StemTech  the fountain of youth?   my StemTech ID is 5885316  overview    testimonials is my page dedicated to the ST5 sport product which enhances 
cell restoration and repair after working out or participating in sports. Comes as a tasty chewable tablet.
Click on the testimonials link at the right of that page to see what StemSport can do for active people.  is the international version of that page. 

See an independent opinion of stemcell research  here 

StemTech products are an amazing breakthrough in the search for the fountain of youth and how to
improve our health and wellness. It is right in there with the Mazu Gold product for reversing aging
and repairing the body. Take both and you will swear God has given you a new lease on life.
It is now known that stem cells, produced in our bone marrow, constitute the natural renewal system
of our body and are responsible for the repair and replacement of all cells in our body. A stemcell goes
to the area that needs repair, starts duplicating itself and becomes those cells.  Stem cells have the
ability to become any type of cell in the body. StemTech products
support the natural release of adult
stem cells from the bone marrow so they can work effectively to travel throughout the body to support
optimal organ and tissue function and repair. Since optimal health relates to a higher number of circulating
stem cells being available for this repair process, 
anything we can do to increase the number of circulating
stem cells in the bloodstream should increase our health and wellness.
Stem Cell products
trigger the
bone marrow to produce many more millions and billions of these cells than it normally does, thus greatly
enhancing the repair process. Although the StemTech site cannot make claims for all the things their products
do, visit my testimonials section  for what the people using these products state it has done for them. This
includes correcting erectile dysfunction rapidly (like a very noticeable difference in just one day), reversing
macular eye degeneration to the point people don't need their glasses anymore,  reversing diabetes
completely, normalizing pancreatic function, correcting skin problems, reducing high blood pressure so
users have gotten off hypertension prescription drugs entirely, white hair turning back to color
, losing fat
weight without dieting; it's a pretty amazing story. You need to check it out if your health is important to you.

Visit my page at, click on the flag of your country - they are in 
twenty seven  different countries currently including all of the EU with distribution centers in them, 
including Mexico. In fact the Mexican warehouse is in Guadalajara where I live. More to open soon.

Click on "TAKE THE TOUR" a short video that tells how this discovery came about, and specifically what
the products actually do for you in a very short understandable explanation.

At the end of that video, if that peaked your interest, click on the bottom line of the video frame where it
says GO TO STEP 2. Give it a little time to load and then keep clicking on the dark triangle as the presentation progresses.  There are several short videos to watch as you go through this section.

Purchasing Product
If you are not interested in being a distributor or just want to try the product out, click on SHOP RETAIL
at the top of the page and you can place a retail order. My distributor number is 5885316.
However, for a $35 distributorship and not being on autoship or promoting the product to others you
could save yourself considerable money on each bottle purchased. Distributor price is $43.95. And
without buying a  distributorship you could also place yourself on retail autoship and save money on product,
but not as much as by becoming a distributor. Retail cost on a bottle of Stem Enhance is $59.95.  Retail
autoship is $49.95 and distributor price is again $43.95. There you have it without having to search for the info.

The Opportunity
On my opening page at  click on OPPORTUNITY at the top of the page.

If you watch all the videos and read all the information, including the testimonials page, it should become
clear to you this is huge and along with Mazu Global, another health enhancement product driven MLM, is
probably one of theee best MLM's out there to make money with. StemTech isn't just a diet lolipop. As
with Mazu and 124Online, it represents major improvements in your daily health and well being and an
extension on your life. The baby boomer market will be fighting to get these products in their hands. How
many guys in their 60's ( and many as young as in their 40's who haven't taken care of themselves) you think
might want to have quality sex again?  How many wives do you think might get excited over that?
You can lose your site and hearing using Viagra and Cialis because of how they operate. They don't tell you
that in the ads promoting them. How many people out there with high blood pressure might want to get off
their expensive hypertension medications that also come with side effects, erectile dysfunction being one
of them. How many people who have developed diabetes from wolfing down high fructose corn syrup found
in soda pop (17 teaspoons of sugar in a 12 ounce can of coke, folks, and it ain't cane sugar) and aspartame
found in diet soda pop might want a chance to reverse that problem and have a pancreas that supplies all the
insulin they need again?  We're talking major major improvements these products can accomplish if you will
just use them.

