Zip Tie uses

A few weeks ago I noticed an interesting post on uses for zip ties but quite a few of them weren't actually related to survival and preparedness and so I thought I would put together a list of ways you might be able to use heavy duty zip ties for survival tasks. Here's what I came up with--from my own thoughts and assorted sources (such as Sensible Prepper)--feel free to add your own in the comments:

  1. Mend gear if there are holes, zippers broke off, buttons missing, etc
  2. Handcuff bad guys
  3. Attach gear (such as a portable solar panel) to a backpack
  4. Cinch down gear and clothing to save space
  5. Emergency shoe laces
  6. Secure the bottoms of pants leg to keep "creepy crawlies" out
  7. Secure zippers (such as on a duffel bag) to provide evidence of tampering
  8. Create a grab handle for things that are difficult to grab otherwise (or for one-handed options)
  9. Secure a split or bandages
  10. If you had no other choice as a tourniquet
  11. Repair holes in chainlink fences or other fencing material
  12. Make it easy for a knife to open when removed from pants pocket
  13. Quickly erect a survival shelter using a tarp with grommet holes
  14. Makeshift snare
  15. Organizing gear and supplies and to keep them together (such as cables and cords)
  16. Makeshift hanger for nearly anything
  17. Makeshift belt (enough put together would hold up your pants)
  18. Snowtire mod (such as a few around your shoes or a dozen on a bicycle tire)
  19. Use in place of cordage to tie poles together, for example
  20. For use in the garden to hold up tomato vines or whatever
  21. Use in place of a hair bandana
  22. An assortment of home and car repairs (e.g., various car parts that may be hanging down)
  23. Make a net to catch expended brass at the shooting range :)
  24. Secure the materials to setup an expedient water catchment system
  25. Attach various supplies to your keychain quickly (e.g., a mini bic lighter)
  26. Seal the end of a bag or tote that otherwise won't seal (to keep the contents from falling out or possibly even to make it water-tight)
  27. Quickly attach your knife to a long pole as a hunting spear, though, paracord would be much more reliable
  28. Makeshift fishing pole when tired around a sturdy branch
  29. Trail markers (the colored ones)

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