Red Cross in the Sky

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The below, again , is highly Catholic oriented and relies heavily on the assumption of Mary's ascension into heaven; which is Catholic dogma - it can't be proven; it's not in the bible. The Church at some point in time simply "assumed" it happened; maybe logical, but not with proof of scripture. These apartitions could be really Mary and they could be the work of the devil to misguide us and redirect our focus away from Yahweh.   Again you will have to be the judge; I just present the information I find for your perusal. This was sent to me by one of my listserve associates.

Hello Berry
I found on the Internet the Red Cross in the sky that I heard about very long ago. Have a read of the whole page first and also go to the two sites below. The letter X in the Roman numerals = 10  More than a Coincidence to be our tenth Planet.
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"I am The Lighthouse and through me navigation relied heavily in the past.  Now with the new tech, they don't have a need for me anymore. They rely on their own inventions.
Because I'm on the Highest Spot, My Light Beacon reaches far to the Horizon. Eagles Nest under my roof, and used to fly long distances, lived happy, and always brought back with them food for their young ones.  For the last months, they are refusing to fly, and have tears dripping from their eyes. Their wings are stiff, because Fear have taken hold of them.
Very shortly in a matter of about 400 days, I, as a Lighthouse, will be demolished, and even my foundations will be plucked out like the feathers of a helpless Duck. My foundations were laid in Old Fathers Pride, while Old Mothers danced with joy, at the sound of the Brass Band. With a Great Ceremony, they lighted my lamps for the first time, while they Feasted hapily under my sight, and under my Light that they followed for their Destination. They honored me, and I was Faithful to them, in all their journeys. Now their Generations have deserted me, thinking that they don't need me anymore. I was always Faithful, and my Light I always had Beaconed over their heads. Now like the Eagles that abide in me, I am crying with tears flowing from my eyes, because in the horizon I can see the sea waves coming, and will carry them away, because I will not be standing amongst them to protect them from the roaring seas. I will be gone because they have removed me, away from them, thinking they don't need me any more. I was also a protection to them from the striking lightnings. Because I was kept high up above them, I used to catch the lightnigs, so the Lightning Fires will not harm them. When I'm removed, there will be no body to protect them.
 I have been silent, and I will be silent again.
 I have visited you, because I saw your concern from High Above.
 If ya wonder who I am, I Am, who I Am."

March 18, 2002 - Large Object Discovered Orbiting Sun

By Larry O'Hanlon, Discovery News

Red Marks 2001 KX76

Red Marks 2001 KX76

See In Depth: 95 Worlds and Counting
July 3 — The discovery of a large reddish chunk of something orbiting in Pluto's neighborhood has re-ignited the idea that there may be more than nine planets in the solar system.

What the discoverers are calling 2001 KX76 might be one of the largest "Kuiper Belt Objects" or KBO's, found in the what is essentially a second asteroid belt beyond the orbit of Neptune. Initial reports give 2001 KX76 a diameter of 900 to 1200 kilometers — roughly the size of Pluto's moon, Charon. Pluto itself, it should be noted, is smaller than our own moon.

Because KBOs are believed to have very elongated orbits around the sun they spend a lot of time on dark, centuries-long excursions into deep space. That makes them very hard to find, said astronomer Robert Millis, director of the Lowell Observatory, which was involved in the discovery.


