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How flying saucers fly -
An analysis is offered as to how extra-terrestrial alien "saucers" ease their passage through our low atmosphere at supersonic speeds without sonic "booms" and what electromagnetic radio frequencies may leak from their related (and now patented) Aerodynamic Augmentation Device (AAD).1 Explained are UFO related enigmas like magnetic fields, glowing saucers and the lack of "sonic booms" during high speed encounters.2 Possible UFO related "radar" transmission frequencies are postulated. A method to distinguish alien vs. human produced crop circles is considered.  The alien crop circle formation mechanism. 

The Majestic Documents - A 50 year  cover up and documentary of government and military participation with UFO's, wreckage retrieval and extraterrestrials. 

Aliens and UFO's - deals with the Biblical viewpoint of UFOs angels, aliens and angels...what they are and the purpose behind it all. There are free e-books and links to other sites that deal with the same subject.

The below was copied from something sent to me; but when I started reading all the links below it became so fascinating I felt it necessary to share with you - yes, it requires quite an open mind; but read it like I did, and try to tie some of the things in with other information we are receiving. It isn't all fiction folks.  

A new section down below entitled Subterranean Origins discusses UFO's as coming from inside earth instead of from outer space and is also included on this page. Ber 

see also  which covers the Galactic Federation; I don't think this is fiction either.  Also see  for a very enlightening , lengthy, historical record regarding UFO's. 

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Sit down and clear your mind. Now ask for yourself after you finished working, "huh ,for what i`m working so hard and giving all my energie 8 hours a day to some one else. Only for the money? So you can pay your bills for the house and foot otherwise your lost?".Is this right? .........Letting me controlled by the system? Damn, they have me under control. I`m working every day for a boss and giving all my energie to him, and when i`m home i must rest for the next day again so i can work hard. Every day the same story. Wake up! They have you in their trap. You have so little time for yourself just as they wanted so you cannot develop yourself to a higher level. They will keep you occupied with all kind of stuff and materials so they can keep you succesfully stupid/unknown.There are so many controlling  projects now from the Dark Powers/Reptillians that it is so obvious now what they are trying to reach :-) Come on Earth People, if you don`t see it now than you are really blind :-) Think about it, what the hell is money? Money is nothing!  Money is just another control tool to keep you in their power.

Well if you don`t see it now than it shall happen later brothers. You all are great LIGHTBEINGS. Send love energie out of your body , that is the key.

Be aware of holographic inserts, the game is bigger than you think !!!

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1 We Pleiadians come from your future. Time is greatly misunderstood in third-dimensional reality. Download full book.
2 In the Universe there are many races and kinds of extraterrestrial civilizations, who look the same or look completely different.
3 The Reptilians, or Lizards as some may view them, are of a very high, but negative vibration.
4 The war lords were also aware of the DNA or basic structure of humankind as a physical being.
5 The negative ET’s spent long periods of time trying to determine ways to control humankind.
6 The three days of darkness actually pertain to Mother Earth's entry into the Photon Belt.
7 The state of the society is DECADENT and this situation is maintained by Dark Powers by all means.
8 Mother Earth only desires you to build the temple compounds that will properly maintain her eco-system.
9 The solar system needs soon to be restored to its former glory. From Sheldan Niddle.
10 Conversation with Eeon of Inner Earth regarding the Galactic Federation and Inner Earth Peoples.
11 Mother Earth is shocked and angered at the blatant disregard and apparent lack of responsibility.
12 There is a calendar encoded in stone within the Great Pyramid of Giza.
13 When they sent scientists from the Montauk project into Earth's future, they hit a barrier in the year 2012.
14 The Hyper Dimensional Resonator is one of the most advanced instruments of it's kind in the entire world.
15 Your information system is just a PERFECT TOOL OF LIES and DECEITFUL MANIPULATION
16 During the next several years, you will be made aware of a certain type of alien known as "Greys".
17 Your government has for over 40 years been concealing from the public a "horrible truth".
18 Fluoride is yet another government plan for mass Mind Control.
19 Fluoride apparently has the ability to cause DNA damage and even "cell death" in human cells.
20 We're being prepared for invasion. Story by Sue-Ann Post.
21 TELETUBBIES: Nazi Hybrid Greys in Disguise.
22 Digital Angel™ : Could it be they can also control what is transmitted, like signals to the brain?
23 Many animals and some human beings are already having biochips implanted.
24 The government has succeeded in time travel.
25 The cards with microchips will lead to the control over every person in the world.
26 ECHELON : Every word of every message in the frequencies and channels selected at a station is automatically searched.
27 A list with explanation of the secret projects.
28 The earth is hollow and that you can enter it through the North and South Pole.
29 HAARP : High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project.
30 Messages From Archangel Michael LM-11-2001 - Transmitted Through Ronna Herman. Your Light Will Illuminate The World.
31 Special file about Project L.U.C.I.D. It is written in Dutch language, sorry for that.
32 Dark beings took some of the remnants of human consciousness and rearranged the DNA.
33 Awakening: The Pleiadians are a collective of extraterrestrialsfrom the star system The Pleiades.
34 Through heating whatever food, hundreds of different mutagenic substances originate.
35 Microwave cooking is one of the most important causes of ill health. It is certainly one of the most ignored.
36 Big Brother Is Vaccinating You.
37 Cow milk today is such a chemical, toxic concoction ?
38 Is our government poisoning our food ?
39 The first good email from Yahoo :-) Harmful ingredients !
40 The Greys are the slaves from the Reptillians ?
41 What are extraterrestrials ? There are 70 different species of Greys.
42 The greys, as a group, would seem to be rather weak genetically.
43 How many E numbers did you eat today from our "taking care of us" government and media ?
44 The dark ones will not be able to work in its energies of love and light.
45 The NAZI-UFO connection.
46 Reptillians Humannoids (Homo-subterreptus) case files. A very big page about 200 kbytes text only :-)

