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This page, Bible2,  is the start of the lessons page. 
Some of the issues that are  covered on this section of my website are 

First Step   How to get to Heaven    Noah's Ark  Ark of the Covenant  Shroud of Turin  Prayers   Bibles  Grace   Savior
Sabbath Issue  Understanding Prophecy/Revelation   Christian Beliefs    Prophecies in the Bible   Hell    Death   Bible History 
   Baptism  the judgement  Channeling   Mark of the Beast    Bible Lessons   Planet X     Anti-Christ   Rapture  Second Coming     
    Born Again    Ten Commandments  Two Covenants   Immortality   Church History  Satan   Abyss   Aliens/UFO's  Fornication   
Exodus Path
  Adultery    Dead Sea Scrolls  Unclean Foods   Origins of our Holidays  God's FeastDays   Ouija Board   Bible Codes  
   Urgent Warning   Urgent Info      Christian Music   sin    When did Christ die

My original page, Bible, has been replaced with the Parachute of Jesus book.
It is posted online in it's entirety, is available as a free  .pdf by sending me an email request,
and will be printed in paperback form as soon as I have completed the last revisions. What 
started out as a one page tract handout on salvation many years ago became a 150+ page 
book when statistics were revealed that very few people, like maybe only 2.5%, who die on 
earth make heaven at death. Why is that becomes the question. Lack of knowledge, lack of 
understanding, lack of truth being taught in churches today, lack of commitment, a falling away 
of the church; all factors come into play to create this grim statistic. The book is written to reveal 
the truth in what it takes to make heaven and stay out of hell at death. Please read it and feel free 
to comment on what you feel I may have left out. It's more than just a primer on how to get 
through the pearly gates at death. It will change your life; how you think, how you act, what 
you say, what you do in challenging situations and especially in how you treat others


Irina's Prophecy videos are now posted in English at    click on the English button. Eleven youtube videos, about ten minutes 
each. Great graphics.
  Another even more detailed exacting analysis (non denominational) 
of Daniel's prophecy can be found at  
where you can watch the whole 2 hour DVD online.  What an eye opener. If you watch these 
all the way through, it will definitely change your priorities in life. 
Why do you need to spend 
time on prophecy? Because time's up folks. If they are both accurate and between 2016 
and 2020 Jesus returns, as Daniel's prophecy seems to indicate, you will either be considered 
a wheat or a tare and your spirit will be deposed of accordingly.  Did you know that those "taken"  
are not the righteous, but the tares, the unrighteous, the wicked, those that did not take the time
to know and believe in Jesus; and those "left behind"  are the good guys, those considered 
righteous? There is little time left to prepare for your eternal destiny. 
Please watch her video Nephlim's Real Agenda which summarizes her latest book "Children
of the Fallen - how history became myth". 

Why is Christianity at risk?
Watch this short You Tube video on Muslim demographics and you will soon understand 
the endtimes problem 

Are you saved?? A self test.

The whole Bible on one page
Different translations and different languages also available at 

We need to know that Christ justified us, acquitted us of our sins in front of the Father, if we 
just accept His salvation.  This is called grace. Our acceptance of this concept gets us saved, 
meaning we won't be burned in the fires of hell.  But our real goal is sanctification, being 
made righteous and holy, so we can enter through the pearly gates into the magnificent city 
of the New Jerusalem itself. Be sure you have read my page  Bible  for what that process entails.

Getting into the Kingdom of Heaven takes faith and obedience.  
Grace is not a license to continue a life in known sin. 
You CAN lose your "saved" status. Many who are saved will not  go to the Kingdom of Heaven, 
at least at the second coming. There may be different levels of Heaven, just as there may 
be different levels of Hell. There are mysteries of the Bible God has not yet revealed to us.
There may be those who are saved but left on earth during the millenium and depending upon 
their belief, works and commitment may be allowed into heaven just before the new earth is 
formed and the New Jerusalem is set upon the new earth. What happens to good people 
who believe in Jesus but do not do the will of the Father is not well defined. Our goal is to 
become the bride Christ is coming back for, not just to stay out of hell when we die. Believe 
that Jesus is the Son of God, that He died on the cross for your sins, confess and repent of 
your sins and thank Him for having forgiven you. And ask Him to fill you with His Holy Spirit. 
Renounce the sins of your past and turn away from them. Repentance means to turn away 
from sin and incorporates a change of heart, a change of mind, and a change of behaviour. 
You are taking off the old "former self" - the "old man",  and putting on the "new self" with His 
Spirit now. You are a new creature in Christ. You are acknowledging Jesus as your Lord and 
Saviour and you are coming under His rulership and into His Kingdom. If the holy spirit is 
within you and you sin,
you know it when you do wrong. You are instantly reminded you just 
committed an infraction.  Confess your sin to Yahshua (Jesus) right away and get it washed 
away and try not to commit the same sin again. It is our human nature to sin. Adam set us 
up for that when he committed the sin of eating of the forbidden fruit.  But just as one man 
(Adam)  put us in sin, one man (Yahshua) removed our sins.

Entering into the Kingdom of Heaven is by grace only, but the test of that faith in the 
salvation of Jesus, manifests itself in obedience to the will of God.  "Not everyone who says 
to me, Lord Lord, shall enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, but he who does the will of my 
Father in heaven." Mathew 7:21  "Be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving 
your own selves," James 1:22

The kingdom of God is a Spiritual realm, attained by walking in the Spirit, and producing 
the fruit of the Spirit; which is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, 
faithfulness, gentleness, and self control.