You can sign up and be a distributor for only $35 and buy product at distributor pricing for that.   BUT, if you
go on monthly autoship and buy a Fast Start package for $299 (larger packages available too) you get a free
website like mine instead of costing you $9.95/mo and get to make money off the different pools involved
and you get a lot of things included in your package including brochures and the DVD that has the whole
explanation to show your potential customers.  The $299 package gives you 3 bottles of Stem Enhance and
3 bottles of StemFlo or two of each and two containers of ST5, a powdered drink mix that should be part of
your morning whey shake along with a scoop of NutraBurst.  There are other options also. And during the
sign up process you are given the chance to buy other products at great pricing also, such as the StemPet
product for your dog or cat - my upline says he noticed one heck of an improvement in his dog's activity level
giving him just one treat a day. They also make a pellet formula for horses to mix in with their feed.
My upline made $1000 in commissions in his first month, a little more than that his second month, is expecting
over 2k this month, and 4k next month. And he isn't in the business of promoting things on the internet . Those
are just personal contacts and repeat business. People don't go off this stuff once they start.
They also have direct deposit into your bank account for commission checks instead of your checks getting
lost in the mail system.
On my opening page at  click on OPPORTUNITY at the top of the page.

On my opening page at  click on PRODUCTS at the top of the page.
The three main products are :

They also have available:
StemSport chewables which you can take during or after games or workouts to enhance damaged tissue replacement.
Stem Equine, pellets you put in your horses feed. And
StemPets, a tasty chewable tablet to enhance the well being of your dog or cat.
Stem Cell Skin Therapy, A newly discovered secret to rejuvenating aging skin.
Fine lines and wrinkles form when your skin stem cells grow dormant with
age resulting in fewer new skin cells to keep your skin looking smooth and
young. Stem Cell Therapy awakens your skin stem cells so they generate many
new skin cells like when you were younger. This naturally smooths out lines
& wrinkles, and makes you look years younger.


What is a Stem Cell?
The National Institutes of Health defines a stem cell in this way: "Stem cells have the remarkable potential to develop into many different cell types in the body. Serving as a sort of repair system for the body, they can theoretically divide without limit to replenish other cells as long as the person is still alive. When a stem cell divides, each new cell has the potential to either remain a stem cell or become another type of cell with a more specialized function, such as a muscle cell, a red blood cell, or a brain cell".

  The First Creation of Life
When the sperm fertilizes the egg the first creation is a stem cell. It then divides into more stem cells which continue to divide until they begin to differentiate (or change), becoming specific types of cells that will go on to form all of the different parts of the body. These are the embryonic stem cells that are the focus of the media's attention. But after birth, and throughout life, stem cells continue to be made in the body. And as science has recently discovered, these adult stem cells are the body's primary system of renewal and restoration. 

  Adult Stem Cells
Adult stem cells are predominantly formed in the bone marrow. And, just as in the beginnings of life, adult stem cells can literally change into any type of cell in the body throughout life. These adult stem cells are released from the bone marrow into the circulation of the bloodstream to seek out problem areas, then renew and restore those areas.

Example: The Heart 
When circulating stem cells find the heart in reduced health, they exit the bloodstream, attach to the heart and actually become brand new heart muscle cells, analogous to the original cells that created the infant's heart. They then begin dividing into still more new heart muscle cells. The same with the liver, the kidneys, the brain, the skin, eyes, any organ, tissue, muscle, bone, connective tissue, literally any part of the body that is in need of restoration

  What Do Stem Cells Mean for My Health?
The National Institute of Health identifies 74 treatable diseases using adult stem cells in therapy. These costly and complex therapies typically deliver a massive quantity of adult stem cells to the area undergoing treatment. Most require that stem cells be harvested from the patient or an adult donor, programmed in a lab to become a specific type of cell, and then injected into the body. For treatment of disease these therapies are the best method of recovery, producing truly remarkable results. But, most of us don't have health issues that require these extensive procedures.

