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'The most powerful new cancer-fighting resource I've seen'  -- Jesse Stoff, M.D .


For the first time ever. The one source for everything a family must know -- to fight cancer, survive it, prevent it, and cure it.

Complete and unbiased. Covering all the latest
conventional and alternative therapies.

'I had a war to win, and... I found a power in me that I didn't know existed. A strength to take control, ask questions, do research, and do whatever it took to get my voice heard. I now honor - I cherish it. Although I am left with scars...I also am left with the knowledge that I am strong, powerful, and in control of my life.'

 - Cindy, Ovarian Cancer Survivor

'I had a class IV malignancy tumor growing on my brain. I'm not going to kid you. I was scared. But I quickly learned that it's all in my hands now. I honestly believe that is the best way to beat cancer is to fully educate yourself on every aspect of the disease.'

 - Jon, Brain Cancer Survivor

Dear Friend,

ASK ANYONE WHO HAS CONQUERED CANCER  and you're likely to hear a similiar story. The difference between life and death can all boil down to what you know.

To win, you've got to arm yourself with all the latest facts. About doctors, hospitals, treatment options, side effects...and that's just the beginning! No wonder so many families feel totally overwhelmed by it all.

But now, at last, there's one easy place you can turn to for all the most up-to-date answers.

Because this year-- for the first time ever -- a team of today's most brilliant cancer physcians has come together. To assist in the creation of the ultimate cancer-fighting resource.

More than a book, it's a total survival kit

It's called The Doctors' Complete Guide to Conquering Cancer . And there's never been anything remotely like it available before:

  • It covers both sides of the medical world . Including all the latest conventional and alternative options. <?
  • It's family-friendly . Quick to read and easy to understand.
  • It's absolutely up-to-date . In fact, as you'll see, it practically updates itself.
  • And it's action-oriented . Packed with numbers to call. Addresses to write to. Web sites to visit. And very specific directions about 'what to ask' and 'how to get it'.

It's your one stop source for life-saving information and support. A must-have for anyone -- or any family -- concerned about cancer.

And I'm delighted to announce that through this special introductory offer you can be among the first to have it. Just RSVP today and you can preview it risk-free. Starting with...

Why me?

It's all too easy to get terrified by the sheer mystery of cancer. Families are naturally concerned -- is it genetic? But The Doctors' Complete Guide quickly demystifies the subject. Showing you:

  • Why your genes are not nearly as important as other, controllable causes
  • Common household substances now know to trigger cancer and how to avoid them
  • Up-to-date findings about chlorinated water, food additives, and other potential carcinogens
  • Latest screening techniques that can improve your survival odds (ask your doctor about them now)

You'll also learn the secret of how patients with 'terminal' cancer often make complete recoveries. Scientists know the answers now and believe me, it's not just dumb luck. Then you'll be brought-up-to-date on virtually every important cancer treatment .

You've got many more options now in conventional medicine

Let me make it clear that this guide takes no sides in the debate between conventional and alternative medicine. Instead, it empowers you to make your own decisions, based on the most current information. And there's lots of brand-new information today about even the most familiar treatments -- like surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy. It's all here. Plus, the latest about:

  • Anti-tumor antibiotics and other high-tech therapies
  • New research that promises to make biopsies a thing of the past
  • Plant alkaloids that actually stop cancer cells from dividing
  • Biological response modifiers (BRMs) that help your immune system kill cancer cells
  • New breakthroughs to minimize side effects

Just one of these new facts could save a loved one's life -- or prevent month's of needless suffering from outdated therapies.

Plus, I'll bet The Doctors' Complete Guide to Conquering Cancer will show you...

Over 50 promising treatments your doctor never knew about

Alternative medicine is red hot now. Close to 40% of Americans now use some form of it.

And plenty of conventional doctors are discussing this new world of cancer treatments among themselves. But most are still new to it. And your own doctor may feel it's not 'politically correct' to volunteer advice about alternatives. Which means, as so many survivors will attest...

You've got to take charge, learn your new options and help your doctors work them into your program...

