Orgone updated 12-24-2012

The more I study the orgone thing, the more I believe it is a  necessity. 
This page covers what it is, why we need it , what it does, and 
how you make it and use it to protect yourself and your family.

This page contains content from many other sites dealing with orgone also in an attempt to 
better organize and present the orgone story in a more understandable manner so you will 
become involved in making and using orgone yourself. It is a necessity folks, study up.
Your first inclination will be that this guy is crazy, way out there. That's what I thought when 
I first heard about orgone and the Galactic Federation also. But there is a tie in, read on.

What is it?
History of orgone.
What does orgone do?
Why do we need orgone?
How to make orgone in four forms

-cupcake sized orgone blasters
-larger cone shaped orgone blasters
-single pipe orgone batons
-multi pipe bucket blasters to wipe out chemtrails and down UFO's 
What is it? 
In a nutshell it is an aether energy tool God has given us to combat evil with.  Most of you are 
not aware of what is really going on in our world today as  the spiritual battle between good and 
evil plays out. We are in the endtimes, the time just before Jesus comes the second time. 
If you are not familiar with what Revelation, the last book of the Bible, says about this, go to
and watch a youtube video series on what Revelation says.  Pictures are 
worth a thousand words. Especially pay attention to the last ones. It is warfare you can not 
see but which you are certainly taking part in. If you don't believe there is a God, don't care 
what Revelation says, never heard of a fallen angel; well, if you don't get educated, you may 
well end up as alien fodder. Take the time to read this whole page, and keep an open mind. 
Refer to my pages and  
to better understand the evil acts that are being perpetrated on humanity today. What is not 
so apparent is where the sources of evil are originating from. Aliens are real but they aren't 
from outer space as we are led to believe, their habitat is the cavern world right here on earth,  
and their intentions are not benevolent , no matter what the new agers tell you. Think fallen 
angels. If they were the good guys why did God boot them out of heaven?  Orgone is the force 
of aether energy God has given us to defeat Satan and his demons and fallen angel aliens with. 
Do your part and help make orgone blasters and chemtrail bucket pipes to protect yourself, 
your family and your neighborhood.

History of  orgone
Orgone is not new. It is not something we just dreamed up. 
Development of aether orgone energy is credited to William Reich.
Go to 
and type in William Reich orgone. You will find some interesting pages. A short video summary 
on Reich's work can be found at .  A longer very fascinating one can be found at 
You will be sick to your stomach regarding what the FDA did to this man and his research.

They essentially killed Wilhelm Reich in prison in 1957 for re-discovering Ether Orgone Energy, 
an Ancient energy understood in times past, but buried and forgotten over time. Reich knew 
what this energy could do, what it was capable of; that it was a living energy that can heal, 
cleanse, and destroy wicked, negative energy.
He learned how to use this same energy to 
cure cancer and destroy wicked aliens and their UFOs....  The powers to be couldn't let it 
happen. Like Tesla, they silenced him, and destroyed all his books and works.

Reich Said : "ORGONE is DEADLY "They (aliens) cannot tolerate Orgone energy AND They 
FEAR IT."   Their tissues and blood can not take it. The story of William Reich is a sad lonely 
chapter of the human race. Reich -"No one believes me" he said in a video log.

Orgone is a threat to the establishment, the new world order, and the aliens they are working with 
to overcome the world and reduce the population to just millions of slaves. Take this seriously.
Orgone is as serious a weapon as an AK47.

In the 1930's and 1940's, Dr. Wilhelm Reich was able to detect and measure the existence 
of etheric energy (life energy, chi, etc.), which he called orgone, using a modified geiger 
  Dr. Reich determined that stacking alternating layers of fiberglass (an organic 
substance) and steel wool (an inorganic substance) would actually attract and collect 
orgone/etheric energy of both the life-beneficial positive form (which Reich called "OR" 
or "POR") and harmful negative etheric energy ("deadly orgone" or "DOR"). He constructed 
large boxes called orgone accumulators or "oracs" using this simple layering principle and 
was able to successfully heal his patients of various ailments, including various forms of 
cancer, by having them sit inside the box for periods of time.