As late as 1965, the three days of darkness was spoken of again in a holy person in Europe: "The Divine fire and the fire of hell will arrive and last during the days of darkness indicated by all the saints. My luminous cross will appear in the sky, it will be the sign that the final events are close, and will remind all of My terrible passion, so that they will have time to reflect, for I shall not punish the world without previous announcement. All will have time to comprehend the significance of that cross in the sky, and everyone shall see it. All will know, even those who reject it, that this My cross will be the sign that a Redeemer came once to bring salvation and pardon. My cross will be honored as never before."
 The Three Days Of Darkness
The Impending Signs
The Immediate Signs
Between the Impending Signs and the Immediate Signs
What to Do For Protection During the Three Days
The Aftemath
These pages are compiled after a study of various quotations of Our Divine Lord, Our Blessed Mother, and a number of holy people such as Blessed Anna Maria Taigi (Rome), Padre Pio (Capuchin Priest, Italy), Père Lamy (Priest, France), Elizabeth Canori-Mora (Rome), Sister Rosa Colomba Asdente (Italy), Father Nectou (Jesuit Priest, Belgium), Sister Palma D' Oria (Italy), Sister Marie Baourdi (Carmelite, France), Marie Julie Jahenny (France), Saint Hildegard (Germany), Marie Martel (Normandy), a Stigmatized Nun in Italy - and others. (Note: This work was slightly edited in view of new revelations).
While our Holy Church gives no official pronouncement regarding these statements, yet when several people of proven holiness and simplicity, widely separated, give similar prophecies, then the Church gives at least some credence to their sayings. As a certain priest has said, "How else is God to speak to his people, except through revelation!"
What is written is not given to frighten, but only to warn so that we may prepare ourselves, Sanctify our lives, and offer our good works to save souls for God. In any event, Holy Church always urges us to be in a State of Grace at all times, to be ever prepared for a happy death so that we may be found worthy to enter Heaven and behold God face to face for eternity.
A number of people have requested that this compilation be made, therefore it is humbly offered, for the glory of God.
Feast of Corpus Christi, 1966 and Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, 1996.
I. The Impending Signs
Increasing violent disturbances on land, at sea and in the air; earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, windstorms, cloudbursts, breaking of dams, overflowing of streams and seas, huge tidal waves, floods, unusual accidents (accidents that are not accidents) taking many lives, famines, epidemics, destruction, destitution, failure of crops, water and crops will change, becoming more polluted and less nourishing.
Revolutions, downfall of governments, dissensions, wars, confusion in high places, lack of respect for authority, treachery, corruption, brutalities, atrocities.
Breakdown of family life, immorality, adultery, infidelity, promiscuity, perversion and violence of youth, disobedience, lack of values, indecent nakedness of dress, countless sins and iniquities, people concerned only with the body, with eating, drinking, dancing, amusement, entertainment, and pleasures.
Flaunting and abuse of Church laws, irreverence and immodesty in church, falling attendance at church, neglect of holy conduct on Sundays, neglect of the sacraments, sacrileges against the Body and Blood of Christ become rampant, sinful pride in sham-religious activities, general apostasy within the Church, rampant heresies, many religious will fall away and take souls with them, declining religious vocation, Christian countries become lands of pagans, enemies of religion, persecution of the true faith, suppression of the Church will increase and there will be many martyrs.
Lack of charity, heartlessness, indifference and lack of concern for our neighbor, people turning against each other, even in the bosom of the family, people proud in their own knowledge, and turning away from God.
Just glance at the daily newspapers to see clearly the above impending signs.

II. The Immediate Signs
The night will be bitterly cold, the wind will howl and roar, then will come lightning, thunderbolts, earthquakes, the stars and heavenly bodies will be disturbed and restless. There will be NO light, but TOTAL BLACKNESS, utter dark will envelop the entire earth. This will come suddenly like a flash!
Not a single Demon will be left in Hell, hell will be emptied and every evil spirit will be released to roam over the earth and do all possible harm to souls. The evil ones will appear in the most frightening forms and will fill the air with pestilence and poisonous gases, there will be terrifying apparitions. Many will die from fear and despair, the wicked people will behold the Divine Heart of Our Lord.
"My angels, who are to be the executioners of this work, stand ready with pointed swords and they will take special care to annihilate all those who mock Me and would not believe in My revelations."
Hurricanes of fires will rain forth from Heaven and spread over all the earth, fear will seize mortals at the sight of these clouds of fire, and great will be their cries of lamentation, many godless will burn in the open fields like withered grass. God's wrath will be poured out upon the whole world, the chastisement will be terrible, such as never before, and will afflict the entire earth.
Satan will triumph in these awful days, and hell will appear to have gained possession of the world, but God will reclaim it, for even this chastisement is an act of God's mercy. He tells us not to pray against it, as it must come, but pray to save yourself and as many others as possible, and pray that these days may be shortened.

III. Between the Impending Signs and the Immediate Signs
There are predicted two other occurrences, as additional and final warnings before the terror of the three-day darkness:
A Prodigy during which time every soul will be shown exactly how they have offended God and to what extent. This will be a time of such intense personal suffering that many will wish to die, but no one will.

A Miracle similar to that at Fatima, a great wonder to convince many, predicted to take place on the Feast Day of a young martyr of the Eucharist but not on a holy day of Our Lady. The miracle will last for about a quarter of an hour and will be visible from Garabandal, Spain, and the surrounding mountains. Our Holy Father will see it no matter where he is at the time. This miracle will take place on a date which will be announced eight days before. Afterwards, God will leave a sign in memory of it. It can be shown on TV for the whole world to see.

