Global Pension Plan   updated 7-15-2014

The latest in the GPP fiasco.  First of all, I personally feel the GPP Trustee 
group are the scammers. Based upon what we just learned when HCi25 told us they couldn't 
pay us out on March 4th because we had to be paid out through a trust, I feel the GPP Trustees 
picked up that ball and ran with it.  The difference is, HCi25 is going to pay our trust fees in HCi25 
and the GPP group says we have to give them another $210 to do so; plus a $60 notary fee.  
That wouldn't be so bad if it were on an individual basis, but then they tell us that 50% of the GPP participants have to ante up that $210 + $260 before anybody gets paid.  I got news for you 
(and them) that ain't never gonna happen.
Few people have any faith in GPP being real anymore, let alone 50% of the people who took out 
policies.  Giving them another $210+ $260 is just throwing money down the hole.  To me, this 
appears to be the final nail in the coffin for GPP.  Anyway you can find the following message 
on the GPP Trustees site at

May 2014 update from GPP

MAY 2014 UPDATE (click "Read More" below to see the update)

The Authorities have advised us how to conduct the payout process and the Know Your Customer procedure we and the banks need to comply with. For starters, we have been allowed to release 25% of each member's payout into their Trust account (accessed by debit cards). To cash in the remaining 75%, members have to go to our physical offices in person or represented by another person. The 25% funding will enable you to afford the trip and accomodation needed. If you are a leader of a group of members, you can represent all your members provided you have a Power of Attorney letter signed by them. Members who are unable to make the trip due to old age or medical condition also can appoint another member to represent them, by giving them your letter of Power of Attorney.

Our lawfirm has offices in major capital cities worldwide. These are the designation cities depending on where you live :

- For Europe, our office is in London and Zurich (you will be able to choose one)

- For Canada, USA and South America, our office is in New York.

- For Russia, our office is in Moscow.

- For Asia, our office is in Hong Kong and Singapore (you will be able to choose one)

- For Australia and New Zealand, our office is in Sydney.

- For Africa, you need to go to one of the cities mentioned above (you will be able to choose one)

There is an administrative processing fee for this process, the fee is US$ 195 per member/individual. You can pay on behalf of other members whom you will represent. You have time until August 31st, 2014 to submit your payment to our Perfect Money account if you want to receive your 25% payout in September 2014. We will start processing members who have paid for their fee first. This process is MANDATORY BY LAW and is supervised by the authorities. If you do not make the payment, your payout will NOT be processed into your account until you have made your payment.

Our offices will start accepting visits from members in October 2014. Each member who has paid their processing fee will be receiving an invitation by email with the address and date of appointment we have set up.

We are now using Perfect Money. When you are ready to make your payment, send an email with your FULL NAME / username and COUNTRY to  We will reply with funding instructions. NOTICE ONLY FOR U.S. CITIZENS : As Perfect Money has stopped accepting U.S. residents as members, you must use an exchanger to fund OUR account DIRECTLY, there is no need for you to open an account.

Summary of what fees you need to have paid by the deadline :

- Debit Card

- Courier Fee ($40 per CARD, not per member. This is shipping fee of each card package)

- Notary Fee ($50 per MEMBER, not per card. You only need to pay for one Notary Fee, even though you have more than one debit cards)

- TRUST Fee ($210 per MEMBER, not per card. Each and every member must pay for one Trust)

Summary of the debit card fees and their ATM limits :

- GOLD debit card is $75 per card, daily ATM withdrawal limit is equivalent to US$ 2,500 in your local ATM currency.

- PLATINUM debit card is $200 per card, daily ATM withdrawal limit is equivalent to US$ 10,000 in your local ATM currency.




During the process of funding the debit card accounts, we and the GPP Financiers and Admins had been summoned by the SEC and ECB.

We had been advised that other than us, there is one other major program which is currently also in their payout funding process and is being monitored by the SEC and ECB. The payout process of that program and GPP is similar in nature and therefore, both programs have to comply to the rules and regulations set specifically by the SEC and ECB. Important note : There have been other programs in the past which were shut down and their funds seized due to violation of these rules. Those programs have been abandoned by the the admins as they could not reverse the process. Therefore it is very important that we comply to the rules in order to ensure a successful payout process completion. GPP and the other program will be the first and the only two programs to successfully pay out should we follow the instructions from SEC and ECB. The main issue is the new banking regulations on money laundry and international financial transactions. As our payout process involves the transfer of large amount of funds from one master account to thousands of debit card accounts, it is being monitored strictly by the authorities in relation of prevention of any money laundry activities.

