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Cancell is a safe alternative cancer treatment which has successfully treated people and animals for a wide array of diseases for more than thirty years without dangerous side affects. This web site contains protocols and ordering information for alternative cancer treatment Cancell and other alternative cancer treatments such as Laetrile and Hydrazine Sulfate.

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"Official" Statements about Cancell
Test Results for Cancell
Considering CHEMO?
Chemo Without Side Effects (IPT)
Children in hospitals
Effectiveness and Response Time
What to Avoid
What Can be Taken with Cancell
How Cancell Works
Recommending Cancel to others
HOPE - Cancell victors helping others
Toxicity and Side Effects
Other Diseases and Cancell
Selecting the Right Cancer Treatment (Applied Kinesiology)
Ordering Cancell and other Supplements
World Without Cancer -excerpts from the book
Preventatives and Early Detection
History of Entelev/Cancell
Formulation Change / Name Confusion
Humor, the best Medicine
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The Cancell Web page exposes the fraud behind pharmaceutical company controlled medical research institutions. These institutions are responsible for preventing numerous safe alternative cancer treatments from getting to the public. As Dr. Claire Gilbert so skillfully put it, "Unfortunately, the field of medicine today in the U.S. is highly intertwined with the pharmaceutical industry, which stands to make no profit on most of the things which maintain good health or heal a sick immune system."

Your Doctor’s Information

Even if you have the best doctors, their information about any alternative cancer treatment is probably incorrect. Doctors are so busy that they must rely on summaries of medical research. This web site contains proof that summaries from main stream medical institutions have distorted test results beyond any resemblance to the truth. These cases fit a pattern which is thoroughly explained in the book, The Cancer Industry by Ralph Moss (click to order this book from One doctors views on medical research in America.

NCI Publishes Summaries

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) is the most active organization screening conventional and alternative cancer treatments. NCI has a $2.2 billion annual budget (yes billion) mostly supplied by our taxes. After testing Cancell, NCI published the following false test summary which is easily found on the web: "Cancell did not demonstrate a biological effect considered worthy of further study." The actual test results show that this statement is an outrageous lie. You can use this site to view the NCI test data sheets or order the test results from NCI directly and see that Cancell has more biological effect than the "gold standard" of chemo, Taxol.

A Long History of Disinformation

Researchers told the same lies about Laetrile that were told about Cancell and it took ten years before anybody looked beyond the summary of Laetrile testing and examined the test data. By then it was too late; most people and doctors thought Laetrile was a hoax. It’s not a hoax, but not taking Laetrile without vitamin-A in a micro-emulsification and enzymes such as Pancreatin ( found in Wobenzym) produces poor results. To learn the numerous ways  Laetrile was discredited, read The Cancer Industry by Ralph Moss. To see impressive evidence of the trophoblast theory behind Laetrile as a cancer treatment and simple preventative, read the book World Without Cancer by Griffin. If you don't have time, at least order the video of World Without Cancer.

In a Nut Shell

Professor George Mathe, French cancer specialist, "Scientific Medicine Stymied," Medicines Nouvelles (Paris), said in March 1989, "If I contracted cancer, I would never go to a standard cancer treatment center. Cancer victims who live far from such centers have a chance."

Mainstream doctors receive distorted information on alternative cancer treatments. Therefore, you cannot rely on mainstream doctors to recommend the correct cancer treatment. You must rely on yourself. If you can read the above two books, you will most likely avoid:
Being operated on to determine if your tumors are cancerous. The operation has a good chance of spreading cancer cells and is completely unnecessary because there is a urine test that is as reliable as a biopsy (source: World Without Cancer) and a blood test.
Being radiated at, but radiation is usually just a delay tactic and the side effect of radiation is cancer (source: The Cancer Industry).
Given chemo, which derails your immune system and wrecks your kidneys. If the cancer persists, and it usually does (World Without Cancer by Griffin), your body will require months of recovery before most alternative treatments can help.

If you don't avoid the above course of action, you and your insurance company will spend about $200,000. Consider that one out of four people get cancer, do the math, and you will have a feel for the most significant aspect of the cancer industry: $$$. You can read a sample of the information in Griffin's book relating to the success rate of conventional treatment including chemo on a separate page of this web site. (That page must be printed separately.)

Doctors in Favor of Alternatives

Many doctors say that they support alternative treatments. But, these same doctors talk their patients into taking the dangerous conventional treatments first. Then, after chemo has destroyed the patient's immune system, they say, "OK try those alternative cancer treatments now." This is backwards in the extreme. Doesn't it make more sense to take the safer treatments first especially since all conventional treatments are known to cause cancer?

Media vs Cancell

Why you probably haven't heard of Cancell and how its reputation was ruined:
The developer, James Sheridan wished Cancell to be affordable to all cancer sufferers in the world. In negotiations with drug companies he insisted on reasonable prices. This made Cancell unattractive to companies who were making a fortune with chemo most of which have not gone through FDA testing. Most chemos could never pass FDA testing. They are labeled experimental drugs to get around the FDA and to allow them to charge exorbitant prices.
Without FDA approval Sheridan distributed Entelev (the name Cancell was introduced later). In retaliation, the FDA tried to prevent any lab from testing Sheridan's compound while he continued to give it away.
The $7 billion a year Chemo industry titans viewed Cancell as a competitor. Apparently they took advantage of a golden opportunity presented to them by Ed Sopcak who took over the manufacture and distribution of Entelev in 1984 and changed the name to Cancell.
Around 1992, inexplicably, Ed Sopcak completely changed Cancell's formulation to a homeopathic like product that chemically appeared to be water. Suddenly, media interest swelled. Sopcak was interviewed by magazines and a book was written.

Was the Chemo industry responsible for this well timed publicity about a formula that chemically, had nothing to do with the original Cancell formula? To answer that question you can take the Cancer Conspiracy book link near the bottom of this page and read abstracts of nearly twenty books on the subject.


The Webmaster, Paul Winter receives no compensation from the sale of Cancell.