Chapter 7.1 - Subterranean origin


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The Subterranean Origin of the Flying Saucers-
Evidence That They Come From the Hollow Interior of the Earth

The Hollow Earth

The conception of a hollow earth presented in this book offers the most reasonable theory of the origin of the flying saucers and far more logical than the belief in their interplanetary origin. For this reason, leading flying saucer experts, as Ray Palmer, editor of "Flying Saucers" magazine, and Gray Barker, a well known writer on flying saucers, have accepted the theory of their subterranean origin as against the idea that they come from other planets.

The theory that flying saucers came from the Earth's interior and not from other planets originated in Brazil and only later was it taken up by American flying saucer experts.

In 1957, while browsing in a Sao Paulo, Brazil, bookstore, the author came across a book that struck his attention, entitled, "From the Subterranean World to the Sky: Flying Saucers". The book was devoted to the thesis that flying saucers were not space ships from other planets but were of terrestrial origin and came from a subterranean race dwelling inside the earth.

At first, the author could not accept this strange, unorthodox theory concerning the origin of the flying saucers, which seemed improbable and impossible, since it would require the existence of a cavity of tremendous size inside the earth in which they could fly, in view of their tremendous speed. In fact, this cavity would have to be so large that it would make the earth a hollow sphere. At this time the author had not come across the remarkable books of two American scientists, William Reed and Marshall B. Gardner, proving, on basis of evidence from Arctic explorers, that the earth is hollow with openings at the Poles, with a diameter of 5,800 miles in its hollow interior, large enough for flying saucers to fly in.

Huguenin's theory of the subterranean origin of the flying saucers, however, was not original. The idea was first put forward by Professor Henruique Jose de Souza, president of the Brazilian Theosophical Society, which has its headquarters in Sao Lourenco in the State of Minas Gerais, where there is an immense temple in Greek style dedicated to "Agharta," the Buddhist name for the Subterranean World.

Among the professor's students at Sao Lourenco were Mr. Huguenin and Commander Paulo Justino Strauss, officer of the Brazilian Navy and member of the Diretoria of the Brazilian Theosophical Society, From him they learned about the Subterranean World, and also the idea that flying saucers come from the Earth's interior. It was for this reason that Mr. Huguenin dedicated his book to Prof. de Souza and his wife, D. Helena Jefferson de Souza.

While Huguenin incorporated the idea of the subterranean origin of the flying saucers in a book, Commander Strauss presented it in a series of lectures which he held in Rio de Janeiro, in which he affirmed that the flying saucers are of terrestrial origin, but do not come from any known nation on the earth's surface. They originate, he believes, in the Subterranean World, the World of Agharta, whose capital city is known as Shamballah.

In his book, Huguenin presents Strauss's views on the subterranean origin of the flying saucers and against the theory that they come from other planets as follows:

"The hypothesis of the extra-terrestrial origin of the flying saucers does not seem acceptable. Another possibility is that they are military aircraft belonging to some existing nation on earth. This hypothesis, however, is opposed by the following arguments:

"1. If the United States and Russia possessed flying saucers, they would not desist from announcing this fact because of its value as a psychological arm to secure advantages in the diplomatic field. Also they would manufacture and use these vehicles for military purposes, since they are so rapid and powerful that they would leave the enemy almost without means of defense.

"2. The United States and USSR would not continue to spend large sums of money on the manufacture of ordinary airplanes if they possessed the secret of producing flying saucers."

After presenting the argument that flying saucers do not come from any existing nation and his view that they are not of interplanetary origin, Huguenin quotes Strauss to the fact that they come from the Subterranean World. On this subject he writes:

"Finally, we must consider the most recent and interesting theory that has been offered to account for the origin of the flying saucers: the existence of a great Subterranean World with innumerable cities in which live millions of inhabitants. This other humanity must have reached a very high degree of civilization, economic organization and social, cultural and spiritual development, together with an extraordinary scientific progress, in comparison with whom the humanity that lives on the earth's surface may be considered as a race of barbarians.