The most important point that the SEC and ECB have advised us and the other program is, that the payout funds cannot be transferred to private individuals. Other programs in the past did just that and they were shut down immediately before the transfer process could be completed. Funds were seized and those programs ended. We are very fortunate because as a law firm trustee we are obligated to report our progress to the authorities and therefore, they advised us in time before it was too late.

No need to worry as the SEC and ECB have given us the solution.

The solution is that payouts MUST be made to a legal entity representing you, instead of you as an individual. A legal entity means an institution and not an individual. However, you own this entity and therefore, you have full control of the funds made into this entity. The most common of such entity is a TRUST, and that is what the SEC and ECB have ordered us to facilitate for our members. The whole process of appointing a Trust representing you will be watched closely by the authorities and the Trust will be processed through the ECB itself so it is 100% protected.

Setting up a Trust or any other legal entity occurs a cost. Naturally, you will ask why this cost cannot just be deducted from your payout ? The answer is the SEC and ECB DO NOT ALLOW this to protect you. Why ? Because, if someone (in this case we, the GPP Trustee) can have the Power of Attorney approved by you to deduct an amount from your payout, what is stopping them from deducting the whole amount ? Such a process would be a conflict of interest and is NOT allowed by the authorities. Not even the SEC and ECB can touch your payout funds as it is protected by an escrow. We, the GPP Trustee, only have the power to transfer it to you, the members, the amount you are entitled for. And now, you must be represented by a Trust. Your debit card will be connected to the Trust's bank account, and there is nothing else different about how you will have access to your funds. This rule is set by the financial authorities and it must be followed to the letter. There is no way around this, as experienced by several programs in the past which had failed paying out and were shut down.

A Trust like what is needed generally costs US$ 350 but because we have a large number of members, we can have it at only US$ 210. Feel free to do a research about how much setting up a Trust usually costs and you will find that this is a very good deal we have been given. There is no more paperwork needed for this as we have enough data from your policy to set it up for you. Each GPP member needs to set up his/her own Trust regardless of age. Each member needs only ONE Trust, regardless of how many debit cards you have ordered.

We have also been advised by the SEC and ECB that payout process can only be done ONCE and that we need to pay out to a minimum of 50% of the GPP membership. Therefore if you know a GPP member who has not been informed about the payout process, please let them know so that they would not be left out. There will also be a deadline for this and the SEC will let us know. Please act as soon as possible in order not to delay your payouts. Now it is the time for one LAST PUSH to get this DONE.

To pay for the Trust, make a payment of US$ 210 (Euro not accepted this time). If you have not paid for the Notary Fee, the amount you need to pay is US$ 260. If you missed the important update about Notary Fee, read below :


We had been advising you that you need to mail back the Non-Disclosure Agreement forms before you can have access to your payouts. These Non-Disclosure Agreements were supposed to be mailed to you along with the debit card. That is no longer the case. Now, you would not need to return the forms before you can access your payouts. We, the Trustee, will act as your guardian and take care of it for you. This way, once you receive your debit card(s), you can immediately access your funds. For us to be able to do the paperwork for you, we need you to send a notary fee of $50 per debit card that you have on order.

You need to make the payment of US$ 210 or 260 to one of our Liberty Reserve accounts :


U9948672 (Global Debit Silver)

U5871417 (Global Debit Gold)

In the memo section, write down your GPP username OR your full name (if you forgot your username, it is not a problem as long as you write your full name). You can also update your email, mailing address and phone number.

Note ONLY for new people who have not ordered a debit card : Silver debit card is not available anymore. You can still order :

- GOLD debit card costs $75 per card plus $40 courier fee, ATM cash withdrawal limit of $2,500 daily.

- PLATINUM debit card costs $200 per card plus $40 courier fee, ATM cash withdrawal limit of $10,000 daily.

To a successful payout,

The Global Pension Plan (GPP) Trustee

Original info - 2009
You should know that you can still take out additional policies up until the shutoff date which is June 30th, 2009.
Each first policy costs $25.80, each additional policy is only $12.90. Each unit will retuurn 55,000 euros if you are 
over 28 and 110,000 euros if you are under 28. I am in another pension plan that is receiving it's funds from the same resource as GPP and THEY ARE BEING PAID as I write this.  This is for real. Grab some extra units while you can.

The new sites  are now at   to sign up   to login 

If you are not taken back to the sign up page after you do your spend. Go back to and click on "sign up".  In the spend section under the Liberty Reserve 
section  you will see a faint little box with the word "paid" in it. 
Click the "paid" box and it will take you to your signup 
page where you can input all your information.  

