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Parachute of Jesus

• How to get it

• How to use it

• How to keep it

”How to get to Heaven and

stay out of Hell at death”

Berry Ball

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Salvation is a complicated issue. It is not the

simple “believe in Jesus” pitch given us by our local

clergy. Please understand that not all Christians go

to heaven when they die. In fact, maybe not many

do. According to statistics given us by near death

experiencers, told to them by God’s angels themselves,

that number may be as low 2.5%. Why do

so few people make heaven at death? There is

much we do not know about what happens to us

when we die. Much will remain a mystery; and yet

there is much we do now know. It is why this has

become a many page book instead of a one page

tract handout on salvation as it started out to be.

Compare salvation with education. We have some

students going through school barely squeaking by

enough to make the next grade level and don’t turn

out to be our best citizens. And we have others

that are very zealous, cherish their education, get

decent grades, some even honor society members,

and graduate to become real assets to society.

We have some people who live their lives exhibiting

the good old boy lifestyle and use grace to barely

stay out of hell at death. However, they may find

themselves in trouble at the final judgment. And

we have people who become “born again”, follow

the commandments as best they can; show respect,

dignity and love towards their fellow human

beings, believe Jesus is their savior, rely on Him for

their salvation, and become candidates for being

with Jesus in the Kingdom. I believe there is a

difference between just being saved from hell by

grace and entrance into the Kingdom of God, a

realm reserved for the sanctified righteous.



The big question is

When does a proclaimed Christian actually become

a saved believer? Does receiving a single tract

handout on salvation do the job? Does saying the

sinner’s prayer once in your life accomplish the

mission? Does listening to sermons every Sunday

get the job done? Do you have anything to do with

your own salvation or is it completely out of your

hands? Do you believe you are saved? If you died

tomorrow would you be assured your spirit and

soul would make the journey to heaven and not

hell? By the time you finish this book you should

have a better foundation and understanding of

God’s word to answer some of those questions.

This book, The Parachute of Jesus,

contains the essential guidance required for staying

out of hell at death. Hell is a real physical place,

just as heaven is. Our final destination, heaven or

hell, is ultimately our choice, under our control, IF

we understand the conditions and parameters that

God has established regarding our lives and that

journey. Jesus IS our parachute to life eternal; IF

we sustain our belief and endure to the end. He did

His part. But we play a major role in our own salvation.

Just being a good old boy and going to church

doesn’t complete our part of the equation. Some

say the Bible stands for “basic instruction before

leaving earth”. Think of the Parachute as a primer

of key salvation aspects; instructions and foundational

knowledge, which will enable us to achieve

the correct and desired destination of heaven when

we pass on. Perhaps few who die on earth achieve

that goal. Digest what’s presented here and find

out how you can.


Where you headed mate? It’s your choice!


I dedicate this book to my wife Irina from Russia

who has an immense amount of Biblical information

at  and a love and

desire for bringing the word of God to her people

as well as everyone. Getting people saved is a

mission for us. Her books and the very graphic

youtube videos she has on her site are testimony

to the dedication she has towards serving Jesus.

Acknowledgement to all who have contributed

to the thoughts and ideas in this book knowingly

and unknowingly. This book is the culmination of

many years of attempting to bring people to Jesus;

from the simple single page tract handout found at ,

to more in depth pages of many Biblical topics


posted on my website at , and  

to my parachute page (actually this book now) at , all of

which attempt to clarify what people need to know

to help get them to heaven and avoid hell at death.

This book is comprised of both my words and

understanding as well as many other people’s input

I have gleaned from many sources over the years

including pastoral blogs, sermons, newsletters, and

emails from many people all offering pieces to the

puzzle. I acknowledge this valuable input and I

thank all of you who have directly or indirectly

contributed to the thoughts and ideas in this book.

This book is somewhat interactive; providing

many website and youtube video URLs (you can

access those links directly by accessing the copy

posted on the web) to also investigate, which go

into greater detail on certain topics. The additional

information on such topics will expand upon and

clarify topic content to enhance and increase your

knowledge and understanding of the spiritual

realm. This book is all about understanding what

God wants of us before passing out tickets to get

through the pearly gates. This book is written for

those who know little of Jesus and the Bible to

those who think they have a good handle on what

it takes to be saved.

About the author

Berry Ball email  

Do you ever get tired of the question when were

you born again or when did you finally come to


Jesus? I believe Jesus has always been with me. I

was raised Catholic and mom made sure I went to

Catechism classes during grade school and Newman

club during high school. I did learn about

Jesus and believed Jesus died on the cross for my

sins to make salvation available to me. Those years

cemented doing what was right from what was

wrong. I didn’t drink, I didn’t smoke, I didn’t do

drugs, and I told the truth. I don’t have a bad guy

to good guy story to tell. I left the Catholic Church

during college years. Other churches seemed to

have man’s tradition faults also and I blindly pursued

a life of keeping the golden rule, doing unto

others what I would have them do unto me, without

openly serving Jesus or attending church. This

was the good old boy syndrome many people

exhibit today which may keep one out of hell at

death but I do not believe will buy us a ticket to

the Kingdom of Heaven.

Statistics of how few actually make heaven at

death are hinted at in the Bible, ”wide is the gate

and broad is the way leading to destruction and

many will go in there at” and “straight is the gate

and narrow is the way which leadeth unto life

eternal and few will find it ” Mathew 7:13-14; but

numbers only come from many near death experience

testimonies where these people were shown

heaven and hell and given those statistics showing

not many make heaven at death.

But the Jesus thing stuck. Jesus must have been

with me during my years of non service as I should

have died several times over; like when in college

outrunning a state patrol at 140mph with my

400HP 57 chevy and coming to a tee in the road as


the telephone poles were going by like a picket

fence, to running out of air at 70’ because I was

too stupid to give up a 15 pound bag of scallops; to

bagging a huge octopus at 60’ who was tearing the

mask off my face, to being cloaked in Mexico when

we slept overnight at a dump and a truckload of

armed drunken thugs came to within ten feet of

where we were parked and never even saw us even

though I was sitting on the tailgate in plain view.

Jesus saves. I wasn’t indestructible.

Many people believe in Jesus today without the

proof that He is alive and well and does miracles

and healings today. Some of us are fortunate

enough to witness those miracles, healings, and

see the proof firsthand, which can solidify our belief

to where Satan can no longer steal our faith; ever.

My journey to really knowing Jesus started in 1997

when I met my wife, from Russia, on the internet.

It’s more of a story about miracles of Jesus and is

documented at  

Without divine intervention; circumstances and

rules dictated we never should have met, or been

able to get married several weeks later. With such

blatant proof of Jesus’ existence in our face, I had

to change my stance on the golden rule thing. We

felt compelled to actively serve Jesus. Nothing is by

accident. Jesus put us to work soon after when we

moved to Mexico to retire in a warmer climate.

We got involved with helping others and laying

hands on the sick and watching Jesus heal them. I

witnessed the blind see again, the deaf hear again,

the dumb speak, tumors shrink before our eyes,

and all manner of aches and pains disappear from


those prayed over and hands laid on. We unwillingly

by necessity got involved with exorcism of

demons in people. The demons could speak in

tongues better than I. But they had to go when we

said go. See  

for a good story on exorcism.

We came to realize that there is a great spiritual

battle going on daily for our soul and spirit. This

unseen battle is very real nevertheless, and we all

are participants in it. We eventually became ordained

at a healing seminar/workshop at Hunter

Ministries in Texas where we even witnessed limbs

grow out on people. I do not consider myself the

expert on the Bible my wife is. Her website at  has some pretty fascinating

things on it including a very graphic 10 youtube

video walk through series on revelation.

Besides “realtime” proofs of Jesus’ existence and

healings today, my belief has been strengthened

greatly from studying the Biblical archeological

findings of Ron Wyatt (  ) and

others, as well as studying out of body and near

death experience testimonies found outside of

scripture. I have learned a lot about spiritual warfare.

I know who I am in the Lord. This book goes

beyond the Bible to bring you things we know

about heaven and hell regarding this spiritual battle

for our spirit and soul. Our hope is to present you

with enough facts, scripture, evidence, and testimonies

to build and sustain your belief also so you

will endure until the end and be able to make that

journey to heaven and not hell at death. Heaven is

a very remarkable place. Don’t dare miss it.


Christianity can be a religion of great confusion.

There is only one Bible, the inspired word of

God, penned by men moved by the Holy Spirit. It

has been proven God’s word has not changed over

the years; the transcribers were accurate in their

copying. And many recent translations have been

made available to simplify that same content into

more understandable language. So why is there

such disagreement in what the words in the Bible

mean and tell us? If such a roadmap to the afterlife

has such importance, why isn’t it clear exactly

what it says?

In the church we attend, for example, although all

are strong believers, they do not all believe the

same things. Some believe in soul sleep at death.

Soul sleep is the teaching that when a person dies,

his “soul” sleeps until the time of a future resurrection

and in this condition the person is not aware or

conscious of anything. Others believe our spirit

and soul make a journey to heaven or hell at

death. Why the difference? Interpretation.

In 1 Corinthians 5:8 Paul tells us that to be absent

from the body is to be with the Lord. 1 Thessalonians

4:14 tells us that if we believe that Jesus died

and rose again, even so them also which sleep in

Jesus will God bring with him. How could they

return with Him if they weren’t somewhere else

except in the ground? Wasn’t Moses who died on

earth present at the transfiguration? Ecclesiastes

12:7 says we return to dust in the earth and our

spirit returns to God. The big question may be

“when”; at time of death or at the second coming?

Both sides use that passage as well as others like

Eccl 9:5 & 11, Psalms 146:4, Rev 20:5, Cor 5:6-8,


Cor 12:2-4 and Phil 1:23 to support their case. But

these, as well as many other issues, rely on interpretation,

how the reader sees things, which creates

uncertainty often in what is truly meant. There

are many things in the Bible that will remain a

mystery until we can ask Jesus in person. Meanwhile

live your life according to the will of God

because the one thing that IS clear is that the only

way through those pearly gates is via Jesus. You

have to know Jesus, not just about Him, to gain a

spot in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Another issue separating believers is the fourth

commandment. Is Sabbath Saturday or Sunday?

Does it matter? Why would we faithfully follow nine

commandments and ignore the fourth telling us

which day to rest and worship? In Jesus’ day it was

clear Saturday was Sabbath. Mary came to the

tomb on the first day of the week to find it empty,

and we know that day was Sunday. We know the

apostles kept a Saturday Sabbath many years after

Jesus was taken up into heaven. The history of the


makes it quite clear the Catholic church takes

credit for changing a Saturday Sabbath to Sunday

back in the 300’s AD. Why do most churches today

hold a Sunday service in violation of the fourth

commandment? Why didn’t Luther demand Sabbath

be returned to Saturday during the reformation?

Take the issue of eternal security versus conditional

security. We have the camp A eternal security

believers who say eternal life is a gift that

cannot be taken from us no matter how bad we are

or how much we sin, as long as we confess to


believing in Jesus. The doctrine of Eternal Security

teaches that if you come to Jesus and say the

sinner's prayer once in your life you are saved

forever. You don't have to do anything more. That

a person once saved (a righteous person) will not

experience spiritual death (lose salvation) over his

sin. Contrary to what some preachers believe,

preach and teach, I believe that particular doctrine,

if followed, is a sure ticket to hell. We have the

camp B conditional security believers that interpret

the Bible’s words to say our eternal security is

conditional upon us showing we believe by our

thoughts, actions, words, and deeds. Just saying

we believe is not enough. Both camps call the other

camp wolves in sheep’s clothing. In Luke 8:4-15

Jesus tells us in the parable of the sower that few

people reach even a foundational level of knowledge

and most will not sustain their belief. Many

never hear the Word, and for many who do, it’s

water off a duck’s back. Fertile soil, a good foundational

knowledge of God’s word, is required to stay

the course and endure if you want to get through

the pearly gates.

As the Bible was purposefully written in symbolism

with many parables, its true meaning and intent on

many issues was and still is obscured from many

readers. It is the nature of the book. The Bible is a

highly complex spiritual book of information that

the natural human mind is incapable of

understanding. God designed the Bible in an

intelligent spiritual manner to give man the right to

be wrong in everything that they believe. People

can put their own interpretations upon every verse

and ignore all the other verses that do not fit with

what they want to believe and thus they come to

the conclusions that they desire to hold on to. By


conclusions that they desire to hold on to. By not

being consistent and by not taking every related

verse into account they have concluded some

vastly erroneous teachings. The Bible is not a black

and white, cut and dried document. It holds many

morsels and secrets just waiting for us to unravel

them. The Bible contains an almost infinite number

of mysteries, puzzles, riddles and hidden information.

God used this technique for two primary

reasons. First to hide this information from His

enemies who were led by Satan and secondly to

conceal the truth for us (the Church) to find at the

right time. It’s not a book you can just read once

and comprehend. In fact, until you are “born

again”, much of it won’t make sense to you at all.

God does not tell you everything in any one place

anywhere in the Bible. You MUST put the puzzle

pieces together correctly in order to have a valid

interpretation of the Word of God.

Adam’s sin nature - regarding why the Bible

is so unclear to many people. Know we are not

born with God’s spirit inside of us. We are born

with the spirit of Adam’s sin nature inside which we

inherit at birth. Blame Adam, but he set us up for

that when he ate the fruit from the forbidden tree

in the Garden of Eden. It is not until we are “born

again” that Adam’s spirit of sin nature is overcome

by God’s Holy Spirit. Prior to being “born again”,

the "natural man", as the Bible calls him, a lost

person, cannot understand the Bible because it

(the Bible) is spiritually discerned (1 Corinthians

2:14) and he cannot discern it. It is foolishness to

the “natural man”. So when the Word begins to

make sense, to speak to your heart, and convict

you of sin in your life, it is a very good indicator


that you have the Holy Spirit of God residing within

you and Adam’s sin nature now takes a back seat.

You see, a Christian obtains a new spiritual nature

by the new birth, but he does not get rid of the old

Adam sin nature he was born with entirely. That is

why it is so vitally important that we "grow in grace

and knowledge of Jesus Christ" (2 Peter 3:18). We

must cooperate with the Holy Spirit as we walk

through this sinful and spiritually defiling world

around us. The Holy Spirit literally takes up residence

within us when we are born again and will

never leave us nor forsake us as long as we desire

him to be with us. As the Holy Spirit works with us,

our understanding of what the Bible and God’s

word says and means increases. How to be born

again? Recognize Jesus as Lord and Savior, confess

to Jesus and repent of known sin, set a determined

path to change your sinful ways, and simply ask

Him to come into your heart.

It is easy to see why so much confusion exists in

what is being taught and preached in churches

today. Unsaved people are not able to discern

exactly what the Bible is trying to say.

Back to the issue of eternal security versus

conditional security; in 1 John 2:24-25 Jesus tells

us, "I tell you the truth, if anyone keeps my word,

he will never see death (spiritual death)”. Note that

key word IF. James 2:17 says, "… faith by itself, IF

not accompanied by action; is dead". James 1:22

tells us to be “doers of the word and not just hearers

of the word or we are only deceiving ourselves”.

Mathew 7:21 is also explicit," Not everyone

who says to me, Lord, Lord, shall enter the


kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of

My Father in heaven." Hebrews 3:14 tells us we

must hold fast to our salvation until the very end.

Matthew 10:22 tells us that after initial salvation

we must endure to the end to escape the lake of

fire. 1 John1:7 says “… if we walk in the light as He

is in the light, we have fellowship with one another,

and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses us

from all sin.” There’s that IF word again. Only

Jesus offers us eternal salvation; found in Hebrews

5:9, which says: "once made perfect, He [Jesus]

became the source of eternal salvation for all who

OBEY him." To OBEY Him means to keep His commandments.

In John 14:15 and 21 Jesus tells us that to love

him is to keep His commandments. He doesn’t tell

us to just say we love Him and continue on in a life

of sinful ways. Once saved always saved is not

Biblical. Psalms 1:1-6 tells us... "The Lord knoweth

the way of the righteous, but the way of the ungodly

shall perish." In John 3:36 we are told that

“whoever believes in the son has eternal life; but

whoever does not obey the son shall not see life

but the wrath of God remains upon him.”

You must be faithful to God till death to inherit

eternal life in the kingdom. Although we are

saved by grace alone, and not of our own works,

grace is not a free ride to sin. I believe we play a

large roll in our own salvation in what we believe

and how we choose to live our daily lives. God gave

us free will and choice, and we must exercise our

will and choices wisely if we want to see heaven. In

Revelation 2:25 Jesus is speaking to the church


and telling them to "hold fast on to their salvation

until I come back".

If I gave you a Rolex watch, couldn’t you throw it

away? You see any gift given is dependent upon

the receiver holding on to it and taking care of it in

order for the gift to be kept safe. If you have to

hold on to your salvation then you can lose your

salvation; you can throw it away intentionally, you

can treat it casually and even accidentally lose it.

Even as grace is a gift from God, a man or a

woman has the right to reject it or walk away from

it at any point in time. People never lose their right

to choose and they will always have the ability and

power to reject salvation. This fact alone nullifies

any notion of "once saved, always saved" that the

eternal security crowd clings to dearly. Please see  for

a more thorough explanation of why the eternal

security plane does not fly.

The controversy about the believer’s security is

immediately ended by observing the various Bible

passages related to eternal life that contain the

little word “if”. Since “if” is the badge of a conditional

statement, then the believer’s security is

clearly conditional and not unconditional with such

evidence. Here are more scriptures which clarify

the issue. By this gospel you are saved, if you hold

firmly to the word I preached to you. Otherwise,

you have believed in vain (1 Cor 15:2). The

one and only Christian “gospel” shouts out a conditional

security for the believer. It is another gospel

that denies that. As clear as that is, the following

verses also supplement that gospel truth with more

insights by saying the Christian must hold firmly till


the end to share in Christ. We have come to share

in Christ if we hold firmly till the end the confidence

we had at first (Hebrews 3:14). For if you

live according to the sinful nature, you will die; but

if by the Spirit you put to death the misdeeds

of the body, you will live, (Rom 8:13).

See that what you have heard from the beginning

remains in you. If it does, you also will remain in

the Son and in the Father. And this is what he

promised us–even eternal life (1 John 2:24,25). I

tell you the truth, if anyone keeps my word, he will

never see death. (John 8:51) Ezekiel has several

passages which tell us if we go back to sin, we will

die spiritually. Dying spiritually means we lose our

salvation. Ezek 3:20, Ezek 18:24, Ezek 18:26,

Ezek 33:13, and Ezek 33:18 If a righteous

man turns from his righteousness and does evil,

he will die for it (spiritually).

From Romans 8:13, for if you live according to the

sinful nature, you will die; but if by the Spirit you

put to death the misdeeds of the body, you will

live. James 1:14-16 tells us.... but each one is

tempted when, by his own evil desire, he is

dragged away and enticed. Then, after desire has

conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is

full-grown, it gives birth to death (spiritual death).

Don’t be deceived, my dear brothers. Other Scriptures

could also be cited, but these suffice to prove

that the believer’s security held out in the Christian

gospel is conditional upon our continual belief in

Jesus and the resulting life we lead where sin

becomes an infrequent exception in our lives and

not the norm. That us sharing in Christ is condi18

tional, that the Christian experiencing spiritual

death or not is conditional, and us remaining in

Christ and having eternal life is also conditional.

Then where does grace fit in?

Does grace or works save us? This is probably one

of the most misunderstood, controversial, abused,

and argued over subjects of Christianity today. We

absolutely cannot deny that we are only saved by

grace because Matthew 5:48 tells us that we would

need to be as perfect as our Father in heaven is

perfect, that’s God’s only passing grade; be

perfect, if you want to get there on your own

nickel. But we failed that plan when we committed

our first sin as a child, because none of us are

perfect or could ever be perfect. Paul tells us in

Romans 3:23 that all have sinned and come up

short; all of us. The only other option to get to

heaven is through grace and believing in Jesus as

our Savior.

Grace means to get something you do not deserve;

unmerited favor, and mercy. Mercy means you do

not get the punishment that you deserve but

instead compassion and forgiveness. His greatest

act of grace is the gift of salvation (enabling us to

get into heaven instead going to hell) that is

available to all people through faith - for by grace

are ye saved through faith; and that not of

yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest

any man should boast (Ephesians 2:8-9 ). This is

providing you accept the gift. When this gift is

accepted, eternal life is promised to the recipient;

it is a promise of a home one day in heaven with

God. Just how to accept the gift needs to be understood

because it is quite misunderstood by many



In John 3:16 God tells us that He so loved the

world that He gave His only son, that whoever

believes in him should not perish but have eternal

life. How to show we believe in Him has to be fully

understood; as just saying you believe without

leading a life exhibiting the fruits of the spirit (Gal

5:22), demonstrating the Holy Spirit lives inside of

you, is just deceiving yourself. “Just believe” leads

a lot of people down the wide road to destruction.

Know exactly what is meant by showing “you


Supporters of “grace gets me saved” and I don’t

have to do anything on my own to be saved cite

Apostle Paul in Romans 6:14 “... for we are not

under the law, but under grace”, and Gal 5:18

”.. for if you are led by the spirit, you are not under

the law.” But, if you are led by the spirit, your life

reflects that in your actions, thoughts, words, and


There are two sets of laws spoken of in the

Bible. There is the Mosaic Law, the 613 laws of

Yahweh from the Torah (first five books of the

Bible) no one could follow that were so burdensome.

These are the laws spoken of in Romans

6:14 and Gal 5:18. They were carried outside of

the Ark of the Covenant. God’s moral laws, the Ten

Commandments, were written on stone tablets and

carried inside the Ark of the Covenant. God’s moral

law was given to Moses on the mountain at Mt

Sinai. They still hold today. They didn’t go out with

the cross. God’s moral law defines sin. Jesus added

a more encompassing one to all the “don’ts”; “love

your neighbor as yourself”.


Be careful not to confuse these. Colossians 2:13-15

tells us trespasses against the Mosaic laws were

forgiven; God cancelled the debt against these

demands and nailed them to the cross. But God’s

moral law, the commandments, didn’t go out with

the cross and how you adhere to those defines

your faith and belief affecting your final destination.

Grace doesn’t excuse you from habitually and

intentionally breaking God’s moral laws.

How did Apostle Paul look at the moral law? He

tells us starting in Romans 6:1, “What shall we say

then? Are we to continue in sin that grace may

abound? By no means! How can we who died to

sin still live in it?” He is telling us that even though

we are absolved from following Yahweh’s 613

Mosaic laws, grace is not a license to freely sin.

Do not use grace to justify sinning. You don’t go to

a Bible study meeting and then meet down at the

local pub afterwards with your buddies to put a few

pitchers of brew down, get into a stupor, and think

you are okay because you are under grace. You are

only no longer under the laws of Moses. John 1:17

tells us that the “law that went out with the cross

came through Moses but grace and truth came

through Jesus Christ.”

Listen to the truth Jesus tells us. Grace is a gift we

need because we are not perfect. When we stumble;

say a cuss word, or sin in some way; grace is

there to protect us. We get back up, tell God we

are sorry, repent and get right back on a righteous

path of carrying on and try hard not to do that

again. Sin needs to become an infrequent exception

in our lives and not the norm. We WILL be held


accountable for our thoughts, actions, words and

deeds come judgment. God’s grace is not an excuse

to think it is all right to sin because we are

covered by grace.

For all of you thinking God’s moral law (the commandments)

went out with the cross, go to what

Jesus Himself tells us about that in Matthew 5:17-

18. “Think not that I have come to destroy the law;

or the prophets; I am not come to destroy but

fulfill. For verily I say unto you; till heaven and

earth pass, one jot or one title (cross on a tee or

dot on an i) shall in no wise pass from the law, till

all be fulfilled.” A better word than “to fulfill” is “to

establish”. Jesus said He had come to support

God’s Moral law, not do away with it. Jesus said

that until heaven and earth pass away not even the

slightest aspect of the law would change.

Then what did change at the cross?

God’s Law, the Ten Commandments still hold; it’s

still the law and the law defines sin. The consequences

of breaking the law used to be death,

spiritual death. What changed when Jesus died on

the cross was that even though the law is still in

effect, the consequences of breaking the law was

abolished; grace covers us as we are not perfect.

But I believe grace does not cover those engaged

in continuous willful sinning; only those who love

Jesus, try to lead a life of doing what Jesus would

do, and slip up infrequently and get up, repent, and

get right back on track. It could be explained like


A certain highway you are driving on has a speed

limit of 50 miles an hour. If you are driving 50 or


just under, you are within the law. But let’s say you

inch up to 52 – 54 MPH and you pass by a radar

gun. Will you get a speeding ticket? Probably not;

the officer didn’t feel your speed was excessive

enough to warrant a ticket and you received his

grace on that occasion. You deserved a ticket

because you were breaking the law but you didn’t

get one. The fact was, however, you WERE breaking

the law at 54 MPH. What happens if you cruise

by the radar cop at 65 MPH? Now he will probably

come after you and write you a ticket for breaking

the law. Ask yourself, where is my 65MPH point?

How much can I sin and think I am still covered by

grace to be able to not receive the consequences of

my sin? We are definitely saved by grace; but stifle

the Holy Spirit enough with frequent, willful sinning

and know that you will not be invited to the stairway

to heaven with that attitude and lifestyle.

Read Matthew 22, the parable about the wedding

feast. In Matthew 22:11-13 it talks about the man

who was discovered wearing no wedding garment

(he did not live righteously – remember both the

good and the bad were invited to the wedding). He

was bound hand and foot and cast out into outer

darkness, where there shall be weeping and gnashing

of teeth. This man was part of the 65 MPH

crowd. I do not believe grace covers us if we exhibit

willful unrighteous living.

Why go to church?

Doing good deeds and going to church alone will

not save you. If we are only saved by grace why

waste our time going to church? Church attendance

is on a rapid decline. In Europe, most of the

churches have gone out of business. People who


regularly attend a church service in the United

States is supposedly around 40%, 20% in Canada,

and 8% or less in Europe. However, surveys of the

77% of the US population claiming to be Christian

reveals only around 14% of Americans “frequently”

attended church in 2015. We are losing members

at the rate of 1% every three years. So even in

America, the tradition of going to church isn’t

faring well. Every year more than 4000 churches

close their doors compared to just over 1000 new

church starts. Many churches in the US did not add

any new members to their ranks in the last two

years. I live in a very populous county. I work with

two different churches; a non denominational

meeting on Saturday of only about 30 very serious

practicing Christians and a large denominational

church which works with the homeless and has a

huge building, large grounds and infrastructure but

lacks attendance for its size; especially with members

outside of seniors and the retired.

America in moral decline

It is without question America is in moral decline.

Declining attendance in church may be one of the

primary reasons for that. America, referred to as

Mystery Babylon in Revelation, has sinned against

God and His ways. Other nations may be just as

sinful, but none are as flooded with gospel light as

is America. God is going to judge America for its

violence, its crimes, its backsliding, its murdering

of millions of babies and marketing their body

parts, its flaunting of homosexuality and sadomasochism,

its corruption, its drunkenness, its

drug abuse, its ungodliness, its being lukewarm

towards Christ, its rampant divorce rate and adultery,

its high rate of fornication where people live


together and are promiscuous outside of the marriage

bond, its lewd pornography, its child molestations,

its cheatings, its practice of robbery, gross

lying by its politicians and leaders, its dirty movies,

and its occult practices. In one hour it will all be

over. The Church is asleep, the congregations are

at ease, being fed messages of comfort instead of

how to become more accountable; and the shepherds

slumber. I believe America is about to be

shaken and set aside by swift and horrible judgments

for her apostasy. There is obviously a direct

relationship between declining church attendance

and an increase in the lack of morals and inappropriate

behavior rampant in society today. 1% of all

Americans today are incarcerated and in prison.

The US has a higher percentage of their populace

in prison than any other country in the world,

including Russia, Mexico, and China.

How can church attendance help?

For believers, there is no substitute for attending

church. Besides something that pleases God, it is

necessary for a believer’s spiritual well being.

Going to church is a visible, tangible expression of

our love and worship toward God. It is where we

can gather with other believers to publicly bear

witness of our faith and trust in God, something

that is required of all Christians (Matt. 10:32-33).

It is where we can bring Him tithes, and offerings

of praise, thanks, and honor, which are pleasing to


Receiving the preaching and teaching of the Word

of God increases our faith and builds us up spiritually.

Every believer knows what it is to face spiritual

conflicts to their faith, and must realize the

importance of being fed spiritually so that they can


overcome the challenges. Paul states that Christians

face a wrestling match with the Devil and his

evil spiritual forces, and warns that the church

must put on spiritual armor for protection, as it will

take everything at our disposal to stand (Eph.

6:10-18). There is the promise of a special visitation

of the Lord’s presence whenever two or more

gather specifically in the name of Jesus. By implication,

this means whenever “Jesus” is the object of

gathered prayer, worship, praise, preaching, etc.

He will be present.

Even though Jesus resides within the heart of every

believer, he honors a gathering in his name by

coming in the “midst,” with his power, awareness,

and anointing. In such a gathering, Christ is able to

do things in hearts that he may not at any other


One of the most important reasons that we go to

church is to practice love toward the brethren in

the form of fellowship. The Bible clearly shows that

if we have a right relationship with God, we have

fellowship with other believers. Church attendance

is also a matter of obeying God’s Word. The writer

of the Hebrew epistle tells us not to forsake assembling

together, implying that continued absence

can lead to willful sin. The purpose of the

gathering is for the consideration of our brethren,

coming together to help motivate and encourage

one another. This is a responsibility charged to

every believer. To reject church attendance, is a

rejection of one of the sacred duties of the believer.