During your risk-free preview, you'll learn exactly how to do it. Including:

  • How to 'manage' your health-care team to get the results you want
  • How to find a nutritionist, naturopathic physician, acupuncturist, or other nontraditional practitioner
  • How to be sure a practitioner is right for you -- the key questions you must ask
  • How to build a powerful team that combines the best in conventional and complementary treatments
  • Red flags that signal an alternative therapy is not for you
  • How to create a total healing program where everything contributes to making you well

It's not hard -- but you do need the know-how. And after looking at many other books, I can assure you that none offer nearly as much help as The Doctors' Complete Guide to Conquering Cancer . At last, you'll get...

Practical details about all the important new alternatives, such as...

  • Medicinal mushrooms are among the most potent new treatments being studied today. Studies show they may triple the cancer-fighting power of your 'natural killer' immune cells. Great! But doctors are working with several kinds. Which might be right for you? What are the actual results to date? Get the answers here.
  • Latest facts about iscador (an extract of mistletoe) from the Lucas clinic in Switzerland. This treatment is now routine in Northern Europe. What do European doctors and lawmakers know that ours don't?
  • Nabilone can stop the nausea from chemotherapy. Patients have said it's all that kept them from quitting their programs. But your doctor may be afraid to suggest it because it's an extract of marijuana. You've got to show him the facts...found here!
  • Amygdalin (also know as laetrile) is still highly controversial as a cancer treatment, but many patients continue to use it. Why? Clinical trials have been completed. Wouldn't you like to know the results?
  • The Chinese herbal protocol PC-Spes has been making headlines for its spectacular results against prostate cancer. But how do you incorporate it safely into your current program? Here are the facts that you and your doctor need to know.
  • Coenzyme Q10 has now been found to raise cancer survival rates -- and research has shown the patients who take it can have less pain, less weight loss, and more of an appetite. But could it interfere with your current therapy? And what dosages are recommended? Find out.
  • And many, many more. Including pancreatic enzyme therapy...botanicals like Ukrain...nutrients like MCP, which may stop cancer from spreading...the new oral supplement Poly-MVA...the astonishing new breakthroughs in mind-body therapy...exciting new facts about lactoferrin, the disease-fighting substance found in mother's milk...
  • Even if you're fully committed to conventional therapy, you owe it to your loved ones to see the hard facts about these options. As you'll learn, many are fully compatible with chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery. And some are well known for reducing the side-effects of conventional treatments.

But please understand that this guide never tries to 'sell you' on anything...

All the pros and cons are laid out objectively

So you can make up your own mind and take intelligent action. Nothing is sugar-coated or exaggerated. Alternative treatments can have side effects too, and you'll learn all about them.

In every case, you'll be getting the practical information you need. All laid out in crystal-clear language you can readily grasp -- with a depth of detail your doctors will appreciate.

Meet the doctors who make up today's 'Who's who in cancer treatment'

You'll also 'meet' six of the world's most innovative and successful cancer physicians. These are the very same medical doctors who serve on the Guide's advisory board. And we've devoted an entire section of your Guide to showing you exactly what each one is doing that's proven so effective.

The information here is so complete, it's like you're actually touring their clinic. You'll get:

  • Full description of each doctor's acclaimed cancer fighting program
  • The strategies, dietary plan, key medications, and even dosages
  • Prices charged
  • Case histories of actual patients

Plus, of course, you'll be provided with each doctor's address, email address (if available), and phone and fax numbers. And a complete listing of each one's credentials, training, and certifications.

Wouldn't it be useful to know about their innovative techniques -- and talk to your own doctor about what their doing? No other service anywhere provides this incredibly helpful information.

'Where are the best hospitals to heal my condition?'

Like any organization, each hospital has its strong suits -- and weak ones. Ideally, you're looking for one with a great track record for treating your particular concern. But where can you find that information?

Right here! Just turn to the chapter 'Where to Go For Treatment' -- and you'll find a directory of every single Comprehensive Cancer Center in America. Plus a listing of the nation's most important clinical and basic cancer centers. With addresses, phone, fax, web site, and e-mail information...and a whole lot more.

You'll get the inside scoop on who's really best at what:

  • Who's doing the cutting-edge work against prostate cancer
  • Where the strongest breast cancer programs are happening
  • Who's running the major research on lung, brain, colon, esophageal and virtually every other cancer
  • Who excels in bone marrow transplants
  • Where to go for access to brand-new cancer vaccines
  • The one cancer center named 'best all-around' for seven consecutive years

Best of all, the guide covers centers for both conventional and alternative treatment. Including a comprehensive directory of Alternative Cancer Doctors and Clinics, throughout North America, the United Kingdom, continental Europe, and Japan.

