Irina's farewell address

As we were moving, Irina wanted to address the congregation at our church before we left. She was not allowed to address the congregation with the information contained on this page - one, it was too long to present in a timely manner; but two, it contains too much information in gray areas that are never dealt with in most churches. Never addressing controversial issues is a sacrifice for  maintaining unification amongst a theologically diversified membership. But as a result of abstaining from controversy and bringing to light this kind of information; many people will never know or be exposed to the truth. They will never be aware many of their holiday customs have pagan worship histories and backgrounds.   We have no particular denominational affiliation  to have to be careful and not step on toes with; in fact the truth regarding my religious upbringing was a real eye opener. Deception amongst the religious cults runs high. Our only pursuit is the truth and to share the truth with others. We will do that with this website.  Irina has been gifted and guided by the holy spirit to unveil the truth and has been commanded to turn the light on for others. I fully support her pursuit in this matter.

Irina's address:
As many of you know we are leaving this area and moving permanently. 
It is with great regret we must leave the many great people we have found here. There are many reasons for our transition and divine intervention is one of them. Just as it was no accident that my husband and I were united in such a perfect union;  the sequence of events leading to our move  was no accident either.  God  brought together two very independently thinking people who He knew would carry and spread His message of truth without regard to what others would think about them in so doing; and in unique ways that would reach many people.  

There is so much to tell that I have learned from my intense studies of the bible and internet information websites these past three years. I am far from an expert but there is much information few know about unless they actively seek it; and few do; at least with the intensity I have.   Pastors cannot make waves within their congregations by bringing this kind of information to light. And satan provides much misinformation at the same time to ensure the sheople are kept confused and in doubt. We do not wish to disrupt the unification that our church provides so we have posted this message on our website for those wishing to know more about how satan is infiltrating our churches and lives and children and how he has corrupted the church and is corrupting the bible's word.

 It is felt by many that we are in the end times. It is not a future event but we are presently participants in this as it unfolds. Visit the world affairs section of our website at for an incredible unveiling of satan at work.  God has revealed many things to us in this last decade to prove His existence and that the bible is His word. The advent of the computer age and the bible codes discovered in bible text are testimony to his timeliness in making these things that have already occurred and are to be, known. Even Bin Laden is mentioned in the bible codes. 

Besides codes, archeological discoveries such as Noah’s Ark have been brought to light, the lost cities of Sodom and Gomorrah have been found, the land bridge under the Red Sea where God parted the waters for Moses during his exodus from Egypt has been found - complete with chariot parts dating to the correct time period. In the bible it states that God wrote the ten commandments with his finger (Ex.31:18).  Well, guess what - that’s exactly what happened. In Ron Wyatt’s discovery of the Ark of the Covenant, he was met by angels who raised the mercy seat (the 800 pound gold lid of the Ark of the Covenant) and told him to remove the tablets. The lettering on those tablets was placed there as if the surface of the red granite stone had turned to butter and the letters were written by a finger on the soft surface. Dried blood samples taken from the mercy seat which currently lies under a crack 25’ beneath the crucifixion post of Christ was found to contain in the DNA only 24 chromosones (23 from Mary and an xy to make Him a him); thus proving the emaculate conception of Jesus.

Why aren’t you told any of these things in church? Ron Wyatt devoted his life to these discoveries. His site at  covers many of these evidences. The book by Josh McDowell, an 800 pager, called "Evidence that demands a verdict" leaves absolutely no doubt that the bible is the real word of God and the events happened and the people depicted in the bible actually did exist. The only skepticism regarding the accuracy of the bible was resolved with the finding of the dead sea scrolls which proved that the exact words were very carefully copied with each generation during a time period that was in question. Sadly it has been the church’s insertion of man’s rules and NIV translations of recent "to make the bible easier to read and understand" that have brought over 64,000 changes to the original words and have twisted the content of many of today’s bible verses. In our bible related section at  we cover many of these changes so you may be aware of "satan’s" intervention to the word of God.

What is better for you - to live in hard truth or light lie? The second one is easier, but the first is what God wants from us.  Our message is for those of you who seek the truth.  God will ask everyone personally to witness the truth. Nobody will able to hide behind someone else’s responsibility. He gave the  American nation more  knowledge than any other country in the world. What do we do with it? Are we spreading the word? Are we witnessing to those who don't know about Yeshua the Messiah? 

« For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required; and to whom much has been committed, of him they will ask the more » Luke 12:48.

Have you shared  God’s knowledge with a neighbor, a friend or a coworker who is catholic, mormon or a mason? Or is it easier for you to not speak about Jesus with them? If so, God will do with you what He did with the barren tree, which did not give fruit, or the careless servant, who buried his talent in the ground (Mat.25:15)."Faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead » James 2:17.