Agreement in prayer with other believers has special

favor with God. There is multiplied strength in

the combined faith of God’s people, and it is clear


that greater spiritual gains can be realized through

corporate prayer and worship than just one person


The fourth commandment of the law that God gave

Moses was to set aside the seventh day of the

week as a holy day to the Lord. Although we are

free from the bondage of the old Mosaic laws, the

new covenant does not invalidate the relevance of

the Ten Commandments as they pertained to God’s

wishes for His people. As much as it remains God’s

desire for man not to kill, steal or commit adultery,

God is still very much pleased for believers to

honor Him on the day reserved for Him, out of their

love for Him and His people. I don’t believe anyone

can sustain the sanctification process by not attending

church. Becoming sanctified is a process

necessary if you want to be considered a saint and

Christ’s bride. We all leak. During the week of

stress, busy schedules, and many temptations we

will leak. Our righteousness becomes strained. We

need to be refilled by the Holy Spirit. This occurs at

church. Church can reign us back into a righteous

way of living and not let us wander too far off the

path so we lose our way, fall into sin and immorality,

and cannot find our way back.

Justification – Sanctification – Glorification

These are steps in the salvation process. Many

become justified by reading the word, hearing the

word, believing in and trusting in the word. Sanctification

is a more complex process involving much

more than simply saying I believe. Sanctification

involves the Holy Spirit living inside us (see John 3)

and doing a makeover on our attitudes, our

thoughts, actions, and how we interact with our


fellow man. Sanctification prepares us to live in

God’s world; the Kingdom of Heaven.

A person is justified only through faith in Jesus

Christ. Only through justification is a person declared

righteous. Romans 10:17 , “Consequently,

faith comes from hearing the message, and the

message is heard through the word of Christ.” Paul

uses “faith,” one’s belief, in the sense of trust. At

the point of justification in a person’s spiritual life,

faith is not producing works; it is merely the mental

activity of believing. Being justified by faith

indicates a commitment in the mind of the justified

to go forward, building on the relationship by being

established with Christ.

Justification is a judicial action by a judge—God.

The term indicates an aligning of a forgiven person

with a standard. In this case, the standard is the

moral law of God, the Ten Commandments. Justification

does not happen automatically to all but

solely to those whom God calls, forgives, and

unites with Christ because they believe in the

efficacy of His death as the divinely given substitute

to pay the death penalty for their sins. The

truly justified person will not return to his old ways

of life. By faith, Paul understands the reason: As

far as the law is concerned (Mozaic law), his debt

to it has been satisfied by Jesus’ sacrifice at the


The works come later as the sanctification process

begins and continues. Paul states the thing he

destroyed by faith and repentance was his former

life of sin. Paul was determined not to return to his

sinful ways and to do what he had to to obey God’s


moral laws. He clearly states keeping God’s laws

(not the Mozaic laws we were freed from) is required,

even though keeping them does not earn

salvation. Being justified through faith and belief is

a major step towards salvation; but does not mean

a person’s character is fully changed. Character is a

group of qualities created throughout life. Character

takes place during the sanctification process.

We desire to be in the character image of God. In

His purpose, the creating of godly character takes

place during the sanctification process.

Glorification is the third step in the justification sanctification-

glorification chain. Glorification has

not yet occurred; it occurs at Christ's return. Paul

describes it this way: "For the trumpet will sound,

the dead will be raised imperishable, and we will be

changed. For the perishable must clothe itself with

the imperishable, and the mortal with immortality"

(1 Corinthians 15:52-53).

Our own physical bodies will experience glorification.

We will not be changed into some sort of

spirit-entity as many of the cults teach. Jesus

Himself demonstrated this when He appeared to

the disciples after the resurrection: "Though the

doors were locked, Jesus came and stood among

them and said, 'Peace be with you!' Then He said

to Thomas, 'Put your finger here; see My hands.

Reach out your hand and put it into My side. Stop

doubting and believe'" (John 20:26-27). Luke

24:29 also affirms that the glorified body is not a

mere spirit-body; if it were, Christ would be a

deceiver since He claimed that it was His own

body: "They were startled and frightened, thinking

they saw a ghost. He said to them, 'Why are you


troubled, and why do doubts rise in your minds?

Look at My hand and My feet. It is I Myself! Touch

me and see; a ghost does not have flesh and

bones, as you see I have.'"

It is at the time of glorification that the sanctification

process is complete -- our bodies will be

changed, the old sin nature will be eliminated, and

we will see the risen Christ in all his glory: "Now we

see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; then we

shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I

shall know fully, even as I am fully known" (1

Corinthians 13:12).

God is not the author of confusion (I Corinthians

14:33). His Kingdom will be peaceful and orderly

because everyone who will enter into it will have

voluntarily submitted himself to the law - the

commandments - of God. God will not have anyone

in His Kingdom who demonstrates, by the pattern

of his life (works, deeds, speech, thoughts, and

actions if you wish), that he will not obey Him

(Matthew 7:21-23; Hebrews 10:26-31). Read that

again for those of you who will claim to be saved

by grace but continue to lead immoral lives in

violation of God’s moral commandments. Revelation

12:17 describes the saints as those "who keep

the commandments of God and have the testimony

of Jesus Christ."

So please understand; grace does not free you

from being held accountable for still keeping the

commandments. Grace freed you from being under

the 613 Mozaic laws of Yahweh, and grace provides

a cushion when you slip up during the sanctification

process allowing you to repent and get back on


track. Grace will not cover you to get you into

heaven while you continue to live an immoral life

full of known sin.

So how do you go from a life of sinning and just

saying you believe, to a life of living that belief via

the fruits of the spirit demonstrated in your daily

life? First understand, showing these fruits; love,

joy, peace, long suffering, gentleness, goodness,

faith, meekness, and temperance has little to do

with you. If you accept Jesus and ask Him to live

inside you as the Holy Spirit; you will be changed.

Your speech will be changed along with your

thoughts, words, deeds, demeanor, and priorities.

The Holy Spirit will do that; it is not of your doing.

However, keep in mind God gave us free will and

choice. Even though God’s spirit is now working in

our lives, Adam’s sin nature we were born with still

hangs around, and has the ability to affect our

decisions. He hangs around until we are glorified.

We do and will play a part in whose voice we will

be willing to listen to.

Many church leaders are putting out the wrong

grace message today. People want to hear that

they are saved by grace and there is nothing they

have to do or contribute outside of that. They do

not want to be held accountable for their behavior

and sin. They don’t want to hear that “IF” word. IF

I keep the word of Jesus I will not see spiritual

death. Faith by itself IF not accompanied by works

is dead. Do not be deceived, be doers of the word

and not just hearers. Not everyone who says Lord,

Lord, shall enter the kingdom of heaven but he who

does the will of the Father. Hold fast to your salva31

tion until the end. You must endure to the end to

escape the lake of fire. If we walk in the light…the

blood of Jesus will cleanse us of sin. Jesus is the

source of salvation for all who OBEY Him, and to

love and obey him is to keep His commandments.

Know the difference between God’s moral law (the

ten commandments), and the 613 Laws of Yahweh

(the Mozaic law) that went out with the cross.

How do you know if you are being led astray

by those trying to teach you? Matthew 7:15-20

tells us, “Beware of false prophets, which come to

you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are

ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their

fruits. Do men gather grapes from thorns, or figs

off of thistles? their fruits ye shall know

them”. Do your mentors lead a life of righteousness

themselves? Are they married or shacking up with

someone. Do they speak without swearing, without

badmouthing other people, do they habitat taverns

and pubs, do they have a pornographic library, do

they put other people’s needs first in their life, are

they generous to those who have not or do they

exhibit a life of extravagance and materialism?

Look at how they conduct their own lives before

you decide to follow what they pitch to you.

Beware of “grace only – once saved, always saved”

churches who preach that the new testament

covenant doesn’t depend on promises or obedience

from us. A covenant is a contract involving two

parties, not just one. God is one side of this contract;

we are the other. God has established the

criteria for being able to join Him. He gave His son

so we could have salvation. We must be accountable

for our side of the contract. If accountability


were not an issue, the percentage of people entering

heaven at death would be much higher than it

appears is the case.

Hyper grace – a dangerous movement aimed

primarily at our youth teaches God does not see

the sins of his children, that the Holy Spirit never

convicts believers of sin, that believers never need

to confess their sins to God, and that believers

never need to repent of their sins. Such teaching is

truly heresy and if you follow it it becomes a sure

ticket to the hot place. We’d all like to believe we

will not be held accountable for our behavior but it

just isn’t so. That isn’t what God’s word says.

If believers never needed to repent of their sins,

why did Jesus say, “Those whom I love I rebuke

and discipline. So be earnest, and repent” (Rev.

3:19)? Watch this video and run from any church

teaching or advocating hyper grace; that you do

not need to be held accountable for your sins.  

It takes a combination of prayer, worship, service,

and the study of scripture to produce spiritual

growth and retain our salvation. Near death

experience testimonials of those persons whose

spirits were taken out of body to heaven and hell

when they died tell us the odds of those making it

to heaven at death may only be 50 out of 2000

(2.5%). Not good odds. The Howard Pittman near

death testimony sheds light on those numbers.  

We need to know why this figure is so low and

make the necessary corrections in our lives to be

able to be on the right side of the fence when the


grim reaper arrives to take us away.

The websites , , ,

and  all speak of

and document many of those testimonials which

include statements given by angels and even hints

by Jesus Himself, of how many people enter

heaven and hell each day. These stories also tend

to dispel the “soul sleep “ theory where we all lie in

the grave knowing nothing until the second coming.

But again, a matter of interpretation.

I believe our soul/spirit do make a journey at

death. We need proper foundational knowledge

about what the Bible tells us about this most important

journey. It is why this became a book

instead of a single page tract handout. I am not

here to argue whether camp A or camp B is correct

in their theology. As you begin to understand your

works are really a result of the Holy Spirit working

within you, and not of your own fabrication, it

becomes easier to understand how your works

become the reflection of being born again. If salvation

were such a simple task as saying the sinner’s

prayer once in your life and not having to pay

attention to your daily behavior and sinful ways I

would expect the odds of entering heaven at death

to be much better than what the Bible and near

death experience testimonies are telling us.

We need to gain knowledge and make key decisions

while still alive on earth. We need to develop

a better foundational background in what God’s

word says so we can make better decisions in daily

matters and situations which could very well affect


which destination we will be headed towards at

death. Before every decision, think. (DWJWD) Do

what Jesus would do in that situation; every time,

not just when it is convenient. I think you will find

the things revealed in this book quite fascinating

and hopefully it will boost your faith sufficiently and

increase your fertile ground and belief enough to

cause you to truly accept Jesus as your savior and

become much more cognizant of your daily words,

actions, and deeds towards your fellow man as you

allow the Holy Spirit to empower you in your daily

life. Empowerment by the Holy Spirit is everything.

He is real. He lives inside of us. He is the key

to our journey to heaven in the afterlife.

I believe when we leave earth, when we die, our

spirit and soul depart from our body and make the

journey to either heaven or hell. Both places are

real and exist today. Learn what each has to offer

as a destination.

Hell is not a good place to end up at. It is said to

be a place of constant agony, unbearable heat,

great stench, darkness, and ugly grotesque demons

of all shapes and sizes whose job it is to

torment the occupants. Purgatory, as a stopping off

place to be cleansed of sin before going to heaven

is a myth; contrived by religion to extract money

from the people via a system called indulgences.

There is no purgatory or concept of purgatory

spoken of in the Bible. Most priests today will admit

purgatory does not exist.

The journey at death is the most important journey

you will ever make. And your destination, heaven

or hell, is highly dependant upon you; what you

believe in and how you have treated your fellow


man. Basically, your destination is your choice.

According to a Rev. Yong Park (see his story at ) who was shown

both heaven and hell in a near death experience,

only 1 in 1000 spirits of the people who die travel

to heaven at death, the balance end up in hell.

Slim odds for the unknowledgeable. Jesus tells us,

Hosea4:6, His people perish for lack of knowledge.

How you can help save people

There’s the story of an older white haired gentleman

named Mr Genor who used to stand in doorways

on George Street in Sidney Australia and he

would step out of the doorway and give people

Gospel tracts and ask them if they were saved and

if they died today would they go to heaven. He is

probably responsible for saving a lot of people over

the years. Some near death experiencers have met

Mr Genor in heaven. Another man carried chalk

with him and wherever he went he wrote the word

“eternity” on the top of street corner curbs he

came to. It gave people a lot to think about.

But in the parable of the sower, Luke 8:4-15,

Jesus tells us more is necessary. We need to pass

from the seeds sown along the path where the

birds devour them, to seed sown amongst rocky

terrain which die from lack of moisture, to seed

sown amongst thorns and weeds that are choked

out, to the seed finally grown on fertile soil which

takes hold and flourishes. Without sufficient foundation

in what the Gospel says your belief will be

short lived, you will not sustain your belief nor

endure to the end. Most people don't want to spend

the time reading the Bible to get a foundation

upon which to base and sustain their belief. And for


many, that task simply appears too formidable;

lack of time, lack of commitment; and if they aren’t

already “born again” much of the Bible will just be

words without meaning to them; they won’t be

able to discern what those words mean. The key

word is sustain. Saying the sinner's prayer once in

your life does not keep you saved. God's word

preaches a conditional security. In 1 John 2:24-25

remember Jesus tells us, "I tell you the truth, IF

anyone keeps my word, he will never see death

(spiritual death)." Note that key word IF. Your

being saved is conditional upon you doing your

part, “IF you keep His word” and “IF you obey Him”

(keep His commandments).

It is not easy to explain to someone that although

our works will not get us to heaven; if

we do not show good works by our thoughts, actions,

words, and deeds; it simply proves we lack

the belief that we have been saved. Grace is not a

free ride. It protects us from occasional sin where

we get back up and get right back on the correct

path. Just being a good old boy and saying I believe

in Jesus won’t get you there. You must back

up that belief with action. Whoever has faith can't

help but show it by his or her actions. Logically,

eternal salvation is provided for man solely

by God's grace through the substitutionary death of

Jesus Christ. Man is saved through faith alone in

Christ alone, independant of his works, but good

works are a necessary result of true faith. I believe

showing such is necessary to get that ticket to

heaven at death. If God’s Holy Spirit is truly residing

inside us, our daily lives will reflect the fruits of

the spirit per Gal 5-22; love, joy, peace, longsuffer37

ing, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness,

temperance, and even self control.

Victory is not how long you live

nor how rich you've become, nor how big a house

you have acquired, nor how many cars and toys

you've accumulated, nor how many women (or

men) you've slept with. Victory is dying with a

pure heart covered by the blood of the lamb so that

at death your spirit and soul can enter heaven and

escape hell, where, according to many near death

experiences, many people's spirits will go at death.

Being saved is not automatic, it’s a process. It

starts with hearing the word, believing in the word,

inviting the Holy Spirit to reside inside you and

allowing Him to change and reshape your thinking,

attitudes, speech, priorities and especially how you

relate to your fellow human beings.

The LORD does not look at the things worldly man

looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance,

but the LORD looks at the heart, 1Samuel

16:7. Jesus offers us eternal salvation. That is

found in the Bible, in Hebrews 5:9, which says:

"once made perfect, He [Jesus] became the source

of eternal salvation for all who OBEY him." Again,

to obey Him means to keep His commandments,

God’s moral law.

The new covenant not only includes the “don’ts” of

the moral law but adds the requirements to treat

people with dignity, love and respect, ”though shalt

love thy neighbor as thyself”. Mathew 22:37-40.

For further discussion of the old & new covenants;  


The glaring truth associated with eternal salvation

is: ONLY those who OBEY Jesus have eternal salvation.

Once saved always saved is not Biblical. Our

security is conditional upon an OBEDIENT faith in

Jesus. A saving faith obeys. You can live forever,

but you must be faithful to God till death to inherit

eternal life in the kingdom. It means if you prayed

the sinner's prayer once in your life and came to

Jesus then, but didn't follow up with repentance

and a changed lifestyle leaving sinful ways behind,

your chances of walking through those huge

pearly gates when you die probably aren't good.

Grace is neither a free ride nor a license to freely

sin. I believe we play a large roll in our own salvation

in how we choose to live our lives using our

will, free choice, and guidance of the Holy Spirit in

making those choices.

One more time; it takes a combination of being

born again, prayer, worship, service, and study of

scripture to produce spiritual growth and retain our

salvation. We must sustain our belief and endure to

the end to be eternally saved.

Religion can be a very confusing issue. You will

find when exploring websites, beliefs of different

churches, you tube videos of what it takes to be

saved, and different preacher’s sermons a wide

difference of opinions; all using supposedly the

same Bible as their guideline. Those preaching

eternal security, once saved always saved, have

convincing arguments. That side of the fence

claims there is nothing you need to give up to be

saved, only your unbelief! You are saved by Jesus

no matter what you do. Your being saved has

nothing to do with your efforts. You can sin repeat39

edly and be saved if you believe in Jesus.

Hmmmm. With that kind of approach being promoted

by many of our religious leaders, is it any

wonder according to Rev Park in his near death

experience he was told 999 people out of a thousand

who die go to hell upon death? This extremely

low statistic of those making it to heaven is expounded

in several near death experience testimonies

described at  

If Jesus tells us we are saved IF we OBEY him, isn’t

that just a little bit in conflict with the “say I believe

in Jesus but sin any way I want to” approach

above? The eternal security crowd calls the Salvation

Army’s teaching of an obedient faith, that to

be in a continued state of grace depends upon

continued obedience to Christ, heretical. Be careful

of which side of this fence you choose to position

yourself on. Following eternal security beliefs can

land you in hell.

They call the other side of the fence “Lordship

Salvation” that a person must cease from living a

sinful life to be saved. They try to call this salvation

by works. They claim Biblical repentance

means that a person recognizes their guilt of sin

(Romans 3:19) but repentance doesn’t involve any

change of lifestyle to correct their sinful ways. But

by definition, repentance doesn’t mean to just be

sorry for our sins. It means we must change our

life and habits so we are not repeating those same

offenses over and over again. Paul Washer says

this best. I have one of Paul’s sermons, telling it

like it truly is, posted on my webpage at  

He reminds me of Jesus admonishing the Pharisees


who would pray loudly in the courtyards so everyone

could see and watch them but would walk by

the poor without helping them nor giving their

needs a second thought. It was all show. Paul’s

message is that you definitely need to back up your

statement of belief with actions, words and deeds

that prove such. Another of my favorite sites that

attempts to educate you and get you out of the “I

don’t have to do anything but say I believe in Jesus

Christ to be saved” eternal security camp, is  Study this site.

I think it contains a lot of truth. Sadly, the average

person today is woefully ignorant of the scriptures

and cannot readily identify the false prophets,

wolves in sheep’s clothing, who are out there to

help steal his salvation from him with their lies and

comfort zone teaching. What we want and would

like to hear isn’t always what we need to hear.

What you need to understand is WHY we exhibit

good works when we are saved. If you are

“born again” and the Holy Spirit lives inside you, in

your heart, your behavior is changed. Your

thoughts, your deeds, your speech, your actions

are all different than before because of this relationship

you now have with the Holy Spirit living

inside of you. Adam’s evil sin nature you were born

with and have been packing around up until now is

overridden with God’s Holy Spirit; the same one

that befell upon the 70 at Pentecost. Your behavioral

change doesn’t come from you but from God’s

Holy Spirit who now dwells inside of you. It’s not

your works but God’s nature manifesting itself that

now makes you different. If you are not showing

this new manifestation, not of your own doing,

which is reflected by your thoughts, words, actions


and deeds, then you probably aren’t born again yet

and the Holy Spirit is not yet living inside of you.

You have to ask Him to come dwell in you before

He will do so. It’s a changing of spirits within.

Adam’s sin nature kept you in bondage. With the

Holy Spirit’s help,you can now choose to let sin go.

To go to heaven you must want to go to

heaven. You must believe in heaven, you must

believe in God. But you don't have to believe in hell

to go to hell. Heretics don't believe in heaven or

hell. Because they don't believe in heaven or hell

doesn't mean they will not go to hell. Without faith,

you cannot please God. Without faith, you cannot

enter heaven. You need to grow in faith, defend

your faith and preach your faith in your family and

in your community. How to avoid hell is surely one

of the most important issues to know about. Do

what Jesus did. He came to save souls from hell.

So can I and so can you.

Who are your companions?

Seek the company of those who seek heaven, not

hell. Residence in hell results from the compulsive

pursuit of pleasure, powers, and possessions; it is

keeping the company of those who care for nothing

higher than themselves, who are driven to seek

one distraction after another in the vain hope of

protecting themselves from the uncertainty of Life’s

transfiguring touch. Sick spirits need our lives to

live. Without us they have no home. Our real inner

work is to sweep clean the places in ourselves

where such creatures reside. Remember: these evil

entities have no entrance into our lives apart from

where we have left the door open. And whatever

has been left open in our unconsciousness can be


closed consciously, if we so choose.

To avoid hell, you must want to avoid hell.

You must use all the means you can to avoid hell.

To avoid hell you must pay the price and some

people have accepted death as martyrs to avoid

hell. If one day you are forced to renounce your

faith or face death, you will have only one choice.

You may have to accept death as a martyr to enter

heaven and if you don't accept death as a martyr,

you will go to hell. That time may be coming

sooner than later. We don't enter heaven like

entering a shopping center. We must pay the price.

We know the price that Jesus paid for our spirit and

soul. All His suffering was endured for you and me.

Remember, Jesus made salvation AVAILABLE to all

of us. But it is not automatic. We do play a role.

Jesus did not save mankind through His preaching.

Jesus did not save mankind through His miracles.

Jesus saved mankind through His suffering,

His passion, His scourging, crowning, crucifixion

and resurrection. If Jesus paid that price, we must

do our share in order to enter heaven. We must

pay a price too. On Mount Tabor the Heavenly

Father said, "This is My Beloved Son. Listen to

Him." And Jesus will tell us, "No one goes to My

Father except through Me." There is no way to

enter heaven if we don't listen to and obey the

word of Jesus. Most Jews, except Messianic Jews,

today have rejected Jesus and don't believe in

Jesus. They don’t even believe He came the first

time, and many stand a good chance of not entering

heaven at death. Muslims and many cults don't

believe that Jesus IS God. Please understand that


outside of faith in Jesus as our redeemer there is

no salvation.

God is not so much interested in compliance as

He is in character. God engineers our lives so there

are many moments of character development.

Once character is in place, obedience is the resulting

natural by-product. A leader with a heart for

God will obey. It’s just who he is. That’s the way

God wants it. Although the Bible was written over

the course of 1,600 years by 40 different authors

from widely differing occupations, cultures, and

time periods on varied and controversial subjects,

they essentially all agreed with each other – a

phenomenon still unparalleled in literature.

Why concern yourself with the message of the

Bible? FACT- without Jesus we would all die and

end up in hell. Hell is real. It exists today. It is a

vile, odorous, extremely hot & nasty place.

See , , ,

and  for testimonies

of people who had a near death experience

and/or who were taken out of body for a visit to

heaven or hell or both. Although not all of these

stories can be believed in their entirety, we can

glean much information from the similarities in

many of them. They tell us things they could not

have known any other way except through their

visitations. Some of these should give us warnings.

What scripture teaches is that Jesus came so that

we could have salvation through him. Being good,

but without a belief in Jesus, will not save you. The

Bible clearly tells us that Jesus is the way, the truth


and the light and the only way to the Father is

through him. Many believe our spirit and soul live

on throughout eternity. Where; is up to us and

what we believe.

We are out of time. The Bible is a historical record

of earthly times, places, people and events.

Most all of the events prophesied in the Bible have

already come to pass. What little remains is unfolding

rapidly to those who are paying attention and

know what to expect. John’s Revelation, the last

chapter in the Bible, is playing out rapidly as this is

being written. Jesus is coming soon for His bride;

that’s us; at least many of us. You don't want to

be one of the ten virgins who forgot their oil and

wasn't prepared to meet the bridegroom (Matthew

25). Study that parable until you understand it.

The mark of the beast is upon us.

Revelation 13:17, 14:11, 16:2, 19:20 and 20:4 all

speak of this mark taken by people on foreheads or

hands as eventually a requirement to buy or sell.

Is it symbolic or real? Is it a literal tattoo? Or

something much more nefarious? Rev14:9-11 tells

us the fate of those who take this mark of the

beast. Basically you are lost if you take this mark.

Although no one knows for absolutely sure, it is

appearing the rice grain sized RFID microchip

implanted under the skin in the hand is becoming a

highly likely candidate for this. Today’s chips do

more than just maintain a record of data; they can

track you, alter your mind and thought process,

alter your attitude and demeanor, and even be

used to terminate your life; all through radio frequency

input and programming. All the cellphone


towers you see around you are not just for cellphone

communications. They contain ELF modules

designed to send out electromagnetic waves programming

people who have these chips. People

who have been chipped become docile and easy to


Obamacare contains verbage requiring the entire

population be chipped. This was to be effective

March 2013 although that date has come and gone

without that happening yet. States such as North

Carolina and California are hauling their homeless

off to FEMA camps and microchipping them as a

condition for survival. Those who have been microchipped

are stating the presence of God has left

them, they no longer feel the Holy Spirit resides

inside them. Go to  or  and input “microchip as the

mark of the beast” and you will find some interesting

sites. Be very very leery of this chip, keep your

parachute on and don’t take the mark at any cost.

It's not about being saved for a day by reciting

the sinner's prayer once in your lifetime. That

prayer may save you for a day, a week or even a

month. Being saved every day requires a daily walk

with Jesus and effort on your part to allow the Holy

Spirit who wants to live within you to change your

heart, change your mind, change your speech,

change your thoughts, change your character, and

change your behavior. Yes, we are only saved by

grace, not by the works we do. But grace is not a

license to freely sin. If our deeds, thoughts, speech

and actions do not reflect the Holy Spirit living

within us, it simply shows we have head knowledge

only, and not saving faith and belief. Sin needs to


become the infrequent exception in our life, and

not the norm or rule. It is neither an issue to be

taken lightly nor one to be ignored.

Christianity is not a particular religious affiliation.

Christ's church is not a particular sect, but it is

comprised of those who choose to follow His ways

and obey Him. Jesus tells us if we love Him to

keep His commandments. Do You? Do you even

know what the commandments are or where you

can find them? See Exodus 20:2-17 and Deuteronomy

5:6-21 and my webpage for more details at  

The Bible does not preach a gospel

of prosperity and good times. It preaches the good

news of hoped for redemption which is the issue we

want to address. We need redemption from our sin.

The people 2000 years ago expected Jesus to come

as a lion and rule the earth, but instead He came

as a lamb and they didn't recognize Him. His mission

then of saving mankind from Satan's stranglehold

was different than His mission this time

around at the second coming, to rule the earth.

Satan was defeated 2000 years ago when Jesus

died on the cross and was resurrected. Today the

new age Jesus is the lamb but the real Jesus is

coming back as a lion and will rule the earth with a

rod of steel. Don't be sucked into new age thinking.

When Jesus comes back this time the tares, (weeds

- the wicked) will be burned (destroyed). Matthew

13:30 and 13:40. You don’t want to be a tare.


As I do not pastor for any particular

affiliation or church, I am not under any particular

church’s rules about what I can or cannot share

with you. We are not trying to wrangle you into any

particular affiliation. We find both truth as well as

error in the theology of most all affiliations. Do we

have all the truth? I doubt it. As we grow in the

supernatural and the Holy Spirit continues to refill

us, our understanding of God’s words, ways and

character is constantly increasing and growing.

Most churches won’t venture into gray areas or

deal in information outside of what the Bible specifically

says. And, as you know, much of what the

Bible says is subject to interpretation. I do venture

into areas outside Bible scripture to help clarify

what scripture is actually trying to tell us. I use a

Geneva 1599 Bible which is loaded with footnotes

telling us what things don’t mean as well as what

they do mean. King James hated this Bible. It was

the people’s Bible that preceded his 1611 KJV. His

does not have those footnotes. Today’s churches

preach messages of comfort instead of educating

you with what you need to know in order to make

the trip to heaven at death. Heaven is real, and

so is hell. Both places exist today; now. If you

studied hell as much as I have, and would come to

realize just how terrible a place it is, you would

do everything in your power to ensure as many

people as possible are reached with the message of

salvation so they would not chance going there

when they die. There are many things you are not

being told when you go to church that you need to

learn about and understand if you want to stay out

of hell at death. But churches would lose members

if they addressed those uncomfortable issues; such


as the subjects of hell, demonic possession, homosexuality,

and abortion. For most part, they don’t

go there. Those issues are swept under the rug.

Salvation is the most critical aspect of our

whole life and many don’t even know what the

word means. Many think of the Bible as a book of

stories or myths, not realizing it IS God’s word. It

is also a history book, and it IS our roadmap to

heaven. Our short life here on earth is only a

testing ground to determine our eternal destiny

after our human elemental body dies and our

soul (mind) and spirit move on.

Do all good people go to heaven

when they die? Can you get to heaven on your

own good deeds and by just being a good person?