In 1986, scientists at the University of Marburg, Germany published the results of a blind 
study1 which showed that 30-minute orgone accumulator treatments caused consistent, 
positive psycho-physiological effects not seen with the all-fiberglass box used for a control, 
stating "the results received in our investigation furnish evidence for the assumption that 
the physical properties of the orgone accumulator and its psychophysiological efficacy 
on human organisms, postulated by Reich and his associates, factually exist

Orgone Accumulator Diagram










Reich's work was continued in earnest in the 1960's by more open-minded Russian scientists 
such as Dr. Nikolai Kozyrev (1908-1983), who also scientifically proved that such unseen 
energies indeed exist all around us, and who's Reich-inspired work led to the unfortunate 
development of practical Soviet military defense applications which utilized principles of 
so-called "torsion fields" (e.g., etheric energy). Kozyrev's work, which indeed confirms 
both Reich's research and our empirical experiences with orgonite, was classified until 
the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991.

Following in their footsteps, thousands of Ph.D. level researchers from both sides of 
the Iron Curtain spanning multiple generations have continued Kozyrev and Reich's 
pioneering work, slowly forcing mainstream Western science to finally, "officially recognize" 
the concept of a universal, unseen energy medium they call "dark matter," "vacuum flux" 
or "zero-point energy," depending on who you ask. It is commonly understood among 
orgonite enthusiasts that these are all essentially describing the same thing, which Reich 
called "orgone".

Many "zero point " energy devices are on the market place today. I wear a zero point 
energy wrist bracelet as well as a neck pendant from AmegaGlobal for health improvement, 
not even realizing this was a positive orgone device. They call it zero point energy instead of 
orgone because the FDA would probably not let them market the device in the US if they 
called it orgone energy. The FDA is our enemy, not our friend. They work for big pharma, 
big agri, Monsanto, and target anything that gets in the way of big profits for those entities. 
They destroy farmers markets and home garden sales,  target raw milk farmers, try to 
eliminate MMS (sodium chlorite) dealers because the stuff has now been found to cure 
too many things, they try to eliminate any wholeistic approach to disease and cancer prevention.
Your clue that orgone is good lies in the FDA's approach they took with Reich to destroy 
him and any trace of it. 

Reich built his research lab, dubbed Orgonon, in rural Maine, USA, as this location was at 
the time very isolated from sources of "deadly orgone," which his accumulators would 
collect indiscriminantly. Operating an orgone accumulator near sources of DOR (such as 
nuclear power plants, radio towers, etc.) has the potential of harming anyone receiving 
treatment inside it, so geographical location was and is an important factor for orgone 
accumulator operation.

In 2000, another couple discovered through Internet research and empirical observation 
that mixing catalyzed organic fiberglass resin with inorganic aluminum metal shavings, 
poured into small molds such as paper cups and muffin pans, would produce a substance 
which would attract etheric energy similarly to Reich's accumulators. Adding clear quartz 
crystals wound with copper wire clockwise to the mixture enhanced the amount of orgone 
energy emitted. Thus we make Orgone by pouring resin into molds that contain  aluminum 
shavings, copper wire and quartz crystals.

 Orgonite Diagram








The resin in orgonite shrinks during the curing process, permanently squeezing the 
quartz crystal(s) inside which creates a well-known piezoelectric effect inside the crystal, 
meaning its end-points become polarized electrically. It is believed this is also what 
causes the orgonite to function so effectively as a positive energy generator.

Thus orgonite pucks, cones, batons and pipes represent a very significant improvement 
over Reich's earlier work with orgone accumulators, since Reich's "oracs" attracted deadly
orgone energy as well as positive and did nothing to transmute it into a purely beneficial form, 
which orgonite does inherently and continuously.

