The Alien Agenda

God's Answer to UFOs and Abductions
by Beverly Fox

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Both of Bev's books  are good reads.  Although I disagree with Bev's position on a pretrib rapture and views on what happens to us at death  (see  and as presented in her books; the subject of where aliens really come from and what they are involving satan's deception is well covered.

The Agenda is  written especially for those abductees or any others who have been made to feel insignificant. In all the books and references I have read, there has been no attempt to find out what God has to say on the subject. When people are afraid and helpless and donít know where to turn, they need to know that God is still there and that He does have the answers. It seems organized Christian religion has ultimately failed these people in their quest for an answer, relegating the problem to over active imaginations or demon possession.

It is my hope that this book will challenge the Christian community to deal with this as a real problem and an insidious danger, not only to abductees and their families, but to society as a whole. These aliens have the ability to cast doubt on Godís very existence. They offer themselves as the solution to all of mankindís problems and as our only chance for survival in the coming cataclysmic events.

People who have been tortured, terrorized, and demoralized need and deserve some real answers. They need to know that God is still there and still cares. I hope the rest of the Christian community will wake up and see what is going on and deal with this real, not imaginary, crisis!

If everyone knew what Godís plan for the human race really is, they would see they have no reason to fear.  Earth belongs to God's people for eternity.

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