Use   as the support link

This information is not to be publicly regenerated and published outside the forum message board.
That includes the instructions as well as Membership agreement. 

Go to the forum link at the bottom of the left side menu after you login to get caught up on messages and instructions.

GPP UPDATE - 5-21-2009
Greetings From Robert Moore.
I have had a very encouraging report today about Global Pension Plan.
In the past I have reported on several developments with GPP.
It has been reported to me that a multiple number of GPP members in several states & 
countries have received their GPP debit cards.
These debit cards are being mailed out daily.
I have learned today more about the process of payment and will share it as I was told.
The debit card will arrive through the mail in a bigger than #10 size envelope.  The packet will contain the debit card and a non-disclosure agreement which needs to be signed and returned, following all included instructions in the mailer.
A second packet will arrive by mail after the parties of concern have received the non-disclosure agreement.  This packet will contain all the banking information needed for the member to have access to their monies and the use of their debit card.
It is important to open all your mail, even if you think it is junk mail until you have received your debit card packet.
I was told originally their were approx 130,000 debit cards prepared for mailing, but now there are over 200,000 members and more debit cards are being created to meet the new membership totals.
The time line of June 30th, 2009 stated on the GPP FORUM is the date scheduled for the closure of Global Pension Plan and a projected date for the majority of GPP members to receive their mailed packets.
As stated on the GPP FORUM Stella the former administrator of GPP is very ill.  I’ve been told she is still alive.  There is a new administrator in place to close the GPP
Membership as scheduled and process the steady stream of GPP member agreements still flowing in till the cut off date.
The FORUM has not stated very many details for security reasons. 
From now on each member of GPP will be contacted by the GPP banking parties on a private one on one basis.
For over a month now I have had several reports from credible sources.  Information has flowed from team leaders with very large downlines.  These team leaders have nothing to gain by spreading rumors and multiple leaders are verifying the same information.
I believe the reports I’m receiving and am reporting them for the purpose to uplift and encourage everyone who has felt the ripples of this GPP rollercoaster ride.
Many have contacted me voicing despair and poverty, looking for some glimmer of hope.
Today’s report has given me a bright hope of what the future holds for all of us GPP members.
These statements are my personal opinions which were gathered from several sources.
I remember a long time ago Stella telling us we would be blessed and very amazed at what has been prepared for us.
Even though Stella hid her illness from us, and many of us were discouraged by her lack of reports, I still remember her words of hope.  This report is also a last call to all of you interested in GPP.
This is a last call for any person who has waited to become a GPP member.
This is a last call for the member who has held off getting an additional policy/contract.
If I can be of any assistance please contact me. 
The time has come for our financial future to change significantly for the better for all our family and friends who believed enough to be a part of Global Pension Plan.
Have a successful and safe week,
Robert Moore

10th of May, 2009

Dear Global Pension Plan Members,
As per Trust Partner's decision, we hereby announce the final closing date of Global Pension Plan: 06/30/2009 That is the 30th of June 2009.  The current number of fully qualified members is only slightly short of the 100.000 limit.
Trust Partner highly appreaciates your efforts and sends you best wishes and luck for the last month and a half.

5th of May, 2009

Dear Global Pension Plan Members,
New page has been turned in the our valued project. The reason is truly very saddening, though. Our beloved admin Stella has left us due to her crushing illness. Those of you, who knew her personally, were aware of her ever-decreasing health. She never really complained but stayed rather quiet about her feelings. All the stress, that the huge workload caused her, would have been even too much to handle for most of the health ones.
It has taken us a great deal of time, around four weeks altogether, to familiarize ourselves with her working methods, vast notes and files etc. All the official program related information has been recovered by now. But her personal email accounts stays closed. We know she used them for communicating with the key members (those of you with sizable down-lines and valuable contacts), so it's impossible to track any special arrangements, requests etc. for now.
Loosing Stella won't change the program, though! You will be updated soon, please stay tuned! There will be the dead-line announced in a few days.

GPP - Key to opening the website.

February 9th, 2009
Thanks to a bit of IT wizardry  we are pleased to be able to tell you how to access the GPP website.

Click on to login or alternatively

click on to : to access the message board.

It seams like hackers have blocked the page for most readers. Some members have found it and it still works so 
GPP has not taken the home page away.
We just have to wait until it´s back for all of us again. Very soon I hope! ”

The new sites  are now at   to sign up   to login 

If you are not taken back to the sign up page after you do your spend. Go back to and click on "sign up".  In the spend section under the Liberty Reserve 
section  you will see a faint little box with the word "paid" in it. 
Click the "paid" box and it will take you to your signup page.

