Russian Cancer Cure method 

- as bizarre as this may sound Irina swears this is how they do it in Russia and there must be something to it; because in Sam Bizer's "How to cure cancer" videos,  he covers  this method also.  I will not correct Irina's or the translation software's English here so any content will not be lost. 

Dear  Tom, I’m sorry I have no a dictionary with medical terminology. Maybe I will able describe what it is if you will have a question.

This method is very good for Tom because he had no chemotherapy . I know this method is really working in Russia. I had seen here, in America, many articles about cancer cure and after words  they always offer something to buy (some expensive stuff). We are receiving many many medical magazines and brochures. I remember one magazine  always (all time what we are here)  advertise same pills for high blood pressure. They say that these pills are the best, all natural  and many people just happy to be cured by these pills. So Ber bought couple bottles (expensive!) and…there is no help. I mean no any help at all.

Do you know what? I don’t trust an American medicine. I see a cancer medicine for many of co-called doctors is just a way to make a money. The Russian recipe looks a very simple but it works. The doctor - author of the research had no received money from people- no for information (he did not sell books about the research. The information was in a medical newspaper) , and ,of course, he did not receive money for the cure people from cancer (everyone can do it by him/herself at home). The doctor –his name is Shevchenco- had many articles about cancer with an complete explanation how it works. But here is the translation of an article from a popular magazine (a simple vision) that is why here are more answers about how you can do it  instead  why do you need to do it.

Treatment against a саncer

The recipe

To pour in a little glass 30-40 ml of non purified olive oil and 30 ml of 40 % spirits (vodka); densely to close by a cover and actively to shake by a hand a pair of minutes, quickly to pour all mix in a wine-glass, to make an exhalation - and as soon as possible all to have a drink, while the medicine will not be spread out again on oil and spirit.

( However, the mix 30 ml of oil with 15 ml 95-96 % undiluted spirit is more effective. But to drink this mix for many people is very difficultly, and the patients frequently refuse such "«rigid" medicine). 

Take a medicine thus 3 times per day, whenever possible at regular intervals. For example: at 7, at 14 and at 21 hours. During 2 hours as minimum before reception nothing eat,  in 15-20 minutes after taking the medicine you need eat something.

All 15-20 minutes from reception of a medicine up to meal are categorically forbidden a medicine by something eat or drink, the completeness absorbing of oil depends on it. It is possible at this time something to chew or to rinse a mouth by water, but necessarily all then to spit do not swallow.  

To drink 10 days (decade) in succession, after the first and second decades of reception of a medicine  do a break for 5 days. After the third decade (3-d 10 days) of taking the medicine a break for 2-3 weeks is necessary,( prefer -2 weeks), and further to repeat a rate of treatment in the same way though year, though 2 years, until a complete recovering . Fix this moment can only a doctor. In 2-3 week break between courses of treatment it is possible to seem to the doctor and to pass any inspections: ultra sound, x-rays,  including computer, endoscopic, biopcy , isotope and other researches.

After each decade of treatment make the clinical  analysis of blood from a finger, be weighed. The temporary fluctuations of the analyses and weight can be, but in 1- 2 months the constant improvement of all parameters will begin. In breaks between receptions of a medicine - simply have a rest, ANY OTHERS cancer fighting METHODS of TREATMENT TO APPLY IT IS IMPOSSIBLE. And in general than less patient has passed of courses  treatments of others cancer fighting METHODS, the above probability of his/her treatment, and terms of treatment are appreciably reduced. Have a faith! And by your faith it will be rendered to you.

  It is categorically forbidden:

                   simultaneously or during the breaks to accept any others cancer medicine: herb such as болиголова, poison such as сулемы (chlorium  of mercury), мухомора, керосина, chemotherapy, antibiotics against a tumor , hormone treatments such as "«преднизолон". All other medicines are or cell poisons - цитостатики, capable only on small time to suspend illness (thus poisoning(persecuting) вс ¸ in succession - both sick and healthy), or give a simple fortify effect, which our medicine gives and so, between business;

                   it is impossible to reduce a doze less than 30 ml of oil and 30 ml of vodka (or 15 ml 96 % of spirit instead vodka). At smaller dozes of medical effect, as a rule not only is not observed, but even a boomerang effect . Therefore it is impossible to measure a doze of a medicine by the spoons or by an eye. If a house is not present exact measure glasses, make them: take a syringe with the removed needle, measure by it in a wine-glass by simple water a doze, necessary for you, note a level of a liquid by a piece of  tape - and receive exact measure   for oil and for spirit.


