenport, WA 99122. 
Include a self addressed stamped envelope to return it to you with. 

Weather - one of the best channels for complete local weather
Just input your zipcode 

Wildfire information and maps

Local Newspapers for Kitsap County
Central Kitsap Reporter  - green (online) edition
North Kitsap Herald 

The Middle East problem in one simple short explanation

Want to email Trump at the whitehouse?
Here's the link to use: 

Tired of unsolicited phone calls?
You can register with the National Do Not Call Registry at 

How to get your credit report for free 

Ellagiplex - an extra fine (micronized) grind of red raspberry seeds. 
They are blended with 170 other synergists to enable efficient conversion of 
ellagitannins to ellagic acid in your body. With the exact nutrients and potencies 
in Exsula Superfoods EllagiPlex, you can feed and activate your natural mechanisms 
to kill precancerous and cancerous cells.
Ellagiplex gives you one of the best defenses 
against cancer that exists today. See more about this unique product near the bottom 
of my page   here  where I cured my Rotweiller of a nasty cancer growth using it. 
At  click on products, then superfoods, 
the Ellagiplex. Both my wife and I take a teaspoon daily as a cancer preventative in 
our smoothie drink comprised of a scoop of protein powder, 1/2 cup blueberries,
1/2 cup strawberries, heaping teaspoon of beet powder, heaping teaspoon of ground 
up chia seed, heaping teaspoon of graviola (also called guanabana) powder, and 
one banana. Makes a great immune system building , cancer fighting shake.
Also see my cancer info page where I discuss many alternative cancer treatments.

How important is our second amendment rights?  

The history of gun control. This is an absolutely must watch. Please forward it!
With all the emails I receive about Obama, Hillary, our politicians, the UN 
and others trying to remove our guns, the message of what happens 
when government disarms their people must be made clear. Let them take 
our guns and you will join the populations whose governments slaughtered 
them by the millions after they disarmed them. Our government is doing a 
good enough job of that right now using GMOs, chemicals, pesticides, and 
herbicides in the food we eat, chemtrail toxins, and the pharmaceutical industry.
Hospitals and doctors are the #3 killer in America... trouncing car accidents, 
diabetes, and everything besides cancer and heart disease. Over 100,000 
people each year die from FDA approved drugs. And govt spends it's time 
and money trying to take away homeowners guns so they can't defend themselves?? 
Read what Trump has to say about our second amendment rights at  

Ecklonia Cava extract
If suffer from chronic pain, joint stiffness, headaches, lackluster sexual performance, 
weakening muscles, poor sleep, excessive fatigue and brain fog, then get dramatic 
by taking a brown seaweed extract called ecklonia cava. Revive damaged 
arteries and improve blood flow - in just 6 weeks! 
A mechanical device requiring no electricity that will generate up to 11 gallons
of pure water per day. It has been designed, and tested. If you ante up $134 to 
help with the first production run,  you can get one of those of that production run.

Essential Oils - like lavendar -

Herbs and Spices - 

7 knots you should know how to tie

Baking soda as a cancer cure and preventative
Baking soda  (sodium bicarbonate) also used to kill ants
Mix several tablespoons of baking soda  with an equal amount of powdered sugar
as you would use in making icing for a cake. Mix thoroughly and add a little bit of water
to bind the baking soda to the powdered sugar. The ants love the powdered sugar, 
do not use regular granular sugar as the grains are too large. The ants will be attracted 
to the sugar and will eat some of it and collect more to take home to feed others, so 
all of them will get their share. The sugar and baking soda powders are similar in size 
and, once mixed together, the ants cannot separate the two items, so, as they eat the 
sugar, they will also ingest the baking soda, which they would otherwise never touch. 
This is the reason for using powdered sugar.
Once the ants eat the baking soda it 
will react with the formic acid in their stomachs and cause gas. The bodies of ants are 
unlike humans and they cannot eliminate gas so it will build up inside them and cause 
them to literally explode.

A real telephone white page directory that doesn't charge you for a number   change the WA to the abbreviation for your state

Washington State ORV maps
Maps of 30+ different trail systems to ride horses, motorcycles, quads, jeeps 
and to hike on in Washington state. This link no longer works since went AWOL. 
Again you have to send me a flashdrive to put them on and I will send it back to you.
Send your flashdrive to Berry Ball, PO Box 752, Davenport, WA 99122 and include 
a self addressed stamped envelope with which to return it to you.  a virus removal tool, easy to use

Internet Crime and Scams  - 9 good links on how to protect yourself and your family

Kitchen Cookware
What a jungle of junk and deceptive advertising practices. I built a site to save 
you two weeks of studying to get to the point where you can make intelligent decisions 
and get the right stuff the first time around.  I provide lots of information 
needed to make decisions with, obtained in my quest for what we should be using.
There's some really good stuff out there today, at reasonable prices, but you gotta 
hunt for it and know what you are looking for. A good pan is not just any pan today.

World Population Clock Link

Milk - the good, the bad and the ugly

Want to publish your own book and not spend a fortune?
Here's the directions. It's now easy. You don't have to pay for design fees if you 
can use Word. 

My Mexican Salsa recipes - plus how to make refried beans, burritos, 
enchiladas, nachos, taco bean dip, etc.

Music Sites 
Free, runs 24/7 and you can select just about any kind of music you want to listen to
from a gazillion categories; from classical guitar to rock to country western to jazz, etc.
I like smooth jazz, last entry in the first section.

Christian Music - Hillsong.
Click on this youtube link and other songs will follow automatically 
after this one finishes playing. 

Great music - free to listen to 

50's and 60's Jukebox
Over 300 songs with video clips on each one;  of Elvis, Ray Charles, Roy Orbison, 
Buddy Holly, Little Richard, etc. This is a keeper. Brings back a lot of memories if you 
graduated in the early 60's. 
Type in your address and see a map of where all the large antennas like 
cellphone towers are near you. Think EMF radiation which can cause cancer.

God's soap formula
This is good stuff folks, I've used it for almost ten years now. 
I give you the history of how it came about and where you can get it.

Knee exercises    12 exercises to stay healthy

Diabetes - why you get it and what you can do about it.

Why your body needs Boron, just a little bit, and how cheap it is and where to get it.

Purslane - the VERY prolific obnoxious garden weed you should be eating

Map of current radiation levels throughout the US - background is usually 
30-50 counts per minute

How to beat Parkinsons disease.
There is hope, Parkinsons does not have to be a give up on life situation.
email me for a copy - put parkinsons ebook in the subject line

How to make your own mayonaisse that doesn't contain a gazillion additives 
and chemicals like the store bought stuff forces you to consume.

Avocado Oil - the best choice in cooking oil?

