Advertising to others updated 5-4-2013 

TelexFree specific

JubiRev specific

Places to advertise

This page has been revised to deal specifically with bringing in customers to your JubiRev-Addwallet or TelexFree business. It is also applicable to pretty much anything else you choose to advertise
, inlcuding bringing people to become affiliates under you. 

Part of the success in increasing your income from the net has to do with not only finding the good 
stuff but  then sharing it with others; as I do on my dogpage.  Here are some things you can employ to 
advertise  to others; and many of these are FREE or low cost for you to add to your toolbox.
 If you join 
an MLM or money making program to make money from those joining under you, then you HAVE to get 
traffic to your site. If you are not willing to do this, simply buy product retail not expecting to profit off the 
MLM or referral compensation plan. I've got some ways to do this here that are not expensive and are 
not time consuming. Ten  to fifteen minutes a day will make the difference between making money and not.

Between the awesome opportunities of   TelexFree, StemTech, Laminine, IsaGenix - the telomerase stuff, Add Wallet, JubiRev, Mazu Global, Silver Success, Dr Elwardt's Heart formula MyCardio For Life, Cerma Engine  life extender, Amsoil, and other programs on my dogpage some have probably signed up for ; 
if you can't make a buck or two using the methods shown here; on this page, you just aren't trying hard enough. You are only limited by the amount  of time you can spend advertising.  Classifieds, forum advertising, safe-lists, pay-per-click - these are all places to get your ad read by someone who should be interested. 

You don't need to send an ad to everyone on the internet to be successful.  A very small piece of the action brings a good return. Why get 200 responses a day if you can't respond to them?  And your advertising needs  to be done in nearly FREE  places to start with and then move into other areas and test the waters. 

If you are like me, you get a lot of spam emails everyday that you never open and just discard.  Why did you discard them? Because the subject line never provided you with something you were interested in. You have to get people to want to open your email based upon what you say in a few short words in the subject line.  Since they sent you an unsolicited email you have the right to return the favor. Send them your ad. You could build a list off of just the people that spam you every day.
I also have success using free stuff.  Go to  and type in free stuff and you will be 
overwhelmed at what is available.  So your subject line might say something like, " FREE, best Mexican 
salsa recipe to make you hit of the party"  When they open your email, the first line should state where they 
can get that recipe.  You don't give it to them there but put the link to it on the page you really are trying to 
get them to look at. In my  case I say.  You can find the salsa recipe at  
And the link to it IS on my dogpage. THEN you say a couple paragraphs about what you are really trying to 
sell them. And when they go to YOUR dogpage to retrieve the recipe, they should find all kinds of stuff you want to expose them to.  Once there they will look at it but you would never get them to open the email by saying  GO TO MY DOGPAGE AND JOIN THIS OR BUY THAT.

TelexFree specific
There are two reasons to place ads and two kinds of ads to place.
Software ad
It's everyone placing their software ad every day that sells the software package which makes 
the money for the company as well as pay for the advertising costs, namely our paychecks.
If you want to operate in passive mode only you only need be concerned with placing 
your required daily software ad which advertises for the telecommunications free calls service.
This is the ad I use everyday for that, although there are many ads to choose from in 
your back office under advertising - choose ad,  as well as places to post them under 
advertising - publishing spaces . You return to advertising - validate your ad to post the 
URL to your ad proving you posted your ad. Do this every day. If you miss one day out of 
seven you don't get paid for the whole week. This is a discipline.

Subject line - FREE phone calls to 40+ countries - try it free for 1 hour
Body of ad - TelexFree Free calls from landlines or cellphones to 40+
different countries with our software. Try it out for 1 hour for FREE.
Amazing stuff. Includes talking, teleconferencing, texting, sharing files,
and more.  Click on SOFTWARE and/or FREE TRIAL at

See  and for companies that will place your ads for you for a fee.
When you start seeing how much money can be earned here on multiple ad pack purchases
you may very well want to start using these services.

Here's more good places to post ads. allows you to post five ads at a time so those of you with family 
packs may find this one interesting and able to save you time.

Recruiting for promoters ad
If you want to earn money from referrals you bring into the program, you need to advertise 
with a different kind of ad. Place this ad as many places as you can find to place it each day.
At  I have a list of where I place the following ad each day.