Wire wound copper coils, pre 1983 pure copper pennies, and neodynium magnets added
to the resin, aluminum shavings and quartz crystal mixture increases the amount of orgone 
produced.  Energy comes in through the bottom of the coil, gets processed by the constantly-
squeezed crystals, then leaves out the top of the coil as positive healing energy. All of this is 
happening simultaneously. The rising of this positive energy is what helps to eat the chemtrails 
and neutralize "cell phone" tower radiation, and it accumulates over time to combat negative 
energies. It causes UFOs to crash and burns and destroys aliens!! See a bigger list  here. It 
also purifies the air. 

So just what does orgone do - specifically?

-Absorbs and ELIMINATES chemtrails (bucket blasters work best but single pipe batons 
can be used also).

-Neutralize the evilness of the cellphone towers which are used for many things besides 
  cell phone transmission. Think mind control.

-Repel evil entities and aliens, keep them out of your yard and home. It burns them, they 
can't be in the presence of orgone. William Reich discovered he could knock spaceships 
out of the sky with orgone.

-Protect your home, yard, then cover your neighborhood, town, or city!! If you don't protect 
your areas they're going to be stomping grounds for the Anunaki and demons! These last 
days, when the veil is lifted, are not going to be friendly!

-Clean the air and help you breathe better. Orgone can help those with asthma and those 
 with breathing problems.

-Eliminates toxins, poisons and radiation contaminants from the air

-Defeats chemtrails and keeps your skies clear

-Promotes natural health, keeps you from catching every flu virus under the sun

-Knocks out bad thunderstorms before they get to your area, chills out tornados headed your way

-Asphyxiates evil, aliens can't breathe around it and it burns them!

-Keeps demonic entities out of your home and yard.

-Nullifies the effects of the strong subliminal messaging NWO towers erected everywhere
 are delivering to you.

-Stops ELF attacks - these come from the flat, rectangular bars on the cellphone towers

-Helps you sleep better

-Stops sleep abductions, aliens won't enter a home protected by orgone. You'll miss out 
  on being experimented on or taken for lunch.

-Emits positive energy, evil can't stand being around it!

-A defensive weapon in the last days to combat aliens and the NWO

-Stops headaches and migraines, improves overall health

-Those areas gifted with Orgone suffered the least amount of damage from Hurricanes

Beware of Ebay sellers that claim they sell Orgone! If they add or subtract ingredients to 
their Orgone, it ISN'T Orgone but something else! Stick with the basic ingredients; fiberglass 
resin, aluminum shavings, clear quartz crystals, clockwise wound copper wire and maybe a pre 
1983 pure copper penny and a neodynium magnet. No pretty rocks, no steel, bronze, or 
other shavings, no other precious or pretty stones; stick with what Yahweh has told us works. 
Orgone is an energy. It can be made as a good energy or sabotaged and used as an evil, 
negative energy. Like everything, Satan always perverts and mimmicks what God creates, 
has, or does. Make your own orgone devices by Yah's recipe so you know they will work 
for sure. Find out how on this page.

Why Do We Need Orgone?

Answer - to  protect ourselves and others without having to constantly stay alert without ever 
a break from all our enemies constantly trying to attack and kill us. You need to understand 
clearly there is a spiritual warfare battle that goes on daily for your spirit.  For some people it 
is relentless; the daily attacks from Satan, our government, assassins, witches, warlocks, 
Satanists and all those who love Satan and hate Yah and us. I've seen the Holy Spirit drop 
witches that came to our revivals to mock us as we healed the sick and brought people to 
Jesus for the first time. I've photographed with my digital camera hundreds and hundreds of 
spirit orbs outside places where satanic meetings were being held. Placing orgone pucks 
around their perimeter takes away their power. They show up on the camera as spheres of 
all different sizes and colors, lots of them, and it's not dust.

The Bible warns us that the Last Days would be "as in the days of Noah." In the days of 
Noah fallen angels (aliens) were running rampant in the land abducting and impregnating 
human women. Hybrids (giants) were born as a result of the offspring between fallen angels 
and human women. Hybridization was common not just with aliens/fallen angels and women, 
but these wicked angels crossbred with animals as well. Ever heard of the minitor, pan, 
centaurs, and pegasus? 