Use   is the support link

We DID receive an email from Stella on Dec 19th stating the .tv domain is now the correct place to login.

Newest info  12-6-2008

Don't be misled by the Jan 31st completion date. When the number of required documents are submitted this is over 
and at the present rate of more than a thousand a day it is now predicted this will be completed before Christmas.

As of two weeks ago 23,999 more ID documents submitted by Jan 31st, 2009 were still needed for this to payout  
whether those be from people who already bought contracts who have not yet submitted their Id Documents or new 
member contracts; NOT existing members who have already submitted ID documentation buying more contracts, 
although they can.
The sign up fee has been lowered from 30 euros to 20 euros or $25.80USD per contract. 
Payout is 55,000 euros or about $70,500 USD.

C Gold and Liberty Reserve is what you must fund with. On the Liberty Reserve site is a list of money 
marketers to fund through.

Submit documents for payout. 
Login in at   with your username and password.
and go to the forum link at the bottom of the menu list on the left for all the info. The forum has been replaced with a 
simple message board which is easier to use and get information from.
All the instructions you need to submit your ID and Membership agreement are found in the fifth Nov 5 message 
starting from the top down..  Follow them to the letter if you want to get paid.

You have until Jan 31, 2009  to submit documents. An earlier forum message stated we would be 
paid via the new banking solution and you do not have to submit your banking information on the membership 
agreement form. They have not stated yet what the new banking solution is.

The Membership Agreement requested can be found on the main page  from the "files" menu on the left after 
you login at  
Print it out, fill it out, and send it in with a jpeg of your passport or drivers license picture ID. 
The email addy to send it to is 

This information is not to be publicly regenerated and published outside the forum message board.
That includes the instructions as well as Membership agreement. 

If you forgot your login or password, this is the email address to send to to try and recover it.
Do not send any other correspondence to this email addy.

Newest info
These are just guidelines to follow. Please be specific to your particular
needs and to the point.

After sending to Stella you will need to revise your documents and resend
them to ...  ... You will need to label your
attachments as follows....

For submitted ID it would be ... YOUR Username - ID - REVISED Current Date

Example ... MONEYWISE - ID - REVISED 11.26.2008

For Member Agreement it would be ...YOUR Username -AGREEMENT-REVISED Current Date

Example ... MONEYWISE - AGREEMENT - REVISED 11.26.2008

If you have only revised one of your docs then only re-label the revised doc and not the correct one. In the subject of your email put your username
ONLY and make sure that BOTH attachments (docs) are sent even if only one
doc has been revised. Leave the body of the email blank and make sure that
the size of the entire email is UNDER 3 megs (preferably under 1 meg) and
that the attachments are no larger than 1 meg each. You may need to ask
your up line for help with this if you find it difficult to achieve these
size requirements.

IMPORTANT ... There are 3 criteria that must be met exactly …

1) The name(s) on both your profile and members agreement MUST
MATCH EXACTLY to the name(s) that are displayed (in PRINT FORM) on your ID.
However it is printed …first, middle name & last …or… first, middle initial & last …or…
first & last … it must be placed in the profile and members agreement, in
the appropriate areas, in the same way as it is shown onthe ID.

NO EXCEPTIONS!!! If you don't have a middle name then leave that area blank.

The birth date also needs to match with ALL three.


3) The information on your profile and members agreement need to match with each other (username, sex, address, email address, phone number,


Your physical address listed on your ID may be different then the address
that is listed on your profile and members agreement … BUT AGAIN …the
address on the profile and members agreement must match.

DO NOT submit Social Security numbers or Drivers License information on your profile. Leave those areas blank. You should also put your phone number in your profile where it asks for "Cellular". They want a phone
number but it doesn't have to be a cellular. The "Contact" area of the profile also needs to be left blank UNLESS the owner of the profile is required to have a legal guardian (decision maker). Usually this is a parent of a child or for someone who is not of legal age or cannot handle their affairs themselves.

If you have filled in these areas incorrectly then you may make changes using this example:
for Social Security area you may replace with "999-99-9999" or for
name and email in contact area you would replace with "void" in name area
and "void@void.void" in email area.
These areas will not allow you to just delete you will need to replace them with something else to remove your previous information. Remember to click "Save"at the bottom of the page.

When filling out the members agreement … all information (except for your signature) must be completed using ALL block/upper case/capital letters.