 I know exactly what God wants of me.  At first I thought that He wants me to tell you about what He had done for me, for my husband and for my children; because He has done many real miracles for us.  But that is not what is important in my message to you.

I began to understand, that I need to tell you about  things others are not willing to talk  about. I had a moment, when I had begun to doubt if I would do this, and then He gave me a sign. We were in the car. I fell asleep , and suddenly in my dream - three flashes of light came directly to my eyes 5-5-32. I thought, it is very strange, what can it mean?   Maybe something happened in May 32-nd year?. I fell asleep again, and again came the same flashes to my eyes    5-5-32. I could not sleep anymore, we were coming home. I decided to look into the Bible, into the fifth book; Deuteronomy.  (see and you can find this passage quickly).

And the message for me was: « Therefore you shall be careful to do as the Lord your God has commanded you; you shall not turn aside to the right hand or to the left. » Deu.5:32.

I understood that it is my destiny to rise and communicate with you. I shall not just keep what I have learned to myself.

I am Russian. Three years ago I married Berry, and we know  that it was God’s plan. Besides; He gave us a such relationship, of which we could not even dream about. Little did we know at the time that Yahweh was mating my unique ability to receive the truth of the bible through the holy spirit with my husband’s webmastering and communication skills he has honed so successfully in the internet arena. We would not be moving and have the freedom and time to pursue this path without such God given talents.  Yahweh showed us many miracles. Here in America I have accepted Jesus as my Savior. A year ago my parents arrived to visit us for several months.    I spent many hours with them going over the bible and God’s word. Before they left they asked to be baptized by pastor Joe.  Considering my father was a true communist atheist when they arrived here; I consider that a  miracle in itself. 

God gave me so much knowledge, that I decided to share this knowledge with my friends and I began to write. Information kept coming and coming, and soon my work was more than 100 pages.  Soon it turned out to be a  book. Now it is more than 300 pages and it is not completed yet. I never dreamed I would write a book, but God put it into my heart to do that.  At the beginning I thought  it was simply my desire, or just a new hobby, but soon thereafter I realized an intense urge  to finish the book. I even cannot even watch a  movie for entertainment without feeling guilty of not completing my mission, as it is God’s business; especially when the Bible opens almost automatically to those places which I search for, like  someone is guiding me. The work goes slowly, because there is a lot of material, and all of it is in English, of which I  have a limited capability with. But I’m going to finish the book and publish it next year. The name of the book will be « Behold, I stand at the door and knock..» We will also publish it on this website both in Russian as well as English.

I began to understand  how the artful the devil is. In American books, newspapers, magazines, on the internet, and on television there are so  many lies about Jesus. In Russia it is easier. There the devil has established atheism, and the third generation of the people raised as atheists do not speak about God. You see, if God  does not exist, why speak about Him? Therefore satan was not troubled. At the university, where I studied, we had as a subject
" atheism ", and now, to my shame, I must admit that it was my favorite subject. 
I was an atheist at that time.

Only in a last 5 years in Russia has a Christian spiritual revival of the  Russian people begun.   The people began to go to  church.  And as soon as they began to go to church, satan got worried at once. Then on book shelves in stores were soon to be found  an infinite variety of every possible fortune-telling instruction, horoscopes, books on white and black magic, charms and divination as traditions of a native nationality, which are now referred to as national culture, and theosophy books of  Blavatskaya . These books  were favoured by Hitler. Books of Nizshe and other satanic  literature have also  appeared.  However I never saw Bible there. But despite an abundance of such literature, it is not especially accessible to the people, because they have no money. And still there 3 years ago I could leave children in front of  the TV all day and not worry about them being subjected to the devil.   Here in America almost all TV programs are already at the  service of the  devil. Here people receive a huge flow of information through the Internet, and any man who is not familiar with the Bible, can become an easy trophy for the  devil. Therefore, please, do not become influenced by such trash;  verify all information and input with your Bible.

The majority of the people have a misconceived understanding about the devil. Some people think that the devil is just common evil . This is a very serious, and unfortunately, popular  misunderstanding.  The devil is very clever and artful person.  He  had tempted Adam and Eve, the first people who were created by God as perfect. He had tempted Solomon, to whom God gave exceptional wisdom, so even people from the different countries came to listen to him.  God personally showed himself to Solomon twice (1 King 11:9), and in despite of it Solomon came to serve other gods at the end of his life (1 King 11:5), and we know that other gods are devils.

Satan had tempted almost all Jewish nation. Just look at the facts again. God showed them all miracles in Egypt, ten times even. He then brought them out of Egypt through the parted sea. He gave them water and manna in a desert, the people by their own eyes saw the glory of God. They heard His voice from the fire - and all of this during only 3-4 months. But when Moses left them for only 40 days and went to  the top of mountain Sinai  to get the laws and commandments from God, they built a golden calf and began to honour it like a god. You see the gold statue of a calf  was actually a twohorn  idol  of the  twohorn  god; satan.