During treatment

                   is excluded or stops a spreading a cancer tumors . The parity(ratio) hormones in a body, water-salt exchange is normalized. Is quickly restored of weight of a body, the level cholesterol (холестерина) in blood and blood pressure is reduced. The condition is improved at атеросклерозе, ишемиях of heart is improved. The liver from билирубиновых both холестериновых of adjournment and пробок is cleared. The condition is a little improved at sugar diabet , the parameters of sugar in blood become closer to norm. If there were already strong bleedings - quickly stop. The formula of blood is very quickly normalized;

                    the top age borders for this treatment do not exist. A question on applicability of the given medicine in a children cancer is still  open. Also it is not known, whether such treatment can be applied as preventive maintenance cancer, therefore risk and put on experiments do not advise.


Possible troubles (are  not be always):

                   in 2-5 days, sometimes and at once, the pains in places of the centers of illness, probably can appear or amplify, as very strong and in those places, about which you even and did not suspect. Behind some days of a pain either will cease absolutely, or become tolerant. It happens a pain of a place of solderings there, where earlier at one time there were operations or crises, strong bruises. If in the begining of treatment of a pain were continuous or attacks on couple of hours in succession, - that then such attacks become much shorter, such as "«fights" from several minutes up to half of hour, and are be less often. In the further pain can disturb, but much weaker and taking place faster. Sometimes day - two can be pricks in kidneys, liver, there can be kidneys sand, fine stones, break into pieces and leave average stones;

                    on 4-6-st day by 1-st or 2 decades of treatment are sometimes possible bleedings from big of breaking up tumours; injections "«Викасола" usually well help, and for 1-3 days blood stops, only it is impossible to hesitate. The medicine (oil and spirit) thus should be accepted without breaks, as it is usual, as carbonates  promote the accelerated healing of wounds;

                   can appreciablly be reduced urinate, wetting can get a reddish colour;

                    the first time the reaction from the part of the intestine is possible: a diarrhoea ;

                   nausea, heartburn. If at once after taking the medicine – before a meal to suck a slice of a lemon, these phenomena will decrease. If  a vomiting it was not possible to avoid, first day (or two) taking the medicine are possible to passed(missed), and again this portion of the medicine do not drink. But if vomiting there is 1 - 2 times per day daily within 4 hours after reception of a medicine - it is necessary to repeat to drink a medicine again ¸ at time after half an hour after vomiting, cooling oil and spirit previously in a refrigerator (the cold calms vomiting spasms). 30 ml of oil and 30 ml of vodka (or 15 ml of spirit);

                   weakness since the first days of treatment. Basically it happens at strong toxic from products of disintegration of tumoures  and (or) because of a delay a glucose in muscles. It is known, that the spirit detains disintegration of polymer glucose - гликогена in a liver and muscles, and that unitary reception 150 ml  40 % of vodka reduces muscles force on 25 %, therefore anything surprising here is not present. In process of recovery the weakness will pass;

                    is reduced of appetite because of lengthening in 1,5 two times of terms of digestion from reception of oil and spirit. It is not surprising: both these of a product very much caloriefull. In 120 ml of oil and 120 ml of vodka contains from 1500 up to 1800 ka;

                   the sensation "ball" in a throat, shortness of breathe because of changes in work  glands (паращитовидных желез), connected with changes of structure of blood can on some days appear. It only for best;

                   on some time can appear or amplify dropsy, is especial around of tumours and  their spreads мeтастазов. Gradually all dropsy   completely will leave, but first two decades of treatment are usual îò1êè amplify, as because of hormone reorganization a conclusion of water from body any time lingers over;

                   тахикардия in rest: about 100 intimate reductions one minute (heart beaten) . It is reaction to expansion of all vessels in body. To struggle with it is not necessary.


