Roman Catholicism - and the other major churches  with similar situations.

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For these institutions, upholding tradition is more important than exploring Biblical truth and to change those traditions to better meet scripture.

The purpose of this page is NOT to bash Roman Catholicism or any other religion; I was raised Catholic myself and one does not like to just throw away the many years of catechism  teachings, and knowledge about God that we learned.  I learned many things that were correct and did follow scripture, besides being exposed to a multitude of deceptions, pagan background customs,  and many of man's doctrines of the church that are not scriptural and are NOT keys to heaven and  things that we should NOT be following at all. If we continue to follow them , they can take us  to hell instead of to heaven.  All is not well within this religious cult, as well as others,  and I must  give you the chance to discover these things yourself; which you CAN at .  They are NOT preparing you for the boat to heaven. In fact clergymen deep within one of these churches  are claiming Satan has infiltrated upper hierarchy as far back as the early '70's.  More proof of this at . This religion, as well as others , do not follow pure scripture but utilize a combination of Christian scriptural teachings, pagan customs that have become too traditional to let go of, along with man's doctrines instituted politically along the way to mold their uniqueness. With the second coming of Jesus just around the corner, you may want to correct the things in your life you have been led astray on. The internet today has made available to us the access to information (and misinformation) and the chance to learn quickly and easily those mysteries and hidden agendas of dark doctrines we would never have been able to assimilate  the information of without a lifetime of traveling, research, and lengthy studies in the traditional manner.  As time is short;  there is no longer an excuse not to be informed if you want to be informed.  With the stakes so high; heaven or hell decided on one swift day, becoming informed is a necessity if heaven is where you want to go. See  for criteria God will use in that decision. 

We are more than 150 years into "end times" now which began about 1844 -1848 (depending upon whose calendar you followed) , which was the end of the 1260 years spoken of in Revelation.  When will Jesus come back? "As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man. For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark; and they knew nothing about what would happen until the flood came and took them all away. That is how it will be at the coming of the Son of Man."  Noah spent 120 years building the ark and preaching to a crowd of non listeners. At 150 years into "end-times", we are overdue. The train is a coming. We are being judged in these times now for when Christ's second coming occurs soon, and there is only one boat to heaven. Judgement is over for those going to heaven when you see Christ in the clouds on that day; you must commit NOW to be able to go THEN.  If you don't learn the things you need to now,  you may be on  the outside of the boat watching the heat  come down in his fiery presence instead of inside  going to heaven. 

When the second coming of Christ occurs at the end of the Tribulation period which includes the 7 plagues of God's Wrath, you are either a righteous dead that gets resurrected that day on the first resurrection or you are a righteous living that gets raptured that day to meet Christ in the clouds and go to heaven with him.  NO OTHER  ALTERNATIVES. No second chances to go to heaven; ever! This is AFTER the tribulation or near the end of the tribulation - there is NO pre-trib rapture as claimed by these churches to mislead you. That's devil's talk designed to get you a ticket to hell with no scriptural foundation.  Please see   for everything and then some that you would would want to know about the rapture - when and how it occurs per scripture!  

When Christ comes in his fiery presence on the day of the Second Coming, the rest of humanity will be eradicated from earth; as in killed, burned up with his "fiery presence" on that day if they weren't already killed by the 7 plagues,  to rest in the ground until the second resurrection a thousand years later which is a resurrection of damnation as all those people get thrown in the lake of fire.  After the first resurrection and rapture, the devil and his demons will then be left on a desolate earth with no one to demonize for that thousand years. This is the chaining of the devil in the abyss. The lake of fire may be earth enveloped in fire to cleanse the earth in preparation for the new heaven and earth. Hell may be an event and not a place.  See Nobody gets judged and goes to heaven on the second resurrection which occurs at the end of the thousand years, they only get judged as wicked and get tossed into the lake of fire to burn up in finality; not a forever and ever painful torment. 

If you want to be on the boat to heaven that day, take the time to find out  what you don't know and put it to practice. Learn what you have been taught that isn't scriptural and rearange your actions to compensate; and  NOW, because on the day of his coming; it's too late - the decisions have already been made. Again, commit to Jesus NOW to be saved THEN.  No  "after the fact" decisions allowed. Read my page at  for starters. 

