Spam Arrest  updated 5-8-2014
Tired of Spam??? Spam Arrest is the answer! This is cool stuff!    to sign up for a free 30 day trial; only $5.95/mo after that, or as low as 
$3.75/mo if you subscribe for a 2 year period.
You will save more than $6/mo in time saved; not to mention the aggravation factor. 

One quarter to one third or of all my email messages each day were spams; unsolicited emails from bulk advertisers.  
I wasted a lot of time daily deleting or unsubscribing from these or copying and posting the addys on my black list. 
But more and more new ones kept coming each day to replace ones I got rid of the previous days. 
Spam arrest is theeeee  answer to all those aggravating ,unsolicited, automatically sent bulk mail spam messages that 
take up your time and divert your attention from what you really need to be working on.

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They have an affiliate program also you might  be interested in.

1. Costs as much as $5.95/mo by the month or as little as $3.75/mo with a 2 year subscription.

2. Your regular mail gets sent to  first. 
    You reprogram your incoming server and  outgoing server to do this.
    (Tools - accounts - properties - servers - incoming mail & outgoing mail  - they send you a blurb that tells you exactly 
what to put in there)
3. Spam arrest separates your mail  into the people you have authorized in, as well as  real people who send a message back 
to click on a link one time to be able to send you email, and that mail gets sent to you at your Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook,  
or whatever you normally use.
4. The filtered garbage, the automatic spam,  gets placed in a file at your  site called "unverified".

5. HOW TO USE IT - You go to and login, then click on "members site" at the top right to get into your member's area and click on the "unverified" box to look through all your spam quickly. You can select and delete it page (20 emails worth) at a time or there's a "view all" button where you can view them all and a "select all" and "delete" button where you can  take care of all of them in one clean fell swoop.  This is fast. If you come across one in the list you want, you just open it and forward it to yourself or "authorize" it and go back to the list to finish the rest.

NOTE 1: If you choose the "view all" link at the top of the page, the screen expands to show you the complete sender's address and complete subject line which allows you to make a better decision to delete or keep. Be sure to slide the bottom scroll bar to the right a little so the complete address and complete "subject" line of each spam mail fits onto your monitor screen to give you a better chance of finding the ones you want to keep.

NOTE 2: It is possible to modify the number of messages displayed per page from 20 to any other value that you prefer. I use 50. To do this all you have to do is login to your Spam Arrest account and go to the Options--->Webmail page. Here you can set the number of messages that you want displayed in each page of the folders of the webmail interface in the "Messages Per Page" field.

NOTE 3: Sending messages back to yourself. I do a lot of this when I change subject lines so I know what's in the email and where to file the message. Spam arrest doesn't allow this as it paves the way for spammers to sneak through, UNLESS, you create a sub address that you send to. 
Login and go to "senders" and "sub-address". Example. My regular spam arrest addy is  but if I send an email to that it will end up in "unverified". I created the sub account   Now when I want to forward an email to myself I select  from my outlook express address book or my spam arrest address book and it comes to my Outlook Express mailbox where I can then properly identify and file it. Trick stuff. 

6. You can "authorize" any senders that you want always sent to you.

7. You can forward to yourself, without authorizing, any messages you want to look at once but not repetitively just yet. You just have to create the subaddress to do that and make sure you send it to your subaddress. 

8. You can permanently "block" any sender you wish.

9. You can input, as authorized ,all the email addy's from your current address book you wish to regularly receive emails from.

It's simple, it's fast, and it works very, very well! 
If you try this system, you will never be without it again. Trust me. 
The bulk mail spam senders are working overtime today. I opened my spamarrest this morning to find over 800 spam mails already there and I had cleaned it out at 1am last night when I went to bed. I would never be without this system again. Some days I am now getting over 2000 spams a day. And this system gets them all unless it is sent by a real person who has to authorize a verification 
email to get to you. 

Why do we need this?
Like Avast Pro security software that solved a big hacking problem for me, this solved a big problem I had with spam.  My original ISP, , sold out to, then they sold out to The River.Com and they sold out to and now with my own webhost I use  but even linearwebhostng set on the tightest setting lets a ton of spam through and I never get to see the ones they didn't let through.  The  transition before the last one was a disaster. Nationwide filtered the spam but still left a ton of spam through. Even set on the highest setting, it had a loophole in it the spam guys found that would bypass the filter. Worse yet, when I went examine the spam messages, they were listed only 12 at a time (all 12,000 of them that had accumulated within a week), you had to select each one, not a page at a time,  it took a full minute just to get rid of one page of 12 messages; was faster than their antiquated spam set up.  I receive over 500 spams a day. I could not possibly use this system as an answer to spam. So then I disabled the spam filter and had all messages sent to my computer. But even going through the spams rapidly I found I was also deleting ones I wanted and had to go back to the delete box and find them. And it was still too time consuming, besides disorienting. Then I remembered having to click on a link for some of my people who had installed this thing called spam arrest so I decided to go check it out. It is a superb time saver, definitely captures ALL the spam, makes it easy and fast to look through your spam mails and delete them (and if you don't it has a timer that automatically deletes them after 2 to 7 days - or which ever you select in between).  Customer support is free and rapid. I asked how to attach a name to the email addys I authorized and was told that after they show up in your authorized sender list you hit the "edit" button and add their name to their email addy.  It worked. This is a trick system that costs peanuts and can save you a LOT of time as well as allow you to stay focused on what you should be doing, which in my opinion is equally important.

Affiliate program
They also have an affiliate program where you can make a buck  introducing this to others and it goes 2 levels deep. To access the affiliate program go to and scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the "affiliate" link on the bottom left.

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Go to to find out more and get a 30 day free trial.

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