The cancer cure story of Jason Vale

May 27, 2003
I am writing you in regards to an extremely important court hearing
between the Food and Drug Administration and a citizen by the name of
Jason Vale.  Knowing that your time is limited, I would like to give you
a short explanation of a true story that is much like that of David and

At the age of eighteen, Jason was handed a death sentence by his doctors
when it was discovered that he had terminal cancer.  This was confirmed
by a second, third and fourth opinion of reputable doctors who
specialized in his specific type of cancer.  As many cancer victims do,
he and his parents sought alternative remedies when traditional
chemotherapy only seemed to make things worse.  Through extensive
research, they discovered that for years people who once had cancer
found healing properties in something as simple as the seed of a fruit.
It turned out that apricot seeds, along with other citrus-variety type
of seeds, contain natural properties that help the body to kill cancer.

Jason immediately began to feel better once on a regimen of eating
apricot seeds as a part of his daily diet.  Within a short period of
time, Jason's cancer literally disappeared.  Jason's story soon became
the talk of the town.  His new lease on life allowed Jason to engage in
sports once again.  This was important to him because he was an avid
sports enthusiast as he was growing up.  His determination and grit
eventually earned him the title of "The Arm Wrestling Champion of the
World" in the middle weight division.  As a direct result, Jason's story
of certain death from cancer to becoming a world recognized sports
figure became a media phenomenon.  When the prime-time television show
"Extra" aired Jason's story on national television, it turned out to be
the program's highest rated show to date so they chose to run that same
episode the following week.  This was something they had never done
before in the history of the show.  The viewer response was so great
that Jason was inundated with thousands of telephone calls from people
all over the country who had cancer or were concerned friends or family
members of someone who had cancer.

Since then, Jason has inspired and helped over 100,000 people, many of
whom were handed the same death sentence Jason was given over seventeen
years ago.  These people are from all walks of life who have had various
types of cancers.  Through proper diet, nutrition, and the introduction
of apricot seeds into their daily diets, they have one-by-one created
their own success stories that they will live to tell.

Unfortunately, this real-life story has a turbulent chapter that is now
being written, and this is why we are in dire need of your help.  In
November, 2001, Jason was strong-armed by the Food and Drug
Administration into signing a Consent Decree that would prevent him from
sharing his story or promoting apricot seeds.  The FDA has now brought
criminal charges against Jason for telling people where to get apricot
seeds.  His father had to post $840,000 bail and Jason is pending trial
that is set for July 14, 2003.  The Honorable Judge John Gleeson will be
presiding over the proceedings.  The same Judge who presided over the
hearing which resulted in the signing of the Consent Decree.

Jason did cease from selling apricot seeds, but continued to share his
own story (to those who called him) of how he survived cancer through
eating apricot seeds.  Literally thousands of people have achieved
wellness through Jason's help. You can view some of these stories, along
with a more detailed history of Jason's court case at his websites: and 
 (Big brother got rid of those two sites).
Jason's prior legal counsel assured him he could still share his belief in the curing properties of the apricot seeds whether it be over the internet or via
the telephone.  However, the current criminal charges brought by the FDA
against Jason is a clear indicator that he is not allowed to share his
story.  This is clearly a violation of Jason's fundamental right to
Freedom of Speech.  It is also evident that the American public's
freedom to choose alternative remedies to health problems is also being
chiseled away through this action by the FDA.  It is imperative that the
FDA interprets their own statutes fairly and in accordance with DSHEA,
especially with regard to the apricot seed and Laetrile issues that have
been subject to an ongoing battle for over 30 years.  It is imperative
that the apricot seed extract is ruled in court to be a nutriceutical
and allowed to be used by informed Americans who are terminally ill with

Next - they put him in jail

July 24,2003
FDA Takes Away New York Man's Constitutional Rights
Queens, New York - Jason Vale, 35 yr. old Arm Wrestling World Champion who was terminal from cancer, has faced another difficult opponent -- the Food and Drug Administration. Jason turned to alternative healing on his third bout with cancer -- successfully conquering the cancer by prayer and eating apricot seeds. The apricot seeds contain Vitamin B17 (amygdalic acid) which has been found to have an amazing success in healing all types of cancers as well as preventing the deadly disease. Thirty years ago, leading world biochemist, Kanematsu Sugiura, of Sloan-Kettering Cancer Institute found that amygdalic acid stopped the beginning and the spreading of cancer cells, and if an individual simply ate apricot kernels he could not develop cancer. Sugiura 's tests were botched by the money-driven opponents inside Sloan-Kettering, and the doctor who was hired to write a paper against Dr. Sugiura's findings was fired for telling the truth about the healing qualities of amygdalic acid. The works of Dr. Ernst Krebs corroborated and expanded the evidence of the potency of amygdalic acid in cancer prevention.