Tap into free support services nobody told you about

If cancer has invaded your life, just getting through the day can be a challenge. But you've got a right to a normal life. And now you've got the help you need to do it!

Just open your Guide to the chapters 'Living With Cancer' and 'Where to Get Help.' And start tapping into loads of secret support programs that are inexpensive or FREE. Learn who to call for:

  • FREE financial assistance to help pay for home care and transportation
  • FREE or reduced-cost hospitalization for uninsured cancer patients
  • FREE air transportation for cancer patients and bone marrow donors
  • FREE nutritional guidance from a registered dietitian
  • Weekend retreats where the whole family (and friends!) can learn how to help you deal with cancer
  • Beauty classes specially designed to help you look your best after chemotherapy

These chapters alone can repay the price of The Doctors' Complete Guide many times over.

And did you know about the Cancer Survivor's Bill of Rights?

You don't have to hope you'll be treated humanely by health workers and employers. Insist on it! Full details in The Doctors' Complete Guide to Conquering Cancer, where you'll learn...

Powerful secrets of people who fought cancer -- and won

Nothing is more empowering than to meet someone who's been in your shoes -- and kicked tail! You'll meet many such folks in The Doctor's Complete Guide to Conquering Cancer. You'll hear triumphant cancer survivors describe in their own words what they faced. And how they turned the tables on pain and fear.

One thing these survivors agree on -- beating cancer is not about shutting up and being a passive patient. And your Guide shows you exactly...

The questions you must ask if you want to win

Never, ever let yourself be taken for granted by your health-care providers. Remember, no one cares as much about your survival as you do -- and the squeaky wheel gets the grease! To make sure you're getting the best care, you've got to question your providers. And your new Guide even supplies you with complete lists of these life-or-death questions. Including:

  • 10 key questions to ask before you let yourself be tested (start asking why!)
  • 6 things to ask before saying okay to any new treatment
  • 22 things you need to hear before you consent to any surgery
  • 12 questions for your anesthesiologist (probably the most important person on any surgery team)

We've thought of everything so you can have piece of mind. Finally, your Guide will show you...

Dozens of new ways to stay cancer free

For the rest of your long, productive life!

You'll be briefed on how to use foods and nutrients that can make your cells 'cancer proof'. Avoid secret sources of radiation in your daily surroundings. Cleanse your home of cancer-linked toxins that most people wrongly assume are unavoidable. And much more.

Convenient binder format makes updating easy

With its handy looseleaf format, The Doctors' Complete Guide to Conquering Cancer can be updated in minutes, to keep your program state-of-the-sciences. Update pages will be made available to you periodically, on the same risk-free preview basis. Just snap them into your binder!

The handsome, wipe-clean binder and quick-access dividers are yours at no additional charge.

You'll also get a glossary that makes instant sense out of hundreds of medical terms...pages for keeping your own notes and records...a find-it-fast index...and more! There's no space to describe all of the other cancer-fighting tools you'll find in this ultimate resource. So let me invite you now to evaluate it yourself, risk-free.

Our promise to you

Order The Doctors' Complete Guide to Conquering Cancer and use it to supercharge your own fight against cancer for the next 60 days. I promise you'll feel the difference on the very day you receive it -- you won't be able to put it down! And you'll keep coming back to it, day after day, finding new sources of hope and healing. If not simply return it and you'll get your money back, with no questions asked.

This same money back guarantee applies to the update service. Updates will be sent to you on a periodic basis and billed at a very reasonable rate of only $0.30 per page, but never exceeding $30 per update (plus S&H) no matter how many pages we send. And you can return any update within 60 days for a full refund. There's never an obligation to buy and you may cancel the update service at any time.

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Whether it's you or someone you love...

Whether it was diagnosed just this month or years ago...whether you're seeking to cure it, stop a recurrence or simply prevent it...The Doctors' Guide to Conquering Cancer will give you enormous new powers to take charge, take hope, and take back your life.

Don't wait another day to reserve your risk-free preview.


Anne Kelly
Publisher, Agora Health Books

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