In the last days we are seeing a huge rise in UFO/Alien abductions and crossbreeding 
with animals, hybridization of human offspring being born half human half alien, and even 
many created and born in labs with a variable mix of DNA.

Today we are also under attack by things the Apostles could have never been able to 
describe such as satellite weapons, HAARP weather weapons, chemtrails, chip implantation, 
vaccinations and flu shots that carry cancers and diseases to harm mankind (not help); 
ELF weapons, RNM weapons, microwave never ends.

When Yahweh was asked  how to stop these tech based weapons from being used against 
us He led us to Orgone. Orgone is a crystal based defense weapon using piezo electric 
energy that produces an ancient energy we know as Aether Energy. Aether Energy is a 
Positive life and healing energy. It is also known in some forms as Chi energy and the 
Bible Codes describes it as Yah's breath. It is seen as a blue aura around earth.

We have found that with Orgone we can repel negative and evil energies and evil beings. 
Aliens and demons don't like being around it. Humans who are possessed by aliens and 
demons don't like being around it either. It burns them, asphyxiates them and some even 
break out in rashes and boils being around it. It doesn't affect normal humans. For normal 
humans it's a healing life energy, the same energy that surrounds our planet from which all 
life thrives and grows in its presence.

Orgone can stop chemtrails, ELF and RNM and microwave weapons, it can end night terrors 
by keeping aliens and demons out of your house and bedroom at night. It's a constant 
source of positive energy. You can fight with spiritual warfare prayers but you have to be 
constantly praying and on alert, and by the time your praying you're already under attack. 
Same with anointing your home with oil. It wears off after a week or two and you have 
to keep anointing your home. With Orgone it works every second of every day and never 
wears off. It's a constant emitter of Aether energy, of Yah's breath.

Evil people and beings hate it and are trying to find ways to combat the Orgone energy 
we produce. Satan is constantly raising up people to hate and try to discredit it, because 
he wants it banned from the earth. Our Orgone crashes their UFOs, burns aliens, keeps 
demons away, and has 101 other uses that benefit mankind, Satan wants to destroy, hurt, 
and kill mankind.

We don't worship Orgone.  Orgone is a defense weapon. Yah never sent Israel to war 
without a plan or a weapon to use whether it be swords or horns (Jericho). His ways are 
not always man's ways. David killed Goliath with a stone. We're killing the giants in our day 
with Orgone blasters that look like hockey pucks. It's what He has led us to use to defend 
ourselves against the ever increasing tech weapons and alien/demonic attacks against us. 
And their growing visible presence all over the world in our skies.

Many people never grow out of night terrors but find themselves having to deal with the 
dark side their entire lives, Yah has given us relief against them with not only spiritual warfare 
prayers but with Orgone as well.

Yah has given us a specific recipe to use in making this POE Positive Orgone Energy. 
Not everyone who says they make or sell Orgone is making HIS orgone. There are many 
types of Orgone such as the DOE (Dead Orgone Energy) type that is sold all over Ebay 
and the Internet. DOE Orgone energy is preferred by Satan because it produces evil energy. 
Satan isn't trying to stop their Orgone, he's trying to stop OURS because it's from YAH Himself.

If you suspect there are demonic entities in your home, put our Orgone in it. They may react 
angrily for a day or two because you've put Orgone in it, but they will leave...because they can't 
stand being around Yah's breath! Put Orgone under your bed and in your room to stop them 
from coming in at night and notice the sound sleep you get after years of being harassed every 
night! It makes a HUGE difference! Are your kids complaining of night terrors? Stop laughing at 
them and put  Orgone pucks in their bedrooms. 

Noticing the ever increase of UFOs in our skies at night? Saturate your yard, neighborhood 
and towns with it and watch the UFOs begin to flee from your area! If it doesn't cause them 
to crash first! The media proclaims 'meteors' are crashing from the skies when it's UFOs!! 
We can destroy these wicked fallen angels we call Aliens! We can defeat them from abducting, 
kidnapping and harming us humans on earth!

