OUIJA BOARD - game or devils advocate?

The ouija board, a spiritualistic fortune telling game has been used by millions to receive supernatural 
messages from the "other side". The small game board containing numbers and letters are used by 
the unsuspecting to contact the dead. Users of the board sit on at a table and place their hands upon a 
pointerwhich in turns moves around the board spelling out messages for the user.

The ouija board is no doubt one of the more popular games in the world and has been for decades. People 
still turn to the board to find out information regarding trivial matters but sometimes the user turns to the board 
for spiritual answers and answers to their love lives.

In his informative book Occult ABC Kurt Koch shares a story concerning the use of the ouija board. The story 
starts out with a 11year old boy who came across a group of fellow classmates playing with ouija board at school. 
The following is the conversation the boy heard that day:

"Who is behind your power?" asked one of the boys.

"Hitler", replied the oujia board.

The children laughed and said , "Stop trying to pull
the wool over our eyes. Tell us the truth."

The board then spelled out, "Lucifer".

The young lads did not know this name so they asked
again "Who is Lucifer?" Then came the clear reply:  "Satan".

At this, the eleven year old boy stepped forward and called out, "If your power comes from the devil, 
then I command you in Jesus' name to stop." Well that is what happened. The ouija board gave no 
more answers.

As you can see the ouija board is no mere game to play with. This dangerous game will open yourself 
up to  the demonic. I have heard numerous strange stories concerning the board. Like the time when a 
family tried to burn the board after finding it out it was of the devil but to no avail. The board refused to burn. 
Or the time a young Satanist frightened with the game decided to throw the game outside in the garbage 
can for it only to reappear again days later.

Remember you are dealing with this unique game that is used by Satan as a point of contact to humans here 
on earth. Satanic spirits can enter the pointer and give you messages that will lead you astray. Instead of 
turning to the devils device -"resist him" (1Peter 5:9) and cling to Christ.


If you want to read of BUNCH of stories of how the Oiuja board calls up Satan and his crew of spiritual demons go to  http://www.greatdreams.com/ouija.htm   where the site has a pro section and a con section.   Keep in mind that God forbids us to seek channelers and spirits and spirit mediums because they are not who you think they are. ANY contacts you make are with the devil's world who know all about your Uncle Frank or Aunt Sally and know just how to mimic them to make you think it is they you are contacting.  WRONG.   Leviticus 19:31  "Do not turn to mediums or seek out spiritists, for you will be defiled by them."  That means they will lead you astray.  See my page at www.detailshere.com/channelling.htm   for more info.    Meanwhile ; don't touch a ouija board with a ten foot pole.

From Ber - personal experience with a Ouija board

I remember once an experience with one of my sons (actually the son of my second wife) that made me be a believer in the satanic nature of Oujia boards. My wife and I had gone out to dinner and Shane had invited some friends over for the evening and someone got the bright idea to hold a seance and they  brought a ouija board with them.   So they lit a bunch of candles, turned out the lights, and sat around the dining room table and  started asking questions; and getting answers they said.  Obviously they tuned into the right  spot.  Suddenly one of the kids was lifted completely out of his chair and slammed against the wall five feet behind him with such force that whatever it was left deep red marks in his chest when he removed his shirt.   Needless to say it scared the heck out of all of them and the seance ended very quickly .  To my knowledge Shane never played with a ouija board again. I have heard many stories regarding the ouija board and I truly believe it is an instrument of the devil himself.

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