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I have mixed feelings about  supernaturally revealed prophecies; and whether they come from the Holy Spirit; or whether they come from demons below. Is the message below Satanic spiritualism? Because of it's content, I tend to think not. But the message is important enough that I feel I should post it because it agrees with other sources I have been reading also regarding the US as being the whore of Babylon.   Be sure to scroll down and read the "Point of No Return" prophecy regarding the United State's decision to make war on Iraq  ...  In it you will find details also about Niburu and its passing...

 October 13, 2002

Our Cherished Brothers and Sisters, greetings to you in the precious name of our Lord Jesus! It is with a heavy heart that I bring you the words of our Lord Jesus in the second message below. When you read His words, you, too, will understand that through the dreadful decision to attack Iraq again, this country, and the world at large, has passed a point of no return. If these warmongers follow through with this attack, we are all headed for some very hard times!

By now, it should be very obvious to each of you that the sniper attacks in the Washington DC suburbs have been orchestrated by the very same group of Satanists in our government, which orchestrated the 911 catastrophe and many others in recent years. Indeed, this is what our Father in Heaven showed me in a vision the day the attacks began. At the highest levels of these attacks, God has shown me the snakes in the "Bushes!"

There is much, which is hidden regarding these attacks. If you recall, these attacks followed on the heels of the decision of the House of Representatives to support this senseless attack on Iraq. While it may seem that this is just one more rogue attack of the Satanists, you need to know that it is, as well, our Fatherís judgement on the whores in congress for backing this senseless war.

Ask yourself this. If you lived in the Washington DC suburbs and a sniper were loose, would you not rush forth to support measures to curtail such activity? If you were among those in the Senate, who were waffling about supporting the war in Iraq, would you not be more inclined to change your mind if a sniper were breathing down your neck? And, Beloved, this is exactly what happened when the measure went to the Senate for vote. Around 2/3 of them, the approximate number, which voted in the House, came forth and supported this measure. Is this not the same kind of thing the ones in this very government did when they anthraxed the congress just before the vote of the bill of terror?

But, do you not see that our Father has allowed these attacks to begin with; for those in the House believed and supported a lie. Therefore, He has given them a bigger lie that they, too, might believe this and fall further. In fact, I have read that a bill is coming up soon in Congress that will restrict the ownership of assault weapons! In view of this chain of events, it is very obvious who has the motives for these attacks!

Dear Ones, by now you know that if people do not come back to God and repent, the New World Order is going to continue to steal and take away our rights, for God is allowing this. People have got to come back to God and live for Him in mass numbers! Then, He will heal this land! Without God on our side, we are utterly defeated as a nation; for Satan is about to be unleashed full-force on the world, as you will see in the Message from our Lord Jesus, which is below. But, if people in mass numbers will come back to God and if the churches will repent of their backsliding, God will be with this country and it shall not utterly fall! But, I tell you, right now, the scales of balance are severely tilted and Godís people are on the low end, for the greatest numbers do not love Him. They love this world and what is in it!

The Satanists, through their secret organizations, which are deeply entrenched in Washington DC have imprisoned congress! If there is not a breakthrough in congress soon, so that a sufficient number of them wake and obey God, our Father may do away with the whole congress. In visions past, I have seen the congress totally dissolved. What leads to the destruction of the congress, according to these visions, is our dealings with Saddam Hussein! Though these particular visions have not yet come to pass, we can see clearly the direction we are headed in! Pray, Beloved, fast and pray for this land. Weep, Oh, weep; for save God in His mercy gives us a reprieve, this country shall not long survive as we know it!

While I was writing this message, a Dear Friend sent an e-mail, which goes into great detail in describing how the French tanker was attacked by a torpedo. In this same article, the author also tells how this incident is almost totally obscured in the search engines. My original impression has been that this is another New World Order scheme! However, I had not specifically asked our Lord and God until this morning. What He showed me were leaders of three countries shaking hands over the explosion of this tanker. These leaders were: the leader of China, the leader of North Korea and the leader of Russia. So, in fact, this is a indeed a warning to the war mongers in Washington DC! As this article pointed out, even if they seize the oil, how will they get it out?

Below, I am reprinting a message from our Father in Heaven, which He gave on January 2nd of this year! Read it and when you get to the last part, you will know that the sniper attacks, though carried out by the Satanists, are all part of Godís judgement upon this land. These attacks are most certainly prophecy fulfilled! In fact, as you read His words, you will be able to see several prophetic events, which have already come to pass!