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"Official" Statements about Cancell

A Barrage of Falsehood

There are many misleading statements on the web regarding Cancell. These statements can be found on the following links to another page on this web site:
 National Cancer Institute
 American Cancer Society

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Although the formula of Cancell has changed slightly over the years, it contains: inositol, potassium, sodium, copper, and a bioflavonoids complex. These ingredients are clearly listed on the label.

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Actual NCI Test Results

Three sets of test results were requested from the National Cancer Institute (NCI):

  1. Test results for Cancell.
  2.  Test results for any compound that was not considered worthy of further study. NCI sent test results for perilly alcohol.
  3.  Test results for a compound considered worthy of further study. NCI sent test results for taxol a chemo which is often called "the gold standard of chemo."

Test Procedure

NCI initial, in-vitro testing of compounds for anti-tumor activity applies five different concentrations of the compound under test to five human tumor masses of each of 60 different tumor types (5 x 60 =300 tumor masses). After a fixed number of days, NCI measures the change in mass of all 300 tumors. A reduction in mass is indicated by a negative percentage growth number and indicates anti-cancer activity.

Summarizing the Test Results

With 300 tumor masses to track, the test data becomes cumbersome. Therefore, two criterion were developed to summarize the results:

80% hits - the number of tumor types out of the 60 tested that showed 80% or greater reduction in mass.
95% hits - the number of tumor types out of the 60 tested that showed 95% or greater reduction in mass.

Concentration levels are very significant for compounds like Chemo because Chemo is so toxic. However, Cancell is many times less  toxic than aspirin. Therefore, for simplicity, all concentrations were lumped together; if any concentration showed a reduction greater than 80% or 95%, it is a hit. This puts toxic compounds like Chemo in a much better light than they deserve, but even so, Cancell demonstrates superior performance in the NCI screening test.

Table 1. Summary of  Test Results From NCI

Compound, NCI judgment NSC
Number of Tumor Types That Showed
Mass Reductions of at least:
*80%                    95%
Perilly alcohol, inactive 641066-T/2



Taxol, active 125973-L/19



Cancell, inactive 637907-L/1  



*The total of 80% hits includes all mass reductions of 80% or greater; this includes mass reductions of 95% .

Table 1 clearly shows that Cancell is more active than a popular chemotherapeutic agent NCI judged to be active, taxol, but NCI still judged Cancell inactive. Click here to view more data from the test results or download the actual test result sheets. Furthermore, the tests are designed for fast acting compounds like Chemo; Cancell works more slowly. The developer, James Sheridan, felt that Cancell would have completely eliminated the tumor masses if the test was conducted for a longer period. Another researcher, statistician Dr. Irwin Bross examines NCI.

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Conspiracy or Just Common Rationalizations?

The FDA harassed the developer James Sheridan and prevented labs from testing his compound. Eventually they placed an injunction against him from distributing Cancell even though no one had reported any adverse side effects.

The FDA's position on Cancell may look different from their point of view. Sheridan was distributing a compound that FDA did not approve, therefore the FDA felt obliged to stop his operation. I would imagine a conversation between an FDA inspector and a test lab that agreed to tests Sheridan's compound would go something like this:

I hear you are testing for James Sheridian. He is involved in illegal activity which we are trying to put a stop to. Anyone supporting him is likely to come under close scrutiny by the FDA. Have a nice day.

It is not likely that any doctor knowingly suppress a cancer cure to protect their business or career. But, every doctor has his or her own ideas about the best treatment based on what they have learned. However, the pharmaceutical companies have an extremely strong influence over what medical doctors are taught. Doctors are too busy to dig into the statistics of cancer treatments, they assume that what they are taught in school are the best treatments. They cannot afford to suspect that these treatments are only the best for the pharmaceutical companies that influence their institutions of "higher learning."

"The thing that bugs me is that people think the Food and Drug Administration is protecting them -- it isn't. What the FDA is doing and what the public thinks it's doing are as different as night and day." --Dr. Herbert L. Ley, former Commissioner of the FDA. FDA consultants that have pharmaceutical company ties. Whose side is the FDA really on?

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Considering Chemo?

From the 12th December 2002 issue of Journal of the American Medical Association, in a review with James Spencer Malpas, M.D., D.Phil. St. Bartholomew's Hospital London, United Kingdom: "a recent randomized trial of treatment for stage one multiple myeloma by Riccardi and colleagues (British Journal of Cancer 2000;82:1254-60) showed no advantage of conventional chemotherapy over no treatment.

The above statement is in direct contrast to popular belief because of statements like this:

"1998 was truly one of the most exciting years for cancer research," said Harmon Eyre, MD, executive vice president for research and medical affairs for the American Cancer Society (ACS). "While we are closer than ever to finding answers..." followed by a pitch for more donations.
Who is telling the truth?

In 1986 McGill Cancer Center scientists surveyed 118 oncologists who specialized in lung cancer. They were asked if they would take chemo if they developed lung cancer. Three-quarters replied that they WOULD NOT TAKE CHEMO.
Taken from Reclaiming Our Health by John Robbins, 1996. Published by HJ Kramer, Box 1082, Tiburon, CA 94920.

In 1984 an unusual convention of doctors was held in Chicago. Nine eminent physicians from all over the United States spoke to an auditorium packed with their colleagues. The name of the conference was Dissent in Medicine. The theme at the conference was the propensity of the nation's medical hierarchy to lie to the public. Among the speakers was Alan S. Levin, M.D., professor of immunology at the University of California, San Francisco, Medical School, "Practicing physicians are intimidated into using regimes which they know do not work. One of the most glaring examples is chemotherapy, which does not work for the majority of cancers."

Chemo Without Side Effects - IPT

After reading this section about chemo, if you still want to use chemo, seriously consider using chemo without the side effects. Consider using Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT). IPT makes cell membranes more permeable, and increases uptake of drugs into cells. IPT selectively targets tumor cells, which usually have more insulin receptors than normal cells. It also makes tumor cells more susceptible to chemo by modifying cell metabolism. As a result cancer patients can greatly reduce chemo dosage and eliminate most side effects while increasing the effectiveness of chemo. The non-profit IPT web site is run by a local friend, Chris Duffield, Ph.D. whose kindness and concern is plainly obvious to all who meet him. He, like me, does not sell anything and devotes his time simply to help his fellow man.