When I really got into studying these issues, I was appalled at what I learned and the amount of misinformation that had been bestowed upon me by the very church that was supposedly grooming me for salvation and a trip to heaven.  What a lie. There are very few  churches out there today  that follow pure scripture. Most have been polluted with politics, man's doctrines, and support at least some pagan customs and traditions.  Many non-denominational churches like the one I attended back home will not tell the congregation the truth on many issues relating to true salvation for fear of ostracizing them, or appearing radical in their eyes, including continuing the practice of Sunday Sabbath which is erroneous and a BIG issue with God. They just continue on with their "God is great" songs, pomp and ceremonies while the congregation is left in the dark about what they really need to know and do to get to heaven. 

I don't expect you to take my word for it that Roman Catholicism or any of the other religions are  paving your way to hell (by the way we have separate views of hell posted at  for your perusal). But, like me, you should research for yourself the truth, as it WILL determine corrective actions and where you end up going.  I will provide you with where to look, and my opinions, but besides being taken to the trough; you are the one who has to drink  and do your own research until you realize what has happened also and learn what you need to do to get on the boat to heaven instead of hell. Good places to start are  
and .

A complete history of the Catholic Church and non scriptural practices instituted can be found at   or here

A discussion on whether or not this constitutes a cult can be found at  or  here

I didn't believe those who first told me that worshipping Mary was not the right thing to do. I can't tell you how many rosaries I have said over the years. Or that the church had no right to "forgive sins" or play God as the Papacy does and outwardly claims as its right even though it is against scripture; or that they were worshipping on the wrong day of the week and even took it upon themselves back in the middle ages to change that day that was specifically mandated by God himself  to Moses at Mt. Sinai as part of the ten commandments.   Little did I know that "my church" had taken it upon themselves to completely remove the true second commandment from the bible, "Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them,"  so they could introduce statues and images of Mary, the saints, angels, and the papacy into their doctrines for people to pray to so the pagan peoples they were trying to indoctrinate would feel more comfortable in their conversion to "Christianity" as they were accustomed to worshipping pictures, statues, and idols as such.  Part of the problem with the Roman Catholic church today is that there were MANY such compromises made to enjoin the pagan population with the Christian population all under one roof.  Look at what the papacy is doing today to attempt to unify all world religions under one roof. Why else would the pope be photographed kissing the Koran, a book of hatred towards Christians? You didn't see that in all your newspapers, did you? At the same time Christians are being slaughtered by Muslims all over  the middle east just for being Christians.  We are in the time of the fifth seal today; Christians are being persecuted and slaughtered as never before in places like India, Africa, the middle east, etc.  The church took it upon itself to proclaim Mary ascended to heaven; this assumption was made official in 1956 by the church under purely dogmatic political reasons with NO scriptural backing. In fact the bible very clearly tells us that ONLY God Himself  “hath immortality .” (I Tim. 6: 16). Also, the Bible contains a number of Scriptures that prove that mortal man receives not his immortality until the second coming of Christ— at the time of the first  resurrection. (I Cor. 15: 51- 55; John 5: 28, 29). Please see my page at  to tell you why Mary is still probably dust in the earth and isn't the person you think you are seeing in all the Mary apparitions. That person is more than likely a demonic impersonation; they are very good at that. See .  

Mary may have been introduced into the church system to keep you from praying directly to Yahweh (God the Father) or Yahshua (God the Son); the ONLY two people you should be praying to.  Praying to Mary, or the saints, or angels, or anyone else except to Yahshua as the intercessor or  intermediator  to God is in violation of God’s law. First Timothy 2:5 “For there is ONE God and ONE mediator between God and men; the man Christ Jesus”.  Try  John 14:6 “Jesus said to him, I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me”.  or Mathew 4:10 “Though shalt worship Yahweh thy Elohim, and Him only shalt though serve”. or Acts 4:12 (Speaking of Yahshua); “Nor is there salvation in any other, for there is no other name (singular) under  heaven given among men by which we must be saved”. Do you see Mary or St Peter or St Christopher or an angel or the Pope mentioned anywhere there?   Don’t pray to anyone except Yahshua or Yahweh direct. The only intercessor Yahweh allows is his son Yahshua.  Please spend some time at   for a full explanation of the Mary issue.  Bottomline?   Don't pray to Mary or any other saint, angel, person, pope, or priest - pray only to Yahshua or Yahweh - period!