7 of the Most Unhealthy, Cancer-Causing Foods you can eat

Prescription Drugs
Prescription drugs are now the third biggest killer on the planet behind cancer and heart disease.

Flea problem with your dog or cat?
Comfortis is a beef flavored pill you give your animal once a month and it keeps the fleas dead for a month.
My page tells how it works, where to get it cheapest and what dose to give based upon animal's weight. 

29 Uses for zip ties

Cannabis (marijuana) as a cancer cure
We've seen many articles about the many positive attributes of marijuana.
We know our own CIA makes billions each year in illegal marijuana trafficking .
We thought it was all about making money on people getting high from smoking.
We've heard tales that marijuana kills cancer but now the real reason comes out.
Our government holds almost a hundred patents on cannabis as a cancer cure while 
they continually kill people having cancer with chemo and radiation therapy which only
gives a patient a 3% chance to live. It's all about protecting the billions of dollars a year
the pharmaceutical industry earns in pushing chemo drugs  and radiation death while
they've had the cure all along and have suppressed it to protect their business interests.
Look at all the patents. Aren't you proud of what our government is capable of?

Donations   (not to me) but it matters who you donate to. See the chart to know how 
much money that these different organizations take in actually goes to helping the  people.
This little chart certainly changed where we took stuff we didn't need; as well as 
where we spent more of our shopping dollar. GoodWill helps with job training but the CEOs 
pocket a fortune, it is a for profit organization.  Their profits don't go to the poor. On the other 
hand 100%of St Vincent De Paul funds, an all volunteer organization,  goes to helping those 
in need.  Almost all of Salvation Army proceeds go to helping those in need. But Red Cross, 
Unicef, March of Dimes, United Way - what a joke - as with GoodWill, the CEO's pocket the bucks; 
not any more. Check out the chart.

Russian news in English
A chance to find out what's happening in the world outside of the US bought and paid for 
media scumbags. 

Derivatives - the unregulated global casino for banks. 

How to make a refrigerator without electricity (or ice) leave it to the Africans to come up with this.

Mt Saint Helens eruption. I climbed this mountain to the top in 1964.
The Yellowstone caldera story  Overdue and when it goes it will affect most of the United States.
Mt Raineer - an event that looms near - a ticking time bomb. Never made it all the way to the top of this one.

Major 9.2 Earthquake coming to Pacific Northwest - Cascadia fault - overdue
Jan 27, 1700 was the last one. Comes every 300 years

Here's what happens when a slippage occurs when the buckle in the north
American plate does a slight correction; which may buy us more time until the big one. 

Water Cure Treatment
This is a page you will want to read. Unintentional chronic dehydration is responsible for 
many of our maladies, including high blood pressure. This is a pretty amazing story the 
medical community wants to keep a secret. You can find his book used on  
for as little as a penny. Well worth looking into this.

Sleep better without sleeping pills as they can increase your cancer risk by 35% and your
risk of dying 4x over those that choose other methods. Here's some good pointers on how to 
improve your sleep without pills.

Things you can do and take to keep your body motor running

Are you colorblind?
Take this quick test and find out. This is the test that kept me out of the Naval Academy back in 1962. And I still am. utm_source=taboola&utm_medium=cpc&utm_content=desktop&utm_campaign=quizzyn_desktop_color_blind

All cell phone numbers are being released to telemarketing companies and you will start to receive sales calls.  .... YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR THESE CALLS
To prevent this, call the following number from your cell phone: 888-382-1222.
It is the National DO NOT CALL list . It will only take a minute of your time.. It blocks your number for five (5) years. You must call from the cell phone number you want to have blocked. You cannot call from a different phone number.

Nesara - National Economic Security and Reformation Act
what you need to know; the good, the bad and the ugly

The truth about Lincoln and the civil war
What really happened and why is not what is taught in history books.

Clones - what you probably aren't aware of. Would you vote for one running for president?

Necessary or not? What was planned if the bombs were not used? Two versions of what transpired.
The gut wrenching truth of why and what really transpired awakens you to the vile nature of our government. 

Food storage calculator
Tells you how pounds of what you need for your family. Variables are family members 
and time period you want to store for.

All about using pepper spray to ward off an attacker  

Cancer Cures
The story of Cubby's cancer growth under his chin, and it's cure
If it works for a dog there's a good chance it would work on you too.

What chemotherapy contains and why you don't want to subject yourself to it.
97% of patients undergoing chemo die from it. There are alternatives.

Curing cancer and many other things using low dose kerosene; like 1 teaspoon/day

Latest Cancer Cure information and alternative treatments including MMS  and MMS2  
and B17 (laetrile) and hydrogen peroxide therapy and apricot seeds and asparagus juice 
and more. 
A great site on cancer, many videos on alternative ways to beat cancer. If you would like
a copy of his recent 11 webinar seminar on cancer, send me a flash drive of 16 megs 
or more (get at for about $12) and I will send you the 11 files of 
his seminar which you can use the free to play on your computer.
Send me a 32gig flash drive and I will send you the files of the first seminar plus the 
newest Oct 2015 seminar.

Frozen lemons as a cancer cure

Killing cancer cells using high pH therapy

My MMS Page covers the MMS cure as well as the places where you can buy the stuff today.
At this site  here you can buy MMS (sodium chlorite)  and   here       you can buy apricot 
seeds, B17 tablets, Essiac Tea herbs, MMS, colloidal silver, alkaline water, air purifiers and 
more. See my MMS page for other sources.  I do not sell MMS, I only provide information on it. 

The 1 minute cure for cancer using oxygen therapy
This is a flat out save your life report. Is applicable to the latest viruses being disseminated 
also. Go to here to see why this probably won't be available much longer. Watch the video  for 
some very interesting statistics  at  

Pineapple - a cancer cure?   An amazing fruit.

Cancer combating foods     cancer is a fungus and it can be cured

All about the healing energy of pyramids
Why you want to use pyramids for healing, restructuring the water you drink,
revitalizing you at night, negating the effects of bad EMF energy at your computer,
and how to build them yourself.

All about Juicing, getting the most nutrition out of your vegetables 

Ebola - the treatment - large doses of vitamin C

Heart Disease
Heart Disease
, hypertension, and high blood pressure information can be found  here
How much are you spending on hypertension drugs/mo? Info on this page can eliminate that bill. I have several ebooks on curing heart disease and high blood pressure I will send you for free. Just email and put "heart books" in the subject header.

Blood pressure can be lowered by eating a kiwi fruit a day  but here's some simple breathing exercises you can do that are very effective. This is by far the simplest, easiest, and most effective method to permanently normalize your blood pressure without suffering the side effects of prescription medications. Email me for a free copy - put blood pressure exercises in the subject header.