Chemo With Cancell to Reduct Side Effects

Although chemo prevents Cancell from working, taking Cancell while taking chemo reduces the chemo side effects and does not interfere with chemo. For months after chemo treatments, it may be difficult for Cancell to work. Cancell does start right away, but more slowly after chemo. Even fairly healthy people can take many months to recover from chemo.

Chemo Statistics

If you want to learn what a doctor would discover if they researched the statistics of their cancer treatments, here are ten pages reprinted from the book World Without Cancer which address  surgery, radiation, and chemo effectiveness. These pages are preceded by my introduction which summarizes the cancer mechanism presented by the book. So many facts are presented in the book that no doubt remains that this mechanism is accurate. Two obvious conclusions arise: here is another safe, effective cancer treatment and a simple pill-a-day preventative. Unfortunately, the pharmaceutical companies in concert with the AMA were able to discredit this treatment, despite successful test results, exactly like NCI did with their test result summary concerning Cancell.

The "War" on Cancer    or    How to Make a Lot of Money Forever

Summarizing the first 20 years of the war on cancer (during which time $billions of our taxes have poured into the medical industry each year for cancer research) the American Cancer Society (Cancer Facts and Figures 1997 web page, see Links at the page bottom) presents a table showing the percentage of people who die of cancer each year by cancer type. The percentage has risen in more than half the 43 types of cancers studied. The overall percentage of people dying of cancer increased. You might think that this has to do with having a larger older population, but read on:

Regarding conventional treatments, Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D. formerly of Sloan-Kettering Cancer center, from his Cancer Chronicles #20 ©March 1994 by :

"It's official. Even the Journal of the American Medical Association now admits that the war on cancer is a failure. An article in the Feb. 9 [1994] issue says that cancer incidence and death rates are rising. Most people knew that smoking-related cancers were on the rise. Now we learn that a "baby boomer's" chances of getting non-smoking-related cancers are double what their grandparent's odds were. "In all age groups, cancer incidence is increasing...," the article reveals.

 In addition, "few new, effective treatments have been devised for the most common cancers." This follows similar revelations in Scientific American (2/94)."

Despite the number of people who quit smoking, the percentage for deaths due to lung cancer has increased dramatically. Something is basically wrong with conventional wisdom regarding cancer. On the other hand alternative treatments are working exactly the way they should, but doctors continue to attack their effectiveness.

How Alternative Treatments are Successfully Attacked

Alternative treatments usually treat the cause of an illness, but each illness can have a number of causes. Therefore, each alternative cancer treatment is effective on a smaller percentage* of cases than something like chemo which works on the symptoms. Chemo will often reduce the size of tumors, but they start growing again because chemo does not addressing the cause of the cancer. The good news is that you can try a number of alternative treatments at the same time. This is a tremendous advantage over chemo which make it almost impossible for any other treatment to work because of the destruction of the immune system among other things.

* This is not true of Cancell which works directly on Cancer cells not on the cause of the cancer and therefore has a higher effectivity than most alternatives. For this reason, using Laetrile which does work on a Cancer cause it an excellent combination and does not interfere with each other.
What Chemo Does

Chemo kills. It killed my sister who died of pneumonia after chemo destroyed her immune system. Renal failure has killed many others after chemo destroyed their kidneys. There are so many accusations about the abuses inherent with conventional cancer treatment that no less than eight books have explored "the cancer conspiracy." See Links.

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Children in Hospitals

The medical profession has used sympathy for children to pass unbelievable laws that allow them to do anything they want to your child with or without your permission. One woman put her son was in a Utah children's hospital for cancer. During his short stay, three children died as the result of their first chemo treatment (the deaths were not reported as due to chemo). Two other mothers became terrified that chemo would be given to their children and had to sue the hospital to get their children out.

Hospitals will pump a child full of any drug they can think of with or without your permission. They will take your child away if you disagree with their treatment even if it makes your child worse. Get the paperwork that you must sign for admission as soon as possible and take it to a lawyer (there is usually a week or two between the decision to hospitalize and the actually hospitalization). Cross out any words that may cause you a loss of control over your child's treatment. Have the lawyer prepare a letter stating that you will sue them immediately if they refuse to admit your child because you want to maintain control over your child's treatment. Tell the hospital that you want the right to prevent them from giving your child chemo if you decide that is not the right treatment and that you want the paperwork to reflect that. Most releases in hospitals don't allow you any control over the treatment of a child, cross that insanity out. Prepare to "find a different doctor" if you start to lose control over what your child is receiving.

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Why Doctors Don't Prescribe Cancell

Any treatment that you can obtain and self-administer threatens to remove your doctor from their treatment program. Although your doctor may not object to this, the American Medical Association (AMA) is strongly opposed to such a trend. For this reason the AMA has pushed for legislation to prevent the public from ever being exposed to alternatives. They have succeeded:

From the Office of Technology Assessment United States Congress, Archive of 1990, "Because their practices fall outside of standard medical practice, physicians who offer unconventional cancer treatments are vulnerable to the civil charge of malpractice."

From Dr. Moss's book, Questioning Chemotherapy (see Links) the estimated worldwide sales of all anti-cancer agents for 1997 is $11 billion. This includes cytotoxics and hormone treatments; cytokines; and anti-emetics. Cytotoxics (harmful compounds like chemo) represent about two-thirds of the market or about $7 billion.

If you operated a drug company and had a well known product that doctors were always prescribing, wouldn’t you do all you could to promote your product and prevent competitive products from being used? What kind of promotion does a $7 billion a year product inspire?

Drug companies have the ear of most doctors. Meanwhile, Sheridan can't even get acknowledged by the medical community because he isn't a medical doctor.