And even now, when God accomplished His  promise
« I will gather you from the peoples.. and I will give you the land of Israel » (Ezek. 11:17), « Who has heard such a thing?.. shall the earth be made to give birth in one day? Or shall a nation be born at once? For as soon as Zion was in labor, She gave birth to her children » (Isaiah 66:8)) and  a new state of Israel was created on  May 14, 1948,  Israel designed a flag with the so-called star of David  on it, which  actually is a star of the Egyptian god Rephan (god of Saturn).  

flagIsrael.gif (8958 bytes)   sat-star-Israil.gif (8408 bytes)click on pics for larger mage

In the Old and New testament, God told the Jews: « you have lifted up the shrine of Molech and the star of your god Rephan, the idols you made to worship », Acts. 7:43, Amos 5:26-27. He was NOT happy with them for this. He cannot be happy with the star of David on the flag of Israel today either; as it means they again chose another God instead of the true God Yahweh.

There in satanic doctrines Mighty God is often referred to as the god of Saturn, and Jesus as the god of the sun. Here the devil again has shown his ingenuity, having named the sacred day of the Lord - Saturday, to mean - the day of Saturn.  Satan is cunning.  Remember, satan tried to tempt even God - Jesus!!! (Luke 4). 

Therefore it is very important to not fall into another mistaken notion, that satan can do nothing bad to the righteous; or supposed holy people.  Yes, he can do nothing to the real righteous, but how can any of us can consider ourselves  as real  righteous? We are all sinners  - do not be mistaken.

Therefore Peter warned « The devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour » 1Peter.5:8. « For false christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect » Mat.24:24. 

Satan attracts from everywhere, therefore we know, that this is the last time. He tries to push people to break all prohibitions of the Mighty One. So it is said -Do not eat blood Gen.9:4, Deut.12:16 Act 15:20 -There in the program “ Survivors in Africa “ on the last round of the emulation every participant was compelled to drink a glass of blood.

God warned people to hide their nakedness from the eyes of another people Lev.18, 20 (in English translation – “Do not have a sexual relationship” , in Russian Bible “Do not open your nakedness”), however today we have beaches full of bikinis, topless beaches, , nude bars, nudist camps ; the fashionable clothes frequently cover only the most necessary parts of the anatomy.  In May of this year 2000 people stretched out in the nude on a street in Montreal to pose for a NewYork photographer . 
modern-nudes2.JPG (34615 bytes)
click for large image

Do you remember for what sin Sodom and Gommorah were punished.

"Do lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable" (Lev.18:22).  Homosexuality  was always considered a great sin, and now 1 of 22 pairs in USA or approximately 5% of the population, are homosexually inclined (a fact taken from a TV documentary). In Europe this number is even higher. As not enough, recently on TV  Mark Williams– a gay pastor of the United Methodist Church was shown, who struggles for rights of gays  to become pastors and surprisingly, he has many Christians who support him.

God spoke « You shall not eat any detestable thing » Deu.14:3, and now on TV we see people eating worms, dirt and other disgusting things for money.

With the help of many instructions, God protects the institute of family, making the relationhip between a man and a woman a high responsibility. Satan  brought chaos to this relationship. 14-year old mothers who do not even know  who the father of their child is because of promiscuity, are becoming commonplace. Because they were sure that love and sex were synonomous.

In the program « How to marry a millionaire  » beauties  promise love to a man, whom they never saw, because of money.  Thus, they are affirming in the minds of people, that love and  money are synonomous.

Other people have operations performed  to change their sex, because they are sure, that love is freedom of choice of a partner and it is possible to love many partners.

Many of today’s children are raised having multple fathers and  mothers due to oftentimes multiple divorces.

Chaos is rampant in the very heart of family relations. Perhaps, these facts are unprecedented in the history of mankind, when it is difficult to  determine who  the parents of the child really are. When sperm is taken from the male donor, and the egg  from the donor woman, and then it is put  into  a surrogate  mother, and then a child is born to be given to yet another family; the official parents. As a result - the child already from birth actually has two fathers and 3 mothers.

God has  always warned us to keep far away from a dead body (Num.19). The practice of making mummies in Egypt was disagreeable to God. Today you see a strange interest in dead bodies as an art. This last year in Germany the exposition of death was submitted which has attracted tens of  thousands  of visitors. 
humsculpt2.JPG (63353 bytes)click for large image
Do not think that it is a product of human hands. No. These are real human corpses, which were freeze-dried, coated in plastic resin and sliced, diced and molded into these cadaverous creations. 

You know how God disapproves when people are exploring witchcraft, “I will set My face against the person who turns to mediums and spiritists to prostitute himself by following them, and I will cut him off from his people” (Lev.20:6) also Ez. 13:17-23. 
Today those evil persons do not bother tempting adults; now they are trying to involve our children in witchcraft by representing witchcraft as a fantasy adventure thing. Children’s books  and the characters relating to witchcraft such as the Harry Potter series, have found occupancy in  all school libraries, toy stores, and on TV. 

