Links to free bibles and bible studies 

Also see  to download the Authorized 1611 King James Version  that is considered  the most unadultered version of the bible available today. 

Find this list at :

Free Bibles/Bible Studies/Teaching....

Free Bibles to Download....(Scroll down for Bible Study Downloads) - the place for FREE Bibles in any language.

The FreeBible - Large file (16Mb) but a fantastic tool - KJV with many extras including Hebrew and Greek Lexicon, Matthew Henry's Commentary, Bible dictionaries, maps and more. Best of all it's FREE! 

E-Sword - a fantastic free Bible with many added tools.

Free Bible Downloads (Many of them with rankings).

The Sword Project - Excellent Bible  & Study tool downloads.

Sword Searcher Free Bible Download (excellent tool with many add ons)

Richmond's free KJV Study Bible download with a great look and many Bible study resources included.

The Salvation Company's list of free Bible downloads.

Gordon Smith's free download of his unique rearrangement of the N.T in topics and threads of thought.

Free Bible Cruiser download - excellent Bible program with different versions.

Christians R'Us Free Electronic Bible & Christian books.

See Gospelsoft's free Talking Bible.

Free Bible Downloads from (includes Hebrew Interlinear).

Holy Bible For Downloading List (a great selection)

South Valley Baptist Church's list of Free Bible and Bible Research downloads (in many languages)

J-e-s-u-s.Net list of Free Bible downloads.

Free Bible Studies and Teaching Downloads...

Free Teaching e-book on Grace.

Click here for my teaching package in help file format on First Peter - Suffering for the glory of God (1pet.exe - 511kb)

Click here for my own teaching software about 'The Big Picture' - knowing His vision and calling in our lives( now with sound effects, maps and pictures).

Click here for my teaching download on the Song of Solomon (now includes RealAudio songs and a RealVideo clip on friendship).

More of my own free Bible Study downloads (Studies on Thessalonians, Corinthians, Bible Times and Customs, Spiritual Gifts and Temperament Analysis).

Click here for my teaching download on First Corinthians (with sound).

Basic Christianity's basic theology e-book (Adobe Acrobat Reader format)

The Scroll Bible Topics FREE Download.(Or download from ZDNet).

Back to the Bible Free Bible Study Downloads for all levels.

Good News Bible Study Download - 1086 Questions, 46 Lessons - great tool!

ZDNet's list of the best Bible study Free downloads (type 'bible' in search box).

Click here to download my free Bible Study on Second Thessalonians - Understanding the Day of the Lord

Free Bible Study download with over 1000 questions and answers!

All Outline Bible Downloads

Jesus Online Teaching Downloads.

Christian Connection Bible study file list

Mr D's Systematic Theology download (the whole works).

Craig Elder's Spiritual Warfare Free Download.

GospelSoft's Index of Free Christian Downloads - Check out the Free Bible Knowledge Accelerator downloads (great Bible Study aids).

Dayspring's Free Bible Study book and manual downloads

Bible Codes Software comparisons.

Over one Hundred FREE Bible Studies by Bob Jordan.

LAMP FREE Christian magazine with Bible Teaching.

Links to Powerpoint Bible Lessons by 'Ministry Tools' - can also see their free Bible magazine and other article downloads. Or you could try the Bible Powerpoint lessons (nicely done).

Xristos Multimedia Bible Teaching - great MP3 and Video downloads with 'live' BIble teaching.

Serious Development's huge list of FREE Bible Study software.

Cyberspace's free Prophecy Teaching downloads.

Find Grace's well listed Free Bible Study downloads.

Free Bible Software list.

Grace Gospel Free Bible Study downloads (with many topics available).

Free Interactive Bible Study to help you grow in discernment (By Look and Live)

Download the entire website of RHM (Ryan Hicks Ministries) which includes their entire online Bible School teachings!

Free downloadable books (PDF format) on a Christian Economics theme (looking at the Bible in Economic terms).

Free PDF (Adobe Acrobat) downloads on many Biblical books and topics (large).

Christian Bible Study Downloads by Oingo (Mostly Free).

Free Microsoft Word downloads on Bible Book Study outlines (many).

Free Adobe Acrobat tracts on many topics Christian will find useful.

God's Word for the Biblically Inept - Large resource of FREE Adobe Acrobat Bible Studies on many back-dated topics>

Other Bible Study Helps...

Free Bible Reading Plan from Brad's Page. - more flexible than most.

Click here for my Grace Quiz which includes a free quiz creation download.

See Gospelsoft's free Bible Lesson Planner plus the talking Bible.