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Effectiveness and Response Time

By 1940, Sheridan had a compound which he tested to be 38% effective. He continued improving the formulation using laboratory animals. Eventually over 20,000 animal experiments were performed and, by 1953 the development stage ended. Currently the Humanitarian Organization of People for Entelev (H.O.P.E.) organization, a support group for cancer sufferers, estimate the effectiveness of Entelev at 80% for all cancers. They report higher rates on some specific cancers such as brain tumors and effectiveness in children is lower than 80%. This seems to be related to the higher level of growth common in the cells of children.

How to Tell if Cancell is Working

When malignant cells go past the primitive state, they lyse or self-digest. When the malignant cells, self-digest, they change from cancer to waste material, composed of two amino acids that have the appearance of raw egg whites, which are mostly excreted through normal body waste disposal or in the case of lung cancer, this material is coughed up.

Tumor Markers

Tumor markers can raise for three to four months after taking Cancell. This does not mean that Cancell is not working.

Response Time

Different people respond at different speeds to Cancell. Some cancer sufferers notice response in a week and virus symptoms can go away in one day. However, it can take as much as three months or more for some cancer sufferers to notice improvement especially for Lymphomas. The lymph system has a very slow circulation rate. This slows down the action of Cancell. In the words of James Sherdian, "Cancell takes time to work... 7 to 9 weeks is typical and some cases take up to 3 months or more to see a response."

One of the reasons for Cancell's apparent slow action is due to the time it takes a person's system to convert the tumors to waste matter and longer to recover from the damage the tumor produced. Often the waste matter around a tumor is misread by a doctor as tumor growth and a person stops taking Cancell before it is finished working. This tragedy is difficult to prevent.

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Selecting the Right Cancer Treatment

If you can obtain samples of the different treatments you are considering, you might be interested in a technique called Applied Kinesiology. This technique has to do with energy.

Applied Kinesiology. It is a very well documented procedure, but not well known. You can find practitioners of Applied Kinesiology in the chiropractic profession; click here for a list of AK doctors in your state. You can also buy a book about it called Your Body Doesn't Lie by Diamond. It was written 20 years ago and is still in print. That is extremely long lived for a book on alternate health.

Have you ever heard of "The Celestine Prophecy" by James Redfield? It was number one the New York Times bestsellers list for more than a year. It is a story about the emergency and growing acceptance of energy (sometimes referred to as spiritual energy, personal energy…). I have worked daily with this energy for personal healing for twenty years and can say that it has given me powerful insights and abilities. Most things have an energy signature that your body can sense. Applied Kinesiology uses this energy to allow your body to decide which meds to take. It is easy to tell if a body can do this by first holding a vitamin in your hand and then a poison; the results are impressive and right before you eyes. The containers need to be identical so you can't tell which is which.

I recently obtained a number of small plastic vials that are perfect for Applied Kinesiology. If you send me the information below, I will send you the containers:
Your name and address
The number of substances you wish to test with Applied Kinesiology

I prefer not to receive any payment for this service.

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Recommending Cancell to Others

Since you, a non-medical doctor, are recommending Cancell, your friend or relative may need to see a lot of information before he or she will try it. Such detailed information is almost impossible to deliver in a conversation. Printed material is most convincing even if you read it to him or her. If you can't prove that conventional doctors receive only pharmaceutical company influenced information, your friend or relative will follow their doctor. So unless they have already rejected conventional treatments, consider giving them or reading to them a print out of the World Without Cancer excerpts and let them absorb that information before presenting any additional information. It may take a print out of the NCI test results and a lengthy explanation of the columns, but try starting with the excerpts.

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Ordering Cancell and other Supplements

If you are recommending Cancell to a friend or relative, you do not need ordering information. Go to Recommending Cancell.

Cancell is a tool that must be used skillfully. Also, you may have to give up some foods or medicines you are currently taking.  Therefore, please read and consider all the information in the following sections before ordering Cancell, Laetrile, or additional supplements. If you have already read the sections below, starting with Cancell Cost, you may want to jump to the Ordering Preliminaries page which contains:

Basic precautions
Full dosage instructions based on the disease you wish to treat.
Dosage and ordering information for other suppliments including:
Bromelain and Pancreatin
Germanium 132
Grape Seed Extract
Hydrazine Sulfate
Laetrile (B17)
Emulsified Vitamin A

Only jump to Ordering Preliminaries if you have read the information below and know which additional suppliments you want to consider. Otherwise please continue reading about talking Cancell so you will avoil the mistakes too many people have made.

Cancell Cost

A four to six month (depends on which dosage method used) supply costs about $170, half size is available. Although this is a reasonable cost, other supplements should also be considered which can double the eventual cost.

Important Considerations

Be sure to read the following sections to determine if you are currently taking something that interferes with Cancell. If you must continue to take something that interferes with Cancell, there is no sense in continueing to read the ordering information.

What to Avoid

Cancell is a delicate treatment whose effect can be stopped by a number of substances. Before continuing with the ordering information, decide if you are willing to avoid taking all of the substances listed below that interfere with Cancell.

Foods to Avoid

Reducing your intake of refined sugar had been known to aid the effects of Cancell. Fructose, honey, 100% maple syrup are much better.

Vitamins to Aviod

High concentrations of the following substances have been known to interfere with Cancell (naturally occurring quantities in food has not caused any problems):

Vitamin C (taking vitamin C is the number one reason that Cancell fails to work)
Vitamin E
CoEnzyme Q10

Treatments to Avoid

Essiac (often given in a tea)
Ozone treatments
Flax seed oil
IP6 (in theory there may be a problem, but case histories are needed)
714-x cases around Sept 2000 indicate that 714-x may interfere with Cancell
Hydrogen peroxide
Colloidal silver - the heavy metal quality of silver could cause a reaction with Cancell.

