Cancer cure using laser light

A Personal Miracle
On April 3, 2007, I had a colonoscopy performed to locate the source of my rectal bleeding. The results revealed that I had a mass on the wall of my rectum that was about 1.2 inches in diameter and malignant.
The doctor who performed the colonoscopy referred me to a surgeon. We met in his office.
The surgeon informed me that my entire rectum would have to be removed and that he couldnít guarantee that he could connect everything back together, which would mean a colostomy. He also said that although he does much of his surgeries laparoscopically, he would have to do open surgery for my case. I was stunned, in shock.
He further informed me that he wanted me to do six weeks of chemotherapy and radiation to shrink the tumor as much as possible before surgery. An oncologist would consult with me about the recipe for the chemo.
I told him that I was very resistant to both chemo and radiation. He became annoyed with me and told me that if I didnít follow the standard protocol for my condition that I would experience ďa terrible way to die.Ē
I left the surgeonís office determined to find an alternative. I did have a CT scan done at his recommendation and a chest X-ray. Both were negative as far as any spread of the cancer is concerned.
A friend sent me a link to videos of a presentation given by Dr Bill Deagle that was made in December of 2006. There was a lot of information on the videos, some of which focused on how to remain healthy in a toxic world. Dr Deagle mentioned that he did telephone consultations, so I called him. When I explained my situation, he asked me to e-mail a medical history. He said he would put together some information for me.
When I got the information, some by phone and some in a report e-mailed to me, he told me about a woman in Little Rock Arkansas who cured cancer using light. Because my growth was only 2.5 inches from the outside, he thought that she might be able to reach it with her process.
I e-mailed this woman, Dr Carpenter (her PhD is in physics) to ask if she could help me. She called back and told me with utmost confidence that my tumor would be dead with only three treatments and sent me an information packet.
The packet explained that the treatment she had pioneered involved injecting the tumor with an agent that only the cancer cells absorbed. The tumor is then hit with a near infra red light. The light causes the cells with the agent in them to heat up and die. Normal cells are unaffected. I was intrigued.
After asking a few more questions and getting answers I liked, I decided to go ahead with the treatment. We scheduled three appointments for the week of June 11th.
The fee for the treatments was $7,000. Normally, it would have been $3,750, but I was going to need her anesthesiologist partner to do a block at the base of my spine for each treatment and that raised the cost.
I flew to Little Rock, found my way to her treatment center and had my first treatment on June 12th. It was painless and took about an hour. Dr Carpenter informed me that my tumor was flattening and that some of the tissue was already starting to look like normal tissue.
During the second treatment, Dr Carpenter told me that the tumor looked very different from the way it looked during the first treatment (a positive sign). I had one more treatment on Saturday, June 16th and then headed for home with my tumor completely dead. When I told her that I didnít know how to thank her, she said, ďGo home and have a good life.Ē
I was sore from the retractor that was used to open me up and from the injections of the pain killer. But it was nothing that Tylenol couldnít handle.
I now am cancer free, can live a normal life (no restrictions) and I didnít have to have toxic chemicals shot into my body or receive any radiation. I also didnít have to have very invasive surgery, a long hospital stay or a bag attached to my side for the rest of my life. I will have about three months of continued bleeding as the dead cells are sloughed off by the body. Thatís just an inconvenience.
If you know anyone who is facing decisions about cancer, I urge you to tell them about Dr Carpenter. You can check her out at www.lasemedinc. com. At the present time, she cannot administer general anesthesia and canít operate on most organs (she did cure a liver cancer because they knew where the tumor was located). The tumor has to be pin pointed and be no more than four inches from the surface.
Dr Carpenter has been fighting the medical establishment for 20 years. She is a warrior. I love her for her tenacity. She is the only person doing this therapy. It is called Light Induced Enhanced Selective Hyperthermia. She has a patent on this process. I bless her for her service to humanity.
Rose Marie

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