We need to study the love walk and how we're to walk in love as if our Kingdom citizenship 
depended on it, because it does. Why does citizenship depend upon love? Because if we 
don't learn how to forgive and love, we can't claim to know Him. Pay particular attention to 
the section on this website “Saved – How do I know” and “Saved – grace or grace plus 
works”. It’s a touchy but important subject. You must learn that works cannot save you, only 
faith in salvation can save you; but if works are not manifested in your life, it also then shows 
you don’t have true faith but only head knowledge.    
See  and  and   
This website online is designed to give you information 
you need to be right with Him at the second coming.  
On this page you will find the important 
things you need to know if getting to Heaven is one of your goals. 

Appropriately, for this part of my site, I start with a parable.

There was a young girl that was walking along a beach with her father and found thousands of little starfish dying on the sand. So she started running around grabbing and throwing all the ones she could back into the ocean. When she asked her father to help her, he looked at the thousands of starfish high and dry and said ,"Honey, there are just too many of them; we can't make a difference".  So she picked one up and gently placed it back into the lifesaving water and said, "I made a difference to that one!" 

That's how Irina and I look at this; we can make a difference one person at a time. And we ARE making a difference, one person at a time, based upon your feedback of questions and letters. This website  is dedicated to providing you with the knowledge and information you need to get to heaven. That boat leaves very soon now, by the way, and there's only one boat - miss it and it's the lake of fire at the end of the thousand years where you are permanently eliminated; hell may not be a torture forever and ever deal; just one quick burn when the wicked are resurrected at the second resurrection at the end of the thousand years and thrown into the lake of fire to be permanently and eternally  eliminated. And, yet again, reading the testimonies of those whom Jesus has shown hell to; it may not be one quick burn but a forever torment in terror, heat, fire, embers and a burning thirst.  Can you afford to gamble which it is?

First step in your journey - how to realize and be convinced that the bible is truly God's word and not just the notions and interpretations of man.  If you don't believe the bible is God's word; how can you believe anything written in it?   The key lies in mathematical probabilities as well as in all the archeological discoveries that have been made in the last thirty years that the people, events, and places depicted in the bible were real and these things actually did happen.
The bible was penned by humans inspired by the holy spirit and  the writings do represent both the Word of God and styles, meanings, customs and traditions of the times and places of these writers.  Many of these scriptural writings are symbolic and not literal. And these men DID make what appear to be errors in their writings compared to how we interpret language today. For example the old testament writers blamed a lot of calamities on God that were actually Satan's doings because they DID NOT KNOW A LOT ABOUT SATAN then. Jesus told us about Satan and his deeds,  plans and capabilities when he came the first time.   The writers do represent the major concepts of what God is trying to tell us. And because the prophecies made in the bible have come true, against all odds of probabilities of chance, we DO know that it is God's word. 

Still don't want anything to do with Jesus Christ?  Then this scenario describes YOUR judgment day. 

Why do I need to concern myself with this stuff?
We are now approaching the final stages in world history: and the time is going to be cut short! Yes, the  world as we know it is about to come to an end, we may very well be entering the tribulation period within the next several years.  It starts with a major , major worldwide earthquake. 
See my page  signs of the end .
Read about the visit to a Laotian woman named Soo    here   , three times, 
from an Angel who told her that Christ was coming very, very , soon.
If you don't take the time to learn the things that are on this site at least take the time to understand what Salvation is all about and why it affects YOU!

God's Simple Plan of Salvation  is a good place to start with.

Two excellent  resources to get you up to speed on the events coming up  during revelation:
Understanding Revelation and Revelation Study Guide

Do you believe in God??
"Unless I see the nail marks in his hands and put my finger where the
nails were, and put my hand into his side, I will not believe it."
Then Jesus said to Thomas, "Put your finger here; see my hands. Reach out your hand 
and put it into my side. Stop doubting and believe."

Do you believe without proof? Or are you like Thomas, and would like to see some proof that the bible is indeed God's word?? 
"Blessed are they who believe without seeing."  There is a stigma associated with the "proof" thing. But here's the proof on this site folks, and there is lots of it!

This part of my website is presented  for anyone  who will develop a greater spirituality by being shown the "proof"; and for fence sitters who "think" God might be real but are not sure and in case the bible is a collection of mythological stories  they don't want to spend too much time on it or waste good worktime going to church on Sundays (actually the Sabbath, the required day of rest and worship ,falls on Saturday  - the Papacy erroneously changed it to Sunday back in 321AD).  Satan thrives on bringing such people over to his side as he slowly takes your money away, and  increases your indebtedness and workload so you have no time to do anything else except work, complain, argue,  and turn your attentions away from God.

In the words of Ron Wyatt, "Occasionally someone will say to us, "I don’t need to see all of these discoveries - I believe by faith." And that’s wonderful. But, after seeing all the things I’ve seen which confirm even tiny little details of the Bible, I can say without a bit of doubt that nothing will ever be able to shake my confidence in the Word of God. And years ago, there were times when preachers and writers had me thinking that just maybe, some parts of the Bible really were a little "messed up"... I mean, after all, it’s been thousands of years since the Biblical writers lived, and well, maybe the Bible wasn’t all that correct. Do you know what I mean? But that's not true; the discovery of the dead sea scrolls (writings 50BC to 118AD) proved that the word has been faithfully transposed all the way down the line.