  Earn min 20%/mo net profit posting ads for TelexFree

Body of ad :  Yes, 20%/month net profit MINIMUM, 
selling nothing, sponsoring no one, but by placing your ad(s)  for the day that sells a 
telecommunications software package for the company which allows customers using 
the software to call 40+ countries , cellphone or landline, for FREE with unlimited talktime, 
texting, teleconferencing, file sharing  and more. Don't have to buy, sell, or use the software 
to make money. Just post the ads. This is the golden goose of the decade, 9 year old 
proven company, legal, licensed in all 50 states. 98% of TelexFree promoters renew 
annually because EVERYONE makes money. Complete concise information at  No falta!  (means don't miss it for our Espanol people)

JubiRev/JubiMax specific
With that said, and the main goal is to get more JubRev customers. Let's look at the logistics. 
In JubiRev you have several advertising links. Mine are:   which attempts to get people to sign up as your affiliate in 
the jubiRev program as they will not figure out what the program is all about at this page. 
I consider it a rah rah page, "trust me that what we say is true"  with videos. It's not the first place 
I try to get people to. I try to get people to my page at where I give
them the nuts and bolts of the program instead of the rah rah rah. THEN I send them to my 
affiliate page which will make a lot more sense to them after they have a feel for what is going on.   which gives them a customer sign up/sign in page and 
exposes them to the products available without offering them a gift certificate

This is an ad I use:
Subject : Receive up to $400 worth of FREE skincare, weightloss, and energy products.
Body of ad:  Go to, sign up and sign in as my customer, 
and see what you want for FREE up to $400 worth. Email me at and 
I can assign you enough JubiBucks to cover your purchase. You only pay shipping. Good stuff, 
tough deal to beat. See  for the nuts and bolts on JubiRev.

Here's the main places I use to bring traffic to my website pages.

Keep this in mind. In order to email others sometimes you have to receive emails, so do NOT 
sign up to these with your regular email address. Go to  and sign up with a 
separate gmail address with which to receive the ads.  Then you can either discard them if 
you don't have time or look through them when you do have time
without screwing up your 
regular email. Several of these give you more people you can send to if you look at other's ads.

1. Million Leads for Free
Go to  and sign up for FREE. 
If you are willing to look at 10 ads a day from other people, you can post your ad to 5000 
people per day   FREE!  Change your subject line and ad body daily if you need to or run 
the same ad all the time. Simply open your site, login, and click on "Message Inbox" 
from the left menu, look at ten ads, then click on  "Post to open contracts"  and post your 
ad, subject line and body.  It will go to 5000 people just like their ads went to you. This is a 
good one that takes little time and costs nothing

These are also free places to send your customer or affiliate ads to
This place covers Asian and other countries you can select too. In fact there are 
12 countries listed there and you could place 12 ads a day, one to each different country. 
I do. I post my required JubiMax customer ad to the United States at  each day. 
I vary the selection from network marketing-MLM, home based, and internet. AND - if you 
are posting a free ad, that ad goes to a specific state and a specific county. You need to 
select different states and different counties each day for your free ad, preferably large 
population counties. On the page where you preview your ad, just before clicking "post ad" 
look upward a couple lines and you will see the state and county your ad will be going to. 
You can use the selector to change both state and county so your ad goes to a different place 
each day.
Then I post my customer ad to the other 11 countries each day also.
That's too much effort you say? Hey, stay broke. You will NEVER have the chance to build a 
retirement income as rapidly as you can with JubiRev (or Add Wallet) for that matter.. Maybe 
you are just enamored with your J.O.B. Excuses abound.  Please try doing what works. 

3. This FREE ad source covers a lot of ground
different countries also, and is good for three months.
You would have to place a different ad if you placed it within those three months. It takes less
than 10 minutes to place all six ads. Can you do that once every three months for that kind of 

4. Use  
To Email 70 MILLION Targeted - Opt-In Prospects
Every Month! That's 2.3 MILLION Every Day!
A Lifetime Pro membership is only $34.50
You can post an HTML ad with a pro membership.
Sign up. After you've signed up
Login at
Click on 2.3 million bulk emailer 
click on bulk mailer/send mail
Can store up to 10 emails to send on the site
ONE CLICK BULK MAILING FROM OUR SERVERS!  The PRO account costs a one time $34.50
but you never have to pay that again. No monthly fees.  Your membership will never expire.  The click 
here to join button is near the bottom of the page.  It takes less than a couple minutes to enter your site 
everyday, load your subject line and ad and send out to 2.3 million everyday to people who want to see 
your ad.  Plus there is more than 80 free ebook titles you can download.
This is a great site with many useable tools on it
in your left menu after you login. You click on the 2.3 Million 
bulk email menu item and simply post your ad once a day. Super simple. Well worth the cost. 