Treatments that Can Be Taken with Cancell

The following do not interfere with Cancell as far as experience has shown:
5FU * Avonex (an interferon - very toxic)
Ambrotose (plant saccharides)
Betaine hydrocholoride
Blue Green Algae (believed to have no problems with Cancell, but no case history to verify)
Borage oil
Boron Calcium
Coumadin (an anti-coagulant)
Diuretics in general
Fish oil (EPA, DHA)
Folic acid
Glutamic acid hydrochloride
Grape seed extract
hormone inhibitors
Interferion (although it is highly toxic)
JuicePlus has about 200 mg of C in a daily dose.
Lemon bioflavonoids
Linolenic acid
Megace (Megestrol Acetate)
Melatonin (occasionally)
Metoprolol tartrate
MGN3 (probable compatibility)
Pantothenic acid
Para-aminobenz acid
Rice bran
Rose hips (if the level of vitamin C is low)
Saw palmetto
Shark liver oil (Life Extension recommends not longer than one month of treatment)
Secal and Entergenic concentrate
Silica Hydride
Thymic Protein A
Venus Fly Trap

* 5FU is considered by some to be chemo. This is a misleading label. The definition of chemo in most dictionary states that chemo is any drug used in the treatment of cancer. Under this definition 5FU is chemo. However, common usage determined the definition of a word. The common usage definition for chemo would be an extremely toxic substance. Under the common usage definition, 5FU should not be considered chemo.

It is generally suggested that herbs be discontinued because it is unknown how they will react with Cancell. Other substances whose reaction with Cancell is currently unknown:

Cat's Claw
Vilcora (Cat's Claw)
Sales de potasio

A good site to check side effects of common drugs.

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Additional Ordering Considerations

The following sections contain ordering information that needs to be considered in many cases:

Cancell Dosage and Response Time - how difficult it is to take Cancell
Discussing Cancell with You Doctor
Cancell and Surgery
Toxicity and Side Effects

If the above subjects don't apply to you, proceed to Ordering Preliminaries or return to Main Menu.

Cancell Dosage

Before ordering, consider how hard it may be for you or the patient to take Cancell.  A quarter teaspoon of the strong tasting Cancell liquid must be taken at regular intervals. Do not eat for 15 minutes before or after taking Cancell. There are two dose schedules. Every 4 hours and if you want to sleep eight hours straight you can double the dose you take right before bed and skip the middle-of-the-night dose. This means that you will take Cancell five times a day with the last dose being one half teaspoon. This dose schedule seems to be more effective.

Actually, the more often you take Cancell the better. However, if you intend to exceed six doses a day, the dosage size should be reduced. For example. taking Cancell every two hours only requires a dosage size of an 1/8 of a teaspoon.

Administration Options

If oral administration is not possible, Cancell can be administered rectally. Use a syringe or eye dropper and a quarter of a teaspoon of Cancell. Insert the dropper or syringe just past the rectal muscle and dispense the Cancell. Avoid bowel movements for at least 20 minutes.

Continued Use

Some people want to continue Cancell after remission. I know of one person who continues to take Cancell five years after his remission; no side effects have been observed. However, do not reduce the dosage size or schedule of Cancell. CANCELL WILL NOT WORK at all if you reduce the amount or frequency of dosages.

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Discussing Cancell with Your Doctor

If you want to discuss cancell with your doctor, first:
Print out the three NCI test results.
Give these test results to your doctor along with the NCI statement about Cancell: "Cancell did not demonstrate a biological effect considered worthy of further study."
Wait until he or she has enough time to understand the test results. Your doctor may claim he or she does not have the time or can't understand the test results. If your doctor doesn't have the time or ability to learn about different cancer treatments, should they be treating you?
If your doctor agrees that NCI lied, then you know that he or she understands the test results and you can discuss Cancell without your doctor trying to intimidate you with anger and threats to discontinue care (their usual tactic). If they try that tactic, you may have to remind them of the oath they took and whose body it is.
Your doctor should give you at least as much control over "repair decisions" as your automobile mechanic.
If your doctor responds with an open mind, tell him or her that you are going to take Cancell and want them to remain a source of information, support, and test results as you take charge of your health.

Many doctors appear to have an open mind to alternatives and then try and convince you to take conventional treatments first. Taking conventional treatments, which tend to spread and cause cancer, before taking safe alternatives is backwards in the extreme.

The Best Way to Make the Treatment Decision

The best way to make the treatment decision is to make that decision at home surrounded by the people that love you (or the patient). The doctors office is the worst place to make this decision because of the tremendous outside influence and intimidating surroundings. If you (or the patient) agree to make the decision at home, then you can have a decision that each of you can live with.

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Having Surgery?

In order to present your anesthesiologist with a normally oxygenated body, it is a good idea to stop taking Cancell 48 hours before surgery and then start Cancell 48 hours after the surgery. This stoppage will not significantly set back your progress with Cancell.


As Cancell works and tumors start to break down, they can appear to get larger. CAT scans sometimes can't distinguish between growing tumors and tumors that are breaking down, but a PET scan can verify the breakdown of tumors.

Cancell is sold in a four and two month supplies (if taking the every four hour method) because it can take a while for your body to convert all the cancer to an easily removable substance.

Proceed to Ordering Preliminaries or return to Main Menu

Toxicity and Side Effects

Although Sheridan was unable to get a lab to perform a toxicity test on Entelev, one interested group succeeded in getting the test performed by changing the name. This group fears reprisals from the FDA and have requested that I not include the cover-name they used and the date of the test. However, the results of the test can be published. This test was made using the original, dark Cancell - Entelev. Return to Summarizing the Test Results.

Standard Toxicity Testing Procedure

Toxicity tests establish the level of a compound at which half the test mice die. The level is expressed in terms of milligrams per kilogram of the animal’s body weight. For example, the toxicity of aspirin is 390mg/kilo; if each mouse weighed a kilogram half of them would die if they were each given 390 mg. The test procedure for new compounds is to slowly increase the level of the compound until half the mice die.

Toxicity Test Results for Entelev

The test lab started the test in the normal way and eventually tested levels of hundreds of milligrams per kilo of body weight and no mice died. When the lab got to a level of 5000mg/kilo of body weight they stopped the gradual increments because no mice had yet died. They jumped the level to 11,000 mg per kilo of body weight and finally 70% of the mice died. This level is the equivalent of a 150 pound man taking 700, 1000 mg (“horse”) pills.

