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April 4, 2001 Who is this man?

Who Is The Man, Karl Loren?

Karl Loren, Speaker For Life,  Co-Founder With Jean Ross of Vibrant Life




Who Is  This Man, Karl Loren?



First the simple things.  I, Karl Loren, will be seventy years old in May 2001. The picture above was taken in February 2001.  Next, this entire Wednesday Letter, like all fifty of them that have gone before, is the exclusive creation of me, Karl Loren, personally.  Sometimes I write in the first person, using "I" and other times I have written in the third person.  Today I am celebrating almost seventy years of joyous living, writing very personally about myself.


This is a very special Wednesday Letter, about me.


First, you will find as you read this that I am not modest.  So, let's throw away any pretense of such!

I very much enjoy writing and have so many compliments on my Wednesday Letters, and on my 13,000 web pages on ten web sites that I know people are enjoying what I have to say -- more accurately, finding my words helpful.


That is all a man can do, I think, is to try to help, and succeed at it.


So, let's get on with this Letter.


My Mission In Life


I want to help.  Further, I want to help one person at a time.  I view "help" as a very personal thing.  While I have 13,000 pages on my ten web sites, and thousands of people can read and be helped, my greatest joy is touching one person at a time, personally, and finding out that I have, indeed helped.


I had that mission earlier in life, but it is only during the past several years that I have felt that I was succeeding.


I got started in this vitamin business twenty years ago when my mother died.  I got that fateful phone call about 11 PM one night in November 1981.  I was in California, she had been in surgery already some six hours in Cleveland, Ohio.  When the doctor finished the surgery, he called me to tell me that my mother had been in surgery, and "It doesn't look good!"


What do you do with a simple sentence like that?


It's like the woman who goes for a breast examination.  How can the doctor tell her, "You have a suspicious lump?"  How can that doctor, a short while later, say, "That lump is a malignant cancer?"




It is a truism, but every person dies, and most of us face the moment of death with some understanding that it is about to happen.  Many get the death pronouncement from some doctor, "You have malignant cancer and it is terminal."


Or, "Your mother has slipped into a coma and won't wake up!"  We hear it more often about others.


How does a civil human tell another human that he or she is about to die?


This is the most dramatic communication that can exist for one person -- "You have a terminal disease."


Surely the man who comes along, defying all medical authority, and says, "You don't have to die!" is walking on hallowed ground.


I have very, very often been in exactly that position -- telling someone, "You don't have to die!"


Strangely enough, as I exactly did with my mother, I have also often been in the position to say, "You have the right to die if you wish to leave!"  and ... "Your mother has the right to die if she wishes!"

One of the most poignant articles I ever wrote, one that has brought many people to tears, and about which I have had many compliments, is my article, "Do You Have The Right To Die?"  If you haven't read that, I urge you to click and read it now -- against the time of need!  The story there is mostly about the death of my mother-in-law, but I freely gave my own mother my permission to leave in peace.  She was then still unwilling to die until her visiting grandson also gave his permission!


I think it is important for each of us to recognize that death is just as natural as life.  In fact, I have also written to answer the question, "What Is Natural Death?"


So death is not to be ignored even when we may spend much more of time seeking health.  I am still working on a total understanding of "health," or as I prefer to call it, "wellness."  I have much more to do on both understanding and explaining "wellness" but my early thoughts on this are in an article called "What Is Wellness?"


Most of my philosophical writings are listed here.  These are published as a series called "Viewpoint," representing MY viewpoint on various issues.  I hope you'll read them all, and then contact me about any of them.


I answer, personally, every personal message I receive!


This is an incredible pledge on my part!


It would be impossible to investigate the billions of web pages in the world, but I'll venture that nowhere in these billions is there a single person who has made the pledge I make to you.  Oh you might get a response from SOMEONE, but with my 13,000 pages, every page includes a message form that comes directly to me -- the big cheese in our organization -- I think this is unique.  I am the founder.  True, my dear wife, Jean Ross, has been at my side all along, but it is I who formulated the products we sell, and compiled all 13,000 web pages.  You get MY personal answer when you write to me.  You have my home street address on every page; you have my toll free number on every page.  You get an almost instant response from us -- something unheard of on the web.


I promise to answer, personally, every personal message I receive!


That's it!


Many people don't believe it.  I get messages all the time, saying, "I can't really believe I'll get a real person answering me!"  They do.  One of my biggest frustrations dealing on the net is the impossibility of reaching a real human being -- who will respond, personally.  It just doesn't happen. 


I also answer almost every message within 24 hours -- usually in less than 4 hours -- sometimes within minutes.  The speed of my replies surprises many even as much as the fact that they got a personal message. 


I don't respond to rude or nasty messages.  I never respond to form letter messages.


It is NOT unusual for me to respond in a tone of strong antagonism when someone writes in a very critical way.  For instance, I often get personal messages from doctors, or such others, who assume that I will never respond and launch into a violent attack on my ideas and writings.

I've converted a few of those into good friends -- despite the fact that usually I've started with a response which is just as harsh toward them as theirs was toward me.  I happen to be in the middle of such a dialogue just as I write this -- this with a Medical Doctor who first attacked me, and now eager to learn from me.


I have one such set of exchanges published (most I don't publish) in which I repeatedly told this medical student that he would be far better off in life if he quit medical school -- and told him exactly why.  Eventually he called me his friend.  You might find this exchange very intriguing -- click here to read it.


I've put up a central point about my personal responses -- click here -- and on this page you'll also find links to photos of most of my family, my dogs and other personal things about me.  In short, I am very personal about my crusade.  I want to sell you my vitamins, but I am intensely interested in your personal condition, and any help I can give.


If you haven't ever written to me, please find some good excuse to do so.  Just click right here!  I have engaged in as many as 300 back-and-forth messages with ONE person, so if you and get onto a subject of interest to both of us -- you may find the exchange exhilarating.  That one person, 300 messages?  He has traveled TWICE from India to spend time with me in California and we are the very best of friends.  He developed one of our successful products, and you'll find that product, and his photograph here.


Phone calls are about the same.  I don't answer the phone at our place, but I will always take your incoming call if I'm not on some other call.  I sometimes talk for an hour or more with a complete stranger who just wants to know, "Can you explain what oral chelation is?"


Willingness To Disagree


There Are Always Doubters!


You Will Never Succeed If You Agree!



I've spent some time looking at what makes me unique on this planet.


One important characteristic I have had ever since I can remember is the willingness to disagree.  You probably know many "disagreeable" children (or even adults) and I probably was one of the worst when I was growing up.  According to some, I still am!


Very fortunately, my parents did NOT suppress me.  I had the courage and willingness to disagree all through my youth.


I well recall that I left my religious heritage to join a Church very different from my family; I then drifted away from that Church to become an Agnostic by the time I was about 30.  I re-discovered God and spirituality when I was 40, and consider myself, now, a very religious person.  But, I've gone through many changes of this sort in my life.  In those changes I had no trouble disagreeing with people -- even close to me.  I have no difficulty, also, changing my mind -- disagreeing with my past positions on things.  One of the greatest of these was when I switched from attacking the use of oral EDTA, to including it in my formulas. That full explanation was presented on the web as it unfolded.


I also have no difficulty admitting that I was wrong, or that I have changed my position on something.


I also have had no reluctance to try new things.  I have lived and traveled in more than 35 countries -- taking my 6 children to Africa and traveling all over Africa over a three-year period.  I then lived in Asia for a few years -- traveling in many Asian countries.


I also tend to get whatever I go after.  I wanted a job in the Kennedy White House, and got it.


I wanted to go to the Harvard Graduate School of  Business, and graduated from there with an MBA degree.


When I was in a dead-end job during my Army term, I set my sights on working for a general and became his Aide-de-Camp.


In the not too distant pass I had a lady-friend who, I was told, had terminal breast cancer.  This was long before I knew much about cancer treatments.  On her own she discovered a cancer clinic in Mexico, went there and came back "cured."  I had little awareness of such things, then, but I decided to take a tourist visit to Tijuana one day, and go meet this "healer," Jimmy Keller.


That was the beginning of a revolution in my life.  I learned that cancer was being treated in the US, invariably, with technology that was mostly designed to cause cancer.  About that time I started my career as a radio talk show host.  I wanted to talk about this cancer clinic in Mexico, and proposed some sort of sponsorship to Jimmy.  As we discussed this he told me that partly because the poor phone service into Mexico, he needed a "US Liaison Office" in the US -- a place people could call to get information about his clinic, and directions, etc., without having to go through an international operator and the chance of not making contact.

I offered to take this job, and he then warned me that the previous three persons he had who took this job -- two women, and one was his son --- had each been arrested on trumped up charges, and held in jail until they would sign documents "admitting" that Jimmy Keller was a fraud.  In one case, when the woman refused to sign such a false statement, the police hauled in her aged parents also -- until she caved in and betrayed Jimmy.

He wanted to know why I might not do the same.


I just couldn't imagine caving in to an extortion threat.


I recalled when I was about 19, my father got me a concession in an amusement park -- a park in Ohio that did not allow entrance to blacks.  I had very different views on such matters, and after I was in the park, with my concession, I started agitating that it was WRONG to deny blacks entrance to the park.  This was long before civil rights became "politically correct."


I was thrown out of the park, much to the embarrassment to my father, and the loss of money to me.


But, there didn't seem to be any alternative to me -- principal has always been very important to me.


So, I took on the Public Relations job for Jimmy Keller, used my toll free number to receive calls from people who had been told they had terminal cancer.  I gave them the data I had about Jimmy's very high success rate.


During that time I was busy, also, being a radio talk show host, on Station KIEV in Los Angeles.  I had Jimmy Keller on my show twice weekly -- from 4 AM to 6 AM every Wednesday and Friday morning.


I had an extremely successful radio show -- thirty hours live on the air every week.


It was a shock then, but not now in retrospect, that my constant interviews of Jimmy, live in LA, caught the attention of some powerful forces that didn't want people to hear that cancer could be so easily cured.


One morning, when I had completed my night-time show, I was handed my pink slip.  I was told that I would be off the air in two weeks, that Jimmy was off, that I could not talk about Jimmy Keller even one more day, and that if I talked about why I was getting kicked off the air, I would be dropped within seconds by the engineer in charge.  Since I was paying thousands of dollars direct to the radio station for my time, and selling my own advertising -- it was clear that money was not the issue with the radio station.   They made more money from me than they did before or after my show was on the air.


You can guess that I was angry.  After several days I finally calmed down enough to go talk to the owners of the station. They said, "Karl, if either of us had cancer, we would go to Jimmy's Clinic.  That is not the issue.  The issue is that WE got a phone call from OUR lawyer in Washington DC.  HE got a call from some official in the Federal Communications Commission.  He tells me that if Jimmy Keller stays on the air, we will lose our radio license, and that in any event, you have to go!"


