Fasting - great lesson from Eddy

How acquainted are you with the spiritual discipline of fasting and the spiritual blessing of feasting?  Would you skip the
fast and go straight to the feast?  Do you fear that knowledge about fasting will bring responsibility?  What is your image of those
who fast and pray? Do you know that fasting can draw you closer to God and that temporary denial can usher in lasting blessings
to The Fast and The Furious ?

In Jewish life, fasting was as much a part of spiritual life as prayer and giving. Moses, Daniel and Hezekiah all fasted. Spiritual feasts were instituted by
God when He gave the Torah.  While these were feasts of actual food and beverage, they also represented God's spiritual blessings.
God's Word declares fasting and prayer as a powerful means for causing the fire of God to fall again in a person's life. As fasting and prayer brings surrender of body, soul, and spirit to God, it also generates a heightened sense of the presence of the Holy Spirit. It creates joy unspeakable and
a determination to serve God and it also serves to cleanse the body.  In short, it brings personal revival in every area of our lives.

When fasting is mentioned, we tend to think of food. But other forms of fasting are also effective since fasting is a
God-ordained form of self-denial. Fasting may include abstaining from such activities as sleep, recreation, TV, sex, spending money
on ourselves[but instead sowing to finance the preaching of the gospel], alcohol, smoking and other special enjoyments of life.

Here are some suggestions for pulling a fast one:

*  Fast for a meal occasionally, and spend the mealtime or more in prayer, praise, thanksgiving and Bible meditation.

*  Pray about fasting as a regular part of your spiritual life like one to two meals a week.

*  Spend the first part feasting on the Word of God, worshiping, adoring, and praising God.  Then concentrate on other prayer concerns.

*  Be flexible. Avoid legalistic bondage, and don't vow.  Rather, set a fasting goal that you seek to fulfill by God's help.

*  Do not attempt long fasts unless you learn how to do it and how to break the fast at the end. Keep drinking liquids like green tea, for your body needs water.

*  Keep a listening ear for God's guidance when He calls you to a special fast for yourself, your family, your business, or your nation.

In addition to the above, may I suggest that for an extended fast of more than a day you check with your doctor first.
If you have any conditions that preclude you from fasting, try a limited Daniel fast - giving up unnecessary snacks, rich foods or
sacrifice favorite foods like steak and sushi for a set amount of time.