On the one of the recent TV quiz programs 12-year old child prodigies surprised the public with their knowledge of history, biology and other sciences  but made some mistakes with questions in these areas. However, they knew with uncanny  accuracy every question asked them about the Harry Potter books. They knew all about the witchcraft and spells and characters of these books, but they could not answer the simple question of "who was expelled from paradise?" 

God disapproves of  those who talk with the dead, because they are in friendship with the devil. “A man or woman who is medium or spiritist among you must be put to death. You are to stone them; their blood will be on their own heads” Lev.20: 27, and now such people are very popular. In the program « Crossing over with John Edwards » he transfers messages from supposedly dead people to their relatives or friends, and the people are surprised.

A fortune telling woman on TV invites you to a reading of Таrо cards to predict your destiny for free, and she specifies such details as
« the chin of your child is the same as your friend has ». The cards can not show these facts.   And she even does not even look into the cards when she makes this statement. This is another case of Satan at work.  These people see devils and the devils show and tell them everything, but nobody in the audience can see or hear them.

And I know what I speak about, because I know one absolutely mentally healthy woman, who sees devils. They frighten her and she can not calm down after their visits quickly. She holds such visits in secrecy , because she is afraid, that the people she tells may misinterpret these events. She says that the devils are very terrible and unpleasant, and their look is sharp like the look of a snake which is very penetrating. She loves God greatly and she is afraid of Him.  She always thought, that she sees them, because she is a great sinner. But I have not met in my life a person, who has a purer heart then she has. I think  that God has given her this ability to see them to remind people that the devils are all around us and to be careful. Any sin opens the door for them.    

  goddess.jpg (14404 bytes) click for large image.

Old cults of different goddesses  have awakened. The forgotten religions are waking up. People are coming to the pagan pyramids of the Aztecs in Mexico, or to the pyramids of the Incas in Peru and are praying  to the father - sun and to the mother - earth.

Satan is attacking. We need to expose the unfruitful works of darkness Ephes.5:11, and open his lie  for other people to see. You see, even the word “God” in Russian "гад" (same pronounciation)  means " serpent, reptile" and it is an abusive word. God's real name is Yahweh, and his family is the Elohim.

Satan has even made an attempt to remove  God’s words from the Bible. The NIV REMOVES 64,576 words that were in the 1600 King James version!

Don't look for the "mercyseat" in the NIV - GONE!
Don't look for "Jehovah" in the NIV - GONE!
Don't look for the "Godhead" in the NIV - GONE!

The NIV removes wonderful Bible "terms" like remission, regeneration, impute, propitiation, new testament and many others!

Despite God's clear warnings about "taking away" from His words - the NIV removes/changes 64,576 words!

That equals REMOVING the books of Ruth, Esther, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon, Lamentations, Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Malachi, Colossians, I Thessalonians, II Thessalonians, I Timothy, II Timothy, Titus, Philemon, James, I Peter, II Peter, I John, II John, III John, Jude and more - COMBINED!!! The equivalence of ripping out OVER 30 BOOKS of the Bible!

Satan has created this fairy tale about the rapture, and some christians still believe in it. Advise them to read Revelation (especially 14:13,20:4). It is just a tragedy  when christians  do not read the Bible, but listen to any artful satanic hypothesis such as a rapture occurring before the tribulation is over.

« Little children, it is the last hour, and as you have heard that the Antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have come, by which we know that it is the last hour » 1John 2:18. « He is antichrist who denies the Father and the Son » 1John 2:22.

Half a year ago we received via the internet a long letter from a woman, who in much detail tried to prove  that she is one of the 144 000 starseeds.  (interesting figure - as in "«Revelation" the number of holy elect»). That they were reset on earth and were brought up by surrogate  parents  in expectation of the moment  when their time will come to begin the mission of preparation of mankind  for contact with their civilization. She stated that human civilization is approaching the tragic  end and without alien help, mankind will be doomed. That Jesus(!!!) who has now another name is already on earth and he is not showing himself to the people, while the star seeds accomplish their work of education of the people so when he will show himself, mankind will not panic. Do you hear that? Satan  prepares the way to himself. Very soon all of us shall hear about aliens, especially, when the underground laboratories of cloning will give the first stable results. And when the fifth trumpet of Revelation will sound, all of us shall see them very close. Don’t be mistaken by these rantings.  Any serious astronomer will tell you, that the probability of existence of other civilizations is equal to one in  10 to the  17th power (1017) which is  practically is an impossibility.  Hold in memory, that the antichrist will show such miracles, that « he even makes fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men » (Rev.13:13).