5. SafeMail more info here  
This web based server allows members to blast over 3 Million emails per day. All recipients 
are double opt-in making us 100% SPAM law compliant. Our recipient database is filled with 
prospects who have asked to be included in our safe-list, so you know your ad will reach real 
customers. Costs only $39.95 for a lifetime membership.You can place up to three ads in 
standby to select from so you can send out a different ad each day. For $9.95 more you can 
upgrade to executive 2 which allows sending emails in HTML using their HTML editor.
The ten bucks is worth it to be able to send the ad in HTML.
Go to , after you've signed up click on Send Ad

Three versions, totally free associate, where you reach 200 members every 72 hours, or 
Pro Membership whereyou can send your ads once a day to 24,000 subscribers and 2 million+ subscribers using a different systemwhich is included free if you take out a pro membership.. 
Pro Starts out as $3.95/mo and then it is $10/mo thereafter or you can send out HTML messages 
for $15/mo as an executive member. That's to 2 million + people each day. You can cancel at any 
time. I chose Executive to be able to send out HTML ads which are much more effective. 

7. TopSafeSend .com  
This simple system allows you to send an ad to all the members once a day. The price is 
$12 per year, to send out to all members once per day. Currently there are over 11,169 members. 
You also get credits for looking at other's ads. In the menu on the left you will find the terms 
standard mailer and credit mailer. Click the standard mailer to mail out to the membership 
every day. If you have been looking at other people's ads to get credits (like 100 credits per 
each 20 sec ad you look at) you can click on credit mailer and mail out another batch to those. 
You can save up to five messages in the system. You can also purchase credits to mail out to more people, but I don't. It doesn't appear there is an option here to send your ad in HTML.

8.  to sign up 
This web based server allows members to blast over 2.7 Million emails per day. All recipients 
are double opt-in making us 100% SPAM law compliant. Our recipient database is filled with 
prospects who have asked to be included in our safe-list, so you know your ad will reach real 
customers. Costs only $39.95 for a lifetime membership.You can place up to five ads in 
standby to select from so you can send out a different ad each day.This service allows sending 
emails in HTML. Just choose font and type size.
Go to to login after you've signed up and click on Send Ad

Go to  and you can pick up 5000 to 80,000 free leads 
a monthYou can get more than 5000 by referring others (I'm past platinum level now) or paying 
a one time $99.98 fee for diamond level upgrade right out the chute.

Bronze Level (Free)
Members get access to 5000 reg leads monthly

Silver Level (Refer 5 others that become members)
Members get access to 10,000 reg leads monthly

Gold Level (Refer 15 others that become members)
Members get access to 20,000 reg leads monthly

Platinum Level (Refer 30 others that become members)
Members get access to 40,000 reg leads monthly

Diamond Level (*Refer 50 others that become members)
Members get access to 80,000 reg leads monthly

*or you can go instantly to the Diamond membership level by Upgrading 
at *$99.98  A $15 affiliate commission is also paid on a platinum upgrade.

The above site gives you the leads but doesn't give you the place to post them.
You can post 500 leads per day FREE with a gmail account,  If you want to post 5000 leads a day, open ten gmail accounts; like buddy1, buddy2, buddy3,   etc. A little work but it's free.  You put your own regular email addy in the "TO" box, you copy and paste the other 499 in the "BCC" (blind carbon copy) box, insert your subject line:  example  FREE great Mexican salsa recipe to make you the hit of the party   In the body of the email, tell them where they can get the Mexican salsa recipe or whatever you offered for free to get them to open your email, and then proceed to tell them what you really want to tell them.

If you don't want to play the gmail game here's a couple more places to go that send out ads for you.  which can send out 4000 emails a day, no optin message necessary, reliable, fast inbox capable, send text or html, high email delivery rate, simple push button technology. 
This system costs $40/mo 

10. Mailing List Provider
you can input your list to send out newsletters to your list several times a month like I do. 


More places to advertise
Go to  and search for:  WORK AT HOME MESSAGE BOARDS or FREE WEBSITE PROMOTION or MLM FORUMS or HOME BUSINESS DISCUSSION GROUPS or SOCIAL BUSINESS NETWORKS etc, and you will find many different ways to show off your websites and get some signups. The more places you can promote your website, the more money you can make period.  USE YOUR IMAGINATION.