"The idea of the existence of a Subterranean World will shock many people. To others it will sound absurd and impossible, for 'certainly,' they say, 'if it existed, it would have been discovered long ago.' And there are plenty of other critics who would point out that it would be impossible for such an inhabited world to exist inside the earth because of the belief that as one descends, the temperature increases, on the basis of which theory it is supposed that, since the temperature increased the further down one went, the center of the earth is a fiery mass. However, this increase in temperature does not mean that the center of the earth is fiery, since it might extend only for a limited distance and, as in the case of volcanos and hot springs, arise from subterranean cavities located at certain levels (below which the temperature again drops as one goes downward).

"In accordance with the hypothesis that heat increases as one descends through the earth's crust, this takes place only a distance of eighty kilometers (in the superficial layer of the earth).

"According to the information supplied by Commander Paulo Justin Strauss, the Subterranean World is not restricted to caverns, but is more or less extensive and located in a hollow inside the Earth large enough to contain cities and fields, where live human beings and animals, whose physical structure resembles those on the surface. Among its inhabitants are certain persons who came from the surface, who, like Colonel Fawcett and his son Jack, descended, never to return."

(Huguenin here refers to the views of Professor de Souza and Commander Strauss on the controversial subject of Colonel Fawcett's mysterious disappearance, claiming that he and his son Jack are still living in a subterranean city to which they gained access through a tunnel in the Roncador Mountains of Northeast Matto Grosso, and were not killed by Indians as commonly supposed. Fawcett's wife, who claims to be in telepathic contact with him, is positive that he is still living, so much so that she sent an expedition to Matto Grosso, in charge of her other son, to find him, but in vain, because he was no longer on the earth's surface, but in the Subterranean World.)

Huguenin then asks how these marvelous subterranean cities and this advanced civilization in the interior of the earth arose. His answer is that the builders and most of the inhabitants of this Subterranean World are members of an antediluvian race which came from the prehistoric submerged continents of Lemuria and Atlantis, who found refuge there from the flood that destroyed their Motherland. (Lemuria sank under the Pacific Ocean ... while Atlantis was submerged by a series of inundations, the last of which occurred 11,500 years ago, according to Plato's account, derived from ancient Egyptian records. Egypt was a colony of Atlantis to the East, just as the Aztec, Mayan and Inca empires were to the West.)

Huguenin claims that the Atlanteans, who were far in advance of us in scientific development, flew the sky in aircraft utilizing a form of energy obtained directly from the atmosphere, and which were known as "vimanas," which were identical with what we know as flying saucers. Prior to the catastrophe that destroyed Atlantis, the Atlanteans found refuge in the Subterranean World in the hollow interior of the earth, to which they traveled on their "vimanas" or flying saucers, reaching it through the polar openings. Ever since then, their flying saucers remained in the earth's interior atmosphere and were used for purposes of transportation from one point in the interior concave world to another, for in this world, inside the crust of the earth, a straight aerial line is the shortest distance between any two points, no matter how far apart. It was only after the Hiroshima atomic explosion that these Atlantean aircraft rose to the surface for the first time, and were known as flying saucers. As we have pointed out previously, they came as an act of self-defense, to prevent radioactive pollution of the air they receive from the outside.

Huguenin is convinced that flying saucers are not space ships from other planets, but Atlantean airships. It seems that throughout history, especially in ancient times, these aircraft occasionally rose to the surface, and some historical figures rode in them. Thus in the Indian epic, "Ramayana," there is a description of a Celestial Car of Rama, the great teacher of Vedic India, known as "vimana," a controlled aerial vehicle. It was capable of flying great distances. Rama's aerial record was a hop from Ceylon to Mount Kailas in Tibet. In the "Mahabharata," we read of Chrishna's enemies having built an aerial chariot with sides of iron and clad with wings. The "Smranagana Sutrahara" says that by means of skyships human beings can fly in the air and "heavenly beings" would come down to earth.

That aerial navigation existed long before the making of the first modern airplane by the Wright brothers, the director of the International Academy of Sanskrit Investigation at Mysen, India, discovered an ancient treatise on aeronautics, which was written three thousand years ago. It was attributed to the Indu sage Bharadway, who wrote a manuscript called "Vymacrika Shastra," meaning "the Science of Aeronautics." It has eight chapters with diagrams, describing three types of aircraft, including apparatuses that could neither catch on fire nor break, and mentions thirty-one essential parts of these vehicles and sixteen materials from which they are constructed, which absorb light and heat, for which reason they were considered suitable for the construction of airplanes. It is interesting to note the similarity of the word "vymacrika" and "vimanas," indicating that the Hindus obtained their knowledge of aerial navigation from the subterranean Atlanteans who must have visited them in ancient times and taught them.

