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Do you know someone who has received the words “…it could be cancerous” or  “it is malignant…?  Battling various types of cancer can become an emotional roller coaster for individuals and families. Cancer attacks the body in various ways and the treatments vary as well; radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery and of course, natural medicines are some approaches in trying to beat the disease.

  People have become dissatisfied with the traditional methods of treatment and are looking to more of the natural methods for healing from diseases and viruses.

  Many different herbs or a combination of herbs are used to treat conditions, diseases, viruses, etc. Some herbs are St. Johns Wort, Golden Seal, Saw Palmetto, Echinechia, and Blood Root, just to name a few.

  NOW there is a product produced from several different herbs that has a successful track record in battling Cancer. It can be applied topically for the skin or taken internally.

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  Before you order, it is suggested that you read the rest of the information before a decision is made.

TR4: Background and Directions for use

“TR4” is a reddish-black salve made of various herbs and roots. It helps in promoting “Tissue Repair” and is a folk remedy, which has been used to cure people and animals of external and internal cancers, tumors and a wide range of viral infections.

**N.B.** TR4 is not a pharmaceutical endorsed by the medical profession, it is a folk remedy. Therefore, no guarantees or claims can be made about the effects or results from using TR4. It must be understood that whoever uses this salve must make that decision based upon judgement and accept full responsibility for any effects.

Historical Background

At the turn of the 20th century, the McCrorey family lived in an area of the United States, which was affected by the so-called “Indian Wars”. During this period, the matriarch of the family was attending to the laundry when she discovered a man, said to be an Apache, who had been critically wounded in the stomach and hip. Taking pity on the seriousness of the man’s injuries, she brought him inside and eventually nursed him back to health. The grateful man was unable to give her any money, but offered something far more valuable out of a sense of thankfulness. She accepted his generous offer to provide something that was “worth far more than money”, and followed him into the desert, where he taught his healer how to identify a number of plants. After gathering a supply of each plant, they returned to the family homestead where the man taught her how to effect the right combination for a skin healing paste. This knowledge remained with the family and a friend.

The son, Howard McCrorey, started a company in the 1960’s in an attempt to make the salve available to everyone. The company had some tests done on TR4 in the early 60’s at the University of Colorado, to discover more about it. The Veterinarian College at Fort Collins tested TR4 on all viruses known at the time and discovered that it killed those viruses on contact. Sarcoids on horses (similar to skin cancer) had an 80% cure rate with one topical application (100% with two applications).

For many years, TR4 had been used to cure cancer eye in cows, save herds of calves from early viral diseases, treat sarcoids on horses, and to treat abnormal tissue growths in all kinds of pets. By word of mouth, ranchers, homesteaders and folks of the rodeo circuits have used it on themselves for external cancers, tumors and growths. Some successfully treated gangrene and even leprosy in situations far from towns and doctors.

Howard McCrorey was the first known to use TR4 internally. He had been diagnosed with stomach cancer in the 1960’s. After checking himself into the hospital, the night before surgery, he took his first dose of TR4 in a capsule without informing his doctors. The next morning they postponed surgery because he was running a fever, which continued for several days (see below -“Why health looks worse before it improves”). On the fifth day, Howard said he passed a large quantity of black, vile smelling feces - apparently the growth itself. When the doctors took x-rays, they discovered that the cancerous growth was gone. Howard went on to live another 25 years, without a recurrence of stomach cancer. He later used TR4 to cure himself of bone cancer in the 1980’s. In his seventies, Howard got caught in a blizzard and died of pneumonia. Several close relatives carried on his work with TR4.

                                Healing and Natural Medicine

Folk remedies are used as part of an informal body of healing knowledge in what can be called “natural medicine”. People experimenting with substances from nature and observing their effects had developed them over generations. The natural medicine approach does not have the scientific rigor (or the primary focus on the body) that the conventional medicine model favors. Natural medicine could benefit from more scientific study of its claims, but until now funding has usually gone towards the approaches favored by the AMA (etc).

Why Health Looks Worse Before It Improves

Natural medicine includes practices to clean out and nourish the body (as well as attitudes). Some of these practices may include allowing fevers to burn out disease (compare Howard McCrorey’s reaction), fasting and enemas to cleanse toxins from the body and turning to healthier nourishment. Using TR4 will often create a healing crisis in the body, especially if a person has been living the somewhat unhealthy lifestyle of a “normal” North American. A healing crisis is the body’s dramatic reaction to our allowing it to spew out the poisons it has been storing as tumors or other disease. That dramatic reaction can look like health is getting worse, such as boils on the skin, foul breath, sweat, urine and feces, and fevers all before the body rebounds into greater, more solid health.

“Folk remedies, like TR4 have not yet been methodically tested and documented for curing human diseases. Consequently, each person needs to discover if TR4 is appropriate for them, what size dose works best, and how often it should be used – even though suggestions are made in this document.”.