From the Mountain, Book VII

Chapter Eighteen

"2002, a grievous year!"

"My Beloved Child, hearken unto Me and write as I say, that My word may go forth, a warning unto My people! My Child, behold the pot before you; for it is broken, shattered and dispersed as shards. Even as you walk barefoot on the shards, feel them crumble beneath your feet. My Child, what more is the broken pot, than the government in Washington DC; and what more are the shards than the remnants of this constitutional republic, an empty, broken and destroyed pot before Me and My people?

"Weep, My Little Ones! Weep for what lies before you! The wolf is aprowl and it is a lean and hungry wolf with vacant eyes and steamy breath. Yea, when you least expect the wolf of hunger and destruction to strike, it will strike your corn fields and lay barren your wheat crops. Weep, My Little Ones, for soon radioactive fallout will taint your food supply. Farms will lie barren; for the ground will not grow crops.

"Weep, My Children, for the cover of protection, My protection, has been lifted off this land and the wild dogs of barbarism and Satanism are set loose to roam in packs. Calamities, yea grievous calamities are upon this land! The vacant and empty churches will perish and the hungry flock are soon to be scattered!

"Yes, weep, My Little Ones, for a time of great upheaval is at your door. Grievous calamities and dark upheavals will soon sweep this land! Are you ready? Nay! For, you have lived a life of ease! You have lived a life of pampering, living off the fat of the land!

"I am turning tables on the money changers in my churches! I am turning tables on the hypocrites, the two-faced and the backbiters! I am turning tables on the false prophets and the liars and the deceivers! I am turning tables upon the mockers and the scorners! Yea, My Little One, in 2002, I am turning tables. I 2002, I am going to root out and judge the false prophets! I am going to root out and judge those, who persecute My true servants and falsely label them as 'false prophets.' I am going to turn the tables and when I turn the tables, the lamp, which shines on the false prophets and the hypocrites is going to spill and the flaming oil is going to burn them. 2002 is going to be a year of grievous separation. Yes, I am shining My light upon the false and the obscene in My Kingdom and I am shining My Light upon My Faithful. Great anointings and much power is flowing into My Faithful; but I am closing shop on the false prophets! Many cry, 'Lord, Lord, but their hearts are far from Me. Many make a big show and fool the masses; but this year, 2002, I am bringing down the false shows! I am tearing up the fake light shows! I am turning the tables. As My Tried and True, as My Faithful, move out into the limelight of My work, I shall work great and mighty miracles through them; and I shall use them in great and mighty ways to save souls!

"Watch out, fakers! For, your days and hours are numbered! My judgement is upon you and you will not escape My wrath. Yes, 2002 is a war year! For, your President Bush has proclaimed it. The 'dead bush' has proclaimed a war year! But, I say, yes indeed it is a war year; but not the Satanic kind that he speaks of. For, I am bringing My warriors, My army to the front lines, and woe to those, who come to make war with Me and Mine!

"Yes, in 2002, Washington DC will proclaim war; for I Jehovah, Most High God, am going to tear up Washington DC. I am going to rattle windows and I am going to shake streets. I am going to pound the liberty bell into thousands of pieces and I am going to send a black horse of destruction through the streets of Washington DC. Yes, I will ring some bells and I will make My mark on some doors; for this year, the grim reaper will make housecalls in Washington DC. I am purging this land. From North to South, from East to West, I am purging this land. Not only am I purging the churches, but I am purging this land. For, above all lands, I have blessed America and you have become all the more the whore. You have bedded with every strange god and you have marooned with every dark ship in every dark harbor. Your filth has polluted the whole Earth and your murders of the unborn and the newborn have created a ring of darkness, a ring of crying and weeping, in the ethers around this Earth. America, the abomination! America, the accursed! For, the curses of Deuteronomy have come upon you and the land from afar is within your very borders. Yes, 2002 is a war year, indeed, and 2002 shall bring war to the streets of America! 2002 shall bring war to the corn fields and to the wheat fields of America. Yes, America is coming down and with it shall come down a blasphemous leadership, which is full of evil and rottenness. Woe, woe, woe to the whores of Washington DC. My wrath is kindled against you and with one fell swoop of My hand, I shall eradicate you. I am Jehovah, Most High, the One God, and I have warned you to have no gods before Me. Yet, in the highest offices of this land, you sacrifice babies and you drink their blood. I tell you now that this year will not pass before the Destroyer visits you. Be warned; for this evil system is coming down. I am Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 2nd day of January, 2002,
Linda Newkirk