Why is it important to know these things? Because we are in the end times and the mark of the beast is just around the corner. Many will see this yet in our lifetime.  If you die by being killed or beheaded and you do so sticking by Jesus and refusing the mark of the beast ; you will have the reward of being resurrected as soon as Christ returns in the clouds after the Tribulation at the first resurrection along with the rest of the righteous dead, and not 1000 years later when the wicked people are resurrected for judgment and it is a judgment of damnation. All people going to heaven go at the second coming at the end of or near the end of Tribulation ; this includes the righteous dead who are resurrected at that first resurrection and the righteous living who are raptured at that time.  There is NO second boat to heaven, no pre-trib rapture, no second rapture, no second judgment with a chance to go to heaven. Revelation 20:4-7, 1Corinthians 15:51-54

 I don't want to scare you with "end of the world" stuff; but we are living in the end times. We're in the  fifth seal timewise now as near as we can tell.  Jesus said that the end times would be like it was with Noah.  It took Noah 120 years to build the ark and  all the time he preached to non listeners. We are overdue. This mark of the beast thing will be seen in our lifetime yet; especially with Niburu headed our way ( )  How strong is your faith on faith alone versus how strong is your faith with the addition of being  witness to all these proofs I can show you on this site??   I will tell you these findings have made a tremendous impact in my faith and belief and relationship to others.  That's why I feel we needed to bring this to you. 

This page now contains links to many other pages besides just bible evidence covering many other aspects of Yahweh and Yashua as well as  end times prophesy, events and bible related issues of concern to us. The information presented here is non-denominational for most part.  If you have information you would like to share with others here on this page feel free to  contact us
I do NOT believe in NOR promote any New Age Spiritualism (channeling and contacting the spirit world - which is Satan's side of the fence) or immortality (reincarnation, going to  another dimension or "level of consciousness" as soon as you die) here, as those are NOT scriptural teachings. The New Age Religion, I feel, is Satan's dominion at work. What you find on this site is what God tells us from the bible. 

Summary Statement      defining beliefs of Christians today 

Expanded Christian Beliefs - more in depth info on the Godhead  and what comprises behavior God will use to seal his "saints" 

Bibles  A free online, large type, easy to read,  1611 King James bible to use to check out reference verses we give you in the articles below. 

The whole Bible on one page   or
Want a different version or a different language,
go to  and you will find it.   1560 and 1599 versions of the Geneva Bible with footnotes that King James outlawed and burned and killed whoever was found with one. See Geneva Bible for the history of why this particular Bible was such a threat to King James and was favored by the common man.  You can listen to the whole Bible as well as read along if you wish at this site.   A choice of MANY online bibles, including a Greek and Hebrew texts direct.     another online 1611 KJV   with Strong's references and Includes links to Greek and Hebrew word definitions.

Direct Greek and Hebrew Translations of the Bible
Hebrew Bible translations

Greek Bible translations

The Book of Yahweh - You can also order a Bible entitled The Book of Yahweh from which claims to be a direct translation in understandable English directly from the Greek and Hebrew texts. I have one and I love it. It is much more understandable than a King James and I love the side notes and foot notes that tell you what a passage doesn't mean that many people interpret it as saying, as well as what it does mean. And it refers to our Creator as Yahweh, His proper name and Yahshua, His son, instead of God and Jesus throughout the Bible. This is my favorite of the several we use. 

Download a FREE  1611 King James Version  Bible at  
Also see Free bibles - bible studies - large list  and   FreeBible

Which bible should I use   See this page for histories of how the bible came into being and just what has been done 
to change it over the course of time. Also covers resources to purchase bibles at. 
See  for actual text comparisons to show how meanings have been changed from the 1611 KJV.  The book of Jasher; accounts of Enoch and Noah

The complete works of Josephus (the historian) 

Bible Lessons to help your understanding on key issues such as death, mortality, the sabbath, health issues, 
the rapture, the mark of the beast, where did the words in the bible come from, and more. These study guides are 
from many different affiliations. I do not support all the beliefs of any one particular affiliation.

The   website has a great set of study guides on the important issues; which can also be used as tracts to hand out and can be found at .  You can also click on the video link and watch and listen to the lesson provided.  

DO go through the  storacle lessons regarding prophecy at  and you can look and listen using streaming video/audio on your computer as long as you are connected to the net .
Also at the website is an online library with many booklets to choose from at  

Bible Study Lessons at the United Church of God - excellent series  

35 downloadable booklets from UCG containing answers to the questions 
we all need answers to; death, heaven and hell, who is God, soul, etc. 

The New Beginnings DVD's  - 32 lesson series (which I use for bible lessons here along with the above tract handouts) can be obtained at   

Discoveries in Prophecy by Mark Finley
  - For an online FREE  26 pamphlet set of lessons that walks you through prophesy, these are available on the net to read at no charge or to listen to at no charge, using Real Player a free download.   The lessons are excellent.

