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If the Bible is accurate regarding human history to date, and most of what
is depicted in the Bible has already come to pass, does it not stand to 
reason that what is remaining will also come to pass? Time is short. We are
already in the end times as spoken of in the last book of the Bible, John's 
Revelation. Jesus is coming for His bride soon. Are you prepared? Are 
you spiritually prepared? Will you be considered a saint and be born twice 
but only die once, or will you be saved from the fires of hell at death by grace
only to be resurrected at the second resurrection  and have to go through 
the Great White Throne judgment at the end of the millenium? The following 
links will help you in the journey of determining your spiritual destination. The
only path to the Kingdom of Heaven is through Jesus. It is your choice as 
God has given us free will along with His helper, the Holy Spirit, to guide us 
in that journey. Choose wisely with each decision confronted with, as your final 
destiny and the disposition of your spirit and soul is at stake. Grace has limitations.

Biblical/spiritual links
How to get to heaven and stay out of hell

First Step

Eternal or conditional security - which is it?

Irina's extensive site on Bible prophecy - revelation in you tube video

How the Bibles from the 1611 King James forward have been reworded 
and passages changed to support the new world order. This is a must see.

Examples of changed and left out words in newer Bible versions

The Nephilim's real agenda , this also deals with the new world order

Miracles - healings and miracles Jesus has done today

Discovery of the  REAL Noah's Ark 

Another ark discovery on Mt Ararat?

Discovery of the Ark of the Covenant

Ron Wyatt - biblical archeologist

About Ron Wyatt

Ron's encounter with an arkangel

Shroud of Turin - burial cloth of Jesus

Passover or Easter?

God's Holy Feastdays

Why do Christians celebrate pagan holidays?

Clean and unclean food - laws - does this still apply?

What awaits us in the afterlife?

Astounding Bible prophecies

Online bible teachings & lessons

Lost books of the Bible

Ten Commandments  Plus History,  & more!

Sabbath-Sat or Sun?

Baptism - what does it mean and is it necessary?

Prophecy Unveiled

Prayers for sharing

EndTimes Prophecy Links

Grace? How do I know if I am saved?

Are you just saved or are you considered a saint?

Timeline of Biblical events that happened

Hell  is REAL folks

Heaven is real also

Truth about the Rapture

More bible issues- death,  baptism, spirit  channeling
third secret, Catholicism

Just - find any chapter & verse here

Bible find any chapter and verse here also

FREE Bible - download a whole bible here

It's all about Jesus

What about the anti-christ?

Why is the church in apostasy?

Is it sin to drink alcohol?

Bible prophecy and persecution of Christians

Book of Enoch

Born Again - what does it mean?

What is being saved all about

All about Egypt's Great Pyramid

Pets and the afterlife

Agapegeekblog - Excellent series of lessons - explanations - another resource of good lessons

I saw heaven 
Mark Driscoll, pastor, excellent site to study 
lessons from  - buy his book Doctrine, used, for a couple bucks at  
to understand what God is really trying to teach us. He supports the fact that 
few make heaven at death. He has another site at  
Mark is considered a very controversial , brash pastor abnormal in both 
speech as well as dress, and he has a few financial skeletons in his closet. 
I believe these attacks on him are to keep his real message, which I find right 
on target, from reaching the people. If satan can convince people he's a bad 
person because he doesn't conform to  "comfort message sermons" why 
would they listen to his message even though he is telling it the way it really is. 
I believe it is why there is no contact information at  site.
Do take time to go over his site, blogs, and videos.  No one likes my message 
of "being accountable" either but that's the only way to get through the pearly gates.   Andres Bisonni ministries   Torben Sondergaard misitries  Paul Washer one of my favorites  David Wilkerson

Videos to watch  

Health and useful things   all about raising chickens

25 ebooks/articles  on cancer posted for you to read

Also see my cancer info page

Hearing test - what is your range of sound you can hear?

Websters Dictionary and Thesaurus - look up any word here

Current Time WorldWide Time clocks

Genetically modified foods - not a pretty picture

Dr William Mount videos - how to cure cancer, heart disease, diabetes etc.

Unique websites - 15,000 movies to watch on youtube for free

Blood Clot Prevention

Breathe Easy

Links to multiple sclerosis pages

How to cure morgellons disease - 

Butter or Margarine - which is better?

Microwaving your food? Good way to die early

Canola Oil - covers good oils to use also

Cannabis - harmful or healthful?

Short informational health videos from the People's Chemist

Honey and sugar        Honey and cinnamon

Red meat - good or bad for you?

What does your poop tell you about your health?

Clear Food .com - a free consumer report of what's in your food  Source of AveUltra and IMM which cure cancer

How to transfer VHS tape content to your computer harddrive  a wealth of useful advice

All about making chocolate chip cookies

Do expiration dates on foods really mean the food is no longer good?



FEMA stuff, chemtrails, guns, preparations, due dilligence
FEMA American concentration camps

Red and Blue lists

Gun Control works

Gun Control History - why we will NEVER give up our guns

Islam as a serious threat to the US

Preparation tips for disasters/emergencies

Columbus Day - He was not who you've been told he was  the real news you won't hear anywhere else

due dilligence