Yes, Dear Ones, 2002 has thus far been a grievous year! Severe drought has indeed struck the wheat fields and the corn fields and from what I read, this country has experienced a devastating year for the grain crops! We have read that at least 50% of this country is still under drought conditions. The stock market has entered into a freefall and continues to fall. George W. Bush and his mobster friends have declared war on Iraq without reason, save to dominate the world, and as you well know, the whores in congress have wholeheartedly gone along with this plan of madness! And, as you also know, it was not until the house agreed to this dastardly war that our Father in Heaven gave the go ahead to Lucifer to shed blood in the streets of Washington DC.

For those of you, who say, "God is love! He does not judge." I am including the following scriptures. Read each of them and take to heart what you read.


Isaiah 45:7

I form the light, and create darkness; I make peace, and create evil. I, the Lord, do all these things.

Isaiah 54:16

Behold, I have created the smith that bloweth the coals in the fire, and that bringeth forth an instrument for his work; and I have created the waster to destroy.

Jeremiah 9-24

But let him that glorieth glory in this, that he understandeth and knoweth me, that I am the Lord which exercise lovingkindness, judgement, and righteousness in the Earth; for in these things I delight, saith the Lord.

(Beloved, go back and read the above scripture again. Our Beloved Lord and God is saying that He delights in exercising LOVINGKINDNESS, JUDGEMENT AND RIGHTEOUSNESS!
Many say, Ö "God is love. He does not judge. He does not destroy and bring evil upon a society." But how wrong they are! The very word of God contradicts what these people are saying!)

Jeremiah 10:10

But the Lord is the true God, he is the Living God, and an everlasting King; at his wrath the Earth shall tremble, and the nations shall not be able to abide his indignation.

Jeremiah 36:17

Therefore, thus saith the Lord God of Hosts, the God of Israel; Behold I will bring upon Judah and upon all the inhabitants of Jerusalem all the evil that I have pronounced against them: because I have spoken unto them , but they have not heard; and I have called unto them, but they have not answered.

(Beloved, read again what is written. God pronounces evil. He sends forth evil! Why? To judge the proud and arrogant, to judge the rebellious.)

Jeremiah 18:8

If that nation, against whom I have pronounced, turn from their evil, I will repent of the evil that I thought to do unto them.

Jeremiah 12:17

But if they will not obey I will pluck up and destroy that nation, saith the Lord.


Cherished Brothers and Sisters, go back and re-read all these scriptures. Then, make copies and study them. Pass out the copies among your friends and neighbors, for surely this country is under Godís judgement; and save people across this land repent, come back to God and obey His voice, this country shall utterly fall. It shall surely be trodden under foot by soldiers from a strange land; for from the highest office of this land, we have those, who honor and obey strange gods. They bow down to the stone owl god Molech and they sacrifice humans to their god Lucifer. This is common knowledge to those, who are alert! For a very good expose on The Bohemian Grove and those, who bow down to the owl god, Molech, go to http://www.infowars.com and read their expo on the Bohemian Grove! Bush Sr. is among those, who have been known to frequent this pagan ritual! This is an abomination to God! The leadership of the land is utterly rotten and this land is fit to be utterly broken. It is only because of the love and mercy of God that it is still standing!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


"The Point of no Return"

October 10, 2002

"My Beloved Child, I am your Master Jesus, yea Lord of Earth. Beginning with this message, My Child, I shall begin to open up that, which has been hidden for a long time. Yea, like a long-forgotten door, which is covered with the sands of time is this door; and to you, My Child, I now hand the key that you may enter therein and witness what has been set aside and saved for these very last days. Therefore, My Little One, take this key and go to the door, which is partially covered by the sands of time and open the door."