  For those of us just wanting to maintain optimal health or address the effects of aging, injury, or day to day wear and tear, a smaller but steady release of our existing stem cells into the bloodstream can produce considerable health benefits. When Stem Cell Nutrition products are used as a daily supplement over time, the stimulation of billions of additional stem cells in the bloodstream could be one of the safest and most efficient methods for maintaining optimal health that science has yet discovered. - From the National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health
The documentations of adult stem cell function by mainstream science and medical research are virtually endless. The previous are just a fraction. To find more, just visit the science and medical community's online source for retrieving such papers and articles,   Type stem cell in the search box and have access to more than 150,000 studies. Adult stem cell will yield 30,000+ papers. 

Recent scientific developments have revealed that stem cells derived from the bone marrow, travel throughout the body, and act to support optimal organ and tissue function.  Stem cell enhancers are products that support the natural role of adult stem cells. Stem cells are the only known source for rebuilding the body and renewing health by restoring lost or degraded cells. Adult stem cells "have significant capabilities for growth, repair, and regeneration of damaged cells and tissues in the body, akin to a built-in repair kit or maintenance crew that only needs activation and stimulation to accomplish repair of damage."  Stem cell nutrition is proven to increase the number of circulating stem cells by up to 30%, and has a patent to back it up. Now, that is powerful.


My sponsor has only been using Stem Enhance and Stem Flo for several months now.
But here's what he says it has done for him:
I have had MANY health improvements using Stem Enhance and Stem FLO! In the first 14 days, this is what happened.
1. No need for Viagra any more, and libido improved by about 700% (which is major for someone my age!)
2. Urine stream pressure increased by about 1/3.
3. My adult acne (for YEARS) has cleared up.
4. I had weird type of WET dandruff, which felt like a sticky mess on my head. That has now cleared up!
5. Old skiing leg injury accident , now recovering (feeling coming back).
6. Blood sugar now normal!
7. My eyesight has MAJORLY improved. I can now drive without glasses, and not be a danger to the motoring public!
8. No need to sleep during the day.
9. Major MAJOR energy increase.
10. Finger nails getting harder.
11. I discovered today that my strength is increasing. I can now do stuff that I wasn't able to do a month ago.
12. I've experienced an overall increase in well being, noticed by friends and family.
13. My hair has started to grow back, and its growing back dark brown! My wife is also having the same scenario, and she's annoyed, as her lovely white hair now has dark streaks!
14. My high blood pressure has been normalized, as well as for ALL my customers
15. The StemPet is awesome, tried it with the dogs here and my son did also, major pet fix
16. I now do not have diabetes, and my eyesite has recovered by 90%.
This is amazing stuff. You can't tell people that it will cure anything. The StemTech site makes no claims for 
their product for legal reasons also, but if you read through all the testimonials of what it has done for people
you get the idea of what it may do for you.

Dr. Carroll Zahorsky
I am a plastic surgeon in Kansas City and host of the DR Z BETTER LIVING Radio Show. I am an author, motivational speaker, and advocate for the value of family, holistic living, and improving the quality of living for all people. When I was first introduced to the stem cell nutrition product in December, 2006, I was limited in my knowledge regarding much of the current status of stem cell technology. I was also limited in my knowledge regarding effective multilevel marketing education and distribution of a product. I observed quickly that what I was hearing about the product sounded really good. Almost too good to be true!

Since my introduction to the product, I have researched the literature intensely and talked to many experts in the field of stem cell technology. I have researched the product from a medical viewpoint extensively from the science and health benefits. The more I learn, the more positive and excited I feel about and believe in it and the positive impacts it can have upon one's life. From a medical viewpoint, I believe this product may indeed be one of the most exciting discoveries of our time offering the positive benefits of stem cell physiology without compromising solid principles of ethics and good science. I believe the product does in fact support the release of adult stem cells from the bone marrow so they can work effectively to travel throughout the body to support optimal organ and tissue function.

As an M.D. and Plastic Surgeon, researching this stem cell nutrition product was very important to me at a level beyond what many might find necessary. It is powerful stuff to me and the deeper I go with my need for corroborative authenticity of its merits, the more excited I become about the product and its potential benefits to the well being of those who use it. The product will prove, I believe, to be one of those great discoveries that will benefit millions and millions of people in disease and reparative processes. Personally, I am healthy and fit. I take the stem cell nutrition product on a daily basis as an adjunctive measure to help preserve my wellness and help my cellular makeup stay as healthy as possible throughout my life. I am committed to helping people everywhere learn more about and use this product effectively to improve the quality and health of their lives.