The devil has deceived all of the christian world. Most christians think  that they celebrate the birthday of Jesus at Christmas time.  And most never even question  why  we have a decorated tree and a  Santa-Klaus. We are actually continuing the  tradition of the celebration of an ancient festival of worship of the god of the sun on the day of solar solstice - on December 25. The church of Rome has adopted this holiday to facilitate the acceptance of the faith by pagan masses. Some biblical scholars place Yeshua's actual birth even as early as the end of September to the first few weeks of October.

“ After the peace of the Church of Rome, to facilitate the acceptance of the faith by the pagan masses, the church found it convenient to institute the 25th of December as the feast of the temporal birth of Christ, to divert them from the pagan feast, celebrated on the same day in honour of the " Invincible Sun " Mithras, the conqueror of darkness” (fn 74, II, p. 67 quote also in Bacchiocchi, From Sabbath to Sunday, Pontifical Gregorian University Press, Rome, 1977, p. 260).

The people think, that they celebrate a christian holiday on Easter, and many never question why all these colored eggs and bunnies are part of it.  We are actually continuing a festival of Ishtar or Astarte, the pagan goddess.

Many  of us celebrate Halloween – a truly satanic holiday, in which satanists make human sacrifices; even today .  Halloween has absolutely nothing to do with christianity.  Many churches have a "Harvest Bazaar or festival" in place of calling it Halloween but do you ever hear any sermons really telling you why we should not be celebrating Halloween; the devils day and what Halloween really stands for in history?

 And it is all occurs around of us.

  Now you can hear such satanic lies that Jesus did not die on the cross, or Jesus did not exist, or the flood never happened, or we all are a product of evolution and many other lies.  Don’t let these people confuse you.

God gave us, the people of the last generation, which the devil will try to lead away from the only true faith, knowledge. Now our trust in God is based upon not only on blind faith, but on many scientific and recent archeological discoveries.

There was a man named Ron Wyatt, who for most of  his life searched for  places described in the Old Testment. And he found Noah’s Ark, the Ark of the Covenant, the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, the underwater landbridge under the Red Sea  where Moses brought his people during the exodus from Egypt complete with properly dated chariot parts left at the bottom. He died last year, but left his website and discoveries for people to know that these events DID in fact happen as described in the Bible. And also . As the real Noah’s Ark has been found ; it means the Flood really occurred.

On the website the detailed information about this burial cloth is given, and on the website you will see even more images. And it means nobody can deny today the fact that Jesus was resurrected and that Yeshua and Yahweh are one and the same being.

Regarding the satanic teaching of evolution – only one fact is needed to nullify the theory of evolution. The DNA tests from the skull of cromagnon man showed  that a human and cromagnons were indeed different creatures.

The devil is coming and we cannot be indifferent. We cannot  be just pleased, that we know God, and not care about others who still don’t . I am convinced, that you, American Christians, have a special responsibility before God. He gave you more knowledge than any other nation of the world.   You Americans, have perfect books about Yahweh, videos, the resources from which to obtain Bibles for you it is so easy here. Even if you have not a Bible, just open the website  and read a King James Bible. God has  given much to you, therefore you will be asked for more. « For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required; and to whom much has been committed, of him they will ask the more » Luke 12:48.

The knowledge is given to you and you have a duty to God to carry this knowledge to other people and to help rescue them from the devil.

Hell is real; as is for us to be redeemed by the salvation of Jesus Christ. 
Others need to know about this. 
« My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge » Hosea 4:6.
« God.. desires all men.. to come to the knowledge of the truth » 1Tim.2:4. Do not be as the careless servant, who buried his talent in the ground (Mat.25:15), Master “throw that worthless servant outside, into the darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth”. In this case God will act with you as He did with the fig tree, which did not give fruit (Luke 13:1-9, Mark 11:21). He will act with you as with Eli, who knew, that his sons are sinning, but did not struggle for their souls (1 Sam.3:13). “ faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead » James 2:17.

Dear brothers and sisters, all of you are just remarkable people. I do not reproach you, but I was in this church more than six months  before the books assisting me to understand Bible and a Bible in Russian were given to me by Jehova Witnesses, and I am very grateful to them for that. Because without the  Word of God – the Bible – true faith is impossible. Regardless of whether or not the Jehovah Witnesses are right in their version of God's word; THEY actively try to do what God wishes regarding informing others. Besides the Sunday worshipping of Yahweh, churches need to educate and inform and bring out the truth to their congregations. How can you do battle if you do not know the enemy?

