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LifePharm Global recently introduced their new product, Laminine Omega+++ and the immediate 
demand has been amazing. The formulation that the LPGN scientists created for this product is 
simply genius as it addresses the cardiovascular system and improved circulation by removing 
plaque from the arteries, improved bone health (yes, this product causes calcium to be absorbed 
into the bones—a huge blessings for people with osteoporosis), reduces inflammation, lowers 
cholesterol, enhances memory, balances blood pressure, supports normal blood sugar levels, 
and much more.
There is a small amount of the Avian Egg Extract in this formulation, to increase effectiveness, but we recommend that people take it with the regular Laminine as the combination 
is a powerful one-two punch against ANY degenerative condition and is a very effective preventive 
Listen to an interview  with Dr. Jose Toro, MD, on this new product. In addition to explaining how Omega+++ works in the body, Dr. Toro shares some of the results he is having with his patients 
such as Alzheimer's patients recovering memory, neuropathy patients getting feeling back in their 
feet and hands, arthritic patients without pain, and more.  
Listen to Dr. Toro here:

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