Dr. Nancy White
Dr. White holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, an M.A. in Behavioural Science, and a B.F.A. in Fine Arts, Magna Cum Laude. In addition, she is licensed in the State of Texas as a Psychologist, a Marriage and Family Therapist and as a Chemical Dependency Counselor. I have always been interested in health generally and in particular the brain, focusing on the balance of neurotransmitters, I often do quantitative EEG's for assessment of my patients. I'm impressed with the concept of natural products like stem cell nutrition that could help release adult stem cells from bone mass where the body would have no objection and no rejection.

I use the stem cell nutrition product myself for general health and anti-aging. After taking it for a time, I feel more agile and my joints are far more flexible. I was astounded while doing yoga, that I was suddenly able to bend over and touch my forehead to my knees. I haven't been able to do that comfortably in probably 20 years. I noticed as well how much better my balance has become. I believe stem cell nutrition is responsible for these effects, because I certainly have not been trained extensively in yoga. Also, since taking the product, I feel better and my skin is more moist and has a finer texture.

A friend of mine, who is also taking the product, had several small cancer spots on the top of his head. His doctor had removed one from his arm already and his dermatologist set a date to remove those from his scalp. Before the appointment, my friend was shaving one morning and noticed that the cancer spots were gone. They had disappeared within a few weeks of starting the stem cell nutrition product. Also, his knee, which he had strained from playing tennis, was like new. This stem cell nutrition product seems to go to where the body needs it most. It is a remarkable product and can help anyone. Everybody should try it because it is natural and there are no risks. Even if you don't currently have a problem, this product is a preventative to assist us with good health and a healthy body into the future.

Teresa Curtis
When I first heard about the stem cell nutrition product I thought it was pretty fantastic and pretty strange. I did not know if it was legitimate so I sent the information to a few of my Doctor friends who were very enthusiastic about it.  I was supposed to have a left knee replacement, and I was supposed to have arthroscopic surgery in my right knee, and had arthritis in both feet. After four days of taking the product my arthritis stopped hurting, and within seven days my knees stopped hurting. It has now been over a year, and I no longer need any knee surgery.

I had an MRI in March, five months after starting the stem cell nutrition product. My calcified adrenal gland was perfectly normal and I had only one small calcified fibroid left instead of the group that I had before. Obviously I've felt a major difference with this program.  With such amazing results and with all the scientific evidence behind this stem cell nutrition product, it has created a whole new product category with both health and wealth, unparalleled in the industry.

Sam Baldwin
On November 13th, 2006, I started using the stem cell nutrition product. I went to the doctor on the 16th and my blood sugar reading was 8.7. I went back on the 9th of January and it was 7.0   (Normal for diabetic is between 6.0 and 7.0) It has been high for five or six years and my doctor has tried to get it under control. In 1992 I went on insulin and it was still high. When I first started taking the stem cell nutrition product - my back jaw was hurting from stress, after about two weeks, the pain stopped. This showed me that my stress levels were down.  Generally, I just feel better!

The reason I started taking this stem cell nutrition was because of the proven science and documented studies stating that the more stem cells circulating in your bloodstream, the healthier your body will be, and, by taking two of the patented capsules, approximately three million NEW stem cells will be released in your bloodstream. That's pretty powerful! In about two to six hours I felt a clearer mental focus and concentration. I handle stressful situations with less tension and with an overall feeling of calmness. Being a 60 year old professional photographer, working 8 to 10 hours a day photographing High School Seniors, I have to keep "Very UPBEAT" & I'm continuously creating a FUN Environment. I noticed I had increased stamina and I sustained high energy levels throughout a very demanding day. What's really cool is that I am able to sleep much sounder and awake totally rested on FEWER HOURS! I hope to change a lot of people’s lives and lifestyles by telling them about this remarkable product. Life is way TOO SHORT not to LIVE it to the max by achieving Optimal Health! Our bodies are a miracle. Don't abuse them. Let the millions of new stem cells do their repair work ... where ever they are needed, in the body!