Did you ever wonder about how good you would

have to be to make it to heaven without Jesus as

Savior? Well, God has told us how well we would

have to do to get into heaven. He has revealed

the passing grade in His class of life. Do you know

what it is? Jesus said: "Be perfect, therefore as

your Father, which is in Heaven, is perfect" (Matthew

5: 48). There it stands! That's the passing

grade! God doesn't grade on a curve. God says,

"Be perfect"! Is that possible? Well, no, in fact it

is absolutely impossible. When you commit your

first sin as a child, you have failed with Plan A. But

God HAS provided an “out” for us sinners, Plan

B, through the death and resurrection of His son,

Jesus; Yahushua our Messiah, our Lord and Savior.


Near death experiences

Learning about hell as well as the demonic, are

critical aspects to your salvation. Howard Pittman,

a preacher, had a near death experience and

thought he was doing well, but when he was

brought before God to plead for an extension of his

life, he discovered otherwise. God's wrath befell

upon him. There's a real message in this

video regarding the "good old boy" syndrome. This

is a must watch video filled with information about

the demonic hierarchy that work for Satan and

what lies on the other side of the veil. This video

should provide a wake up call.   
(that’s 1 little L 88) If

you can't watch the video, check out the book;

"Placebo" by Howard Pitman. The message of what

God really wants of us is in there. In this video Mr.

Pittman is told only 2.5% of those who die make it

to heaven. Not good odds.

Plan B - the “out” – the other way to get to

heaven without having to be “perfect” is to rely on

Jesus. If you willingly accept Jesus as your savior

(one who does for you what you cannot do for

yourself). His righteousness is substituted for your

sinfulness in the eyes of the Father. This is called

grace, a free gift that can’t be earned, is not merited,

and isn’t deserved. But you DO have to accept

this gift and show your belief in that acceptance

by repentance - your changed thoughts,

words, actions, and deeds regarding your behavior.

There is a big difference between knowing

Jesus and knowing ABOUT Jesus. Putting your

faith in Jesus is the only pathway to heaven. Con50

trary to popular new age beliefs, there are

NOT multiple paths to heaven.

What does it mean to "put your faith in Jesus


It means to personally trust in Jesus the same way

you would trust in a parachute if you had to jump

out of an airplane at 10,000 feet. The parachute

would be the only support device that would allow

a safe landing. You wouldn’t just "believe" in the

parachute; you would put it on! In the same way,

the Bible says, "Put on the Lord Jesus Christ..."

Rom 13:14, and you will be saved. There are millions

of people who "believe" Jesus exists. Even the

devil and his demons believe Jesus exists, but

those people have not put on the Savior. There’s a

BIG difference. And the difference will be obvious

when you “jump” through the door of death. That's

our focus; the parachute. Little else is important

except the parachute and learning why you need it,

how you obtain it, and how you keep it.

What is the parachute?

The parachute is Jesus of course, the substitution

of His righteousness for our sinfulness in the eyes

of the Father. If you don’t accept Jesus as your

Savior and show that belief; your spirit chances

going to hell at death and will either stay there

forever or be burned up and annihilated in the lake

of fire at the end of the millennium; the only possible

recourses. Due to interpretation of Bible rhetoric,

in my book, the jury is still out on which of

those scenarios will apply.

Being a good old boy or going to church doesn’t get

you to heaven because you are not perfect; God’s


only passing grade. Only having the parachute on

at death gets you to heaven and keeps you out of

hell. Sadly, less than 10% of the people who obtain

the parachute keep it on. That means 90% of

all those who make the altar call to accept Jesus as

their savior backslide away into sin and take their

parachute off at some point in time afterwards.

That’s the difference between reading a tract handout

and coming to Jesus for a short while, and

studying instruction enough to gain a more solid

foundation in God’s word that will sustain your

belief and faith to the end.

Once in hell, there is no escape.

It's a one-way ticket only, no recourse, no changing

travel plans. You either have your parachute

strapped on all the time or you can lose everything.

Depending upon interpretation of Rev 20:14 you

will either stay in hell until you are terminated in

the lake of fire at the great white throne judgment

at the end of the millennium; or you will

suffer “everlasting punishment”; Mathew 25:46.

The play on words is; does that mean everlasting

punishing forever and ever or annihilation in the

lake of fire that is a permanent extinction and

final; meaning your spirit will literally then cease to

exist? The absolute answer to that question is one

of the Bible’s mysteries. I don’t honestly know for


2 Timothy 1:10, John 6:47, John 8-51, and

John 11:26 all tell us that if we believe in Jesus we

will not see (spiritual) death and we will have life

eternal. The Bible doesn't seem to tell us that the

spirits of the wicked and those not covered by the


blood the lamb will have eternal life. Can you afford

to wait and find out?

Forget about religion

Don’t dwell on what any particular religion teaches,

forget about praying to your angel or the saints or

the Pope. You are only supposed to pray to Jesus

or God the Father anyway - 1Timothy 2:5

"For there is one God, and one mediator between

God and men, the man Christ Jesus". Forget

about buying crosses and necklaces and pictures

and figurines to show your allegiance to Jesus (the

second commandment forbids that also), or learning

everything there is to know about the Bible;

which probably isn’t possible. Learning about the

Bible may help you to keep the parachute on but it

doesn’t get you saved. Getting to heaven and

staying out of hell is simple. Put Jesus on and keep

Him on. Learn the parachute and teach the parachute

to others. Especially stay away from religious

arguments regarding Bible interpretations that can

poison you with doubt and tempt you to remove

your parachute. Focus on what gets you

saved and keeps you saved; a daily relationship

with Jesus. That’s what it's all about.

We want to know the truth about God's word,

to sort out what we really need to know about how

to get to heaven if there is a heaven, how to stay

out of hell if there is a hell, and object to being told

to "just believe" instead of having proof of our

creator's existence and His plan for us. This is a

double edged sword; as Jesus told Thomas when

Thomas said he wouldn't believe until he put

his fingers in the holes in Jesus' hands and

feet; "Blessed are they who believe without see53

ing." There is a stigma associated with the "proof"

thing. But I am a “show me the proof” kind of guy

and this book and the URL links offered contain

much proof folks.

What is meant by the triune nature of God?

Matthew 28:19 speaks of the three personages of

the Godhead. "Go ye therefore, and teach all

nations , baptizing them in the name of the Father,

and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost". God has

revealed himself to mankind in three facets,

which comprise what we call the Godhead. These

facets are sometimes referred to as persons or the

trinity, or the triune nature of God, though it is

critical to maintain that the essence of God is

singular, "The Lord our God is one", Deuteronomy

6:4. God the Father is unseen and unknown to us

(John 6:46) except as he reveals himself to us in

the Son (John 17:3-8). The Son proceeded from

the Father (John 6:57) though the Son has always

existed as long as the Father himself (John 17:5).

The Son is the unseen Father made visible for a

time (John 14:9) who, upon returning to heaven,

then sent his invisible Spirit to be with us (John

14:16). Though the Spirit is unseen (John 14:17),

the Spirit influences us in the present by the authority

of the Son that we might give glory

and worship to the Father (John 4:23, 16:13-14).

Thus God is but one God - being Spirit and Son and

Father – just as time is similarly one continuum -

being past and present and future. "....Holy, holy,

holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was, and is,

and is to come." (Revelation 4:8)

The reason the word "person" is used in describing

the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit is because

each exhibits different attributes of personhood,


not in a body of flesh and bones, but in personality.

In other words, each has a will, loves, speaks,

is aware of others, communicates with others, etc.

1Cor12:4-6, 2Cor13:14, Eph 4:4-6, Jude 20-21,

and John 14:11 also make it quite clear God has a

triune nature in the personages of God the Father,

God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

The three personages in one godhead

concept is not something all understand at first. To

gain a better understanding of the nature and

character of God in His three personages I suggest

you read the riveting book "The Shack" by William

P. Young. It is a true story although sold as fiction

to avoid theological conflicts. You won't be able

to put it down. McKenzie goes camping with his

kids and while rescuing one in a canoe; a serial

killer kidnaps his young daughter whose bloodied

dress is later found in a shack in the woods by a

lake. After several years of major grief and emotional

pain, God sends McKenzie a snail mail letter

inviting him to meet with Him in the shack where

his daughter's dress was found, for a weekend.

McKenzie finally goes on a bleak wintry day but

finds no one in the dilapidated shack. Just as

he turns to return to his car the shack is transformed

into a beautiful cabin, snow melts and

months of winter transform into spring in a matter

of minutes, and he hears voices inside and sees

smoke coming out of the chimney. He can't believe

it. Although appearing not as expected, McKenzie

meets God the Father, Jesus the son, and the Holy

Spirit. Many fascinating things are revealed in this

book over that special weekend of healing for

McKenzie about the nature and character of God

and how the three personages of God relate to


each another and interact with us. McKenzie even

gets to walk across the top of the lake to the other

side with Jesus. The discovery of just who God is,

is so revealing in this book that my wife, with the

help of the Holy Spirit, literally translated the important

parts of the whole book into Russian for her

people. If you are Russian you can find this at

Irina's blog, the link to which can be found at , her website.

The Shack is a must read if you want to better

understand the nature and character of God in the

three personages. Some point out theological

errors in the book. I believe any theological errors

in the book are irrelevant compared to the mission

of gaining a better understanding of the triune

nature of God. When I summarize the story in

Bible meetings, I can never get through it all before

tears come to my eyes and I choke up, and I

have to stop and regain composure before continuing.

It has that much impact. God speaks to us in

many ways; through books, emails, and youtube

videos. Few of them are audibly verbal. He uses

His helpers to communicate to us things He thinks

are important for us to know.

Who is God?

God is the Supreme Deity of the universe. He is the

Almighty, the Creator and Sustainer of the heavens,

the earth and all things therein. He alone is

immortal (1Tim. 6:16). He is our God and Father

as well as the God and Father of Jesus Christ. He

is the Most High God and the One True God. God

is the creator of all things; us, the animals, the

fish, the birds, the earth, the sun, the moon, the

planets, the stars, the universe; everything!

Evolution and the big bang theory have been


proven erroneous. God is responsible for creating

the smallest one celled creature to the largest star

or galaxy. God always was, is, and always will be.

The Bible teaches us that in all existence, from all

eternity, there has been and always will be only

one God. God was never created, is completely

loving, completely just, completely holy, completely

merciful, and He desires the best for

us. The Bible says there is only one God: "I

am the Lord, and there is no other; Besides Me

there is no God," (Isaiah 45:5). Yet, the Bible

teaches that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are

part of the Godhead. Each of the persons in the

Trinity share the same attributes that only God

shares. But remember; the Father, Son, and Holy

Spirit each have wills, and speak; therefore, we

say there are three personages in one Godhead.

Who is Jesus?

Jesus is the first begotten of the creation hence the

beginning of the creation of God. He is the only

born Son of God, conceived of the Holy Spirit and

born to the Virgin Mary. He is the Christ or Messiah

sent from God to be our Savior and Redeemer.

He is called the Son of the Most High God. He was

designated Son of God in power according to the

Spirit of holiness by his resurrection from the dead.

He is given the throne of David to rule over the

House of Jacob forever and of his Kingdom

there shall be no end. Jesus is God Himself in

human form who came to earth to rectify the grave

sin Adam and Eve committed in the Garden of Eden

to redeem mankind from Satan. For those who are

born again, Jesus lives or abides inside of our


heart in the form of the Holy Spirit. He lives in us.

To understand who Jesus the Christ was, go to  

online and watch a free very accurate full length

film of the story and life of Jesus Christ.

The real Jesus

This is a painting of who I believe is the real Jesus

who lives today in heaven as painted by child

prodigy Akiane Kramarik. See her site for this pic in

color  and video of her works  

Jesus visited her at age 4 as a tall carpenter. She

made this painting later from memory. This is the

only picture of Jesus, Colton Burpo, who saw Jesus

in Heaven, , says is the

real likeness of Jesus from all of the different pictures

he has seen of Jesus. Search youtube. Go to  and type in Colton Burpo;


Heaven is Real. He reveals many things about

heaven and Jesus from his visit.

Who is the Holy Spirit?

Forty days after Jesus was resurrected following

His crucifixion, he left the earth and ascended back

into heaven. He told His disciples He would send a

replacement in the form of a comforter that would

allow them to continue on with the works they saw

Him do. He sent the Holy Spirit ten days later at

Pentecost. The Holy Spirit (Acts 2:4) is that essence

or power of God which Christ promised to

send to the elect. The Holy Spirit is the extension

of the living power of God. It is the means whereby

we become partakers of the Divine Nature, being

filled with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is given

by God to those who ask and obey him, dwelling in

those who keep God's commandments. The Holy

Spirit is the comforter that leads God's servants

into all truth. The Holy Spirit confers the power to

witness (Acts 1:8). It administers gifts as recorded

in 1Corinthians 12:7-11 and has fruits as described

in Galatians 5:22-23. The Spirit is the

means by which we worship God. It is a force

which empowers Christ in us to reach others.

Who are we, as humans?

1Thessolonians 5:23 tells us we are a spirit being,

made in the image of God, living in a flesh and

bones body and we have a soul. We are made up

of body, soul, and spirit - a trichotomy; just as God

has a triune nature of God the Father, God the

Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Our body is only

elements of the earth. Dust to dust. Our soul is not

our spirit and our spirit is not just our breathe of

life. Our soul is our mind with which we think, our


psyche, our emotions with which we act or respond,

our will with which we decide - it constitutes

our personality, our individual self. For an extremely

complete explanation of soul and spirit and

why they are different, see my wife’s webpage at  .

The soul communicates with the body to tell the

body how to move and what to do. But our spirit

communicates with our soul to tell it what is right

and what is wrong. Our spirit is our conscience, our

intuition. It is that little voice inside us that tells us

"Uh-oh", when we are about to do something we

know isn't right. When people continually do things

we all know is wrong we say they have no conscience.

Better terminology is that they have a

"seared" conscience. When our conscience is

"seared" there is no little voice inside that reminds

us of what is right and what is wrong because our

conscience is a spirit of human sin nature inherited

from Adam.

God created Adam and Eve perfect including a

spirit that was of God when He made them. They

lost that spirit when they disobeyed God in the

Garden of Eden. Eating the forbidden fruit might

have been the physical act but disobedience was

the sin they committed. When they did that, the

spirit of God in them died and was replaced by a

spirit of human sin nature. We inherit this nature

of Adam, this human sin nature, when we are born.

It is why we need to be born again so this spirit

of human sin nature can be replaced by God's

nature again. God restores our spirit to each who

believes and asks for it. Let's say you have a three60

year-old child which is considered unaccountable

yet in God's eyes. If that child dies, he goes to

heaven. There are no children in hell. But your

child understands your words. You tell him NOT to

touch your computer in your office but while you

are in the other room you hear a crash and when

you go into your office you see your computer on

the floor and your three-year-old child standing

there with a guilty look on his face. You ask him if

he touched your computer. He shakes his head and

says no. You know he is lying. Did you teach him to

lie? Where did he get it from then? From Adam. He

was born with Adam's human sin nature. He has no

conscience in him yet that is from God, which tells

him lying is a no-no.

Our spirit or conscience is a very important part of

our being. It is our spirit that is capable of communicating

with God. John 4:24 says God is

spirit and those who worship him must worship in

spirit and in truth. Jesus, God's son, came to earth

in human carnate form. But God the Father has no

earthly form, He is spirit only. When the Bible says

we are made in the image of God, it is not bodily

form it is talking about, it is in spirit. It is why

we need to be born again, so the spirit that is in us

that is dead at birth from Adam and Eve's sin,

can become alive again so we can commune with

God. Our spirit leaves our body at physical death.

James 2:26; Ecclesiastes 12:7. Spiritual death is

the result of a person being separated from God by

sin - Ephesians 2:1; 1Timothy 5:6; Isaiah 59:2.

At physical death I believe our spirit and soul leave

the body behind and make a journey to either

heaven or hell. It is important to know that your

final spiritual journey is determined while still alive


on earth. Once you die, there is no recourse, no

changing destinations; ever. You have to get this

figured out now while yet alive, even if right up to

the moment of your last breath.

Read the parable of the vineyard owner in

Mathew 20. The men he hired in late afternoon

received the same wages as those he hired early in

the morning. You can be saved in your last dying

breath, just as if you had been with Jesus your

whole life. Downside is this thing called untimely

death. Death can be unexpected and quite immediate

for many. Many won't have the time to finally

come to Jesus, and make the final plea for salvation,

even if they had planned to do so. Saying to

yourself, "I still have tomorrow to do it" is unwise

thinking. Most heart attack victims die in their

sleep. The only smart approach is to keep your

parachute on all the time, every day, 24/7, 365

days a year. Put DWJWD (do what Jesus would do)

into practice with every decision you make. Eternity

is forever.

Who is Satan?

The big question everyone asks, is; did God create

the devil? The answer is yes and no. God created

an angelic being named Lucifer, who later rebelled

against God and then became Satan, the devil. The

Bible says Satan was an angel in the heavens, a

cherubim named Lucifer, a most beautiful angel,

made perfect in every way; not really just an Angel

like Michael, Gabriel, or Rafael. Cherubim had four

wings, four faces (ox, man, eagle, serpent). It also

speaks of him having pipes, possibly on his chest

where music came out. He decided that he did not

want to obey God and wanted for himself to receive


the worship God was receiving. He started a rebellion

in heaven. Through deception and lies he

wrangled a third of the angels to come over to

his side. He was thrown out of heaven down to

earth for the sin of rebellion and his name Lucifer

was changed to Satan; father of lies, the deceiver,

the wicked one, Abbadon in Hebrew, Apolyon in

Greek, adversary, angel of light, thief, tempter,

and ruler of this planet earth. His beauty was

removed from him but it is said he can shape shift

into however he wants to appear. To those who

have seen him as he currently is, Satan is shown

on the cover of the book "War of the Angels". You

can read this whole book online for free at  .

Satan is said to have the face of a wolf, his

horns are actually his ears, the lower half of his

face is fishy as his mouth opening is similar to a

large mouth bass and puckers like a fish when he

breathes, in the middle of his face is a large welt in

the shape of a cross as if he were branded with a

hot branding iron as a sign of banishment. His

torso is reptilian with scales, and his midriff looks

like the underbelly of a serpent. His arms are long

and lean. His legs are large and heavy, like a

tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur. His tail is similar

to that of a crocodile. All these are descriptions

portrayed in prophecy and witnessed by the author

of War of the Angels. Satan's goal is to

bring death, destruction and ruin to mankind. He

works 24/7 365 days a year to get you to sin, to

backslide, question your belief in God, and fall out

of grace with God. If he can get you to backslide

and lose your faith your spirit will go to hell at

death instead of heaven. That's Satan's mis63

sion. Hear me. Spiritual warfare is very real. The

battle for your spirit at death is a real battle. It is

not imaginary. We just can't see it going on in the

natural although we are very much participants in

that battle. But it is a real war in the supernatural.

Satan uses spiritual strongholds to ensnare us

These are manifested through our personality in

the form of anger, depression, fear, feelings of

inferiority, insecurity, rejection, feeling unwanted

or unloved, hatred, jealousy, resentment, self-pity,

and worry. These strongholds can manfest through

mental problems; unrealistic and unexplained

procrastination, incomprehensible indecision, wavering,

compromise, confusion, delusions, doubt,

rationalization, and even loss of memory. These

strongholds can surface as disruptive speech;

uncontrolled outbursts, lying, profanity, blasphemy,

criticism, mockery and gossip. Strongholds can

also manifest as sexual problems; recurring unclean

thoughts, promiscuity, fantasizing sexual

experiences, masturbation, lust, provocative and

lewd behavior, homosexuality, fornication, adultery,

incest, and other sexual perversions.

Satan uses addictions to destroy us. He oppresses

us using dependency on things like nicotine, alcohol,

illegal drugs, prescription and over the counter

medications (like sleeping pills), gambling, television,

porn on the internet, satanic computer

games, caffeine, and even food. Sometimes even

physical infirmities are spiritual strongholds. What

some psychologists call an "addictive personality"

may actually be the results of a spiritual stronghold;

basically being demonically possessed.


How do we receive these Satanic strongholds?

We invite them in through our actions and behavior.

Becoming involved with the occult or spiritualism

in any form can open the door to these spiritual

strongholds. This includes being involved with

seances, witchcraft, black magic, Wicca, ouija

boards, levitation, palmistry, tarrot card reading,

handwriting analysis, ESP, hypnosis, reading horoscopes,

astrology, fortune telling, seeking communication

with spirits of the dead, new age meditation,

yoga as a spiritualistic experience, divination

(even as simple as water witching), mantras and

any form of devil worship. Yes, some famous artists

have sold their spirit to Satan in trade for fame

and glory in this life; totally unaware of the price

they will pay for eternity in the afterlife. Any form

of seeking supernatural knowledge, wisdom, guidance,

and power apart from God is forbidden in the


In Deuteronomy18:9-14, believers are commanded

to avoid every form of participation in demonic

practices. We are not to watch movies or

television programs that have demonic content,

read demonic books, participate in demonic games

(which many computer games are), or listen to

songs that have demonic lyrics. If you continue to

watch television shows and movies which depict

lying, murder, guns, drugs, and sexual immorality,

what do you think that does to your mind? Our

soul, our mind, is like a computer. What is fed

into it as input, greatly affects what comes out of

us as output. If we choose immoral and Satanic

input, how can we expect righteous behavior

as output? Simply put, we can't. It's one reason

our youth of today simply do not have the same


values as older people. They allow improper input

to enter which greatly affects their minds.

We have to guard closely what we allow into our

minds. We have to also guard against believing in

and adapting false religions and doctrines of man.

The main church of the Middle Ages contained

many man's doctrines, and pagan traditions as

people came into the church when Constantine

tried to Christianize all the pagans back in the

300’s. They simply brought their pagan baggage

with them. Some of it stuck and stayed with the

church. And they are not alone. Most main

churches today harbor some man’s doctrines

in their theology. 1 Timothy 4:1 tells us that in the

last days (which I believe we are in now) there will

be a great increase in doctrinal error promoted by

deceiving or seducing spirits , which will infiltrate

the church. Any doctrine that attacks the humanity

and deity of Jesus Christ or denies the inspiration

or inerrancy of scripture is a false doctrine.

Keep in mind that if you do not belong to

Jesus Christ you belong to Satan, by default. You

don't have to be a card carrying Satanist to serve

Satan. You don't have to be a murderer, drunkard

or drug addict, either. God will punish all the rapists,

murderers, and thieves...But he won't stop

there. He will also punish all liars, the lustful, adulterers,

fornicators, idolaters, and blasphemers.

You’ve already broken many of God’s ten commandments

and all you have to do to go to hell at

death, is ignore Jesus Christ; or fail to have a

relationship with Him and call upon Him to be your

savior. He isn’t big on lip service. If you don't

have Jesus in your life and in your heart today,


you are deceived and hell bound--you are a child of

hell, a child of the devil. And hell is the place where

you are destined to go and be punished at if you

fail to have your parachute on when you die.

God condemns channeling.

Saul lost his life and that of his sons due to channeling.

But today’s newagers in trying to convince

you there are multiple paths to heaven outside of

the salvation of Jesus, all use channeling to get

their information; all of it coming from demonic

sources. Satan only fears one person;

Jesus. If you are covered by the shed blood of

Jesus (you have your parachute on) then Satan

doesn’t get you. Therefore it is his job to tell you

and convince you that you don’t need Jesus or the

Jesus `parachute to get to heaven. That’s his lie

and if you believe that, he wins your soul. The goal

of course is to never let him get that kind of a

foothold on your mind and thoughts. Never doubt

your belief.

I recently read a book entitled “Mathew - Tell me

about heaven” by Suzy Ward. Her 17 year old son

died in a jeep accident and tells her about heaven

telepathically via channeling so she can write about

it. Interesting book, and it contains many things

she could not have made up which tells us she IS

in fact channeling some spirit somewhere; but the

book lacks Jesus. The salvation of Jesus message

isn’t there. He speaks of reincarnation, of

Haton, Ashtar and other characters of the Galactic

Federation whom we believe to be fallen angels. In

my opinion she is channeling a demonic impersonator

who knows all about her son and his goal is to

convince everyone through her books that Jesus is


not necessary to get to heaven. That’s a big lie.

Satan is using her to create deception and steer

people away from Jesus. Yes, there are evil spirits

that pretend to be good spirits who tell us lies.

The whole message of the good news of the

Gospel is that we have a pathway to God’s Kingdom

through Jesus. Each one of us has broken

most of God's ten commandments; His law. You

say, but I haven’t murdered anyone; but the Bible

says to have anger and hatred is akin to murder.

Ever been through a divorce or child support issue?

You say I haven’t committed adultery; but the

Bible says to look at a person with lust is the same

as the act. Have you not ever wished for something

your neighbor had that you lacked? Have you not

ever told a lie, no matter how small? Have you

ever not minded your parents? Have you not ever,

even as a child, taken something, no matter how

small that was not yours? Have you never cursed?

The Bible says that if we break just one commandment

it is the same as breaking them all.

James 2:10. We cannot get to the kingdom on our

own deeds. We are simply not perfect, God’s only

passing grade. God is a just judge. He is not a

corrupt judge. He will not let sin go without

just punishment. Thinking that your God will let

you in with sin on your soul because you were

basically a good old boy is worshipping a false God.

The real Yahweh won’t do that. Someone has to

pay for those sins; whether it be you; or someone

who paid that price for you. No other alternatives.


That's why we need a savior. That’s why we need

to accept Jesus as our savior. Jesus paid the price

for our sins for us with His own death on the

cross, because we simply cannot keep God’s laws,

no matter how hard we try. His righteousness

is substituted for our sins in the eyes of the Father.

That’s what a savior does. He does for you what

you cannot do for yourself. He paid for our ticket

with His death on the cross. We just have to accept

it, and show that we have accepted it by our repentance;

changed behavior shown by our

thoughts, actions, words and deeds reflecting the

Holy Spirit living inside of us. We have to admit

that we are sinners (Romans 3:23); we need

to understand the wages of sin is death (Romans

6:23); we have to admit we cannot save ourselves

(John 15:5), we have to believe Jesus died on the

cross for our sins (Hebrews 2:9), and that he was

resurrected from the dead (Mark 16:9). We have to

believe that if we confess our sins Jesus will forgive

us (1John 1:9) and we will be saved from hell.

That's a quick summary of the Gospel message.

The Dramatized Gospel - Watch an exacting

short video presentation summarizing what the

Bible is about and is trying to convey to us.  

There are 3 files to play on this page. You can also

view them in youtube and download them.

So what exactly is sin? And where did sin begin?

Sin is defined as transgression (disobedience) of

the Law. What is the law? There are two sets of

laws. In the Torah (the first five books of the old

testament) we have what is called the Mosaic Law

or 613 laws of Yahweh people were required


to follow. These were kept on the outside of the

Ark of the Covenant. You can find all 613 of these,

some of which are combined, at  

They were quite burdensome;

no one could keep all of those, which is why

many lambs were sacrificed, as before Jesus died

on the cross, a blood sacrifice was required to be

cleansed of sin. Some don't make much

sense today considering current language and


The Ten Commandments which God put down

with His little finger on stone tablets and gave to

Moses (twice – Moses broke the first set in anger)

are referred to as God's Moral Law. These stone

tablets were kept inside the Ark of the Covenant

while the Mosaic Law, the 613 laws nobody could

keep, was kept outside the ark.

God’s moral law, the Ten Commandments, says:

do not worship false gods, don't worship images,

don't use God's name in vain (swearing), honor the

Sabbath, honor father and mother, don't kill, don't

commit adultery, don't steal, don't lie, and don't

covet. See  

for a more complete description of the ten commandments.

Find them twice in the Bible. See

Exodus 20:2-17 and Deuteronomy 5:6-21. These

were kept INSIDE the Ark of the Covenant.

The big question arises, did all of Moses’ laws

and the Ten Commandments go out with the cross?

Many think not; that the only thing that went out

with the cross were the Mozaic Laws, animal sacri70

fices and oblations; sacrificial offerings. The cross

did not do away with the Ten Commandments.

Most people, but not all Jews, think Jesus replaced

the Mosaic laws with His new covenant. Those 613

laws still contained many things people could not

comply with and many don’t make sense today.

Colossians 2:14-17 confirms this, that what went

out with the cross was "the handwriting of ordinances

that was against us". That’s the Mosaic law

it is talking about. But in Mathew 5:17-18 Jesus

tells us He did not come to abolish the law but to

“fulfil”; with some Greek translations using “to

establish” the law. He said,” not one jot or one

tittle – like dotting of an i or crossing of a T- shall

in no wise pass from the law”. The law spoken of

here is God’s moral law, the Ten Commandments.

Jesus summarizes these in His statement about

having no other Gods before us and loving your

neighbor as thyself, Mathew 22:37-39. The verbiage

for all ten commandments is still found in the

new testament. They did not go out with the cross.

Here are the scriptural passages in the New Testament

where all of them can still be found, either

explicitly or by example. Jesus Christ and the

apostles viewed the Ten Commandments still as a

necessary part of Christian living. These still define

transgression, sin.

First Commandment: Matthew 4:10; 22:37-38.

Second Commandment: 1 John 5:21; 1 Corinthians

6:9; 10:7, 14; Ephesians 5:5.

Third Commandment: Matthew 5:33-34; 7:21-

23; Luke 11:2; 1 Timothy 6:1.

Fourth Commandment: Luke 4:16; Acts 13:14,

42, 44; 16:13; 17:2; 18:4; Hebrews 4:4, 9.