3 Minute exercise - can you get a workout in just three minutes?

Also view a FREE  interview of Frank Mangano About The Best Natural Ways To Lower 
Your Blood Pressure, and get his downloadable E Book  The Blood Pressure Miracle 

Which is better for you; whole eggs or just the whites?

Why do we refrigerate our eggs? 

What cooking oil is best to use?

The book on Raw Food Diet and Lifestyle
You certainly can improve your health by employing advice this book contains. You can 
read it in 90 minutes. It is all about healing yourself and greatly extending your life and
health during that extension. Just when we think we are doing some things right, we find 
out there is lots more we can do as we get older to actually live and not just exist until we 
die. This is kind of a must read if your health is important to you. Markus Rothkranz has 
some pretty impressive credentials, speaks all over the world on this, and has a huge 
following based upon results.

Preparedness - 100 things you will wish you had stored, and much more , many 
free downloads

Keep track of where the earthquakes are each day in our world
Zoom in and out of any particular area or region.    and 

Current pics and the latest on Nibiru (Planet X) 
   (my page that explains planet X)
The boy who cried wolf story that just won't go away.

This is a fascinating video below well worth your watch.  Watch it all. It shows you planet X and 
tells you how long we have before the SHTF. Is the Dec 21, 2012 date really Dec 16, 2013?
Is that why Canada is being filled with evacuation/detour signs and the US DHS keeps 
opening up FEMA concentration camps, and buying more ammo with which to control the 
public with when collapse occurs? 

Food storage mistakes

Separating the yolk from the egg white the easy way 

Do you Like coke or pepsi, maybe not after you read this page, both are destroyers!

Redneck mouse trap - this works!

How to do a screen capture of what's on your monitor and convert it to a jpeg pic.

How to keep flies away - simple but it works

Breathing exercises - free - to lower blood pressure, cholesterol and many more benefits.
This is an amazing website, do go through it.

Ber's page on breathing exercises - this is really really important. It will normalize your high blood pressure without meds. Ask for my free pdf book that shows how to make your own device. It covers why we need it, what it will do for us, and how to use it to make the breathing corrections.

GallBladder and liver cleanse - absolutely necessary and you can do it without a doctor  You won't believe what comes out. See the pic of what came out of us. Only requires apple juice, lemon juice and olive oil.

Sandy Hook - the gun grab gone wrong. This is a very interesting article about what 
effects Sandy Hook really had on Americans to further arm them. They finally drew the line.
By the way, all the kids who supposedly died are still alive today. Can you say false flag??

All about water wells, water rights, and laws regarding such.   Be sure and click the rainwater item, first in the left menu.
Unbelievable what our government has done to us regarding our water rights.

Toxic Household Plant - dieffenbachia
Many of you have this highly poisonous plant as a decoration inside your home. 
You need to know what it can do to you. This page tells you.

What you don't know about the Federal Reserve that you should

The $1.41 internal cleanse from The People's Chemist.
Do this 3-5 times a month to keep your system clean so your nutrients can be absorbed.!prettyPhoto/45/ 

Aspirin - Godsend or killer in disguise.
Salycillic acid, the big pharma version is the killer. White willow bark, mother nature's version
gives you the benefit without the death sentence or internal ulcer bleeding.

Ever wonder what time it is or what day it is in other parts of the world? 

WD40 - history and uses 

IRS Loses   Dec17th, 2010 The Joe Bannister case, one of the most important and 
relevant tax casesever tried and decided. IRS simply can't show in it's own rules where 
we are legally required to file returns.

The truth about Hiroshima-Nagasaki you won't find in the history books

When traveling , here is a state by state listing of all of the places available where you 
can simply park next to or near and access the internet using your laptop and it's wireless 
wifi internet connection capability.  Go to    for the 
state by state listing. See other info at  And here is other information 
on a separate page you need to know about when doing this.

Gas Prices Graphic Chart  showing gas prices throughout the US, use to plan your 
route for cheapest gas

Send a Fax for FREE using your pc. Type what you want to send or send a doc off your harddrive.

FREE excellent Mexican salsa  and refried bean recipes

Homemade inexpensive mosquito trap that works

Hemorroids no more - Former chronic hemorrhoids sufferer reveals the only holistic 
system in existence that will permanently cure your hemorrhoids, and eliminate the pain, 
itching, and bleeding. Shrink them suckers and gain dramatic relief in as little as 12 hours. 
Cure and prevent all types of hemorrhoids in all levels of severity in as little as three months. 
Banish all hemorrhoid related symptoms such as pain, irritation, swelling, bleeding and itching. Downloadable right now with extras for only $39.

After you get rid of colon critters (click on weightloss) most  of you are aware by now that 
the three top tools for weightloss are green coffee beans, 
raspberry ketones, and garcinia cambogia. My page at garciniacambogia covers the ins and 
outs of this fruit extract but don't buy it off that page ; the least expensive place to buy it is at 
They discount it at 55-57%, a 180 capsule 1500mg/capsule bottle is less than $30.

Capsicum pepper extract and acai berry   in MegaCapsitrim works really well too to turn up the heat without the use of caffeine, guarana, gotakola, and ephedrine stimulants which can cause jitters and a heart attack in people with high blood pressure. 

In green coffee beans you want 
100% PURE 800mg per serving  Green Coffee Bean Extract with 50% Chlorogenic Acid and 
No Fillers   Wonderlabs  is also the least expensive place to buy Green Coffee Bean Extract 
(which costs only half to one third of other highly advertised sources) contains a natural 
compound called Chlorogenic Acid, which has been shown to naturally inhibit the release of 
glucose while at the same time boosting metabolism for great results. These two mechanisms work synergistically to inhibit fat absorption. It takes less energy to burn fat before it's stored and since fat absorption is slower and metabolism is higher your body burns more fat thanks to Chlorogenic Acid. You may be wondering if you can get the same results from the coffee you drink - and the truth is you can not! When coffee beans are roasted, the chlorogenic acid is destroyed. Green Coffee Bean Extract has gained huge recognition due to the popular daytimeshow Dr. Oz where he reported it as a safe, effective weight loss supplement with no negativeside effects. Add raspberry keytones, garcinia cambogia and Capsicum /acai extract and you are on the way to slimmer you. 

A proven and simple fat loss technique that is often overlooked is water consumption. Researchers from Humboldt University, utilizing a technique known as whole-room indirect calorimetry, discovered that drinking water activates your body's natural ability to burn fat.  Drinking 500 ml (16 ounces) of water in one sitting increased metabolic rate by a whopping 30%!   To harness this simple fat burning technique drink 16 ounces of purified water upon waking and 5 minutes before every meal.  Pant sizes will decrease.

Best weightloss information on what works and what doesn't. 
This guy and his wife spent $23,000 and several years on products, systems, pills, potions, 
machines, and gadgets to discover the real story behind fatloss. Learn what they discovered 
here that works. 