Leonna Stork
I had been taking medication for diabetes and high blood pressure, which had registered 200/100. Even with medication, my blood sugar levels are rarely below 200. I also felt tired and listless from Colitis and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Poor circulation kept my fingers cold all the time. I was feeling miserable, especially since I lost my husband a year ago, I miss him terribly.

The first thing I noticed after starting this stem cell nutrition product, the warmth returned to my fingers. I couldn't believe it. It also alleviated my IBS symptoms, and I'm really excited not to be suffering from Colitis. Now I'm down to once a day with my medication for diabetes, instead of twice. My blood sugar tests are averaging 140, sometimes as low as the 80's. I'm no longer taking blood pressure medicine since my reading has dropped to 130/80 and my resting pulse is 60. I feel calm and serene, with improved mental clarity. I sleep better, and I have a more positive attitude as a result of taking this product. I am so grateful for this!

Ian Seitman
Back in 1999 I was diagnosed with gleoglastoma, I had two cancerous brain tumors and they could not be operated on. One was in my right frontal lobe and the other was on my brain stem. I was told me I had two months to live. Now they tell me the tumors have vanished, they're gone. I'm not saying it's because of the stem cell nutrition product, yet there is no doubt it has aided in my recovery. I'm glad to be here! I am in the 2% of world wide survivors.

Before starting the stem cell nutrition product I developed a cataract causing me cloudy vision. I took two capsules when I got the bottle, went to bed, woke up the next morning and my vision was a lot sharper. I knew absolutely the product assisted in this, no question about it. I have been taking the product ever since and my eye is about 80% healed. My physical enhancement was noticed immediately. For five years I was taking a special prescription nose spray. When I had the brain cancer, the radiation burned out my sinuses on the right side after five years. After two weeks of using this product the nose spray was tossed. My energy totally changed. I used to ride a three wheel bike to cater to my balance. I would ride it two blocks a day, but after three weeks of using the capsules, I started riding three miles a day. It was just amazing how my energy went up. It's hard to believe, it's a miracle.

The next thing that happened to me, and is still happening, is to my right ear. I had previously lost all hearing from radiation. I don't know how long I've been on the stem cell nutrition product, but the hearing is about 50% back. I am hoping to have 100% restored in the next six months. One last thing I have noticed, half of my head was numb, but the stiffness and the numbness is gone. I used to chew my food really well before I swallowed due to the numbness in my throat. Since taking the stem cell nutrition product, swallowing is no problem. My lips felt like they were novocained, now the numb sensation is subsiding. Since starting stem cell nutrition, I have taken two capsules morning and night.

Jerry Alexander
After graduating from Duke University with a B.A. and B.D. degrees, and the University of North Carolina with a D.D.S. degree, I practiced dentistry in Boulder, Colorado for 32 years, retiring in 1998. In my mercury-free dental practice, I focused not only on good oral care, also on the role nutrition plays and its influence on total body health. Early in my life as a dentist, I was confronted with the possibility of deteriorating health. The proverbial accident waiting to happen. The wake-up call got my attention and I did two things. First, I stopped using mercury with my patients and secondly, I began to pursue natural ways, to re-establish my baseline health, to insure that my body would function as optimally as possible.

This set me on a course to discover some basics about my health. Raising the level of my overall health, made more sense to me than being treated after there was some kind of breakdown. I didn't just want to have fewer symptoms; I wanted to address the cause of potential problems, before they occurred. In this process I discovered several things. First, feed my body with well balanced food and nutritional supplements to nourish my already EXISTING cells. Next, clean out my body systems occasionally to prevent toxic build-up. Thirdly, support the basic repair functions of the body. I give this process a lot of credit for being healthy at this stage of my physical life, taking no drugs and feeling really good.