From the experiences of many people who have used TR4, some general guidelines may be given that are most useful if you pay attention to the effect the salve is having on you.

Directions and what to expect as TR4 goes to work

 ***N.B.*** Never touch TR4 with metal - always use plastic or wood    

TR4 is not a gentle healer. In many reported cases, it is relentless substance that hunts down and penetrates all abnormal tissue. Pain, swelling and sometimes fever is associated during its use. Animals seem to mind it less than people do. In almost all reported cases, TR4 completely eliminates abnormal tissue and stimulates re-growth of either healthy tissue or scar tissue (see appendix A for suggested healing formula to reduce/eliminate scarring). Some people using TR4 have reported moderate to heavy scarring when used externally (on the skin). If scarring cannot be tolerated on the face or elsewhere, this must be taken into consideration as a significant risk factor.

The following recommendations are based on what the majority of users have found so far to be effective. These recommendations describe the absolute MINIMUM doses that people have found to be effective.

*** It cannot be stressed enough that TR 4 is VERY POTENT. Do not assume that if a little works, more will be better. Use the smallest doses possible, and increase only if it truly seems necessary to you. Otherwise, you will engender far more pain than necessary, and extend the healing period much longer than necessary.

Treating External Growths

This is how others have used TR4 on external growths.

o    A beneficial option discovered in the 1980’s. Begin drinking a catalyst  water, such as Formula K (see note on product attached), Lifeline or Willard Water, several days ahead of applying TR4. This will greatly increase the oxygen in the body, build red corpuscles and equip the cells with an increased ability to throw off poisons and to assimilate nutrients. This is not essential but makes a difference in healing the area and freeing up more energy.

o    Clean the area of abnormal growth well and cover the visual surface of the mole or cancer with a thin layer of TR4, just enough to make the area reddish-black from the paste. Cover with a clean bandage for 24 hours. If severe pain develops, only leave the paste on for 8 hours. Then, wash the paste off the skin and apply plain Vaseline and cover with another bandage.

o    About 24 hours later, wash the area and apply another layer of TR4 to the growth and cover the area with a clean bandage for another 24 hours (or only 8 hours in cases of severe pain). The growth may become more painful or just itchy because the body is beginning to eject its dying tissue. Often a swelling will occur in which the growth will become twice or more its normal size, and the area around the growth may swell. The growth may lighten in color after the first day, and may then “re-darken” slightly or even become “dead white”.

o    After this second application, wash off the paste and cover the area well with Vaseline and another clean bandage. Usually after this second application, the growth itself is dead. More than two applications do not seem to be necessary for external growths. More applications cause increased pain and longer healing time.

o    Now the body goes into healing crisis. There may or may not be a low or medium grade fever, and the area around the growth will swell, be painful and tender, and sometimes some pus may form under and around the growth as the body pushes the growth out.

o    You may shower or wash the area every day. It is essential to keep it covered with new daily applications of Vaseline and clean bandages. Keeping Vaseline over the healing zone seems essential based on experience.

o    In about 10 days (for most people) the body completely pushes out the dead growth and the fever disappears (fever is not common when removing external growths, but is possible). Resist the temptation to pick at the dead tissue or trying to hasten its separation, let the body do it, otherwise the growth may return in the same spot (as some impatient people have discovered).

o   The former growth tends to completely “fall out” at about the 10-day mark, leaving a hole or cavity that may temporarily be deep into the muscle). Remarkably, you may see into the muscle (and occasionally bare bone below), but there is no bleeding. Following this stage, the body will fill in the “hole” with either healthy tissue or scar tissue, depending on a person’s individual body chemistry and health (this will likely take 10 or more days).

o    During this “hole filling” period, wash the area well each day, and re-apply Vaseline and a clean bandage. Tenderness may be present in that area as long as 6 months, although, for most people, the space is completely re-­grown with non-cancerous (or non-mole) tissue by the 20 day mark.

Especially during the first month, it is wise to assist the body’s healing process. Some choices you may consider include: a catalyst altered water (which normalizes cells, assisting them to expel toxins and more easily assimilate nutrients - digestion is greatly improved, as well as elimination); a full complement of vitamins and supplements such as SOD (Super Oxide Dismutase); insuring that your body is receiving enough rest; trying to limit stresses which disease your body; and try eating more wholesome (non-refined) organic foods; the body will also heal much more rapidly if you refrain from alcohol and caffeine, because these destroy B vitamins and wear out the immune system.

Don’t be dismayed during this stage (having a “hole” in your body); just keep the area clean and sealed with Vaseline every day. Many people reported that bleeding did not occur even though large masses of tissue had fallen out and that the body completely filled in the area where the growth had been with healthy or scar tissue. Maintaining a positive attitude (knowing that your body is responding, as it should) will enable your body to release hormones and enzymes that lead to healing.