Another Secret Weightloss key can be found  here
This is real information you need to have regarding intestinal parasites that are keeping us fat 

Breathing exercises - free
This is a rather amazing person with an amazing site on breathing. I had no idea breathing could affect so many conditions, like cholesterol and blood pressure levels and even weight.
Spend some time on this site for better health; and spread the word.  Get his site out there.

Rid yourself of candida

Get your latest FREE copy of adobe reader here  - needed to open .pdf files

Radiation Poisoning Detoxification

The real health threats from Fukishima and now the Nebraska plant  

The Radiation Network - homeowners  with geiger counters reporting readings all 
over the United states. 

Keep an eye on radiation levels throughout the US here.
Put you mouse over the location and you will get the current reading at that location.
Some surprises here.

Iodine - do you need some?  How to tell how much??

Chemtrails - what in the world are they spraying us with and why?

What is it? It is a energy tool God has given us to combat evil with.  Most of you are not 
aware of what is really going on in our world today as  the spiritual battle between good 
and evil plays out. Take the time to read this whole page, keep an open mind, and start 
making orgone to protect your family and neighborhood.

Natural remedies for athlete's foot  

One man's health advice on many things 

Latest Cancer Cure information and alternative treatments including MMS  and MMS2  
and B17 (laetrile) and hydrogen peroxide therapy and apricot seeds and asparagus juice 
nd more.

At this site  here you can buy MMS (sodium chlorite)  and   here     you can buy apricot 
seeds, B17 tablets, Essiac Tea herbs, MMS, colloidal silver, alkaline water, air purifiers and 
more. See my MMS page for other sources.  I do not sell MMS, I only provide information on it. 

The 1 minute cure for cancer using oxygen therapy
This is a flat out save your life report. Is applicable to the latest viruses being disseminated 
also.Go to here to see why this probably won't be available much longer. Watch the video  for 
some very interesting statistics  at  

Pineapple - a cancer cure?   An amazing fruit.

Cancer combating foods     cancer is a fungus and it can be cured

Cannibis as a cancer cure  - resource page

I strongly recommend you download this free ebook called HealthCare Emancipation.
It's not a quick download and is a 437 pdf document but contains a wealth of information
on many topics besides just how to cure things outside of big pharma. It is very well put 
together and very worth your time to go through it. Lots of great pics too. 

Candy - This is remarkable.   Just click on the name of the CANDY and bam, the recipe appears!

Butter or margarine

Aloe vera - cancer cure, reduces triglycerides, cholesteral and reduces blood sugar levels.

Full length Dr Burzynski movie.
He cures cancer and government keeps trying to put him out of business.  

Medical Topics. This site is really cool. Select the subject or medical condition you are 
interested in and you will receive a wealth of information on it.  It is an interactive site you 
advance so you can proceed at your own speed. Many topics and categories.

What causes Alzheimers?    Mercury amalgam in your teeth for starters. But there is much 
more to the story.

4 teaspoons of coconut oil a day may be a critical weapon against a host of crippling 
conditions such as Alzheimers, Parkinson's Disease, ALS Lou Gehrig's disease, Huntingon's 
disease, drug resistant epilepsy, and diabetes. Proof of coconut oil's protective qualities 
continues to emerge.  Researchers have discovered its powerful antiviral action against a host of offenders including measles, herpes, influenza, Hepatitis C, and even HIV.  Other studies have pointed to its antibiotic properties.  And coconut oil has even been recognized for inhibiting cancerous cell growth -- with studies of prostate cancer showing especially promising results.How to get it down? Make a batch of popcorn and mix it in the popcorn. Makes good flavor.

Did you know 75% or more of the honey sold in grocery stores isn't honey at all but 
combinations of high fructose corn syrup, cane sugar, beet sugar , and other chemicals thrown in so it looks like and kindatastes like real honey?  You aren't going to like what is in this article. 

Chia seeds - if you aren't including these in your diet everyday, you are making a mistake

Natural help for your liver - herbs you should be taking to keep it in shape (not a sales page) 

All about oils - when is a bottle of olive oil not really a bottle of olive oil  

Aspirin - things you need to know

Diabetes - cause and cures   Get the 30 day diabetes cure   here 

When to eat your fruit and when not to

Telomeres and anti aging. Very interesting article. 

Sulphur for health - how to beat the chemtrail poisoning of your body

Aspartame - diet sodas - deadly toxin - cause of brain tumor increase - a must 
read, watch the videos

Splenda - sweetener or poison? What you don't know can kill you. DON'T USE IT!

Eggs - good or bad - what you need to know

Smart Meters - changing out your electrical usage analog dial meter for a digital that sends RF energy through out your house to cause health problems may not be in your best interest. Here's a page you WILL want to read. Solutions are offered also. 

Want a good night's sleep? Never do these things before going to bed.

GMO - Genetically Modified Foods -  safe or a toxic death sentence? Banned in Europe now.

Flu   information; remedies, maps of outbreaks, information. DON'T take a vaccine unless you 
want to get the flu. 

Home Remedies  for many things

Wonderlabs   The least expensive source of vitamins and minerals on the planet. Great company.

Future Health Today   MMS source. See my page at  for 
several other sources.You need to get some of this now before the FDA completely gets it off the market.

Vibrant Life vitamins and Oral chelation formula. I have been taking Vibrant Life SuperLifeGlow vitamins and Bone Dense Calcium for several years now. When we were about to run out of the SuperLifeGlow caps my wife stole the bottle for her own personal continuance , as an incentive for me to reorder rapidly. She really likes them. SuperLifeGlow is absolutely the BEST vitamin and chelation formula in existence. It contains massive quantities of more than 60 nutrients.  The bone formula contains microcrystalline hydroxyapatite, the only form of calcium proven to add bone mass. This is good stuff. They also have several other products including MSM.  MSM stands for Methyl Sulfonyl Methane, organic sulfur. When it rains, MSM falls on the ground and is used by plants. Your 
body needs MSM and contains some but, if you had more MSM in your body, you would endure far less pain and suffering from arthritis, back pain, Fibromyalgia and muscle soreness.
  MSM is also an important nutrient for hair, skin and nails.  Another favorite low cost source of herbs and vitamins. 
                                Use affiliate code FEK572 to get $$$ off on your order.

Islam - are Muslims a threat to our country?
    Can we coexist peacefully?

Aspirin - things you need to know. Does taking one a day reduce heart attack risk?

Aloe - a cancer cure?

Salt - what's the story on how much we need and what kind?