In 2006, I was introduced to a unique stem cell nutrition product. After doing my normal "background check", I realized that not only does this supplement have solid research to support it; this is a totally new approach to support the body's normal repair, and rebuilding process by creating NEW cells. For me, this sheds a different light on what we have been calling "aging". How many times have you heard this statement? "Oh, you're just getting old". So now that I can support my own repair and regeneration process, maybe "aging" is going to take on a new meaning, like "good wine". This is the way I have felt since I have been taking the stem cell nutrition - more fundamental energy, sleeping more soundly, and feeling less like a 73 year old, and more like a 50 year old. Taking this stem cell nutrition product is another way I can assist my body to be healthy and to regenerate itself, addressing the cause of the problems rather than chasing after every ache and pain. The ability to support my own stem cells is a gigantic step. I realize I don't have to be sick in order to feel better, and by raising my baseline health, I have more freedom and ability to do what I want. I realize how many people want this for themselves, and it is exciting that we can now offer them real support.

Linda Starr
I do consulting, training and coaching in the area of productivity. I help people get more of what they want from their lives. I have been doing this for 30+ years. What had me pursue this opportunity was the product and what it promised. I knew it could increase my own productivity as well as my clients, if I could keep them looking and feeling young into their maturity. I also understood that the financial opportunity of being self-employed was a major tax reducing benefit. I also saw an opportunity with the unique market position of this stem cell nutrition product, and I loved the fact they had only one product.  Additionally, I love the fact this product, is in a field of its own, and has virtually no competition. I love this product. I plan to take it for the rest of my life. I want to spread the good news to those with desire and curiosity. 

WHAT I HAVE EXPERIENCED: (started 11/1//05)  AFTER ONE MONTH: 12/1/05

1. Inches lost in thighs.

2. Increased clarity and speed in thinking.

1. best skin integrity in the 10 years she has been working with me;
2. diminished pore size;
3. skin firmer to touch
4. Naso-labial folds diminished (lines from nose to corner of mouth)
5. Diminished "skin tags", whiteheads, broken veins.
6. Improved color on face. For the first time since I have been working with her, Ruth King Smith actually complimented me on my skin in January, 2006.


1. Scar on face diminished by 70% 2. Replacement of collagen (wrinkles = lack of collagen) 3. Brown age spots disappeared from hands 1/14/06 4. I require less sleep and wake up feeling like an 8 year old. i.e. Leaping from the bed energetically to start my day. Dropped two dress sizes from size 12 to size 8.

  History: I first learned about the stem cell nutrition product from Dr. Nancy White in Houston, and later spoke with some of the original researchers to learn of their results. I started on the product and have been on it ever since. I had such great results with my skin; people kept guessing my age to be 35 when I was actually 60.

Ann Carlisle
Who doesn't want a better quality of life for themselves and those they hold dear?  Who doesn't want to feel better, physically, emotionally, spiritually, have better relationships and know a life of true abundance? I will be 82 this year. There is a lot more I want to do and learn about the stem cell nutrition product, which is changing lives for so many.  A very dear friend gave me a great gift in telling me about this product.  The credit I give myself is, I had an open mind and purchased the product immediately. 

My household consists of my 86 year old husband, myself, my 58 year old son plus one dog, also on the stem cell nutrition product. We grow, buy and eat organic, but these days that's not enough. Collectively my family has been relieved of various pains, some excruciating but not life-threatening. My son no longer needs insulin shots. That's a biggie because the insulin wasn't controlling his situation. My husband and son are now able to cinch up their belts by several notches. We have all experienced more stamina, more energy, more clarity of mind, more creativity, more calmness in stressful situations, better sleep, improved digestive elimination, circulatory and immune systems. There are so many improvements that it's a challenge to tell the whole story without writing a book! I see we have helped a lot of people with their health, creating a better quality of life. We want the world to know about this stem cell nutrition product!      

Robin Karnette
I'm a health and wellness practitioner and keep myself as healthy as I can. When I heard some interesting things about this stem cell nutrition product, I decided to try it. I was curious to see if there would be any benefits. I did notice an immediate reduction in stress. It wasn't an awareness of how stressed I really was, I just noticed that normal irritations no longer seemed important to me. I seemed to be more even keeled.

I was also able to sleep soundly through the entire night, whereas before, I would be up two or three times a night because of allergies that interfered with my breathing. For me, that was quite an improvement and I'm very thrilled. I also noticed that the stem cell nutrition product makes my hair grow a lot faster. Friends have mentioned my improved complexion and say that my coloring is better. I've enjoyed the results of this product so much; I recommend it to friends and family with serious health problems. I am so pleased they have had similar amazing results.

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