I am not sorry at all that I had Jimmy as my guest.  He was later kidnapped out of Mexico by US Marshals, stood trial in Texas, found guilty, and sentenced to twenty years.  I visited him in Federal Prison.  He was released on probation after two years in prison, on condition that he would no longer talk about cancer, or give people advice or treatments.  He did that anyway, and is now back in prison.  The world lost a great humanitarian.


It is interesting that while he was in Federal Prison he worked in the kitchen.  The "prison doctor" was a "regular doctor" in the nearby town -- he was on a contract to come to the prison only when needed, so he wasn't a full-time employee.  He got to be very friendly with Jimmy, and had no difficulty accepting Jimmy's advice on various medical treatments for his patients.


Don't you wonder how many humanitarians are still trying to help, even from inside their jail cells!


I moved through this period representing Jimmy while he was still operating in Mexico without threat or harm.


Another instance of my willingness to disagree relates to a dispute I had with the Internal Revenue Service.  I won't put much of the story here, but there was a time when the IRS wanted me in jail, most seriously, and when I even thought I might have to go.  But, I defended myself, without a lawyer, in Federal Court.  Eventually I won a precedent-setting victory over the IRS in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.  Not many people beat the IRS on a Fifth Amendment Issue in an Appeals Court.  Click here if you want to read the actual court documents evidencing my victory.


In more modern times I am very proud that the American Heart Association has threatened to sue me -- I immediately published their threat letter -- click here -- and my reply.  When you read my reply you will probably understand why the American Heart Association now leaves me alone -- seriously.


I have published an article that should demolish literally billions of dollars now being spent on AIDS research and treatment.  I have yet to have a single doctor, or scientist, prove the falsity of my claims -- AIDS is a political disease.  It is not being approached scientifically.  It is being approached with the preconception that only a drug can solve the problem.  That is false.  Click here.


I have demonstrated courage and the willingness to disagree with powerful forces in our society.


You can count on my integrity when it comes to my publication of the truth as I find it.


Detection of False Claims


When my mother died I naturally asked the doctor "What, exactly, caused my mother's death?"


His answer, "No one knows the reasons for heart disease!"


That didn't set well with me, but I was nothing more than a grieving son, a businessman; he was the authority on the block.  I didn't argue, but I didn't agree.


I started looking!


I started looking for books on heart disease.  My mother's death was sudden and quite unacceptable to me.  I wanted to understand why she had died.


I did find some books that said, essentially, "No one knows the causes of heart disease!"


I kept looking for different ideas on heart disease -- until I stumbled, apparently accidentally, on the book that changed my life.  It was "Bypassing Bypass," by Dr. Elmer Cranton.  I was amazed.  He explained in simple logic that I could understand why the "old" theories about heart disease were not valid, what the actual cause of heart disease was, and how to prevent it.


I soon found that the great mass of medical doctors wouldn't even talk to you about Dr. Cranton's ideas.


I started to feel the hairs rise on the back of my head!


I began to feel that there was some sort of cover-up -- some sort of conspiracy to prevent people from learning the truth about heart disease.


I kept reading and eventually started in the business of formulating and selling an oral chelation formula -- based on the principles described in Dr. Cranton's Book.


When I was in college I took several of the standard IQ tests -- the fact that my IQ measured at 131 was simply a "datum" to me.  It's like you look at your foot, note that there are five toes, and it is not a big deal. 


You don't go around counting toes on other people -- you see some that are smart -- some that are dumb and don't much think of IQ as some distinctive part of your personality.  I did have teachers often tell me that I should be accomplishing more, based on my aptitude and IQ scores.



I realized that my IQ placed me in the upper one percent of all people, but I still had to put my pants on one leg at a time.  I had lots of fun with the logic problems one of my professors was fond of handing out.


Over many years I have engaged in various actions that were designed to increase my IQ, my ability to apply logic, and even vocabulary and grammar.  My IQ now measures at 151 on a scale where the theoretical top score is 155. 


Not too long ago I spent more than two years, 15 hours of classroom time per week, in an intensive course to improve my vocabulary and grammar understanding.  My writing skills may have been high "naturally" but I have worked hard to greatly enhance them.


As I said above, I'm not modest, but I realize that my ability at seeing false logic and missing logic is very high.  I read a book, or a health claim and detect stuff, apparently, far more quickly and easily than almost anyone on the planet.  I turned this skill in to the study of the Internal Revenue Code at one time, and established myself as the foremost expert in the country on a small piece of the tax code.  I've applied this ability and interest, now, in the field of health.


These abilities pay off for me, of course, but also for my customers and readers!


As I did further research on heart disease I was aghast!  I discovered that I needed every ounce of that "ability" to disagree with authority.  I found myself easily able to see the logic of Dr. Cranton's concepts of heart disease -- and I found many flaws in the stories being told by conventional doctors about heart disease.  But I soon realized that I was in a tiny, tiny minority of people who so clearly could see these truths!

Book:  Life Flow One, The Solution For Heart Disease by Karl Loren

I started writing, finally, and published my Book, Life Flow One, The Solution For Heart Disease, in 1994.  I published that entire Book on the web several years later, and since then I have added several thousand more pages of supporting data that wouldn't fit in the paper version.  You can visit and read that book, click on the cover.


I've written so much about heart disease that I won't repeat much more of it here, but as I kept researching, and writing on the web, I realized that the world of traditional health care was in terrible shape and that I needed to do something about it.


I started publishing my opinions and my research findings in an electronic newsletter, called The Wednesday Letter.  I took that name simply because it was published on Wednesdays.  Initially it was published EVERY Wednesday, but  I was not able to attain the quality of writing on that schedule so changed to a monthly newsletter -- which you are reading now. The Wednesday Letter is published on the first Wednesday of every month.  I haven't missed an issue for several years.


I enjoy writing these Wednesday Letters -- a great deal.  I think of them as a wealth of material that is vital for anyone to read and understand.


I urge you to click here to go to the page with the titles and descriptions of all 50 of the past issues of the Wednesday Letter, look them over and click on a few to see what they cover.


Heart Disease


How does someone become interested in heart disease?


I just seem to have a great ability to detect the lack of logic in things.  When the doctor who watched my mother die (for lack of a tiny amount of copper in her diet -- she died of an aneurism), I felt angry.  The doctor SHOULD be the person to bring science and wisdom to the field of health.  Instead he brought ignorance and false information to my mother's side.


She died needlessly.


My father also died of malpractice -- never to even be claimed, much less proved.  His wife (my stepmother) did not "believe" in vitamins -- thought you could get all you needed in your food.  My father would have been willing to take my vitamins, but his wife said, "No!"  Even then he had doctors adding more and more drugs to his daily intake, until he finally died of a complication of too many conflicting drugs.  Yet, his widow "knew" that he had the best of care.  I knew he was killed by careless ignorance.


But, in my business, no matter how real these matters are, you soon learn that the great bulk of society doesn't see it your way.

Most people are blind!


OK for justice, perhaps, but not OK for health care!



The great bulk of society would never discover that a few pennies worth of copper added to the diet would probably prevent an aneurism (aneurysm: alternative spelling).


It is not that the data is hidden -- it is in plain sight if you go looking.  I use a professional search engine, called "Medline" that looks through some 15,000,000 scientific, peer-reviewed scientific studies, published over the past 40 years.


As I looked more and more at heart disease -- the number one killer in America, I felt more and more that there was some vast conspiracy to push exactly the wrong treatments onto sick people.  This realization grew the more research I did.


Along the way I also realized that so-called "health insurance" was nothing more than "assurance of disease," since the only types of treatments approved with "health insurance" were designed to make the drug companies wealthy and the patient sick.


What do you do when you finally conclude that literally thousands of highly trained, very affluent medical doctors, surgeons, cardiologists, are all telling their patients lies about heart disease? What do you do when you have the right answer, but when few will agree?


I had no choice, it seems.  I started this mission of bringing the truth to the world.  I won't put more of that here, but I've written literally thousands of pages on this subject -- and am yet to receive any single logical claim that I am presenting false data.


Every doctor who has attacked me has either given up and gone crawling away, or become converted by my thousands of pages of data.


A beating heart


So, the conclusion now and here is that my 13,000 pages present the truth about heart disease, and the oral chelation formulas that I have created ARE the solution to heart disease.  Click on the heart image to read about the history of oral chelation.


How long will it take for the world to catch on?  I fear that it will take many decades.  In the meantime there is no reason why YOU should suffer at the hands of the ignorant doctors.


Read as much of my stuff as you need to, quiz me as critically as you wish, but then enhance your life and start on the oral chelation route to better health.   Visit my home page for oral chelation.  Visit my more technical home page for heart disease.


The false data about heart disease can be summarized easily:

Contrast this false data with the truth:

The truth about the cause and remedy for heart disease is simple:

A Free Radical -- An Odd Number Of Electrons Around An Atom
  • The cells in the arteries (and everywhere in the body) are bombarded constantly by "free radicals" which damage the cell -- make it weaker so that it accumulates excess calcium.  Free radicals are like atoms with an odd number of electrons in the outer ring.

The process of removing metals from the body is called "chelation."  It is done either intravenously or orally.  Click here to read a comparison of the two methods.


I am probably the most prolific writer on the web on this subject, but there are many other doctors and scientists who say the same things.


Heart disease kills more people than any other disease, yet the claimed cause and the offered treatments are simply wrong!  The explanation and proper treatment for heart disease are listed above in just a few lines.


I have a book, more than 2,000 pages in its web version, that explains this concept -- with links to many pages of scientific studies.  (Click on the cover of the Book, above.)


How About Cancer -- The Second Most Deadly Killer?


Cancer is caused by free radicals.


The free radicals that damage cells in the arteries are damaging parts of the body that normally never get cancer -- so THAT damage is to make the cell weaker.


But, free radicals that hit other parts of the body can cause a cell to mutate -- and that's all cancer is -- a mutating cell.  Cells that mutate and grow more rapidly than they should == cancer.


If you reduce the number and activity of free radicals, you should greatly reduce any risk of cancer.


After a cancer has started, free radicals don't particularly make it grow faster, so oral chelation would not help cure a cancer , but it sure would remove those toxic metals that lead to the beginning of cancer.


Other Things!


As I have continued my research in the field of health, I found other truths, including the benefit of a South American herb, the bark from the how bones grow, and about the only form of calcium that actually reverses bone loss.


I have developed the ultimate weapon against all disease -- proper diet -- and I have spent hundreds of hours in research on this.  You will be a bit surprised, I think, when you read about the "Karl Loren Diet" in among my 3,000 pages related to diet.


Finally, my good friend,  Dr. Ayyangar, in India, has introduced me to the world of Methyl Sulfonyl Methane -- MSM. We now sell that by the ton, at the lowest prices of any web site in the world.



Oral Chelation -- The Ultimate Weapon Against Ignorance and Disease!