Candy and Fudge recipes, lots of them. Just click on the name and bam, the recipe appears

HFCS  High Fructose Corn Syrup   One 20-ounce bottle of Coke, Pepsi, Mt Dew, Sprite 
or Dr. Pepper is the equivalent of pouring 17 teaspoons of sugar straight into your body. 
HFCS is the leading ingredient after carbonated water in these beverages. Women who drink 
at least one regular soda a day are 85 percent more likely to develop type 2 diabetes than those who drink less. HFCS is responsible for the epidemic of bulging bellies and runaway diabetes today. HFCS is not processed by your body the same way as cane sugar. Please take the time to read this page.

Pain Free in 45 seconds using 2 drops - I am not a marketer of this product. It can be obtained from  under the product name Soothanol 2. Click on the "pain relief" link in the left menu.Listen to a great explanation of how this was developed and what it can do   here.  Amazing stuff that belongs in every medicine cabinet.  It's no wonder big pharma spent millions to discredit it.

Home Remedies  for colds, sore throats, respiratory attacks, flu outbreaks. 
These are things you need in your home arsenal ALL the time.

Onions - what you don't know can hurt you and can also help you

Soy - not a good thing, especially for men

Why coconut oil stands out as today's most amazing superfood

Liver cleanse and gallstone removal the natural way

New continuous compression CPR method almost doubles chances of living
Every three days, more Americans die from sudden cardiac arrest than the number who 
died in the 9-11 attacks. You can lessen this recurring loss by learning Continuous Chest 
Compression CPR, a hands-only CPR method that doubles a person’s chance of surviving 
cardiac arrest. It’s easy and does not require mouth-to-mouth contact, making it more likely 
bystanders will try to help, and it was developed at the University of Arizona College of Medicine.  
This video is worth sharing.  

Fluoride - The "invisible" drug that a majority of Americans consume on a daily basis—a 
drug so harmful it's been proven to cause serious health issues, including damage to your 
bones and teeth, as well as your kidneys, thyroid, pineal gland, and even your brain. Consuming fluoridated water, even bottled water that uses flouride as their insurance policy because their reverse osmosis filters are old and leak, or using flouridated toothpaste is a serious threat to your health.

Natural Help  for erectile dysfunction
A page written on the science behind the erection and how two inexpensive naturally occurring substances can replace expensive non natural viagra in the battle to maintain attention until YOU decide it's enough. Puts YOU in control. If you've been to my heart page  you're already taking one of them.

What Ecklonia Cava can do for you

Vision Without Glasses
is a digital book that shows you how to improve your vision naturally.
This vision improvement program is the natural, permanent and complete solution that y
ou can provide to the millions of people that suffering from poor vision.

Please take a look at our helping  others page and join us in sharing with those who have not.

- See my page at  advertising  for ideas on how to market your programs.
This has been updated to share with you what I use to reach thousands of people a day with little time involved

Mercury amalgum fillings in dental work can be deadly.  Read this article. 

Pages to explore - an expansion of topics, a continuation of this page, a section taking y
ou to many more interesting pages on my site
as there are too many things and links to post on this page now.

Programs I use to provide additional income

Program 1 - Cardio for life - heart food
Heart Health  This is absolutely the most important thing for your health you can be part of. 

Join free as an affiliate, no other costs, buy from your own site and get a rebate of 
$5 per canister on all of your own purchases.   lists for you everything and 
the quantity of each item that is in the MyCardioForLife formula. There truly is not 
a comparable product out on the marketplace to strengthen your heart and circulatory
system. Each canister is a full 465 grams; doesn
't contain any empty space.

L-Arginine, the magic bullet for cardiovascular health, but you gotta take more than 
1scoop a day to get the job done.  I made major revisions to my heart page. New 
information gained shows a 2 scoop three times a day regimine (not just one or two 
scoops a day) of using L Arginine CAN yield up to 100% clear arteries in 6 months. 
AND you can buy it cheapest by signing up as an affiliate, for free, and making the 
purchase off you own affiliate site, saving $5/canister.  Buy cheapest and sign up 
free as an affiliate to make money from sales to others 4 levels deep. Why would 
I tell you this instead of making $5/canister off you purchasing off my site? This is 
a consumable. Everyone should be on this for life. Here is a 13 page 
list of the ingredients
and what each does for you. By earning only $1/canister 4 
levels deep from affiliate sales and showing people how they can buy it for the 
least amount of dollars out of pocket, more people will use it and you will earn more 
on $1 repeat sales as opposed to a larger $5 commission one time.
This is not an MLM, there is:
- no distributor sign up fee or kit cost, 
- no autoship requirement, in fact you don't have to buy anything to earn on affiliate sales.
- you get your own webpage free like mine at   
-  you get paid four levels deep  ($5/canister direct sales, $1/canister affiliate sales)
-  order off your own affiliate website and receive cash rebates of $5 (1 canister)  to $60 
(12 canisters). MyCardioForLife heart formula has the most complete formula on the 
martketplace at the lowest price. This WILL get you off pharmaceutical meds for high blood 
pressure, and will also drop your cholesterol and triglycerides,  lowers diabetes risk, and is 
a great weight control tool as when your body gets all the 70 plant based ionic minerals 
that are in it, it doesn't crave food.  I  have added a list of 25 things you can do to lower 
your blood pressure on my heart page.
This page is not just about selling you a can of powder that may save your life. This 
page has many many things you need to know about heart health, such as a DPA test 
to tell you your arterial age and condition.  And a link to get all my heart ebooks for free. 
Click on articles and videos , especially watch the videos, they are all good. 
What's in it, the ingredients label?   Go to 
to see this and just below it is a comparison chart for the nearest competitors. The 
13 page description
 of ingredients is more complete. As you will see, there is no 
comparison, Dr. Elwardt wants to save lives, others want to make money using MLM's 
which have a lot of fish to feed   His formula has minimal profit in it ; the others have 
L Arginine and L Citrulline but bare bones anything else.  MyCardioforLife gives you 
100mg CoQ10 PER SCOOP and would cost $60/mo alone just for that component. 
6 scoops/day would cost you a couple hundred bucks and if you bought MyCardioForLife 
in 12 canister lots you get it at lowest cost. This is a bargain folks. 

Program 2 - Cerma
Cerma - my explanation page   my affiliate page that contains more explanation and many 
videos to watch of what this stuff can do. Order product from this page.

Cerma is an engine, transmission, differential, air conditioning system, and 
power steering pump  protection system using additives putting up to 
a 6 micron coating of ceramic protection on all wearing metal surfaces.
The benefit is to extend the life of your vehicle/motorized power equipment 
(chain saws, lawn mowers, rototillers, vacuums and blowers, weed eaters, 
motorcyclesboat motors, snow mobiles, etc.) two to three times over what 
you would normally get out of them.

This is very high tech stuff.  Emissions disappear, mileage increases, engine 
gets quiet; it is not teflon based. Makes your diesel quit smoking.  I use it 
in ALL my rigs including the lawnmowers, motorcyles, and chain saws.