Fifth Commandment: Matthew 15:3-6; 19:17-

19; Ephesians 6:2-3.


Sixth Commandment: Matthew 5:21-22;

19:17-18; Romans 13:9, Galatians 5:19-21;

James 2:10-12.

Seventh Commandment: Matthew 5:27-28;

19:17-18; Romans 13:9; 1 Corinthians 6:9;

10:8; Ephesians 5:5; Galatians 5:19-21; James


Eighth Commandment: Matthew 19:17-18;

Romans 13:9, Ephesians 4:28

Ninth Commandment: Matthew 19:17-18;

Romans 13:9; Colossians 3:9; Ephesians 4:25

Tenth Commandment: Luke 12:15; Romans

7:7; 13:9; Ephesians 5:3, 5.

The wages of sin is death. (Romans 6:23).

Sin, however small it may be esteemed, can be

persisted in only at the cost of eternal life. What is

not overcome will overcome us, and work out our

destruction. A pastor I know in Mexico has as his

favorite saying,” Sin will take you farther than you

want to go, keep you longer than you want to stay,

and cost you more than you are willing to pay. “

That’s a pretty fair definition. We must wash our

robes of character in the blood of the Lamb until

they are white and spotless. Adam and Eve persuaded

themselves that in so small a matter as

eating of the forbidden fruit, it could not result in

such terrible consequences as Yahweh had declared.

But this small matter was sin, the transgression

of Yahweh's immutable and holy law, and

it opened the floodgates of death and untold woe

upon our world. Calvary stands as a memorial of

the amazing sacrifice required as a propitiation for

the transgression of the divine law. Do not esteem

sin, no matter how small, as a trivial thing.


The “unpardonable” sin

Jesus informs us that there are many different

kinds of sins and blasphemies (spoken words of a

person) that will be forgiven a man or a woman on

this planet. Adultery (having sex with someone

other than your spouse) and fornication (having

sex outside of the marriage bond) can be forgiven.

Even murder can be forgiven. These are sins not

unto death as they can be forgiven. 1John 5:17 All

unrighteousness is sin: and there is a sin not unto


But, Jesus then says that there is one sin that will

not be forgiven any man or any woman at any time

and that is when they blaspheme the Holy Ghost.

Mat 12:31 Wherefore I say unto you, all manner of

sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but

the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be

forgiven unto men.

The “sin unto death” is a referenced spiritual death

that separates that individual from God spiritually

speaking. We are told in 1 John 5:16 to only pray

for those that are committing the sins that are not

unto death, but for those that have committed the

sin unto death, it does not do any good to pray for

them. Therefore, if there is just ONE SIN that is

unforgivable, then salvation is no longer unconditionally

secured, but has been transformed by

definition to a conditional salvation. Remaining

saved would then be totally dependent upon you

not committing the blasphemy against the Holy

Ghost, spoken words directed against the character

of God. God leaves your destiny up to you and you


Man still possesses a free will choice and he can


decide at any point in time not to be saved. This

action would result in the rejection of the saving

grace of God. That which God has given to them

for free can be freely given back to God at any

time. People will never lose the right to choose

between good and evil, God and Satan, light and

darkness even if it is an extremely stupid choice to

make such a wrong decision. Heb 10:26 “For if we

sin willfully after we have received the knowledge

of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for

sins”. Remaining saved would then be totally dependent

upon you not committing the blasphemy

of the Holy Ghost. That clearly changes salvation

to an unsecured CONDITIONAL event!

To be more specific, to speak blasphemously of the

Holy Spirit means to speak against the character of

God; calling Him evil because to you he let a loved

one die, blaming God for the twin towers destruction

of 9-11, or the hurricanes, earthquakes, and

tsunami disasters. You can lose your salvation over

such slander. There will always be a choice set

before you as long as you are on this earth in the

flesh. God will never take your ability to choose

away from you. You can choose to obey Him and

His Word or select to go your own independent

way. This verse in Romans clearly says that you

still have responsibility and choices to make. Do

not fall prey to the “sin unto death” – the “unpardonable


Romans 6:16 Know ye not, that to whom ye yield

yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are to

whom ye obey; whether of sin unto death, or of

obedience unto righteousness?


Savior – Why do we need one?

Savior – derived from “salvare” – to save

A savior refers to a person who is a redeemer,

deliverer, rescuer, who saves someone else from

danger, harm, loss, peril, or destruction. A savior is

someone who can do for you what you cannot do

for yourself. Jesus, as our savior, allows us to

achieve salvation, which we cannot achieve on our

own. Salvation gets us into heaven and keeps us

out of hell. Salvation is the act of being saved

from the fires and torments of hell. Salvation buys

us the ticket into heaven; at least into the

“paradise” part of heaven. Paradise in heaven may

well be different from the Kingdom of God though.

Example of a savior

In the United States from the 1640’s until 1865

when laborers were needed to plant, nurture, weed

and harvest the cotton, sugar, and peanut plantations

of the deep south, Negro slaves who

had been purchased or shanghaied from Africa

against their will were shipped across the Atlantic

to the South to provide the large workforce to do

this. These people were bought and sold just as we

handle cattle, pigs or chickens today. The internal

slave trade became the largest enterprise in the

South outside of the plantation itself. A Negro

slave at that time had virtually no money of his

own and was essentially bought and paid for by the

plantation owner. He was considered property. He

was in servitude to that plantation owner until he

died or could buy his way out of slavery. For most,

that was never a possibility. But for some fortunate

slaves, someone else came to their rescue; a savior,

a relative, a friend, a person who didn’t believe

in slavery, and paid the plantation owner whatever


sum it took to buy their freedom so they were no

longer slaves, but could become free men. The vast

majority of black slaveholders were free men who

purchased members of their families or who

acted out of benevolence to free their compatriots.

They were the saviors of that era. They did for

the slaves what the slaves could not do for

themselves. If you will remember history, the civil

war was essentially fought over the issue of slavery

and human rights and ended with the Emancipation

Proclamation, which freed all the slaves. But the

point is; without a savior, the slave could never

escape slavery.

We are in the same boat as those slaves.

Different set of circumstances, same need for a

savior if we want to be emancipated from our sins

in the eyes of Father Yahweh. We CAN’T get there

on our own accord. We do not achieve His passing

grade of being “perfect”. We have broken most

every one of His laws; sometimes unknowingly,

sometimes accidentally, sometimes in anger, some

times in rebellion, sometimes in sorrow and oftentimes

in remorse; but we have done so. We need

someone to do for us what we cannot do for ourselves.

We need to exchange our sinfulness for

our Savior’s righteousness in the eyes of the Father

or we simply aren’t allowed into His kingdom. If we

don’t get into the kingdom, our sins send us to hell.

No alternative. Please take this seriously; your

afterlife depends upon it.

"You shall not steal." "You shall not lie." "You

shall not make for yourself any idol." "You shall

not take the name of God in vain." "Honor

your father and your mother." "You shall


not murder." The Bible says, "He who hates his

brother is a murderer," (1 John 3:15). We can

violate His Law by attitude and intent. "You shall

not covet." "You shall have no other gods before

Me." Have you ever failed to put Him first in your

life? How many of us can honestly state we put

God before our spouse? Another tough one. "Remember

the Sabbath Day, to keep it holy." What

day is that now? Sunday? Saturday? Do we even

know anymore? "You shall not commit adultery." I

say to you that whoever looks at a woman with

lust for her has already committed adultery with

her in his heart. Any guy here who hasn’t done


The Bible says that adulterers (having sex with

someone other than your spouse) and fornicators

(those who have sex outside of being married)

will not enter the kingdom of heaven. Who can say

that they are not guilty of breaking most of these

commandments? Virtually all of us have broken

most ALL of them at one time or another no matter

how hard we’ve tried not to. The Bible tells us

that everyone has sinned. There is nobody that is

without sin. This is what the Bible means when it

says, "All have sinned and fallen short of the Glory

of God." That’s why we need Jesus as our Savior.

We are guilty of sinning against God Himself, and,

because you have a conscience, (con=with, science=

knowledge) we have sinned "with knowledge."

Isn't it true that every time you lied, stole,

or lusted, etc., you knew it was wrong?

God has revealed many things to us

in only the past 30 years that show the events

described in the Bible did happen, and the people


mentioned in the Bible did actually live on this

earth, and that God is real. God is revealing these

things through archeological discoveries. Why?

Because we are out of time. Jesus is coming for His

Bride very soon. The tares will be removed from

the harvest at the second coming. By forensic

analysis, for example, the Shroud of Turin - the

burial cloth of Jesus, contains over 50 different

pollen grains indigenous only to the Jerusalem

region, and has been proven to be the real

actual burial cloth of Jesus. The shroud's authenticity

was always in question up until 1996 when the

final pieces to the puzzle were put together. For

some intriguing information on it visit  

or go to  and put “Shroud of

Turin” in the search box.

I believe the location of the Ark of the Covenant

has been discovered, in a cavern 25’ below the

crucifixion posthole where Jesus was hung. It was

placed there 588 years before the crucifixion during

a siege of Jerusalem. All in God’s plan. Remember

the great earthquake that occurred when Jesus

died and the soldier breached the side of Jesus at

that time? The blood and water of Jesus ran down

a crack in the rock that opened up and ended up on

the mercy seat of the Ark. Analysis of this reconstituted

blood found on the mercy seat of the ark by

Jerusalem laboratories showed only 24 chromosones

instead of the normal 46 (23 pair) we

have. Don’t hear about that in church do you?

See details at:  


Noah's Ark has been found in Turkey. The

cities of Sodom and Gomorrah have been found

with sulphur pellets not indigenous to that region

still in the surrounding sands. The exodus path has

been verified by a satellite in the sky which

searched for buried Iraqi tanks and which senses

temperature differences as little as a half a degree

in the earth and sands below. With several million

people leaving Egypt they pulverized the sand

into a fine powder and the nighttime moisture

fused it into concrete, which left a very dense

sidewalk buried beneath the sand, which heats up

during the day and stays warmer than the surrounding

sands at night. . This dense pathway

showed up as a red line on the satellite imagery

all the way from ancient Rameses in Egypt

where the Israelites assembled, to Succoth, where

they collected the bones of Joseph (Exodus 13:19,

20). The line then extends onward to Etham, and

then over the high plateau of the Sinai Peninsula,

finally dropping down onto what is today called

the Gulf of Aqaba, the easternmost finger of the

Red Sea. Then it resurfaces on the Arabian side

showing where they crossed the Red Sea and it

extends over to Mt Jebel el Lawz in Arabia which

was the Mt Sinai described in the Bible. I cannot

find proof positive verification of the red line satellite

story but I am told it is true. Many chariot parts

of that era and horse and human bones have been

found in the Gulf of Aqaba, where Moses and the

Israelites crossed the Red Sea over a land bridge

that lies just under the water there. See videos at  for all of these discoveries.

I have more information posted on my website on

these discoveries also at the following pages:


God is real. The events and people described in the

Bible are also real. Why aren’t churches talking

about these discoveries to increase people's faith

that this is all real? Good question. Wouldn’t your

belief get a boost knowing these events happened?

The Bible – just what is it?

Some term it as Basic Information Before Leaving

Earth. The Bible, God's word, is a collection of 66

books written by about 40 authors, in three different

languages, on three different continents, over

approximately 1600 years. The Bible claims to be

inspired. This means that the Bible claims to be

from God. The Bible contains many different styles

of writing such as poetry, narration, history, law,

and prophecy and must be interpreted in context of

those styles. It is the source of the Christian religion

in that the Bible contains the words of God

given to men through the Holy Spirit and how a

Christian is to apply the words of God to his life.

Basically, the Bible describes the origin of man in

the Garden of Eden along with his fall into sin and

out of fellowship with God. It then describes how

God called out a special people to Himself, the

Israelites. He promised the Israelites a future

Messiah who would restore mankind's relationship

with God. The Bible is the account of the work

of God in history bringing to fruition His prophetic

declarations concerning Jesus. Jesus was born of

the Virgin, died on the cross, and paid for our

sins, just as the Bible prophesied in the Old Testament

and as was fulfilled in the New Testament.


In short, the Bible points to Jesus, "You search the

Scriptures, because you think that in them you

have eternal life; and it is these that bear witness

of Me," (John 5:39). Furthermore, the Bible

teaches us that forgiveness of sins is found in Jesus

alone, "And there is salvation in no one else; for

there is no other name under heaven that has been

given among men, by which we must be saved,”

(Acts 4:12). Some say that the Bible is nothing

more than fairy tales. But this cannot be for it

contains great wisdom and truth and it has

been verified throughout history as being accurate.

Its historical accounts are flawlessly accurate.

In fact, archaeology routinely demonstrates the

accuracy of the biblical records concerning locations

and events recorded in the Bible.

The Bible is a history book that covers over

6000 years of time, from Adam to present and

beyond. The events in the Bible have been proven

to have actually happened. Jesus Christ was a real

man and is the most documented individual in

history. Over 25,000 books have been written

about him. Historians documented His miracles, His

life and His death without even believing He was

the Messiah. Over 500 people saw Jesus in the

flesh after His resurrection in the 40 days He was

still on earth following His resurrection before His

ascension into heaven. This is all documented

historically. Over 300 prophecies or predictions

were made about Jesus; documented in the

Old Testament before He was ever born, and they

all came true as was shown in the new testament.  

for a listing of all of these. The


probability of just eight of those coming true for

one man in that time period is one in 10 to the 17th

power. If you covered the whole state of Texas in

10 peso or silver dollar coins two feet deep, painted

a black dot on just one of them, and tried to select

just that one coin out of all of those covering the

whole state of Texas, that is the probability we are

talking about. Basically, God is real and none of

this is by chance.

Here’s the important clincher though.

If the Bible is a history book and the people, places

and events described in it have already come to

pass what about the events described in the Bible

that are yet to come as described in both Daniel

and Revelation? Same events described by two

different people from two different locations and in

two different time periods of history. Isn’t there a

good chance that those things are going to happen

also? Think about that.

Many of you don’t have internet access and most of

you don’t have the time or the interest to study

these matters like I do. I am here to tell you that

we are definitely in the endtimes described in the

Bible, the time just before the second coming, and

that the events forecasted in Revelation are unfolding

in the world today daily before our very eyes.

We are told that WE are the last generation. WE,

you and I, will be witness to the second coming of

Jesus. Jesus said He would not tell us exactly when

he would come again, only the Father knows the

hour and the day, but He did give us the circumstances

and sequence of events to watch for.

And those events are happening right now, rapidly.


These include economic collapse, a new world

government, a one world religion, widespread

disease, pestilence, plagues, droughts, lack of food,

famine, starvation, persecution; it’s all taking

place. Now. We need to be concerned about all

this Bible stuff because we are out of time. Jesus

is coming soon. He has told people He has visited

that He is coming soon. We have to be ready. We

have to put our Jesus parachute on and keep it on.

We have to have extra oil for our lamps - Mathew

25 (obey God's commandments and let the holy

spirit guide you in a righteous and holy lifestyle in

lieu of sinning), or we will be considered tares and

will be destroyed.

Which Bible should I use?

Are there any differences between say the 1611 or

1620 King James, the New King James Version, a

1599 Geneva Bible (the people’s favorite King

James hated, with all the footnotes at the side

telling people what passages didn’t mean as well as

what they did mean), an NIV, ASV, AMP, ERV, ESV

etc? And then there’s the Book of Yahweh, from, a Bible translation taken

directly from the Greek and Hebrew scriptures.

Unfortunately yes, there are many differences. In

the modernization effort to clarify content, (as well

as to create doubt I believe) many passages are

left out, words are left out, and meaning has been

altered; and not for the better. Scriptures have

been misused and abused. Many phrases have

been deliberately mistranslated in order to hide

their true meaning; some simply just left out. Just

in the transition from the original King James to the

New King James for example the word Lord has

been omitted 66 times, the word repent has been


omitted 40 times, the word God is left out 51

times, the blood is omitted 23 times, the word

heaven is omitted 23 times and the word hell is left

out 22 times. The New King James omits the words

Jehovah, damnation, New Testament and devils.

According to Mark Driscoll in his incredibly revealing

book “Doctrine – what Christians should believe”

(get a used copy at – one of

the most enlightening books you will ever read); he

talks about word for word translations like the KJV

King James Version and the ESV English Standard

Version. He speaks of thought for thought translations

like the NIV, New International Version, which

attempt to convey the meaning of the passage and

not just the individual words. And he addresses

paraphrased translations that put the emphasis on

readability in English such as the TLB The Living

Bible and the AMP Amplified Bible. All faithful

translations attempt to achieve a balance of accuracy

to the original text, beauty of language, clarity

of meaning and dignity of style.

The Old Testament Hebrew text was preserved by

the Levites. The apostles quoted it, and we can

trust it. For the New Testament, of all the copies in

existence today, 95% agree in an incredible way.

God did keep His promise! Only 5%, a tiny minority,

are "messed up." All we have to do is put

together a Hebrew and Greek text made up from

our overwhelming majority of ancient texts, and we

will have a text that we can be confident is exactly

the same as the one held by the early church.

Today, this text is called by several names, the

most common being the "Received Text" or "Textus



This was the text used by devout translators like

William Tyndale, Martin Luther, John Calvin and

others, some of whom died to preserve the Scriptures.

If they were going to have to die for it, they

were determined to die for the right text! This is

also the text used to make the most famous of all

English Bibles, the King James Bible. Although Mark

suggests the ESV, English Standard Version may be

the best overall version for accuracy, studying,

teaching and preaching; if accuracy is your key

goal; perhaps the 1611 or 1620 KJV is the one to


Determining what a Bible passage really says

The easiest way to determine what a particular

passage says and what has been altered or missing

from the Bible you are using is to go to and select the passage

you wish to compare; say Hebrews 10:26. It will

give you a translation from the book you selected

on the right. Select KJV for example. Then select

“Hebrews 10:26 in all English translations” just

under what the KJV says. That page then opens to

what 53 different Bibles say about that particular

entry. By the time you get done comparing and

reading through that list; you have a pretty good

idea of what that passage is supposed to mean; in

a nutshell, that if you continue sinning willfully

Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross is not going to cover

you and you are hellbound. The differences in

some passages and translations can be enormous.

The site is a great place to

resolve translation issues amongst the different



And he warns to beware of translations such

as the Jehovah’s Witness’ New World Translation

that attempts to eliminate the deity of Jesus Christ.

This translation is shunned by the vast majority of

eminent bible scholars because of its skewed and

warped message where any reference to Jesus'

divinity is mistranslated so as to back up their own

beliefs. Jehovah's witnesses believe Jesus is the

subservient Son of God, despite Jesus’ claim to be

God himself. They believe that while Jesus is a

mighty god, he is not thee almighty God. Jesus

tells us, ”I and my Father are one"(John 10, 30-

33), "he who has seen me has seen the Father”.

Although the Jehovah's Witnesses quote line after

line of scripture, you should note that most of them

come from their own altered New World Translation

of the Bible and almost all are taken out of context

where, if you read the context of a particular verse,

and compare it with corresponding verses in the

other gospels, you frequently get a very different

and truer meaning. Use the “see what the same

passage says in 53 different Bibles” feature at to see what I mean.

The Mormon Bible, The Book of Mormon, is not like

other Bibles either; some of it is comprised of the

channeled messages of an angel named Moroni to

its Founder, Joseph Smith. Christian scripture has

no mention of an angel named Moroni. Mormons,

although good people having many strong Christian

attributes like helping others, again do not believe

Jesus IS God. They have a theology that supports

tritheism; that the trinity is three separate Gods.

They teach God has a literal physical body when

the Christian Bible tells us God is spirit only (John

4:24). They teach that we can become Gods our86

selves which conflicts with scripture that tells us

God became an incarnate man, not the other way

around. Go to and type in

Mormonism and explore Mormon customs and

beliefs well before accepting their theology.

And, I'm getting way ahead of the story.

Again, why do we need Jesus?

We have to go back to Genesis, the first chapter in

the Bible, to find out why Jesus is even necessary

in this picture today. In Genesis we learn that God

created all things; the sun, the moon, the stars,

the heavens, the earth, the animals, the fish, the

birds in the air, and more. Darwin's evolution or

the big bang theory doesn't hold water and

has been proven highly erroneous. God's creation

includes man whom He formed out of the dust

of the ground. God breathed His spirit into him and

gave him a soul - a mind, intellect, will, emotions.

Genesis 2:7 "And the LORD God formed man of

the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils

the breath of life; and man became a living

soul." John 4:24 tells us that God is spirit, and

those who worship Him must worship in spirit and

in truth. As God is spirit, He created man as a

spiritual being. Man's body was created as the

physical "house" in which man's spirit was to dwell

and through which he was to interact with the

physical world through his senses. Mankind was

also given a soul which was created as the site of

man's consciousness and as the expression of his

personality. 1Thessolonians 5:23.

Think of your soul as your mind or intellect; your

harddrive which contains your will, your emotions,

and your remembrances. The soul connects


the spiritual and physical aspects of man's nature.

The three parts of our nature; spirit, soul, and

body function in harmony with each other. We

know at death that our physical body decays back

into the elements of the earth; dust to dust. Genesis

3:19 "...for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt

thou return". But what about our soul and spirit?

Do they stay in the ground also or do they

go somewhere at death?

The religious community is split on this issue.

Some affiliations contend nothing goes anywhere at

death until the second coming, but we lay in the

ground knowing nothing as we sleep. They call this

"soul sleep". Body and spirit (and soul) remain in

the ground not separated, knowing nothing until

the second coming.

Other affiliations contend our soul and spirit are

taken to heaven or hell directly at death.

Both sides cite scriptural passages to support their

stand. If you step outside this box and review

books, you tube videos, near death experiences,

and stories of people Jesus has taken to both

heaven and hell so they could come back and write

about it to tell us of the atrocities awaiting us in

hell as well as the glories awaiting us in heaven, it

paints a picture that our spirits and souls make a

journey at death. As I've read many books on

this subject and watched hours and hours of testimonies

of those making these journeys and returning;

I have to vote that our soul and spirit

go somewhere at death.


Heaven or Hell?

Do these places really exist?

There is strong evidence to suggest our spirit and

soul go to heaven or hell when we die even though

we do not have immortality at that point in time.

Our immortal resurrected body is not part of the

package at the time of death if our death is prior to

the first resurrection at the second coming. Only

God Himself has immortality at this point in time

(1Timothy 6:16). 1 Corinthians 15:50-54 tells us

when immortality is given to us; at the second

coming, not at the end of physical life, unless

the end of physical life occurs also at the second

coming when we are “changed in the twinkling of

an eye”. If death is before then, although you will

NOT have a resurrection body at the time of

death when your spirit departs, you will have all

five senses. You will be able to see, smell, hear,

speak, touch and feel pain, which will not be pleasant

if you end up at the wrong destination. Hell is

NOT just the absence of God. It is a real place

many think is currently deep within our own earth

of heat, no water, darkness and pain.

What about Purgatory?

Purgatory is a mythological place, invented by

Rome to extract more money from people. Great

concept, but it doesn’t exist. Purgatory, as a stopping

off place to be cleansed of sin, kinda like our

prison system, makes sense, but again, it simply

doesn’t exist. It's not in the Bible nor is the concept

of purgatory in the Bible. It was contrived by the

church in the dark ages. What makes sense to us is

not always how it is. There is no stopping off place

to be cleansed of sin before going to heaven. The

Catholic system of indulgences and monetary


extraction continues on to this day. You can't buy

off someone else's sins. Even Catholic priests today

admit there is no such thing as purgatory. You will

not go to some middle ground prison in purgatory

to work your sins off; your soul/spirit will go to

either heaven or hell upon death, period. If

you don't have the Jesus parachute on when you

die, you are in deep trouble, as hell is a one-way

trip, and there is no escape once there. Remember,

we are comprised of spirit as well as flesh and

blood. Within one minute after you die on this

earth, your spirit will arrive at one of those two

destinations, heaven or hell, and there is

no changing travel plans once you arrive at the

wrong, undesirable destination.

What is heaven like?

The Bible uses the words paradise, heaven, Kingdom

of Heaven and Kingdom of God, but not interchangeably.

In the story of Lazarus and the rich

man (Luke 16:19-31) we are told Lazarus was in

paradise and the rich man was in hades and they

were separated by a deep chasm so one could not

crossover to the other. It is felt by many that

paradise was outside of God’s heaven before Jesus

died. Before the resurrection, man was not covered

by the righteousness of Jesus and since man is not

perfect, only Jesus had ascended to heaven; John

3:31. However, we know from the transfiguration

both Elijah and Moses should have been in heaven.

After Jesus was resurrected, it is felt by some that

paradise was moved to heaven where it is today,

as then people could be covered by the righteousness

of Jesus which God considers our righteous as

well. In Mathew 27:52-53 it speaks of the graves

being opened and many bodies of the saints arose


and went into the city and were seen by many.

Could that have been when paradise was moved to

heaven? Heaven, the third heaven, is a real physical

place. Some argue that the Kingdom of Heaven

(or the Kingdom of God - one and the same) is

presently within us as a state of our spirituality and

abeyance to Jesus. They also say it will be a physical

place on the new earth when God’s city, the

New Jerusalem, comes down to the new earth,

Revelation 21. This is an area of interpretation,

which we cannot make absolutely definitive until

we cross the veil at death. Until that time, researching

opinions and speculation prevails.


for a recent vision of heaven given to an atheist.

Near death experience testimonies documented at,

and, support the

concept that hell is a very real place; a place we

don’t ever want to go to. It also supports the glorious

life that awaits us in heaven. What is heaven

like? Revelation chapters 21 and 22 give us some

good insight about what heaven will be like with it's

foundations of the wall of the city garnished with all

manner of precious stones, walls of jasper, 12

gates made of a single pearl each, streets of gold,

crystal clear water, trees bearing fruit each month

of different kinds and different tiers, dwellings

Jesus has created for us, incredible flora and fauna,

music and colors far beyond our imaginations, a

pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding

out of the throne of God and of the Lamb.

There shall be no night there; and they need no

candle, neither light of the sun; for the Lord God


giveth them light: and they shall reign forever and

ever. Jesus took Mary Kathryn Baxter out of body

and gave her ten different tours of parts of heaven,

which she describes in her book Divine Revelation

of Heaven which you can read online for free at or purchase online

at or any bookstore. She

wasn't shown all of heaven, just parts. But what

she was shown sends shivers down one's spine in

anticipation of what we can look forward to.

Actually there are three heavens.

The first heaven is everything within our atmosphere

where the birds and the planes fly. The

second heaven includes space, where the sun, the

moon and the stars reside. The third heaven is the

destination of the saved righteous and is beyond

the atmosphere and starry skies. Paul wrote of this

third heaven in 2 Cor 12:2. God has storehouses

in heaven, loaded with blessings and healings that

are constantly being dispensed to those in need

down on earth. There are warehouses of body parts

to replace worn out body parts here on earth, just

awaiting prayers to be received asking for those

parts. People need to know that their healing was

paid for at the whipping post by His stripes. (Isaiah

53:5 and 1Peter 2:24). By His stripes we are and

were healed. We just have to claim it through

prayer (Mark 11:24). When we take communion we

have to understand that the bread represents

Jesus' body which was broken for us at the whipping

post. A laceration is another synonym for

broken. When we eat the bread we must realize

that our healing was paid for in full by that whipping

and the lacerations He received. Our salvation

was paid for by his blood and death on the cross,


which is signified by drinking the wine. Healing is

for today, not just 2000 years ago. If you eat the

bread or drink the wine at communion and don't

understand what I have just explained, you are

committing sin. You need to know what eating the

bread and drinking the wine signifies.

Heaven is a very busy place.

Many many angels are constantly journeying between

heaven and earth. Church services are full of

angels, watching the proceedings and recording

what's in the hearts of the people in attendance.

Every time you give tithes, or give to the poor or

disabled, it is recorded in heaven. Each of us has a

record book in heaven noting our every thought,

word, deed, and action. When a person is born

again, his book is taken to a room where all his sins

are removed and blotted out from that book.

Rejoicing occurs in heaven whenever any person

comes to Jesus. There are horses and animals in

heaven, but the lion settles down with the lamb.

There is no aggression in heaven as there is on

earth. Redeemed saints in heaven are very busy

too. You don't sit on clouds and play harps.

Heaven is very orderly. Both angels and saints are

engaged in stimulating, exhilarating, fulfilling tasks.

The people she saw in heaven had distinctive features

and were from all nations of the earth. No

person had any scars, and all looked radiant and

handsome, and about 25 to 30 years old. You will

not be vapor and smoke. You will have bodily form

and features. Mary saw beautiful houses and mansions

in heaven. Jesus tells us in John 14:2 that he

has prepared a place for us so we can be where He

is. There are huge chariots in heaven. Angels are

big there too. Chariot wheels are very large and


studded with diamonds and precious rubies and

emeralds. When God speaks, twelve to fifteen foot

tall angels stand in front of the throne and blow


Wanna know what Heaven is like from those

who have been there and can describe what they

saw? A three part youtube video series starts at:

UsaI&NR=1 awesome music – great graphics,

tough to watch it and keep dry eyes.

Jesus took Mary Kathryn Baxter to hell 30 different

times so she got that one right too. Mary saw no

children in hell. All children including those babies

who were aborted or stillborn were taken to a

special place in heaven where they are raised. In

heaven there is no sickness, no wheelchairs, no

disabilities, no disease, no corruption, no lies, and

no sin. God will not allow sin to enter through the

gates of heaven. When we were children, we operated

under a system of rewards and punishment.