This means your Username, Your Name(s), sex, physical address and email address. You will need to put your State (on the same line) after your city. It does not ask for it but just do it ... City,
State (State may be abbreviated if it is that way on your ID). Your birth date should be in this format ... MM/DD/YYYY or 01/01/2008 as an example.
You do not need to put any information at all in the entire areas where it
asks for "Banking coordinates" or "Charity". Leave those areas completely blank!!! The date next to the signature area must be filled in when you signthe agreement.

Most spell out the Month ... November 26, 2008 ... as an
example. The "Location" area at the bottom MUST be filled out with the location of where you are when you sign the agreement. If you were at home
then you would only put your City, State. You would not need to put the
Country as long as it is the same as the country that you listed above in the members agreement where it asks for the Country. The Location area will
format to whatever size is needed though.

PAY ATTENTION HERE because this is very, very necessary.

… the signature that you sign on the members agreement MUST MATCH EXACTLY
to the signature of your submitted ID. In other words ... if your ID has
all three names listed (first, middle, last) in the printed area but you
signed your ID with only your first and last name or first, middle initial and last name then you must sign the members agreement EXACTLY THE SAME WAY as you signed your ID.
Not doing so will eliminate you from receiving your payout.
Example …
on the submitted ID it has John Robert Doe in the printed
area but it was signed with John Doe. The member agreement would be signed with John Doe.

IMPORTANT ... IMPORTANT ... IMPORTANT … don't hesitate here folks! You
need to get all of these steps completed immediately. We have no idea when
the program will close. If you stop and say I'll do it tomorrow you may
find that tomorrow is too late!!

I also have an Adobe pdf file of the members agreement that
allows you to open it on your PC (if you have the Adobe software) and
actually type your information into it so that you do not have to print it out it or copy it into word first to fill it out. It is very useful and
eliminates a lot of headaches. You may also want to send this pdf attachment to others in and out of your down line if they do not have this version.
Being able to type in your information is a big help and allows for accuracy and clarity when completing the members agreement. If you would like this file then reply back with your request and I will send it.
If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to ask. You may also
come to one of the four calls that we do daily to get all of your questions
answered there.

Older news   notice the new URL on a new server

Login to your account and click on forums at the bottom left. The "question and answers" link at the top and the "member agreement"  contains all the information on how to submit your verification and bank details in order to get paid out. They want a copy of your drivers license or passport as ID proof of age. 

It appears the sign up link is again working so you don't have to go through someone who is already a member to sign up. They are taking both signups and existing members can buy additional policies up until Feb 29th. Payout is scheduled for end of March 2008.

If you encounter an error message when trying to sign someone up after you do their spend 
go to here for instructions

Update 11-28-2007
1) ACTIVATE: There are still some of you that urgently need to log in and ACTIVATE your accounts. If you have not done this, then it is Essential that you do it as soon as possilbe.
Once you have logged in you will find a rectangular button near the top of the first page you see after logging in.
Just click on that [ACTIVATE] button, and that's it. The button disappears after you've clicked it.

2) FORGOT PASSWORD: If you have forgotten or lost your GPP password, then you can use the Forgot Password link to recover it. That link is Not on the Login page, where many people expect to find it, BUT on the menu of links on the left side of the Home Page.
You will need your email address and username to recover your password.
If you have changed your email address, and can't log in, then your only hope of having it changed to your current email address is if Admin, Stella, will change it for you. Ask your sponsor for the best email address to contact Stella. If you've forgotten your USERNAME, I rather suspect that unless you can find it, that you will not be able to recover your password, and are essentially out of the program.

3) ANNOUNCEMENTS: If you have not visited the Forum for some time, then log in to GPP and click on the FORUM link, and then on the ANNOUNCEMENTS link. Please note that sometimes, as recently, there are as many as 3 announcements in one day, so it is not good enough just to click on the last post, because that way you miss some of the posts.

4) ADDITIONAL CONTRACTS: Most of you will be aware that GPP members are now permitted to hold more than one contract each, in fact as many as you can afford and wish to pay for (subject to availablity, but there are plenty).
The additional contracts are at a reduced price of 20 euros each as opposed to the cost of your first contract for which you paid 30 euros.

5) E-CURRENCIES: Theoretically we can now use 3 different e-currencies to purchase additional contracts with GPP, BUT since E-bullion is full of glitches in the GPP scripting, I consider it would be extremely unwise to use it (at the time this email is written), and I strongly suggest you use either LIBERTY RESERVE or C-GOLD (the 2 other ecurrencies available). Both appear to be working perfectly.
You can exchange existing ebullion for one of the above e-currencie, or get the e-currency from an exchanger by direct funding. If you need an exchanger, ask around, but a good place to start looking is on the Liberty Reserve website, which has a whole page of exchangers.

