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Dear Ones,

It is hard to even explain my feelings right now, I am so happy, so many good things have happened, I am scared things will change again. A week ago Fri. our (my two oldest sons) arrived for a week, from Atlanta, what a wonderful help, they were. They were shocked when they saw how bad Fred was, really thought he would be going while they were here. Well, after the Wed accupuncture appointment, we went to the other side of Orlando, to this Chinese Dr. We got him there at 3:30, he was worked on until 6:30. Fred slept through most of it, said it was painless.

The Dr., said I cure him give me 3-4 months. I cure people, when they are very bad & other Drs. give up on them. He said next Wed. he will walk in here by himself, for the next appt. Well, I am a believer now! By the time we got home that night, he was able to get out of the car, with very little help. He has had constant improvement since. Our plans are to go with all he told us, & that is to juice fresh vegetables, eat very little other things, no meat, no milk, no processed foods. Then he must take six (horse pills in the am, & six in the pm.) He drinks distilled water, & a special tea at lunch. The whole thing does make sense, the idea is to starve the cancer cells, & they love mucous from the milk, additives & preservatives, found in the food we normally eat, & we do not realize we are feeding them & they multiply, & thrive. They also like the sugar in fruit, so we will limit that too.

Last night, 48 hrs. were up, so it was time to remove all the little patches, all over his body at pressure points. It was little 1x2 pieces of tape, with a tiny needle in the center, in other words the accupuncture continued to work, for 48 hrs. at those points.

His awful case of thrush is finally gone, (his mouth & throat covered with white fur, all of the good bacteria, had been destroyed from chem & med.) He really suffered for the last 10 days. NO MORE CHEMO! When the body is fighting cancer, it shouldn't have to fight the other poison, in chemo. His mind was so muddled,& he knew he couldn't make sense, so he went into a deep depression, & just willed him-self to die. Well, that is starting to clear up, & most of the time he is rational now.

Well, hopefully we will let hospice go soon. They really have not done anything beneficial for us yet. We had everything we needed. They got us oxygen, but his throat was so bad & it made that worse, so he has not used that, again. Well, he continues to drink the tea from Ireland every day, & takes no pain medicine, at all for 3 days now. We do believe in miracles, & now we are having them happen, we also believe in prayer, & know God is really in charge, & have promised God we will use the rest of our life to spread the word about cancer cures, if Fred is a miracle in his plan, & is cured. Well, will give more updates, as they happen. Thanks for the prayers & caring! God Bless All, Love, Fred & Marilyn


Yes! William S. Huang 2905 Lakeview Dr. Fern Park, Fl. 32730 Ph# 407-830-0068 Licensed Physician in Taiwan, Acupuncture Physician in Fl.

I will get an e-mail address when we go back on Wed., for the next appt. Thanks for all your help, I followed your leads, & learned a lot too. I wanted to go to go to the one place in Texas, but it was too late, they required that you are able to walk in by yourself. Fred could not even walk around the house, At times, I felt he was in a light coma, coming & going back & forth. It was really horrible, I was sure he would be gone soon. He dropped 18 pounds that week. The depression was the worst thing, he had willed himself to die. My son talked to him last Sun. eve.,& said it was the worst psychotic depression he had ever seen & should be hospitalized for that. Well he did not think he could help him, then he called Tues. & admitted to me, how bad he was, but had a plan. It was 11;30 at night & he called a 24 hour Walgreen, 2 scripts, his brothers went & got them. Todd believes in the accupuncture, but was afraid it would not work, because of the mental state. Well by getting some meds. in him before he went Wed. did the job, & he will stay on them, until??? Todd really has had his eyes opened, & very disgusted over some of the Drs., & TX given to Fred. He told me the thrush, was caused by the one drug & a dumb mistake, at that, & this caused so much uncalled for suffering for over a week, & put him in this state

How true, Drs just bury their mistakes. Oh well, I look for ward to a few months down the road, when we ask for a c-scan, return to the Dr., & let him see a healed man, no thanks to him. We will then see if he is interested in knowing, how he was healed. It probably will not phase the money machine, of a cancer center. Till later, God Bless, Marilyn