From Brazil, where the theory of the subterranean origin of the flying saucers originated, it spread to the United States, where Ray Palmer, editor of "Flying Saucers" magazine became its enthusiastic proponent, abandoning his former belief in their interplanetary origin in favor of the new theory that they came from the hollow interior of the earth. In the December, 1959 issue of his magazine, he wrote:

"In this issue we have presented the results of years of research, in which we advance the possibility that the flying saucers not only are from our own planet, and not from space, inner or outer, but there is a tremendous mass to evidence to show that there is an UNKNOWN location of vast dimensions which is, insofar as we can safely state at this writing, also unexplored, where the flying saucers can, and most probably do originate."

In reference to the claims made by some flying saucer "contactees" that they were taken up on a flying saucer for a trip to Mars and other planets, Palmer says:

"We've read all the accounts of such voyages and nowhere, in any of them, can we find positive evidence that space was traversed: In all these accounts, we can see where the passengers could have been taken to this 'unknown land' discovered by Admiral Byrd, and if told they were on Mars, they would not know the difference.

"Provided an actual trip in a saucer was made, the pilots of the flying saucers could have simulated a space trip and instead took their passengers to `that mysterious land beyond the Pole,' as Admiral Byrd calls it.

In an article, "Saucers From Earth: A Challenge to Secrecy;," in the Dec. 1959 issue of "Flying Saucers," Palmer writes:

"Flying Saucers magazine has amassed a large file of evidence which its editors consider unassailable, to prove that the flying saucers are native to the planet Earth: that the governments of more than one nation know this to be a fact; that a concerted effort is being made to learn all about them, and to explore their native land; that the facts already known are considered so important that they are the world's top secret; that the danger is so great that to offer public proof is to risk widespread panic; that public knowledge would bring public demand for action, which would topple governments both helpless and unwilling to comply; that the inherent nature of the flying saucers and their origination area (in the earth's hollow interior, reached through the polar openings - Author) is completely disruptive to political and economic status-quo."

As against the theory that flying saucers were made by any existing government, Palmer says, "Flying saucers have been with humanity for centuries, if not thousands of years." Their antiquity, he says, " eliminates contemporary earth governments as the originators of the mysterious phenomenon.

After disproving that flying saucers come from any existing nation, Palmer attacks the theory of their interplanetary origin, whose chief proponent is the American flying saucer expert, Keyhoe, also some "contactees" who claim some flying saucers come from Mars, others from Venus, etc.

After showing that flying saucers do not come from any existing nation or from other planets, Palmer, America's greatest authority on flying saucers, concludes, in agreement with Commander Strauss and Huguenin, that they come from the earth's hollow interior through the polar opening, so He writes:

"In the opinion of the editors of `Flying Saucers,' this Polar origin of the flying saucers will now have to be factually disproved. Any denial must be accompanied with positive proof. `Flying Saucers' suggests that such proof cannot be provided. `Flying Saucers' takes the stand that all flying saucer groups should study the matter from the hollow earth viewpoint, amass all confirmatory evidence available in the last two centuries, and search diligently for any contrary evidence. Now that we have tracked the flying saucers to the most logical origin (the one we have consistently insisted must exist because of the insurmountable obstacles of interstellar origin, which demands factors beyond our imagination), that the flying saucers come from our own Earth, it must be proved or disproved, one way or the other.

"Why? Because if the interior of the Earth is populated by a highly scientific and advanced race, we must make profitable contact with them; and if they are mighty in their science, which includes the science of war, we must not make enemies of them; and if it is the intent of our governments to regard the interior of the Earth as 'virgin territory,' and comparable to the `Indian Territory' of North America when the settlers came over to take it away from its rightful owners, it is right for the people to know that intent, and to express their desire in the matter.

"The flying saucer has become the most important single fact in history. The answer to the questions raised in this article are to be answered. Admiral Byrd has discovered a new and mysterious land, the `center of the great unknown,' and the most important discovery of all time. We have it from his own lips, from a man whose integrity has always been unimpeachable, and whose mind was one of the most brilliant of modern times.

"Let those who wish to call him a liar step forward and prove their claim: Flying saucers come from this Earth:"

So ends Ray Palmer's great article, "Flying Saucers From the Earth," which created a sensation, causing certain government secret agencies to confiscate the magazine and stop its distribution, so that it did not reach its 5000 subscribers. Why? Obviously because the government was convinced that such an unclaimed, unknown territory, vast in extent, larger than the entire land surface of the earth, exists and wished its existence to be kept secret, so that no other nation would know about it or reach it before and claim this territory as its own. It was important that the Russians do not learn about it. For this reason it was decided to suppress this issue of "Flying Saucers" of December, 1959, which was mysteriously removed from circulation.