You see  how satan tries to remove the people from the truth. Do not miss the man, who you can rescue. Do not go into Mexico with mission intents, if you have no King James Version Bibles in Spanish. It is not a real mission. You, Americans, as you were born, knew, that God is. I in Russia from my childhood was trained, that God does not exist. And the Mexican person from childhood is taught to pray to Mary when you are only to worship Yeshua and Yahweh; Jesus and God.  You need to understand that to reconsider the position of Russians and Mexicans is much more difficult, and without the Bible it is practically not possible. How can a  Mexican or other catholic,  understand, that there are NO words concerning the desireability of praying  to Mary in the  Bible. In fact the Catholic church REMOVED the second commandment  from the Bible that forbids worshipping any statues or images even from heaven above. We are ONLY to worship Yeshua and Yahweh; not even our angels, nor Yeshua’s mother, a human, nor any saint. They also changed the Sabbath from a Saturday to a Sunday for convenience and then split the tenth commandment into two so there were still ten when they were done.

If your neighbor, or employee, or friend is a  Catholic, mormon or mason it is your responsibility to help these people to understand how satan has deceived them. These cults are  very artful work of satan, when the ordinary participants of these organizations do not suspect there is anything wrong about the basics of these doctrines. They do not understand to whom they serve. The Internet today is a magnificent source of knowledge, it is  your weapon, but watch out so satan does not deceive you with misinformation. The truth is in the bible.  Become educated with why these cults and doctrines are deceptions of satan and help others to understand also. 

The upper echelons of the  Catholic church have been corrupted  by the  devil  and  there are no doubts that the Vatican is rapidly gaining power and is the prostitute Babylon from Revelation Babilon-cat.png (138154 bytes) (look at the back of this 1963 Vatican coin. Isn't that prostitute with a golden cup how she was described in Revelation)  .  Follow the pope today as he kisses the Koran and attempts to unite the world’s non Christian religions into one united front. pop-koran.JPG (30559 bytes) papua84.jpg (116317 bytes) romsynagog86.jpg (74406 bytes) shiva-pop..jpg (24012 bytes) assisiockt86.jpg (51737 bytes) Look at the website  It is one of best websites about the catholic church, which I have seen on the Internet. A good website about mormonism is To convince a mason is more difficult, because the ordinary  masons are helping other people and they believe, that the letter "G" on their symbol means "God", they do not know at all what purposes  33rd degree masons  and grand-masters have, who consider themselves as gods. They do not know that they are using the same symbiology as Satanists. If you will look at Satanist   websites you will see it. Grand masters want the world power.

After the tragic event of September 11 we see how the  patriotic sense of American people has arisen. I came from the country where many tragic events already took place, I was a patriot like you are. Russia is the country with the richest  historical and cultural traditions, country of Chaykovskiy and Glinko, Shostacovich and Ctanislavskiy, Pavlova and Tolstoy, Dostoevskiy and Mendeleiv and many other world famous names, the country of the first space spouse, the country which has stopped two world dictators – Napoleon and Hitler, the country which never was a slave. You see like you I have the reasons to be proud of my country also. But I’m not a patriot of Russia anymore, I’m a patriot of Jesus, sisters and brothers in Jesus and those who for  now are still not my sisters and brothers in Jesus but they will be in the short future. I don’t trust any government anymore. The devil  rules the world through his human disciplines, who consider themselves as gods. They destroyed Russia and now they going to do same with America.  They will be successful (as the prophesy : England lion with eagle wings of America of Daniel vision will last his wings, as Revelation told). 124 grand masters – most powerful and richest people of the world are coming together once a year for discussions and this event you will never find in newspaper or on TV. If you want to look at grand-masters plans for the future in pictures go to the website .

Now there are a lot of websites on the Internet about masons, because more and more people realize, how dangerous this doctrine is, especially, when the financial and political circles of many countries are represented by members of Masonic lodges. One of the more interesting websites on this subject.

By the way William Cooper was assassinated recently for his role in bringing out the truth.

God will ask everyone: I gave you the knowledge of truth, what did you do with it?  What will be your answer?

Today’s bumper stickers reflect a shallow concept of love. They say
 “ Smile if you love Jesus ”, “ Honk if you love Jesus ”. But what did the Master Himself say?

He said If you love Me keep My commandments ” John 14:15. And that is exactly what most people don’t want to do. If love makes no demands beyond a smile or wave then it is welcome, but if lifestyle must disturbed the majority will reject it. Unfortunately most people today are not looking for truth. They are looking for smooth, easy, comfortable religion which will allow them to live the way they please and still give assurance of salvation. There is indeed no true religion which can do that for them.

If you love Me keep My commandments. John said: « He who says, “ I know Him ”, and does not keep His commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him » 1John 2:4

« For this is the love of God, that we keep His commandments. And His commandments are not burdensome » 1John.5:3.

Mat.22:37-40 When Jesus was asked, what is the greatest commandment in the law, He answered « You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind »-this is the first and greatest commandment; And the second is like it: « You shall love your neighbor as yourself » On these two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets » We see these two love commandments simply summed up « all the law and the prophets ». They all hang upon these 2 principals of love. 4 from 10 commandments have to do with our duty to God (Ex.20), and 6 - with love to people.