Discover the Bible series - Discover the Bible in a new way via the Online Discover Bible Guides now on the Internet. These 26 Bible Guides are available free of charge, and you will also have the opportunity to receive free printed materials as you progress through these Bible Guides. You DO have to answer a short question set at the end of each lesson before they will send you the URL of the next lesson. Actually I have the URL's for all 26 lessons  here 

Millenium 2000  Lecture Series - Next Millenium Seminar - a series of very thought provoking lectures in text to help you understand God's ways, his intents, and his future for you. Titles and a short summary of each of these lectures can be found at . Be sure and click on the "next lecture" button to take you to the next lecture.   Or go to here for the URL's to all 27 lectures.

Discover the Truth about God  bible seminar series - another 26 lessons bringing you closer to the truth in the critical areas of biblical understanding.
Get the first lesson here   You must complete the answer sheet and submit it to get the next lesson.

Stewarton Bible School - This is a very excellent series of lessons and studies on the bible; one of  the best on the net and it's all free. In fact  this site is  my favorite of the sites shown on this page for biblical education because of his completeness in the issues covered.  The site is non-denominational. You can access all his links at  and you can download his whole site to your computer as well as a complete bible so you don't have to be online to study at   I did this and then transferred the info to a CD and gave it to my kids to use as well as part of a CD handout I give out that has many other bible discovery lessons on it as well.   You can put a lot of info on one CD to witness with.  Especially visit  "Understanding Revelation" and "the coming exodus" links as they will give you the most complete understanding of the events that unfold in revelation as anywhere I have found. Also see my page  here

Issues we all need be concerned with

Who can I pray to?  Is it all right to pray to Mary or the saints or my angel??
No, we are to pray ONLY to Yahweh the Father or Yahshua , His son.  NO OTHER INTERCESSORS!
"For there is one God, and one mediator also between God and men, the man Christ Jesus." 1 Timothy 2:5

Where the battle really is  -  between your ears

Are you heaven bound?

Laws of the Kingdom

Repentance, Belief, and the Gospel

Did the ten commandments go out with the  cross1

Did the ten commandments go out with the cross2

Is it a sin to drink alcohol?

Gay Marriages - what does God think about that?

Irina's farewell address    Long, but worth your read. My wife addresses what our pastors are failing to tell us today because they don't want to step on toes or break tradition. To many pastors, keeping a congregation together and not appearing radical or out of sync with other churches is a more important agenda than telling the truth; even when they know the truth themselves. 

Astounding Bible Prophecies - a good place to start to understand the necessity of becoming informed. This set of pages is  a very good introduction to the troubles ahead of us.

Who was Jesus Christ and why did He have to die?

Crucifixion - a forensic analysis of what the body of Christ went through

Gospel accounts of the resurrection

Little Lessons in my walk with Christ

Did the Nephilim (giants) really exist? 

Mormonism - The church of latter day saints - Just how does their theology differ from mainstream Christianity?

Faith - what is it, how do we know we have it, what is required for salvation?

Did you know there were two kinds of ....

Positioning yourself to receive

What is the Kingdom of God


Repentance - what does it mean?

Does God exist?   Beyond a Shadow - the whole book. 

Grace is unmerited favor. It is God's free action, as a gift,  for the benefit of His people. It is different than Justice and Mercy. Justice is getting what we deserve. Mercy is not getting what we deserve. Grace is getting what we do not deserve. This page contains a lot of information about grace.

Paul Washer's Sermon Transcript  -  an amazing right on lesson.

Demonic Possession

Old Testament prophecies fulfilled by Jesus

Taken from 
Secular evidence for the existence of supernatural reality (Home page)
How I explain supernatural reality.
Bible prophecies have correctly predicted events in secular history.
Predictions about Yeshua (Jesus)
Which religion should I choose to believe in
Why I believe Islam and Islamic belief are false.
Why I believe Hinduism and Hindu belief are false.
Why I believe Buddhism and Buddhist belief are false.
Why I believe New Age and New Age belief are false.
Why I believe Baha'i and Baha'i belief are false
Miracles performed by Jesus Christ
Invitation to spread the message.

Passover or Easter??? Are they the same??

What's in a name??? Can you call God just anything?

Prophecy Unveiled - The prophecies of Daniel in the Old Testament and John's Revelation in the New Testament have puzzled many for centuries. Who were the beasts symbolically mentioned? This is James Lloyd's version of how you can know who is involved and how it is all coming down.

Judgments in the earth - long but very revealing

The Gospel and the Judgment

Important concepts you need to know about.

Collaboration of the Exodus Path by NASA satellite

The Big Bang theory explained

The UN is NOT our friend  -  enforces what is predicted above

Understanding Revelation - One of the best explanations found anywhere 

Endtime in sights   A thought provoking bible prophecy site examining major prophetic issues concerning Earth's last days.

Why I believe we ARE in the end times.

Go to here to see a little history on US involvement in the current middleast situation and a possible scenario regarding how the war in Iraq will happen.

endtimeslinks   more on understanding revelation

Purgatory - Does it really exist or is it just dogma

The Anti-Christ 
  comes before Jesus returns - learn about him here

When Jesus comes for you   what happens during the second coming?

What is the Mark of the Beast - it's not what you think it is.

Implantable microchip - Mark of the Beast??? It's available here and now!

Is your  social security number the mark of the beast?

Truth about the Rapture  is it pretrib or post trib?  Find out here. 

The Second Coming of Jesus - when is it to occur?

Will the earth be desolate during the millenium?

Biblical Chronology

The Ten Commandments    did you know you are supposed to post them outside your gate as well as in your home? Find out more than you ever wanted to know about the ten commandments at this page.