Evidently the information contained in this magazine concerning the fact that flying saucers come from the earth's hollow interior through the polar openings, like news concerning Admiral Byrd's flights past the Poles into the new unknown territory beyond them, was considered dangerous to be released to the public and was consequently secretly suppressed by government authorities.

Another outstanding American authority on flying saucers is Gray Barker. A month after Palmer published his sensational article expressing his belief that flying saucers do not come from outer space but from the earth's interior, Barker, in his "The Saucerian Bulletin," on January 15, 1960, wrote:

"In the December 1951 issue of 'Flying Saucers' Ray Palmer came out with his findings. The theory had been advanced before, many years previously, in a book titled `A Journey to the Earth's Interior, Or Have the Poles Really Been Discovered?' now out of print and very rare. Many occult students, long before flying saucers became widely known about, believed that people lived inside the earth, emerging and entering through secret openings at the North and South Poles.

"Palmer presented only the first of his evidences in the December 1959 issue. It consisted of a review of newspaper and radio accounts of Admiral Richard E. Byrd's flight to the North Pole in 1947.

"In February of that year, Byrd took off from an Arctic base and headed straight north to the Pole. Then Byrd kept flying north, beyond the Pole, and was amazed to discover iceless lands and lakes, mountains covered with trees, and even a monstrous animal moving through the underbrush below: For almost 1700 miles the plane flew over land, mountains, trees, lakes and rivers. After flying 1700 miles, he was forced to turn back because of his gasoline supply limit for the return trip. So he retraced the flight back to the Arctic base. Not much was thought about the unusual flight at the time.

"Palmer then instructs the reader to look at the globe. According to Byrd's reported flight, he shouldn't have seen anything but ice-covered ocean or partially open water. Yet Byrd saw trees and other greenery. According to the globe, such a land just isn't there.

"Palmer next discusses similar geographical discrepancies at the South Pole, and then draws the amazing conclusion: `The Earth is not spherical. Instead it is something like a though perhaps not so flattened. At each pole there is a huge opening, so large that when one travels "beyond" the Pole, he actually enters the lip of the hole of the doughnut-shaped earth. If he traveled far enough he would travel through the 'hole' of the 'doughnut' and emerge at the other Pole.

"Palmer further suggests that people live on the `inside' of the earth, and that such people emerge from the Poles in flying saucers. He promises to present the remainder of the proofs later, but in the present issue of 'Flying Saucer," his case boils down to these main points:

"(1) Measurements of areas at the North and South Poles are larger than you can find room for on a map or globe, leading to the assumption that such areas extend down into the 'doughnut.

"(2) Some animals, particularly the musk-ox, migrate north in the wintertime, from the Arctic Circle. Foxes are found north of the 80th parallel, heading north, and appear well fed in a large area where there is no food available. (They go north because it becomes warmer and there is plant and animal life as they enter the polar opening - Author.)

"(3) Arctic explorers agree it gets warmer as one heads north (after coming close enough to the North Pole).

"(4) In the Arctic, coniferous trees drift ashore, from out of the north. Butterflies and bees are found in the far north, but never hundreds of miles south of that point.

"(5) Remains of mammoths, perfectly preserved, were found in Siberia, with the sparse food of the sub-Arctic region in its stomach. Such food could not have supported the animal. It must have come from the `land beyond the Poles', Palmer postulates.

"(6) Trouble with satellites shot over the South Pole bears out the theory that land areas haven't been measured accurately or that 'somebody' has been interfering with them.

In this connection it is interesting to note that American newspapers, some time back, published a report of a mysterious artificial satellite discovered to encircle the earth in an orbit that passed directly over both Poles and which was sent by no known nation. Did it emerge from one of the Poles and continue to rotate around its point of origin?

Gray Barker seems to agree with Palmer that flying saucers come from inside the earth; and in his editorial quoted above, he asks:

"What if there could be some unknown race, on some unexplored portion of the earth, which is responsible for the flying saucers? Palmer' s articles started me to thinking along that direction once again. THE INNER EARTH EXPLANATION WOULD FIT INTO MOST, IF NOT ALL THE FACETS OF THE FLYING SAUCER PICTURE.

"Various occult schools teach that polar entrances provide the doorways to cities of Agharta, the Subterranean World, such as Shamballah (the capital) and others. Let us accept, for a moment, that such a people has existed inside the earth for thousands of years, even before man - or maybe they seeded the outside with man. Maybe they have constantly watched over him, occasionally assisting him with technology, giving rise to what we now call `legends.' Maybe they built the Great Pyramid; maybe they are responsible for some of the 'miracles' reported in secular and religious histories. Until man, their protege, learned to be morally worthy, they would not wish to give him, suddenly, the knowledge of their existence or secrets of their technology.