A feed(meal) allowable medicines, other:


                   categorically, since the first day of treatment and the half year or one year after ending the treatment, IS FORBIDDEN TO DRINK ALCOHOL In ANY KINDS And QUANTITIES(AMOUNTS) .because the relapse of disease is possible(probable). The degree of risk grows according to quantity(amount) a drunked  drink extraneous alcohol;

                   if the patient smokes - it is necessary to stop it as soon as possible. Influence of nicotine for a body is  back to action of our medicine;

                   of a special diet any is not necessary, is it is possible вс ¸, but in a measure; per days of reception of a medicine try is smaller is of animal fats, meat products, dairy products, pure(clean) sugar and salt. To keep yourself in hunger  is impossible. In half an hour after reception of a medicine eat something, it is necessary to eat, and only then to drink a liquid - differently nausea will amplify;

                   it is impossible to enter into a vein  a glucose  , usually it  only makes worse  health (except for cases of removal sharp condition, which can cause a death);

                   it is possible to accept any not narcotic relief , calming, somnolent, diuretic, intimate and other medicine nominated by doctor;      

                    it is impossible to drink much (litres) vegetable juices, at our treatment surplus of vitamins A and C;

                    to store(keep) oil follows in a dark place, to salt it(him) it is impossible;

                    it is very good to begin any treatment from an individual confession before Jesus Christ.


Diet at treatment by a mix

The recovering  by this method, it is unessential to adhere to strictly any diet. But term of treatment is possible very appreciablly (almost in 2 times) to reduce, if all the same some rules to observe.


  1. 1.         Major source of energy for cancer cells is  any kind of sugar: фруктоза, глюкоза, сахароза, крахмалы. Without carbohydrates the tumour nothing can construct from acting in not ¸ of a building material as aminoacids , fibers, fats. Our medicine from a mix of oil and vodka is treated by(with) a crawfish by that excessively strengthens in раковых crates chain reactions перекисного бесферментного of oxidation of fats. Thus both oil and vodka the processes of transformation of fats both fibers in glucose  and output(exit) glucose in blood from the spare form glucose – glicogen гликогена of a liver and muscles brake;

Thus sharply having reduced the use in food of sugars and starchs of any kind, it is possible to plant(put) a tumour in hunger, and then fatal to a malignant tumour and all its spreads  the excessive amplification(strengthening) chain перекисных of reactions becomes inevitable.

The every possible food additives, poisons, herbs, the medicines with cancerfighting effect always do an opposite – they brake a chain of peroxide reaction in tumours, and consequently can not give complete and fast treatment of a cancer, and all of them ARE ABSOLUTELY INCOMPATIBLE to our medicine.

So, who has decided to recover from a cancer, it is desirable to reduce to a minimum or completely to exclude the use in food: sugar, honey, candy, bread, macaroni products, potatoes, beet, carrots (and juices from these vegetables too), sweet fruit and fruit juices.

The preference should be given back to the hen, fish, eggs, cheese, vegetables (better crude). Limit dairy products (especially – milk) . Take into account, that in a day time doze of our medicine (90-120 ml of oil, 90-120 ml 40 % of spirit) 1100-1500 ka, and all day time diet should make no more than 2500 кa. For patient who lays on a bed - 2000 кa has enough.

2. The pathological processes both  a cancer and  diabetes are very similar, and first of all that with efforts поджелудочная( undo stomach gland)   works. And if a patient, accepting a mix of oil with vodka will not limit sharply use of animal fats, sugars and starchs, - can earn to itself the initial form diabet  and панkреатит (inflammation поджелудочной железы), type(collect) excessive weight with all usual consequences. At a reasonable feed(meal) even for 1 or 2 years of such treatment of any troubles do not happen.

Strictly observing the diet without carbons and accepting strictly on a technique a mix of oil with vodka, is possible is to won even a brain cancer - some such cases already are fixed! (It is known, that the oil in crates of a brain does not get - prevents гематоэнцефалитический a barrier. it means that only glucose hunger of a tumour at our treatment can give good effect!).


 3. electrons for the excessively condensed fabrics over acid of the patient body. Oil – also is a strongest donor of electrons . Therefore, that there was no dangerous phenomenon overtaking , it is impossible to take a great interest in excessive reception of vitamin C. Overtaking of the donors of electrons  at simultaneous reception of alcohol can so strengthen  peroxide reaction in cancer crates, that the healthy crates, environmental a tumour, can begin to regenerate into cancer ones.

4.        Try also to exclude from the diet all products containing yeast: yeast bread, beer, vine etc.

Be healthy!    Irina

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