Jason Vale has traveled the country in arm wrestling matches since his healing, and has been interviewed by various newspapers, radio stations, and tv shows, such as Extra, CNN, and the Wall Street Journal. The staff of Extra received such a large number of callers after Jason's interview aired, that they aired his show a second time. Jason began to supply people with apricot seeds and an information video through his company, Christian Brothers. 

Thereafter thousands called in with success stories ranging from cancer gone to tumors shrinking down. These success stories are all documented at the website (big brother removed this one) along with the court documents. Eventually, without even one customer complaint in 28,000 served, the FDA came in and seized apricot seeds, computers, and records and brought Jason to criminal court for promoting this natural answer to cancer. Jason was coerced into signing a consent decree that he would not sell apricot seeds with claims that they heal cancer, however, he understood that he could still sell the seeds without healing claims. Jason was not a licensee of the FDA, so he is not under their jurisdiction. However, on July 14, 2003, in the Federal Eastern District of New York courtroom of Judge John Gleeson, Jason lost his Constitutional Rights to his freedom and to be able to continue to tell his story of how he defeated one of the world's most deadliest opponents - cancer.


This is Johanna Vale, Jason Vale's sister, and I am writing to update you on what has been happening with Jason and the FDA situation.  As most of you already know, Jason was on trial for violating a court order which the prosecution says banned him from continuing to sell laetrile, apricot seeds, vitamin B-17, or anything containing amygdalin.  The injunction, confusing and ambiguous, was first served to Jason several years ago. At that time, Jason's understanding of the injunction, AND that of his lawyers, was that he could not sell AND promote laetire together.  In other words, if sold alone, without any information about how and why this product can help you, selling it would still be legal.  So Jason set up one company in which he sold books and videos which contained information on the product.  Another company, run by our grandmother, sold only the seeds and B-17.  In doing this, Jason truely and firmly believed, and still does, that he was finding a legal way to continue to help those who needed seeds to find them and learn about them. 
       However, during his recent trial which began on July 14th, the prosecution portrayed Jason as someone with no respect for the law, who flagrently ignored the injunctions imposed upon him.  Jason was not permitted to tell his own personal story about his bouts with cancer, and especially forbidden from saying laetrie or B-17 helped him in any way.  The jurors were bombarded with evidence from the prosection which showed that different companies were set up to sell the B-17, while Jason was unable to properly explain his side.  On July 21st, after a week-long trial, Jason was convicted on 3 counts of criminal contempt, which carries a maximum penalty of 20 years.
       Jason is currently in prison awaiting sentencing on Oct. 24th.  He was denied requests to be freed even though he has $850,000 bail on him.  The Honorable Judge Gleason will be the sole person deciding Jason's sentence.  There are very little guidlines in this sort of case, and the judge will be basing Jasons sentence on his own discretion.  The judge obviously believes Jason to be a scam artist, and anything that can open his eyes and change his heart from now until then is needed.
       I am sure that Jason would love to hear from all of you.  Anyone whom Jason has helped, or who wants to lend their support should write to him.  He is able to receive letters, newspaper clippings, and pictures.  He cannot receive books or magazines unless they are mailed directly from the publisher. 
His address is: 
                    Jason Vale 
                    Metropolitan Detention Center
                    PO Box 329002
                    Brooklyn, NY  11232

       Keep in mind we are going to need letters to the judge in the near future.  Anyone who has had a positive experience with laetrile or apricot seeds should write about their personal experience.  The letters should not rant about the injustices of the trial but should build up Jason's character and hopefully let the judge see that he is not a scam artist.  For now you may want to make a draft, and get together any medical documents.  Even a letter from a doctor which says something to the effect of "My patient, John Doe, was diagnosed with cancer on so and so a date, and now is cancer-free, or in remission, and has told me they are taking B-17 and/or apricot seeds." 
       For any further information, you may contact my mother at

And YOU thought America was the land of freedom???? NOT!!!!!!