Two Covenants - Did the Ten Commandments get nullified and replaced with the golden rule and new covenant upon Christ's death?

The Sabbath Issue - does a day make a difference? YUP!

Sunday - is it the Christian Sabbath? See also sabbathfredcoulter   and sundaysacredness
and    fourth commandment   

Sunday Law   and Sunday Law 2   Get ready, it's coming. Is this the mark of the beast? 

How does the International Dateline affect Sabbath keepers? 

The Sabbath Trail - a history of the weekly Sabbath

Church History - how did the church come about; a history from the time of Jesus forward. 

Satan; the Devil - Is he symbolic or real?
Read more about him here: 

God's Angels - do they really exist?

The Abyss - symbolical or a real deep chasm inside earth? 

Aliens and UFO's -
deals with the Biblical viewpoint of UFOs angels, aliens and angels...what they are and the purpose behind it all. There are free e-books and links to other sites that deal with the same subject. I don't agree with everything in these two books, but it is an interesting perspective of history regarding the fallen angels.

Is the United States involved in  bible prophesy?
This writing will pose much controversy. I welcome your comments.

Noah's Ark
    It has been found folks; may not look like what you 
expected, but after 4000+ years, here's what's left. 

Ark of the Covenant    It has been found also. VERY fascinating true story.

Ron Wyatt's homepage -  and   covers Noah's Ark, Ark of the Covenant, Parting of the Red Sea, Soddom & Gomorrah, and many more important biblical discoveries. 

Corroboration of the Red Sea Crossing and Exodus path via NASA satellite

Shroud of Turin
  - Jesus' burial cloth with his image on it; myth or the real thing?

Burial box of James, brother of Jesus, found with Jesus' name on it. 

How can I be "saved"?  Does "grace" alone do it; or are "works" required?

What does "Being Born Again"  mean?   6 signs that you have been "born again"

What happens to my soul when I die?

Death - what happens to us when we die? Do we lay asleep in the earth knowing nothing until the resurrection?  Or do we go straight to heaven or hell? 

Immortality - Is our soul immortal upon death?

Feast Days of the God of Israel  -  are these the days we should be celebrating instead of the pagan celebrations of Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Valentine's Day, & Ash Wednesday? It is controversial whether or not these were ceremonies that went away with the cross.  See also  for information on the holidays we celebrate that you may not want to know about. Once you have been led to the truth, will you still keep the lie? 

God's Great Clocks 
- more than you ever wanted to know about time

The Flood - why did people live so long before the flood?

Age of the Earth - is it billions of years old, or just 6000???

The 70th week of Daniel Dillusion   has the 7 year tribulation period already passed?  A thought provoking discussion. 

Prayers for sharing.  A collection of prayers you can use to communicate with God when you cannot find your own words.

The Power of Prayer - a true story

Baptism - Can you get to heaven without it? John 3:5 says not.

Hell is REAL - here's several schools of thought and some eye opening information and sites to explore
Also see  see also  Hell as eternal torment ,   Hell's best kept secret,   Hell2

God's Financial Plan

The REAL third secret of Fatima   Is Satanism practiced in the Vatican? 
This Catholic source says Satan has control of the church.  One of the most important sites you can explore to show you we are very close to Jesus' second coming and Satan, knowing his time is limited, is doing everything within his power to keep as many of you from the truth as he can. This site was produced by Catholics trying to warn us of what is going on in the Vatican. Please click on the "directives"  further down the page when you get there. 

Deception of the century - An imposter pope?

Find an anti-christ slide show at      
Different source but supports the theory of the upper two links.

Prophesies in the bible made hundreds and thousands of years before his coming, fulfilled by Yahshua the Messiah;  such as WHEN he was to born, WHERE he was born (not his hometown), his heritage, etc. This website covers them well as does Josh McDowell's 800 page book  "Evidence that demands a Verdict" noted further down on this page. If you put some time on this website you CANNOT come away from there without knowing Yahshua IS the Messiah and God the Son, and that the bible IS correct in the events and people described therein. 

Channeling or contacting spirit mediums - is it ok? NOPE!

Niburu - Planet X  
The planet 4x larger than earth due to pass earth in May - June 2003 and create  mass destruction and a large population reduction. 
Could this be  part of bible prophesy?
See how bible prophesy fits in 
with Planet X  here 
Garabandal Prophesy of Spain   Is this a Planet X prophecy?
Third Secret of Fatima  
  Is this a Planet X prophecy?

Lost books of the bible 
The books of Adam and Eve, Enoch and many more

The Book of Enoch   can be found here  and

Here is the other lost book were you can find the information of nimrod

The Seven Letters   get on his mail list to receive this excellent series

OUIJA Board    game or devil's advocate?

The Bible Code -  Proof that the bible was the written 
word of God through the hands of men
See for more 

Fasting   required or devotional?

Clean & Unclean Foods - What does God have to say about them?

Easter - it isn't what you think it is

The True Origin of Christmas & Other Holidays

Is Halloween a Christian holiday? Is trick or treating wrong?

Valentine's Day - want to know what it is REALLY all about?