We ARE the Resistance! We don't have to take Satan's constant attacks against us we can 
fight back in the name of Yahushua and the Orgone He's given us to use!

Orgone is a modern term for an ancient energy we know little about. Rediscovered by Wilhelm 
Reich who discovered it would crash UFOs and fight against evil beings, We need to pick up 
where Reich left off. No man could touch the Ark of the Covenant without dying, why? Because 
it produced an energy that would kill them if they disobeyed Yah by touching it and defiling it 
with human hands. Was this the same energy?  Good question.

How to make Orgone
I will discuss or give you URLs to making 
1. orgone muffin pan pucks or blasters, 
2. conical shaped orgone blasters with a little more power, some call these holy hand grenades
3. orgone single pipe batons, 
4. and chemtrail bucket blasters, a very potent form of orgone.

Remember - keep your materials simple and specific, we need to stick with the recipe.

Aluminum Shavings like from a lathe at a machine shop. ONLY aluminum! I got mine from 
  a shop in Guadalajara that made pistons. A huge sack cost me only $7.  Go to  
  and type in  "aluminum shavings" and there are many places you can purchase these from.
You can also buy 8 pounds of quality shavings for $25 from 

Quartz crystals
You need two kinds. Larger terminated crystals (with a pointed end)  is a good place to get them.
And bags of smaller crystals, like small gravel to mix in with the aluminum shavings

- fiberglass resin and hardener catalyst  from an automotive store or marine supply store.
- 12 gauge or 14 gauge single strand solid copper wire which you can buy at Home Depot 
   or Lowes - you need to take a wire stripper pliers and remove the insulation from the wire.  
   You want bare wire to use.
- a wooden rod or plastic pipe to wrap the copper wire around to the make the copper coils.


K&J Magnetics Neo Magnets |





The Neutrino Detector

They have been trying to find ways to ban our Orgone but can't find ways to demonize it because there's nothing harmful about it, so they've come up with a machine that somehow can detect Orgone air and transfuse it into Dead Orgone Energy (DOE) so they can stand being in Orgoned areas. Is this the machine? There was only one in the world located in Japan and it's called the Neutrino Detector. Is this what they're putting under the White House lawn? It only has a 5 mile radius and it doesn't work!! IT DOESN'T WORK!!

Am I offended that so many people are standing up to hate and criticize me? No...I'm Vindicated! Our Orgone is destroying the NWO! They're spending $millions trying to find ways to combat it. If it wasn't effective they wouldn't be desperate!


What are they putting under the White House Lawn?

"The project outside the West Wing, said to be renovation of the building’s air-conditioning and electrical systems" I bet...





What our Orgone would appear like if you could see the energy that emits off of them.




Wilhelm Reich

They killed Wilhelm Reich in prison in 1957 for Re-discovering Ether Orgone Energy. An Ancient energy understood in times past, but buried and forgotten over time. Reich knew what this energy could do, what it was capable of, that it was a living energy that can heal, cleanse, and destroy wicked, negative energy.

He learned how to use this same energy to destroy wicked aliens and their UFOs....

Reich Said : "ORGONE is DEADLY "They cannot tolerate Orgone energy AND They FEAR IT." Their tissues and blood can not take it. Sad lonely chapter of human race. Reich -"No one believes me" he said in a video log.

The Bible Codes describe it as causing them the plagues of Erythema and Necrosis. Erythema describes an inflammation of the tissues, causing red patches and a reddening of the skin. Necrosis causes decay...described as death of tissue, mortification, state of death.

Some of his notes have been about some of his work with Orgone energy...

"YELLOW Ea (his term for UFO) FADES OUT AFTER 2 minute ORUR draw. It came back faintly twice. Felt like a struggle. Flashing pulsation, wobbling, moving in various directions. It
disappeared after weakening, waning and blinking" p 36

This is what we see daily when UFOs encounter our Orgoned Areas!

