Minimizing internet crime

I use Craig's List a lot to sell stuff I no longer need and need to get the cash out of.
It's a free service. But Craig's list is home to scammers trying to separate people
from their money; especially higher ticket items like motorcycles, vehicles, trailers, etc.
I recently sold a Suzuki DR350R motorcycle for $1699 on Craig's List and two different
people tried to
pull the same scam on me; pretending to want to buy my cycle and then
wanting to send me Paypal
(but the money never shows up as spendable in your paypal
account - only pending) or a Chase Bank money order to pay for the purchase,
not wanting to
pick the item up in person, but including extra in the payment to pay their "mover" who
was the guy who would pick the cycle,
as well as the cash over and above the cost of
the sale
. What happens is you deposit the check in your bank, they credit your account,
the guy picks up the item as well as his mover fee, and then some time later your bank
calls you to make good on the deposit as the check turns out to be fraud.
I have one of
these cases as a set of emails documented at
   Craigslistscam   so you understand
how all this goes down and you are left holding the bag.

As youíre well aware, our children, parents, neighbors, extended family and friends
are increasingly susceptible to internet - and mobile-related crimes such as fraud,
identity theft and scams as the world of technology extends into nearly every facet
of our lives.

What can be done about it? At Educator Labs one of the
most powerful actions to take is to educate. So they scoured over 75 resources
on the topic of Internet and Mobile Safety, selected the 9 they felt were the most useful,
and then created their own guide. Iíve included everything below (plus the resources
they created!).

Social Networking Safety

Kidsí Rules for Online Safety

The Essential Teen Internet Safety Guide

Cyber Security Tips

Tips for Safe Internet Banking

Tips for Identifying Fraudulent Emails

Putting Parental Controls on Childís Mobile Phone

The Parentís Guide to Teens and Mobile Use

Internet and Mobile Safety

By increasing awareness on this topic, we can help ensure that we are all one step
ahead of the criminals.
Email Sara Bell |  at if you have questions.

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