This company has come a long ways since I first started with them many years 
ago. Back then it was just an additive for car engines. Now there is a protection 
product for engines (gas and diesel), transmissions (automatics and manual shift), 
differentials, power steering pumps, and even your air conditioning system. EVO
oil is available for newer cars with a 0w viscosity rating and 7500 miles between oil 
changes which greatly enhances mileage because of it's lack of friction. Cermax 
engine oil protection allows going up to 30,000 miles between oil changes .

CerMa/CerMax for Gasoline and Diesel Engines utilizes ceramic technology to 
form a micro-ceramic seal on all metal parts within your engine. This will not allow 
the formation of performance
degrading sludge and abrasive carbons. CerMa 
w/STM-3 for Gasoline/Diesel Engines will
restore lost power to your car or pickup's 
gas engine, while giving you
protection unmatched by any other oil or oil additive sold 
anywhere including Amsoil! This is NOT Slick 50
teflon technology! CerMa 
seals and protects metal for superior lubrication of hot parts.
  CerMa - treated oil 
can maintain adhesion to hot metal in excess of 1900º F. Normal oil
avoids metal 
at 275º and will oxidize at 375-425º.
  CerMa seals and protects metal for superior 
lubrication of hot parts. The hard ceramic finish will expand and contract without 
separating from the metal which
ensures protection in both hot and cold conditions.
CERMA is extremely strong and can withstand pressures in excess of 350,000 PSI. 
is over 20 times the protection of any other oil, additive, or synthetic oil.

Most of you are driving around in $10k to $50k cars/SUVs and pickups - much more 
by the time you get done paying interest on your loans. Doesn't it make sense to spend 
a couple hundred dollars to protect that investment, increase the useful life of the whole 
vehicle by several times, and stay out of expensive repair shops? Using Cerma-cermax 
products in your vehicle to protect all the vital wear areas can do just that.

Go to  here  and I will share how best to use the products and how to keep your costs 
down. They also have an affiliate program complete with your own splash page similar 
to MyCardioforLife at no cost you can use to share their products with others and make 
a nickel in the process if they make a purchase from your affiliate link.

Program 3 - Harvest Right Freeze Dryer
Go to here for my explanatory page on this website
Go to to my affiliate site page to learn more.

You can buy the best freeze dried food available at my program 4 listed below, 
ThriveLife, or you can freeze dry your own foods at home with a Harvest Right 
Freeze dryer at 75% - 90% less cost.  If you've done any studying on preservation 
methods you know freeze drying is the only method that will net you up to a 25 year 
shelflife. Dehydration is good for up to 4 years, canned goods 3 years, and freezing 
up to 2 years. Freeze drying is a special process that removes ALL the water from 
the product but requires freezing at minus 40F and in a vacuum to do so.  Freeze 
drying has the least shrinkage and retains the most nutrients, 97%.  Dehydration loses 
40% of the nutrients in the process, and canning loses 60% of the food value. My page 
will walk you through the process so you can understand just why freeze drying is the 
best method of food preservation if maximum nutrition and longest shelflife in storage 
is of importance to you.

Program 4 
Freeze dried long term food storage (up to 25 years) , emergency preparedness
/survival gear and much more  for info
Go to  to buy product at a 10% discount from our 
consultant site. Click on "product" then  "thrive foods" and at the bottom of that page  
select a category; grains, veggies, fruits, dairy, etc.

Email me for a .pdf of their whole catalog. And know if you buy off the factory site 
you will be spending 10% more than by buying from our consultant site at

ThriveLife is a debt free company started in 2004 making unique food rotation 
storage container shelving (and they still do) that made them a small fortune.
Then they took their profits  and expanded operations to now deal in survival 
tools, campstoves,camping/survival  gear, tents, sleeping bags, ready to go 
bug out back packs, first aid kits, water storage containers, filters as low as .02 
microns, purification chemicals, and much much more.
They specialize in making freeze dried foods for long term storage, as in 25 
year shelf life for most items; with no added sodium, no MSG, no pesticides 
or chemicals or steroids used in growing the food, and gluten free with no transfats 
or hydrogenated oils used. And nothing is from China. Many competitors sell survival 
food made in China loaded with sodium, chemicals, pesticides, drugs, steroids in the 
meats,  and containing many chemicals and preservatives to give it the required shelf 
life. Most of that doesn't taste good and coming from China who knows what else is 
used for filler; like the melamine powder (used for making plastic dinerware) found in 
recent powdered milk from China.

When freeze dried, foods are picked at maximum ripeness and nutrition value 
when they taste good! Foods you buy in the grocery store were picked when green. 
Not only are they tasteless for most part, but lack the nutrition they would have had 
if they had been allowed to ripen on the vine or tree. Freeze drying instead of 
dehydrating seals in all the nutrition and flavor as produce is picked only when ripe, 
sliced, diced and flash frozen in an instant removing 98% of the water which provides 
longevity of product as well as maintains all the nutrition values; WITHOUT ADDED 
SODIUM or other chemicals needed for preservation that the competition uses.  Read 
the labels. Other companies load their offerings with sodium (read the label) to help 
with preservation, just as the pioneers, Indians and Eskimos used salt to preserve their 
meats due to lack of refrigeration and freezers. We all know excess sodium (salt) 
consumption is a good way to meet your maker early.

I've spent a lot of time with this company's stuff. I've been to many tasting parties 
to sample the goods. At one party we took recipes and assembled meals in a jar.  
Irina and I are extremely impressed with the taste of these recipes/foods, and the 
system of putting together chef recipe produced meals in a jar to save time and 
eliminate waste is something that will take off  bigtime.
  I've done the math to see 
how these products compare price wise with stuff you would buy in the grocery store. 
Many items are less expensive. The big factor is how much healthier this stuff is with 
no chemicals and preservatives used. This can replace the 25% of your food budget 
you normally throw out that spoils. This is a big story that can't be told in a paragraph. 
ThriveLife is not just about food storage but about improving your family's health, saving 
you food budget money, and keeping the cancer bug out of your life which is what 
big agro does to us. I've spent much time putting together  
to tell you all the things you won't find on the company site you need to know and 
encourage you to get involved, even as just a "get it at a discount" customer to better 
prepare your family for bad times ahead as well as improve the quality of what you put 
in your bellies. Shipping costs are very reasonable as they are subsidized by the company.
Thrivelife freeze dried foods in storage is a must have for survival protection.

Less than 5% of the population has food for 7 days or more.
Less than  2% of our population have both food and water for more than 7 days.
Less than .5% have food, water, and medical supplies for more than 7 days. Scary. 
Supermarkets turn over their entire inventory every 4 days, or in as little as 4 hours if 
a major event or emergency such as
a blackout occurs. That's why they ask for your 
phone number and track your
purchases so they can anticipate what's needed and 
continually restock. There is no one to three week stock of food kept in a grocery 
store backroom.
Stored food, a good medical supply kit, and a means to gravity filter 
water for consumption are all musts for survival during crisis/emergency situations. 

