Mark Finley's Discovery in Prophecy Series

The following is found at :  This is an EXCELLENT lesson series on bible basics, both in text form and if you download the real player at  G2 Media  and click on that column's link below for each lesson, you can watch it as an online  video also.

Welcome to the Discoveries in Prophecy web site hosted by IT IS WRITTEN. Mark Finley, speaker of the International IT IS WRITTEN Television Program, welcomes you to experience these engaging Bible presentations via the Internet. This series of 26 Bible lectures focuses on Bible prophecy and God's message for us today.

The Discoveries in Prophecy (NET '96) series was intercontinental in scope, with over 5,000 meetings across the globe having received the satellite signal, and many more continue to be blessed by these lectures on the Internet. During the live transmission from Orlando, Florida, the meetings were uplinked in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Norwegian, Rumanian, Serbian, and Hungarian, Russian, Polish, and Croatian.

We are excited to announce that the Discoveries in Prophecy lectures are now available in Real Video (G2) and text format via the Internet! Join the footsteps of fellow truth seekers to learn what clear solutions the Bible has to offer for our everyday lives.

# Text and Audio links Text G2 Media
1 Living Beyond 2000 Text Video
2 Countdown To Eternity: Why Communism Failed Text Video
3 A World In Turmoil Text Video
4 Angel 911: Revelation's Angelic Conflict Text Video
5 How To Find Personal Peace Text Video
6 Alive At End Time: The Secret of Personal Power Text Video
7 New Age Conspiracy Text Video
8 The Beginning Of The End Text Video
9 Facing Revelation's Judgement Text Video
10 Why Our Streets Have Become Unsafe Text Video
11 A 6000 Year Old Remedy For Tension Text Video
12 The Greatest Religious Cover-up In History Text Video
13 How to Identify A Cult Text Video
14 The Coming Thousand Years Text Video
15 The Real Truth About Near-Death Experiences Text Video
16 How To Successfully Bury The Past Text Video
17 Will A Loving God Burn Sinners In Hell Forever? Text Video
18 The Bible's Ancient Health Secrets Revealed Text Video
19 Why So Many Denominations Text Video
20 The Mystery Of Revelation's Babylon Revealed Text Video
21 The Search For Certainty Text Video
22 A Financial Secret The World Doesn't Know Text Video
23 The Mark Of The Beast Text Video
24 The U.S. In Bible Prophecy Text Video
25 The Holy Spirit And The Unpardonable Sin Text Video
26 Revelation's Glorious Climax Text Video

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