Rebuilding Solomon's Temple

Since according to the Bible, the rebuilding of Solomon's Temple occurs at the very end of times; this is an extremely important issue.

The State of Israel after a 4 year battle has issued a patent on Solomon's Temple to a scholar from North Pole, Alaska. The scholar Michael Young claims he has re-created a model of Solomon's Temple which originally stood in downtown Jerusalem. He was issued a United States patent relatively quickly. After the U.S. patent # 423,681 was issued he applied for an Israeli patent. It was finally approved and Patent # 30565 was issued in March of 2002.

His website is a detailed study of rabbinical questions regarding various temple models and why he believes his model is the correct version. Temple scholarship is a very narrow field of study. Very few experts on this subject matter exist. In Israel there are various competing groups trying to establish the real model of the Temple of Solomon. According to his views Solomon's Temple was 20 stories tall. It also had 6 outer gates which stood 10 stories tall each. A real twist is he has the Holy Chamber where the Deity resides on top of the gigantic structure up 2 sets of winding staircases. It is three football fields square, 300 x 300 yards. He said, "If a temple scholar is willing to answer a single question which I have posted on my website he will see that he will come to my point of view regarding the size and scope of the Temple in very short time."
With as much innocent blood that has been shed on both sides he claims peace in Israel cannot occur without the rebuilding of the Temple.
A full set of gallery pictures offers a breathtaking view of an ancient temple if in fact it ever did exist? The original builder of the Temple was born from the 27th or 28th wife of the harem of King David. As always Israel provides plenty of political intrige. Such was the case of his son Solomon who at a tender age of about 20 began a blood cleansing which along with certain key priests which put him on the throne. Thus he was established to be the chosen of God. The construction of the original Temple of the Lord took 7 years.

Mike says, "Time is on my side. If the Shekinah is ever to descend it must be on this temple according to Ezekiel" Asked what do you mean by the Shekinah? His reply, "When God materializes on earth he appears with his 4 cylindrical wheels of his throne chariot. The wheels travel independently and look like space ships zooming back and forth across the night sky. For God is surrounded by darkness and his wheels within wheels zoom to and fro out of his descending tornado from the Dark North."

Does this self taught scholar in the frozen region of the world have the long lost temple of Solomon's blueprints?


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