THW Global

Get paid for watching youtube videos.
At no upfront cost to you, you can earn up to $1000/mo viewing
you tube videos and commenting on them after you watch them.
Just a couple hundred a month would make a huge difference in
whether many families can survive or not. And yes, they put ads
before and after the content you are supposed to watch but you
are also paid for the time to watch those ads. This is a very
reasonable way to earn extra income.

1. Register at

2. Log Back In at your link ( )  and Do Survey
3. Watch TEN hours of video to qualify for commissions
    (The first ten hours is on you, then you get paid from that point on)

They have something for everyone! Whether you just want to work part-time
and make 1k per month or put some effort in and get to 100k. Or, if you are
ready to be a big dog and you see NO limits, something for everybody!

This is not a “JOB” so there is not going to be someone looking over your
shoulder and “crackin the whip”. YOU are responsible for YOU! It would be
advisable to login to your back office, go thru each of the tabs and get yourself
up to speed.

I have done several online businesses before and they are right I have paid
anywhere from $25-$50 per month to have marketing tools. THW is offering
a completely FREE opportunity to earn up to 100k and not have to pay one
dime out of pocket to get started. This is very unique! It took a while to get
through the 10 hours of viewing but it happened.

The below is taken from the back office under Soft Launch updates


THWGlobal really prides itself that our FREE IVs can begin earning a
substantial income without having to buy anything. FREE IVs, in order
to be commission qualified, need to focus on two areas. Their 10 hour
initiation viewing and thereafter a minimum qualification of 5 hours weekly
viewing. We also encourage all our IVs to always take time to review and
support our advertisers by considering their respective offers; which will
eventually lead to Dual Team earnings.

To begin earning, just complete your required 10 hours of initial viewing
and commenting on videos, at your schedule. The initial 10 hours of viewing
can be done at any time, for some it can be done in 1 day, for others it may
take several weeks. It is completely up to you. Then simply spend a minimum
of 5 hours in any given week viewing and commenting on videos to begin
earning Tokens. Any week in which you do not accumulate the required 5
hours you simply forfeit your Token Earnings for that week. Tokens then begin
accumulating again in the next week. Based on our BETA Testing we believe
that most IVs are spending more than 10 hours weekly viewing and commenting
on videos at this time, so for most this will never be an issue.

Since THWGlobal is a 100% free opportunity we feel that simply asking all
new IVs to merely complete 10 hours of viewing and commenting is not

Also note that becoming a Certified IV completely waives the 10 hour initial
viewing requirement and the 5 hours minimum per week.


I have not decided to become Certified as of yet. If everything with this
business pans out and I have no reason to believe right now that it won’t,
this could make a lot of money for a lot of people.
If it turns out to be an easy
$1000 a month + for those with time and much more for those with connections,
then great. Time will tell. 

In the US you can earn $25 an hour or $250 for every ten hours you watch.
 If not in the US, you will earn twice the minimum wage in your country.

Must Be 18 or Older with High School Diploma
$25 per hour to a maximum of TEN hours a week ($250 a week)
You will get paid $5 per ten hours your direct referrals watch videos (up to $50 a week)
You will get paid $1 for all other referrals on your 2nd to 10th tier (up
to $10 a week per referral on every tier to the 10th tier)
No cost to join ever (unless you want to upgrade and risk losing your money)
No monthly fees
No SSN or SIN (tax number) required
Since it costs nothing everyone is jumping on board making referring others easy and
zero risk for you or them
will have 4 million people in my left leg before the end of 2016 and SO WILL YOU,
if you move NOW). They might want CASH for you to benefit from this and I expect
some kind of threat to lose this line unless you send them money. :) I would not fall
for it. Let the no cost option prove itself and let the management show their faces
before sending a penny. 
So, there you have it, if you have some extra time (or are willing to multi-task)
you can earn up to $1000 a month with no referrals. 

Income from referring others
If you refer people then the sky is the limit. 
Below is an illustration of the possibilities. 

Let's take an example. Diana is not a heavy hitter marketer.
She just got it out to her private circle of friends and lo and behold...she has
140 referrals.

Let's assume only 50 become active.

That will be $1000 a month for her own video viewing plus:

$200 a month per referral who does their 10 hours a week. This is because
you get $5 for every hour they view videos or $50 per week if they do 10 hours
a week. That works out to about $200 a month.

So, that $200 x 50 for $10,000 a month. (not $1000 as I first thought).

Up to this point we are looking at a $11,000 a month income and we
only have referred 50 people (who all signed up at no cost to them and no easy 'sell').

Now, what if those 50 sponsored two each? This is very feasible and based
on the industry average of 2 referrals per affiliate.

That would mean 100 on your second tier.

You would get $1 for every hour they view or $10 a week.

That is $40 a month times 100 on your second level for another
$4000 a month bringing your monthly income up to $15,000 a month.

Now, you are paid on TEN levels.

But, let's take it down just one more level.

Let's assume the 2nd tier 100 people also tell 2 people each on average.

Now, you have 200 paying you $40 a month for another $8000 a month.

Then you have 200 x 4 weeks or $800 for your second level.

This brings your total to $23,000 a month and does not count what
might happen all the way down 10 levels deep.
This does not count future potential binary income that is expected to come later. 

So, given there is zero risk, other than your time, this is a reasonable
way to earn that extra income that will leave you with some cash at the
end of the month...IF it works out as projected. 


1. Register at

2. Log Back In at your link ( )  and Do Survey
3. Watch TEN hours of video to qualify for commissions
    (The first ten hours is on you, then you get paid from that point on)

4. Then watch you 5 hours of videos per week and tell others .

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