"When man, however, invented the atomic bomb, the people of the inner earth were greatly concerned about it. Maybe they feared that contamination of the atmosphere would reach them; maybe they feared man could blow up the earth entirely. Halting or controlling man's propensity for destruction would be a delicate problem unless they would come out openly and inform him of their existence. They figured that they would eventually have to do so, and began a slow process of indoctrination, first merely letting him see the flying saucers fly around. Since men thought that flying saucers came from outer space, they pretended to be space people contacting him in their craft, and trying to indoctrinate him with peaceful philosophy (the majority of `space people' contacted having spoken strongly against the atomic bomb)."

In his book, "They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers," Barker speaks of the "Antarctic Mystery" or the unusual number of flying saucers seen to ascend and descend in the region of the South Pole, which strongly supports the theory of a polar opening through which flying saucers emerge from and enter the hollow interior of the earth. In this book he mentions an Australian and New Zealand investigator, named Bender and Jarrold respectively, who believed that flying saucers originate and are based in the Antarctic and tried to trace their course, when they were suddenly stopped in their research by `three men in black,' who were secret government agents who apparently wished to suppress such research, just as publicity concerning Admiral Byrd's 2,300 mile flight to the new unknown territory not found on any map, that lies beyond the South Pole and inside the opening that leads to the earth's hollow interior, was suppressed in the press.

Theodore Fitch is another American writer who believes that flying saucers come from the hollow interior of the earth. In his book, "Our Paradise Inside the Earth;" he writes:

"Writers of books on flying saucers believe that they come from other planets. But how can that be? They are too far away. Traveling at terrific speeds it would take a lifetime to make the trip (especially from planets of other solar systems)."

Fitch claims, as does Palmer, that the "spacemen" who came to us in flying saucers, who pose to be visitors from other planets, are really members of an advanced civilization in the hollow interior of the earth, who have important reasons for keeping their true place of origin secret, for which reason they purposely foster the false belief that they come from other planets. On this point, Fitch writes:

"They say that they come from other planets, but we doubt it." He considers this a white lie in order to prevent militaristic governments from learning that on the opposite side of the earth's crust there exists an advanced civilization whose scientific attainments far surpass our own, which is reached by the polar openings. In this way they protect themselves from molestation or possible war between subterranean and surface races."

Fitch agrees with Palmer that flying saucers are not "space ships," as Adamski claims, nor are their pilots "spacemen". Rather they are vehicles for atmospheric travel which come from the hollow interior of the earth in which they fly, connecting each part of the concave subterranean world with the other. As for the little brown men" seen in flying saucers, Fitch believes that they belong to the same subterranean race from which the Eskimos descended. Fitch is in agreement with William Reed and Marshall B. Gardner that the ancestors of the Eskimos came from the hollow interior of the Earth through the polar opening. Describing these little brown men, who are the pilots of the flying saucers, evidently serving a master race (Atlantean) which built them and sent them to us Fitch says:

"Though smaller than we, they are stronger. Their grip is like a vice. One of them could quickly overpower a strong man. Their bodies are perfect in build. Both men and women dress neatly. Though not beautiful, they are nice lo·king. Not one of them looks to be over 30 years old. They say that they do not expect to ever die.

"It would take a book to record the conversation that has taken place with the saucermen and women. Their speech is quick, sharp and right to the point. They seem to be very, very intelligent.. They talk freely and answer all questions, but they lie about things they do not want us to know (refusing to reveal their true subterranean origin and pretending to come from other planets, as Mars and Venus).

"Here are a few brief statements or claims made by the little men and women who live inside the earth. They boast about their superior mentality and knowledge, and that they excel us in creative ability. They say they are far ahead of us from the standpoint of new inventions. For instance, they claim that their flying saucers are powered with `free energy' (meaning the electromagnetic energy of space, which is free and not like fuel used to supply our aircraft). They claim they obtain this `free energy' by exploding certain atoms by the action of the electromagnetic energy of space while in flight.

"They say they are thousands of years ahead of us in all of the arts, such as painting, sculpture and architectural designing. Also they are ahead of us in their domestic and business management, in their agricultural techniques, and that their beautiful landscapes, parks, flower gardens, orchards and farms vastly surpass our own. They claim that they are far ahead of us in their knowledge of nutrition and diet.

"They claim to live in luxury, yet have no class distinction and no poverty among them, nor need of police. They say that they know every language on earth."

"Fitch's description of this super civilization in the hollow interior of the earth reminds one of Bulwer Lytton's subterranean Utopia described in his book, "The Coming Race." Lytton was a Rosicrucian and probably had access to occult information along this line. He described a super race inside the earth which lived in a state of universal abundance and contentment, free from greed, poverty and war."

