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Recently a client asked me about her use of Nascent Iodine. Iodine
is important for healthy thyroid function and to protect if from
the excessive radiation in the atmosphere.

My client had taken my advice to use 10 drops daily in glass of
water for the past nine months.

Since the bottle was almost empty she decided to test a couple of
drops on the bottom of her foot to see if it was absorbed. The spot
was still there in the morning so she thought she would discontinue
it. Which is where she ran into problems.

A couple of days later she felt her system was off somehow. Though
she could eat she felt nauseous and somewhat feverish and achy. She
decided to take several drops again for a couple of days and felt
much better. Now she wondered if she should continue taking 10
drops a day.

Here's what I told her. You should never abruptly stop your intake
of a supplement like iodine. And it's important to take iodine on a
regular basis.

I'll give you the general instructions for taking Nascent Iodine
where you slowly build up to saturation and then slowly wean down
to a daily dose. If you decide to use iodine supplementation you
have to take into account your current health history and work with
your doctor (MD or ND) to determine your individual dosage.

Begin by taking your morning temperature as a baseline. A basal
temperature taken under the arm should be 98-98.2. An oral
temperature should be closer to 98.6. If your temperature is lower
than normal, this implies your thyroid activity is diminished.
(Mercury thermometers are still the most accurate way to take your

You can test your iodine requirements by "painting" a drop or two
of iodine on your wrist or the sole of your foot. Leave on
overnight. If the drop leaves no stain on your skin in the morning,
this means it's all been absorbed and you require iodine. This is
common with most people who do not supplement with iodine.

One drop of Nascent Iodine is equal to 0.4 mg. The RDA for iodine
is set at 0.15mg, which is far too low. Iodine researchers now
claim that we require much higher amounts. (See the power point and
video below.)

Begin with 2 drops per day of Nascent Iodine in a glass of water
for two weeks, then add two drops every week. Stop at 20 drops per
day for adults. Remember, I'm not prescribing for you. Work with
your doctor if you choose to use iodine in this way.

When your temperatures are in the normal range then cut back by 2
drops a week and stay with 10 drops a day for adults. The iodine
can be increased to 20-30 drops a day for any type of infection.

There is a lot more to using iodine for the thyroid than I'm able
to cover in a short blog. Here is a power point presentation that
will prove to you the importance of iodine as a supplement.

You can also view the following video for more information about
thyroid function.
(This video is in a .mov file format, and requires a Quick Time
plug-in. You can ignore the sales pitch for the NewsMax newsletter.)

As for a safe source of iodine, I use the Nascent Iodine available
from LL's Magnetic Clay It's
a lower potency than Lugol's iodine and therefore a safer and more
gradual way to introduce iodine into your body.

Carolyn Dean MD ND
The Doctor of the Future

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