Japanese cancer cure AHCC

For many years the only way to have access to this
fantastic immune booster supplement was to live in
Japan. During this era Lane Labs located in the
U.S. formulated a similar product. Both products
targeted the immune system specifically to prevent
and treat cancer, and both proved their

In fact, the Lane Labs product, MGN-3 was so good
FDA was finally successful in forcing Lane Labs to
stop selling MGN-3 in the U.S.

The product that was exclusive to Japan was finally
approved for import to the United States. The name
of that product is AHCC (Active Hexose Correlated

You're wondering what is this product.
Right?  It is an extract of several medicinal
mushrooms and are known for their ability to
enhance macrophage and NK (Natural Killer) Cell
Activity. NK cells and the intercellular mediators
they produce are critical for the maintenance of
healthy cell cycle function. In short, they help to
prevent and treat cancer successfully.


Now, I would like to provide some
benefits of AHCC

* Stimulate cytokine production, which stimulates
  immune function.
* Increases NK cell activity against diseased cells
  as much as 300%
* Increases the formation of  explosive granules
  (using NK cells) which destroys cancer cells and
* Increases the number and the activity of lymphocytes,
  superficially increasing T-cells up to 200%.
* Increases Interferon levels, which inhibits the
  replication of viruses and also stimulates the NK
  cell activity.
* Increases the formation of TNF, a group of proteins
  that help destroy cancer cells.


AHCC is so effective it has been written up in...
* International Journal of Immunology
* Anti-Cancer Drugs
* Society of Natural Immunity
* International Journal of Immunotherapy

See the product

It has been generally decided that 3 grams a day of
AHCC will lower the level of cancer markers found
with patients with...

* prostate cancer
* ovarian cancer
* multiple myeloma
* breast cancer


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