You can read all about my solution to heart disease (and even cancer) by simply clicking here -- to read the history and background of something called "oral chelation."


There is no single person on the planet who has studied this subject so well, and published so many pages of truth on the Internet.  My ten web sites get more monthly visitors than all other web sites that promote oral chelation combined.


Most of the "other" oral chelation formulas are either frauds or rip-offs, and I have documented this allegation  -- click here.


My web sites are fabulously successful.  Here, published in April 2001, are the number of visitor-pages on just one of my web sites for the last four months.   This stat measures, for instance, 92,553 people each of whom requested one page, or one person who requested 92.553 pages -- or some combination in between.


This is far more successful than 99.9% of any retail eCommerce web sites on the planet.

Web (www.oralchelation.com) Monthly Report

Each unit (+) represents 2 000 requests for pages, or part thereof.

   month: pages:
--------  ----- 
Dec 2000: 67305:
Jan 2001: 58558: ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Feb 2001: 71998: ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Mar 2001: 92553: +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

What's Next?


whitwater2.jpg (49757 bytes)

Well, as I said above, I'll be seventy years old in just another few weeks -- May 21st.


I'm going camping on the Kern.  I have done this several other times -- I go white water rafting down the Kern River. Click here to see a picture of ME, and Jean Ross, just going over "Devil's Hole" where many rafters tip and spill.


That's me at the front, left of the picture.  Jean is in number two position on the right of the photo.


I had come down this river in a solo kayak after the time of the photo -- up into the air, out of the kayak, and down deep into Devil's Hole -- then up joyously into the sunshine.


I welcome you to join me.  Most of my family will be there, including Maia Mulvena and Joe Graciano -- and their families.  They will all be staying in tents!  Jean and I are going to be in a comfortable cabin right next to the campgrounds!



We will have our two dogs with us.  We'll be away from Vibrant Life for only a couple days, so you shouldn't have any real delay in getting your orders processed and shipped.


I'm using a new tracking service, started with this newsletter.


Whatever links you click on will be counted, statistically, so that I can start to learn what items are most popular with my readers.


Next month, May 2001, I hope to introduce a brand new product.

Cancer - "Transfer Factor"
Hyperimmune Milk

by Karl Loren

Here is a simple explanation of what transfer factor is and how it works.

Do you ever catch colds or the flu? As you move along in life, you bump into various germs, bacteria, viruses, fungus particles and other assorted bad characters.

You "catch a cold" -- usually because some germ or virus has gotten into your body and the body was not able to get rid of the germ before it multiplied and gave you a runny nose and sniffles!

If you are in great healthy shape, that bacteria may get inside somehow but your immune system attacks the bug before the bug can even turn around.

The first time one of those bugs comes in -- they can cause you to get sick.  But, your immune system is working hard to manufacturer "anti-germs" (also called "antibodies") that attack the bugs.  It takes your immune system quite a while to do that. In some cases it may take 10 to 14 days to manufacture the new antibodies. Your temperature may already be high because of the infection. 

The Invading Bugs!


When you're invaded, the bacteria begin to multiply at the site. Why not?  There is warmth, plenty of food and darkness.  As the bacteria multiply, there would be a very slight swelling in that area and the immune system starts to work -- recognizing the bacteria as harmful. Immune cells cause small blood vessels near the "clump" of growing bacteria to widen (dilate). The increased blood flow leads to redness and warmth. Much more swelling occurs when immune cells cause blood vessels to leak fluid into the surrounding tissue.  (The electron microscope picture to the left is Enterococcus Bacterium.)

As the antibodies start to kill the bugs, your temperature will go lower.  DO NOT STOP there -- this is the primary mistake of most antibiotic administration.  You quit too soon -- all the bugs are not yet killed -- the antibiotic is stopped -- those bugs not yet killed are now not likely to be killed by the same antibiotic -- you need a new antibiotic -- all of this because doctors don't insist that you take the antibiotic properly.  There is such a constant demand for "new" antibiotics that every drug company wants to get on this gravy train.  Sometimes they get caught making bad ones!  Click here to see how Eli Lilly, again, proved itself to be one of the worst drug companies from which to buy anything.  Some of the new antibiotics simply turn out to be killers.  Pfizer's antibiotic, Trovan, seems to cause liver failure -- so Pfizer lost a billion-dollar winner in the antibiotic sweepstakes!  Click here for that story.

The antibiotic SHOULD be so good at killing bugs that your temperature actually goes SUB NORMAL.  You keep taking the antibiotic, even at increased dosage, until you can't keep it sub-normal any longer -- it comes back up to normal. Then you are done.  Any other method will probably leave SOME of the bugs still alive, and now resistant to the antibiotic -- so the same antibiotic won't work next time.  Doctors know better, but do NOT administer antibiotics correctly.  You suffer now because your immune system has been compromised by bad usages of antibiotics.

The Defending Troops!


Bugs comes in all different sizes and characteristics -- more later.

Once the immune system has created a very specific "anti-germ" just for this one bug, you then have at least a few of those anti-germs in your body for the rest of your life.  Your body is capable of recognizing an astonishing 100,000,000 different types of bugs!  The electron microscope picture to the left is a macrophage (large, orange) attacking germs (small, green).  ("Macrophage" simply means "large, eating."  The macrophage is a general purpose antibody -- it eats any type of bug!  There are also "specific" antibodies, which attack only one kind of bug.

The next time that same bug (more technically called an antigen) comes into your body, those anti-germs (antibodies) that were made the first time, are ready to attack instantly.  You don't have to wait for the body to start manufacturing some of them.  Some of those antibodies start attacking immediately while the body then starts making more.  You might not need more if the first attack was enough to kill the bugs.

Your immune system does NOT recognize toxic metals in your body!  Your immune system does not handle such problems -- it only handles "bugs!"

The immune system does NOT handle toxic lead in your body. That is another job -- for detoxification, not for a stronger immune system.  However, toxic metals, such as toxic lead, can cause a tremendous increase in the number of "free radicals" in your body and THEY, in turn, cause cancer and other diseases.  Once the toxic metal causes cancer, then the cancer is subject to control by the immune system.

The first rule of health is like part of the Hippocratic Oath:  "First Do No Harm!"  The first rule would be, don't allow toxins and bugs into your body.  The next step, once you have allowed that stuff to enter, is to get rid of it.  The immune system is your first line of defense -- drugs are usually effective on a short-term basis, but often damage the immune system so that it is no longer available and you are all the more dependent on drugs in the future.

The immune system is very basic to your health, but even more basic, of course, would be to NOT put poisons and toxic substances into your body in the first place.  You should also find a good way to get them out if they are there now.  The standard approach to ridding yourself of toxic metals is with an oral chelation formula.  Don't overlook, either the remarkable ability of Methyl Sulfonyl Methane to reverse malignant cancers into benign tumors!

The immune system goes after "organic" things -- mostly alive, like germs, but also it goes after protein substances that are not alive.  While a virus is NOT alive, your immune system should be able to handle any of them.  Also parasites and fungus problems.  You will find that traditional medicine almost completely ignores the immune system -- thinking that the only solution for a sore throat is an antibiotic.  (Click Here to read a traditional description and remedy for a sore throat.)

So, every time you get a NEW bug, they body has to go through this fairly slow process of making a NEW anti-germ for that particular bug.  If it DOES take 10 to 14 days to make the new antibody, that is how much time the bug has had to swarm through your body, leaving little fast-growing families everywhere -- perhaps a joint that later becomes arthritic.

Antibodies Are Your Friends

The Immune System looks like this to the invading bugs

The Antibody!

He and his brothers are ready to fight the good fight!

After several years you can see that you would have a whole army of anti-germs, each one different from the other -- each one having been used at least once in your body to handle an invading bug.

So, you have an immune system -- made up of all sorts of "anti-germs" and other guys who fight the bad guys.

You would think that older people, with more experience, have a better immune system? You would think that the older you get the better your immune system would be.  After all, you are gradually accumulating all sorts of new anti-germs -- so that by the time you're old you would be ready to attack almost any bug that ever existed!

Not that easy!

The Missing Factor -- Recognition!

It seems that as people get older their immune system is often also going downhill.  As scientists studied this they found that one particular part of the immune system seemed to suffer the most in old age.

The Guardian Policeman -- the immune system -- looks for bugs It was the mechanism by which the body RECOGNIZES an invading bug and matches that bug with what antibodies are already there in the body ready to do the fighting.  The guardian policeman is constantly looking for bad bugs -- sometimes that guardian doesn't recognize a bug as being the same as a previous bug!
If bug X first attacked Dorothy when Dorothy was 7 years old, Dorothy developed an antibody (I'll use the more technical term from now on) for bug X.  Then, when  Dorothy was 23 years old, and that same bug X came along, her immune system recognized the bug instantly and sent the X troops to fight.  That was a short fight -- Dorothy never even knew that she had some bad bug in her.  It died quick!

There are times in your life when nothing can hurt you -- your immune system is in good shape!

Now, Dorothy is 67 years old, and along comes bug X -- again.  This time, even though she has some antibodies specifically designed for bug X, the immune system doesn't recognize that it is bug X and thinks that this is a new bug -- Bug X2!

The body starts making antibodies for Bug X2.  That would be OK, because the mechanism for making antibodies is still working and the body will actually make new antibodies for bug X -- even though it already had done that years ago, and even thought here might even be a supply of them (already made earlier) available.  But, because the body was slow in RECOGNIZING that it was bug X, the bug got a start before the immune system could make enough "new" antibodies.

So, you have old age -- and a declining immune system.

AIDS is a disease where the recognition process isn't working either.  (Click here for a lengthy article by Karl Loren about the AIDS virus.  Note that the link goes to a different web site, that the article has its own links to more than 100 pages.  You might want to bookmark THIS page to get back to it easily.)

It is the immune system's FAILURE TO RECOGNIZE that it has already made an antibody for that invading bug which slows down the response.  As a lot of this goes on, you can see that the body might not be able to develop enough "new" antibodies in time to prevent the invading bugs from multiplying and doing lots of damage.

Old People Are Vulnerable

Older people have lots of advantages -- but their immune system needs help. So, older people need some help in recognizing those invading bugs -- and there has previously been nothing that would do that.  Old people are vulnerable to invading germs -- not because they don't have the antibodies to fight off the infection, or cancer, or flu, but because their body is too slow in recognizing what troops to send into battle -- so it makes new ones -- slowly!

Old people are vulnerable!

It also turns out that ANYONE who has been sick often has this same problem.  So, not only elderly people, but people of any age can have their immune system lose the ability to recognize the incoming bugs -- and waste time trying to make a new antibody when that same germ has been fought and vanquished before.  What is the standard medical solution to these infections?  Antibiotics!  How serious are infections in today's modern world?  They account for the majority of death in the young.  Click here to read a report on infections as a cause of death.

So, anyone can be vulnerable who has had lots of sicknesses.  They often get antibiotics to "cure" the sickness.