Fitch describes these people as living under an economic system by which they own all things in common, without private aggrandizement or hoarding, and without class distinctions of rich and poor, capitalist or worker. Also they have an equitable system of distribution free from exploitation and usury; and there is no poverty among them, since all are on a basis of perfect equality through a system of common ownership. They have no private property and work together cooperatively for their mutual welfare. Fitch writes:

"They say they know all the secrets of every government. They say they are of higher intelligence and authority. Since they are our superiors they have authority over us. They claim to be experts in mental telepathy. They claim they came from an antediluvian race (Lemurian and Atlantean). They say they know nothing at all about our Jesus, and say our Bible has been mistranslated, misinterpreted and misconstrued. They claim that they are a race which has not fallen as we have... They say we should get rid of nuclear bombs and armaments.

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What do aliens look like?



Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

(01.09.03 rev.)

"Race" distinguishes various Star Visitors of decidedly

different appearances. More research into exo-biology, (the

science of Star Visitor life's physical structure and

processes), will help us understand better how many races of

intelligent species we are dealing. So would the

declassifying of the Government's already considerable

covert research on Star Visitor "exo-"biology, (such as is

going on at NASA's Ames Research Center, Sunnyvale, CA, and

at Los Alamos National Laboratories, NM). For convenience I

shall use the term race to distinguish

Star Visitors of significantly different anatomical


The most common Star Visitor race encountered has a

number of variants. These

variations in size and details of appearance may represent

origins on different planets. This race is popularly, and

rather imprecisely, called the "Grays". The "Grays" are

stereotyped, by uninformed or careless writers, as: short,

upright, two-legged beings, three-and-a-half feet tall, with

grayish- white skin, large, hairless, fetal-shaped heads,

with huge, all-black, sloping, almond-shaped eyes without

pupils or eyelids, whose eyes wrap around partially towards

the temple-area sides of the head, a narrow jaw tapering to

almost a V, small nostril holes but no nose, a small, thin,

lip-less, horizontal slit for a mouth, thin torsos with no

ribs and no genitals evident, long, spindly, but

surprisingly strong arms reaching to the knees, similarly

long, very thin legs, and hands with three long,

non-tapering, joint-less fingers, which end in claws instead

of fingernails, but no thumb.

To be sure, there is such a race of beings; or at least

a race, of which this is one variant.

However, there are also: five-foot tall "Grays", seven-foot

tall "Grays", "Grays" with mushroom-

white skin, "Grays" with brown skin, "Grays" with black

skin, "Grays" whose large eyes have a

thin nictating membrane which can extend across the eye,

"Grays" with midnight-blue eyes,

"Grays" with wispy fine small amounts of hair on their

heads, "Grays" with four fingers, and

"Grays" with three or four fingers and another finger

positioned where the human thumb would

be, and "Grays" whose fingers end with suction-cup-like


There have also been Star Visitors reported who have a

large process of folds along the

back of their heads, a series of deep creases or crevices

along the top of the head, sloping down

forward towards the front, and with a strongly-pronounced

brow- ridge above the eyes.

Are these twelve different races; or variants based on

evolving in different climactic zones

on one planet? Does this represent racial variation within

inhabited planets in one star system? Or are these

variations which occur within one cluster of star systems?

Or does the "Gray" genotype tend to appear in many different

star systems, on some planets, along with other races, on

other planets, within those same star systems? The truth

is, we do not know. Or at least that

information has not been released to the public. Thus, we

are still at the stage of gathering

information on the various different types of intelligent

lifeforms visiting our planet.

Another source of variation even within what is

apparently one race is clothing. Many

experiencers report that their "Gray" visitors wore no

clothes. Others have seen "Grays" wearing

long robes and hoods over their heads. Others have seen

crews where both versions of attire, as

well as close-fitting jumpsuits, were in evidence. Yet Grays

are not the only ones wearing robes.

Another race of Star Visitors is the 4-to-5 1/2-foot

tall Being, with a somewhat large

head (by comparison with the human head) but not as

proportionally large as the "Grays", and

who has somewhat large (but smaller than the "Grays") dark

oval eyes, spindly frame and limbs,

and a hand with three long, cartilaginous, bone-less

fingers, which end with neither claw nor

suction-cup, but rather "ordinary" fingertip shape, except

that their fingers do not taper.

A more distinctive kind of Star Visitor is the "Praying

Mantis type" race. These Beings

have long, narrow faces, with long, narrow, large eyes,

sharply slanted upward and outward in

an almost narrow-V position, given an almost insect-like

appearance. This comparison is

heightened by the Praying-Mantis types' extremely thin, long

torsos, long, extremely-thin arms

which are usually crooked into a sharp bend at the

mid-joint, with the hand and fingers/mitten

sloping almost vertically downward from the "wrist", and

legs also bent at an almost right-angle at the mid-joint,

creating a crouched pose. The overall effect is the

characteristic "Praying Mantis" look. It should be noted

that experiencers feel that this type is no insect, but

rather an intelligent, gentle-spirited, but somewhat "hyper"

and jerky-moving, human-like lifeform. There are both males

and females.