The next big issue regarding the church's errors that is HUGE in God's eyes is the which day is the weekly Sabbath issue.   See for all the details. It's a bigger deal than you think. What's taking place is no more than an exact fullfillment of prophesies described in Revelation 13.   We are accepting the traditions of men instead of the commandments of God.  There's a great movement today towards dropping denominational differences.  The Pope is emerging as the unifier of religions, a dominant political player on the world scene.   Religious legislation in America WILL be passed, fulfilling prophesy.  The goal is to have everyone unite - to have us all get back to God. Worshipping on Sunday is the unifying vehicle to do that and it will be enforced by legislative decree; even though Yahweh tells us via the fourth commandment  of the real ten commandments given to Moses at Mt. Sinai (see those  here) that  Saturday, and not Sunday, is the day to rest and worship.   Those that don't go along with the program will be persecuted. What was once the 'land of the free and the home of the brave" will become a regimented land of religious intolerance.   You see, the Sabbath/Sunday issue is more than merely a day of worship issue.   The issue is the commandments of Yahweh versus the man-made union of church and state which will use threats and force on others to ensure compliance with man's doctrines.  The issue is one of loyalty, obedience, and allegiance to Yahweh. And if you don't obey Yahweh, just who are you obedient to?   That's right; the dragon himself.

I  point out  and give you references to check out, why this religious cult is a mixture of medieval paganism intertwined with Christianity and heavily infiltrated with man's doctrines stemming from politics and the combining of pagan practices and customs to increase the church's following.  You must understand that the Roman Catholic church is a powerful political entity; not just a religious order.  They were given power by Rome at the fall of Rome and are to take a large role in the end times; unfortunately this role is not a good role but one designed to keep you from going to heaven. Please read my page at  for a grip on the Papacy's role in prophesy.  And as I am sure you are skeptical in what I am saying at this point in time please go to  or    and find out more than you ever wanted to know on this issue. 

Has the Papacy been infiltrated with Satan? Check  a Catholic Archbishop's site at  "These Last Days Ministries" for insight into that issue. This was produced BY Catholics warning us what is going on in the Vatican. They claim the "Third Secret of Fatima" was that Satan would infiltrate and take over the church. This is just one of the links on that site describing an imposter Pope and how Satan wormed his way in to the Vatican as far back as  the '70s.   They claim the antichrist IS on this earth at this time in human form. These articles warn that the end is near. Also see the antichrist slide show at .

So - does that mean we have wasted our time going to church all these years?  Does it mean everything we have learned is of no value in reaping a ticket to heaven.  Of course not; but it does mean in these critical times ahead we need to pay attention to exactly what is written in scripture, learn what is really required for that ticket,  and not let man's doctrines get in the way of that. Get a good 1611 King James Bible or read the one online at   Especially read and reread and reread John's Revelation (the last chapter in the bible) so you know how it will all come down.  Know that all of the NIV "easier to read and understand " versions have been doctored to where oftentimes the meaning is very much changed from the original. I read both; one for understandability and the other for exact wordage content.  And yes, I do find a lot of differences which can make a difference.  A good example is the Mark of the Beast found at  Revelation 13:16.  The 1611KJV says " to have a mark placed IN their right hands or IN their foreheads"   All the NIV versions say ON their hands and foreheads.   Does it make a difference?   You bet. The mark IN your forehead is  symbolic of mind control. The forehead part of the brain is where you make decisions. The antichrist  will use psychology to fool everyone into thinking his
way is the right way. You will be mentally conditioned in accepting the mark. Is the mark in the hand symbolic also?   Maybe not; would you get a microchip inplant ON the hand or In the hand??? (See  for the issue of whether or not the NIV versions of the bible have had content and meanings changed. 

Read my pages at
and others posted at

These pages talk about real scriptural issues related to entry to heaven. Know the real issues of God's law; and follow them, ALL of them.  You can't play the game and win if you don't know the rules. Mathew 7:21 says if we don't follow the will of the Father along with seeking the "grace" of Jesus, we may not scoot under the gates of heaven. See  for explicit definitions of those conditions.