Heaven is a reward for being justified, sanctified

and allowing the Holy Spirit to guide you in living

holy and righteous. If you would but take the time

to explore what is known about heaven from both

what the Bible says and from what people who

have been there tell us, it becomes apparent that it

is something we absolutely don't want to miss out

on. But there are things you need to know in order

to not miss out, and that is the purpose of this

book. Remember, grace needs to be understood

and you can lose your salvation by backsliding.

What about a real literal Hell?

What does the Bible say about Hell?


The Bible gives us clues and information but not

solid definitive answers. English has only one word

for hell but words in Greek, Roman and Hebrew

speak of Hades, Sheol, Gehenna - the valley of

Hinnon, the abyss and Tartarus; all reflecting

places in the underworld. Modern translations often

differentiate between these words, but not consistently

so. Tartarus – the abyss, the bottomless pit -

occurs but once, at 2 Peter 2:4, and applies only to

the fallen angelic spirits where they are imprisoned

and reserved for judgment.

Hades, transliterated from the Greek, literally

means “the unseen place of the dead.” Peter’s use

of it, as noted at Acts 2:27, shows that it is equivalent

to the Hebrew word Sheol (the common grave

of mankind). Sheol and Hades refer to a temporary

abode for the dead before judgment (Psalm 9:17;

Revelation 1:18). Jews never believed in an eternal

hell as a place of everlasting punishment. I guess

you could consider today’s hell as temporal punishment

until the judgment.

Hades is a cavernous place underground inside our

own earth that Enoch (an apocryphal book) describes

as having four compartments (1En 22:9-

11). Two of those compartments (torment and

Abraham’s bosom) are mentioned in Luke 16:19-

31. The four compartments (1En 22:4-7) house

spirits depending on their status in relation to God.

There is a division for the spirits of the righteous.

Some of the former inhabitants of this division

participated in the first resurrection with Christ

(Mat 27:52). The rest believed Jesus’ preaching

when in Hades (Jesus was in the ground for 3 days


before His resurrection – Hades was where He was

at), and when Jesus ascended to heaven (Acts

1:9), He took these souls from “paradise Hades” to

heaven with him (Eph 4:8). This division is now

empty, for when righteous men die now; their

spirits go to heaven to await the Judgment (Ph

1:23, 2Cor 5:6, 8, Rev 6:9, 1Thes 4:14). God lets

them in because they are now covered by the

righteousness of Jesus after His resurrection. They

do not yet possess immortal resurrected bodies.

That happens at the second coming when their

spirits get their new resurrected perfect bodies.

1Cor 15:52.

There is a division for the spirits whose bodies

received burial, but they were transgressors,

weren’t covered by the blood of Jesus and deserve

punishment. These will participate in the bodily

resurrection, Rev 20:13, and most, if not all, will be

subject to a second death; being tossed into the

lake of fire. All those who have been buried will be

raised from the dead, according to what Jesus

promised in John 5:28. Those in this division are in

great torment until the Day of Judgment. This

division corresponds to the place of torment where

the Rich Man is (Luke 16:24). This place is what we

normally refer to today as hell; not to be confused

with the Lake of Fire after the judgment.

Gehenna is descriptive of the Valley of Hinnom to

the southwest of Jerusalem, where children were

sacrificed, dead bodies were cast to be burned, city

trash continuously burned, unquenchable fire was

enduring, and worms never died feasting on decaying

waste and dead carcasses both human and



Jesus tells us that hell, where people go who do not

believe in Jesus and lead unrighteous lives, will be

like Gehenna as a place of anguish, torment and

everlasting destruction. Jesus refers to hell as an

eternal state of punishment and unquenchable fire

for the wicked dead (Mark 9:43); where the worm

will never die. This place will be the lake of fire

after judgment.

John 14:6 essentially states that anyone who

doesn’t know Jesus will go there. Knowing Jesus,

(obeying Jesus) is the ONLY alternative to hell.

This is discussed in more detail at my webpage

All of the places discussed above are places of

punishment. Hades/Torment/Hell1 is a temporary

place of punishment and incarceration used to keep

the spirits of the unrighteous dead until the Judgment.

The place where the righteous were kept

(paradise) was emptied at the resurrection of

Christ (1 Pet 3:19, Lk 14:18), and I presume is

now empty, for the righteous dead now go to be

with God (Php 1:23, 2Co 5:8-9). The Abyss/ Bottomless

Pit/Tartarus/Hell2 is a place that serves for

both temporal (Luke 8:31, Rev 17:8) and eternal

punishment (Enoch 90:24-26) for both fallen angels

and demons. Gehenna/Lake of Fire/Hell3 is a

place to be revealed at the end of this present age

and is a place of eternal punishment (Rev 20:10,

15, 14:11, Mt 25:41). If the annihilation theory

doesn’t hold up, that could be a long time in hell.

Revelation 20 states that the lake of fire is forever

and ever and is a lake of burning sulfur and a place

of perpetual torment.


This is not a pleasant section to read and digest. It

should scare you into realizing this is not fun and

games. Teenagers joining churches of Satan for fun

and socializing have no idea the can of worms they

are opening. It literally churns my stomach when I

see such ignorance and rebellion. It is about your

eternal residence. Please know, heaven is real and

hell is also real. These are not mythological

places. Both realms exist today. Both hold spirits

today. Both receive spirits every day. We are

comprised of spirit as well as flesh and blood.

Within one minute after you die on this earth, your

spirit and soul will arrive at one of those

two destinations, heaven or hell, and there is no

changing travel plans once you arrive at the wrong

destination. Hell is a place of eternal damnation

for those who rejected the Gospel of Christ. It is

described as a horrifying place. Matthew 18:8-9

describes the eternal fire of hell. Matthew

3:12 speaks of unquenchable fire.

So just who is in hell today? The Bible tells us.

This will be an unpopular section too, but it is my

job to tell you the truth and it is your job to make a

decision. Eternity is a long time.

This is not an easy section to discuss. Alternative

lifestyle versus traditional relationships of a man

and woman is a touchy subject today. What has

become acceptable to many may still not be acceptable

in God’s eyes. I am not the judge and jury

here. When I ran my heating business I performed

work for quite a few alternative lifestyle families, all

nice people. I got along well with all of them. I

didn’t judge them then and I don’t today. But I

don’t make the rules; and God has some very

specific guidelines in this area. By alternative


lifestyles, I am referring to same sex relationships

(God refers to this as an abomination - Leviticus

18:22 and Leviticus 20:13). And people who

choose to cohabitate without the bond of marriage.

God refers to this as fornication - having sex outside

of marriage. And people who commit adultery

- having sex with someone other than your marriage

partner; as occurs in extramarital affairs and

swinging clubs which are rampant today. And then

the more obvious sins such as bestiality; sex involving

humans with animals.

Galations 5:19-21 is pretty specific on what happens

to those who practice these things, "Now the

works of the flesh are manifest, which are these;

adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness,

Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations,

wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, envyings, murders,

drunkenness, revelings, and such like: which

I tell you before, as I have also told you in time

past, that they which do such things shall not

inherit the Kingdom of God." Remember God wiped

out Sodom and Gomorrah over sexual sin. Those

sulphur balls, which were not indigenous to that

region, are still found in the sands surrounding

those cities today proving that really happened.

What about masturbation? The question becomes,

what are you lusting with, a picture out of a porn

magazine or off the net? An image of someone

other than your spouse? Although the Bible does

not specifically address masturbation it is the

opinion of most that if the object of lust is not your

spouse, it would fall under the category of adultery;

if unmarried, under the category of fornication.


God says these people are in danger of hell.

1. The Fearful, cowardly, craven, vile, worthless,

miserable, wretched, and unhappy.

(Matt. 8:26; Mark 4:40; Dt. 20:8; Judges 7:3, 10)

2. Unbelieving, infidel, faithless. (1 Tim. 5:8)

3. Abominable: to cause to stink, make loathsome,

feel disgust, detest, have horror of, to be abominated.

It refers to those polluted with unnatural

lust. (Romans 2:22) Immoral practices connected

with idolatry. Same sex relationships are an

abomination in God's eyes. (2Chr. 21:11; Isa.

23:16-17; Ezekiel 16:15, 26, 29; Acts 15:20, 29)

Does God have new rules for today’s new modern

moral standards in this area? I wouldn’t count on

it, nice people or not, God is firm on this issue with

enough passages that show His position.

4. Murderers: Rev. 22:15; Matt 22:7; Acts 3:14;

7:52; 28:4; 1 Peter 4:15)

5. Whoremongers, fornicators - having sex with

someone you are not married to. Adulterers -

having sex with someone outside of your marriage.

6. Sorcerers: Persons who use drugs, enchanted

potions, charms and enchantments to produce

supernatural effects on the lives of others. (Rev.


7. Idolaters: Those who practice idolatry and

abominable acts in the worship of idols.

8. Dogs: False prophets and homosexuals - male

prostitutes are called dogs in Scripture (Deut.

23:18; Isa 56:10-11; Phil 3:2; Rev. 22:15)

9. Liars: (Rev. 22:15), Lovers of liars: (Revelation


10. And essentially all those people who never

asked Jesus to be their savior.


Wow, what a list. You don’t hear that preached in

church do you? Pastors get sued for telling people

alternative lifestyle living is considered sin by God.

Business people are being sued for refusing to

cater to alternative lifestyle affairs. Read the passages

on what God’s word says. Understand what’s

not okay in God’s perspective. His view instead of

popular opinion is what counts if getting to heaven

at death is on your agenda.

Hell may not be a politically correct topic

these days, as many churches sweep the issue

under the rug, but many people enter hell everyday.

Most people that die on earth everyday, end

up in hell. Hell is a real place despite the fact that

people laugh and say that they want to go there.

They simply don't understand how terrible hell is.

Just because you've never seen hell doesn't mean

it doesn't exist. If you only have time for one book,

read Mary Kathryn Baxter’s “Divine Revelation of

Hell” available online at

Hell is intricately described there in very blatant

graphic detail. Mary Baxter describes hell’s burning

pit in her visitations to hell. Hell is a place of constant

agony, unbearable heat, great stench, darkness,

and ugly grotesque demons of all shapes and

sizes whose job it is to torment the occupants.

Although hell was created only for the devil and his

demons (Matthew 25:41), hell is also set-aside for

all of those who reject Jesus Christ. No person

on earth would willingly walk into hell. But so many

people are doing just that. Despite warnings, people

continue to live in denial and are walking

straight into hell at death. If this is you, please

consider heeding the warnings of scripture and


answering the call of the Holy Spirit by accepting

Jesus as your personal Savior. 1 John 1:9 promises,

"If we confess our sins, he is faithful and

just and will forgive us our sins and cleanse

us from all unrighteousness."

Some affiliations teach that there is no hell.

They teach there are only two options at death,

only two fates listed. Sinners will perish, but the

faithful will receive eternal life. John 10:28 "And I

give unto them eternal life; and they shall never

perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my

hand." The wicked are never given immortality.

Only the righteous are given immortality as a

gift from God. The problem is the when. The when

for the righteous is at the second coming per 1Cor

15:50-54. But when will the wicked perish? And do

their spirits perish with them? The answer perhaps

is a thousand years later, after the millenium, at

the Great White Throne judgment when death

and hell are cast into the lake of fire per Rev

20:14. Though many have tried to nail exactly

how it all comes down after the second coming,

much mystery will remain on that issue. Many good

preachers who have studied the “what exactly

happens after the second coming issue” have been

told by God to stop it and get back to evangelizing;

that He isn’t ready for all that to be revealed just


So what happens to the wicked, the sinners who

didn't accept the salvation of Jesus, up until that

point in time where they perish? One possibility,

and near death experiences support this, that

there is a real literal hell they go to today where

they are under torment until that point in


time when they are annihilated (IF annihilation

exists) and they literally perish; cease to exist;

forever. However, the doctrine of annihilation may

very well be a false doctrine.

Many documentations of near death experiences

lend strong evidence for a real hell that

exists today, deep within our own earth, has souls

being tormented, tortured and burned there today,

is receiving new occupants daily and is expanding

every day. In fact, just as the Bible states

in (Matthew 7:13) MOST of the 150,000 people

that die on this earth every day go to hell. How

many? A South Korean Pastor named Park was

given a tour of hell one day because even though

he had a congregation of 45,000 and had written

53 books on theology, he had committed a grave

sin, the sin of unforgiveness. He was told this was

his destiny in his current state. Luckily he got

another chance. In this tour he was totally blown

away at the immensity of hell; how large it was. He

asked his tour guide angel how many people were

in hell. His angel tour guide stated he didn't really

know but for every single person that went to

heaven, a thousand went to hell. Why? Mainly

because of forgiveness issues or these people did

not accept or believe in Yahushua (Jesus) as their


They may have known ABOUT Jesus, but they did

not believe that Jesus IS God, that He came to

earth in human form and died for our sins on a

wooden cross, and was resurrected on the third

day after death as was prophesied, and ascended

back into heaven 40 days later. These people are

not covered by His shed blood. Their sins are


not substituted by His righteousness. They did not

understand the concept of what a savior does.

They did not understand justification and

sanctification and falsely believed they were

covered by grace while ignoring the

commandments and leading a sinful life.

And because they are not perfect and flunked God’s

Class of Life, Satan gets them by default. Contrary

to popular opinion, there are not multiple paths to

the Father and His Kingdom. There is only one; via

Yahushua (Jesus). False religions like Buddhism,

Hinduism, Islam, New Age Spiritualism, cults, and

false deities only take you to the wide road and

broad way that leadeth to destruction. John 14:6

tells us what happens to those who don’t know

Jesus. Will they go to hell? Yes! Peter 4:12 tells us

there is no salvation in anyone else except Jesus.

Many preachers and churches refuse to talk about

near death experiences; telling us these are all

about imagination or demonic in nature. I don’t

believe that. Why? Because Satan would not want

all these things revealed that come out of these

testimonies regarding what hell is really like and

the fact it takes more than just saying I believe in

Jesus to be covered by His blood. Satan promotes

the “saving grace” thing to the extreme, knowing

people do not take the time to understand what

grace covers, and what their own responsibilities

are regarding their salvation. Grace is not the free

ride many preachers say it is. We are held accountable

if our lives are not demonstrating the

fruits of the spirit. Grace covers us for slip ups for

not being perfect. Like driving 52-54 in a 50 zone,

not cruising past the radar gun at 70. Remember

Heb 10:26 “For if we sin willfully after we have


received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth

no more sacrifice for sins”.

Read about a Buddhist’s near death experience at entitled "Back

from the Dead" where he met Jesus in the afterlife,

not Buddha.

A 6 part video series does a good job of describing



Here’s a short video giving you descriptions of hell

from those who have been there and returned to

live and tell about it. Pay attention. It’s not nice.



Here’s more great testimonies on what you

can encounter in the afterlife

discusses the storehouse of replacement body

parts in heaven just awaiting prayer to disperse


Modern medicine has reached a point

where some people who are pronounced clinically

dead; no heartbeat, no brain activity; can be

brought back to life in a 4 to 6 minute period after

true death. And others have come back to life

after even longer than that. Some, like Lazarus

and a preacher man in Africa, after several


days even. The stories of where these people went

and what they experienced show a different scenario

of what happens to our spirits and souls

at death rather than the soul sleep version being

preached by churches who don’t want you to step

out of your comfort zone today. I have to hold the

distinct possibility, and this is what I currently

believe, that within one minute after we die

our soul and spirit will enter heaven or hell and

once there, there is no changing travel plans. Go to  and type in "near death

experiences". There's many to view and listen to.

The interesting part is that in almost all

cases involving atheists or people who didn't believe

in God, that they turned their lives around

after they came back. Some preach on the road

about their experience. Some wrote books about

their experience; Bill Weise "Twenty three minutes

in hell", and "The testimony of Theo Nez" are

two examples. Dr Maurice Rawlings was getting so

many patients dying and coming back to life reporting

on their experience in the afterlife that he

started documenting these cases and put them in a

book entitled "To Hell and Back". Not every case

went to hell, some went to heaven, but most went

to hell and came back terrified. You can read many

of these online at , ,

and  These

cases support a belief that hell is terrible and exists


Remote Viewing

Our governments have perfected a mind control

technique called "remote viewing" which allows


them to look into the past and the future to determine

things and find people. They claim they have

this down so well they can achieve a 95% accuracy

in some areas. I personally consider this

channeling and it is not from God. The Bible warns

against using familiar spirits to obtain unrevealed

information. One of the areas they pursued

was "what happens to us when we die". In all of

their experiments the same thing happened no

matter which person in history they chose to work

on. When the person died, two angels came; one

took his soul and one took his spirit. The body of

course remained behind. They did not elaborate

on where these souls and spirits were taken, but

just that they were taken.

One of the strongest reasons for a Christian to

believe in Hell is that Jesus Himself believed in it,

and taught about it very strongly, clearly, and

frequently. According to Josh McDowell in his book

"Evidence that Demands a Verdict", Jesus Himself

talks about hell over 70 of the 162 times it

is mentioned in the New Testament. Free will is one

of the most convincing reasons for the existence of

hell. Jesus Himself, in Matthew 25:46, tells us, in

the same sentence, that the righteous will have life

eternal and if you don’t choose that door your

other option is everlasting punishment; “And these

shall go away into everlasting punishment; but the

righteous into life eternal.” The question becomes:

will hell be a permanent annihilation as some interpret

Rev 20:14 to say (..death and hell are cast

into the lake of fire); or will it really be everlasting

torment for eternity?? Interestingly, the Greek

word "eonion" is used at both ends of that sentence


to describe both "everlasting punishment" as well

as "life eternal". See a Greek concordance at  .

It would seem that if one were forever and ever, so

would be the other. However "eonion" refers to a

block of time called an eon. One eon of time can

differ from another eon of time in the length of

time that is covered. In the Bible, seven eons of

time are mentioned. Creation and Adam and Eve

living in paradise, Adam and Eve eating the forbidden

fruit to the flood, the flood to Abraham, Abraham

to the exodus, the exodus to Jesus’ first coming,

Jesus first coming to the second coming, and

then the millenium. Each of these eons represent

different lengths of time but were still considered

an eon. So going back to Matthew 25:46 can we

interpret these two eons of time, even though the

same word is used, to perhaps reflect different

lengths of time? In Ezekiel 28:18-19 there is a

passage which says, "Therefore I will bring forth a

fire in the midst of thee, it shall devour thee, and I

will bring thee to ashes upon the earth in the sight

of all of them that behold thee... And never shalt

though be anymore." Can this mean that the eon

for eternal life is forever and ever but the eon for

everlasting punishment is cessation of and therefore

non-existence thereafter of the soul and spirit

for eternity when hell and death are cast into the

lake of fire?? I don’t honestly know.

I believe this is the passage relied upon for the

annihilation of the spirit theory. There are other

places in the Bible where it says the spirit lives

forever though, at least the spirit of the righteous.

2 Timothy 1:10 tells us Jesus has brought life and


immortality through the light of the Gospel. In John

6:40 Jesus tells us that whoever believeth on Him

shall have everlasting life. In John 8:51 Jesus tells

us if we keep His sayings (commandments) we

shall never see death. And in John 11:26 Jesus

tells us that whosoever liveth and believeth in Him

shall never die. But nowhere can I find passages

regarding the immortality of the unrighteous.

However, go back a few paragraphs where we

discussed the possibility of the theory of annihilation

being a false doctrine. There is much disagreement

amongst affiliations as well as theologians

on this issue. Can you afford to find out which

side is right in this matter? Keep your parachute

on at all times and it won't matter.


One of the most intriguing realities to come out of

studying Near Death Experience cases is just how

important our ability to forgive becomes in pleading

our case. Preachers, men of God, who were dying

and repenting of their sins as they were dying, did

not have their prayers listened to because they

harbored unresolved forgiveness issues. You HAVE

to forgive if you want to be forgiven. “For if

ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly

Father will also forgive you: But if ye forgive not

men their trespasses, neither will your Father

forgive your trespasses” (Mat 6:14-15). Once

saved, always saved does not work. It takes a

daily walk with Jesus to stay on the narrow path to

the kingdom. When Jesus cured somebody’s disease

He forgave sins of that sick person (Matthew

9:2). That was the cure.


That means when God forgives; a person can get

well (if, of course, it is not his appointed time to

die). So if we will be forgiven, we can get

well. That means, if we will forgive we can get

well. For our selfish nature it is difficult sometimes

to forgive. It may be easy to forgive some nice

person for something wrong he or she has done

against you unintentionally, but it may be very

difficult to forgive a nasty neighbor or relative

who always does something bad to you

on purpose. We may forgive such people one or

two times and after that our patience with them

seems to disappear. The apostles knew this feeling,

therefore they asked, what should the limit of

our forgiveness be? “Then came Peter to him, and

said, Lord, how often shall my brother sin against

me, and I forgive him? till seven times? Jesus saith

unto him, I say not unto thee, until seven times:

but, until seventy times seven” (Matthew.18:21-

22), pretty much meaning as many times as it

takes. Jesus said we need to forgive always. And

He taught us not only to forgive our brothers, but

our enemies also.

To have forgiveness issues at death can prevent

your spirit from entering heaven. The forgiveness

issue is paramount to getting there. Simply put,

if you can't forgive your fellow man, God will not

forgive you. Think about that next time a potential

grudge shows up. Don't gamble and wait until you

die to find out forgiveness is a salvation issue.

What if the theory of annihilation is a false doctrine

and "everlasting punishment" really is forever and

ever?? Eternity is a long time. Not an issue to

gamble with.


Two schools of thought on the “eternal torment”

issue - According to Sam Bacchiocchi,

a respected Adventist theologian, in his chapter

"Hell as an eternal torment", the "eternal punishment"

of Matthew 25:46 is eternal because its

results are permanent. It is a punishment that

results in their eternal destruction or annihilation.

The only way the punishment of the wicked could

be inflicted eternally is if God resurrected them

with immortal life so that they would be indestructible.

But according to the Scripture, only God

possesses immortality in Himself (1 Timothy 1:17;

6:16). He gives immortality as the gift of the

Gospel (2 Timothy 1:10 & 1Corrinthians 15:50-54)

to the righteous at the second coming, not to the

wicked. In the best-known text of the Bible, we

are told that those who do not "believe in him" will

"perish [apoletai]," instead of receiving "eternal

life" (John 3:16). Actually, that is inferred. The

passage really says that those who believe in Him

shall not perish but will have eternal life. The ultimate

fate of the lost then may be complete

destruction by eternal fire and not punishment

by eternal torment. But even with this

version, mortal souls will suffer torment in hell

from when they die until the Great White Throne

judgment at the end of the thousand years up until

death and hell are cast into the lake of fire per

Revelation 20:14.

However, again, it is also very possible the

annihilation theory is false doctrine.

According to Erwin Lutzer, in his book “One Minute

after you Die”, the fire does not annihilate the

wicked but torments them. There will be no periods

of rest during which the wicked are unconscious of


torment. Please notice Rev. 20:10; "and the devil,

who deceived them, was thrown into the lake of

burning sulfur, where the beast and the false

prophet had been thrown. They will be tormented

day and night for ever and ever." According to

Rev. 19:20, the beast and the false prophet were

thrown into "the fiery lake of burning sulfur" before

the Millennium. “But the beast was captured,

and with him the false prophet who had performed

the miraculous signs on his behalf. With these

signs he had deluded those who had received the

mark of the beast and worshiped his image. The

two of them were thrown alive into the fiery lake

of burning sulfur." But Satan, who was chained in

the abyss during that 1000 year time period was

also thrown in the lake of fire to join them after

the millenium.

Notice the beast and the false prophet were

NOT annihilated in hell during that thousand years.

Eternal conscious torment is clearly taught; there is

no other honest interpretation of these passages.

This means that for at least 1,000 years, yet in the

future, these two men will be tormented in this

unusual fire, prepared for spirit beings, without

being annihilated. Furthermore, those men will

be thrown into this fiery lake with the kind of bodies

we have now. This infers that that fire may not

be the same kind of fire we are familiar with, for if

it was, their bodies would be burnt to ashes in

just a fraction of that time.

Also, since the devil is a spirit and he will be tormented

by this fire, it can't be the kind of fire with

which we are accustomed to. In other words, the

fire God has in store for those who die in an


unsaved condition can torment spirits. Although

hell was created only for the devil and his demons

(Matthew 25:41), Hell is also set-aside for all of

those who reject Jesus Christ. Their torment

will never cease in the final place for them, the lake

of fire. Again, the jury may be out on this issue.

Do you want to wait until you die to find out which

school of thought prevails? Keep your parachute

on! And absolutely keep it on all the time. 

Hell could well be forever and ever.

Why would a God of love send someone to


Many people waver whether or not to become a

follower of Jesus because of this question. How can

a God of mercy allow people to go to hell? Each

and every one of us is born with a sinful nature.

The sad thing is we are destined for Hell. The Bible

says “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory

of God" But..... What if God has provided the way

of escape? Wouldn't that display mercy? It is

God's desire that no person would suffer an eternity

in hell. The Bible says, "He is patient with you,

not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to

come to repentance" (2 Pet. 3:9). God could not

allow sin to go unpunished. But being merciful, God

sent His very own Son to be the final payment for

the sins of those who believe (John 3:16). It only

takes faith. God gave so much but required so

little. That is the epitome of a God of love.

Will the person who goes to hell cease to


The body of the person who is lost or refused to

accept Christ as Savior will be resurrected from the


grave at the second resurrection after the thousand

years. Some say this body is barely put back together

enough to be tossed into the lake of fire,

and the lake of fire will be permanent annihilation,

that body and spirit will then cease to exist forever

and ever. But others say that this body will be

supernatural and indestructible. It will join with the

person's soul for eternity in “everlasting punishment”.

"And I saw the dead, small and great,

stand before God; and the books were opened: and

another book was opened, which is the book of life:

and the dead were judged out of those things

which were written in the books, according to their

works. And the sea gave up the dead, which were

in it; and death and hell delivered up the dead,

which were in them: and they were judged every

man according to their works. And death and hell

were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second

death. And whosoever was not found written in the

book of life was cast into the lake of fire" (Rev.


It is a state of dying eternally, but death may

never be achieved. Jesus warned about those

headed for eternity apart from God and the second

death. For me, the jury will remain out regarding

annihilation or everlasting punishment. Annihilation

makes sense, but so does purgatory, and it

doesn't exist. I am geared to keeping my parachute

on so I never have to find out which theory is

true the hard way. It’s like the old saying, “I would

rather live my life believing there was a God only to

find out He didn’t exist; than to live my life believing

there was no God only to die and find out He

did exist.” Believing in annihilation and choosing to

live a sinful errant life, could be a mistake.


If annihilation isn’t true, then Is Hell eternal?

We are brought into this earthly world as eternal

beings. Our life here is simply a stop in God's plan.

We can't even begin to get a glimmer of what

heaven and hell are really like. The only thing that

we can comprehend is that each and every single

one of us was created by God the Father. God

wishes that "none of us should perish." Because of

God's great love for us, his children, He gives us

free will. We are given the choice to either accept

or reject Him. Just as we want our children to

come to us willingly and lovingly, God wants us to

come to him that same way, and as much as we

love our children God loves us, plus more. The

choices are either heaven or hell, accepting what

His son Jesus did for us on the cross or not. It is

that simple and each of those choices may be


God doesn't send anyone to hell.

How many times have we heard someone say, "A

loving God wouldn't put His creatures in hell." Well,

God doesn't put anyone in hell--their sins put them

there. God is a just judge and sins require sentence.

The Bible tells us all have sinned. ALL! Not

ONE of us can get to heaven by our own accord.

Satan gets you by default if you don’t have a savior.

Know ye not that hell was not created for

man? Hell was created for the devil and his angels—

but it is also home to unrepentant sinners

who have not called upon the shed blood of Jesus

to save them. That’s what we need to learn; that

not having Jesus as our savior to keep us out of

hell at death is simply not an option unless you

want to toast and roast.


We choose our final home. Hell may have to be

forever because Heaven is forever. What would be

the reason for anyone to choose heaven if they

knew they would eventually "get out" of Hell, even

by perishing? Hell is a consequence of the

choices we make. The Bible refers to the fate of

the unsaved with such fearful words as the following:

“Shame and everlasting contempt” (Daniel

12:2) “Everlasting punishment” (Matthew 25:46)

“Weeping and gnashing of teeth” (Matthew 24:51)

“Fire unquenchable” (Luke 3:17) “Indignation and

wrath, tribulation and anguish” (Romans 2:8,9)

“Everlasting destruction from the presence of the

Lord” (2 Thessalonians 1:9) “Eternal fire...the

blackness of darkness for ever” (Jude 7,13) Revelation

14:10,11 tells us the final, eternal destiny of

the sinner: “He shall be tormented with fire and

brimstone...the smoke of their torment ascended

up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day or


Honestly, I don’t know for sure today

whether hell will be annihilated in the lake of fire at

the end of the millennium as some interpret Rev

20:14 to say, or if it will go on forever and ever

somewhere. Both views are a matter of interpretation

using the same scriptures. It makes sense to

me that a loving God wouldn’t punish people forever

for their short time of disobedience here

on earth. But then purgatory makes sense also

except that it simply doesn’t exist. What makes

sense to us is not always how it is. Most pastors do

not support the theory of annihilation. The point is,

can you afford to gamble and find out the hard way

when it is so simple to just get your parachute,

keep it on, and ensure your salvation today and



Your free will,

your acceptance and belief in grace and salvation,

and how you handle your life now and show that

belief by always doing right by others, especially

regarding keeping the Ten Commandments

and forgiving others and your treatment of others,

determines your travel destination right here; right

now, on earth, before death. It is just as important

to not get the ticket to hell as it is to get the ticket

to heaven. Eternity is a long time.