Program 5    Berkey Water Filters

Being prepared means having enough pure water, food and medical 
supplies to get you through an extended grid blackout,  extreme weather 
condition; snowstorm, extended freeze, flooding, hurricane, simple windstorm, etc.

We can live without oxygen for about three minutes before we pass out.
We can live without water for about three days before we start getting delirious.
We can live without food for about three weeks before becoming too weak to 
function. Store enough pure water. Change stored water at least annually.
 1 gal/person/day for the first three days
 3 gal/person/day for 3 to 10 days
 10 gal/person/day for emergencies more than ten days

You should have both some stored water as well as a mechanism to properly 
filter  or distill water.  A Berkey gravity water filter is must protection. They are 
not expensive. You can turn river and creek water, rain barrel water, lake water, 
and even mud puddle water into drinkable water. A $52 black Berkey filter will
filter 3000 gallons of water before needing replacing. It filters out protozoa like 
giardia, all bacteria and even viruses  with a .025 micron capability. Other filters
on the market simply do not have that capability. A Big Berkey stainless filter 
with two elements in it which is very reasonable price wise, would take care of a 
family of up to five people. These filters can also remove chlorides, chloramines,
and flouride from  city water. If your city water is using reprocessed water which also 
contains a myriad of pharmaceutical drugs in suspension that were not removed; 
filtering your water before consumption becomes mandatory. Berkey filters can 
make this water safe.

Program 6
Whole body vibration

Do in 10 minutes on this machine what it would take 90 to 100 minutes to accomplish 
in the gym. It's that good! It's affordable! And the machine does all the work; no heavy 
lifting. Compared to traditional exercise methods, whole body vibration exercise is far 
more effective, efficient and fun!
Achieve better fitness with minimal effort and reduced 
risk of injury. Whole body vibration can stimulate the body in a variety of unique and 
beneficial ways not possible with other forms of exercise. It is the easiest and most 
convenient way to get into shape available on the market today. 
BUT - you have to know what to look for in the machine you choose. Cheap machines 
don't have the oscillating platform, frequency range, sufficient amplitude, or intensity 
(G force capability) to do anything but stimulate the lymphatic system and enhance blood 
circulation, and the motors do not hold up on the cheaper machines. If you want to increase 
bone density and muscle mass, you can only get these benefits in the higher powered 
machines such as the Hypervibe G17 shown above. 

The main benefits of a good whole body vibration machine are:
Improve bone density and stop any bone loss
Break down cellulite and fat, stimulate the lymphatic system
Improve skin appearance and tone through increased circulation - reduce 
varicose veins
Your face will look younger due to increases in collagen production and 
tightening of facial muscles
Boost production of the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) which is vital to 
overall function of the body's emotional and physical well being
Reduce the "stress" hormone while increasing serotonin levels (the 'happy 
pill' your body can produce naturally)
Build muscle strength and tone
Reduced convalescent periods following an injury or surgery
For a better, all around feeling of energy, stamina and even boosts the libido.
A full restful night's sleep
And of course - Lose Weight and Inches.

Go to my page at whole body vibration to learn what you need to know in choosing
a machine that will best suit your needs.

Program 7
(Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy) 

An easy way to improve your health; my page does an excellent job of guiding 
you to a great understanding of what it is and how to go about getting into "Energy 
Medicine". Lay on a pad for an 8 minute session twice a day to enlarge your 
capillaries and make blood flow to where it is lagging. and recharge your 100 
trillion cells, improve ATP production, increase oxygenation, enhance circulation, 
increase hydration, facilitate detoxification, and gain a better absorption of nutrients. 
PEFT devices are literally a "whole body battery recharger". Two companies, Bemer 
and IMRS makes these. Both cost the same, both made in Germany but there are 
significant differences in the two you need be made aware of.
Watch this quick little cartoon for why you should be interested in this technology.
Go to  here for more info and s
ites of interest 
to study. There is an education process here before just buying product.

Program 8 - Spam Arrest
Spam Arrest
more detailed info
Tired of Spam??? Spam Arrest is the answer! This is cool stuff!  
for information and program details    to sign up for a free 30 day trial; 
only $7.95/mo after that, or as low as $4.50/mo if you subscribe for a 2 year period. 
You will save more than $6/mo in time saved; not to mention the aggravation factor. 

click image to see HTML code

Three fourths of all my email messages each day were spams; unsolicited emails 
from bulk advertisers.  I wasted a lot of time daily deleting or unsubscribing from 
these or copying and posting the addys on my black list. 
But more and more new ones kept coming each day to replace ones I got rid of 
the previous days. Spam arrest is theeeee  answer to all those aggravating ,unsolicited, 
automatically sent bulk mail spam messages that take up your time and divert your 
attention from what you really need to be working on.

BUT, Hit your "back" button after watching the short video clip instead of 
hitting the sign up button at the end to get back to here to view the 
rest of the information you need to know.
They have an affiliate program also you might  be interested in.

Program 9 - Vibrant Life vitamins and Oral chelation formula
SuperLifeGlow is absolutely the BEST vitamin and chelation formula in existence. It 
contains massive quantities of more than 60 nutrients.  The bone formula contains 
microcrystalline hydroxyapatite, the only form of calcium proven to add bone mass.

Program 10 - Ellagiplex -
an extra fine (micronized) grind of red raspberry seeds. 
They are blended with 170 other synergists to enable efficient conversion of 
ellagitannins to ellagic acid in your body. With the exact nutrients and potencies 
in Exsula Superfoods EllagiPlex, you can feed and activate your natural mechanisms 
to kill precancerous and cancerous cells.
Ellagiplex gives you one of the best defenses 
against cancer that exists today. See more about this unique product near the bottom 
of my page   here  where I cured my Rotweiller of a nasty cancer growth using it. 
At  click on products, then superfoods, 
the Ellagiplex. Both my wife and I take a teaspoon daily as a cancer preventative in 
our smoothie drink comprised of a scoop of protein powder, 1/2 cup blueberries,
1/2 cup strawberries, heaping teaspoon of beet powder, heaping teaspoon of ground 
up chia seed, heaping teaspoon of graviola (also called guanabana) powder, and 
one banana. Makes a great immune system building , cancer fighting shake.
Also see my cancer info page where I discuss many alternative cancer treatments.