 If you go to  or or etc.,  you can set up user accounts absolutely free and list your websites where thousands of people will see them.
 If you simply don't have the time to promote your websites, and are willing to spend a few dollars, do an internet search for  PAID WEBSITE PROMOTION SERVICES. Many are available. 

Also see  for a list of where to go to advertize.

Do I need to have a website to advertise?
Well, no, but it certainly makes life a lot easier. And it doesn't have to be expensive. My webhost, , has a bronze plan for $5.95/mo that would take care of most everyone.  has a FREE plan and a $2.95/mo plan with no other advertising on it. 
Other places to post a free website are , , , , , and   The advantage of having your own 
website is that you have a place to send people to look at stuff. If you have only one thing to sell, 
that's one thing, but as you move on to include other opportunities as well, it becomes burdensome 
to try and do a one on one email business when you can direct people to your website where they 
can look and research at their own leisure unobtrusively. Over ten years my site has grown to 
hundreds of pages; with many different subject matters from investments, to health issues, to 
Bible issues, to conspiracy issues and the list goes on. 

Mailing List
Along with a website you should be developing your own mailing list that you send information out to. 
A couple times a month is sufficient unless something urgent and important comes up. Develop a relationship with the people you communicate with. Develop trust so that when something good comes along they will have enough faith in you to take a good look at it. NEVER promote something just so YOU will make a buck on it. If the program isn
't suitable and won't make money for the guy who can't recruit anyone; don't be bringing people into it just because you can and it lines your pockets. Having a website and maintaining a listserve comes with great responsibilities. Judgment day is coming soon, and how you cared for and treated your fellow man will have a large bearing on where your soul ends up at death. I use  for my mail list.  E mail services don't cut it as they usually limit the number of people you can send one email to at 25 people or less. Other resources include , ,

Business Cards
One thing that works well is just making up  business cards or 3 x 5's that simply bring people 
to your website. We made our card up using  Lots of choices there to make 
your card just like you want. You can order it online without ever leaving your home. I leave the 
backside blank so I can write specific URL's on it I want people to go to that we talk with.

A 3" x 4"   or larger handout card 
works well also that you can post in the free places in grocery store 
bulletin boards and any other place there is free posting. 

I get a lot of traffic off of cards, business cards or specific item cards .  
You hand  those out to people when you are in grocery store lines, Mc Donalds picking up a burger, 
the gas station, when walking out of stores and other people are along side of you; I post them on 
every bulletin board I can find, I leave them on restaurant tables, I  put them on a few of the cars 
around mine when I leave the grocery store.   I leave a magnetic card in the bathrooms. There are 
many ways to dispense them.    Give them the best opportunities to work with, send them to your 
website, have the right information on your website so they really understand these opportunities 
and how to sign up for them, and many will join!!! And once people sign up for one thing that works, 
and they begin to trust you,  they will be back for more. That IS how  it has happened for me. 

Classified Ad Advertising 
- place small ads just like you would in a newspaper classified section
Again, got to, ,  and type in "classifieds" and 
you will have an endless source of free places to post your ad. 
Examples: Free and easy. Account required, videos allowed in free ads...

Free, account required, max number of active ads 5, 15 da..

Free classifieds, account required with email verificatio..

Free classifieds, account required, and clean looking sit..

Free classifieds, no account required, and mobile posting.. Free classifieds, account required.. Free classifieds, account required.. Free classifieds, account required.. Free classifieds, account required.. Free classifieds, post to 7,000 websites.. Free classifieds, account required.. Free classifieds, account required.. Free classifieds, account required.. Free classifieds, account required.. Free classifieds, account required.. Free classifieds, no account required.. Free classifieds, account required.. Free classifieds, account required.. Free classifieds, no account required.. Free classifieds, no account required.. Free classifieds, no account required.. Free classifieds, account required, premium upgrades availab.. Free classifieds, ads are served by state, and account requi.. Fee classifieds, account required.. Free classifieds, account required.. Must purchase a premium ad for Business Opportunities 30 day.. Must purchase a premium ad for Business Opportunities 90 day.. Free classifieds with images, and ad upgrades. Account requi.. Daily free software downloads, plus adspace to boot!.. Easy freebie site, with form, requires aproval.. Must submit freebie to admin.. Free classified text ads only.. Free classifieds with images and video.. Free classifieds with images.. Free classifieds with Twitter and Facebook integration.. Account required, $10 deposit, pay per click campaigns... Account required, and premium ad required for business oppor.. Free classifieds with images. No account required, ads have .. Free classifieds with one image, and video. Paid classifieds.. Must submit freebie to admin.. Free classifieds with images, and videos... Paid Classifieds starting at $5.00 a day.. Free classifieds with images.. Paid sponsored video ads, min budget $10.00 a day.. Free classifieds with images, ads are served by city.. Free classifieds with images, and premium upgrades. Account ..