Roman Catholicism - and the other major churches such as the Mormons, Presbyterians,  Calvinism, Baptists, Campbelites, Unitarians, Lutherans, Jehovah's Witnesses, and many non-denominationals with similar situations. These sects combine mixtures of Christianity, pagan customs and traditions along with politics and man's doctrines. Some are worse than others but all are Faiths that do not follow PURE scripture. See  and  for more on each these organizations. Does this mean they are all bad and you shouldn't fellowship with any of them?  No; not at all , with a couple exceptions which have Satan operating inside their doors at this time. But it does mean you SHOULD learn  what is not purely scriptural based with them and question  or not participate in those beliefs or promote those practices that are NOT scriptural based.  - unmasks the satanic infiltration and
man's doctrines that have taken over our churches of today. 
With new information found at   there may be a different Third Secret, that should have been put out long ago.

Mary Worship - MUST READING -
An absolutely fascinating and 
very thorough treatise on Mary can be found at  
Also see 

Also see  for a timeline of her introduction and glorification into the church. There is NOTHING scriptural in the bible to support the accension of  Mary, in all due respect. I respect Mary as the Mother of Jesus. But as a human the bible says her fate is the same as ours; upon death the body turns to dust and the breath of life goes back to God and she knows nothing until the first resurrection when she gets a new body and the breath of life returned to her and goes to heaven with the rest of the first resurrected.   NO ONE in the bible has been resurrected and taken  to heaven except Jesus himself. Both Enoch and Elijah were taken alive. 

Is calling Yahweh "Lord"  acceptable?  Learn God's true name and use it

What's in a name?

When did Jesus die?  Wednesday or Friday?

Did you know that Yahweh, is really God's name and Elohim is his title? And Christ's real name is Yashua and his title is Messiah. Some more info on Yahweh - I do not believe in everything on this site, including their lack of belief in the trinity; but they have the name issue pretty well covered.   
also see United States in Prophesy for more on the name issue. 

NASA proves the bible is correct
  interesting anomaly found with time

  -  having sex out of wedlock; how bad is that in God's eyes?

   sleeping with someone else except your marriage partner

Dead Sea Scrolls - What are they and how old are they and why are the important

The seven fruits of forgiving

Concordances - for referencing English to Hebrew/Greek scriptures

Excellent series of prophesy articles at   , a site that unveils prophesy and keeps us up on what's going on  with Lucifer's New World Order. To receive a free bible prophesy lesson each week via email  go to    

The day of the Lord is at hand   a complete online book (MUCH insight into the interpretation and timeline of Revelation)

Here is an article that will open your eyes to the corruption in big name so-called Christian leaders and their unholy alliance with the NWO. The URL is: 

Meet Jesus

Phone Jesus

Jesus;   just who was this man?

Rebuilding Solomon's Temple -  a patent has already been granted

How close are we to the end? 

Islam info - is this a religion we can be at peace with?

Aliens, God  and UFO's - deals with the Biblical viewpoint of UFOs, angels, aliens and demons...what they are and the purpose behind it all. There are two free e-books and links to other sites that deal with this subject. I do not agree with Bev's teachings of a pretrib rapture, an already existing hell, or spirit views on death in her books, but her treatise on the alien subject  is good.

God is a Mathematician -  the laws of probability are exceeded into the billions when we try and rationalize the authorship of the Bible as the work of man. He once said: "If human logic is worth anything at all we are simply driven to the conclusion that if my facts I have presented are true, man could never have done this.

Santa Claus - How did he get into Christmas?

2002 Warnings from God 
- a message regarding the US's decision to go to war on Iraq

Ultimate Secret of the Mayan Calendar

Does our "breath of life" that goes back to God at death have a measurable 
weight?  Can an unexplainable  loss of body weight be measured immediately upon death? 

Was the United States founded on Christianity? The why has God been removed from our schools and our courts system today. A step back in history.

For many more topics go to 

Evidence that Demands a Verdict

An excellent book , very thick - over 800 pages; that absolutely establishes archeological proof and historical authenticity of the life of Jesus and the events depicted in the bible is presented in Josh McDowell's book  "Evidence that demands a Verdict".  Go to; click on books, enter into the search box "Evidence that demands a Verdict" and it takes you right there. I got a used one there for only $8. 

Another  excellent source of books, tapes and videos on bible prophecy can be found at      This site covers the illuminati, the new world order, an excellent  video dissection of what the book of Revelation is trying to tell us will come to be, and much more. 

Another source of endtimes prophesy and videos, tapes , & books of how this is all coming about is available at the Texe Marrs website  
You may consider Texe a little radical, but I believe his message is not to be ignored. 

Additional resource links
I do not agree with everything that is stated on all these links, but who is to say what is correct and what is not. The information provided in the links below give you a broad perspective of teachings and beliefs of Christianity . Only time,   study, diligence and perserverence will lead you to your own conclusions.

Christian TOP 1000 sites (leans heavy towards Baptists 
but has a lot of information to be gleaned there)

End Times and Christ's Return
The Coming Day of the Lord and 7th Trumpet Gathering

For many more topics go to 

Links to many other bible resources

King James Bible Sites We Recommend

Good King James Bible Sites =

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The Cutting Edge: A good site dealing with current events & issues. Good information on “The New World Order.” The site is NOT a strong KJV ministry but it has a lot of good articles. Very well done. =

A Website Testifying Of God’s Faithfulness In Preserving The Holy Bible Unto This Generation = http://www.KJV-ASIA.COM

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Sacred Texts


Christianity Index

How to get to heaven, or How to stay out of Hell.

