How to take a screen shot

Many times we need to put into a jpeg photo what we see on our monitor screen.
If we just copy the page and paste in into somewhere it doesn't always come out
looking the same.  And maybe we only need a pic of a portion of what we see on the page.
Here is how to
make a correct pic of what you see on the page.

1. On your keyboard, in the upper right usually, is a key called  Print Screen.
Press this and it takes a snapshot of everything you see on your monitor screen
and puts it on your clipboard. Similar to when you select something and do a control c copy.

2. Now open up your photoshop program. I still use Adobe Photoshop 6.0

3. From the file menu bring down NEW. It opens to a blank page

4.  Select the marque tool from the photoshop tool menu, looks like a dotted rectangle
like a lasso.  With it select what you want out of the first picture. Push control C which
copies your selection to the clipboard.

5. Go back to file menu and pull down to NEW again.  Another blank page comes up.
    Push control V (paste) and paste your selection you lassoed from th epirst pic pasted
    onto the new page.
   Select IMAGE, then ADJUST, to change the brightness and contrast of your picture.
   Select IMAGE SIZE to change how big the pic will appear when stored.

6.  Then pull file menu down to SAVE AS, name the pic, determine image quality, I normally
use 5,  and save it as a jpeg to someplace you know where it is at.

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