"My Lord, I take this key, which flashes with a brilliant light." It is a small key, but it is a heavy key and when I look closely at they key, I see that it is divided into seven visible layers. But, there are three or more layers of spirit, which are part of this key and these are discernible only through the Spirit of God. With this key in my hand, I wade through rather deep sand until I come to the door, which is partially covered with the sands of time. Noting the lock, which is well above the level of the sand, I insert the key and feel a click as I turn it in the door. As if powered by an unseen force, the door glides open and some of the sand, which is blocking the entrance of the door, rushes forth into the opening. I feel a swish of wind from behind, as if a draft is pulling warm wind in behind me, and in the warmth of this ensuing wind, I take my first step through the portal of this door. Looking for writing or symbols on the door, I see none, however, I am keenly aware of the scent of fresh-picked roses. Looking about, I see nothing unusual at first, for I seem to be in a hallway of sorts. Yet, as my eyes become accustomed to the lighting, I can clearly see rooms, which go off to either side. I hear the Spirit of God say, ĎGo left,í and following the direction of the Spirit, I enter into a most beautifully lighted room. Once inside, I see light coming from the walls. It is a white light and the walls seem to be made of beautifully cut crystal, or perhaps diamonds, but upon first glance I cannot tell. The smell of roses is even stronger and I am drawn to a beautifully carved and ornate table for two. It is white and the legs and rim of the table appear to be made of ornately carved gold, while the top of the table appears to be white marble with pale pink veins. I sit down in one of the chairs, which has a white cushion. It is soft and downy and as I sit I notice that a beautiful light shines directly onto the top of the table and comes from within the crystalline wall.

I hear a swish, again as if the passing of a current of wind, and I look up to see a dark opening in the wall beside the table. I cannot tell where this dark opening leads; but I sense great evil and much darkness. Looking into the deep and narrow abyss, I feel uncomfortable and do not like being here alone in this room. But, suddenly I sense the beautiful and loving presence of our Lord Jesus as He comes through the open door. He is so precious and beautiful, so full of love and mercy. Looking at me, He says, "My Child, today you will learn a lesson in containment." Not understanding what He means, I reply, "Yes, my Lord."

"Our Lord Jesus takes a seat opposite me and in the silence I am again aware of the slight hum, a hum, which was ever-so-subtle when I entered the room, but is now more noticeable. Jarring me suddenly into a state of hyper-vigilance are sounds of banging and shouting, which are coming from this dark portal. Swearing and shouting escalate and I hear sounds, like chains, which are dragging across a stone floor. A deep sense of foreboding begins to enter my spirit; for I do not want to see what is inside this dark portal. Sensing my repulsion, our Lord Jesus reaches over and touches me on the shoulder bringing into my spirit a beautiful sense of peace and love. "My Beloved," He says, "All is not as it seems. Take heed; for this is coming into the Earth." I shudder at the thought of more violence and I shudder at the thought that what is on the end of that chain is about to be released into the Earth. Oh, my heart feel so heavy and I feel that I just cannot face whatever this evil is and I begin to weep profusely as a small child. I look at our Lord Jesus through great tears and deep sorrow and I say, "Oh, Beautiful Lord, how shall the people go on? Already, the plagues are being poured out and so few even notice. Lucifer and his hoards are paralyzing the world, out to destroy all life and so few even notice. Now, my Lord, I have such a dread in my soul, so much sorrow and dread; for I sense that what is coming out of this dark abyss is so awful."

In a beautiful and loving way, He reaches over, cups my chin in His huge hand, takes a cloth and wipes my tears and says, "My Child, look into My eyes."

Still weeping and sobbing, now almost uncontrollably, I try to focus on his beautiful eyes, but through a blur, and suddenly I am lost in such warmth and love, oh such beauty. Oh, the precious love of our Lord Jesus! How he loves us! For a moment, I am like a small babe, caught up in his arms and He is singing a most beautiful song of total and pure love.

Suddenly, I realize that He is speaking to me, "My Beloved, fear not and weep not for the lost! A great upheaval is in the Earth. North shall be South and South shall be North; but never the twain shall meet."

Even as He says these things, I feel a mighty shaking of the Earth. Oh, it is shaking and it is rumbling and I see mighty rockslides. Dams are breaking with water flooding great areas. Trees are pulled down and uprooted and forests are laid low. Power lines are twisted and broken and tall buildings are laid low as rubble. The ocean is churning and the winds are howling, creating mighty wind sheers of 400 mph. Tornadoes are spinning and lakes and rivers are being dumped out of their basins. People in houses are thrown out of their houses and houses and buildings and rubbish are covering whole cities. Great floods, mighty floods, and great rains are pouring out of the skies and thick clouds, which persist for many weeks fill the sky. And, lightening, like I have never seen, mighty lightening and ear-piercing thunder roll forth and fill the air."

"Oh, my Lord, I am so frightened!" And, I find myself sinking beneath the table, clinging to the feet of our Lord Jesus. I feel his hand on the top of my head and he says, "My Child, fear not! Come hither and I will show you what this racket is. I shall show you from whence it comes."