Another race is the so-called "Reptilians", or

"Reptoids", although I note again that there is no

implication in these descriptors of anything other than of

intelligent, communicative persons. What distinguishes these

"Reptilian" Star Visitors is their skin, which has small,

fine scales, rather than smooth, their face, which has

larger-than- human yellowish-green eyes with a

"starburst"-shaped pupil, the eyes often oval, and an almost

snout-like blunt process in the area of the nose and mouth,

giving this type an almost dragon-like humanoid appearance.

Another group of Star Visitors for convenience, I call

the "Jawas", after their resemblance

to the creatures in the film, Star Wars. This group is

distinguished by their clothing. They wear

hoods and robes, are generally short (three to

four-and-a-half feet tall), and their faces are

concealed by the shadows thrown by their hoods. Sometimes

there is a much taller hooded and

robed one on board the UFO, who often stands to the

Experiencer's left as s/he lies on the Visitor

medical examining table. This Tall One appears to direct the

procedures, and often is the one who telepathically

communicates with the Experiencer. A few Experiencers have

noted glowing eyes under the "Jawas'" hoods. Other

Experiencers have reported that when they got a glimpse of

the Being whose face was shadowed by the hood, it was a type

of "Gray". Still others saw neither

glowing eyes nor "Grays" under the hoods, but rather never

could distinguish the features in the

shadows of the hoods. There are often mixed- race crews on

the UFO's. In such cases there could

be "Jawas" or "Praying Mantis" types or "Reptoids" or

"Grays", joining in a coordinated effort in

carrying out scientific or medical tasks.

A few Experiencers have noted robot-like figures, whose

movements and "vibes" (or

rather lack thereof) strongly suggest that these are robots

sent remotely by the Star Visitors to

observe, reconnoiter, and possibly retrieve objects.

However, I have not encountered any reports

of robots actually interfacing with humans to accomplish

communication, or to remove the human to their craft for

scientific examination. The robot-like figures appear to be

relegated to the more impersonal tasks of

information-gathering and stealthy surveillance, without the

risk to the Star Visitors that they would otherwise run of

possibly encountering hostile human responses.

My research has also come up with a goodly number of

reports of "Humanoids", "Blondes", or "Nordics", Star

Visitors almost indistinguishable from humans. Indeed,

Native American and other indigenous people's traditions

point to their origin from the worlds of these human-looking

Visitors in the Pleiades, Sirius, Orion and other star

systems. If you were to place a pair of sunglasses on one of

these "Nordic" Visitors, they would be indistinguishable

from a Scandinavian-American citizen.

I have also encountered reports where the Experiencer

believed that the Star Visitor s/he was dealing with

appeared to be a human. However, in some cases, this turned

out to be an Star Visitor-imposed mental visualization in

the mind of the experiencer, the so-called "screen memory".

Upon closer looking, the experiencer was able to see the

actual nonhuman face of the Star Visitor behind the

mentally-imposed "human" mask.

My favorite variation of this mental cloaking experience

occurred to one experiencer who believed she was

encountering a human "spaceman". I invited the Experiencer

to look closely and carefully at the face of the "human

spaceman". When she did so, she suddenly was startled. "Oh,

my", she said," It's not a human after all. It's one of

those Grays." Other details made me suspect we were still

not done. I suggested she study closely the face of her

"Gray" visitor. Startled, she could see that it was a

"Reptoid" who had previously cloaked himself mentally as a


Another Star Visitor racial type described are the short,

chubby "Dwarf" Star Visitors, with round pudgy faces. They

seem to be relegated to doing the menial chores during a


Yet another race is what could be dubbed the Bird People.

This group's most pronounced feature is a broad, downward-sloping

proboscis, somewhat like an oversize broad bird beak or flexible

dolphin beak, with the mouth underneath the beak. These Visitors

have graceful ovoid heads, and long thin necks. They have thin,

horizontal, slit-like eyes with dark pupils. They are telepathic,

hearted, and powerful healers and teachers.

Then there are the light beings, the energy beings, and the

pure, disembodied consciousnesses. The light and energy beings do

not have a solid, three-dimensional body, but rather there

is marked by the presence of an ill-defined mass of light or other

energy. In the case of the pure consciousnesses, the only signal

their presence is the onset of telepathic contact, and,

their influence on something in the local environment.

Undoubtedly, many more races could be described. We as

humans are challenged by intelligent life that looks so different

from us, a challenge which can be disturbing. But it can also

remind us that the Source-of-All is myriad in its expression of

lifeforms, including intelligent lifeforms, across the vast

Universe. Only the anthropocentric would be offended by the

Supreme Source's creation of intelligence in other

anatomical packages. And, indeed, Star Visitor messages tell

us that we are that special variant mix of intelligent life:

part-Earth primate, part-Star Visitor intelligent lifeform.

Thus, when any of us has an encounter with an Star Visitor

visitor, we truly are meeting our "distant cousins".

- Richard Boylan, Ph.D.


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