Paid text and Image ads, min budget $5.00 a day

.. ..

Joining SafeLists
A safelist is a mailing list that is geared towards advertising web sites, business opportunities, and 
so forth. All members of a free or paid safelist agree to receive advertising emails from the other members. It benefits you by allowing you to advertise to a number of people via email, without having 
to resort to spam. Safelist are places to go where you play the "you look at my ad and I'll look at your ad" game. Even with a small  upfront cost, this allows you to get your words in front of a lot of people over the course of time. Go to  or  or  and type in the word "safelists" and you will have many to choose from.  
Here are a few: , ,


Simply Click on the SAFELIST of your Choice ...

SafeLists My website on TV news, Radio
and in Magazines, Free!
Businessworldlist Cash Blaster
Herculist Opt-in Safe-list Ad Pro AdSolutionline Safelist Cash4u Safelist Big Ant Got Safelist? Newage Marketing Supreme Safelist Traffic2you Safelist Pro ELP SAFELIST
ODS 007 Safelist BePaidCash Networks MyAdMailer Magic-Horses Safelist SpiderMail
Elixir Safelist 42ProFit Safelist GLOBAL SAFELIST Liberty List MuscleMail Safelist Optin-Ads Angel Cash Safelist MBP Safe-List Mach2 Quick List Stargazersafelist Dream Weaver Safelist

WebEzines - another resource for advertizing
Top Most Popular Web Ezines!

         The Freebie Cafe

Paradigm Web Design - Web Sm@rts

The Grape Vine Deals

The Extreme Ezine

The 24KaratMarketer Ezine

The Free Work At Home Ezine

Worldwide Freebies


A source I use often is posting ads on forums. The Delphi forum (   for example has hundreds different forums you can go in to and post an ad for free. Again, got to, ,  and type in "forums" and  you will have many sources of free 
places to post your ad. 

Malls - The purpose of being in a mall is to capture traffic you would not normally get and don't have to advertise for as people walk by the different storefronts in the mall and are curious as to what you have to offer and come in and check you out. The mall does the advertising to bring the people, not you. Lots of malls out there. Most are full of overpriced stuff to pay high commission costs.  I have not had good success with malls bringing traffic to my site. I have not had good success with joining malls to get a share of the profit of the mall itself. Be careful of spending your advertising dollars in malls. Again, got to, ,  and type in "malls" and you will have many sources of places to post your product.

Pay Per Click Advertising
We have found "pay per click advertising" to be a very cost effective way to advertise to generate sales.   Visit the pay per click companies below and learn more about pay per click advertising.  They will explain to you step by step how to get started to get traffic to your site within minutes.  Please be sure to view each site's tutorials on how to get started.  Once you get the hang of using these pay per click programs, you could be on your way making a fortune!  Pay Per Click Advertising Truly Works!

Here's some other places you can generate traffic from:

1) Become a part of popular online marketing forums like,, & to name a few. Not only can you gain great insight from these boards, but you can get traffic from your "signature". Simply edit your signature on the board to have your affiliate link back to Now every time you make quality contributions to the board, your signature will show up with your affiliate link. It's a great way to gain experience and get free $34 signups in the process.
2) Go to and look over how people write press releases / reviews. Imagine writing something from the perspective of a newspaper column. Where it's 3rd person just giving the facts. You should include the selling points as benefits or features. That way they don't seem like a straight sales pitch. You'll get a much better response like that where you just trying to provide quality information, and not looking for a sale.
 3) Create a free blog (web log) at sites such as, and post your review of our software, including your affiliate link. Then "ping" your blog at a site such as, so it gets picked up quickly by search engines.
Search Engine Placement Services
From Ber:
To be honest with you; my site grew mostly from word of mouth over a period of ten years. 
I didn't even register it  with search engines until recently when I used  to simply register my dogpage at   I am told from people who use it that it works well.

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