Actually there is nothing you can do on your own to get to heaven. This may seem contradictory to what I am about to tell you below but Heaven is free! It's unearned, undeserved, and unmerited. It's free. That's grace. But grace has a catch. We cannot earn forgiveness of our sins by working hard to obey. No sinner can gain favor and acceptance with God because he keeps God's Moral Ten Commandment  law. The law was not made for the purpose of saving or justifying. It was made to show us our need of cleansing and to point us to the great source of cleansing, Jesus Christ, our Lord.  Our works, no matter how much we try to do good on our own, will never get us to heaven; grace is the only thing that gets us to heaven. Grace is the gift of God, undeserved by us because of our sinful nature.

BUT, here's the catch, grace is not a ticket to freely sin. It is NOT a free ride. "Grace only" churches today are preparing people to go to hell. Backsliders after being initially saved still end up in hell. The preaching of eternal security, once saved - always saved,  is a false doctrine. Accepting grace comes with responsibilities; repenting of our past sins, and being careful about committing new ones. We show our belief in God’s grace and our acceptance of the salvation of Jesus as our savior by our works; allowing the holy spirit to work within us. If the holy spirit is truly in us, our behavior changes. If no works or fruits of the holy spirit are shown, it means we do not really have the belief, we have not really accepted the offer of grace; and no belief, no salvation. Head knowledge doesn’t cut it. Only knowing Jesus, not just knowing ABOUT Him, allowing Him to be our Savior and work within us and following the narrow path leads us to heaven.

With that said, how to get to heaven and stay out of hell - via the holy spirit working within you,  in a nutshell, is "Have faith in God, and obey his commandments, including his Sabbaths (like making Saturday - the true Sabbath as stated in Genesis and also given to Moses at Mt Sinai in the 4th commandment - YOUR day of rest and worship, as well as His 7 annual Feast Day Sabbaths).   We hope and pray that Yahweh will grant you the wisdom to take that advice to heart and study the issues we have provided for you on this site. More specifically - and, for those of you not willing to read all the in-depth articles on this site;  the following six things will give you a very good chance of getting saved; no matter what religion you are or what faith you practice.

1. Acknowledge to Yahweh and Yahshua that you are a sinner and are truly sorry for your sins. Repentance, being sorry that you committed those sins is the first step. Restitution is also a part of that. You must make right all the wrongs you have done to others that you can. If you stole something and you know who the item belongs to; you must return it or pay for it. If you told a lie about someone that caused them harm; you must rectify that untruth. Just being sorry is not enough; you must make right as many wrongs as you can remember and that you are able to.

2. Keep the ten commandments as best you can.   They did NOT go out with the cross. See for how all of these were carried over into the new testament. Remember the ten commandments, God’s Law,  were kept INSIDE the ark of the covenant on the stone tablets.  Moses’ laws, the book of law, were kept OUTSIDE on the side of the ark of the covenant. Don’t be dupped into thinking the ten commandments went out with the cross.
The unforgiveable sin is rejecting Jesus, a sin against the Holy Spirit – you are tuning him out.   You were saved at the cross. By rejecting Him, you are losing your salvation. Your name will be removed from the book of life.  
See  and  

Perhaps keeping the clean/unclean food laws may also be considered as part of obedience to God's laws although maybe not necessary for salvation. Before calling them Mosiac Laws that did go out with the cross, remember Noah put clean animals on the ark in 7's and unclean by two's and Noah came before Moses. What went out with the cross was the sytem of animal sacrifices and oblations,  the sacrificial offerings. The food laws still have scientific basis for today.

3. Believe in salvation; that Jesus really did die on the cross for our sins and that our immortality at his second coming is truly his gift to us; our works alone can never get us there no matter how hard we try not to sin.  However, also believe that faith without action is probably not true faith but only head knowledge.  See   and  and for further definitions of faith and works.

4. Keep the right day of the week as God's Sabbathand honor His seven annual Holy Feast Days as Sabbaths as well, instead of Satan's substitutes of Christmas, Halloween, Easter, etc. 
Saturday is the 7th day of the week, not Sunday, the first day of the week.  Several years ago, I did not feel this was  important, but I was wrong.   I have researched this with a great passion. This is a VERY big deal with Yahweh and may ascertain whether or not we shall be marked by him.   Exodus 31: 12-18 spells it out pretty clearly in addition to the fourth commandment. It’s ALL about “who do you worship?”, God or Satan?    See   and  
 Remember, Satan likes to mimic God.  He sneakily changed the Saturday Sabbath to a Sunday when the church was bringing over the pagans to Christianity to enhance the enrollment process and even before that during the time when Rome was persecuting the Christians and they needed something different to separate them from the Jews.   It was a political move, not a religious one. The real 4th commandment (see )   SPECIFICALLY tells us what day to rest and worship, the 7th day of the week, not the first.  Man does not have the authority to override God's wishes.  See Revelation 22:18-19 for what happens to people who change God’s laws and word. There is NOT ONE PLACE in the bible that tells you to keep a Sunday Sabbath. There are also seven other sabbaths  during the year as spelled out in Leviticus 23.   Most churches feel keeping these feastdays went out with the cross and were part of the Mosaic ceremonial laws.
Other denominations feel they still apply. These are not just Jewish sabbaths. Ezekiel 20:20 says : "And hallow MY sabbaths (plural, not just referring to the weekly sabbath); and they shall be a sign between Me and you ...".  Together with the true seventh-day Sabbath (Saturday), and keeping the clean/unclean food laws, these annual Sabbath days constitute the signature (sign) of Yahweh, the Creator of the universe. See also Isaiah 8:16, Hebrews 8:10, Exodus 31:13, Ezekiel 20:12, Exodus 13:9, and Hebrews 10:16. These texts clearly prove that Yahweh's Ten Commandment Moral law, and the Sabbath commandment in His law, constitutes the identifying seal and signature He places in the minds of His followers. 
See  as well as the bible lesson    here   and make your own determination. 