DO NOT worry if the additional policies do not show up right away. They (GPP) have stated that they may have to record those purchases manually.

Update 11-11 
E Bullion as a payment option has been reenabled, which means they probably satisfied e-bullion due diligence requirements of who they are and where they are. This is very significant. It means they are probably not someone out there trying to be anonymous so he can run with your money.

They have reenabled both new member signups as well as existing members being able to purchase 
more contracts. I can again sign you up through my site by you doing a spend of $50 to either my ebullion account A21789 Berry Ball  or my PayPal account   be sure and send an email to with all your sign up info required.

They have come to us offering more contracts to those who already own one and state they can buy up to 250,000 more contracts and are offering them to us for 20 euro's instead of 30 euro's. 

Official closing date for new signups will be December 31-2007.
Payout date projected to be completed by the end of February 2008.
In January 2008 you will have one month to submit identification; like passport, drivers license, etc. 
They have not stated yet just WHAT to submit or where (fax # or email addy) to submit it. 

When the Sign Up and Additional Policies Campaign links have been reactivated, you can continue to enroll new members and purchase additional policies in your name. Additional policies will cost 20 Euro and GPP accepts payment in Liberty Reserve and C-Gold.

30 euro for new members and 20 euro for additional policies.
Age 67 or less pays out 55000 euro
Age 27 or less pays out 110000 euro

Keep checking the/your GPP site for the links mentioned above.
You will have until December 31-2007 to complete your signups and to purchase additional policies.

Here is the Oct 21st forum message:
Dear Members of Global Pension Plan,
We know you have been impatiently waiting for this update. This is the one
we promised you a few months ago.
Today is finally the day of this special and long expected announcement.
We think, we have some fantastic news for you and we are proud to tell you.
During this summer we have received some interest from private and institutional Investors.
Negotiations have gone smoothly and based on the financing of the investments we have
now this wonderful announcement to make:
All Members hereby have the chance for
Yes, it is true. We have made it possible for you!
Ever since we started Global Pension Plan we have received daily requests from our members t
hat they would like to purchase more than one policy. Unfortunately we had to turn them down
each time.
But now, thanks to the additional funding from these investors mentioned above we can now
offer our members this opportunity to purchase multiple policies.
This is a giant step for us and an incredible chance for every single one of you.
Now of course there are certain rules to be applied which we hereby announce so that everything
is really fully and absolutely clear right from the beginning.
Please read this very carefully, as this contains everything you need to know:
1. Purchasing multiple policies is completely optional and offered as an additional benefit only
to those that want to have more than one policy.
2. The costs have been determined to be 20 EUR per additional policy (not 30 EUR as for the first policy/membership). This also includes the processing fee that we have to pay for the insurance company.
3. Ordering: Additional policies are only available in your own member area. You must be an existing
member of Global Pension Plan. You cannot purchase additional policies for other members with the
gift coupon.
In your members area click on the link that says "Additional Policies" and you will discover the ordering
options on that page.
4. Payment Options: At this time we accept the following payment options for purchasing additional policies:
- Liberty Reserve
- C-gold
5. Compensation Fee will be the same as for the first policy/membership:
- Aged 27 or under: 110,000 EUR
- Aged 28 or over: 55,000 EUR
6. Loyalty Program Rewards: Yes, this is really true! Please be aware that an additional policy enables you to also earn an extra commission on your referrals. So if any referral in your 12 level downlines purchases an additional policy, you will earn an additional 2,000 EUR Loyalty Program Reward.
Although you will not be able to see which member in your downline has bought how many additional policies, you will however always see the total amount of your earnings on top of your referral downline.
7. The Limits to this offer:
We have a limit of 250,000 additional policies altogether. This would work out to an average of 2.5 additional policies per member. We appreciate that not everyone will be purchasing additional policies, but on the other hand we have had requests from people that would have liked to purchase far more than 2 or 3 policies.
Once the additional 250,000 policies have been used up we will disable the order form and you will not be able to purchase any more policies.
From Ber - I consider this new offer a negative aspect of this program and warn you that it now puts this program into the high likelihood of being a scam. 