Again the question, why do we need Jesus?

We have to go back even further to when God

created this perfect covering cherub angel named

Lucifer in heaven. Lucifer is well described starting

in Ezekiel 28:13 as being covered in precious

stones, anointed, and perfect in every way. His

pipes gave him a perfect voice to go with his perfect

beauty. He was to be God's right hand

man. He was probably even an advisor to God. But

he couldn't handle all the praise and worship God

was receiving and he got jealous. Lucifer wanted

all that for himself, even though he was just a

created being.

This downfall of Lucifer didn't happen overnight.

Lucifer's unrest cost him his position in heaven

and even his title after he tempted Eve, but he

could still traverse between earth and heaven. In

Job 2:2 we see even though he is now called Satan,

he still has access to heaven (...the LORD said

unto Satan, From whence comest thou? And Satan

answered the LORD, and said, "From going to and

fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in


it." What's important to note is that Lucifer lost

God's spirit, his spirituality was compromised, and

he lost his title and became then known as Satan.

At the time Satan tempted Eve in the Garden of

Eden, he no longer had God's spirit inside of him,

even though he could still transport between

heaven and earth.

The rebellion and being cast out from heaven

along with a third of the angels that followed him

happened much later. He created a rebellion in

heaven to try and take God's throne away from

Him. Well, Lucifer lost the war in heaven and

was cast out of heaven down to earth but did covet

a third of the angels to side with him, and they

accompanied him in the fall; hence the term "fallen

angels " which are our present day demons and

evil spirits. Those beings we call extraterrestrials

or aliens are felt by many to simply be these fallen

angels who now reside inside our earth. Isaiah

14:12 covers this fall of Satan.

Lucifer had the name change while yet in heaven

having lost God's spirit due to his progressing

rebellion. From thence forward he was known

as Satan; the adversary, the destroyer, the accuser,

the evil one, the liar, the deceiver, the devil,

the tempter, the leader of all apostate (fallen)

angels, and eventually ruler of hell. Hell was created

for Satan and his fallen angels. Hell was never

meant for man to go to.

The question becomes, just when did the war in

heaven occur and when did Satan and his fallen

angels get cast down to earth? Without going into

the book of Daniel and discussing the 69 weeks


and the command to rebuild Jerusalem which is the

starting point, ending with the cleansing of the

heavenly sanctuary (Satan being cast out of

heaven) and timelines associated with that discussion,

take a look at the clues found in history. What

did people drive up until about the mid 1800's?

They rode horses and drove around in horse pulled

buggies. How many years of history was that since

Adam and Eve; 5850 years plus or minus a few??

When did the technical and industrial revolution

start? 1850's?? Cars, machines, electricity, the

telephone, airplanes, trains, motorized ships;

where did the knowledge for these things

come from all of a sudden that hadn't been available

for the past 5850 years? Virtually everything

we take for granted today was invented or happened

since 1850. The knowledge came from the

fallen angels when they were cast out of heaven

and sent down to earth. Read Revelation 12 starting

at verse 7 that describes this fall. Tying in with

the timelines and events regarding the cleansing of

the sanctuary in heaven discussed in the book of

Daniel, I believe this fall to earth by Satan and

his fallen angels occurred around 1850.

Getting back to Adam and Eve

When God created Adam and Eve about 6000 years

ago, he gave them dominion over everything on

earth; the animals, the birds, the fish, and more;

Genesis 1:28. And God gave to Adam and Eve

"...every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face

of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the

fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for

meat." Genesis 1:29. They had it made; free fresh

fruits and veggies, nuts, rivers with pure clean


water, great place to live in the Garden of

Eden AND - remembering man is a spiritual being -

they had God's spirit inside of them. In the cool of

the day God walked with them and communed with

them. They were immortal at that point in time.

With God's spirit in them they would not get sick

and would not die.

But there was a catch.

In Genesis 2:16-17 God tells Adam "...Of every

tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat, but of

the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou

shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest

thereof thou shalt surely die". WOW, only one little

thing to stay away from. And this was told to Adam

even before God made Eve. Well, you pretty

much know the rest of that story.

Adam didn't do a very good job of explaining the

obedience thing to his wife and power hungry

Satan wanted dominion over the earth and the

animals, and fish and birds and everything. He

hadn't even been cast out of heaven yet but

probably had many of his responsibilities taken

away from him in heaven by that point in time. He

couldn't share dominion over the earth with Adam,

he had to take it away from Adam. So he had to

put Adam into disobedience in order to get it.

Knowing that Adam loved his wife and would

probably do for her what she asked, Satan went to

work on Eve. He appeared to her in the form of a

serpent and convinced her that it was God who was

trying to be the sneaky one and that she surely

wouldn’t die if she ate the forbidden fruit but

would have her eyes opened and they would be as


gods knowing good and evil. This deception is

covered in Genesis 3.

She ate the fruit, enticed Adam to eat the fruit, and

from that point on they died a spiritual death, lost

God's spirit, and were no longer immortal. The

death God spoke of in Genesis 2:17 was spiritual

death. That was instantaneous. They didn't

die physically right away, but now they had lifespans

just as you and I do.

Adam lived to be 930 years old, Genesis 5:5. His

descendants had many years also. Satan got dominion

over the earth and a promise from God that

that wasn't the end of it, and Adam and Eve no

longer could commune with God in His presence

and got kicked out of the Garden of Eden to now

labor the soil for their own food and sustenance;

free ride was over. You may wonder why these

guys lived so long and we are doing good to make

70 today. In those days the oxygen content on the

earth was much greater, maybe as high as 38% as

studies suggest, instead of the 21% or less we

have today. And there was a protective water

canopy in the atmosphere surrounding the

earth protecting life from the sun’s harmful rays.

This protective water canopy was released during

Noah's flood. If you study the Bible you will note

that age to death dropped rapidly after Noah's

flood. Plus they didn't suffer soil depletion and all

the chemicals we pour down our bodies today from

the air we breathe, the poisons we drink, and the

contaminated GMO foods laced with MSG and high

fructose corn syrup we ingest.


The big problem with Adam's sin

in the Garden of Eden is that God then removed His

spirit from Adam and Eve and they died spiritually.

The spirit that they then had was not of God. Their

spirit was dead. And all their descendants would

receive this "dead spirit" and not the spirit that was

of God. You and I, as their descendants, are born

with this "dead spirit" which contains Adam's human

sin nature. Human beings became miserable

and impure, no longer the perfect image bearer of

God. They fell more and more into the image of

Satan, full of pride and arrogance, and bore the

image of corrupted animals, full of sexual desire

and lusts.

After the fall, all descendants of Adam and

Eve were born, not bearing the image of God, but

with the image of Satan. We are "spiritually

dead" when we are born to our natural parents. All

human beings who are born in sin must be born

again. All born of woman also need to be born of

the Holy Spirit. This brings us to the Nicodemus

conversation with Jesus discussed in John 3:1-8.

Jesus declared to him that no one could see the

kingdom of God unless he was "born again". He

goes on further to state that no one can enter the

Kingdom of God unless he is born of both the water

(from his mother's womb and/or the water of

baptism – the jury’s still out on what he meant by

that also) and of the spirit. Nicodemus didn't

understand what he meant by “born again”.

What being born again means

We must understand what being born again is not,

to better understand what it is. It is not the same

as receiving forgiveness. It is different than being


made righteous. It does not mean receiving forgiveness

for our sins through faith and being freed

from judgment and condemnation. It does not

mean a change in our status. Having a change of

status as a child of God is a result of our being

born again but it is not being born again itself.

It is not the same as being converted. Conversion

occurs when we change our religion, but just because

a Buddhist becomes a Christian does not

necessarily mean he is born again.

Being born again is a total holistic change. The

person is a new creation, not just a new mouth or a

new hand. Being born again entails "the rebirth of

our spirit". Again, a person is a spirit, has a soul,

and lives in a body. Being born again is the rebirth

of God’s spirit in man. It is our spirit that is

born again. Humankind experienced death of their

spirit when they fell. After the fall of Adam and

Eve, all human beings were born with dead spirits,

even when their physical bodies were born alive

from their mother's womb. Born again means "born

of God". We can only be born again through God.

Many people describe being born again as inheriting

the life and nature of God. It is a radical transformation

of our character. 1John 3:9 says "No one

who is born of God will continue to sin, because

God's seed remains in him..." Because of God's

seed abiding in us, we cannot continue to habitually

sin. Sin becomes an infrequent occurrence,

not a way of life.

By asking, we inherit God's nature and God's life.

We are made holy by the Holy Spirit. God's Holy

Spirit now lives in us just as it did in Adam and Eve

before they fell. The new birth is an act of God


that makes people holy, while justification is an act

of God that makes people righteous.

Being born again means true inward holiness

through the work of God. We are God's workmanship,

created in Christ Jesus to do good

works, which God has prepared in advance for us

to do. Without being born again no one can live

righteous and holy lives. You have to be born again

to overcome the world. To be happy one must be

rid of his sins and become holy. This is only possible

after he has been born again. If we are born

once we will die twice, but if we are born twice, we

should die only once. If a person is born one time

from his mother, he will experience physical death

and then his second death when he is thrown in the

lake of fire. Rev 21:8.

A person who is born twice, once from his mother

and a second time a spiritual rebirth from God may

experience physical death but will never face the

second death. He will live forever in heaven. Only a

life of God can exist in heaven. If you want to live

in heaven, you must be born again of the water

and the spirit and receive the life of God while you

are on earth now. And again, born of the water

probably refers to a full immersion baptism where

we repent of our sins and commit to Jesus.

So --- how do we become born again?

Jesus presents FAITH and asking Him is the way to

be born again. In Luke 11: 9-13 Jesus tells us how

to be born again. Just ask. " And I say unto you,

ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall

find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. For

every one that asketh receiveth; and he that


seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall

be opened. If ye then, being evil, know how to give

good gifts unto your children: how much more shall

your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them

that ask him?”

When we are born again, asking Jesus to come into

our heart and for His Holy Spirit to reside within us

means that our dead spirit that we were born with,

that was not of God, is then overcome by God's

Holy Spirit. Being born again is personal. If your

heart truly desires His presence, He will come.

When He comes you will experience change.

Change in attitude, change in speech - swearing

and off color words will no longer have habitat in

your language, change in your thoughts, change in

behavior, and change in how you look at and interact

with other people.

Harboring resentment and anger will no longer

have a place in your life. You find yourself thinking

before speaking and acting. Would Jesus do this if

He were in this situation? You will get into the

DWJWD (do what Jesus would do) mode of operation.

That’s how you know if the Holy Spirit has

truly come to live in your heart. That’s not a figure

of speech. That IS where God’s Holy Spirit resides

in you.

How can you know for sure that you have

been born again? Please do not expect any

"earth-shaking" experience, because in the majority

of cases it comes about in a rather peaceful

way, a sense of relief and a load lifted. There will

be no fireworks or brass bands playing, just a

wonderful calm that is deep down inside. But with


the passing of time, I have found that one of the

best indicators of the New Birth is a more genuine

understanding of the Word of God. Prior to being

Born Again, the "natural man", as the Bible calls

him, (a lost person), cannot understand the Bible

because the Bible is spiritually discerned (1 Corinthians

2:14). It is foolishness to him! So when the

Word begins to make sense, to speak to your

heart, and convict you of sin in your life, it is a very

good indicator that you have the Holy Spirit of God

residing within you. You see, a Christian obtains a

new spiritual nature by the New Birth, but he does

not get rid of the old nature he was born with. That

is why it is so vitally important that we "grow in

grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ" (2 Peter

3:18). We must cooperate with the Holy Spirit as

we walk through this sinful and spiritually defiling

world around us. The Holy Spirit literally takes up

residence within us when we are Born Again.

Do you exhibit these 6 traits of being born


No habitual sinning, believing in Christ, practicing

righteousness, loving other Christians, overcoming

the world, and keeping oneself pure?

Understand exactly WHY we keep the commandments

of God and exhibit the fruits of the spirit per

Gal 5:22. It is not of our own doing. We don’t get

to take the credit for doing good deeds and living a

sanctified righteous life. When we first come to

Jesus to become a branch on His vine, we still

exhibit many of the works of the flesh found in Gal

5:19-21 Now the works of the flesh are manifest,

which are these; adultery, fornication, uncleanness,

lasciviousness, 20 idolatry, witchcraft, hatred,


variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions,

heresies, 21 envyings, murders, drunkenness,

revelings, and such like: of which I tell you before,

as I have also told you in time past, that they

which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom

of God.

Our fruits of the Holy Spirit are simply undeveloped

as of yet and need to be developed. After we are

born again and ask the Holy Spirit to come into our

hearts and reside inside us, the Holy Spirit changes

us; our speech, our thoughts, our habits, how we

relate to and care for others. It is the process of

becoming sanctified over time to develop character

in us that manifests itself in the developed fruits of

the spirit per Gal 5:22; love, meekness, kindness,

gentleness, etc. God does this in us to cause us to

be good, to do good deeds, and to live a righteous

life. It is not of our own doing. You can’t do good

deeds on your own to earn your way into heaven.

You only do good deeds if God has chosen you and

is developing your character through the Holy Spirit

residing in you.

And, remember Adam’s sin nature is still a resident

in us along with God’s Holy Spirit and satan will

continually tempt us to follow Adam’s advice instead

of the Holy Spirit’s advice. As God gave us

free will and choice we ultimately must be held

both responsible and accountable for the decisions

we make and the resulting actions we take. These

decisions and resulting actions ultimately affect our


If you are a real Christian, you must faithfully

follow Jesus and endure persecution for living as


godly and as righteous as you can to the end of

your life to enter heaven. Galations chapter five

tells us that if the Holy Spirit truly lives inside us

that our lives will exhibit His fruits of love, joy,

peace, longsuffering, gentleness, faith, meekness,

and temperance. And if we truly are branches off of

Christ’s vine we can crucify the flesh against affections

and lusts.

If you choose to manifest the works of the flesh

instead: Gal 5:19-21, you simply shall not inherit

heaven or the kingdom of God on the new

earth. Grace doesn’t cover you.

Eternal security is a false doctrine since many

spiritually lethal things can occur that can interfere

with your salvation and thus prevent you from

inheriting eternal life (Gal 6:8-9).

Here are some “according to what he has

done” passages to help you understand that your

actions, thoughts, words, and deeds do have an

impact on your eternal security.

And that you, O Lord, are loving. Surely you will

reward each person according to what he has done.

(Psa 62:12)

If you say, “But we knew nothing about this,”

does not he who weighs the heart perceive it? Does

not he who guards your life know it? Will he not

repay each person according to what he has done?

(Prov 24:12)

For the Son of Man is going to come in his Father’s

glory with his angels, and then he will reward


each person according to what he has done. (Mat


God “will give to each person according to what

he has done.” (Rom 2:6)

Behold, I am coming soon! My reward is with

me, and I will give to everyone according to what

he has done. (Rev 22:12)

The Rom. 2:6,7 passage is most clear and shouts

out emphatically that our reward, eternal life, is a

function of what we have done.

God “will give to each person according to what

he has done.” To those who by persistence in doing

good seek glory, honor and immortality, he will

give eternal life. (Rom 2:6,7)

Remember the only 25 out of 1000 ratio, per Pastor

Howard Pittman’s near death testimony, of

those spirits going to heaven versus entering hell

when relying upon the false notion that Jesus has

saved them no matter what they do. Jesus made

salvation AVAILABLE to each and every one of us.

IF, we believe in Him, love Him, and obey Him.

Think abeyance and DWJWD when being tempted

to make wrong decisions.

Grace versus works – which is it?

It can’t be both, right?

Our works, no matter how much we try to do good

on our own, will never get us to heaven; grace is

the only mechanism that gets us to heaven because

we can never be “perfect”. Grace is the gift

of God, undeserved and unmerited by us because


of our sinful nature. As a gift it is unearned. But

grace is not a ticket to freely sin. It is NOT a free

ride. “Grace only” churches today are preparing

people to go to hell.

Backsliders after being initially saved can still end

up in hell. Accepting grace comes with responsibilities;

repenting of our past sins, and being careful

about committing new ones. We show our belief in

God’s grace and our acceptance of the salvation of

Jesus as our savior by our works; allowing the Holy

Spirit to work within us. If the Holy Spirit is truly in

us, our behavior changes. If no works or fruits of

the Holy Spirit are evident, it means we do not

really have true belief. We have not really accepted

the offer of grace; and if there is no belief, there is

no salvation. Head knowledge doesn’t cut it. Only

knowing Jesus, allowing Him to be our Savior and

to work within us and help us follow the narrow

path leads us to heaven. And there’s more to it

than just repenting our past sins, forgiving others

and accepting grace. Full immersion baptism,

for all those who can undergo such, is necessary

along with witnessing our faith to others so they

might also be saved is part of the package.

Beware of churches who preach that the new

testament covenant doesn’t depend on promises or

obedience from us. A covenant is a contract involving

two parties, not just one. God is one side of this

contract; we are the other. These people teach that

Jesus “fulfilled” the law with His death and nothing

is required of us in this contract. A careful analysis

of that word “fulfill” from Greek using a concordance

shows that word should have been more

accurately translated “establish”. These people are


claiming Jesus did away with the law by “fulfiling”

it. The fulfillment of the law was love.

Rom 13:10 “Love is the fulfilling of the law.”

The truth is, He came to “establish” the law, the

Ten Commandments; He didn’t do away with them.

In fact He clarified the law even further by stating

that we should do unto others, as we would have

them do unto us; which is in essence what the last

six commandments of God's moral law require of

us in relating to our fellow human beings. In the

new covenant God’s blessings are ours when we

place our trust in Jesus. But the teaching that our

own behavior and performance are not involved in

our acceptance into the new covenant is a dangerous

erroneous teaching. Jesus IS our salvation;

our ONLY pathway to the Father. But again, if our

changed behavior, as we develop the fruits of the

spirit in our lives reflecting the presence of the Holy

Spirit in us, doesn’t reflect that belief, it means we

have head knowledge only. We know ABOUT Jesus,

but we don’t really KNOW Jesus and we have

not really accepted the offer of grace in order to be


Accepting Jesus means you have a lot of freedom.

It is not expected that you will lead a sinless

life. It is expected that you will sin a lot less than

before though and that you will resist sin and

temptation much more so than previously. It lets

you focus on getting others their parachute without

worrying about your own salvation any more. When

you slip and fall, Jesus makes up the difference,

picks you back up and you continue on. Repent,

vow not to do that again, and move on. Don’t make

a habit of it. Sin is not all right. When your own


salvation is secured, you are better able to focus

on helping others get saved also.

It is more important that you know

Jesus than to know facts about Him!

If you believe that Jesus is coming again, you will

watch for His coming. If you earnestly watch for

His coming you will purify yourself before Him by

being obedient to His commandments, loving your

neighbor, and witnessing your faith to others so

that they might be saved also. You will commit

some of your time and financial resources to that

end also. You WANT to be part of the bride He is

coming for. The door the five wise virgins who

carried extra oil for their lamps entered through is

a symbol of the rapture on the last day; at the

second coming. Remember five of the ten didn't

get to enter. They weren't ready. Matthew 25. The

wedding banquet is the wedding feast, Mat 22 and

Luke 14, of the Son of God and His Bride.

Not all Christians get to go to this feast, therefore,

not all Christians are part of the Bride of

Christ. Only those that have taken the time to get

to know Jesus will be allowed in. That is why he

said, "I do not know you." These Christians will be

left to be refined as gold during the great tribulation

that is about to unfold instead of being protected

by Yahweh (God the Father) by having His

seal or mark during this time period. Yahweh

states that He knows those who belong to Him to

seal because they keep His commandments and

treat their fellow man with love, respect and dignity.


Some Christians obey God; and some do all the

things the world does, even the evil things. Those

who obey now will be rewarded. The rest will discover

that they should have. If you are not praying,

giving, and working in the "Harvest Fields" for


matter what your Church doctrine teaches! If you

believe there is a literal Hell, where men and

women go that do not know the forgiveness of

sins, and you are not making some attempt to

warn them, YOU don't believe He is really coming

back. Think of the few, only maybe 2.5% that may

actually make heaven at death. Do your part to

help improve those odds.

The story of Jesus

Many people know little about Jesus,

correctly called Yahshua, or Yahushua, or Yeshua,

depending upon who you listen to, which means

“Yahweh saves”. Yahweh is God’s proper name.

Yahushua is Jesus’ proper name. The letter J didn’t

even enter the English language until around the

15th century. Who is this man Yahushua, translated

as Immanuel, and presently known as Jesus? Why

is He so important? Why is He the most written

about person in the history of mankind? If He died

here on earth 2000 years ago why will He affect

where we end up after we die? If you don’t know

the story about Jesus, you need to learn about it.

To understand who Jesus the Christ was, go to 

online and watch a free very accurate full length

film of the story and life of Jesus Christ. You need

to know the story of Jesus to understand His importance

as your Savior to you.


The necessity of having Jesus as savior.

God does not want you to perish. He is rich in

mercy and compassion, and has provided a way for

you to be forgiven. He has invited you to come to

Him for a full pardon and receive the free gift of

Eternal Life. You cannot earn it, and you do not

deserve it, but God is offering it to you as proof of

His love for you. You just have to be sincere and

ask for it. It’s free.

Imagine you are standing in front of a judge, guilty

of multiple serious crimes. All the evidence has

been presented and there is no doubt about your

guilt. Your apologies and good works cannot erase

your crimes; therefore you must be punished. The

fine for your crimes is $500,000 or imprisonment,

but you don’t have two pennies to rub together.

The judge is about to pass sentence when someone

you don't even know steps in and pays your fine

for you! The court accepts the money and declares

that you are free to go. The law has been satisfied,

your debt has been paid in full, and the stranger’s

sacrifice was a demonstration of his love for you.

That’s what God did for you 2000 years ago. The

Bible says that the God of the Universe became a

man (Jesus Christ), and suffered and died on the

cross for your sins and mine so that we could be

set free. It's as simple as this.... we broke the Law,

and Jesus paid our fine. "God demonstrated His

own love for us in that while we were still sinners,

Christ died for us." (Romans 5:8) "Christ redeemed

us from the curse of the Law, being made

a curse for us." (Galatians 3:13) The law spoken

of here is the Mosaic law, the 613 rules no one

could follow kept on the outside of the ark of the


covenant. That is what went out with the cross.

Galatians tells the people that once they have faith

in Christ, they were no longer under the schoolmaster

of Moses. God’s moral law, the Ten Commandments,

kept on the stone tablets inside of the

ark of the covenant, still holds fast, as it is the

basis of what determines transgression of the law;

sin. It’s the consequences of breaking the law that

was changed by Jesus’ death and resurrection.

But you must turn away from sin and turn to God.

Desire to have NOTHING to do with sin, and surrender

your life to the One who can save you.

Jesus died to set you free, and then he rose from

death to be your Lord. Jesus said, “I am the Way,

the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father

except through me.” If you will confess and forsake

your sins (repent) and trust in Jesus Christ as your

Savior and Lord, God will forgive you and you’ll

pass from death to life. If you are not sure how to

pray, read Psalm 51 and make it your prayer.

The gift of grace is received by saving FAITH

Faith is the key that opens the door to heaven.

Many people mistake two things for saving faith.

a. Saving faith is not mere intellectual knowledge,

like believing certain historical facts. The Bible says

that even the devil believes there is only one God,

so believing that there is one God is not saving


b. Saving faith is not mere temporal faith, that is,

trusting God for a temporary crisis, such as family,

financial or physical needs. These are good and you

should trust in Christ for these, but they are not

saving faith.


Saving Faith is trusting in Jesus Christ alone for

salvation and eternal life. It means resting on

Christ alone for what He has done rather than in

what you or I have done to get us to heaven. Acts

16:31 “Believe (trust) on the Lord Jesus Christ,

and thou shalt be saved”.

It means that you need to:

1. Transfer your trust from what YOU have been

doing to what Christ has done FOR YOU on the


2. Accept Christ as your savior. Open the door to

your heart and invite him in. Rev 3:20 “Behold, I

stand at the door and knock. If any man hears my

voice, and opens the door I will come in to him…”.

3. Receive Jesus Christ as Lord; give Him the

“driver’s seat” and “controls” of your life, not the


4. Repent of your sins. Be willing to turn from

ANYTHING that is not pleasing to Him. He will

reveal His will to you as you grow in your relationship

to Him and the Holy Spirit develops character

and sanctification in you.

Romans 10:10,13 “For with the heart man believeth

unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession

is made unto salvation. For whosoever shall

call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” If

you want to receive the gift of eternal life through

Jesus Christ, then call on Him, asking Him for this

gift right now.

The sinner’s prayer

The sinners prayer has been abused and misadvertised

by many. Evangelists seek to get people to

say the sinner’s prayer telling them they will be


saved if they do so. But the Bible doesn’t say that.

It may be true for some cases such as in the movie

“God is not dead” where the atheist came back to

Jesus just before he died after being hit by a car;

but for most part salvation is a process, not the

statement of a single prayer. A person who says

the sinner’s prayer may be saved for a day, or a

week, or a month but without sufficient foundational

knowledge of God’s word he cannot follow

through with the repentance, change of character

and perseverance required to truly be saved. There

is no bypassing the steps to salvation of justification

and sanctification. Again, it is a process. But

with that said; stating the sinners prayer and

meaning what you say is a very good start. Then

you must follow through with repentance and

allowing the Holy Spirit you have invited to live in

your heart to change your habits, speech and

character to be more in tune with the type of person

God will allow into His kingdom.

You can pray something like this:

Lord Jesus Christ, I know I am a sinner and do not

deserve eternal life. But I believe you died on the

cross for my sins and arose from the grave to

purchase a place in heaven for me. Lord Jesus,

come into my life and take control of my life. Forgive

me my sins as I forgive others who have

sinned against me and save me. I repent of my

sins, and I will turn away from sin, and I will place

my trust in you for my salvation. Please forgive

me, and grant me your gift of everlasting life. In

Jesus’ name, amen

Welcome to God’s Family!

Today is your spiritual birthday; a day you will


want to remember. The Bible speaks of those who

receive eternal life in these words. John 1:13

“Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of

flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God”.

There is nothing magic about these words

It is the attitude of your heart that God cares

about. God will transform you from the inside out.

You will think and feel differently as you learn to

trust and obey Him. God will give you new strength

to live right and love Him above all else. Read your

Bible daily and obey His Word. You can trust God—

He loves you and will always be faithful. If you've

decided to reject the gift of forgiveness and you die

in your sins, there is no hope for you. There is no

purgatory. The wrath of God abides on you and you

can look forward to eternal torment in hell.

The downside of the sinners prayer.

Don’t get me wrong, if you repeat the sinners

prayer or something similar and mean it; you will

be in an immediate saved condition. If you were

just in an accident and were in fact dying and said

this prayer in complete sincerity your spirit and

soul would go to heaven immediately as you expired.

Thank the parable of the vineyard owner in

Mathew 20 for clarification on that. The workers

that were hired at the end of the day received the

same compensation as those who had worked since

morning. The man who dies just after coming to

Jesus and receiving Him as savior, receives the

same key to the pearly gates as the man who has

been obedient to Jesus for most of his life. He

might not have the same degree of rewards awaiting

him, but he will get there just the same.


Think about untimely death. What if you died

upon impact in the accident and didn’t have time to

ask Jesus to forgive you? Untimely death accounts

for a lot of deaths. My first wife met untimely death

when her Harley motorcycle went off the road and

she was thrown against a large rock which her

head hit as she wasn’t wearing a helmet at the

time. Instant death. No time to come to Jesus if

she hadn’t already done so previously.

Let’s say your neighbor was concerned about salvation

and on Wednesday he had a long talk with you

and talked you into saying the sinners prayer that

evening, and saved you. But come Friday evening

your buddies want you to go out drinking, you got

inebriated, and you met some cutie at the bar you

took home and fornicated with. By Monday you

forgot all about abeyance to Jesus and it was back

to life as usual. Backsliding is what happens when

people don’t have a sufficient foundation in God’s

word. Being saved for an evening or a day without

follow through doesn’t mean being saved forever.

It’s like the first three sets of seeds that didn’t

survive in the parable of the sower, Mathew 13.

Some fell along the path and the birds ate them

up, some fell amongst rocks and sprang up but

lacked moisture and died, some fell amongst

thorns and weeds and were choked out. Only those

grown in fertile soil survived. God’s Holy Spirit can

leave you just as rapidly as He entered. Think hard

about why statistically few spirits may go to

heaven at death. According to Rev Park in his near

death experience testimonial, he was told by angels

only 1/10th of 1% (1 out of a thousand)

made heaven at death. Howard Pittman witnessed


2.5% making it in. You have to sustain your belief

and endure to the end. If getting to heaven was

such an easy task without any effort on our part,

more of us would show up there. But apparently we


Eternal Life is a FREE gift.