It is NOT in question among Christians today which was the 7th day of the old testament, Saturday. It is not in question that the 7th day Saturday of old is still Saturday of today. It is not in question that the apostles as well as Jesus kept a Saturday Sabbath. What IS in question is if the ten commandments, God’s Moral Law, still applies. If you believe you don’t have to keep the ten commandments and they were part of Mosaic Law then the fourth commandment isn’t any different for you than the rest of them. But if you believe God’s Law, as written on the stone tablets by God Himself, and kept INSIDE of the ark of the covenant – SEPARATELY from the Mosaic Ordinances kept OUTSIDE of the ark of the covenant, still apply; then you need to consider keeping a Saturday, 7th day of the week Sabbath as established in Genesis; long before Moses ever went to Mt Sinai and many years before any Jew hit this earth; and confirmed in Exodus 31:12-18.   See for more info on how the church changed Saturday to Sunday claiming they were God's voice on earth and had the power to change His times and laws. Revelation 22:18-19 speaks of the fate they will have coming for this.  And see     for scriptural passages showing EACH of the ten commandments was brought over into the new testament; including the fourth. 
We, meaning my family, all of us,  belong to NO particular affiliation and DO keep a Saturday 7th day Sabbath; as well as honor the 7 annual Feast Day sabbaths, and a lot of other affiliations today keep a Saturday Sabbath also; even some Baptist, Lutheran and Methodist churches today keep a Saturday sabbath.  I read a lot of websites admonishing people for believing in the Bible and a Saturday Sabbath. They believe nothing stated in the old testament still holds today. They feel they should keep 9 out of the ten commandments; does that make any sense? Not to me. 

5. Witness your faith to others.  And use  Tracts.    
Don't keep it a secret because people might think you are a little strange talking about God and what's right and what's wrong. When he tells us to share the good news; he means just that.   I get angered at the people who badmouth the Jehovah's witnesses or Mormons for their house to house tactics.   I certainly don't agree with everything these people had to say to me over the years and I enjoyed showing my Catholic ignorance in front of them only to find out later, they were right and I was wrong about many issues (which is why I am no longer  Catholic).  But I have to give them an A for effort in trying to share the "good news"; because many people are just downright mean to them and slam doors in their faces; or issue profane words at them for bothering them, or call them kooks and cultists; it takes a lot of guts and fortitude to continue witnessing under those demeaning circumstances. 
  In fact, in the book The Divine Revelation of Heaven by Mary Baxter, which you can read online at , she was shown that angels are keeping track of who and how many each of us  brings to Jesus.
I believe when we die our body, our physical component goes back to the earth (dust to dust). But our soul (our mind - our harddrive)  and our spirit  make a journey to either heaven or hell at death. 

6. Baptism - Get a full immersion Baptism if you have not already done so.  Is it necessary for Salvation?  Christ emphasized, baptism is necessary! It's in the Bible. (See John 3:5).  " I am telling you the truth," replied Jesus, "that no one can enter the Kingdom of Heaven without being born of water and of the spirit".  See  for what being "born again" means and  for more on baptism. 

Baptism demonstrates true repentance. Such repentance is a turning to believe, follow, and obey Jesus Christ, and is the only kind of repentance that will save us. True repentance must lead a person to the waters of baptism. In baptism we identify ourselves with the death, burial and resurrection of Christ. Jesus died, bearing our sins and paying the penalty for them in Himself. He was buried, taking our old life into the tomb with Him. He was raised from the dead, that He might give to us by the power of God, His new life, a supernatural resurrected life of peace and joy and victory over all that previously bound us. Are there any prerequisites for it? Among the prerequisites for baptism noted in the Scriptures are belief in Jesus Christ as the Son of God (Acts 8:36,37) and repentance (Acts 2:37,38), and being of sufficient age (usually ten or older) to know what this is really all about. See the Word Document entitled "Baptism" for more information on this issue.

Anyway, get a handle on just those six items and you've got a good shot at being saved when He comes for us. Go to here for some more input on how to get to heaven. When is that?  Maybe sooner than any of us think. See  for some interesting dreams some gifted people are having.


Our Testimony For Christ (Phil 2:16)
Our Suffering For Christ (I Pet 4:13)
Our Faithfulness To Christ (Luke 12:42-43; Rev 2:10)
Our Service For Christ (I Cor 3:8; Heb 6:10)
Our Generosity For Christ (II Cor 9:6; I Tim 6:17-19)
Our Use Of Time For Christ (Eph 5:15-16; Col 4:5)
Our Self Discipline For Christ (I Cor 9:24-25)
Our Leading Of Souls To Christ (I Thess 2:19)
Our Exercise Of Spiritual Gifts (Matt 25:14-28; I Pet 4:10)

II Peter 3:11 Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness.