Empirical Evidence that shows the bible is an accurate record of events that actually occurred; and now much more!

Below is an explanation of why I designed this part of my website and some insight into why you might need to spend some time here. 

This section is  designed  for  people who object to  being told to "just believe" instead of having  proof of our creator's existence. This is a double edged sword; as Jesus told Thomas when Thomas said he wouldn't believe until he put his fingers in the holes in Jesus' hands and feet; "Blessed are they who believe without seeing."  There is a stigma associated with the "proof" thing. But here's the proof folks and there is lots of it!

This is presented here  for anyone  who will develop a greater spirituality by being shown the "proof"; and for fence sitters who "think" God might be real but are not sure and in case the bible is a collection of mythological stories  they don't want to spend too much time on it or waste good worktime going to church on Sundays (actually the Sabbath, the required day of rest ,falls on Saturday  - the Papacy erroneously changed it to Sunday along the way back in 321AD).  Satan thrives on bringing such people over to his side as he slowly takes your money away, and  increases your indebtedness and workload so you have no time to do anything else except work, complain, argue,  and turn your attentions away from God.

In the words of Ron Wyatt, "Occasionally someone will say to us, "I donít need to see all of these discoveries - I believe by faith." And thatís wonderful. But, after seeing all the things Iíve seen which confirm even tiny little details of the Bible, I can say without a bit of doubt that nothing will ever be able to shake my confidence in the Word of God. And years ago, there were times when preachers and writers had me thinking that just maybe, some parts of the Bible really were a little "messed up"... I mean, after all, itís been thousands of years since the Biblical writers lived, and well, maybe the Bible wasnít all that correct. Do you know what I mean? But that's not true; the discovery of the dead sea scrolls (writings 50BC to 118AD) proved that the word has been faithfully transposed all the way down the line.

Eternal life is not a matter to take lightly - the things God has revealed are exciting, but they also have a purpose. These are Godís work. And because He has revealed all the wonderful evidences that have come to light in the last century, we must know that He has a purpose in this. Sure, we all believe by faith. But how strong is that faith going to be if the time comes when we are forced to make a decision based on that faith which may require us to lose our home, our family or maybe even our life (remember the prophecy that if you fail to take the mark of the beast you shall be beheaded)? Is our faith that strong? Look around you, at the world we live in. Itís all almost over. And we are living in the time when our faith will be tried to its utmost - Satan knows his time is short and he is furious. So let us be thankful for the gifts the Lord is giving us which increase our confidence in His Holy Word. And as the end gets nearer, and the trials we face seem unsurmountable, remember His promise: REV 2:10 "...be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life".

On a positive note , if you die by being killed or beheaded and you do so sticking by Jesus and refusing the mark of the beast ; you will have the reward of being resurrected as soon as Christ returns in the clouds after the Tribulation at the first resurrection along with the rest of the righteous dead, and not 1000 years later when the wicked people are resurrected for judgement and it is a judgement of damnation. All people going to heaven go at the second coming at the end of or near the end of Tribulation ; this includes the righteous dead who are resurrected at that first resurrection and the righteous living who are raptured at that time.  There is NO second boat to heaven, no second rapture, no second judgement with a chance to go to heaven. Revelation 20:4-7, 1Corinthians 15:51-54

 Now folks, I don't want to scare you with "end of the world" stuff; but we are living in the end times, a judgement time,  and have been since 1844 -1848 depending upon whose calendar you follow. We're in the  fifth seal timewise now as near as we can tell.  Jesus said that the end times would be like it was with Noah.  It took Noah 120 years to build the ark and  all the time he preached to non listeners. We are overdue. This mark of the beast thing will be seen in our lifetime yet; especially with Niburu headed our way (www.detailshere.com/niburu.htm )  How strong is your faith on faith alone versus how strong is your faith with the addition of being  witness to all these proofs I can show you on this site??   I will tell you these findings have made a tremendous impact in my faith and belief and relationship to others.  That's why I feel I need to bring this to you. 

I was raised a Catholic (although I certainly do NOT practice their ways today), in a somewhat  Christian environment  and went to Catechism classes in my youth to learn about God, but to be honest with you I didn't have a clue as to what the bible was all about and there appeared to be NO proof to me that God even existed; why should I believe in Him???  Because my mom, the nuns, and my Catechism teacher told me to???  Well let me tell you, the degree of belief in God from someone just telling me I had to believe compared to the discovery that there IS empirical evidence, and lots of it,  supporting the fact the biblical events actually did happen and God is for real, is monumental. These incredible findings cannot be ignored.  It is my hope that by bringing to you some of these discoveries that you too can become excited about Christ's return soon and can share an enhanced perspective of the bible, God's teachings and the meaning of Christianity with others you know  who may be doubtful also because of lack of proof. I also learned that the Catholic Church as well as the Lutherans, Mormons, Presbyterians, and other  religious affiliations have many pagan related customs and changed many things from pure scripture to suit their needs along the way; man's doctrines not in tune with God's Laws.   This website covers some of those issues such as keeping Saturday as the Sabbath and praying ONLY to Yahshu (God the Son) or Yahweh (God the Father) - NO ONE else. One of the best sites to receive information on this aspect is www.jesus-is-lord.com ; go here with an open mind instead of a "my religion  is right" attitude and you can be enlightened. This is an extremely extensive website of information.

As promised in the bible, especially since we are now well into end times events; God is revealing many things to us to prove that the stories and events depicted  in the bible are NOT just tales of myth but are events that actually happened. My website links page   www.detailshere.com/pagestoexplore.htm will make available to you proof of the existence of Noah's Ark, proof of the existence of the Ark Of the Covenant which contained on the mercy seat  actual blood from Jesus the Christ and Messiah who was crucified 25' above the Covenant which had been placed underground there almost 600 years previous to the crucifixion during a siege of Jerusalem.  That  blood  when analyzed only contained 24 chromosones instead of 46 like you and I (for you non scientific folks that's 23 from Mary and a Y to make him a him), the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, the parting of the Red Sea by Moses during the Israelite's exodus from Egypt, and scientific substantiation beyond the shadow of a doubt that the controversial Shroud of Turin actually IS the burial cloth that covered Jesus at the time of his entombment and resurrection.

This section will be expanded with time and will include feedback and excerpts that YOU wish to share with others with the goal of providing hardline evidence of the existence of our Savior and Father.

Much information comes from an "Indian Jones" type of man named Ron Wyatt, an archeologist responsible for bringing out the truth of these important finds.  He has an extensive but fascinating site upon which Ron shares with you the chronological events and biblical background history of each discovery which he has spent the last 20+ years  of his life working on.  Fascinating videos are available at his site www.wyattmuseum.com to bring you a 20 year story in an couple hours of time. See Noah's Ark on my links page for all his information.

And for those in doubt that the bible is truly God's word; a little math is in order at "first step".  

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