Wilhelm Reich - Re-Discovered an ancient energy, an overview of some of his work

"I had hesitated for weeks to turn my cloudbuster pipes toward a 'star', as if I had known that some of the blinking lights hanging in the sky were not planets or fixed stars but SPACE machines. With the fading out of the 'two' stars, the cloudbuster had suddenly changed into a SPACEGUN"  
Wilhelm Reich Contact with Space 1956

With his work and being led by the Most High Himself we have perfected the Space Gun into what we call Bucket Blasters, Pipe Blasters and Batons. Our proven Orgone causes UFOs to crash and burns and destroys aliens!! It also purifies the air and cleans your atmosphere of chemtrails.

We can Destroy the NWO!!

Stuff They Don't Want You To Know: Wilhelm Reich and Orgone Energy

Reich was the author of "Ether, God and Devil" and "Space Contact" along with many other works the government burned and suppressed. He re-discovered both POE (positive orgone energy) and DOE (dead orgone energy) and that's probably what started the government's attack against him...he was getting too close to the DOE agenda and how they are able to fly supernatural UFO crafts. His work talks about Orgone and the effects of it via aliens and crashing UFOs even though his youtube videos don't bring up that aspect. We Need parts 2, 3, 4,...

When Reich developed the Space Gun he was working in alliance with President Eisenhower. But back in Eisenhower's rule as president he became friendly with the very aliens he had aligned against and signed contracts with the aliens and began working with them...and THIS is why they persecuted Reich and destroyed and suppressed his work on Orgone energy.

We need balance...we need both POE and DOE that's the way Yah created this Earth and "they" are trying to subvert this balance by destroying and oppressing one side to dominant the other. That's why in the Bible Codes I will see the term 'balance.' We are putting, among other things, BALANCE back into and around the Earth.



The Science of Orgone

Some interesting explanations from fellow Orgone Warriors on the Science of Orgone that were posted on the orgone list. Thought I would share:

It seems that some people in the group want to know why orgone works, so I'll do my best to describe it.

First we'll start with the energetic properties of a quartz crystal. A quartz crystal consists of a uniform structure of Silicone Dioxide molecules(SiO2). The pattern these molecules create is always the same throughout the entire crystal. When a crystal is rubbed or squeezed, the pressure is dispersed throughout the entire crystal, which in turn releases a measurable and uniform energy science has termed "piezoelectric energy".

There is a simultaneous drawing in of less-uniform energy from around the crystal as this piezoelectric energy is being released by squeezing the crystal. The piezoelectric energy is uniform like the crystal it was just released from. When crystals are cast in polyester resin, such as in an orgone blaster, they are constantly being squeezed from the pressure of being inside the resin.

This means they are always releasing uniform energy while drawing in less-than-uniform energy from the surrounding environment so that it may be made uniform and released (this is an ongoing cycle). This uniform energy is initially neutral.

The addition of a clockwise copper coil helps to harmonize the neutral energy into a positive wavelength, like setting the frequency. The direction in which the coil is wound plays a large part in how the frequency of the energy is set. The piezoelectric energy is attracted to the metal in the shavings and coil like electricity. The copper and aluminum shavings help the energy move from the crystals to the coil, and the spiraling shape causes the energy to spin to match the coil's shape.

When I pray on how the energy moves, Yah tells me that energy comes in through the bottom of the coil, gets processed by the constantly-squeezed crystals, then leaves out the top of the coil as positive healing energy. All of this is happening simultaneously. The rising of this positive energy is what helps to eat the chemtrails and neutralize "cell phone" tower radiation, and it accumulates over time to combat negative energies. I hope this may help others understand better how orgone works. It truly is a gift and a blessing to work with orgone. I know in my heart that what I am doing makes a difference in fighting evil forces in this world. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving...

And for the physics of Orgone..