Telomerase  for more information  
for more information and to order as either a retail customer or as a distributor.
If you are interested in turning back the clock, study this page, watch the videos.
Four years ago this would have cost $25,000 a year. Today it is $22 a week or less 
See  for a 
short video. See  for a more indepth complete video of the 
aging process and why we need this. 
You can see more Isagenix videos at 

Why do we age?
We age because our cells age. When you were conceived your Telomeres 
(little thingys in every cell in your body at the end of your chromosones) were 15,000 
units long. They get shorter every time a cell divides, which they do all the time. When 
you were born the Telomeres were about 10,000 units long. They have been getting 
shorter with every cell division, and when they get down to about 5,000 units long, 
How long your telomeres are can be measured with a blood test.
Telomeres are your ‘Body Clock’.   
Password "stopthebodyclock"

The Science is really very simple.

   1. Telomeres are our Body Clock. They get shorter with every cell division.
   2. Telomerase is a naturally occurring enzyme that lengthens Telomeres.
   3. A Gene capable of producing Telomerase is present in every body cell.
   4. Telomerase Activators are substances that enable the gene to produce Telomerase.
   5. Some natural plant extracts have been found to be Telomerase Activators 
        both in vitro and in vivo.
What is Happening Now.
Some people are already consuming a 100% natural product, Product B, from 
a company called Isagenix,which then switches on a gene which is already present 
in every cell in our bodies, and  that gene then produces a naturally occuring enzyme 
called Telomerase, which then does what it was designed to do and lengthens the 
Telomeres, which functionally makes the cells younger, hence turning back the Body 
Clock. Think less wrinkles, hair turning back to it's natural color, aches and pains 
disappearing and much more. Check it out.

This is another MUST USE DAILY product.  More info on this product   You can buy it here
My sponsor name is  Berry Ball  my distributor number is 1003623.
This is another amazing story of what is available today to bring us 
back to health. Laminin is the protein glue inside our body, shaped like 
crosses, that hold us together.
Laminine is the product which increases 
our laminin. I can email you info on this that I cannot post on the web.
StemTech  the fountain of youth? a must use product if health is your goal   my StemTech ID is 5885316  

Here's a quick online youtube video that tells why you would want to use 
StemTech products,replacing damaged body cells in much greater rapidity 
and quantity than normally occurs.

StemTech products are an amazing breakthrough in the search for the 
fountain of youth and how to improve our health and wellness. 
I use Stem Enhance (main product for increasing stem cell production), 
Stem Flo (heart health enhancement), Stem Sport ( a capsule after volleyball 
and softball games), and ST-5 with migrastem  powdered drink mix I add to 
my whey drink each morning. They also make Stem Pet for your pet.
It is now known that stem cells, produced in our bone marrow, constitute 
the natural renewal system of our body and are responsible for the repair 
and replacement of all cells in our body. A stemcell goes to the area that 
needs repair, starts duplicating itself and becomes those cells.  Stem cells 
have the ability to become any type of cell in the body. StemTech products 
support the natural release of adult stem cells from the bone marrow so they 
can work effectively to travel throughout the body to support optimal organ 
and tissue function and repair. Since optimal health relates to a higher 
number of circulating stem cells being available for this repair process,  
anything we can do to increase the number of circulating stem cells in the 
bloodstream should increase our health and wellness.
Stem Cell products 
trigger the bone marrow to produce many more millions and billions of 
these cells than it normally does, thus greatly enhancing the repair process. 
Although the StemTech site cannot make claims for all the things their products 
do, visit my testimonials section  for what the people using these products 
state it has done for them. This includes correcting erectile dysfunction rapidly 
(like a very noticeable difference in just one day), reversing macular eye 
degeneration to the point people don't need their glasses anymore,  reversing 
diabetes completely, normalizing pancreatic function, correcting skin problems, 
reducing high blood pressure so users have gotten off hypertension prescription 
drugs entirely, white hair turning back to color, losing fat weight without dieting; 
it's a pretty amazing story. You need to check it out if your health is important to you.

Visit my page at, click on the flag of your 
country - there are currentlythirteen different countries with distribution centers 
in them, including Mexico. More to open soon. Click on "TAKE THE TOUR" a 
short video that tells how this discovery came about, and specifically what 
the products actually do for you in a very short understandable explanation.

I don't sell MMS, but I have a lot information on it.  
MMS, miracle mineral supplement is simply sodium chlorite, that when mixed 
with citric acid turns into chlorine dioxide which is deadly to every pathogen 
out there; be it a virus, bacteria or protozoa. and is used in water treatment 
plants to purify the water you drink. Yet the FDA is trying to eliminate every US 
source it can. Why? Because it is the medical breakthrough of the century.  
It can cure cancer, hepatitis, aids, Herpes, the common cold and flu, and 
much more. MMS is a huge threat to big  pharma's multi-billiondollar a year 
drug industry. It's all about the money, it's notabout your health.  Request 3  
free ebooks from me on MMS. MMS1, MMS2, and MMS3. Email me  and put 
MMS books in the subject header. If you have cancer include the word cancer 
and you can have several cancer break through ebooks also.  We have cancer 
answers.You can buy small quantities of MMS liquid, and powder, as well as 
the citric acid activator  here  and at  and at , click on detox products.
There's also a source in Mexico at  
click on the English or Spanish button on the upper left to get the language you want.  
Lots of info links on that site.
You have to send an email to  to place an order from 
the Mexico site. Get the powdered or flake stuff which has a long shelf life. 

To make MMS liquid you mix  4 level tablespoons of sodium chlorite powder or 
flakes (2 oz or 50 grams) to 3 oz of warm water and it will make 4 oz of liquid MMS.   
To make the citric acid liquid solution you mix the citric acid powder 
1-1 with water, 1 teaspoon or tablespoon citric acid with 1 teaspoon or tablespoon 
of water,  to get a 50% citric acid liquid solution. You then mix one drop of the 
MMS liquid with 1 drop of the 50% citric acid solution to make the chlorine dioxide 
solution that kills the bacteria, viruses and pathogens. You have to let it set for 3 
minutes to allow the chemical reaction to occur and consume it within 3 to 10 minutes 
after mixing for it to be most effective.  See my cancer page for what it did for a cancer 
patient in Mexico I gave it to that the doctors sent home to die. 

Stainless kitchen cookware
A great way to improve your family's health.

To maintain good health today requires knowledge in three major 
areas; the foods you eat , the water you drink, and the air you breathe 
inside your home. They all affect you. It's not only what you eat but 
what you use to prepare it in, and how you prepare it that can make 
an enormous difference in your family's overall health.  After seeing 
expensive cookware demonstrated at fairs, I researched what is the 
best stuff to buy. I secured a dealership in Belkraft cookware only to 
lose it two years later when the company changed policy and now only
sells product from their site over the internet. No more dealers or distributors. 
I retained all the research information for you though and now have most 
of it posted on this site to save you the homework I went through.
Get the info you need to know here. 
Here's two quick summary videos to watch on why you would want to use this.


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