Jesus’ words did not REPLACE God’s  ten commandments or your requirement to obey all ten of them as many people assume. 

He said: « Do not think that I came to destroy the Law or the Prophets. I did not come to destroy but to fulfill » Mat.5:17.

As you remember God gave  the Jews two documents; the laws for the Jewish nation which has been written down by the hand of Moses  contained instructions on what they could eat,  how to carry out ceremonies, how to act with an unfaithful wife, when to do a circumcision,  and so on;  and the ten commandments, written  by

« the finger of God » Ex.31:18 on stone tablets. « I will give you tablets of stone, and the law and commandments... » Ex. 24:12.

Ironically, the stone tablets given to Moses HAVE been found inside the Ark of the Covenant 25’ below the crucifixion post of Jesus (that’s another story in itself found at ) and the lettering on them is as if the surface of the tablets (which are made of red granite as is found on Mount Sinai) was as soft as butter and God’s finger DID make the lettering on the surface of the stone tablets.

The book of the laws of Moses was placed to the right of the Ark of the Covenant (Deu.31:26) and were always read to the people. They were given to the Jewish nation. The tablets with the ten commandments were placed inside of the Ark of the Covenant (Ex.25:16), and they were not allowed to be removed. They are intended for all mankind. The angels who met Ron Wyatt upon his last entrance to the cavern where the Ark of the Covenant is located raised the lid of the mercy seat and commanded Ron to remove these tablets from the ark. They then sat them on a stone ledge inside the cavern after replacing the lid and told Ron they were to be brought out and shown to the people when the mark of the beast will be required.

Upon the tablets of stone God wrote the great unchanging law of the  ages. Every word was serious and meaningful. Sinners and Christians, educated and uneducated have no problem understanding the simple clear words of the 10 commandments. God meant what He said and He said what He meant.

The laws were given to the Jews so they will learn to distinguish sin and understand, that any sin is punishable. «... for by the law is the knowledge of sin » Rom.3:20. When Jesus had come into the world and had taken all sins of all humans, Moses’ laws that taught which sacrifice they needed to make before God for forgiveness  of sin, became no longer necessary. By law of Moses people decided that a sinner should live, or die, depending upon the gravity of the sin. Moses laws had lost their strength by  that time, because the people had left God’s commandments  to follow the traditions of men (Mark 7:8), they believed they can have salvation by sacrificing animals and they went away from the love to God.  All these laws of Moses have decayed. In Acts.21:21 the people had told Paul: « you teach all the Jews who are among the Gentiles to forsake Moses, saying that they ought not to circumcise their children nor to walk according to the customs ». No christian today needs to celebrate those annual feast days and typical observances required by the laws of Moses.

The Ten Commandments however,  are not changeable , and Bible indicates that the 10 commandments are like a chain with 10 links. When one link is broken, the chain is broken. About 2000 years the majority of the christians deceived by the Catholics, trusted, that the Sabbath was  on Sunday. However presently God gives us  the knowledge for understanding and exposing this lie. And we need to understand, that the fourth commandment of God was not cancelled.

When the apostle Paul was in Rome, he established  the Roman catholic church. At that time Rome was the centre of the world. That is why it became the  indisputable centre for christianity. In those times the cult of the Roman gods was still strong (Zeus- Act.14:13, Artemis  - Acts.19:28, of many gods -Act.17:23) and most of the people followed the pagan tradition of having rest on Sundays in honour of day of the god of the sun. The emperor Constantine became the first christian emperor, who established for the Roman empire uniform state religion, when actually Christians were only 1 of every 5 people. Constantine became known  that he ratified the first law about Sunday being the Sabbath and day of rest in March of the year 321. He also legalized a symbol of the church: not simply a cross, but a cross above the sun, that was leading  people to  believe that Jesus was a god of the sun. In the Catholic books it is written: Sabbath is a Sunday. It is lie.  Ironically in the Russian Bible you can find many places where the Sabbath is called Holy Saturday, but in the English Bible it always translated as a just Sabbath. It shows how many of “man’s” changes have been incorporated into our present bible versions. However the Jews from ancient times until now still retain the  tradition  of keeping the Sabbath, and it always was,  on a Saturday, the seventh day of the week.

The Russian orthodox church has gone further to justify worshiping on Sundays. The sunday day was named “воскресение”, which means resurrection, in memory that Jesus was resurrected on the first day of the week which is sunday, therefore sunday is the sacred day. It is a lie. Jesus really WAS resurrected on Sunday, but it  has no relationship to which day is the Sabbath. Do not forget; Jesus is  God, and god  can’t die, but honoring the day of resurrection has nothing to do with the day God required us to rest and worship him. God showed us that  Jesus was resurrected for two reasons:

1.  So that the people were convinced that everything that Jesus taught people is the truth, and that Jesus is  God and is the Son of God;


2.      To show to the people, how God will resurrect  all people at the end of the tribulation period.

  But most important for us was, that Jesus died for us. At any minute up to execution He could refuse to continue further with the pain and mockeries. And if He had refused, we all would die. Therefore for us it is most important, that Jesus died  for our salvation so that we might be redeemed.