Super Bugs! -- Resistant To Antibiotics

What else can cause this immune system recognition problem?  Well, taking too many antibiotics, or taking the wrong kind, or taking them too long or too short.  Doctors know this to be true -- that the bugs become resistant to antibiotics.  Then the drug companies develop NEW and better antibiotics.  But, we now have Super  Bugs in our society that don't respond to any antibiotic -- and these Super Bugs were actually created because of poor use of antibiotics!  Now we have new and more deadly antibiotics to handle the new super bugs!  There is a "last resort" antibiotic which has, now, failed -- this was considered the antibiotic that would never fail.  It has.  The bugs are winning.

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Thomas J. Moore's Book, Prescription For Disaster tells of the dangerous drugs, approved by the FDA, which are causing death and disease.  Many of these drugs would cause less harm if the immune system were healthy!  Some of these drugs enter the body and are seen by the immune system as dangerous substances.  These drugs often damage the immune system.





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Just about everyone who gets sick probably has some of this going on -- an immune system which is having trouble recognizing the invading bug.

Who else?

Who Else Is Vulnerable?

Switch gears for a moment, and consider one of the most vulnerable people you might know -- a new born baby.

When a baby is born it has never before been attacked by any bugs -- it doesn't have ANY army of troops to help defend it against the invading enemy.

Could nature have been so cruel as to expose the most vulnerable new human to the worst bugs without any protection?

The new-born infant is extremely vulnerable without mother's milk!

The solution is simple -- you have probably heard about how healthy "mother's milk" is for her newborn child?  The reason is simple.  The mother, with all her protective antibodies, passes on HER immunity to her baby by breast feeding.

It's a terrible indictment of health education that many mothers don't know this.  My own mother, more than 67 years ago, was completely ignorant of these facts of life.  She wanted to nurse me, but the first milk she produced looked "wrong" to her -- it was not the color of "good" milk.  She got frightened that her milk was no good and didn't try to nurse.  So, I wound up being at risk with my immune system completely missing for the first several weeks of my life.

One of the most famous medical clinics in the world, the Mayo Clinic, has published a fine article describing the immune system.  There are lots of nice pictures and drawings.  You can click here to read it.  However, the tragedy is that nowhere in this series of articles published by the Mayo  Clinic is there ANY mention of the most natural method of  creating the immune system in the first place -- mother's milk!  I'll bet a couple of nickels that if we could find publications from the Mayo Clinic in the 1940's and 1950's they would have been warning mothers against breastfeeding!

When a baby has not had mother's breast milk, it takes the baby about a month to develop its own immune system.  During that month if the baby got sick, then some immunity might never develop because the immune system was so overwhelmed by some particular antigen -- the immune system can even start "thinking" that the antigen is a normal thing to have floating around in the blood stream! 

You can actually get into a condition where a runny nose is considered "normal" by the immune system -- because the immune system has "recognized" the antigen that causes the runny nose to be a "good guy" not a bad bug!

But, most mothers now understand that they give immunity to their new baby by breast feeding.

For years this was understood to be true, but the mechanism by which this happened was NOT understood.

A mother breast-feeding her baby!  That is the only way it was done thousands of years ago.  For thousands of years there was no such thing as a bottle-fed baby!  Then, the medical world changed.  We went through a period when even doctors were telling young mothers:  "Don't breast feed!"  Now we know better.  All the immunity within the mother is transferred to the baby through her breast feeding milk.

Mother's breastfeeding, historically, has been well accepted as not something to be hidden, but to be proud of.

Master of the legend of St. Catherine
"Virgin & Child"
42 x 31 cm.
National Museum, Stockholm

When a baby was NOT breast fed, researchers would find practically ZERO antibodies in the baby's system.  When a baby WAS breast fed, researchers found the antibodies inside the newborn baby, they couldn't deny them.  There they were!  The newborn baby has no antibodies -- but within a few days on breast milk, the baby suddenly has a fully functioning immune system!  Miracle!

When they tested a baby who did NOT get breast fed by his or her mother, those antibodies were NOT there.  That baby was at risk.

So, there was lots of research looking for how this breast milk could carry the mother's immune system over to the baby.  It was a puzzle for quite a while.  The scientists could easily find that the baby could not get the antibodies themselves from the mother's milk.  These antibodies are living cells -- protein -- and the body would simply use it as food.

Biochemistry is the wave of future medicine.

There is an important technical point here.

When a human takes living cells, or even dead animal cells, into the body through the mouth, the digestive system treats it all like food.  It might be a very valuable living immune system cell, but as far as the baby is concerned it is only more food to digest.

If you take these same living cells (even immune system cells) and INJECT them into a body, the body treats them like invading bugs. There is a rejection mechanism which protects human bodies from injected living things.  The body even rejects ANY protein substance injected into the blood stream.  If you ground up hamburger and made it very "fine" and injected it?  -- terrible harm.  The immune system would attack the hamburger as an invading bug.

So, don't think that you can get a boost in your immunity by absorbing the antibodies in the milk -- it doesn't work that way!

So, antibodies are living cells and the new baby could not possibly get them through mother's milk that went into the body through the mouth and stomach.  That milk DOES have antibodies in it, but they are nothing more than food to the infant.  No living cell can possibly pass through the digestive process and get into the body through the mouth and stomach.

So, the antibodies in a baby could not have gotten there through mother's milk, even though mother's milk has those antibodies in it!

You can see what a puzzle this caused the researchers.

All the many immune system cells in the mother did not, somehow, get passed over to the baby.  But the baby who breast fed got immediate immune system cells and the baby who did not get breast fed did not get those cells.

There were many studies done of this matter and finally the scientists identified a "factor" that was transferred in the mother's milk.  This "factor" was not a cell, it was not a germ, it was something that hadn't really ever been identified before.  The scientists would use "screens" to take out anything as large as a living cell -- and the "factor" still got through.  So, the realized that whatever "it" was, it was smaller than any cell -- and probably was a molecule.

Then the scientists found ways to screen out the large molecules -- the "factor" still got through these screening techniques. That meant it had to be something very small -- a small molecule?

It was much too small to see with a microscope!  They looked, but couldn't find it!

Finally, rather than give it some new fancy name, they just stuck with the word "factor" to explain this "thing!"  You might expect science to be more elegant than this, but sometimes scientists, like the rest of us, are just puzzled and put a name-tag on something -- calling it a "factor."

And, to be more clear, they called it the "transfer factor," -- the "something" in mother's milk which transferred from her to the new baby and created IN the baby an entire immune system, just about overnight.  It was almost as if as soon as this transfer factor got into the new baby's body it started manufacturing exactly the type of antibodies which were called for in the transfer factor.  The baby's body did this even though there was no invading bug.   So, when and if one of those bugs came along, the baby's immune system was READY even though the baby, itself, had never personally been attacked by that bug before.

Now, have you heard of a "wet nurse?"  That's a woman who is "lactating."  She has had a baby and has milk in her breasts.  She can take any other baby, not her own, and feed that baby her breast milk.  For many years wealthy women who had just given birth would hire a "wet nurse" to breast feed their new baby. 

This way the wealthy woman didn't have to stay at home to nurse.  When babies who were breast fed by a "wet nurse" they did NOT get the immune system factors transferred from that wet nurse!

Now, there is another puzzle!

Well, by now you might have guessed.  "Regular Mother's Breast Milk" does NOT transfer the immune system to the baby.

The Usual Source Of False Data:
The FDA!

As usual, the government is a great source of lies on this subject.  Here is a paragraph from an article published by the Food and Drug Administration which contains critical false data:

Breast-fed babies have fewer illnesses because human milk transfers to the infant a mother's antibodies to disease. About 80 percent of the cells in breast milk are macrophages, cells that kill bacteria, fungi and viruses. Breast-fed babies are protected, in varying degrees, from a number of illnesses, including pneumonia, botulism, bronchitis, staphylococcal infections, influenza, ear infections, and German measles. Furthermore, mothers produce antibodies to whatever disease is present in their environment, making their milk custom-designed to fight the diseases their babies are exposed to as well.

Click Here to see the entire article, which includes a link back to the FDA source.

It is NOT the milk that transfers immunity, but only a special form of mother's milk, called the colostrum.  Furthermore, it is NOT true that the antibodies in mother's milk actually do ANY good at all for the immune system of the baby. 

It's a long and exciting story, but eventually the researchers learned that ONLY the first few days' of a mother's milk had the capability of transferring the immune system to the baby.  That milk has its own special name -- colostrum!

This factor was only found in the colostrum -- not in the "regular" mother's milk. 

But, when they examined colostrum they found, again, that even though it contained lots of antibodies -- there was no way the baby could absorb antibodies through its mouth and stomach.  Yet, the antibodies were in the baby's body.

They were back to puzzling about how the mother's (colostrum) milk could transfer this great immunity to the baby without actually transferring the antibodies themselves.

Only the first few days of a mother's breast milk carries the colostrum.

Since colostrum is only made by the mother in the first few days of breast-feeding, it was obvious that the "transfer factor" was in the colostrum, and no where else!

This web site has well over 4,000 pages of scientific studies on colostrum and transfer factor.  You can read these by clicking here.

Lots of this research has been done with human milk, and with human colostrum.   But, you can guess that there was also research to discover if cow milk (colostrum from a cow) could convey the immune system changes to a human!

It worked!

In other words, you'll find dozens of studies showing that human colostrum transferred improved immunity not only to babies, but also to adult!

Then, more research was needed to show that cow (then pig and other mammals too) colostrum would ALSO transfer improved immunity -- not only to human babies but to humans of any age!

This was an exciting discovery.  You can guess that the cow is subject to many of the same invading germs as is a human -- so when a human drinks colostrum from a cow they can often get a nice boost to their immune system.  Then the very exciting discovery was made -- when elderly people drank colostrum they had a very wonderful return of the "recognition factor."

All mammals have milk for their newborn -- and all of that milk, at first, consists of colostrum.

A cow's milk, just after having given birth, is called colostrum.  It passes on the cow's immune system to the baby cow!  But the truly amazing fact was discovered that the cow's colostrum would ALSO pass on immunity to a newborn human!   The immunity is not dependent on the species of animal!


Now, if you INJECT cow's colostrum into a human -- the human will get sick or even die.  You can't do that.

So, the scientists started removing "stuff" from the colostrum, just as they had removed stuff from the regular mother's milk -- to see what was actually "transferring" the immunity.

First they removed the easy stuff -- the fat and sugar.  In milk there is some amount of "cream" or fat -- just like the cow's milk can be separated into "skim milk" and "cream" human milk can be separated in the same way.

When they took the fat out of the colostrum, the immunity was still transferred -- so the fat had nothing to do with it.

When you have skim milk there is still "milk sugar" in that substance -- called "lactose."  There are simple ways of removing the sugar from milk too -- and you then have milk (or colostrum) which contains no sugar and no fat.  This form of colostrum STILL transferred the immunity to the baby -- so the immunity transfer was NOT caused by the milk sugar!