As late as 1965, the three days of darkness was spoken of again in a holy person in Europe: "The Divine fire and the fire of hell will arrive and last during the days of darkness indicated by all the saints. My luminous cross will appear in the sky, it will be the sign that the final events are close, and will remind all of My terrible passion, so that they will have time to reflect, for I shall not punish the world without previous announcement. All will have time to comprehend the significance of that cross in the sky, and everyone shall see it. All will know, even those who reject it, that this My cross will be the sign that a Redeemer came once to bring salvation and pardon. My cross will be honored as never before."

IV. What to Do For Protection During the Three Days
As soon as you perceive the disturbed signs of the very cold night: Go inside, shut and lock all doors and windows, pull down the shades, keep the doors and windows well covered, go and stay away from doors and windows. Do not look out, do not go outside for any reason, and do not talk to anyone outside. Demons will imitate your loved ones' voice to entice to go outside and kill you. ANYONE WHO LOOKS OUT OR GOES OUT WILL DIE IMMEDIATELY! The wrath of God is holy and He does not want us to see it.
All will be black, and the only thing which will give light will be blessed wax candles; even these will not burn in the houses of the godless and scoffers. Once lit, nothing will put them out in the houses of the believers. Be sure to keep a supply of blessed wax believers. Be sure to keep a supply of blessed wax candles in your homes - also - Holy Water to be sprinkled freely around the house, especially at doors and windows. Bless yourself and others with it. Drink it and anoint your senses with it (eyes, ears, nose, mouth) and hands, feet, and forehead.
Keep on hand a sufficient supply of food, water and blankets for those of your household and any visitors. Do not count on any utilities.
Taking care of your animals by leaving enough food and water outside for them to last these days. God will preserve the property of the elect, including their animals. It is assumed that house pets may be kept inside. Animals which have been petted or cared for by a blessed person receive a certain protection.
Pray with outstretched arms, or prostrate on the floor, pleading for many souls to be saved. Make acts of contrition of faith, hope and love. Make acts of Spiritual Communion. Read spiritual books.
Meditate on its mysteries. You must think more of the Passion of Christ.
And call upon Our Blessed Mother for He has given these times into the care of the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary (under that title). "No harm will come to those who are in the state of grace and seek My Mother's protection."
Call upon the Holy Trinity, Holy Mary, Saint Joseph, Saints Peter and Paul, Saint Therese (the Little Flower), Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, Saint Conrad of Parzham, The Holy Angels, your own Guardian Angels, and Saint Michael the Archangel. The cry: "Who is like unto God?" (the motto of Saint Michael) will serve as a protection to many.
Those who are caught traveling on the road and unable to get to shelter will die as martyrs and be taken to Heaven, if they are good. Some children and others will be taken to Heaven beforehand, to spare them the horror of these days. "THOSE WHO DISREGARD THIS ADVICE WILL BE KILLED INSTANTLY"
The three days of darkness have already been postponed several times by the increased prayers and the sacrifices of good people and through the intercession of Our Blessed Mother. Now they will no longer be delayed because sins have multiplied beyond measure. THEY WILL COME SOON, for in the merciful plan of God, this world must be purified of its sin. It is predicted that these Three Days of Darkness will come and no one will escape the terror of these days!"
"I will find them all."

V. The Aftermath
After the three days of chastisement are over, there will be no ungodly persons left, the godless will be annihilated. Seventy-five percent of humanity will be destroyed, more men than women. Everyone left on earth will believe in God with all their hearts. The devastation will be astonishingly great, but the earth will be purified. The spiritual fervor of the early Christians will return, but there will be so few men left on earth. When all seems lost, then in a twinkling all will be saved, the sun will shine again and it will be as springtime, all fair and beautiful. The Holy Angels will descend from Heaven and spread the spirit of peace over the earth, and the just will be able to start life anew.
Some nations will disappear entirely, and the face of the earth will be changed. There will be no more big business, huge factories and assembly lines which will sap men's souls and moralities. People will return to the land.
Our Holy Church will rise again, and religious communities will flower. A feeling of immeasurable gratitude will possess the hearts of those who survive this terrible ordeal and, upon the return of light, all should kneel down immediately and give thanks to the Holy Trinity for their protection, and Bless God. Then will follow the era of peace as promised by the Blessed Virgin at Fatima.

VI.  What to do now?

I. Be in the State of Grace

II. Have Courage to Face Reality

III. Be A True Christian

IV. Love Poverty and Sacrifices

V. Persevere in Prayer and Will to Go to Heaven

VI. Devotion to the Mother of God

VII. Frequent Holy Communion

VIII. Best to Become a Tertiary

IX. Will to Become a Saint

X. Have Your Home Blessed and Consecrated to the Two Hearts

XI. Recommended Prayers and Devotions

Gain Indulgences from Sacramentals