Side Effects

Cancell does not seem to have any side effect except that, initially a person may feel tired. On average tiredness lasts 2 1/2 weeks, but some patients report it lasts longer. This is an indication that Cancell is working. Some people who are having digestion problems may not be able to keep Cancell down. Using simple food combining can reduce digestion problems; do not eat starch with meat, do not eat fruit with other foods. Another solution is to switch to rectal administration which is explained with the other dosage information.

One woman mistakenly drank an entire bottle of Cancell and only experienced diarrhea the next day. She discovered her mistake and started taking the correct dosage. She is now cured of cancer.

Due to the many changes a woman’s body goes through during pregnancy, Cancell is not recommended during pregnancy just to be on the safe side.

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Imagery and Attitude

Do you believe in positive visualizations? I wish you are now able to occasionally create the imagine of viewing the test results that indicate a successful outcome after using Cancell.  If you and your loved ones can create that image and feel that joy, you are turning around the negative energy that is generated from worry. Few people realize the power or presence of negative visualizations. Most people think that worrying demonstrates caring. Worry is negative visualization. If you catch yourself engaged in worry, use the above image to undo the damage caused by this form of negative visualization.

Focus on positive sights and sounds. Surround yourself with beauty and music. Everyone I know who has done this, has marveled at its effect:

  1. Get a little book of blank pages.
  2. Everyday, write down something you enjoyed the day before.
  3. If at first you can't think of anything, go with that. Some people call this meditation. If you don't have one, you can use mine:
    1. Stop the voice in your mind
    2. Imagine a beautiful rose and hold that image.
    3. Breath deeply relaxing completely on your exhale.

It doesn't matter how small a thing you enjoyed. Actually, the smaller the better. The more the merrier, but even one deserves a celebration, it could have been the feeling of sunlight on your skin, a smile from a friend, anything pleasant.

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Other Diseases

Cancell has been effective against viruses including AIDS, Herpes (see below), Chronic Fatigue syndrome, lupus, endimetriosis, Crohn's disease, fibromyalgia, and has some success treating: ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease), Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Leukemia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Scleroderma. Information about these diseases and Cancell will be added as I continue my research. I don't have any more information on the above diseases that don't have a link, please contact HOPE for more information.

The mechanism that that occurs when Cancell is given to an AIDS patient is that Cancell strips the protective layer off the viruses allowing the bodies immune system to attack them. This results in an initial increase in viral count when the Cancell treatments start. There are not actually more viruses, they are just more detectable due to the removal of this protective layer.

Colds and Flu

Cancell has demonstrated strong anti-viral abilities against most viruses including colds and flu. It can be exceptionally helpful for people like myself who take a long time to get rid of these common illnesses. My usual run with a cold is two weeks and some flues have persisted for six weeks. Now that I use Cancell, neither of these conditions remain for more than three days and my symptoms are reduced by about 70% soon after taking my first dose. To order Cancell for colds and flues ($170 for a four month supply), first go to Cancell Protocols for Viruses.


The book the Cancell Controversy by Louise Trull reports that 15 cases of herpes were treated with Cancell by physicians with positive cures in every case within 3 to 6 days. However, extensive follow ups were not performed. Recent case histories indicate you should start taking Cancell after an episode starts and continue taking Cancell for one month after symptoms disappear. One of the current Cancell manufacturer suggests that you finish the entire bottle which takes four to six months. Clearly, more study is needed. Read more about this book here. To order Cancell for Herpes ($170 for a four month supply), first go to Cancell Protocols for Herpes.


Cancell cost $170 for a four month supply. Most sources also sell a two month supply for about half that price.

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Visit the Cancell testimonial page.

Cancell Testimonial Video

In 1990, Mark Waters produced a video about cancell called At Whose Expense? -The Suppression of a Cancer Cure That Works. The video is 55 minutes long and has interviews with several folks who used Cancell. If you would like a copy e-mail Mark Waters at or call Backcountry Productions, Longmont, CO (303) 772-8358


The Humanitarian Organization Of People For Entelev (HOPE) for people who either:
Successfully cured their cancer using Cancell, and volunteer to share their experience with cancer patients.
Are currently using Cancell and want to talk with people who have beaten cancer.
Are friends or relatives of Cancer patients and want to know more about Cancell.

The Current president:

 Ms. Ollie Blezinski
 27640 Van Horn
 New Boston, Michigan 48164     Tel: (734) 783-5558

HOPE holds a monthly meeting in Sterling Heights Michigan, where they disseminate information to people who would like to know more about Cancell. People who have used Cancell give testimonials at the meetings. Two or three hundred people attend these meetings. The entrance fee is one or two dollars to pay for the rental of the hall.

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It seems that Cancell would be an excellent cancer preventative, but cancell must be taken multiple times a day on a strict schedule. Taking Cancell on a reduced schedule, WILL NOT WORK. Although I use Cancell for viral infections, I don't use Cancell as a cancer preventative. I use Laetrile and Pancreatin.  

From World Without Cancer by Griffin (second edition Jan 1997, Trade format) page 100, "Dr. Krebs has suggested a minimum level of fifty milligrams of B17 per day for a normal, healthy adult. Naturally, one who is pre-disposed to cancer would require more, and one who already was afflicted with the disease would need much more. The average apricot seed grown in the United States contains approximately four or five milligrams of B17. But this is an average figure and can vary by as much as a factor of six." This is why I take the little 100 milligram pills. I try to take one to two 100 milligram B17 pills and two Pancreatin pills every day, one each in the AM and one each in the PM.

To find suppliers of B17 and Pancreatin.

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Early Detection

There is a fairly new blood test that can detect precancerous and cancerous cells with up to 99 percent sensitivity. Unfortunately, many doctors have never heard of it and are therefore not willing to do the test. You need a doctor who is willing to admit that he or she doesn't know much.