When you have removed both the fat and the sugar from milk you have something called "whey."

But, there are still many large particles within whey -- and they can be removed.  You have, for instance, all the many different types of living cells in the milk. These include the immune system cells of the cow (or human).  It is possible to remove ALL these living cells.

When you do THAT, the immunity still gets transferred.

Now, there are no more living cells in this "milk" but there are all sorts of "large molecules" and even they can be removed with various simple machines and techniques.

With THOSE removed, the immunity was still transferred!  A Miracle!

After they had screened out all living cells, and they even screened out the larger individual molecules -- they found "the" factor that transferred immunity -- it is a very small molecule.]

You could call it an "information messenger."  It carries information with it, from the mother to the baby (or from cow colostrum, properly processed into an adult human).  These messengers probably are equivalent to hundreds of pages of books!

Recall that older people may well have plenty of different types of anti-germ cells, but their body is slow at recognizing what particular bug is currently invading.

It turns out that when an older person drinks colostrum, even though the cow has not been especially treated, the person's immune system is greatly improved -- and it is the recognition factor which improves.  When this was being studied it became clear that the fat content of the milk was not carrying this factor -- also neither was the "lactose" (milk sugar) part of the "transfer factor."  When you take away the fat and the lactose, you have something called "whey" left. Milk Whey from colostrum was marketed for many years, either fresh or dried, as a source of wonderful nourishment -- and improvement of the immune system.  But, it takes a large quantity of this dried colostrum to give you very much of the transfer factor.

It takes about 50 units of dried colostrum to equal one unit of the molecules that are called "transfer factors."  Thus, if you want to get the same benefit from taking the Transfer Factor offered for sale on this web site, you would have to take at least 50 times as much colostrum.

The only actual study done on this subject is entitled An In Vitro Screening of 196 Natural Products for toxicity and Efficacy.  Click on that title to read about the study.

In order to tell the difference between TF and simple colostrum, there needs to be some way of measuring the TF.  We are getting there.  You can measure the number of different types of living immune system cells in a body.  I haven't yet found the unit of measure for a "transfer factor."  The transfer factors would NOT be detected by the tests which measure immune system components.

There are companies which offer to measure the components of the immune system for you.  Here is one.

Bethyl Laboratories, Inc. ELISA assays are an essential laboratory procedure for the quantitation of specific proteins in serum and other biological fluids. Bethyl Laboratories offers an ELISA product line for the quantitation of the immunoglobulins and other proteins of the bovine, canine, chicken, equine, feline, goat, human, mouse, pig, rabbit and rat.  Click here to review a couple of their web pages, on this web site.  Click Here for an explanation of "ELISA" tests.

Fresh, raw cow colostrum can be drunk by a human with fine benefit -- although it would take a constant diet of fresh colostrum to equal the value of one capsule of the concentrated transfer factor which has been extracted from the colostrum.

In the early years attempts were made to inject the colostrum into a human body -- but that doesn't work.  Human bodies reject the living organisms in bovine colostrum, when injected.  So, those who wanted to capture the benefits of the transfer factor from colostrum started by simply freeze drying the colostrum and putting it into capsules.  Most people who do this remove the milk fats and the milk sugars first -- leaving what is often called "whey."  The whey contains the transfer factor from that colostrum, but even that material would cause a person to get deathly ill if it were injected because the whey still contains many living organisms from the cow -- and the human body can't use living bovine organisms.

But, if whey (or colostrum) is drunk, there is no body rejection.  The larger cells (whether living or dead) are used as food, but those tiny molecules CAN pass through from the stomach into the body -- carrying the immune system recognition molecules.

The solution for the colostrum promoters was freeze drying usually.  Some experiments were done with freezing the  colostrum.  The freezing kills all the living organisms, but does not harm the tiny molecule which is the transfer factor. This is why you will find many scientific studies of colostrum mentioning "frozen colostrum."  (Click Here to see such a study.)

So, whether you drink fresh raw colostrum or take a dried form, the transfer factors are available.  They are not harmed by simple processing.  This is the form of most "colostrum" being sold in the market today.

But, when you work with colostrum, or whey, you still have millions of different molecules that have nothing to do with the transfer factor.  Even though they can be identified, and can be extracted from the colostrum, that is a very expensive process.

It is much more simple to take the colostrum, freeze dry it, and give you the entire batch.

The transfer factor particles, in this huge mass of stuff, would be less than one one-thousandth of the original total.  Another way to put this is that if you could extract JUST the transfer factors from the colostrum you would have to work with 1,000 gallons of colostrum to get just one gallon of transfer factor.

Very expensive!

Along came more researchers -- who developed a process and then got it patented.  This is one of the strongest types of patents -- called a "process patent."  It is a patent that gives its inventor the right to control a particular process invented by him -- so no one else can use it without paying him some royalty.

You can click here to read the actual patent for processing colostrum to extract from it the transfer factors which pass on the mother's immunity to any mammal that takes this material into the mouth.

The US Patent Office
Has Granted A Patent For Extraction Of Transfer Factor From Colostrum.  No Other Person may use this patented process.  4Life Research has an exclusive license to use this patent.

As mentioned above, the ELISA test gives a measure of the existence, or not, and the quantity of immune system factors.  (Click here to review that information about the ELISA test.)

One capsule (200 mg) of Transfer Factor has the potential for recognizing at least 100,000 pathogens.  It would take more than a bottle of colostrum capsules to equal the transfer factor power of one capsule of Transfer Factor.  Thus, if colostrum is sold for 100 capsules for $20 (sounds cheap enough) and 4Life Research Transfer Factor sells for $50 for 90 capsules, you can do the arithmetic.  One TF Capsule costs a little over fifty cents but it is equivalent to 100 capsules of colostrum costing a total of $20.00!  Colostrum in dry form "works" only because it contains the basic transfer factor.  Transfer factor, however, is a very tiny part of the colostrum.  4Life Research has an exclusive license on the patent which allows a company to extract just the transfer factor from the colostrum.  Naturally those firms which do not have access to this patented process can only offer you the colostrum itself.  They will claim, correctly, that their colostrum contains transfer factor.  What they do not admit is that the quantity of transfer factor in colostrum is very small -- while the transfer factor from 4Life Research is very concentrated.

Well, if it works for an elderly person would it work for any age?  Would it be helpful to a very healthy athlete?  The exciting answer is "yes!"  Any person, any age, whose immune system is not working well can use this new form of colostrum to boost the immune system -- make the immune system much better at recognizing the invading bugs and allowing the already-created defense system to take charge, rather than build a whole new army for every bug.

But, humans often have diseases that cows don't have -- and the cow's colostrum wouldn't contain transfer factors for these non-cow diseases.  But wait!

Can you imagine the fun of deliberately infecting that cow with more diseases -- the type which humans might get -- and allowing that cow to develop antibodies for those new diseases?  Then, you'd find that the colostrum from THAT cow would provide even MORE immune system help for the humans drinking that colostrum!

That has been done!

But, there is more.

You can see that this is not whipping out some herb from  South America that seems to cure your cold or flu!  This is deep biochemical research.  There are patents involved, and proprietary technology.  But, this is deep science -- the medicine of the future will be based on biochemistry.

Keep in mind that the entire philosophy of our currently drug-oriented medical model is to give you some substance (drug) which is basically a poison -- a toxin carefully designed to be toxic only to the bad bugs.  But, wouldn't it be far better to let the immune system do its job and help it along, not with toxins, but with well-researched nutrients which enhance the immune system, not attack the bad bugs.

In this way we can carefully say, but with complete accuracy, that transfer factor does NOT cure or prevent any disease.  Transfer factor simply strengthens the immune system so that the immune system cal cure or prevent disease.  Such simplicity.

If you hear someone claiming that transfer factor can cure cancer -- that is a false and dangerous statement.  It is a statement made by an ignorant person, or by a person who is trying to get some product into trouble with the FDA.

If some substance is claimed to cure or prevent a disease, that is the definition of a "drug" by the FDA, and all drugs must be approved the FDA.  So, transfer factor does NOT cure or prevent any disease -- it strengthens the immune system.

The Patent Gives You Protection

Patents are important in the health world.  As critical as I may be about the drug companies, they are more financially successful than most other industries.  The source of their profitability is their patents.  They spend billions of dollars on research.  They wouldn't spend one penny if they couldn't get a patent for their discoveries.

The patent is the only way they can recover the cost of their research.

So, the drug companies spend, for instance, $100,000,000 in research to create a (patented) substance.  The substance may cost $ .01 per pill to make, but they add on $ .50 per pill to cover their research costs.  You can't really argue the logic and commercial sense of this procedure.

So, you buy a pill for $ .51 each, or $51.00 per bottle of 100.  When the patent expires, you can suddenly buy that same pill for $ .05 each, or $5.00 per bottle.  You might feel cheated but, you shouldn't.  The process makes economic sense and there is no immorality in it.  You may argue that the drug is actually harmful -- that is another story. But, the pricing of drugs is logical and fair.

When a nutritional company "discovers" a new use for some common vitamin, for instance, they are in a terrible position as to pricing.  Let's say that some company discovers that if you combine 100 mg of Vitamin C with 100 mg of Garlic powder, it does some miraculous thing -- it seems to "cure cancer" or whatever it may do.

If the company spent $1,000,000 to discover this, as soon as it puts out the product (Vitamin C and Garlic) with some careful claim, anyone in the world can copy that formula.  There is no protection anywhere for any vitamin formula.

So, you will NOT see plain old vitamin formulas being researched very much -- they are NOT the wave of the future simply because no sane businessman will spend research money on a product that he cannot get a patent on.

You can go right out now and buy colostrum from a farmer and get these amazing improvements in your immune system!  You can even get improvement by using the freeze-dried colostrum products.

Millions of dollars were spent on the research and discovery of a method of extracting JUST the exact transfer factor from colostrum -- so that you could get it in a capsule (instead of fresh colostrum from a cow) and so that the body wouldn't reject it, if injected, after a few days.

That process has been patented.  Only because of that patent could this product ever be brought to the market place.

No one can copy this product because they are not allowed to use the process that has been patented.  Our future health system is only safe as long as the patent laws allow protection to those in biochemistry who discover new substances, or new procedures.

The "vitamin industry" tries to achieve protection in many funny little ways.  I'll write about those in another article, but the wave of future medicine depends on research in biochemistry, not toxins.  Research of this type is very expensive.   When that research is successful, you can expect to see patent protection associated with a product, and you can expect to find that the costs are comparable with drugs, not vitamins.

Vitamins are cheap, and therefore there is no future in them.

Biochemical substances, discovered by research, protected by patents, will be the only possible alternative to vitamins.  It will take many years for the general public to understand and accept this.

