Whole Body Vibration exercise
Whole Body Vibration demonstrates a new revolution in increasing bone 
density, adding muscle without injuring tendons and ligaments, and enhancing 
rehabilitation and physical therapy by mechanically stimulating your muscles at 
a specific frequency. The vibrations are generated on a standing platform that 
are transferred to the user's body. The muscles automatically react to the 
vibration by contracting in a reflex. This contraction stimulates blood circulation, 
improves the lymphatic system, increases bone density, stimulates muscle 
growth and safely stretches both tendons and ligaments.

You can buy a K-1 Noblerex on the left at http://www.totalbodyvibration.com/
You can buy a Hypervibe G17 on the right at https://www.hypervibe.com/us/  and please 
use coupon  code7777 when placing the order. If you place an order with 
Hypervibe please  email me you did so as I would like to keep tabs on your 
progress and how you are doing with it. Same with the Noblerexk-1.

We bought the machine at the above left, after much research, a Noblerex K1,  
almost ten years ago from  http://www.totalbodyvibration.com/  for about $3000.
You can find all the information on it at that site. It has been a good machine, is 
well made and has held up well. But it has limitations and hasn't changed much 
in those ten years. For the same dollar today we can have the same as well as 
increased performance capability in the Hypervibe G17.  Although the K-1 
has three auto programs and a manual adjustment ability in plate oscillating 
frequency from 1 to 10 (7Hz - 28Hz) ; it has no display readout to tell you what 
frequency you are really oscillating at or what G Force your body is being subjected 
to. Those are parameters I think we need to know. Many doctors recommend this 
machine to their patients, especially seniors, who cannot handle high intensity with 
higher G Forces and only need it for muscle toning, improved blood circulation, and 
lymphatic system improvement. Many doctors are on the K-1 affiliate program which 
gives them a kickback as an incentive for their recommendation. It is a very simple 
and  easy machine to use. The NoblerexK1 has an amplitude, amount of up and 
down movement of the plate, at the outer edge of 14 millimeters. 
See a good exercise chart and .pdf of the K1 manual at 

But all my current research tells me the K-1 is limited in establishing muscle growth 
and increasing bone density; it leaves off powerwise where the muscle growth and real bone 
growth stimulation point begins.  Where you position your feet on the platform (the teeter 
totter); narrow stance, medium stance, or widest stance greatly affects the G Force your 
body will receive because the amplitude ( heighth of how many millimeters the plate moves 
up and down) varies at those stances. The stance then affects the G Force  exerted on 
your body at the same oscillating frequency. Both G Force and oscillating frequency are 
parameters we need to know so we know if we are receiving proper stimulation or not 
for what we are trying to accomplish; toning and maintenance or bone/muscle growth. 
The new Hypervibe G17 machine, pictured at the right at top of page, does have a display 
readout that gives us those parameters; G Force and cycles per second, including readings
accurate for what stance your feet are at. That's a first.  
It also has over 100 exercises and 38 goal based preset programs designed by WBV 
physical therapist Gabriel Ettenson you dial in to best give you the stimulation pattern for 
what is most important for you whether it be to improve blood circulation and your lymphatic 
system or to gain bone density. You can run a program or run the machine manually. 
And the Hypervibe G17 costs no more than a NoblerexK1.

Two years ago I tested out a Hypervibe Performance model, not the new G17, which 
at that time had an 11mm amplitude and went up to 28HZ in frequency. At higher 
power levels I found it noisy and uncomfortable to stand on.

The new G17 Hypervibe has lowered the amplitude to 7 mm but increased the 
frequency range to 35 HZ (5Hz - 35Hz). The G17 has the same high G Force rating 
of 17 G's (0.4 to 17.4Gs) as the older Performance model but uses an increased 
frequency and lower plate amplitude to get there, which is much easier on your body, 
makes for a quieter machine, and one that doesn't wander all over the room. Most of 
us except highly conditioned athletes will never use a G Force anywhere close to 17. 
The Noblerex K1 is G Force rated at 7.4 on one page of their site and advertised at 
9.0 on another???? Many places claim it takes a minimum of 9-10 Gs to get into any 
kind of serious bone growth as well as muscle stimulation required for building muscle. 
Just toning can be accomplished at lower intensity levels.

The Hypervibe G17 weighs in at 170lbs (Noblerexk1 is 98 lbs) and will support a 
440 lb person. That's a heavy duty piece of goods. Platform movement is pivotal 
(teeter totter) which is best for being easy on your body. Platform size is 21" wide 
by 13" deep. LCD screen is in color.
The G17 Pro features the all new QuickFix - 
Twist-Lock Anchor System
, a mechanism which allows quick and efficient 
connection of upper body vibration straps, and other attachment accessories.

Do in 10 minutes on this machine what it would take 90 to 100 minutes to accomplish 
in the gym. It's that good! It's affordable! And the machine does all the work; no heavy 
lifting. Compared to traditional exercise methods, whole body vibration exercise is far 
more effective, efficient and fun!

You can achieve better fitness with minimal effort and reduced risk of injury. It is the 
easiest and most convenient way to get into shape available on the market today.

Although we are becoming more and more concerned with health and fitness,
it seems that finding time to do something about it is harder to come by
. Don't waste 
any more time driving to the gym or health club, waiting for your turn to use the equipment. 
With this compact unit, all you have to do is find ten spare minutes a few times a week 
to reach optimal results.  Conventional exercise can cause stress to joints, ligaments, 
and tendons, and risk of injury. Many groups of muscles can be addressed with just 
minimal adjustment in posture and body positioning.

As both the Noblerex site as well as the Hypervibe site do an excellent job of describing 
how the machine works and the technology behind it , I won't belabor that on this page. 
Go to https://www.hypervibe.com/us/  and click on PRODUCTS at the top of the page 
and then G17.
Also click on LEARN at the top of the page just to the right of PRODUCTS and go through 
"How it works" and then "Benefits" where it covers in detail just why we lose bone mass 
as we age. That section also covers muscle strength, weight loss, circulation and pain relief.
The site is very well put together to give you the information you need. If you do your 
homework you will probably arrive at the same conclusion I did, that the Hypervibe G17 
is probably the machine out there today in that price range that will do everything we need 
it to do. There are $11,000 machines that are supposedly better but won't do any more for 
you than a G17.
Stay away from all of the $2000 and less machines if you want a long lasting trouble free
product that will provide the intensity levels needed to build muscle and increase bone mass.
Hypervibe will also provide you with free consultation and numbers to run your machine at 
comparing the physical condition you are presently in as well as what areas you are trying 
to work on.

Hypervibe has a free support site you can access full of useful information and videos 
about the machine, exercises, workout programs and more.
The workout program videos
are designed for various goals and benefits, with different programs to suit all user abilities.
Programs are divided amongst the following goal categories:

Active Aging
Weight Loss & Fitness
Women's Health & Beauty
Performance & Recovery
Relieve & Revive

I don't believe there is a better whole body vibration machine out there in this price 
range that has the durability and all the bells and whistles that the G17 Hypervibe does.

f you purchase a Hypervibe machine, please use coupon code 7777 

History - Origin of the Technology
The study of whole body vibration (WBV) technology, as applied to fitness, medicine 
and sports training began with the Soviet Space Program. The development of vibration 
training came from a desire to improve bone density and muscle integrity in 
cosmonauts and it was developed to counteract the lack of gravity in space. The 
Russians discovered that cosmonauts removed from the effects of gravity developed 
significant bone density loss and muscle tissue wasting or sarcopenia during space travel. 
In an effort to stop this loss and wasting, the Russian scientists experimented with 
vibration induced muscle activation. Profound improvements in muscle and bone density 
were obtained by using vibrating platforms to artificially supercompensate for the future 
loss of gravity. As a result of this effect, Veteran Russian cosmonaut Valery Polyakov, 
a medical doctor, set the current world record for the longest continuous spaceflight 
when he spent about 438 days aboard Russia's Mir space station between 1994 and 
1995. Comparatively, American astronauts Carl Walz and Dan Bursch training on 
conventional fitness equipment, were forced to cease their mission after just 196 
days due to bone and muscle degeneration. Not until the fall of the Iron Curtain in 
1989, did WBV technology find its way into other countries. WBV technology is 
finally being embraced by NASA, Professional Sports Teams, along with many allied 
health, medical and fitness experts throughout the United States. Hundreds of thousands 
of people throughout Europe have been using this technology with incredible success 
for over a decade! Decades of research and endorsement by professional athletes 
ensure that this innovative machine produces effective results.

Whole Body Vibration Explained

What actually is Whole Body Vibration (WBV)? Well, in layman terms, it is the 
application of variable vibrating frequencies to the entire body’s muscular, skeletal, 
organ, glandular and nervous systems. These vibrations usually range from 5 hertz to 
as high as 65 hertz depending on the type and brand of machine used. The differing 
vibration frequencies have different effects on body function. Typically, lower 
frequencies are very effective for strength training, warming up and cooling down 
while higher frequencies are usually used for massage and increasing blood circulation 
to peripheral body tissues. The vibrations are created by a mechanically vibrating platform 
and transmitted to the body through the feet or hands which are in contact with the 
vibrating plate, platform or handlebars. The body automatically adjusts to these mechanical 
stimuli by responding with a stretch reflex. This stretch reflex, that is occurring in the 
muscles, is actually a reflexive adjustment that is occurring in the brain. Consequently, 
WBV causes the brain to train in a way that induces a neuro-regenerative effect. In other 
words, the brain is rejuvenated and restored to a healthier state of function.


Increases fat burning
Improves flexibility, mobility and coordination
Improves training quality and effectiveness
Reduces stress on joints
Strengthens muscles - particularly the back/spine
Improves lymphatic drainage
Strengthens bone tissues
Restores hormonal balance - increases HGH growth hormone
as well as testosterone levels in men.
Stress reduction
Speeds up metabolism
Accelerates recovery after exercising or injuries
Improves skin quality
Body and mind balancing


The effect of vibration results in what scientific literature calls 'Tonic Vibration Reflex' 
or 'TVR'. That is a repeated myotatic reflex or stretch reflex. This means that the 
vibrated muscle has to work very hard, while the subject or player using the WBV 
does nothing other than balance on the platform. The effect per pulsation is like that 
of the knee jerk reflex. This muscle activity can be measured by use of electromyography 
(EMG). For example, in a one repetition maximum effort, the muscle(s) involved are 
activated 100% voluntarily. However with vibration training  the muscles work at 200 
to 300% of this IRM activation. This is an ideal way to train, especially when the 
muscle does not function properly, for example with weakened muscles in the elderly, 
or after injuries.


Research shows that after vibration training (just one session!), there is a high 
excretion of Testosterone and Growth Hormone. There is also a drop in the stress 
hormone cortisol. This combination has favorable effects on muscle protein synthesis.
Effect of vibration training on Hormones:

Testosterone: + 7%
Human Growth Hormone: + 460%
Cortisol: - 32%
(Source: Bosco et al 2000)

Increases in Testosterone and Growth Hormone are important in the functioning 
of both body and mind. Many complaints of the elderly can be traced to a decrease 
in these hormones. It is essentially these hormones, together with the female hormone 
estrogen, which are used to combat geriatric complaints so that it is possible to still 
enjoy life and vitality even when one has reached old age.


Bone decalcification (osteoporosis) is one of the biggest health problems especially 
in the elderly and women population. Many elderly people break their bones more 
easily when they fall because of bone decalcification; the hip is the most notorious 
in this respect. The onset of osteoporosis is partly due to a lack of movement, which 
causes muscles to gradually weaken, the circulation to diminish and the bones to be 
inadequately used. In addition, as a result of the ageing process, the body produces 
less hormones such as testosterone, estrogen and growth hormone. Yet it is exactly 
these hormones which play such an important role in the maintenance of strong bones.

The advice usually given to sufferers of this disease is to take more exercise, but 
that is difficult when muscles are weak, particularly in the legs. WBV offers a good 
alternative to vigorous impact exercise: through vibration the muscles automatically 
become stronger and regain their tone. The circulation improves because the blood 
vessels in the legs are wide open due to the vibration. At the same time, the pulsation 
gives a direct stimulus to bone tissue, which in turn stimulates the production of new 
bone tissue.

Scientific research shows that vibration training can help against osteoporosis. 
Recent findings show that even after only one vibration treatment, there is an increase 
in the hormone testosterone and growth hormone, which are so essential for strong bones.


Parkinson's disease is an example of a deficiency in dopamine, which is the 
reason that L-Dopa is given as the medicine. It is also recognized that seratonin 
plays a role in our mood, or frame of mind. A shortage of seratonin in the brain 
can lead to depression, which is the reason that Prozac is given as a medicine 
in order to increase the seratonin content in the brain. From research, it appears 
that vibration training also influences the neurotransmitters and the way in which 
they work. Vibration training increases the seratonin content in the brain, which 
could possibly explain why one feels so well after vibration training.

Blood Vessels

The effect of vibration training on the blood vessels is clear to see and to feel. 
After training, one often sees that the skin of the lower leg is colored pink. This 
is a sign that the blood vessels in that area are wide open. It also explains the 
feeling which many describe as: coming home after a snowball fight with your 
bare hands, and then putting your hands in a bucket of warm water. A tingling 
feeling which indicates that your blood vessels are wide open. In Germany, the 
effect of vibration training is used as therapy for a disturbed peripheral circulation, 
particularly in the lower legs, such as in chronic venous insufficiency.

Nervous System

The effect on the muscles is reflexively activated via the nervous system. With 
vibration training, it seems as if pulsations awaken the nerve tract, which could 
explain the positive effects of vibration training in partial paralysis. In fact, good 
results have been reported in the experimental treatment of, for example, MS patients.


It is already recognized that intermittent pressure stimulates optimal functioning 
of the cartilage. This causes the synovial fluid, or synovia, to be repeatedly pumped 
between the cartilage, just like a sponge which is constantly squeezed under water. 
This intermittent pressure maintains and improves cartilage function. For those with 
knee injuries for example, this can be of great benefit.

Contradictions (when NOT to use one of these machines)

 It is always advisable to consult with your physician before starting any exercise 
program. Ongoing research in the field of Whole Body Vibration (WBV) indicates 
that many conditions can actually benefit from this form of therapy. However, if 
you suffer from any of the following contraindications it is imperative that you 
discuss Whole Body Vibration therapy with your physician before beginning 
any training program with WBV equipment. Please do not use  any WBV device 
without first getting approval from your doctor if you:**

    *  are pregnant
    *  have a pacemaker
    *  suffer from any form of cardiovasular disease
    *  have acute thrombosis
    *  suffer from any degenerative disease of the bones or joints
        including arthritis and osteoarthritis
    *  have hip, knee or other joint implants
    *  have herniated disks, spondylolisthesis, spondylolysis,or spondylosis
    *  suffer fom Epilepsy or Migraines
    *  have diabetes with complications such as neuropathy or retinal damage
    *  have cancer or a tumour
    *  have recently undergone surgery , have open wounds or recenlty
         place IUD's, metal pins or plates
    *  have any concerns about your physical health

The Elderly - These machines can be of great help to the elderly to improve 
muscle tone, balance, relieve stress,  and enhance their ability to just get around. 
Muscular atrophy due to lack of exercise in the elderly is a huge problem. As the 
whole body vibration machine requires no weightlifting during operation, ANYONE 
who can just stand on the machine will benefit from increased fitness and muscle tone.

Go Here Now 

Jiggle Away Harmful Fat

Vibrating exercise platforms, which are becoming increasingly popular in commercial 
gyms in Europe and elsewhere, might help people lose the particularly harmful deep 
"hidden" fat that surrounds abdominal organs and is linked to Type 2 diabetes, high 
blood pressure, and heart disease.

"We conclude that it would be good to combine aerobic exercise with whole body 
vibration in a weight loss program," study chief Dirk Vissers, a physiotherapist at the 
Artesis University College and the University of Antwerp in Belgium, told Reuters Health.

With whole-body vibration training, people do squats, lunges, calf raises, push-ups 
and sit-ups on a platform that sends mild vibratory impulses through the feet and into 
the rest of the body. These vibrations make muscles contract rapidly, which builds lean 
muscle mass. Whole-body vibration training is touted as a more effective method of 
resistance training. Its true value, however, has been unclear.

To investigate, Vissers and his colleagues divided 79 overweight or obese adults
 into four groups. One group dieted but did not exercise; another group dieted and 
did conventional aerobic and general strength training exercises; a third group dieted 
and engaged in three sessions a week of supervised whole-body vibration training but 
no aerobic exercise; and the control group did not diet or exercise.

Just over 60 of the participants completed the study, which consisted of a six-month 
"intervention" period, followed by a six-month period in which they were encouraged 
to do their best to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

"Over the year, only the conventional fitness and vibration groups managed to maintain 
a 5 percent weight loss, which is what is considered enough to improve health," Vissers 
said at the European Congress on Obesity in Amsterdam, where he presented the study 
findings Friday.

During the first six months, diet-only participants lost about 6 percent of their initial body 
weight but could not maintain a 5 percent weight loss in the next six months. Those who 
dieted and engaged in conventional exercise lost about 7 percent of their initial body 
weight in the first six months and managed to keep most of it off by the end of the study.

The whole-body vibration participants, on the other hand, lost 11 percent of their body 
weight during the intervention phase and had maintained a 10.5 percent weight loss by 
the end of the follow-up period.

The control group gained weight.

"But the biggest surprise," Vissers told Reuters Health, "was that we saw an effect 
of vibration exercise training on the visceral adipose tissue, which is the intra-abdominal 
fat that is the most important because it really plays a central role in metabolic syndrome."

The vibration group lost significantly more of this particularly harmful hidden fat during 
the intervention period than the other groups and was more likely to keep it off during 
the next six month period.

"In my opinion, vibration exercise is a useful contribution to exercise, a healthy lifestyle, 
and calorie restriction," Vissers said.


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