Oct 22nd Update
Below are the updates from Stella (admin) at the forum. The long awaited WHEN DO WE GET P AID update first, but I have put them in order from most recent down, so start from the bottom up to read them in chronological order.
The payouts aren't going to be before Xmas as projected, but it is all due to administration paperwork and trying to manage to give enough time to 100,000 people get their profiles updated, then send in their ID etc etc etc. It is a reasonable timeline.
Also, if you are having a problem logging in... try going to the forum first and logging in there, then going to GPP thru the forum (link in top menu)
It worked for me the other day, although I just tried it and still couldn't get in. But thought I'd mention it as something to try! It can't hurt.

Posted: Mon Oct 22, 2007 12:41 am    Post subject: Update: Schedule      
Dear Members,
We have finally figured out the deadline for the program, and
here it comes! This is going to give the members a clear schedule
how to work towards the rewards.
- program will be closed on the 31st of December 2007
- documents have to be provided during January 2008
- payout will be between the 15th and 29th of February 2008

To make the short story a little bit longer, we are going to close
the program on the very last day of year 2007. This gives you all
enough time to complete the profiles and recheck the information
you have provided. Also, there is enough time to handle all the
inactivation and downline modification requests (please see my
earlier update).

The recently launched 250,000 Additional Policies campaing doesn't
have any effect on this closure date. If we only sold 10,000 Additional
Policies, or all 250,000 of them, the program will be closed on the 31st
of December 2007.

The ID copies and the agreements (latter will be downloadable in the
member area starting on the first of January 2008) must be returned
during January. There is one full month to send us what we need
and that should be enough for every single member. Full instructions
of how to complete this step will be available during December.

And the date that matters you the most is the payout date. The Trust
Partner has worked with the insurance company to be able to shorten
the policy handling time after all the members have provided the
documents. The payout is projected to happen between 15th and 29th
of February 2008.

I am sure this update clarifies a huge amount of confusion amongst
the members. Please share the latest news with your group and
assure them that we are on the track heading to the great success!

Thank you for your support and cooperation!


I never pursued this much when I joined back in January 2006 because I felt 100,000 members
couldn't be reached. I was wrong. They reached it. And there are several other Reverse Pension 
Plans out there;  most are scams. I suggest you do what we did with GPP; wait until the membership is almost complete to join, IF research on the net doesn't turn up a bunch of information pointing to it being 
a scam. See my information page which discusses this further. I know if everyone did this it would never completed, but it took almost two years to fill the membership with GPP. 

A short while ago I put out in a newsletter that the 100,000 participants had been reached and
that it would be open to join for only a short while longer. That was nice but nobody could access
the site to sign up. Well, I was given the key to it. I have to sign you up through my site  by
going into my back office or you have to get someone else who is already a member to sign you up
in their back office.  I have to do a spend from my ebullion account to sign you up. I was able to sign
up six more members in my family as well as quite a few others now who requested such. Payout is supposedly shortly.  Even though the policy doesn't mature until your 67th birthday, the 55,000 Euro's (about $77,000 USD at today's rates) part of it is payable shortly after the 100,000 members is reached.  And even though 100,000 members has been reached, not all were legitimate signups or lack information so they are allowing a few more signups now until they get 100,000 they know are legit and paid in full.  

For a short period of time I have  a complete description of the program posted at

What to do with a failed signup
Due to so many people trying to get in at the last minute, the GPP server is taking a beating and sometimes a sign up does not go through. Sequence of events is:
login to your back office  by going to  and inputting your login and password.
click on "sign up a new member"
then click "pay by ebullion"
then what I do is remove all the spaces between the words so I can type the persons first and last name at the end of the memo box, then input your ebullion number at the top and click "preview this transfer" 
that takes you to the actual spend page where you click spend
then your confirmation page surfaces and at the bottom is a box that returns you to the GPP site for the page that lets you input the persons sign up information you are trying o sign up.  BE SURE AND TAKE DOWN THE TRANSACTION ID NUMBER BEFORE CLICKING ON THAT LINK because sometimes instead of retuning you to the sign up page you simply get an error message. Here's what to do.
Go back to the part where you click on "sign up a new member" but now you will notice you have a choice of either paying by ebullin or there is a "paid" box to the right ofthat. Click on the paid box and then you can input the transaction ID number of your spend and THEN it will take you to the page where you can input your client's signup information. Then you don't have to do a second spend to try and sign them up again.
I have had to do this several times. 

Forum Discussion
This is a posting to stop unneccessary speculation.
cookiemonster wrote:
does anyone have direct contact with stella? even if this is legit,,,,,,I believe there will be a tremendous backlash which will ultimately hurt globally.

Yes I do have direct communication with Stella.