For now many run-of-the-mill vitamins are so much better for handling your health problems that the usual drugs, that the vitamin industry will have enormous growth for many years.  But, the writing is on the horizon -- biochemistry, coupled with patents, will be the source of future medicine.

Transfer factor is one of those substances -- here well ahead of its time.

Antigen Specific Transfer Factor

I mentioned above that you could deliberately give a cow some disease -- like Herpes or AIDS.  When the cow survived this disease it would have survived because its immune system was able to create a new antibody just for that disease.

The term "antigen" means the "bug" or invading bacteria, or virus, or whatever which "triggers" a response from the immune system.  When the "antigen" is one that has been artificially created in a cow, the colostrum then contains transfer factor which is "specific" to that antigen.

Well, as soon as that cow now gives birth and starts producing colostrum, you have a new and very exciting type of colostrum.  THIS colostrum contains immunity factors which are specific for that one particular disease -- as well as all the "general purpose" transfer factors.

There is exciting research going on on the subject of "antigen specific transfer factors."  Click here to see eighty different scientific studies on this subject.

It also happens that this type of transfer is a drug and cannot legally be sold except with FDA approval and through licensed doctors.  Some unethical companies have tried to sell "antigen specific transfer factor."  Click here to see some references to them, and to see the legal opinion letter that explains why this is illegal.  You will find that some of these companies are already closed down, and any that are still operating probably will be closed down before long.

Use "general purpose" transfer factor -- it is completely legal, very safe, and very different from freeze-dried colostrum.


Karl Loren


Samples of precolostrum (colostrum gravidarum), colostrum and mature milk obtained from five women during their antenatal and postnatal periods were measured for IgA, IgG, IgM, alpha-1-antitrypsin, lactoferrin, lysozyme, B1A globulin (C3) and B1E globulin (C4) by single radial immunodiffusion. Protein concentrations in precolostrum were equal to or greater than those found in colostrum obtained during the first 12-48 hours following delivery. Secretion of precolostrum is common, occurs early in the antenatal period and may often be of considerable volume. The anti-microbial proteins contained within this milk can be preserved intact by freezing. This represents an untapped pool of bacteriostatic proteins with specific activity against neonatal pathogens. We suggest that a potential protective effect against serious infection may be obtained by administering precolostrum to "at risk" infants during the first few days of life.  [more data about this study by clicking here]  or  Return To Reference above

By Policy we neither send nor open attachments without prior agreement

Heart Disease

Heart disease kills more people than any other disease -- yet it is hardly the most "popular" disease -- more exotic problems get more publicity.  Partly, I suppose, that is because heart disease is "old news" and perhaps it is also possible that people think two contradictory thoughts:

    It can't be solved anyway!

    Whatever solution could be possible lies with the well-promoted diet, drugs and surgery!

Well, the American Heart Association diet is exactly wrong for you -- it causes heart disease.

The drugs!  They were designed to make money for drug companies, not to cure heart problems.

Bypass surgery?  Even the President of the American Heart Association says that more than 50% of those surgeries are failures.  Now the "establishment" is attacking bypass -- to move it out of the way, but to keep the money now being spent on it available for the "new" thing -- heart drugs.  Lipitor, etc.

All these statements are proven true within the 7,000 pages on my six web sites.

You don't have to die of heart disease!  Even that is a revolutionary statement.

Could it be true?

That brings up questions about how oral chelation works, and what causes heart disease. I have written very extensively on my six web sites about these concepts, but let me give you a brief on it here.

As you read among my 7,000 pages, you can learn about the actual cause of heart disease -- the role played by toxic metals and free radicals. The oral chelation (with adequate quantities of the right ingredients) gets rid of toxic metals in your body. This greatly reduces the amount of free radicals being produced in the body. Free radicals are the foundation cause of both cancer and heart disease.

On the web this is best presented at:


The free radical enters the cells of the arteries, for instance, causes damage. That damage includes that the cell becomes less and less able to get rid of garbage.  One important type of garbage in a cell is calcium.  The doctors give you a false definition of "plaque"  -- telling you that is a buildup of calcium coating the inside of the arteries.  Not true!

The "plaque" is actually excess calcium INSIDE the cells.  It is in there because the cells have become so weak they can't kick it out.  They became weak because they were damaged by free radicals.

IV chelation people usually claim that IV chelation "removes plaque." That is false. Both IV and oral chelation do nothing more than remove metals -- not calcium.  The metals -- see below.

Free Radicals? They are fully explained at:


So, get rid of toxic metals ( Cysteine  http://www.oralchelation.com/ingred/cysteine4.htm   , EDTA http://www.oralchelation.net/data/Dr_Garry_F_Gordon/data19d.htm  and N Acetyl Cysteine are the "chelating" ingredients), that reduce free radical production, and the individual cells, no longer being bombarded by free radicals, have a chance to become revitalized through natural processes.

Almost everyone has very toxic levels of lead -- a problem the government is unwilling to publicize -- mercury from your fillings? == automobile exhaust -- many continuing sources of toxic metal in your body.

For information about toxic lead and other toxic metals, for instance, look at this page:


Toxic metals were not a problem 200 years ago -- and heart disease did not exist then either -- I've written extensively about all this in my book, also published on the web at:


The Chapter that proves heart disease didn't exist 200 years ago, despite what many doctors still say, is at:


Toxic metals greatly increase the number and activity of free radicals -- thus it is metals in the body that "cause" both cancer and heart disease (and other problems).  If you remove the metals with oral chelation, you reduce the number and activity of free radicals, the cells have a change to revitalize, they they kick out the excess calcium -- the arteries become more flexible -- more blood flows.

So, neither IV chelation nor oral chelation remove plaque, directly, but using either one will result in the calcium leaving!  That is a big deal.  It is probably the biggest medical benefit on the earth at present, and yet only a few people know about it.

So, yes, I can strongly encourage you to use Life Glow Plus.

 http://www.oralchelation.com/lginred.htm  -- you will probably find that among the very high doses of the 50 ingredients are most of those you are already taking -- even more! You may well actually save money getting this one formula to replace several others. You can, of course, add to Life Glow Plus whatever you deem useful which is not already in Life Glow Plus.


December 6, 2000

Robert Hewitt, 82, Avoids Quadruple Bypass Surgery

Vibrant Life Testimonial


Testimonial Sent to Karl Loren by eMail: November 1, 2000

Dear Karl,

Since beginning to use Life Glow Plus I have seen some positive changes in my circulation problem.  At a recent visit to my family doctor he told me that for my medical problems I was on the right programs and that I should not have the quadruple bypass surgery that the other doctor insisted I must have. The other doctor, a cardiologist, did an angiogram and told me that because of my blockages in several areas I would need a quadruple bypass surgery.

Since starting on your Life Glow Plus I have been able to walk a mile several times per week without getting excessively tired.

Needless to say, I am NOT getting the bypass surgery, and at the age of 82 I count Life Glow Plus as a blessing!

Karl, you have written about a “raw food diet” and I am very interested in that since I am borderline diabetic.


Ocala, Florida 34476-8006

eMail rah-sr@juno.com

Karl Loren Reply on November 3, 2000

Dear Robert,

This is amazing news!  

Medical Doctors are becoming more and more like thieves in the night! They sneak in, steal your health, and take your money too!

I can't imagine any honest doctor recommending bypass surgery to someone who is 82!  You must have very good insurance to pay?  I commend you for your courage to withstand the urging.

Your story is so important that I must ask for a favor.

May I publish your story for others to read?

Drugs get FDA Approval. There is nothing like that for vitamins. The closest we come is in "testimonials," but the public often suspects that they are fake.

I try, now, to use testimonials only when the person is willing for me to also publish his name and some means of reaching that person.  The best "reach" would be by eMail since that is where most of my promotional work is done (web pages), but someone willing to allow me to publish both a mailing address and an eMail could, with a story such as yours, literally make the difference between life and death for many hundreds of people!

Please let me know.  

Another thing. Testimonials like these are all the more persuasive when they include a fair amount of personal information, such as your children, your grandchildren, church, career, where you have lived, hobbies, etc.  These are factors with which readers can "identify."  

And, you don't have to be "politically correct."  If you have some strong political, or religious ideas, don't hold back -- the story is all the more convincing when it is "real."

Finally, I would love to have some photos -- I can scan and publish those also.

You can make a difference for others -- let me know.

Karl Loren

Sent: Wednesday, November 01, 2000 1:04 PM

Dear Karl,

I am 82. My wife (85) died following a 3-year battle with Lymphoma in May of this year so I am now alone. While she was so sick from the strong chemo in late 1999, I had a heart catheter which showed the blockages mentioned in my previous message. At that time I did not feel comfortable with the idea of being "laid up" with the quadruple bypass surgery  when Dorothy needed all the support I could give her so I put off the surgery. My son had found your web site on chelation at my request and that is how I was able to order Life Glow Plus as you sent me a lot of information by mail, including a tape about homogenized milk, butter eggs and chelation. That was an eye opener!

I have been using skimmed homogenized milk rather than milk with 1, 2 or 4% fat as I assumed that the fat had to be removed before the homogenization process is done. I may be wrong in this thinking, correct me if I'm assuming too much! I like milk!

[Karl:  Yes, if the fat is all removed, the dangers of homogenization are gone. But, your milk is still pasteurized and that is harmful -- raw milk is the only "natural" form of milk and is hard to find.]

Today I went through a Lower Gastro Intestinal test procedure as 2 of 3 stool samples tested positive for blood. I won't have the results for a few days. The Upper GI test is to be done next week. I'm praying that there is nothing extremely wrong!

Thanks again for all your efforts to keep us informed on health issues!

Robert Hewitt

November 4, 2000

Dear Karl,

I tried another oral chelation product from a different source for 2 months and have decided that it doesn't seem to be doing anything for me as my extremities have been getting numb. I have gone back to Life Glow Plus and have been on it now for about a week.

A week ago while I was playing the violin for a sing-a-long at a rest home here in Ocala Florida that the fingers holding the violin bow were getting numb. Today while again playing for the sing-a-long there was no numbness in the fingers of my right hand. It seems as though I will be using your product and no other from now on. This after a week back on Life Glow Plus. I also play the violin at church services. Dorothy, my wife, played the piano with me when she was living.

When I get some new pictures, I will send them to you via e-mail. 

I have been making clothing racks for a mission where clothing, shoes and small appliances (that have been donated) are given to people who need such help and for FREE! I have been donating my time to the mission. This is one of the ways that God has given me peace and stability after the loss of my wife of 58 years. People all over the world have upheld me in prayer during and after the that event which so abruptly changed my every day life. Keeping busy has been wonderful therapy for me. Prayer changes things!

My son Robert Hewitt, Jr. said that he thought that I should go ahead and let you use my letters on your web site. God has been so good to me! HE is a Friend to the end!

Perhaps there is some special events that you would like me to send which I haven't thought of yet. Let me know what you think!