Need More???
August 7, 2003
There are two major reasons we don't have a cure for cancer. Why  
despite a 40 year old "war" on the disease survival rates haven't  
increased one bit. The governmental meddling of the National Institutes  
of Health and The National Cancer Institute along with the FDA have  
made it difficult, if not impossible, for doctors with breakthrough  
cancer therapies to bring their healing discoveries to those who need  
them. The orthodox medical establishment is hell-bent on destroying  
anyone who dares to challenge the status quo on cancer treatment. Even  
though we have lost the war on cancer, we continue to use and promote  
the very methods that don't work while banishing those who try  
non-pharmaceutical modalities to the scrap heap of healing.

* The New England Journal of Medicine reported that women who had their  
entire breast removed (radical mastectomy) didn't live longer than  
those who opted for the less-invasive lumpectomy. [1]

* Men who had their prostate gland removed after a diagnosis of cancer  
lived just as long as those who didn't. Either way the men lived about  
14 years after diagnosis. [2]

* Chemotherapy helped only 2% of cancer patients [3]

* Infection is the most frequent cause of death in cancer patients; and  
those infections are likely to have been picked up in a hospital. [4]

These grim stats are out there but they're not being shared with  
patients. In fact, those with a cancer diagnosis continue to be  
encouraged to do the very things that will sicken, maim and eventually  
kill them. All the while, naturally-derived compounds and extremely  
effective treatments exist. Patients won't find out about these  
treatments from their doctors, however. And with heartbreaking  
regularity some very effective treatments are being kept from desperate  
patients because of politics. Former New York State Assemblyman Daniel  
Haley wrote a book about it. In "Politics In Healing", Haley outlines  
ten cases of brilliant medical researchers who risked their freedom and  
their fortunes to share their discoveries with terminal patients.

One such story involves Stanislaw Burzynski. With a medical degree and  
a Ph.D. in biochemistry, Burzynski left Poland and came to America with  
a phenomenal therapy for treating cancer. He helped countless patients  
through a treatment that inhibits cancer cell growth called  
antineoplastons. Long explanation short, these cells reprogram cancer  
cells and inhibit their growth. For his pioneering and enormously  
successful work the FDA tried to put him in jail. He's been put on  
probation, been messed-with by the NCI (National Cancer Institute, a  
governmental agency) despite the fact that he has a verified track  
record when it comes to difficult brain tumor cases. Parents of  
children with conditions like medullablastoma (brain tumor) have had to  
petition the FDA requesting "compassionate exemption" for children who  
would otherwise die without the treatment Dr. Burzynski offers.

Little Thomas Novarro suffered from this type of brain tumor and the  
prognosis wasn't good. What the FDA recommended- chemo- would have most  
likely left Thomas brain damaged, retarded and deaf. He would have  
lived, maybe another five years. The boy's parents battled for  
something better. They struggled to point out that the chemo the FDA  
pushed for Thomas was "carcinogenic, toxic, unproven and ineffective"  
according to the parents of another little boy named Alex Horwin who  
was similarly not allowed by the FDA Gestapo to seek other treatment.

Alex died in his parents' arms.

 It must tear at these parent's hearts to know that the vilified Dr.  
Burzynski has successfully treated seven children with the same tumors.  
Of those, six are still alive, with tumors either completely gone or  
stabilized. The children brought to him who had chemo or radiation have  
all died.

Antineoplastons work when the FDA stays out of it and doesn't require  
people taking the treatment to have chemo or radiation first.

The medical doctor who came here from Poland must have wondered why in  
America people aren't free to choose what type of medical care they  
want. Or why he was made to face the inquisition of governmental  
agencies trying for years to jail him. Isn't that why he left Poland?

Shontelle Hiron was chosen to carry the Olympic torch during the games  
in Sydney in 2000. Seven years before that she was given three months  
to live after the discovery of a brain tumor. Shontelle's Australian  
town raised money to send her to Dr. Stan Burzynski's clinic in  
Houston. As soon as the antineoplastons were started the tumor shrank  
and disappeared. Running alongside Shontelle that day was Stan  
Burzynski- the man who'd saved her life.

The man America's FDA tried to put in jail.


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