1 Minute Cancer Cure
This applies to the MMS story also. If big pharma has its way you may not be able to get MMS much longer either. 
The MMS I sent to Pastor Enoch in Africa is working miracles there, not just on malaria.  MMS and 35% Food grade 
hydrogen peroxide are two of the most potent disease killers we have in our arsenal today and big pharma is trying to 
get them out of your reach. Why?  Because they are cheap, non patentable and don;t enrich their coffers.

The cover story of the current issue of Newsweek
screams the following headline in big bold letters:

CRAZY TALK:  Oprah Wacky Cures and You

In the article, Newsweek condemns Oprah for supporting
alternative medicine.  It's just the latest
installment in the media firestorm that is hell-bent
on ridiculing and discrediting anyone who speaks out
about the benefits of drugless approaches to health.

Why would Newsweek run such a story? 

Because they're heavily funded by the pharmaceutical
industry -- that's why!

And anything that could potentially threaten the
trillion-dollar revenues of the pharmaceutical
industry risks being ridiculed, maligned or even
publicly humiliated by Big Pharma and the federal
agencies that support it.

Our book titled "The One-Minute Cure" has similarly
become the object of this smear campaign in recent

"The One-Minute Cure," which attained the No. 1
bestseller position on Amazon.com's Health, Mind and
Body (Alternative Medicine) category 4 times in the
last 2 months -- and has therefore become a
"thorn in the side" of Big Pharma -- has just been
targeted as the next victim.


Because the scientifically proven natural therapy
described in "The One-Minute Cure" is the SINGLE
BIGGEST THREAT to the revenues of both the
pharmaceutical and medical industries. 

Two SHOCKING things happened over the past 2 weeks
that convinced us that the "powers that be" at the
pharmaceutical and medical industries are determined
to take "The One-Minute Cure" out of circulation for
their own selfish motives. 

Here's what happened:

1)  On May 18, YouTube removed our cancer cure video from
their site even though the video has been a highly popular
item on their site since August 2008.  YouTube provided
us with a vague, unsubstantiated reason for the removal
of the video -- and this leads us to believe that Big
Pharma and federal agencies are leaning on them to put
a stop to the dissemination of the video's powerful
message about the one-minute cure.

We've since moved the cancer cure video to another
video host, but it's only a matter of time till they
get to that site, too.

2)  On April 29, we ran a press release about the
one-minute cure.  The press release became very popular
so quickly, and was even picked up by some of the major
social media sites like Digg, StumbleUpon and
high-traffic blogs.  However, on May 6, PR Web informed
us that the Federal Trade Commission demanded the removal
of our press release from the PR Web servers.

These 2 events are solid PROOF that industries and agencies
beyond our control are determined to thwart our efforts
to spread the word about the one-minute cure.

Remember:  The pharma-cartel is so powerful that it has
been able to influence even the FDA to seize, destroy 
or prevent the publication of books that threaten the
pharmaceutical industry's profits.

It stands to reason that they will do everything in
their power to take "The One-Minute Cure" out of

That's why, for the sake of your health and the health
of your loved ones, we urge you to get "The One-Minute
Cure" as soon as possible -- while you still can.


Also see my page at  www.detailshere.com/hydrogenperoxide.htm