Sincerely yours,

Robert Hewitt, Sr.

November 4, 2000

Dear Robert,

You have already provided a wonderful story -- and many people will thank you for sharing it with them.

What could make it even better would be more details about how you were told by the doctor that you needed bypass surgery.  

That can be a very frightening time for anyone -- the doctor is very "high" on his mountain, and looks down on you -- and "pronounces" your doom!  I may exaggerate what happened for you, but this is what happens for many.  

Can you tell me about what led up to seeing that doctor, and the details of your visit, and what he said?

That would be great!

Karl Loren

November 5, 2000

Dear Karl,

The sequence of events leading up to the statement, "You need to have quadruple bypass surgery", is as follows:-

My family physician did an EKG which showed what he considered to be excessive abnormalities such as Premature Ventricular Contractions (PVC's). So I flunked that test. He sent me for a treadmill and chemical stress test which I also flunked. Then I was sent to a cardiologist for a heart catheter [angiogram -- dangerous] which showed several blockages throughout my body, 4 of which were on the heart. Blockages were in the range of 30% to 85%, the highest was on the heart. The doctor told me that I needed quadruple bypass surgery before he released me from the overnight hospital stay. Blood tests at this time showed elevated levels of platelets (1.1 million/uL).

Normal range is about .2 to .4 million /uL. My hematologist put me on 11 - 500 mg Hydroxyurea capsules a week to bring the count into the middle of the normal range.

The day my wife and I talked with the cardiologist in his office at the hospital, she was in the hospital for a cat scan of her head and abdomen as she was having problems with lymphoma that had spread and was causing her a lot of pain. As we talked, he asked if I had any chest pain and I told him that I had never had any pain in the chest. I told him that I was considering oral chelation and he said that it probably wouldn't help but it wouldn't hurt me. It was then that he told me that I could probably put off the surgery for a while but that I eventually would be back to see him for the surgery.

That is when I found your web site with my son's help and ordered Life Glow Plus so that I could start taking my life back. It has been nearly a year since the day I got started on the oral chelation. Results have been slow in appearing but I feel reasonably well.  Also I have been able to walk a mile several times a week without having to stop to rest.

I keep busy doing small jobs for my Church and friends!

I  have been busy doing odd jobs like making small pieces of furniture, building clothing racks, repairing broken articles, and keeping my church equipment maintained and mowed their 6 acres of lawn during the summer. 

For an 82 year old I sometimes think that I'm much younger! 

My family doctor at one time was doing infusing chelation with some of his patients. At my last visit, his nurse told me that bit of information. She also said that she had seen some good results with that treatment.

I hope this is what you wanted me to send to you. If you want more details, let me know. I do think that a strict vegetarian diet would help speed up the process of ridding my arteries of plaque and help my circulation problems and overall health.




November 5, 2000

Dear Robert,

This is wonderfully detailed.  I particularly appreciate the exactness of the medical information.

Some patients get only the vague information, "You are going to die if you don't get bypass!"

Others will get exact numbers, along with an explanation.

Either way, the fright can be overwhelming -- people always know they are mortal -- that they will die some day, but it is never something you easily accept.  So, when you are feeling pretty good, and some doctor (who is invariably younger than you) looks you in the eye, and says, "You are going to die!  Or, you need bypass!"  You can legitimately be frightened.    

It takes real courage to withstand that pressure.  I actually have had customers tell me, when they refused bypass, that the surgeon had called their wife to ask, "Does your husband have a will?"  And, it is established that in one hospital, a team of people would use scare tactics on both the patient and the spouse -- including a Priest who would call to ask about giving "last rites" and ask if the spouse had that already arranged in case of need!  The pressure to finance the enormously expensive bypass surgery facilities in a hospital are tremendous.

My readers of your story will appreciate the exactness of your descriptions.

Robert, it doesn't trouble me at all if you want to describe whatever it was that got you to try a "different oral chelation formula."  I know that my stuff is not cheap, and I have more than 50 pages of information on "other" oral chelation formulas -- most of which I've analyzed and found to be close to worthless -- with full explanations as to why.  (Click here to go to a summary page on other oral chelation products.)

But, it would not be unusual for someone to read my stuff, feel convinced that oral chelation is the way to go, feel upset about the cost, find another product and try it.  It wouldn't be unusual, even, for someone to be unaware that he wasn't getting any help from the cheaper formula.

So, what would really round out your story would be to frankly address this issue.    You tried some other formula for two months.  Just as interesting information, which one was that?  And, why did you choose that?  Cost?  And, what convinced you that it wasn't working for you?

(You mentioned that there was numbness that was not going away -- anything else?)

I am also fascinated by the fact that your family doctor was doing IV chelation?  But, you didn't choose to get any?  Or, he didn't offer?  I do know of some "closet chelation doctors" who believe in it but don't want to be attacked and therefore don't publicize what they do in secret.

One of the interesting moral questions for doctors in general, and some of the doctors you have been in contact with, particularly, is what do they do when they see something "working" which they have believed to be worthless.

It is very common for medical doctors to believe that oral chelation is worthless.  Actually, only a few of them would say to you, "Well, it can't hurt you!"  Most, in my experience, would get angry about it.  I've had people tell me that their doctor told THEM that if they used chelation (either oral or intravenous) that the doctor would refuse to treat them again!  Doctors get very angry when you catch them in lies!

So, you had some relatively unusual doctors.

Robert, since you are being so amazingly willing to be so explicit and forthcoming, let me ask you another question my readers will be interested in!!


I've often suggested that doctors will recommend bypass surgery much more vigorously when they know that the patient's insurance will cover it -- it is simply a money thing! 

Did you have insurance that would cover the bypass?  I understand the surprising willingness of your cardiologist to "wait" until you failed with oral chelation (he said you would be back!), but usually they are much more aggressive, particularly when you have insurance that will cover the surgery.  

This is rather personal, and you may not want to get into this for strangers to read, but they, too, would be interested in knowing of this part of your experience.  

Early on you mentioned interest in my suggestions on diet.  But, now you have said that you believe a vegetarian diet would help clean out the plaque.  You may not have read all of my article on diet, but my research suggests that a vegetarian diet will never provide sufficient protein.  (Click here to start reading my diet suggestions.)

So, what IS your diet?  Are you eating meat? Now?  In the past?  

Finally, Robert, I have to comment on your comment that you feel younger than 82.

This may seem to be a simple matter of "good health," but I think there is a much more spiritual explanation to it.

I believe that we, you and I, are immortal spiritual beings, occupying a body for a period of time, and that the immortal spiritual being has no age, but, of course, the body does.  To whatever degree you believe yourself to be nothing more than a body, then you can "feel" old.  But, when you recognize yourself as a spiritual being, you can separate your own condition from the condition of the body -- and be ageless.

Finally, finally, Robert, I thank you very much for permission to publish your story.  I've done that and it is located at http://www.oralchelation.com/testimonial/test26.htm .

I've published it with every word that you have sent, and every one of my words, as I very much prefer to do -- I don't edit!

I would add whatever further information you care to provide in this same format -- at the end of the page.

But, then I would re-write all this material into a more flowing text (leaving this original in place) and publish the same story, different order of ideas, as the main subject of the December 2000 edition of The Wednesday Letter.  I have more than 2,000 subscribers to my free electronic monthly newsletter -- The Wednesday Letter.  They write me often about the Letter and I am confident that all these 2,000+ subscribers read my Letters -- even though they are usually quite lengthy.

You've received a few of them that I've sent?

So, once I get your photo, and any further data, I would prepare it for the December 2000 newsletter.

I would link that newsletter to THIS page, as the original source, and I would NOT include your street address or phone numbers on the Wednesday Letter version, but would include your eMail.  So, you might well expect some eMail messages.  Your street address and phone are published on the comparable page in my Testimonial section.

I've done this with others and they have reported to me that it was interesting to see who would write what!

The Christmas edition will be a blessing to the many people who will be facing decisions similar to yours, problems similar to yours -- at the time of our celebration of the birth of Christ.  Yours will be a gift of great value to these people!


Karl Loren

November 5, 2000

Dear Karl,

The other oral chelation product was OCC by Gero Vita Labs. It had many of the same ingredients as Life Glow Plus but smaller quantities. It lacked EDTA.

Their web site is www.gvi.com They used a number of herbal ingredients. Price was $29.95 for a 1 month supply (90 capsules - 1 taken 3 times daily)

When numbness in my hands started to come back, I had finished using up that product and went back to Life Glow Plus. The numbness is beginning to become less after a week back on your formula. When I first started taking your product, I took only 15 capsules a day as my weight was less than 140 pounds and a statement on the capsule container said that the 20 capsules per day was recommended for a person weighing between 150 and 200 pounds. After 3 months at 15 capsules a day, I went to 10 per day as a sustaining dose.

My family doctor is no longer doing chelation as far as I know. There are a couple of doctors doing IV chelation here in Ocala and the one I visited wanted 30 to 40 visits at $100.00 each. I didn't go with that program because the costs would have to be paid out of my dwindling retirement savings.

Insurance? I have Medicare coverage and a Medicare Select supplement that is supposed to take care of doctors that accept assignment and also take care of the deductibles.

I printed out 38 pages that you had on Diet Relative To Diabetes And Life. The family doctor told me that I was a diet controlled diabetic so the 38 page article has given me a starting place in helping my body get back to health again. I will certainly try cutting sugar and carbohydrates from my diet right away. I'm sure that will help me a great deal!

I guess I wasn't thinking straight when I asked about a vegetarian diet.

I agree that there would not be enough protein. It was your raw food diet that was of more interest to me.

Yes I have eaten meat several times a week all of my life. I have cut away the obvious fats in order to lower my fat intake. Yes, I ate some veal today and will probably finish the frozen meats in the freezer.

Perhaps I should just throw out the frozen meats.

I believe that when I accepted Christ as my Savior that I inherited Eternal through Christ and that Heaven will be my home when I die.

I hope this soul searching has helped the both of us. If I send my picture by e-mail would that be ok?

Robert Hewitt

November 5, 2000

Dear Robert,



Yes, a photo by eMail will be fine.

If you have two, I could use them.  Particularly if you have one showing you playing the violin, or working on one of your projects -- whatever you have.

Gero Vita?  I have had a page on one of my web sites for many months, calling their product a fraud.  That page is located at:  http://www.heart-disease-bypass-surgery.com/data/competition/23.htm

You'll find there that the US Government has put an embargo on their products being sent into the US, and that company is one of the few to have a special web page just for angry customers to post their complaints to.

I really would like to see you using the full 20 capsules per day, even if you weigh less than 140 pounds.

You should be getting rid of that numbness within 30 days or less, but you should use the full dosage for at least a few months.

Again, thank you, Robert.  I believe your story will save the lives of many people!