Then, as a small, frightened child, I crawl from under the table and my heart is racing. Pointing to a window, which is like a picture screen, our Lord Jesus shows me to a flaming, red planet. I recognize it from the ancient writings of the Sumerians and I know that it is Niburu, the Planet of the Crossing, or the Lost Planet. "Yes, my Lord, I know this is Niburu."

"My Child, this is so, but there is one thing you do not know about it."

"Oh, my Lord, I feel that I know so little about it, as to almost know nothing."

"Yes, my Child, but there is one very important thing you do not know and you need to know this."

"What is it, my Lord?"

"It is hollow."


"Yes, it is hollow."

"But it is a planet is it not?"

"Yes, my Child."

"My Lord, why is this so important? Why do you want me to know that is it hollow?"

"I want you to know this, my Child: very few things are as you believe them to be. And, this is also the case with Niburu."

"My Lord, what do You mean?"

"My Child, you believe it is a planet."

"My Lord, either a planet or a star."

"But, what if I told you that it is neither, but a wandering domain of the fallen ones, Would you believe this?"

"Yes, my Lord, I would believe this."

"But, it is believed to be a planet."

"It is believed to be a planet and even fits the definition of a planet, but is unlike a planet."

"But, our Father refers to it as a planet."

"He does as this is how you see it and understand it."

"So, did our Father create it?"

"He did, but it is a wandering home for the fallen ones."

"A wandering home? Sort of like a comet, a wanderer?"

"Yes, my Child."

"But, my Lord, were they the fallen ones before they mated with man?"


"But, my Lord, in the ancient writings, they talk of eating of the Tree of Life and they talk of eternal life. They even write that they live to be very old, like hundreds of thousands of years old, or even millions of years old."

"They do."

"But, my Lord these are not all of the fallen ones?"

"No, only some."

"But, my Lord, my question has been for some time Ö Why has the Earth been chosen as the place for this final battle with Lucifer? I do not understand this. Why, my Lord?"

"My Child, if a boomerang is thrown out and one with skill tosses it out, does it return to the one, who threw it out?"

"Yes, my Lord."

"Then, know this, My Child, this solar system captured the wanderers and threw them out. The Earth, itself, suffered a mighty blow because of the collision with satellites of this planet."

"So, it also relates to the Earth, itself, as to why this planet was chosen for the final battle?"

"Yes. Remember, My Child, that the planets are possessed of spirits, which are living, sentient beings."

"My Lord, our Father has shown this."

"So, my Child, the Earth, itself, agreed to do battle with this wanderer and to set up the stage for the final battle with those, who serve Lucifer."

"My Lord, are these the ones with the serpent spirits?í

"They are."

"But, all of them?"

"No, not all, My Child, but most. My Child, to you not see what is going on in the Earth? Evil, My Child, much evil. These evil ones are out to destroy this very planet and this is why. They are out to destroy each of you as they hate you. They are poisoning the waters, poisoning the air and killing the planet by degrees. All this, My Child, has been hidden from the masses. They do not intend to leave a single human on this planet. Understand?"

"Yes, my Lord."

"And, these, My child, are ruling this planet. Through their human counterparts, they rule. And, from their stations in space, they still rule. This is why, My Child, that I am bringing fleets. This is why I am bringing armadas from distant planets. For, there will be a great war in the heavens, wherein they will be rooted out. They will be subdued. They will be defeated and their souls will be cast into the lake of fire."

"And, my Lord, they know this."

"They do, but in their arrogance, they believe that they can defeat the Powers of Light. They cannot. They are already defeated; but those in the Earth, who do not love Me and our Father, will perish. Those, who trust in the evil ones, will surely perish beneath the weight of their evil rule."

"Oh, my Lord, this is awful! But, coming from distant stars are loving beings?"

"Yes, my Child, but many, who are evil, are helping to destroy this planet. They are helping to destroy the wildlife, the plant life and they are bringing forth their creatures of terror, like the chupacabras."

"Oh, my Lord, this is a dreadful thing."

"It is, My Child, and this is why I have a supernatural army on my side."

"My Lord, our Father has said that at the time of the nuclear blast, a goodly number will go home, but some will return to go between worlds. My Lord, these who get purified bodies and go between worlds, who cannot be hurt, are they part of your supernatural army?"


"My Lord, how long do we have?"