During all the time of hi mission on earth,  Jesus never spoke about the people needing to celebrate His birthday, or His resurrection. Only once He told how people should remember Him. He broke off the bread and gave it and wine to His disciplines and told them : “This is My body given for you; do this in remembrance of Me”. (Luke 22:19, Mat. 26:26-29, Mark 22:24, Luke22:19-20,) . It means, that Jesus wanted the people to remember that He died for them every time when they broke a bread and every time when they drink a wine which is means in work days and in holidays. And this remembrance can be done any day, anytime. Therefore disciplines of Jesus constantly broke off bread and drank wine to thank Him for His death (Act.2:42,46).  “ For whenever you eat this bread and drink this cup, you proclaim the Lord’s death until He comes’’ 1Cor.11:26

  The fourth commandment about sacred Saturday the Sabbath remains in strength.  Keeping the Sabbath per God’s fourth commandment cannot be included in the ceremonial laws of Moses. The rigid laws of Moses required that NOTHING be allowed to be done on the Sabbath.

  When Jesus spoke: « The sabbath was made for man, and not man for the sabbath » Марк 2:27 It meant, that all rigid laws of Moses, concerning the Sabbath were cancelled. Now « it is lawful to do good on the Sabbath » Mat12:12. 

Some people think, that keeping the Sabbath is only for the Jews; that is incorrect. The sabbath is for God. « but the seventh day is a Sabbath to the Lord your God » Ex. 20:10.

There were no Jews in the  world at the beginning.  The fact is that Adam was the only man in existence at the time of God made the Sabbath. Gen.2:3. We must not overlook the fact that this God who created the world and made the Sabbath was Jesus Christ Himself. Paul clearly identified Jesus as Creator Colos.1:13-16, Joan 1:1-3,14

For christians to separate Jesus from Sabbath is a tragic mistake.

 Sabbath was created before sin entered the human family.

Sabbath (Saturday) - is a mark of His right to rule as the only true God. As a mark of God’s right to rule the Sabbath challenged Satan’s boast that he would take God’s place. Said the adversary “ I will exalt my throne above the stars of God. I will be like the most High ” Issiah.14:13,14 Satan actually wanted to be worshiped. To accomplish this, he had to nullify God’s claim as the rightful ruler. God’s authority rested on His claim to be the Creator, and the Sabbath was the mark of that authority. By destroying the Sabbath satan would prepare the way to set up a counterfeit government based on counterfeit claims of authority symbolized by a counterfeit day of worship. Satan has selected for his worship sunday and has deceived everybody, that the majority began to consider God’s day Sunday. Which day do you think that satan had organized the naked shame (2000 people lying naked in the street in Montreal)? On Saturday - on God’s day, it was his challenge to God.

God has nominated this day to listen to prayers of His people . « For this shall every one that is godly pray unto thee in a time when thou mayest be found.. » Ps.32:6

“ Seek ye the LORD while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near ” Is.55:6.

Remember, when the society of Israel  has set  about at mount Sinai , God told to Moses, that in 3 days He  will come down from heaven to the mountain  and that the people must be prepared for this (Ex. 19:11). He did not tell to Moses, that He  will be there, on the mountain constantly and that Moses can always come to Him.  No. He nominated a day. In Ex.32:34 in Russian translation it says “at the day of My visit I will visit them for their sin’’. (In Eng. “When the time comes for Me to punish I will punish them for their sin’’).

In Russian Bible there many places where the name of God  is Savaof (Саваоф), that means God of Sabbath. In English it was translated as God of hosts.

Most of the10 commandments begin with “ Thou shall not ”. But the fourth commandment  begins with the word “Remember”. “ Remember Sabbath Day ”. This is the law for people who love God. Because « the Love is the fulfillment of the law »  Rom. 13:10.

God even in the future is not going to cancel theSabbath day: Issiah.66:22-23 “ As the new heavens and the new earth that I make will endure before Me... Then from one month to another, from one Sabbath to another all mankind will come and bow down before Me” –says the Lord».

« Not everyone, who says to me: « Lord, Lord » will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven» Mat.7:21.

« There remains, then, a Sabbath-rest for the people of God  » Heb.4:9

It would be interesting to ask people if they  think it is right to worship God on His day, to stand up and ask God to forgive us for being mislead.

And this is a message for all pastors of churches who feel their ra ra ra agenda is adequate and  does not include discussions and information  into these areas – “If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a servant of Christ” Gal.1:10  

Look also websites: ,

  Irina Ball; in Yeshua. Amen