To order an AMAS test, call 1-800-922-8378. you will be sent a free kit in the mail. Take the kit to your doctor, and ask him to order a blood sample and sign the analysis form. All AMAS tests are analyzed by Dr. Bogoch's staff in Boston (overnight shipping instructions are included in the kit). Some smaller labs refuse to draw specimens for tests that will be performed at another lab. If your doctor's lab is not willing to process the AMAS test, and your doctor is not willing to find one that will, do some research on your own. Check the Yellow Pages and call around to larger labs in your area.

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History of Entelev/Cancell

Entelev was developed by a chemist, James Sheridan of Rosell, Michigan. Since his original formula the following names have been used: Sheridan's Formula, Jim's Juice, Crocinic Acid, JS-114, JS-101, 126-F, Entelev, Cancell, Cantron, and Protocel.

Sheridan theorized the possibility of chemically controlling the energy needed by the cells of our body to cause energy low cancer cells to revert to a state where the body can eliminate them as foreign matter. The theory postulates that cancer cells are too energy low to proceed with their normal development. Cancer cells stop their development just short of differentiating into a normal liver, lung, brain ... cell. Sheridan proposed to push cancer cells backward in their development instead of try to encourage them to differentiate.

Sheridan believed he had found a method of controlling the energy available to cells in the early 1930s after witnessing a chemical reaction called rhythmic banding in an analytical chemistry laboratory at Carnegie Tech and reading the Debye Theory, published in 1927 which explores the effects of changing the dielectric constant on reactions of positive and negative ions suggested the means to accomplish this energy reduction.

About 1950, Sheridan was invited to join the staff of the Detroit Institute of Cancer Research. There he performed the required chemical work on the project and the institute experts performed the animal tests. In late 1953, the institute director concluded that Entelev was ready for a clinical program. A committee was formed consisting of the Dean of Medicine at Wayne University, three oncologists from area hospitals, and the director. The committee spent several days interviewing the experts who were running the tests, reviewed the test results and concluded that the material was ready for a clinical program. The director of the Detroit Institute of Cancer Research informed the American Cancer Society about the product. A meeting was requested to take place in New York City. The director and the Dean attended the meeting. They returned and reported that the American Cancer Society did not approve the test because Mr. Sheridan did not prove that he owned the idea. Sheridan was later fired.

Since Sherdian had worked on his idea for many years, it would be fairly easy to show that the idea was his, but Sheridan was fired. Why he was fired is not a mystery if you know how diabolical the pharmaceutical companies are. During the Nuremberg war crimes trials, executives of German pharmaceutical companies were the only civilians who received prison sentences. The descendent companies of these same executives are now operate world wide and receive great respect from the uninformed. An example of such a company is none other than Bayer the aspirin giant that many people think is an American company. These pharmaceutical companies control medical research by giving or withholding grants for research. Moss's book The Cancer Industry is full of such dirty dealing.

Ready for People

Based on the animal testing, Sheridan knew that Entelev was non-toxic and started giving it to friends who were at the “end of the line.” Word spread of the effects it had on these people and Sheridan started receiving requests from all over the country. Unable to refuse to give people a chance for life, he began distributing it for free to anyone who asked for it. The FDA eventually placed an injunction against the distribution of Entelev.

Ed Sopcak Joins the Effort

Around 1984, a cancer sufferer (who wishes to remain nameless) was given the prognosis of six weeks to live due to advanced cancer. Instead of dying on schedule, he acquired a bottle of Entelev and in six weeks he was declared cancer-free. Unfortunately, Sheridan had recently quit distributing Entelev in response to a court injunction because he had not gained FDA approval. This nameless man had written six technical books, and was competent to understand the formulation so Sheridan gave it to him, but he didn’t have the equipment for production. Mr. Nameless contacted a friend, Ed Sopcak who is a metallurgist. Sopcak agreed to make it and eventually started working with Sheridan and distributing it for free between 1984 and 1992.

The FDA Blockade

With their own money Sheridan and Sopcak continued to seek FDA approval. The FDA required toxicity testing. Sheridan and Sopcak decided to pay for this testing because they couldn’t get help from the drug company influenced cancer agencies. Sheridan found what he considered the best laboratory in the country in New Mexico. The cost of the toxicity test was originally $5,000. After they got the material, they called Jim and said it would cost $7,000. Sheridan and Sopcak still agreed. The cost went to $15,000. Still Sheridan and Sopcak agreed. Then the lab called and said for some reason or other they were unable to do it.

Sheridan drove to the lab and said he would like to have a toxicity test run. They said they could have it done within a week. After hearing that the material was Entelev, everything changed. They absolutely couldn't get around to doing it. This treatment continued for years. Some people would say that the $700 billion a year Chemo industry has something to do with this blockade. Eventually, Sheridan retired and no longer pursues the battle.

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The Formulation Change / Name Confusion / Reputation Destruction

Ed Sopcak worked with James Sheridan, the developer, by distributing Entelev (the original name for Cancell, see History above) under the name Cancell between 1984 and 1992. Sopcak's efforts and connections greatly increased public awareness of Cancell. For this reason the term Cancell is used most often when refering to Entelev. Around 1992 Sopcak changed the formulation completely. Sopcak’s new formula resembled a homeopathic product. He stated that it was distilled water “programmed vibrationally.” At this point Sopcak should have changed the name of the product he was manufacturing, but he continued to call it Cancell because he felt that both formulas worked the same way even though they were chemically as different as night and day. Entelev was a dark liquid. Sopcak's new formula was completely clear and contained none of the chemicals that Sheridan had specified. Eventually, Sopcak did change the name of his formula to Quantrol, but the damage to Cancell's reputation continued. This web page uses the term Cancell to refer to the dark formula.

Not long after the formulation change, Quantrol/Cancell received a lot of media attention. Sopcak promoted Quantrol on TV and in articles often referring to it as Cancell and created tremendous confusion. Suddenly, after distributing Cancell for eight years Sopcak was taken to court by the FDA creating more publicity for his "water" and making Cancell seem like a joke. With the wrong formula receiving this negative attention, Cancell's reputation was dealt a devastating blow.