All of you should know by my previous posts that:
1 I have a deep and long insight into insurance and merchant banking.
2 The "surprise" announcement is based purely on the statistical/actuarial analysis, of the bold performance to many people of the total program GPP.
3 What they are simply doing is building a financial instrument to be traded.
The explanation of why they are offering more input, is they have finally another further offer,
which gives them a greater return.
It is really a simple commercial consideration.
4 This type of financial instrument has been successfully traded in London from the 1800's
5 All financial instruments are subject to a contract of sale, with a cost and a predictable return.
6 What most people can understand is buying and selling, real estate, stocks, bonds, Art Works, Forex.
7 All of these have a traditional exchange market, for real estate it is public via agents, for stocks and bonds it is a Stock Market, for Art Works eg Sotheby's, for Forex it is again more a merchant bank "Market"
8 What GPP are doing is dealing in a market that few people understand, But it is still a market where people will offer financial instruments, and people wish to buy and sell. People like me do actually not only understand this market, but I am willing to reveal I also trade in this market.

Their calculations have shown, as I have very extensively told people before:
1 The major players are the broker (GPP), the investment company, and the banker.
That this scheme has delivered potential returns that have exceeded their own expectations,
is the most simple and solid explanation for their behaviour.
2 Everybody who asks me how this works usually cannot understand how a mathematician like me
who employs statisticians and actuary's, does make it work.
The simple explanation is that we are paid highly by companies to do it,
because without our skills these companies go bankrupt.
3 The minor players are the members.
Without real people, birth dates and gender the risk cannot be correctly analyzed.

Now more information you should consider is this:
1 GPP have tried in a completely open internet market,
to do what is usually in very closed merchant banking type clubs.
2 Their dedication to trying to make it work, is to me impressive.
3 If they just wanted to "scam" people this proposition is quite ludicrous.
The amount of money they hope to make out of this is far higher than their posted figures.
People like them could simply deal with established people like me and still make a huge amount of money.
They are pushing a "conceptual boundary".
Even in the worst case that they took 100,000 * 30 euros this is nothing for a company like this.
4 They have shown dedication to try to make their "new concept" work.
5 The only difference here is that the people like Stella behind the scenes are highly stressed.

Remember one final thing,
With my strong reputation, background, and substantial connections,
I could buy and sell these type of financial instruments easily in under 6 months,
to make more money than GPP.

I have had multiple offers from brokers worldwide,
simply from just my postings on this forum, to do just that.

I am curious to see how long it will take GPP to make this work on an "open internet market".

My investment in this alone is very significant.
And nobody else to my knowledge has "benefactored" so much.

Even if GPP folds, I believe I could build a far faster, more stable system for everybody.
Why, because I have watched carefully their difficulties.

I can offer already far higher guaranteed returns,
more simply through my own company right now.

I can fully guarantee an all principal investments,
because I own so much physical gold bullion.

I request that everybody just does not panic.
The greatest downfall of all investors is:
1 Greed
2 Impatience

Best regards
Jonathan (fastmoney)

Site Admin
Location: Sth Croydon (Sth London), UK
After re-reading the GPP update, it is a good offer.
It appears that many haven't read the update properly so I would suggest reading it again carefully. The current 100,000 member program continues as normal and will soon close to new members and then complete as it was before. The additional policies, which are totally optional and 250,000 don't have to be taken that is just the limit, are the new offering, so if many wished that they could of had 2 or 3 as I and others have in RPP-2 (II) and RRP-3 (HCI), then they now have the option to do so at a very low cost, much lower than the others are offering.

This offer was thought about some time ago, as it appears it was first going to be mentioned back in July if you read their forum, but they didn't say anything as they were still waiting for approval.

So there are no delays and it is as it was, but with the option to have additional policies which should still be on offer even when the program is closed to additional members and as it will take some time to complete which could be a few months as there will be a lot of organizing to do and then a lot of money to move around, so I would assume the additional offer will still be there for sometime to current members, so it's entirely a members choice and you don't have to get anything extra if you don't want to. I may consider another two in a few weeks to even a couple of months time and I really wish GPP would sort out the problems with their website as it used to work well and is now very hard to use, which is not very professional.

In thinking further about the offer, then if GPP was a scam, then they would of added this much sooner or even allowed it from the start and not started to mention it, then hold back for 3 months and then announce it now, as any scam would know that it would make people nervous. Some food for thought.

It's good that we have Jonathan (fastmoney) with us, who has helped so many so far and may also be able to advise us due to the direct contact he has with GPP. No other private forum I know of has such an individual with direct contact to GPP and benefactors people into the program, so thanks for all your help so far Jonathan.


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