Your entire story is published at:


Your story is also featured in the December 2000 issue of my free monthly electronic newsletter, called The Wednesday Letter.  This December 2000 edition is located at: 





Karl Loren


This unsolicited testimonial was sent to Karl Loren on November 1, 2000, by eMail and there followed exactly the exchange you see above.  Life Glow Plus is the oral chelation formula designed by Karl Loren and sold by Vibrant life, at 1831 N.  Bel Aire Drive, Burbank, CA 91504.  You can reach Karl Loren on his toll free number, (800) 225-2308, or (818) 558-7099, or FAX (818) 558-7399.  You can also visit Karl’s 13,000 pages published on seven different web sites – the primary one for oral chelation is at http://www.oralchelation.com  You can also call Karl’s wife, Jean Ross, at (800) 523-4521.  Maia Mulvena is Karl’s daughter, and you can reach her also, at any of these numbers.  Joe Graciano also answers the phone and can give you information and take an order for a Vibrant Life product.  You can reach Karl by eMail at karl@karlloren.com  Karl has long maintained the pledge that he answers, personally, every personal message he receives.  Send him a message – ask questions – get a reply.  

Another True Miracle!

You'll be hearing more about this Taheebo Life Tea testimonial as the weeks move along, but if you want to read it NOW, when it is in its beginning, click here for a fascinating story.

A Fan Writes To Me!

-----Original Message-----
From: Hugh Wayman [ mailto:drhwayman@juno.com ]
Sent: Friday, November 10, 2000 5:50 PM
To: Karl@Karlloren.com; drhwayman@juno.com 
Subject: Master Genius Karl Loren
Hello My Genius Friend Karl Loren;

The November  Wednesday Letter, Is by far the Best you have ever done.  They just keep getting better. Thanks for sharing and sending me a copy. Yes I picked up Two more points that makes my life better.. allows me to help my self one step better.   

This letter I expect will change more  lives than any one piece of information, that I have seen in one place at one time. I have been over every word on your site more than once . 

Also printed most every thing. Shared it with every one I can , on the net and off. They are Master Pieces. Brilliantly  constructed I know you Know. 

Your research, impeccable.    

I know you are going to be around for many many years now. Mankind Needs you and your talents. Finding and Knowing the truth and Fearless printing what you know is true.

I have never read or seen any one your equal.


The author of these words builds and flies his own airplanes as well as model planes for radio-controlled flight!

You are a Master Writer. In your ability to get the message in a way that is believable. 

Socrates was a thinker, Plato followed him and was the writer, then came Aristotle. They change mankind.
Karl Loren , you have all those qualities plus talents that was not even dreamed about at that time in history.. You are a thinker, a Master researcher, a writer (extra ordinary beyond description)
a Genius on the web. Fearless where truth is concerned.  

A combination of Brains and Talent  that I have found no equal to day. Changing the way People think. Changing the World. 

Your Pen is a Mighty tool, sharing the truth setting people free from superstition. and false beliefs. I expect you to go down in History, as a writer who changed more people in their struggles with false beliefs and ignorance than any one other man in history You are Changing what people believe. You are a Master Genius in what you do.

Thanks for staying around and staying alive to continue your work.  There is no equal to take your place.

Powerful , Magnificent , Wise  and a Master Genius In your Life's Work.=  Karl Loren
On my List of  100 + Great Brilliant Minds of our Time
With Good men every where,
You are definitely at the top.
Like the cream of the crop
rising to the top.
may I say
Bless you
Hugh Wayman


Dear Hugh,
 Be careful -- my head can stand only so much swelling!
Well, I wrote that before reading all your stuff!  Now I am almost embarrassed.
How could you know what I think of myself??
Socrates is one of my heroes.  I have a photo of me, done years ago, when I had a full beard and an afro hair style -- the photo is of me wearing a toga, sandals, holding a scroll, set in a desert location.  My wife (who you can't see in the photo) is crouched behind me, holding a spotlight to shine on my hair from the rear, causing a halo to appear. The scroll is pointed to the ground as if I were demanding water to spring forth!  Not a bad image.  Perhaps I should revive it!

 It went further.  I had a further image where this photo would be air brushed onto the top of a Greek Statute, making it appear that Socrates was "coming to life" from the marble of his feet, to the life of his head -- and the theme was to be "Socrates Lives Again!"

I featured myself strolling through college campuses with girls swooning at my feet!  (I was a bit younger and swooning girls seemed, somehow, to appeal to me!)
There are many Socrates stories that I dearly love -- and give as oratory!
So, you've found my secret out!
Well, alright, Hugh, send me a bit about yourself!  I'll go ahead and publish your words in my December issue of the Wednesday letter -- but for such "froth" to bubble up, I need some credentials to make it look credible.  You are published, and I've included your eMail address so that people can write and let you know what they think about all this.
So, how do you go about comparing me with all these others?


Dear Master Genius Karl,

You are truly The Reborn , incarnate Socrates, I knew it the first time I read you writings.

It could not happen by accident.  May I suggest it is Devine Wisdom, Devine Providence. Or how else could such a coincidence be. 

Thanks for sending me a note.

I don’t have much in the credentials department, but this is what I am.

I am humbly , grateful, and blessed beyond my greatest expectations. Now with abundance of Health, Happiness, Family and Joy.

I have been on the planet 80 years, took care of nearly ˝ million people under my Chiropractic training in Salt Lake City Utah, My Son Dr. Larry Wayman looks out for the people who still come here to be helped , as I see only a special few now.

I have been sick and suffering with some disease all my life.

Three days  after I was born I was put on condensed Eagle Brand Milk ( ˝ refined Sugar, and ˝ cooked condensed milk) I was so cranky the doctor next gave me regular amounts of Paregoric,

Starting at a young age I was mentally compromised and a pot head besides.  

After passing threw a training experience of many years of sickness and different diseases that I was blessed with. From Colds, Influenza, Pneumonia, Chronic Fatigue, Diabetes, Heart disease,

Hypoglycemia,. Psoriasis, Stomach Ulcers, Hepatitis, Dropsy, Diabetic Leg Ulcers, and Prostate Cancer -- I finally graduated, free from all of the inflictions, just like Magic, they all went a way, but only after I changed my thinking,  eating habits and living habits, much as you have described to do in your November 2000 News Letter.

 Now I roam the net for Ideas on health.

Alpha and Omega, First and Last . You are the best out there today.

You are truly the Modern Socrates, pointing out the false information. That the regular man has no way of knowing if it is true or false..

There are many great, dedicated and honest men spending there time , making the world a better place to be, both on and off the internet. 

Wisdom , Knowledge, Fearless defending truth, Thinking ability, Research, Writing ability. Internet talents . . .You are Greatest on the Planet today.

I am sure there are some who don’t appreciate your talents!

But I have no worry, with your Wisdom and thinking abilities

You will be safe from harm better than Socrates was able to do with the cup of Hemlock! 


May I say Bless you


Dear Dr. Hugh,
 You are published, and I've included your eMail address so that people can write and let you know what they think about all this.
I do not dismiss your words, nor to they make me any different.
You get to a point where you recognize and accept that presentation of the truth becomes more important than personality -- where acceptance of my help offered freely to others is my joy.
Man seeks immortality and achieves it through, in a simple sense, his children, but my children are also my ideas and my information.  It is a very fine thing to see one's children grow and thrive.
Your words may sound too much to some, but my aim is to reach many and I am pleased that I have reached you!

Dear Genius Karl;

Yes I see you did publish our conversations,, bless you.

It is very interesting how you see your self. Amazingly accurate, and you are consciously aware. 

Even years ago, almost uncanny, or super natural in your awareness before you ever arrived there. You knew what you are, and who you are, almost compelled to do what you do. You are some how connected to this man of antiquity, Socrates reborn, but this time even more of a thinker, more wisdom, more knowledge, more talents, more guidance, more protection, more direction, more service, to man and the world on its journey threw space. You have been chosen. No mistake, you are who you are . In the right place at the right time. The Modern day, Reincarnate Socrates, the world has been awaiting your arrival.

Bless you


November 22, 2000
Dear (Socrates) Genius, Karl;
        You asked about me,
Flying Radio Controlled Model air Planes is my delight. It was really harder to learn to fly them, how ever than it was to get My pilot license and fly the ones you climb into. 
I have about 50 planes , electric models, gas models , 16 ft. wing span to  feather  light weight, Very Challenging, Very Satisfying .

        I have a huge Library , I am an avid reader

        I have three Organs, a piano and four Key boards, that I play, to my delight.
I Practiced Chiropractic for 54 years. Seen almost a half million people, with pain problems. I experienced many of the diseases my self. What a Learning process to find the solution. Now my best health ever. Discovering my 13 Habits.
        I have been enjoying Retired life 5 years.
My Ecstasy, My Wife, Dr. Jean,  My Son  Dr. Larry, My daughter, Dr. Linda, 
        My Brother,  Dr. Emery,  My Genius Friends, The Computer, and the Internet.
My Eternal Gratitude, My Connection to Universal Inelegance, Wisdom.
        My Bliss, Life, Health,  Happiness, Longevity , Truth,  Peace.
        My I Contribute to making Life Wonderful and the world a great place to live.  
 Bless you
Dear Socrates Karl;


        Here are a few photographs,  if you can use any.  I don't have any pictures of the larger plane that I did cross country in . I also built a plane I climbed into and flew. don't have a picture of it handy either. 
The ones I am sending are of the ultra lights that I built and flew. I had one of the very  first ultra lights to fly.. It was called the weed hopper .It had a snow mobile motor on it.. I had to carve the propeller my self.  I flew out on the salt flats by Great Salt Lake. Used a vinegar jug for a gas tank. I would fly real low , about ten to twenty feet off the ground chasing jack rabbits.
It was worse than golf for addiction  
        Three of my very good friends lost there life in these little planes . I finally gave up, they each were better pilots than me so stopped and went to radio controlled air planes , much safer but much harder to fly , as when the plane is coming to ward you,  the controls are back ward .. when you push right you go left .  Challenging and exciting.
Bless you.



Dear Hugh,

You started off with me as just an "ordinary" chiropractor.  I could forgive your too many compliments about me.

But, I rather have to take them seriously now that I see your amazing accomplishments.  

I am proud to have you as a friend!


Karl Loren Plays Host To Primal Potluck (Aajonus) In January

Aajonus Vonderplanitz, author of We Want To Live, has been Karl Loren's guide as he researches and follows his new diet.  Those following the Aajonus "primal diet" follow a tradition of a potluck dinner every two months -- where his friends bring raw food, gather and he spends time answering questions.

Karl attended one of these potluck dinners on  Sunday, November 19, 2000.  Aajonus has accepted Karl's offer for the use of Karl's home for the dinner in January.  If you are interested in this diet send an eMail request to Karl.  He will forward it to Aajonus and you may be able to attend in Karl's home in Burbank, California.

To read more about the Karl Loren diet, click here.

And don't forget each time you order products tell him "detailshere" sent you; thanks,  Ber