Sopcak Gets Stopped but Distribution Continues

The courts stopped Sopcak from distributing either formula, but during that time a company in Florida started producing Entelev based on a formula forwarded by an intermediary. In 1984 Medical Research Products obtained the Entelev formula and started producing it under the name Cantron.  In the spring of 2000 a Canadian company started working with the Sheridan family and called their product Protocel. So now there are two manufacturers. Both charge about the same price. Both products have the same ingredients which are the same as Entelev although there is a slight difference in the quantity of the ingredients.


In 1999 a product called Radic appeared on the market. It seems that Radic is some kind of Cancell purchased from one source or other, placed in a different bottle and marked up 400%.

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Humor is Still the Best Medicine

For years I collected only the best jokes that friends sent me.  That collection is now 90 pages long (269 KB). Click here to download an RTF version of my joke collection. Any text editor such as MS Word can read RTF files. 

Fred Reed is the police reporter for the Washington Post. After witnessing the horrors found in the streets of Washington D.C. it seems Fred sometimes wants to write about the more humorous side of life. Some of his freelance articles will keep you laughing for hours.

Ballistic Missile Defense?
In Search of Rocks
A Few Good Men
Fred takes shots at Feminists
A Codpiece For Clinton
Radioactive Goat-Curd
The Weirdness Of It All
How Space Aliens Greased The Turn
Marrying With Abandon
Art You Could Lube A Truck With
Sour Thoughts On Multiculturalism
The Unsurprising Decline Of Newspapers
The Sorrowful Rise Of Neuter Man

Links to Related Information

Cancer Conspiracy books The term conspiracy has become extremely unfashionable. It is popular to label anyone who points out a conspiracy as paranoid. This reaction is so prevalent that we have developed into a society of closed minds. Open up a bit and consider what powerful drug companies have accomplished after decades of a Congress for sale. The legislation that the drug companies have managed to get enacted has a real effect on anyone who becomes sick.

Alternative Cancer Treatments The most extensive site on alternative cancer treatments on the web. Produced by Robert Hurt, an independent researcher who has collected information since 1993. This site also contains instructions for joining an e-mail group to discuss cancer and related issues.

Dr. Moss's book, Questioning Chemotherapy (click to buy book from A personal statement from Dr. Moss on chemotherapy.

If you still want to use chemo, seriously consider using chemo without the side effects. Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT) makes tumor cells more susceptible to chemo by modifying cell metabolism. As a result cancer patients can greatly reduce chemo dosage and eliminate most side effects while increasing the effectiveness of chemo.

Louise Trull’s book, “The CanCell Controversy” available from Hampton Roads Publishing, $10 plus shipping, 800-766-8009, 134 Burgess Lane, Charlotesville, Va, 22902 This book should be read with care because it confuses the clear Cancell with the dark Cancell. The clear Cancell is not the same as the dark Cancell and comes with many restrictions and complications that do not apply to the real, dark Cancell. Clear Cancell is not sold any more and was not developed by James Sherdian.

Cancer Choices/Nu-gen Nutrition The web site run by Dr. Maras located in Florida. Dr. Maras has promoted Cantron for years and makes himself available to answer questions daily.

Sumeria a beautiful collection of resources for exploring alternative ideas in health, science, and spirituality. This link brings you directly to their cancer table of contents. You will have to click on the Sumeria link at the bottom of this page to find the more attractive elements of this site.

Center for Empirical Medicine dedicated to publicizing alternative medical thinking and to the public's right to objective information.

Cancer Cures? An extensive list of links to cancer articles by Body Wise independent consultant.

International Advocates for Health Freedom Legal beagles fighting to keep food supplements like Cancell from being treated like drugs. If the FDA succeeds in their attempts at such control, many supplements will not longer be available.

Alternative Treatments compiled by Roger G. Worthington, P.C.

Stop offers a guaranteed cure "from a group of doctors who have found the secret to destroying cancer using natural & superior treatments as God intended." This web site emphasizes PH balancing. The guarantee does not apply to people who have taken chemo.

Cancer Victors and Friends A volunteer organization founded in 1963 to promote natural, non-toxic alternative medicine. They have many local chapters that have monthly meetings. This link is for the Northern California chapter.

Fighting Cancer - cancer treatment options and cancer patient support designed to help you make your own decisions concerning alternative cancer treatments. Run by Jonathan Chamberlain the author of Fighting Cancer - A Survival Guide. Visitors to this site can be downloaded the book free of charge.

Cancer Research - A Super Fraud the most thorough examination of cancer research on the web, a must read for any one considering chemo.

OncoLink Cancer News.

Well Now Health Information a not-for-profit project of members of the Gordon family of Atlanta, Georgia.

Mesothelioma Treatment Articles regarding treatment options as well as mesothelioma patient profiles, medical articles, ongoing protocols, risks and research.  A second site dedicated to a Mesothelioma victim that contains everything relating to Mesothelioma from definitions to poems.

The New Zealand Health Network General alternative information. They work to encourage medical doctors and surgeons to work in conjunction with naturopaths, homeopaths and other healers.

Prostate Links

Prostate Health Resources The award-winning alternative prostate health site complete with an e-mail discussion group.

The Prostate Cancer infolink. The most useful portion of this site is "The Problem of Misstaging" section. That history demonstrates the danger of conventional treatment that starts with surgery and ignores the possibility that the cancer has spread. Alternative treatments treat the entire body and don't spread the cancer like surgery can.

The Circle a prostate cancer mailing list and Web site offering support for families and friends.

Parting Shots

If you feel outraged at how NCI abuses suffering people by spreading disinformation about an alternative treatment, consider adding this to your e-mail signature:

If the National Cancer Institute claims that a cancer
treatment is ineffective, but their own test results show
that it is extremely effective, are they guilty of murder?
Avoid being a victim, visit this non-commercial site:

If you don't want to mess with your e-mail signature please consider sending a global message to friends and colleagues. They may know someone right now who needs to consider the information on this web page.

Finding this Cancell Web Page

You can tell friends to search for "Alternative Cancer Treatment" in any major search engine to locate this Cancell web page.

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