Another explanation from a fellow warrior: the quantum make up of the chemicals in the chemtrails, is the ducting material for the energy weapons/matrix, the quantum spins of the binding energies determine how they are pinning (binding to and suppressing) down earths and our "life force" energy or orgone...

the spin direction and polarity of the quantum characteristics of the chemicals determine the way they latch on to earth biologics' binding energies...

nature does show that the life force spins in both directions, however there is an "over abundance of the one direction" and not enough in the clockwise direction to counteract the double spin quantum binding mechanism of the chemicals involved...

this direction (clockwise) of spin helps better to unlock the quantum grip..unlocking the quantum binding allows not only the orgone to flow from the device more readily but also the life force from life around the device will have less binding suppression on their life force spins well as the thought that the fallen freaks may have gained enough knowledge of the counterclockwise direction to have been able to program their genes so that they would not be harmed as much...but Yahweh at the end decided to throw in a different spin...ha...that's a funny..when I heard of the direction difference I went to the mat in prayer and bugged Yahweh for understanding on this...first out of faith, peace and discernment He gave me peace what Sherry was saying was right, even if she could not give all the specifics...that is what walking in faith and trust know in your heart and spirit from years of knowing the voice and character of the Most High, then you do your best to obey and along the way conformation comes. the clockwise spin direction is a major part of unlocking the binding energies of the chemtrails from us and our environment...

in short....without the chemicals present the other energy beams have nothing to lock onto and track or cause cymatic junctures in....hope this helps


My Orgone Blasters are not the same as the typical tower busters you see online. I've discovered that many of them being sold online are being sabotaged for evil purposes!! So through Yahweh we're making our own that:

-Absorbs and ELIMINATES chemtrails

-Neutralize the evilness of the towers!

-Repel evil entities and aliens, keep them out of your yard and home

-Protect your home, yard, then cover your neighborhood, town, or city!! If you don't protect your areas they're going to be stomping grounds for the Anuk and demons! These last days, when the veil is lifted, are not going to be friendly!

-Clean the air and help you breathe better. Orgone can help those with asthma and those with breathing problems.

-Eliminates toxins, poisons and radiation from the air

-Defeats chemtrails and keeps your skies clear

-Improves breathing, helps those with asthma

-Promotes natural health, keeps you from catching every flu virus under the sun

-Knocks out bad thunderstorms before they get to your area, chills out tornados headed your way

-Asphyxiates evil, aliens can't breathe around it and it burns them!

-Keeps demonic entities out of your home and yard.

-Nullifies the effects of the strong subliminal messaging NWO towers erected everywhere

-Stops ELF attacks

-Helps you sleep better

-Stops sleep abductions

-Emits positive energy, evil can't stand being around it!

-A defensive weapon in the last days to combat aliens and the NWO

-Stops headaches and migraines, improves overall health

-Those areas gifted with Orgone suffered the least amount of damage from Hurricanes

Just because someone else calls their product "orgone" doesn't mean it is! Beware of Ebay sellers that claim they sell Orgone! If they add or subtract ingredients to their Orgone, it ISN'T Orgone but something else! And it certainly won't do the same things my Orgone does! In fact their's can harm you! They're part of the problem, not the solution!


Orgone In The Bible Codes

Orgone is an energy. It can be made as a good energy or sabotaged and used as an evil, negative energy. Like everything, Satan always perverts and mimicks what God creates, has, or does.

I see what this positive orgone energy does to Satan and his Annunaki giants all the time in the Bible Codes. In fact I've kept quiet about a lot of it until now. If I reveal to 'you' what it will do and does, then 'they' know because they read everything I write. But if I don't inform Yah's people, they won't get busy and do the exploits that are needed worldwide. We are literally going to fulfill prophecy and that is why I can't keep silent anymore. Time is running out.