Romans 6:23 “…the gift of God is eternal life

through Jesus Christ our Lord.” And because

heaven is a gift, like any other genuine gift, it is

not earned or deserved. No amount of personal

effort, good works or religious deeds can earn a

place in heaven for you. Ephesians 2:8-9 “For by

grace are ye saved by faith, and that not of yourselves;

it is the gift of God, not of works, lest any

man should boast.” What’s missing here if the

good book says no amount of personal effort is

required? What’s missing is the concept that if you

came to Jesus and He lives inside you in the form

of the Holy Spirit your actions, thoughts, words

and deeds will reflect that belief. The fruits of the

spirit become reality, fully demonstrable daily in

our lives. Sin and not doing what’s right become

the exception rather than the rule. If your life

doesn’t reflect that, it simply shows you don’t really

have the belief part of the equation.

Grace is not a license to freely sin.

It is not easy to explain to someone that although

our works will not get us to heaven; if we do not

show good works by our thoughts, actions, words,

and deeds; it simply proves we lack the belief that

we have been saved. James 2:17 says "In the

same way, faith by itself, if not accompanied by

action; is dead". Mathew 7:21 is pretty explicit ,

"Not everyone who says to me, Lord, Lord, shall


enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the

will of My Father in heaven."

Whoever has the faith can't help but show it by

his/her actions. Logically, eternal salvation is

provided for man solely by God's grace through the

substitutionary death of Jesus Christ. Man is saved

through faith alone in Christ alone, independent of

his works, but good works are a necessary result of

true faith; like keeping the ten commandments as

well as you can, treating your fellow man with

respect and forgiving his faults against you, witnessing

your faith to others, and being baptized by

full immersion are all part of being born again.

Slipping into sin occasionally

like a white lie here or a slip of the tongue there,

staring too long at a low cut blouse, wishing that

yellow corvette across the street was yours, or

getting angry with your kids but realizing it and

reconciling soon thereafter; these things are expected.

God doesn’t expect us to be perfect like He

is. Remember although God’s Holy Spirit is our

main force now, Adam’s sin nature still lurks in the

background to try and trip us up. We are covered

by grace and Jesus’ righteousness as long as we

continue to wear the parachute and we pick ourselves

back up, quickly repent, and try not to do it


Repent means to stop rebelling against God’s ways

and be obedient to His instructions. We keep His

commandments as best we can. We forgive our

fellow man when he trespasses against us. We

treat our fellow man as we would want to be

treated. This is MOST important in retaining your


status of saved. We put our relationship with Jesus

above all else. We pray daily. We open our Bibles

and study some daily. We don’t just ask Jesus to

grant us grace and then put Him on the shelf to be



Out of every 200,000 people that make the altar

call and ask God to save them and give them

eternal life, only about 15,000 to 18,000 keep the

parachute on and stay with Jesus and remain

saved. That’s less than 10%. The rest backslide

back into their sinful ways and forget all about

Jesus; some thinking that grace is a free license to

sin now and others because they just become

caught back up with the materialistic world we live

in and the sinful influences Satan has provided to

steal their salvation. I personally believe a large

reason for this is that the people were never taught

from the git-go the truth about the torments and

fires of hell or the truth about how just being a

good person does not get them to heaven. They

were never exposed to the truth you have been

shown in this book. The evangelists that brought

them to that altar call preached about the glory of

God, how good God is, how loving God is, how God

would not send them to hell; but they didn’t talk at

all about how God is a just judge and the punishment

for sin is hell. They didn’t talk about what

our responsibilities regarding God’s covenant were.

They didn’t tell us just trying to be good doesn’t

work. That you can’t get there on your own nickel.

They preached nice instead of necessity. They

didn’t properly explain what the term savior means

and exactly why Jesus as our savior is absolutely

necessary for our salvation. No savior, no para142

chute, no heaven, we go to hell; no alternatives.

Keep a daily walk with Jesus and don’t become a

backslider statistic.


If not already, you need to be baptized; full immersion

Baptism to be specific. Full immersion means

going completely under the water, just as you see

John the Baptist doing at the river Jordan in the

Jesus movies, not sprinkling. See my page at  for a full

explanation of why this can be considered a necessary

requirement to get into the Kingdom. Christ

emphasized baptism is necessary! It's in the Bible.

(See John 3:5). " I am telling you the truth,"

replied Jesus, "that no one can enter the Kingdom

of Heaven without being born of water and of the

spirit". Full immersion baptism is what is addressed

here and not just being born from water in the


I should qualify that. If you are dying at the scene

of an accident and came to Jesus and accepted His

salvation and there was no opportunity to be baptized

with a full immersion baptism, I do not believe

that would prevent you from going to heaven.

But if you can receive a full immersion baptism as a

means of showing your faith, you should. There’s

both sides of the debate table on this issue. Words

of wisdom are to be safe and do it.

Baptism demonstrates true repentance.

Such repentance is a turning to believe, follow, and

obey Jesus Christ, and is the only kind of repentance

that will save us. True repentance must lead

a person to the waters of baptism. In baptism we

identify ourselves with the death, burial and resur143

rection of Christ. Jesus died, bearing our sins and

paying the penalty for them in Himself. He was

buried, taking our old life into the tomb with Him.

He was raised from the dead, that He might give to

us by the power of God, His new life, a supernatural

resurrected life of peace, joy and victory over all

that previously bound us.

Are there any prerequisites for baptism?

Among the prerequisites for baptism noted in the

Scriptures are belief in Jesus Christ as the Son of

God (Acts 8:36,37) and repentance (Acts 2:37,38),

and being of sufficient age (usually ten or older) to

know what Baptism is really all about. Baptism isn’t

about being dunked in a pool of water. It is about

taking off the old self, getting rid of all sin, and

starting anew; giving your life over to Jesus, letting

Him have the helm. It’s about letting God’s Holy

Spirit come upon you and show you what to do.

It’s a serious step in your life. Being baptized lets

you show that you understand what the parachute

is all about and you have made the decision to put

it on and wear it.

By baptism we confess our faith in the death

and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and testify of our

death to sin and of our purpose to walk in newness

of life. Thus we acknowledge Christ as Lord and

Savior, become His people, and are received as

members by His church. Baptism is a symbol of our

union with Christ, the forgiveness of our sins, and

our reception of the Holy Spirit. It is by immersion

in water and is contingent on an affirmation of faith

in Jesus and evidence of repentance of sin. It

follows instruction in the Holy Scriptures and acceptance

of their teachings. (Matthew 3:13-16;


28:19-20; Acts 2:38; 16:30-33; 22:16; Romans

6:1-6; Galatians 3:27; 1 Corinthians 12:13; Colossians

2:12-13; 1 Peter 3:21.)

Baptism demonstrates true repentance. Such

repentance is a turning to believe, follow, and obey

the Lord Jesus Christ, and is the only kind of repentance

that will save us. A repentance which refuses

the command to be baptized in water is unknown

in the Bible. True repentance must lead a person to

the waters of baptism where we identify ourselves

with the death, burial and resurrection of Christ.

Jesus died, bearing our sins and paying the penalty

for them in Himself. He was buried, taking our old

life into the tomb with Him. He was raised from the

dead, that He might give to us by the power of

God, His new life, a supernatural resurrection life of

peace and joy and victory over all that previously

bound us. Colossians 2:12

Does it take a priest or a pastor to baptise?

You must understand the baptism is taking place in

the person being baptized. It's what HE believes is

happening, and it is HE who is repenting of past

sin, and it is HE who is accepting Jesus and the

Holy Spirit into his heart. It is HE who is taking off

the old man and putting on the new man and

looking forward to a life of sinning less because the

Holy Spirit is now within him. Who is dunking him

under the water is irrelevant. The only case for

having a priest or a pastor do the baptizing is that

the person being baptized may feel it "took" much

more than by being baptized by a regular common

Christian. As a youth I earned the name “Berry the

Baptist” by baptizing my friends in a cold creek

water hole nearby. Back then I just thought it

meant getting rid of Adam’s original sin. Little did I


know what the full ramifications of Baptism were.

In truth Yahweh doesn't care who does the dunking

as it is in the heart of the person being baptized

whether or not it took or not.

I’ve been baptized three different times in my life.

Sprinkled as a Catholic as a baby which I came to

realize probably didn’t count. A second time with

full immersion in Russia when the Orthodox priest

demanded I be baptized before he would marry us

there. I would have done anything to marry that

woman, even strip in front of her and enter the

baptismal pool, and let him dunk me. And a third

full immersion time in Mexico when I really understood

what baptism was all about and what it

signified. I think that is the time it really took.

Witnessing to others

Are you ashamed of your new status of being

saved? Do you want to keep it a secret? Do you

think your friends will laugh at you if you tell them

you asked God to give you eternal life so your spirit

doesn’t go to hell when you die? God never promised

easy. In fact He says you will be mocked and

scourned because of Him. Don't keep it a secret

because people might think you are a little strange

talking about God and what's right and what's


When he tells us to share the good news; he

means just that. I get angered at the people who

badmouth the Jehovah's witnesses or Mormons for

their house to house tactics. I certainly don't agree

with some of their theology. In fact in my opinion,

both groups have serious flaws in their doctrine


and belief system, but I have to give them an A for

effort in trying to share the "good news"; because

many people are just downright mean to them and

slam doors in their faces; or issue profane words at

them for bothering them, or call them kooks and

cultists; it takes a lot of guts and fortitude to continue

witnessing under those demeaning circumstances.

I give both groups an attaboy for their

efforts. I love speaking with them and sharing the

Parachute of Jesus with them.

Why would you want to witness about the salvation

of Jesus to others? Maybe a better question is;

knowing what you now know about heaven, hell,

grace, and sanctification; why wouldn’t you want to

share this knowledge with others? Jesus tells us in

Hosea 4:6; “my people perish for lack of knowledge.”

Be willing to share the knowledge.

If you are not praying, giving, and working

in the "Harvest Fields" for Christ, YOU DON'T

BELIEVE JESUS IS COMING, no matter what your

Church doctrine teaches! If you believe there is a

literal hell, where men and women go that do not

know about eternal life as a FREE gift and the

forgiveness of sins, and you are not making some

attempt to warn them and teach them about salvation,

YOU don't believe He is coming back. Witnessing

your faith to others is all a part of knowing

Jesus. See my webpage for all about tracts at  and

for more about witnessing along with sources of

witnessing tracts to hand out.

In the book The Divine Revelation of Heaven by

Mary Katherine Baxter, which you can read at  , she was shown


that angels are actually keeping track of who and

how many each of us bring to Jesus through our

witnessing efforts. Witnessing to others may not

only affect getting into heaven but may well affect

what your reward is once there.

I didn’t write this book for rewards. I wrote it

because when only .1% to 2.5% of the people who

die are making it to heaven at death according to

near death testimonies; we are not doing our job.

We are not giving people the knowledge they need

to make that journey successfully. What makes me

angry is how Satan can pull the wool over our eyes

and make us think we are doing such a good job;

when we aren’t. We need to be more aggressive

and step up the pace.

Entering into heaven is by grace only, but the

test of that faith in the salvation of Jesus, manifests

itself in obedience to the will of God. "Not

everyone who says to me, Lord Lord, shall enter

into the Kingdom of Heaven, but he who does the

will of my Father in heaven." "Be doers of the

word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own

selves," James 1:22. The kingdom of God is a

Spiritual realm, attained by walking in the Spirit,

and producing the fruit of the Spirit; which is love,

joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness,

faithfulness, gentleness, and self control.

Is it possible to believe in Jesus and not be

saved? Yes, if you believe in the wrong Jesus.

You cannot be saved and believe in another "Jesus"

(2 Cor. 11:4, Gal. 1:6-9) as do the cults. Virtually

every cult denies the doctrine that Jesus Christ is

100% man and 100% God for all eternity. They


deny Jesus is fully God. They teach He is a man

only, or Spirit only, or a great teacher or prophet,

that he was an anointed man and is now Spirit, etc.

Why do orthodox Biblical Christian believers consider

cult members to be unsaved and in need of

having the Gospel preached to them? Because to

be saved it matters what you believe ABOUT Jesus

Christ and the plan of salvation, and not just that

you believe that Jesus existed (eg. Bahai), was a

prophet (eg. Muslims), was only a great teacher

(eg. Gnostics), was only an anointed man (eg.

Word-Faith), or anything else. When people in the

nice white shirts and ties knock on your door; ask

them right up front if they believe Jesus IS God,

not a god, but thee God, a question that separates

the wheat from the chaff.

How do I know if I am saved?

We need to study the love walk and how we're to

walk in love as if our kingdom citizenship depended

on it, because it does. Why does kingdom citizenship

depend upon love? Because if we don't learn

how to forgive and love, we can't claim to know

Him. Pay particular attention to my page  which goes

into more depth regarding how do I know if I am

saved. It’s a touchy but important subject.

You must learn that works cannot save you, only

faith in salvation can save you; but if works are not

manifested in your daily life, it also then shows you

don’t have true faith but only head knowledge.

Head knowledge alone doesn’t get you into heaven.

Your heart has to keep pace. Your heart is the big

giveaway. The indwelling of the Holy Spirit constantly

reassures us that we belong to Jesus Christ.


Evidence of genuine salvation is the presence of

the Holy Spirit within the individual, how can this

be verified?

The fellowship enjoyed by genuine Christians

is positive proof of salvation. Those who claim to

know Christ, but yet rarely attend church to worship

God and associate with other believers, are

possibly fooling themselves! A Christian can stay

out of church and away from other believers, but I

can guarantee you that there will never be a time

when they will be comfortable doing so!

On the other side of the coin, 1John 1:8 teaches us

that if we deny the existence of sin within us, the

truth is not in us. 1John 2:3, teaches us that we

are genuine and growing in grace and knowledge of

Christ, “if we keep His commandments”.

1John 2:10 teaches us that we are of Christ if we

love the brethren. Again, those who habitually

absent themselves from God's house and do not

make it clear that they love being around God's

children, are very likely to be tares and not wheat.

1John 2:15 teaches us that if anyone loves the

world, the love of the Father is not in him. "Worldly

Christians" is almost a contradiction in terms and

those who claim to know Christ, but yet cling to the

value system of this world-are suspect.

1John 5:13 informs us that the entire Book of 1

John was written so that we can know that we

possess eternal life in Christ.

The Word of God teaches that the Bible is incomprehensible

to the "natural man" - the unsaved

individual. It is a spiritual book and the unsaved


person is not only spiritually blind, but 1 Corinthians

2:14 tells us that he "is incapable" of knowing

that which is spiritually discerned.

Do you understand the Bible? Does it make sense

to you and speak to your heart? Does it convict you

of your sin and teach you the right way?

The Bible is very clear that an unregenerate individual

will not seek God (Rom.3:11). Are you

painfully aware of your sinful nature and cry out to

God from your heart for forgiveness when you sin?

If so, this is one of the signs of having been born


The Bible says that an unregenerate individual is a

slave of Satan and incapable of doing anything

about it (Eph.2:2). Have you been able to turn

your back upon this world and its sinful ways? Are

all of your close friends Christians? If you have

been born again, your unsaved friends normally

will drop you like a bad habit

Do you have secrets? Have you not been able to

burn or destroy your lifetime collection of girly

books, pictures, magazines, and even videos? You

are not free until you can do so. Satan still has his

claw in you and you are still hellbound no matter

how many good things you try to make up for it

with. Get rid of the porn.

The pornography industry and lust for the opposite

sex (and today even same sex) accounts for

probably more lost souls than any other vice;

preachers included. The United States is the producer

and distributor of the largest quantity of porn


distributed in the world.

Do you love--really love--Christians and would

rather be with them than anyone else? Can you

meet a total stranger, find out that they are a

believer, and then have instant fellowship with

them? Is there "something" in your heart that

draws you to them and establishes a closeness that

cannot be explained in any other way?

Do you actually enjoy giving to the Lord's work? Do

you give generously of your time, talent, and


Do you sin less, a lot less, now than you did prior

to receiving Christ?

Have other people seen the "fruit of the Spirit" at

work in your life? That is, can they see genuine

love, joy, peace, long-suffering, etc., (Gal.5:22),

being wrought in and through you by God's Holy

Spirit? Do they sense that you are a different person

from the one you used to be?

Have you experienced persecution because of your

faith in Christ? (Former friends, who back away

because of your testimony for Christ, are a subtle

form of persecution).

Are you eagerly expecting and anticipating the any

moment return of Jesus Christ for His Church?

Even though Jesus tells us we will not know the

hour or the day, even He does not know, only the

Father knows, He gives us the signs to watch for.

Are you getting educated in what those are?


If you can truthfully answer, "yes" to these questions,

you are a child of God and the Holy Spirit

dwells within you!

If you cannot truthfully answer, "yes" to these

questions, you may need to review the salvation

message again.

Death is the great equalizer.

At the moment a person takes their last breath,

their name, their job, their bank account, what

they may or may not have accomplished during

their life, all ceases to matter. At the moment they

take their last breath, the only thing that matters is

their relationship with Jesus Christ, nothing else. It

is foolishness to put everything you have into these

few years on earth. James calls life "a vapor”. The

Bible tells us tomorrow is promised to none of us,

that each day is a gift from God.

Sadly, most people live their lives like they will

never die, spending every second fulfilling the

desires of their flesh. Their entire focus is on these

few brief years and all of their time and energy,

talents and resources, are invested in a life that will

be gone in the blink of an eye.

If Bill Gates would die without accepting Christ into

his heart, like the rich man in Luke 16, the moment

he dies he will be eternally separated from God. All

of his billions, all of his great accomplishments, all

of his "good works," will not matter. The moment

he dies there is only ONE THING that will matter,

and that is if he has accepted Jesus Christ as his

Lord and Savior or not.


Likewise, if a homeless man in Chicago dies but

knows Christ as his Savior, like Lazarus, the moment

he dies he will be eternally with God his

Creator. The fact he had no money, or no possessions,

or never did great things in his life will not

matter. The moment he dies there is only ONE

THING that will matter, and that is if he has accepted

Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.

What is the main focus of your life today? Is it

solely focused on these few short years, or are you

preparing for your eternal home? Are you using

each day to lay up treasure where moth and rust

doth corrupt, or are you laying up treasure in


Do you spend your day on the temporal or the

eternal? How much of your time, talent, and treasure

is spent on this life versus your eternal life as

well as that of others? These are all serious and

legitimate questions only you can answer.

Another good question you need to ask yourself is

what will your legacy be? Are you working to build

a legacy in this temporal world, or are you working

to build a legacy that will stand for all eternity?

The most important question that I could ever ask

you is, are you ready to meet Jesus? Are you ready

to take your last breath and be standing before

God your Creator? If you took that last breath in

the next moment, do you know without any doubt

where your eternal home will be? Are you ready to

die? Are you ready to meet Jesus?

It is important to first understand that true Chris154

tians do not only accept Jesus Christ as their personal

Savior, but they also live by every word of

the Bible (Matthew 4:4), keeping God’s commandments

(John 14:15), loving one another (John

15:12), and proclaiming the Gospel of the coming

Kingdom of God (John 4:34). True Christians actually

"do" something. They "do" the "will" of the

Father (Matthew 7:21). If we do these things, then

we are on our way to being the "good and faithful

servants" in whom our Master is pleased at His

return (Matthew 25:21-23).

Revelation 3:7-13 describes God’s faithful Church

at the end of this age. These Christians earnestly

strive to "imitate Jesus" in how they live and worship

(1 Corinthians 11:1). They are not perfect, but

they strive to "walk as He walked" (1 John 2:6).

Grace covers their imperfections. They practice

love, and exhibit the fruits of the Spirit in their

daily lives. And there is something else unique

about these Christians. They are zealous. They are

doing something.

At judgment day Christ will not ask for your voter

registration card to make sure you are a republican

or a democrat, He won't even ask you if you were

mad about them taking down little plastic Jesus or

saying "Happy holidays." He won't ask you if you

protested the taking down of the ten commandments

off of the courthouse wall or how many

Christian t-shirts you wore, or even if you bought

the latest praise CD's. No friend, He will ask questions

like these:

What did you do for the least of these?


Did you care for the widow and orphan, feed the

hungry, give without expecting anything in return?

Did you love God with all your heart; love your

neighbor as yourself without expecting his friendship

in return?

Did you repent and live a life that shows it, did

you forgive so you could be forgiven?

Yes, these are the questions that will be asked, all

matters of the heart. No amount of religious activity

will make up for these things; the sheep and the

goats will be separated.

God’s Holy Feast Days or supposed Christian

Holidays, which should we keep??

Most of us have been led down the golden path

regarding God's Holy Feast days. When we celebrate

Christmas, Easter, Ash Wednesday, Halloween,

etc we do not know it but we are celebrating

pagan origin holidays. Nowhere in scripture will you

find these celebrations, let alone the command to

keep them.

See www.detailshere.comtrueorigins.htm  for a

more thorough explanation of why they are pagan.

See      for

a thorough description of God’s feast days. God’s

feast days are Yahweh's days to keep holy and

along with keeping a Saturday Sabbath, constitute

God's "seal" on us. God's "mark" is simply our

keeping a Saturday Sabbath as well as rememberance

of these seven feast days as Sabbaths and

also keeping His Ten Commandments. The mark of

the beast may well be NOT keeping those things.


God's seven festivals are laid out in Leviticus 23:

the Passover, the Feast of Unleavened Bread, the

Feast of Weeks or Firstfruits (Pentecost), the Feast

of Trumpets, the Day of Atonement, the Feast of

Tabernacles and the Last Great Day of the feast.

These feasts show how God works to bring about

the salvation of mankind. Each one pictures a step

in this process for individuals and, ultimately, for

all humanity. Some church organizations feel the

feast days of Leviticus went out with the cross as

well as God's Ten Commandments but that is

simply not true. "AND THIS DAY SHALL BE UNTO


FEAST to the Lord throughout your generations; ye

shall keep it a FEAST by an ordinance FOR EVER"


Moreover also I gave them my Sabbaths, to be a

sign between me and them, that they might know

that I am the LORD that sanctifies them. Ezekiel


And hallow my Sabbaths; and they shall be a sign

between me and you, that ye may know that I am

the LORD your God. Ezekiel 12:20

Exodus 31:13 Speak thou also unto the children of

Israel, saying, Verily my Sabbaths (plural - verse

14 speaks of the weekly Sabbath so we know this

is referring to the annual feast day Sabbaths and

may well include the weekly Sabbath too but this

verse does not speak of many weekly Sabbaths) ye

shall keep: for it is a sign between me and you

throughout your generations; that ye may know

that I am the LORD that doth sanctify you. I have


to go by what scripture tells me to do, not what

man has conjured up.

Clean and Unclean Foods

Did the clean and unclean food laws of Leviticus 11

and Deuteronomy14 also go out with the cross?

The problem I have with that thinking is that every

one of them has a scientific health reason for not

eating them. In my opinion God was pretty smart,

like making all bottom feeding fish without scales

for example. Bottom feeders contain hundreds of

times more mercury and other toxic metals and

harmful chemicals than fish who feed above the

bottom who just happen to have fins and

scales. The pig did not make the Creator's list of

"clean" animals for a very good reason. Clean

animals like cows and deer that chew the cud have

an advanced digestive system that includes an

alimentary canal and a secondary cud receptacle.

They have three stomachs to process and refine

their clean, vegetation-based food in a process that

can take up to twenty-four hours. Pigs or swine, on

the other hand, never limit their diet to vegetation.

They will eat anything they can find — including

their own young and sick or dead pigs from the

same pen. Pork contains poisons and by-products

that can harm you, including the destructive enzymes

cadaverine and putrescine. Pigs can also

carry trichina worms which imbed themselves in

your muscle tissue. Cooking pork well only lets you

eat dead trichina worms. For your health, stick to

the animals that the Creator chose as his ideal food

for humankind. See my page at  

for a thorough explanation on this subject.


What is the difference between just staying out

of hell at death versus being eligible to inherit the

Kingdom of Heaven? And what happens to the

righteous (the guests in wedding garments) who

didn’t get resurrected at the second coming but

made it through the second resurrection and

weren’t tossed into the lake of fire (like the guests

were who weren’t wearing a wedding garment)?

I have tried to keep this book simple; in simple

language and meaningful enough to the majority of

readers to awaken a desire in them to begin to

understand the process of real salvation. My purpose

is to awaken people to cause them to want to

be born again and begin a life of following Jesus

and enacting the DWJWD principles of everyday

living. There is obviously more to salvation than

what has been presented above.

Just salvation or Kingdom of Heaven?

See my wife’s youtube video at 

for proof there definitely is a difference?

Here are some thoughts to mess with your mind.

Neither heaven nor hell may be just one place.

According to some, both are multifaceted. Hell has

many compartments, levels, zones and areas, as

was shown to Mary Baxter in her 30 visits to hell

(Divine Revelation of Hell). Not all punishments

were of the same degree. Heaven may also be

multifaceted. Besides the pearly gates and the

streets of gold in the Kingdom, there are testimonies

of people who went to heaven but who stayed

outside the city walls in what they called “paradise”.

The Bible is still full of mystery; there are

things we will not know until it is our turn to cross


the veil. Remember commandments 1-4 relate to

God and 5-10 relate to fellow humans. There will

be some Christians not deserving of hell but not

meeting God’s criteria at this point in time for entry

into the Kingdom of God either. Maybe they were

good old boys who showed love for their fellow

man but didn’t really know or care to know Jesus.

These may be the people we worry about at the

second resurrection when they are judged for their

works and deeds. A person that’s born twice (born

again and from a natural birth) will only die once,

but a person who is born only once (a natural birth

but never born again) may die twice; once in their

mortal body and then in the lake of fire (Rev

20:11-15) just after the second resurrection at the

Great White Throne Judgment at the end of the


Just being saved from hell at death is the gift of

God; totally grace. As was told to the rich man in

Matthew 19:16-23; to be saved, keep the commandments

and love thy neighbor which can gain

you eternal life on the new earth. But entering the

Kingdom of Heaven, the incredible world inside the

pearly gates, is the reward for the saved people

who know Jesus and have a personal relationship

with Him. The saints are defined as those who

keep God's law – see this link for a great definition.  

and maintain and give attention to the faith of

Jesus. It is earned not by deeds of the Law, but by

deeds of the heart; love and humanity to our

brothers. It is the reward for allowing the Holy

Spirit to become our guide in all that we do.


This is a goal we should strive for besides to just be

saved and kept out of hell by grace. And just what

happens to those resurrected at the second resurrection

preceding the Great White Throne judgment

at the end of the millennium? Another mystery not

well defined, but studying the parable of the Wedding

Feast, Matthew 22 provides some clues.

This parable is about rejection, but it is also about

acceptance! The image is of Christ as the bridegroom,

whose first guests (the Jews – most of

whom today still do not even believe Jesus came

the first time) have turned on Him, too busy in

daily matters to bother to come to the feast. He

then invites anyone and everyone, the good and

the bad, and that invitation is still open for us

today; Jews and gentiles alike. But pay attention to

those not clothed in wedding garments and tossed

out into the darkness. Although invited, they represent

the unrighteous who are cast out into darkness

with gnashing of teeth and are sent to hell.

The bride is the saints, sanctified believers in

Christ, who for the 1000 years in the Kingdom of

Heaven will prepare themselves for the priesthood

on the new Earth. The guests in white garments

are the righteous, saved by grace but lacking love

of God and the credentials of sanctification for

entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven. They will

remain on earth during the second coming to help

restore the old earth. They will die on earth during

the millenium and be resurrected at the second

resurrection and be judged for their deeds.

Jesus and the apostles taught clearly, that salvation

and the Kingdom of Heaven are not one and


the same. Salvation is by grace only, the gift of

God to all who believe in Him and keep His commandments.

The Kingdom of Heaven is awarded to

the saved people for the perfection of their faith,

sanctification, which comes through the hard work

of love. It is impossible to enter the Kingdom of

Heaven without faith in Jesus; therefore the majority

of the Jews may not enter the Kingdom of

Heaven. Those of them, who are the true Israel,

like Jacob (ch.5), but had not accepted Jesus, will

stay on the earth after the second coming, die on

the restored existing earth, and await the regeneration

of the new earth.

We are the last generation before Jesus' second

coming. Some of us, as saints, will be taken to the

Kingdom of Heaven at that time. There will be

others with tears of disappointment who will simply

observe this event. They will die on earth after the

second coming and await the second resurrection

at the end of the millennium and be judged for

their deeds. If found righteous they will be placed

on the new earth and given immortality but will

probably not have entrance into God’s city the New

Jerusalem. If they are found unrighteous; didn’t

follow the commandments, especially regarding

loving their neighbor, they will probably be cast

into the lake of fire.

It is not too late to rearrange priorities in your

lives, to make sure you understand the process of

inviting the Holy Spirit to dwell in you, so that the

sanctification process can be effected in your life,

with results of being considered a saint at the

second coming. Sequestering help from the Holy

Spirit will have a great impact upon just how much


further you wish to pursue honoring, obeying, and

serving Jesus beyond just getting saved from the

torments of hell at death.

Prophecies of the Bible say that at Jesus’ second

coming everyone who has accepted the Antichrist and

the mark of the beast (Rev 14:9-10 and Rev 13:15-17)

will die. The saints, both resurrected and alive, will be

taken to the Kingdom of Heaven (1 Thes 4:16-17) and

Satan and his angels will be cast down to hell.

(Rev.20:2; Ezek.31:16-18; Isa.24:21-22).