ĎMy Child, you are on an accelerated course. When the Senate agrees to this war, they seal the fate of the USA and within a very short time thereafter, the first nuclear blast will take place. At the signal of this first nuclear blast, the first round of souls will be lifted off. Within this first round will be my kings and queens, many of my priests and certain numbers of the Pure of Heart."

"But, my Lord, this is only the first round?"

"It is."

"My Lord, how long do we have before Niburu passes?"

"My Child, it is not altogether the passing, which is the significant point, but what takes place before and after. But, I tell you, my Child, within twenty-four months grave and terrible catastrophes shall befall the Earth due to its passing."

"My Lord, you said within twenty-four months."

"I did."

"My Lord, we do not have long."

"No, my Child, you do not."

"So, between now and then, some will go home and return with purified bodies?"

"This is so."

"Oh, my Lord, we are facing some dreadful times!"

"This is so."

"My Lord, I am afraid to ask, but I know I must."

"Yes, My Child, what is now held in chains , that will soon be unleashed Ö"

"Yes, my Lord, what is it?"

"My Child, up until now, Satan has been kept in chains for he has not been released upon the world to do as he chooses; but My Little One, when the USA goes to war against Iraq, a needless and senseless war, he will be turned loose on the world. His fury will hit America and know this, My Child, Ö this is being allowed by the Most High; for you, as a nation, have willingly started WWIII, and all for greed, all for power and all for the purposes of the bought and sold whores of your congress.

My Little One, with this decision for war, the world shall rush headlong into WWIII. It shall rush headlong into a world, economic collapse. It shall rush headlong into a world famine. All these things, My Child, are upon the world; for this country is fallen. It is fallen to the thieves and rogues. The churches are full of the lackadaisical, the putrid, and very few walk the Straight and Narrow. This, My Child, is why all these things are upon America and upon the world. But, know this, I will never leave or forsake My Loved Ones. The Pure of Heart are safe, always safe within My love and they shall be counted worthy to escape death. Yes, they will be persecuted and many will know much sorrow; for all are being tried. They are all being purified. But, I shall keep them from death."

"My Lord, does this include any of the Pure of Heart, who agreed to become martyrs?"

"It does not. For before this life, they chose martyrdom."

"Do these know who they are?"

"Some do. Some do not."

"So, my Lord we have reached a point of no return."

The decision by your leaders to invade Iraq again is the point of no return and I tell you, My Child, they are all rushing headlong into slaughter."

"Oh, my Lord, this is so terrible."

"Yes, My Child, for it is the beginning of the end; and with this we shall stop for today. I am Jesus, and all is given in accord with the will of Jehovah, Most High God."

"My lord, where shall You have me put this?"

"Put in the next Message for You and also as the next chapter in Book VIII."

"Thank You, my Beautiful One."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 10th day of October, 2002,
Linda Newkirk


On the 18th of September, I was invited to appear on the radio talk show of Dr. Leonard Horowitz. He has a website at http://www.tetrahedron.org. Thank you, Stew Webb, for arranging this opportunity to share the word of God and thank you, Dr. Horowitz for allowing me to this opportunity. The following message was given by our Lord Jesus for His people.



September 18, 2002

"My Child, I am your Master Jesus, yea Yeshua. You ask what you should tell My people. Tell them this. Tell them of my great love for them and of My indescribable and unbearable sorrow for the lost. Tell them that our Fatherís hand of judgement is falling upon America. Tell them to get their hearts clean and to keep their lives pure before Me and our Father; for judgement is hitting all across the land and it is only going to escalate. Tell them to remember that war breeds war and violence begets violence. Tell them to love our Father above all, to obey Him and to live righteous lives.

I tell you, My Child, as I look around this world, I see gray, many shades of gray and much black. Here and there and ever so rarely I see one of Mine, who is clothed in white raiment and ready for My return. My Beloved, these in white may be one in ten thousand in certain areas, but in many areas one in every hundred thousand. Therefore, My Child, know that those, who are ready and who are fit to be spared (these terrible tribulations) are few and far between. My Child, this is My lament. This is my sorrow. If I came today, so few would be worthy. I am saddened to say that repentance rarely comes before judgement. Therefore, My Child, our Father in judging. In all areas, all across this land, He is judging.

Your liberties are now but a shadow; for this country is fallen. It is fallen to the Satanists, to the Fascists, to the Communists and to the Nazis and never again will you know the freedoms you have once known as a country.