Terms I see all the time in the Bible Codes in relation to Orgone and what it does and is going to do to the Anuk/Nephilim fallen angels:

These terms describe Satan and the "aliens' reaction when they arrive here:


These terms describe what it will do and the results of what this orgone causes to and against them:





Terms relating to the faction
(Faction 4) of the 144,000:


Orgone is Often referred to as Brown Oval in the codes - such as


Can you imagine the shock and horror of the Man of Sin to arrive as a "God" or "Messiah" and he's covered in boils? LOL! And the laughter of God's people!! Satan won't be able to heal himself yet he can "heal" others to try and persuade them of who or what he is? The Bible Codes says it's COMICAL and an "Embarrassing Defeat" of Satan's forces who fully intend on arriving as "angelic hosts."

The air will be saturated with orgone and it burns them, it causes them to have boils on their skin, and they can't breathe, the 'contaminated' air asphyxiates them.
It's like a horrible plague that destroys them and causes their deaths.

There are so many "Christians" today who think it's their job to just sit on their butts and do nothing about the NWO but argue and rail against those who are doing something to battle against it for the Most High here on earth. It's not our duty as HIS people to EVER sit on our butts and just wait on Him, HE uses HIS PEOPLE to implement HIS PLANS. Even if it's just one person, or a band of 50, or 500, HE will accomplish His purposes through them.

It's easy to see how one of Satan's coming biggest defeats on earth is handed to him by just a handfull of people who love the Lord in WALK and talk. Why? Because the majority of believers today are sleeping, lazy, fearful, and kidding themselves of who and what they think they are in the Lord. In reality a fragment, a group of people out of the 144,000 who are already awake and know who they are in Him are the first ones to toss the NWO it's first major defeat and victory for Yehovah! Many people today are in denial of who they are. Inwardly they know they were born for a reason to be here in the last days because I hear from MANY of them. They just fight it, and in reality are fighting HIM and losing reward for being cowards and fearmongers and who will lose their position and rewards in Him if they don't get off their butts and start fulfilling His calling He has for them. If you feel led to do something then do it! Your instinct is usually HIM trying to get your attention!

We're at war folks! It's us against them! It's Satan and his various attacks and ways against us and Yah's ways. We can Win! We don't have to sit back and be victims we can stand up in Yah and defeat Satan!

Orgone defeats Zombies as well. I know by now you've heard of the coming Zombie Apocalypse...and guess what? Orgone defeats Zombies to!



Chemtrails, Plagues, Alien assaults on Mankind...they are working in cahoots with our government to destroy and conquer earth....

Learn how to protect yourselves...


The Coming Zombie Apocalypse


TELL ME THIS AINT HAPPENING: U.S. army releases "Counter-Zombie Operations" manual...


The Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency - think they're really a 'defunct' agency...?

How To Fight Against zombies?


Orgoned air melts zombies and Orgone Water is like Acid to them...



Where To Put Orgone

Put Orgone in every room of your house or apartment. On top of your computer, tv, refrigerator…and especially under your bed, helps you sleep like a baby.

Put it in your yard in bushes, flower beds, on top of your roof, or in your gutters. Get the front and back of your house or apartment building. You want the Orgone to be able to assimilate into the atmosphere above your home.

Gift your neighborhoods, towns and cities with Orgone. Throw it in trees, ditches, bushes, on top of buildings, anywhere it won’t be found by other people.

Once you get your own home and immediate area covered with orgone, drive out about 3-5 miles and get a radius (north, south, east, west) outside of your immediate area.

The more Orgone the better and chemtrails won’t stick in your area.

If you have water sources in your area get Orgone into them…lakes, rivers, ponds.

Yes you can plant/bury orgone. Just deep enough to where a lawn mower won’t destroy it or get a hold of it and it won’t be found.

Yes you can call on the name of Yahushua in time of trouble, after all that's what I was doing...but just as you can annoint your home with holy oil or pray spiritual warfare prayers you can make Orgone and put it around so that you don't have to always be praying or annointing your home, it allows you to relax without having to be at constant war 24/7.

Psalm 144:1 Blessed be the Lord my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight.

Daniel 11:32 And such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he corrupt by flatteries: but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.


Let's get busy folks!
By Sherry Shriner