On the existing earth the righteous will be left who will

cleanse the earth of Gog’s (last enemy of Israel – namely

Muslim countries) corpses and weapons there (Ezek

38:14-16; 39:9-16). The earth again will have it’s original

beauty, all waters will become crystal pure, deserts will

flourish with gardens (Ezek36:33-38; 47: 1, 8,9; Isa

41:18), and people will happily live more than a hundred

years, without knowing diseases and misfortunes (Isa

65:20). However, this is not the new earth but only the

restored existing earth.

Then, 1000 years after the second coming, Satan

will be released from the dungeon for his last

attempt to deceive all mankind (Rev20:7). He

again makes a mess of the existing earth. After the

last battle the second resurrection and judgment

will take place (Rev 20:11-15). The unjust with

fallen angels will be burned together with the old

earth (2 Peter 3:10) in a lake of fire, and those

dead resurrected and found righteous will be placed

onto the New Earth (as God then destroys the old

earth Satan had again made a mess of) where the

heavenly New Jerusalem, God’s Kingdom of

Heaven, will come down – and the wedding will


start (Rev 21:1-2; 19:7-9).

How can we understand all of this? Who are these righteous

and saints? Who is Christ’s Bride? Who will be taken

to heaven at Christ’s second coming and who will remain

on the earth? What is the wedding on the new earth?

Heavenly Jerusalem, is it the paradise where souls of the

righteous dead depart to or something far greater?

Let’s analyze. The spirit/soul of a person when he dies,

depending upon whether or not that person forgave

other people, confessed his sins, believed in the salvation

of Jesus, etc. goes to paradise (the thief on the

cross – Luke 23:39-43), or to hell (the rich man, from

whose table poor Lazarus ate crumbs from – Luke

16:19-31). No other alternatives. Because without

repentance and the forgiveness of others there is no

salvation (Luke 5:32; 13:3,5; Mat 6:15). The spirits/

souls of the unrighteous simply go to hell at death.

Jesus, as we know, by taking upon Himself all sins of

all people, right after His death, in spirit, went down to

hades where He preached to the angels who had

sinned before the flood (1Peter 3:18,19). However 3

days after His death, He was resurrected and only

then He became visible to people. Jesus in the resurrected

body could eat food with His disciples (Luke

24:43), and they could touch Him (John 20:27).


He had “flesh and bones” (Luke 24:39), now He also

could pass through walls (John 20:19, 26), disappear

(Luke 24:31) and could rise up into air (Acts 1:9),

after the resurrection His body was not like a former

physical body anymore, it became like the body of an

angel. Only in such a body could He ascend to the

Kingdom of Heaven, to the Father.

At the second coming, just like He was, dead righteous

saints will be resurrected and changed into

immortal younger bodies, and the bodies of alive

saints will be changed in the twinkling of an eye


As we see, only in changed bodies will the saints be

able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Neither

spirit/soul of an unrighteous dead person, nor physical

body of an alive person can enter the Kingdom of

Heaven. If the dead saints are able to enter the

Kingdom of Heaven after the first resurrection, then

where are they now? They are in paradise. That

means the Kingdom of Heaven is not the same place

as paradise in heaven.

What is the Kingdom? We can better understand

what the Kingdom is through revisiting the tabernacle

– the sanctuary, which was constructed in the desert

according to God’s plans given to Moses. It symbolized

salvation as well as the Kingdom of Heaven.

The tabernacle represented the sacred place fenced

with veils. It had three compartments. (Ex 25:40): a


courtyard, the Holy place and the Holy of Holies. The

courtyard of the tabernacle symbolized the salvation

for all who had repented. There they brought animals

to sacrifice for their sins.

The Holy place was separated from the courtyard by a

veil of needlework linen. It was symbolic of Jesus, the

intercessor between us and the Father. Everything in

it (lampstand, table of Shewbread, altar of incense)

symbolized Jesus. And the only people who could

enter there were men from the tribe of Levi – Levites,

priests who were chosen by God who were saved from

the 10th Egyptian plague by means of lamb’s blood

put on their doorposts (Num 8:17,18). The Levites

symbolized those who were saved by the blood of

Jesus - the Lamb of God.

Before entering into the Holy place, the Levites were

obliged to wash themselves in the wash basin (the

laver) and to pass behind the first veil into the Holy

place. The wash basin was a symbol of water baptism

of repentance. In the Most Holy Place was found the

Ark of the Covenant, symbolic of God’s presence

between the two cherubim found on the mercy seat of

the ark. The veil covering the entrance to the Most

Holy place, the Holy of Holies, a veil 4 fingers thick and

covered with images of cherubim, was a barrier between

salvation and the Kingdom of Heaven that can

be taken away only by the Holy Spirit (2 Cor 3:14-17),

given by Jesus. Therefore only those will be able to

enter the Kingdom of Heaven who are born again “of

water and of the Spirit” (John 3:5), through repen166

tance and acceptance by the Holy Spirit (John 3:3).

In the Holy of Holies (access to the Father) only the

high priest could enter, and only once a year. He

symbolized Jesus who became our high priest (Heb

9:11). When the veil into the Holy of Holies was rent

(torn down the middle) when Jesus died, it meant that

we now had direct access to the Father. Jesus IS our

high priest and we no longer needed priests and

animal sacrifices to resolve sin and to commune with

and be heard by God.

The tabernacle was a prototype of the heavenly tabernacle.

The courtyard of the tabernacle was a symbol of

paradise where souls of those who had repented and

forgave others went to after death of their physical

bodies. In order to come into the Most Holy place

(Kingdom of Heaven) a person had to be a Levite, i.e.

be saved by the blood of a lamb (Jesus), he had to be

older then 25 years (Num 8:24), to be spiritually mature

– Eph 4:11-16); it was also necessary to participate

in a dedication ceremony with putting on the new

consecrated clothes (symbolic of receiving a new immortal

body after the resurrection).

Among Levites there were a few who helped the high

priest. They symbolized friends of the Groom (Jesus) –

they are those who already were taken to heaven alive

(Enoch, Elijah, Moses) or were resurrected earlier

(when Jesus died –Mat 27:52).


Jesus tells us in the parable of the wedding feast

about the Kingdom of Heaven (Mat 22:1-14) where it is

stated what happens to those who at death get to

paradise, but nevertheless after the Great White Throne

Judgment may not receive eternal life on the new earth.

By having confessed and having forgiven others, their

souls at death depart to paradise, but in the Judgment

where all their sins will be measured, they may be

considered as unworthy of the marriage garments, and

unworthy to be guests at Jesus’ Wedding with his

Church. It is just as the sinner who brought an animal

into the courtyard for the sacrifice, and the priest after

examining the animal concluded that the animal wasn’t

suited for the sacrifice, and the sin remained on the


But how does the person, whose sacrifice was accepted

(just saved), differ from a Levite (one who will enter

the Kingdom of Heaven)?

As you remember, God gave to Moses two tables with

commandments. It wasn’t because He couldn’t find

room for everything on one tablet. The 10 commandments,

written on two tablets, were divided into two

parts, and Jesus made this differentiation obvious:

“Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and

with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.’ This is the first

and great commandment. And the second is like unto

it: ‘Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.’(Mat 22:37-


So, the commandments concerning the relations with


people were written down on a second tablet. It is a

heart tablet, the tablet of salvation: “Depart from evil

and do good, and dwell for evermore. “ (Psalms 37:27).

The commandments concerning relationship with God,

were written down on the first tablet. It is a tablet of

knowledge, a tablet of the Kingdom of Heaven. In order

to follow commandments of this tablet, a person needs

to know the True God and His Word.

To further make the point

Matthew (19:16-23) describes the dialogue between

Jesus and a rich young man. The rich man asked Jesus

what he can do to have eternal life ( to be saved). Jesus

answered: “keep the commandments” (Mat 19:17).

When the man asked, what commandments he has to

keep to be saved, Jesus named those that are about

the relationships with other people (Mat 19:18-19).

Thus, He told the man that in order to be saved, it is

enough to love his neighbor.

The rich person confirmed that he observed those

commandments, so he would be saved. Then Jesus

continued: “if you want to be perfect... “, from this point

on Jesus was speaking about the perfection of the faith,

about the Kingdom of Heaven, “go and sell what thou

hast and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure

in Heaven; and come and follow Me” (Mat 19:21).

When the person refused, Jesus stated that for a rich

person it is difficult to enter the Kingdom of Heaven

(Mat 19:23). Jesus made it clear that it is much easier

to be saved, than to do what is necessary to enter the



Compare these verses:

“whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall

be saved” (Acts 2:21, also Joel 2:32 and Rom

10:13); and “Not every one that saith unto Me,

‘Lord, Lord ( “call on the name of the Lord”), shall

enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, but he that

doeth the will of My Father who is in Heaven.” (Mat

7: 21). You see that these statements are not the

same; to just be saved is different than what is

required to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Jesus came to preach not just salvation, but the Kingdom

of Heaven: “I must preach the Kingdom of God ..

for therefore am I sent” (Luke 4:43). Salvation was

promised to Jews if they would follow God’s Laws: “he

that hath walked in My statutes and hath kept My

judgments to deal truly — he is just: he shall surely

live” (Ezek 18:8-9, also Lev 18:5; Ezek 20:11;

Gal 3:12).

Jesus came to fulfill (establish-in some concordances)

the Law (Mat 5:17), and the fulfillment of the Law was

LOVE “love is the fulfillment of the law” (Rom 13:10).

The Law taught the basics of faith - how to be righteous

to be saved; Jesus taught the perfection of faith -

how to be holy to enter the Kingdom of God.

The Law taught: don’t kill, Jesus taught: if you hate

your brother, it is considered the same as murder. The

Law taught: don’t commit adultery, Jesus taught: if

you look with lust and desire at someone, it is already

adultery. The Law taught: do nothing bad to your

neighbor, Jesus taught: love your neighbor. The Law


taught to be afraid of the Lord, Jesus taught to love

Him. He taught people to love. “There is no fear in

love; but perfect love casteth out fear “ (1 John 4:18).

“ love is the bond of perfectness” (Col 3:14).

Love is perfection. And only the perfect in love will

enter the Kingdom of Heaven, the New Jerusalem

where only “the spirits of just men made perfect” (Heb

12:23) will live.

Salvation, just to be saved from hell at death and

even maybe make it through the second resurrection

to be considered righteous at the judgment and be

placed on the new earth, doesn’t require a perfect

love. The fear of God will save people. “His salvation is

nigh them that fear Him,” (Psalms 85:9) though “He

that feareth is not made perfect in love” (1John 4:18).

Paul many times spoke about two types of believers:

about the perfect in spiritual faith (1Cor 2:6), and

about babes in Christ, carnal believers (1Cor 3:1; Heb

5:13-14); about laborers of God and God’s field (1Cor

3:9); about perfect men and children in Christ (Eph

4:13-14). In 1st Corinthians Paul called Corinthians

babies in Jesus – carnal because there was “envying

and strife and divisions” (1Cor 3:3), fornication and

pride (1Cor 5:1,2) between them. Babies can’t be the

Bride. They need to grow to become the Bride. To

those Paul taught: “therefore, leaving the principles of

the doctrine of Christ, let us go on unto perfection “

(Heb 6:1).


For salvation it is necessary to love your neighbor. For

the Kingdom of Heaven it is necessary to love your

neighbor and love God too. People who knew God, but

didn’t love their neighbor, won’t have the chance even

for salvation (Mat 25:41-45), although it is hard to

imagine that condition existing. The Bible says that

there are people so strong in their belief that they can

prophesy, work wonders, drive out demons (XYt

7:22); can even give their bodies to fire and give away

their riches (1Cor 13:3), but without loving their

neighbor, they would never reach the Kingdom of

Heaven (Mat 7:21). And people who didn’t know God,

but did kind deeds for people all their life, will be saved

through love because the love is more important than

faith (1Cor 13:13).

”For by grace are ye saved through faith, and that not

of yourselves: it is the gift of God— not by works “

(Eph 2:8,9). Salvation that is life eternal, is given for

free. However “by works a man is justified, and not by

faith only” (James 2:24,22) and only people perfect in

faith will enter the Kingdom of God. Works are the

love which has become visible. Therefore if you want

to see the Kingdom of Heaven, works are important.

Your life needs to show the fruits of the spirit (Gal

5:22); you can’t just talk the talk if you want to be

considered a saint to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Jesus stated: “unless a man be born again, he cannot

see the Kingdom of God” (John 3:3). It is called the

second birth or putting on a new man to whom his

former sins have no further appeal. He doesn’t need to


fight against sin as he once did, because sin now becomes

very unattractive to his spirit. Sin becomes an

infrequent occurrence, not the norm.

Today the majority see no difference in being saved

(to remain to live on the current restored earth and

later to be resurrected at the second resurrection,

undergo judgment and found righteous, and then

given new perfect physical bodies to live on the New

earth) or to be taken to the Kingdom of Heaven (to

become similar to angels and to be ascended to God

for 1000 years; to see how the New Earth will be

created; to be trained in the secrets of the universe;

and later to become priests on the New earth – Rev

20:4,6). But there is a difference and this difference

will become very pronounced when the New Jerusalem

comes down to the new earth. There will be those

saved and on the new earth who will not be allowed

into the New Jerusalem, although all of God’s Kingdom

will then be on the new earth.

Very few people realize what a great honor it is to be

able to inherit the Kingdom. Parables about the mustard

seed (Mat 13:31,32) and about the treasure

hidden in the field (Mat 13:44) will be completely

understood only by the saved righteous after Jesus’

Second coming when they will see their friends rising

with angels up in glory to the throne of God in the

Kingdom and they will instead be left on the old earth

to help restore it. Then all who will remain on the old

earth will mourn (Mat 24:30; Zech 12:11). It will be

the crying of the five virgins who did not bring their


extra oil (Mat 25) - belated to enter the Kingdom of

Heaven: “There shall be weeping and gnashing of

teeth when ye shall see Abraham and Isaac and Jacob

and all the prophets in the Kingdom of God, and you

yourselves are thrust out.” (Luke 13:28).

The 5 wise virgins – Jesus’ Bride, His chosen church,

will enter the rooms of the Groom - Jesus, into His

Kingdom – The New Jerusalem. When the righteous will

be placed on the new earth, the New Jerusalem with

Christ’s Bride will come down to there. And the Wedding

will take place. The Bride will become the rightful member

of the heavenly family. Saints will become priests

on the new earth.

You shouldn’t deceive yourself that your belief is sufficient

for just salvation, and you can live well without

entering the Kingdom of Heaven. Your belief may only

be worth 1 talent, instead of two or five and when the

trials come you can lose it all (Mat 25:14-29). The Bible

says that the Antichrist will be so successful he will be

able to seduce even those chosen for the Kingdom (Mat

24:24). It is necessary to seek the Kingdom of Heaven

in all the things you do in your daily lives.

Our fates at the end of the age.

Remember the pic of the escalator on page 4. Your

fate in the afterlife is your choice. To be very specific

about your options, here again are your


In Matthew 13:25 we are told that the enemy has

sown tares amongst the wheat. Tares look like

wheat but are weeds. They represent the people


amongst us who look like us but have chosen

unrighteousness as a way of life, children of the

wicked one. In Matthew 13:29-30 we see that the

tares were allowed to grow amongst the wheat

instead of being removed so as not to chance

rooting up any wheat whilst the tares were removed.

But in the end, at harvest, the tares will be

bundled up separately and burned instead of being

gathered into the barn. At the second coming

these unrighteous will be destroyed and sent to

hell. Those dead in the ground at the second coming,

saved but not considered saints, will remain in

the ground until the second resurrection at the end

of the millennium and then be raised to undergo

judgment. Many found wanting will be tossed into

the lake of fire. The earth, during restoration in the

thousand years following the second coming, will

contain no alive unrighteous people. Satan is

chained up until the end of this time period. Matthew

24:40-41 talks about two in the field and

grinding at the mill and one was taken and one was

left behind. Most of us assume the one taken was

taken up to heaven and the one left behind was left

on the earth. But Matthew 24:39 tells us the ones

taken were destroyed as in the days of Noah when

the flood came and the wicked were taken by

drowning. According to Matthew 24 the one taken

may be the tare to be burned, destroyed, and sent

to hell and the one left behind is a person who

didn’t get changed in the twinkling of an eye and

taken to the Kingdom of Heaven but was righteous

enough to stay out of hell and be able to remain on

earth during earth’s restoration. He will die on

earth during the 1000 year restoration period and

be resurrected at the second resurrection to undergo

judgment, but he stayed out of hell at death.


Fate of those left behind.

Read these next paragraphs carefully. Those not

going to hell at death, alive and left on earth but

not taken to heaven at the second coming as well

as those who died prior to the second coming and

only made paradise at death do not go to hell but

will be resurrected at the second resurrection and

will go through The Great White Throne judgment;

and may possibly still be tossed into the lake of fire

after that judgment. They will be judged by their

deeds as they didn’t know Jesus and their sins

were not covered by His shed blood. This group is a

gamble with the lake of fire at judgment, at the

end of the millennium even though you didn’t go to

hell at death.

This group includes all those people on earth who

never knew about Jesus but lived good lives per

the rules of their own tribes and communities. They

will be judged by the standards and rules of their

own peoples.

Those righteous dead who were “born again”, knew

Jesus and relied upon Him for salvation, kept his

commandments as best they could, and showed

respect, dignity and love towards their fellow human

beings, go directly to the Kingdom of Heaven

at death. They are part of the first resurrection of

the saints at Jesus’ second coming (they don’t

remain on earth), they go to be with Jesus in the

Kingdom of Heaven.

The big benefit of being in this group is they do not

have to go through the second resurrection. They

avoid the judgment of their deeds because essen176

tially they have already been judged worthy and

were covered by the blood of Jesus to appear

righteous in the eyes of the Father.

The righteous living, the saints, at Jesus’ second

coming are “changed in the twinkling of an eye”

1Cor 15:52, and are also taken to the Kingdom of

Heaven. They also do not have to undergo the

second resurrection 1000 years later to be judged


These last two categories, righteous dead or righteous

living, are the groups you want to be in. And

yes, your residency in the afterlife is your choice.

You’ve been given the knowledge in this book to

significantly sway the outcome. God has given you

free will and choice. Choose to be the bride. You no

longer have to wonder about your roll in achieving

residency in the Kingdom of Heaven. It is now up

to you to apply what you have learned. Ask Jesus

to come into your heart and be born again with the

Holy Spirit living inside of you if you have not

already done that. With the help of the Holy Spirit

residing in you, simply correct all the things in your

life you feel may be displeasing to God. Make sure

you undergo a full immersion baptism. Adapt the

DWJWD lifestyle for all situations involving choices

between right and wrong. Reread this book more

than once to make sure you understand all that has

been stated here. Don’t take the attitude your

destiny is out of your hands because you have


been given the tools and knowledge to make sure it

is in your hands. Heaven or hell; it’s your choice.

In summary

Salvation is a process and a journey; it is not

stating the sinner’s prayer once in your life and

thinking the kingdom inside those pearly gates is

yours. That is just a good beginning. The apostle

Peter summed it up in Acts 2:38: "Repent, and let

every one of you be baptized in the name of Jesus

Christ for the remission of sins; and you shall

receive the gift of the Holy Spirit."

So there’s a process here. First he says to "repent."

Repenting is a process in which God leads a person

to a deep desire to turn over their entire life to

Him. It means a change of not only your mind but

of your heart as well. It is realizing that you have

sin in your life, that you are deeply sorrowful about

those sins, and then deciding to turn your life over

to God for the rest of your life. Sin comes when we

break God’s laws (1 John 3:4). True godly repentance

can come only from God as a gift to the

person. We cannot "work up” repentance ourselves.

Repentance is not a temporary regret over

something we did or a thought that bothers us.

Repentance is not a one-time event—it’s actually a

way of life. Being baptized means you are inviting

God to live in you so He can help you make this

life-long change.

After you take that first step of repentance, then

comes baptism. Being fully submersed in water

makes for a powerful metaphor: You’re burying the

old you in a watery grave; the new you, who


comes up out of the water, is a new creation (2

Corinthians 5:17). After you come up out of the

water, the person/minister baptizing you can then

lay hands on you and prays for God to give you His

Holy Spirit (Acts 8:14-17). God gives you the Holy

Spirit when you ask for it - and no, it doesn’t come

down like a dove or with tongues of fire. You

probably won’t feel dramatically different after you

receive the Holy Spirit. You won’t necessarily speak

in tongues. You can know you have received it

because, first, God promises to give it to you when

you repent. If you believe in the promise of God

and then follow-up by doing what God says; that is

the simple definition of faith. It is in faith that you

follow the steps outlined and repent of your sins.

Secondly, you can know you have received the

Holy Spirit because you will see spiritual growth in

yourself as time goes on. Your habits change, your

speech changes, what you care about changes;

your whole attitude about life gets an adjustment.

Once you have the Holy Spirit, you have access to

something incredible: the very power and essence

of God. It is a spirit of "power, of love, and of a

sound mind" (2 Timothy 1:7). The power of God is

what you can draw on to make bold and dramatic

decisions in your life. The love of God is what you

can draw on to let go of the hurts caused you by

others, and to love them back. And the sound mind

of God is what you can draw on to be calm, disciplined

and unafraid in the face of the greatest,

most challenging trials of life.

With God’s Spirit, you can lean on God to help you

beat back the negativity of the world, to shoulder

the worst disappointments, to continue on in the


face of withering sorrow, and to destroy the hatred

of Satan.

Notice that I said that with God’s Spirit, you can do

all those things. Receiving it does not make you

perfect. It does not pave the road of life with gold.

If you think about all the people you know in God’s

Church who have been baptized, there are no

doubt people who come to mind who have done

things wrong; or who have hurt you; or who are

mean. Everybody is fighting a hard battle. Nobody

is perfect. We all make mistakes. We all need grace

to survive and persevere. But leading a life of

repentance means we can and should depend on

the power of the transforming Spirit of God every

single day to acknowledge those mistakes and then

to help us fix them.

Only God’s grace can save us from the torment of

hell because we are not perfect and that is God’s

only passing score, Mat 5:48. We simply can’t get

to heaven on our own nickel. Without a relationship

with Jesus as your Savior, the best you could hope

for is getting through judgment at the second

resurrection and being put on the new earth instead

of being tossed into the lake of fire along

with satan and his entourage, but you will not have

access to the New Jerusalem.

Remember, we are not born with God’s spirit inside

of us. We are born with the spirit of Adam’s sin

nature, which we inherit at birth. It is not until we

are “born again” that Adam’s spirit of sin nature is

sidelined by God’s Holy Spirit, and even then

Adam’s sin nature spirit doesn’t entirely leave us, it

hangs around in the background giving us “choice”


options; allowing us to exercise our right of “free

will”. We still have the option of choosing wrong

instead of DWJWD.

While being brainwashed at church with grace only

“eternal security” teachings, read what God’s word

really says regarding what our responsibility is in

regards to our own salvation. If being saved was

such a simple process as saying “I believe in Jesus

and saying the sinner’s prayer once in your life”,

why do the statistics from near death experience

testimonies show that only .1% to 2.5% of the

people who die actually make heaven instead of

hell at death? Could “grace” teaching that involves

no responsibility on our part as is promoted by

many churches be an outright lie? We really need

to be accountable and take more responsibility for

our own salvation by leading better lives through

the Holy Spirit residing inside of us.

People fail to realize that even though Jesus made

salvation AVAILABLE to all of us by believing in

Him, you have to accept God’s gift of grace and

show that belief in your daily life by keeping His

commandments as best you can, having no unforgiveness

issues, and treating your fellow man with

respect, dignity, and love to actually receive it. Sin

in your life needs to become an infrequent exception

and not the daily norm. If you believe in Jesus

and that the Holy Spirit lives inside of you, your life

needs to reflect that by your thoughts, actions,

words and deeds and daily DWJWD whenever any

decisions involving right and wrong are involved. If

it doesn’t, you do not have saving faith, just head

knowledge. You are still allowing Adam’s sin nature

to be the controlling voice in your daily decisions


instead of God’s Holy Spirit. Repentance means to

change. If your behavior - thoughts, words and

actions - haven’t changed after sequestering the

presence of the Holy Spirit inside of you, you haven’t

repented, and you are still clinging to Satan’s

side of the fence.

In reading God’s word, our eternal security is

“conditional” based upon us doing our part also.

Jesus did His part at the cross, dying for our sins so

we can be considered righteous in God’s eyes.

Salvation was made AVAILABLE to each and every

one of us. But we can’t do our part without being

“born again” and having Jesus live inside of us in

the form of the Holy Spirit. Our goal is not only to

not be considered a tare, or simply be saved from

the fires of hell at death only to be subjected to the

second resurrection and judgment where our deeds

may still not buy us a place on the new earth, but

to be considered a saint, the bride of Jesus, so we

may enjoy the incredible wonders of the Kingdom

of Heaven, where God lives. To undergo sanctification

and to be considered a saint in God’s eyes

requires effort, persistence and paying attention to

what is going on in this world as we play a major

role in this process. With the help and guidance of

the Holy Spirit, live a life of being the best that you

can be. God will only allow righteous people into

His Kingdom. Good old boys may earn a place on

the new earth but never in His Kingdom. Strive for

the Kingdom, it IS your choice.

I wish I could take all my experiences, all my

studies, all the videos I have watched and the cd’s

I have listened to of other’s experiences, all the


books I have read and the things I have been

exposed to over the years which have cemented

my faith in Jesus, put them all on a USB flash drive

memory stick and download them to you. But I

can’t. However, instead of just passing off to you a

single page tract handout; I did funnel everything I

felt was important for you to know into this book in

hopes I can wake you up enough to get you into

the .1% to 2.5% category that get to enjoy the

incredible place called the Kingdom of Heaven

when you move along at death. I designed this

book to handout on the street in my everyday

travels, much like Mr Genor did with his tracts in

Sidney, Australia.

You can buy this book in singles from

but they, PayPal, and the printer who makes those

one at a time make it an expensive proposition in

singles. I didn’t publish this book to make money

on. I published it to save souls.

You can download a copy for free at:  

Email me for a free .pdf copy at  

This book “Parachute of Jesus” is also posted

online at  

Ultimately it’s our choice which door we choose.

There is no worse place than hell.

There is no better place than heaven.

What you believe determines how you live and

where your spirit/soul journey to at death.

Que Dios le bendiga – may God bless you,



Contents Index by Topic

P3 Forward – Salvation is a complicated issue

P4 Preface; What is the Parachute?

P5 Dedication, acknowledgment to contributors

P6 Statement of book’s interactive nature

P6 About the author, some background

P10 Christianity can be a religion of confusion.

P11 The issue of eternal security

P13 Adam’s sin nature

P18 Where does grace fit in?

P19 Two sets of laws

P21 Then what did change at the cross?

P22 Why go to church?

P23 America in moral decline

P26 Justification – sanctification – glorification

P31 How do you know if you are being led astray?

P32 Hypergrace – a dangerous movement

P33 Our spirit/soul make a journey at death

P35 Parable of the sower

P37 Victory is not how long you live

P38 Religion can be a confusing issue

P40 Why born again Christians do good works

P43 Why concern yourself the Bible message?

P44 The mark of the beast

P46 What is Christianity?

P48 Do all good people go to heaven?

P49 Near death experiences

P50 What it means to put your faith in Christ

P51 Once in hell there is no escape

P53 The triune nature of God

P54 Three personages in one Godhead; The Shack

P55 Who is God?

P56 Who is Jesus?

P58 Who is the Holy Spirit?

P58 Who are we as humans?

P61 Who is Satan?

P63 Spirirtual strongholds of Satan

P66 God condemns channeling


P67 The message of the good news of the Bible

P68 The dramatized gospel

P68 What is sin?

P69 The ten commandments

P71 Wages of sin is death

P72 The unpardonable sin

P74 Saviour – why do we need one?

P76 Archeological discoveries revealed by God

P79 The Bible – what is it?

P80 The Bible is a history book

P82 Which Bible do I use?

P86 Again, why do we need Jesus?

P88 Does heaven or hell really exist?

P88 What about purgatory?

P89 What is heaven like?

P93 Video of what heaven is like

P94 What about a real hell?

P97 Who is in hell today?

P102 Documentations of near death experiences

P104 Video descriptions of hell

P104 Modern medicine and reviving the dead

P106 Remote viewing

P106 Jesus preaches a real hell exists

P108 Forgiveness

P110 What does eternal really mean?

P112 Why would God send someone to hell

P114 Is hell eternal?

P116 Again, why do we need Jesus?

P117 The rebellion and being cast out of heaven

P118 Adam’s downfall

P121 The big problem with Adam’s sin

P122 What being born again means

P123 How we are born again

P124 How can you be sure you have been born again

P125 6 traits of being born again


P127 According to what he has done

P128 Grace versus works, which is it?

P131 More important to know Jesus than about Him

P132 The story of Jesus

P133 The necessity of having Jesus as Savior

P134 What is saving faith?

P136 The sinner’s prayer

P138 Untimely death

P139 Grace is not a license to sin

P141 Backsliding

P142 Baptism

P145 Witnessing to others

P148 How do I know if I am saved?

P149 Communing with like-minded Christians

P152 Death is a great equalizer

P153 What is the main focus of your life?

P155 God’s Holy Feast days

P157 Clean and Unclean foods

P158 Salvation or Kingdom of Heaven?

P159 Being saved from Hell is a gift of God

P162 Prophecies of the Bible

P164 What is the Kingdom?

P167 Parable of the Wedding Feast

P168 Jesus and the Rich Man

P169 Comparing some verses

P173 The five wise virgins

P173 Our fates at the end of the age

P175 Fate of those left behind

P177 In summary

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