As America further falls, the antichrist regime rises; for it cannot rise in a world of righteousness, truth and freedom. But, it will rise in a world of rebellion, lies and shackles.

My Child, let all be warned that a very dark door has closed on the USA. But, know this. I will never forsake My Loved Ones! And, even now amidst the onslaught of WWIII and utter destruction worldwide, there shall be an outpouring of the Spirit of God, unparalleled in the history of the Earth. The Tried and True, The Pure of Heart, shall know the powers of God unlike any, which have ever been demonstrated in the Earth. Truly, the Pure of Heart shall do great and mighty works! I am Jesus, yea Yeshua."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 18th day of September, 2002,
Linda Newkirk

Brothers and Sisters, in spite of all the distressing events, which are taking place in the world, we have some very beautiful news! Our Precious friend Antonietta has finished the French translations and Dennis is working on getting these on the site! Our Beloved Lord and God has touched the heart of our Dear Brother John and he is having all works translated into Spanish! Praises to God; for He is so wonderful! I am praying for all, who are involved in these translations. God is with you and He is going to bless you mightily! You are precious souls and we love you!

Our Dear Friend, Antonietta, has been able to acquire the Portuguese translations through a friend, who has access to some very sophisticated computer software. We thank those of you, who have made it possible to get this done! At this time, we need to have someone check the Portuguese translations just to determine the accuracy. If you speak Portuguese and could spare the time, would you look at a chapter or two of the Portuguese translations and tell us if they are accurate? If this is you, go to the bottom of the front page, click on the e-mail icon and let us know.

Soon, I will anoint 100 prayer handkerchiefs. A friend in Dallas made it possible to purchase all the needed supplies to make sure that you get your prayer handkerchief! Thank you, our Dear Friend! To God is the glory forever and ever! Our Father in Heaven has told me to anoint these handkerchiefs with oil and pray over them. Then, the Spirit of God will anoint them. Expect healings and miracles; for we are seeing beautiful miracles and awesome healing on a regular basis and God wants you to receive the same!

Beloved, to each of you, who visits this site, know that our Lord and God loves you more than you can ever imagine! He knows your every pain, your every joy. He knows your every hope and your every secret. Reach out to Him and love Him with your whole being. Put Him first and He will bless your mightily!

But, know this. As the devil is released in all his fury, he will be making an increased effort to drag every soul into hell! This means that we have a greater fight on our hands; for he is going to use every possible means to further ensnare all people. Dear Ones, you must be wise. Be circumspect. Be on the lookout for his perversions; for he is out to make all believe that black is white and white is black. On every possible front, he is bombarding all people with his lying propaganda. Therefore, Dear Ones, do not subject yourself and your family to his lying "idiot box", television. Shut it off and get rid of it. Do not waste your time in the movies and do not send your children there! Protect your loved ones from this continual stream of evil! Under no circumstances should you allow your children to read the witchcraft books, "Harry Potter!" Keep your children away from cartoons, which are increasingly violent and witchcraft-oriented.

Beloved, the assaults are becoming intense and horrendous; and those, who do not wake up and realize that we are in a terrible war for the souls of all, are going to succumb to this terribly seductive evil charade in which "everything goes."

Dear Ones, it is time for each of you to reassess your life and to get rid of those things in your life, which are distractions! Make your life simple before God! Dig in your heels and refuse to be a pawn of Lucifer! If you do not do what you know to be right, who is going to do it for you?

Get a regular prayer time and stick to it!

Read and prayerfully study the Bible daily!

Make your home a holy place for the Spirit of God!

Clean the world out of your house! Get rid of any and all things, which detract from God!

Get your family involved in studying the word and do not wait for a preacher to lead or fill you! Go after God with your whole being!

Get serious about your spiritual walk and do not let the devil and his ginger-bread-house-world steal God out of your life!

Put God first, not last! Love Him with your whole being and obey His commandments!

Refuse to be a part of rebellious crowds and donít let them come into your house and steal your peace!

Come clean before God for all things, which you have done wrong!

Get a hunger and thirst for God and refuse any longer to be a willing pawn of the devil!

Cherished Ones, we are coming down to the wire, and each one of us is going to get real with God and do what we know to be right, or accept the Broad Way and its course into hell! There is no more time to waste! You make the choice every day of your life! Is it for Our Lord Jesus and Father in Heaven? Or, the world and what is in it? It is time to come clean and get on fire for God!

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