Walk the walk instead of just talking the talk like my kids do when they spend 10 minutes with the bible and then go off to spend hours on computer games that the devil has manufactured to steal their time. They hear me, they might understand, they have head knowledge, they might even believe; but lack commitment to develop a true heartfelt understanding of the necessity to know what's going on and the short time frame we have left to make our lives right with Yahshua. They will rely mostly upon grace when the time comes because they only know lip service in their hearts today. They tell mom and I what they think WE want to hear; but their actions, or lack of, show their true character.  Am I concerned? Of course I am - I was there once. I believed but I didn't pursue knowledge and I didn't do my part to teach others. Obviously that has changed.

To quote a friend of mine in Canada - "True belief is followed by action.  It is like putting your finger in a flame.  If you have truly put it in the flame, you will pull it back out.  In a hurry, too.  By the same token, if you have truly let Yashua indwell in your life, by His Spirit, there will be a developing relationship with Him through the Word, Prayer and sharing of your faith.  As the things of God increase in your life, the things of the world decrease, and you are led to do His will.  If His will is not manifest in the life, there is a problem with the "conversion."  The Spirit leads to repentance and if there is no repentance, that means there is no Spirit.  But one must realize that there can be an outward show of conformity to His will without the heartfelt component.  Human effort can do a lot, and can fool other humans, but not God.  The Pharisees were the kings of this kind of thing.  So, there can be a form of godliness but a denial of the Power.  In other words, there can be outward conformity, but its impetus is human, not Divine, and its motive is self-aggrandizement, self praise and pride, or a seeking of salvation by ones own works.  On the one ditch of error you have this calamity, AKA LEGALISM and in the other ditch you have the train wreck AKA "cheap grace," where supposedly the LAW was nailed to the cross (false interpretation) and there is supposedly no obligation to obey the law in all ten points.  The real issue in cheap grace theology, however, is only the seventh day Sabbath, or the fourth commandment.  Most espouse adherence to the other nine, whole-heartedly.  (Well, except for the Catholics, who need to hang on to their graven images. . .they had to tinker with the ten commandments a little further than the protestant-false-prophets). The bottom line is: if you love me KEEP MY COMMANDMENTS.  I read a website where  it poked fun at the bumper stickers: "Wave if you love Jesus", or "Honk if you love Jesus".  Nope.  He said, "do what I say if you love me."  Right on!!  They can wave, honk, heal the sick (obviously NOT by His power) feed the hungry, and say "Lord, my Lord -- Oh, how I love Jesus" until they believe it with all their hearts, but if they have been fighting the convictions that He tried to place on their hearts, if they have done these things apart from Him and not through/by Him in their lives, only for their own ends and purposes, they do not pass through the pearly gates and do not collect the reward.  We get in through HIM.  There is no other way."

What's the time frame? Now,

Inside the Catholic Catechism 

Index of Doctrines

Introduction from John Paul II
Tradition Is Equal With Scripture
Interpretation Of The Bible Is To Be Done Only By The Pope And Bishops
Mary is: Sinless, a Perpetual Virgin, the Mother of God, the Queen Of Heaven, the Co-Redeemer with Christ
Doctrines of the Rosary And Prayers To Mary
Salvation Only Comes Through The Catholic Church
All Grace Comes Through The Catholic Church
No Christian Unity Apart From The Catholic Church
Salvation Includes The Muslims
The Doctrine Of The Supremacy Of The Pope
Prayers From The Dead
Prayers For The Dead
Salvation Comes Through Baptism
Infants Are Born Again Through Baptism
Penance Necessary For Salvation
The Church Can Forgive Sins
Doctrine Of Purgatory
Doctrines Of Indulgences And Good Works For The Dead
Sacraments And Liturgy Communicate Grace
Sacraments Are Necessary For Salvation
The Mass Is A Re-Sacrifice Of Christ
The Mass Is A Conversion Of Bread And Wine Into The Very Christ
Priest Has Supernatural Power To Convert The Bread And Wine Into Christ
Mass Conducted In Communion With The Dead
Elements Of The Mass To Be Worshipped And Carried In Processions
All Sins Must Be Confessed To A Priest
Forgiveness Of Sins And Escape From Purgatory Through Indulgences
Salvation Through The Good Works Of The “Saints”
Veneration Of Relics
Veneration Of Images

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