Treating internal cancers or abnormal growths

People diagnosed by medical doctors as having incurable cancer who have summoned up their will to live, made some changes in their lives and used TR4 have completely cured themselves. However, know that in some cases, TR4 seems to make no difference. This has been especially true when the person is bitterly convinced it is of no use; that their case is too different; or they hold themselves locked into a destructive lifestyle. Also note that TR4 has not been helpful with the kind of breast cancer associated with severe hormone imbalance in one reported case.

The medical approach is certainly successful in some people’s lives, however, if you are in the process of using chemotherapy, it is advised that you DO NOT USE TR4. The chemical action that occurs within the combination of herbs in TR4 could clash with the substances in chemotherapy. TR4 is an alternative tool for healing, whether or not the medical approach has been used before. Too much is unknown for both approaches to be used together, though positive results have been experienced by some, no recommendation can be made to follow their lead.

Since the 1960’s, people have heard of TR4, by word of mouth, after having become extremely advanced in cancer or other viral diseases Often they are in such great pain, for so long that they are tempted to give up, just for the release. Yet, the ones who decide to use TR4 usually have a stubborn resolve (underneath the pain) to live. They refuse to give in to a medical diagnosis that says they must die and they are resolute to find a way into a healed body. They find TR4 and with a courageous spirit that insists on healing, take it to do its relentless work.

To treat internal cancers, abnormal growths, or viral related diseases, it is helpful to support oneself at all levels. This can begin with an introspective contemplation on one’s life (possibly talking things through with a supportive, positive friend), and considering where healthy positive change may be required. Taking stock of one’s relationship with God is a good place to start, for it is more likely that a body created by God would return to a state of ease (vs. dis-ease) if we are right with Him and the life He intends for us. For those who have already entered into that ‘right relationship’ with Him, perhaps it’s just the manner in which we’re living our life that isn’t right, or it could just be a matter of living in the toxic environment of a fallen world. In any case, it is also helpful to nourish the body with wholesome food (grown without pesticides), so that the body is freed up to expel the cancer. Drinking 3 to 4 glasses a day of catalyst-altered water (Formula K, Lifeline or Willard Water) greatly increases the already remarkable potency of TR4 and speeds recovery, It is also wise to take a potent Mineral and B-Complex vitamin supplement each day along with SOD (Super Oxide Dismutase), which stops free-radical activity in the body associated with aggravating cancer.

Information to Consider In making your decision to treat

Internal Cancer or Viral Disease

A great deal of systematic research is needed on the particular, most effective uses for TR4. What is known and reported here is the result of informal trial and error on the part of many non-professional folks intent on healing themselves or their animals. What follows has been gleaned from letters and interviews with users over 30 years, which means it is based on experience, but is by no means complete or all-wise!

Internal cancers of all known body zones have dissolved under the onslaught of TR4 which hunts down and kills abnormal tissue wherever it is. Following are known examples:

o   Colon cancer has been healed with not only the internal dosing described below, but also using enemas of one quart of water to which is added I full “dried pea” volume of TR4.

o   Uterine cancer has been assisted by use of 1 full “dried pea” volume of TR4 in one quart of warm water as a douche.

o   A trained person who is able to give assistance if needed should monitor sensitive areas, like brain cancer. In the case of brain cancer, because a tumor treated by TR4 may swell, some people have had relief from pain by having a qualified surgeon drill a small hole in the skull to let fluid out.

o  Women have used TR4 on breast cancer with complete elimination of the cancer and healing of the breast (in one case resulting form a severe hormone imbalance, it was not effective). When the growth is on the surface of the breast, applying the paste externally on the cancer in addition to taking it internally seems to be the most effective approach. In a few cases, women have reported that not only did TR4 heal the breast cancer, but that most (if not all) of the previously removed breast tissue grows back.

o   A few determined individuals have healed themselves of AIDS, including a father and an infant who was born with it. These have taken TR4 at all times with the catalyst-altered water, Lifeline.

o   A few people have cured emphysema in their lungs.

o   Used as a very small addition in toothpaste, TR4 has cleaned out abscessed teeth and cured gum diseases such as periodontal disease. Of course, it is not recommended to use TR4 instead of consulting a dentist. Used once or twice a week when brushing, TR4 quells plaque on the teeth.

However, DO NOT USE it if you have open sores in the mouth or cysts on the tongue unless you are prepared to live through considerable pain and swelling.

o   At the first slight sensation of a sore throat, TR4 may be mixed, one “dried pea size” to 8 oz of water and gargled for rapid relief. Many use it if they are about to get a viral infection of the lungs, nose or throat.

Specific Directions for INTERNAL Healing

 ***N.B.*** Never touch TR4 with metal, always use plastic or wood                                            Take TR4 in this minimal dose and frequently:

o    For the first 3 weeks, use a non-metal utensil to lift out enough paste to make a ball HALF the size of a dried pea. Make sure you know how big a dried pea is, even if you need to get one! It may be helpful to think of this as the size of a wooden match stick HEADS. Take this very small dose, the size of HALF A DRIED PEA in volume, and stir it into a small amount of distilled water.

o    Swallow this brownish liquid, including the herbal fibers you will notice in the glass, AFTER YOU HAVE EATEN A MEAL. Some people prefer to pack the half-a-pea dose in a gelatin capsule and swallow it after the meal (the paste will “melt” the gelatin capsule fairly quickly so it doesn’t help to make up several ahead of time). Some have also taken TR4 sublingual (under the tongue - where some of the product will be absorbed directly into the blood stream) and whatever isn’t absorbed can be washed down with a glass of water.

o    During the 3 weeks, take this dose each morning after breakfast, and each evening after dinner. This means taking TR4 for 3 weeks, twice a day, always on a full stomach.

o    TR4 is somewhat acidic having a pH like vinegar, therefore, it is best to use wood or plastic utensils when handling TR4. ON AN EMPTY STOMACH, THIS ACIDITY IS ALMOST GUARANTEED TO CAUSE NAUSEA AND A STOMACH ACHE. Only take your dose after eating to avoid discomfort.

What you can expect during the first 3 weeks?

Lymphomas, such as appear on the neck or arm, may change from the texture of a hard lump, to rather soft, pliable, even ‘squishy’. During this period, you may continuously run a low-grade fever. Sweat, urine and feces may take on an offensive odor and be darker than usual. At the 3-week mark, it is wise to have a competent physician take a biopsy, or test your cancer or abnormal growth for malignancy. For many, but not all people, the test reveals that the cancerous tissue is dead but present. Depending on how open-minded the physician may be you might choose to state that you have been taking TR4. Remember that the medical profession generally does not tolerate folk remedies.

After the first 3 weeks, it is prudent to take a complete break form the salve. Some recommend a 5-day hiatus; others would suggest a break of 3 weeks. During this time you may wish to double your intake of vitamins and minerals in order to normalize your system. Remember that TR4 has been relentlessly killing abnormal tissue or viruses and your body needs time to expel the toxins and ‘re-balance’ itself. This may be the optimum solution, but the best that is presently known.

After the break, if you decide that the viral illness or cancer is cured, you may cease taking TR4. If you think the problem may still be present, enter another 3-week course as described above (i.e.: twice a day, morning and evening after meals). Some people have chosen to take TR4 for a third course, but if the problem remains, then TR4 may not be appropriate for you.

Once you are well, realize that if you have a genetic disposition to cancer it may be wise to look to the future and consider taking one 3-week course every 6 months (to a year) as a matter of prevention.

A Final Word

No claims can be legally made about TR4. This instructional document has been prepared as a narration of what users have reported to be the most effective way to use TR4, a folk remedy, and what some have reported as results. It is not intended as a report of scientific studies, and it is not offered as endorsed by the AMA or the FDA or any other official body. It is intended to be an honest report of what is known for those who are interested.

Appendix A

Healing Formula For No Scarring

The following formula has been used to promote rapid healing with no scarring. The large doses of vitamins A and E should only be taken for a short period of time (no more than 15-20 days). The huge amount of vitamin C will not cause a problem, but you should not stop taking it cold, rather taper off over a few days. An abrupt lack of vitamin C after the huge intake can cause Rebound Scurvy.

 2,000 l.U.

Vitamin E

Twice a day

 100,000 l.U.

Vitamin A

Twice a day

 50 mg

Chelated zinc

Twice a day

 2,000 mg

Vitamin C Vitamin E

      Every 3 hours Apply vitamin E salvetopically twice a day and keep covered




Remember to take your normal vitamin B complex at a different time than the vitamin E, since they can be inharmonious (It is also wise to take Lecithin with your vitamin E).

This has worked for some people to eliminate scarring, but has not been rigorously tested to ensure it will work for everyone. It has been suggested that you muscle test yourself on this formula before using it, or have a practitioner of kinesiology test you to see if your individual chemistry will benefit.

Appendix B

A Word on TR4 as a Drawing Salve

This paste has been used to draw out all kinds of foreign material from the body, pieces of glass, wood slivers and shrapnel, not otherwise removable by tweezers.

A reported example of the drawing property of TR4 was a person who injured his elbow and for years, every time he bumped it, a big sac Of fluid would form and stay for a few weeks and then it would gradually go back to normal. He put TR4 on the affected area and, after the scab fell off, a small hard object that was assumed to be a bone chip was found. In the six years since that time, the elbow never again developed the egg-sized sac of fluid when bumped.

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