NuWayTV user guide

This page will grow as it will contain tips and instructions on 
how to use your NuWayTV box.

Box set up is easy. Connect the HDMI cable from the HDMI port on
box to the HDMI in port on your TV. Plug the power supply into a protected
outlet like a UPS surge protection box you can get at Costco or online.
Both your NuWayTv box as well as your TV and computers should all
be on a surge protection circuit, and I don't mean a $20 strip protector,
I mean a 1200 watt or so UPS. In our home in Mexico, power is so 
unpredictable I even have our refrigerator/freezer on a UPS box. I have 
measured as low as 32volts to as high as 180 volts in a 120V circuit. 
How's that for voltage regulation. Get the UPS protection!
Connect your internet cable to the network port on your NuWayTV box.
Remove the cover on your mini keyboard and take out the USB transmitter and
plug it into one of the two the NuWayTV box USB ports. 
The other USB cable included connects to your mini keyboard to charge 
the battery in the keyboard. You do not have to keep that cable plugged 
in all the time, just when you need to charge the battery in the keyboard.
The keyboard itself is wireless. The keyboard has an on-off switch
located on the upper right edge just above the four buttons to the right of the 
mousepad. Turn it off when you are done with it.

When you turn your TV on and the keyboard on you should see the following 
screen on your TV.

Using the right/left arrows in the upper right of the keyboard and move the square 
over to the far right and select the gear wheel. In the gearbox select whether you 

have a wi-fi connection or you are hard wire connected with an ethernet connection 
cable which is a faster connection than wi-fi. Click OK, the button in the middle of the 
4 arrows in the upper right of the keyboard. That sets the type of connection you have.

Note: The escape button (Esc) is your friend, to start with you will use it often as it will 
bail you out of "I don't know what to do next" situations. There's also a button above the 
mouse button on the right side of the mousepad that looks like an e. Push that and it will 
take you back to homepage so you can start over.  

Next hit the escape button (top left on keyboard) and using the left arrow on the right 
side of the keyboard back up to the blue box with the K in it on homepage (second from 
right as is shown in the pic above).  Click OK.

It should take you to a menu at the top that says 
Home - Movies - TV shows - Music - Applications - Weather
Using the right and left arrows at the upper right of your keyboard select what you 
want to watch. Let's choose MOVIES. Push OK. 

There are four squares to select from in that section.
MY Movies (ones you have bookmarked), video add-ons below that, Movies, and 
YouTube videos. Select Movies. If the box on the upper left is already selected 
you have to use a down arrow first and then a right arrow and a right arrow again 
to get to the box in the upper right that says find Movies. Click OK.

What appears next is a menu  that has different categories of movies to select from.
Use the down arrow to scroll down the list, each categorized list gives you movie 
choices to watch.  The very bottom one is SEARCH. If you know the name of the 
movie you want to watch, select SEARCH, click OK, and type it in exactly using 
the keyboard.
Example type in EXODUS - Gods and Kings.
The space bar is the wide green bar in the middle bottom of the keyboard. Using 
the up and down and right and left arrows, make sure there is a checkmark in the 
green box that says DONE at the bottom.  Click OK. 

Next you will see a menu of the Exodus versions that are available. Using the down 
arrow select the top version 2014. Click OK. 

That will take you to all the sources of where you can watch this particular movie.
Let's select 02 Moviezone in high definition (make sure you have a 10 megabyte 
connection or better to watch streaming in high definition). The movie will start playing.

Go to  
and find out what your download speed is.  You need a minimum download speed of  
10  megabytes/sec for high definition and 6 megs for regular  media to make this work.

If your TV set goes dim it means your system went to sleep waiting for you decide 
what you are going to do next; hit any key on the keyboard to wake it back up.

Choosing movies to watch.
One of your questions will be how do I know which movies are available to select from?
Open up a browser and enter a search engine; like,, or others and simply type in MOVIES. Some places to find what 
movie titles are available to watch are: 
Just these few links would probably give you enough movie titles to watch 
for well over a year or so.

Bookmarking movies. On the keyboard, to bookmark or save a particular show 
or movie to your favorites folder so you can access it quickly next time around
(like the  A.D.The Bible Continues  series), hit the C button on the keyboard when 
you are on that particular menu page that shows the segments available to select from.

Watch a TV series
When exiting one thing and attempting to go elsewhere push the PAUSE button first  
(middle button of round circle of controls left of mouse pad) and then the escape button
(upper left pf keyboard).. Otherwise the sound stream may continue on for sometime.

In hitting the escape button it will take you back to the Movie menu, keep hitting the back 
arrow until you see the Movies button selected at the top of the page; hit the right arrow 
button to move over to TV Shows. Click OK. Then use the down arrow and right arrow to 
get over to the TV Shows box in the upper right on that page. Click OK.
Go down through the menu, you could choose any item which turns up a wealth of 
shows to watch, and again a SEARCH box is at the bottom. Select the search 
box and click OK. Let's try to find the "A.D. The Bible Continues"  series. This is a 
very excellent set of episodes that aired recently showing how things were back 
in Jesus' day with the Romans, Pharisees, Apostles, and the Roman empire. Type 
in the name of the show "A.D. The Bible Continues" using the mini keyboard. Use 
the back button ( second key down on the right side of the keyboard) to make 
corrections. The letters will display at the top of the keyboard page. Using the 
arrow buttons make sure the checkmark is in the green box at the bottom left of 
the page. Click OK.
Click arrows until you find and select SEASON 1. Click OK and all the episodes of season 
1 surface. Scroll down using the down arrow and choose one. For example choose  and 
select "The Visit".   Click OK , choose a source to stream from, click OK and that episode 
will start playing. 

Other episode type TV Shows to watch to get you started 
using the search box and typing the name of the show using the keyboard
Luke Cage
House of Cards
Grace and Frankie
The Get Down
Unbreakable Kinny Schmidt
Orange is the new black


One of the questions asked was can this be used on more 
than one TV in the home. There is only one HDMI output 
connection on this box but you can obtain a switch or splitter 
from like the ones at

to go to multiple TVs if they are close enough. You would be limited only
by length of cable from splitter to the next TV. And of course everyone would
be watching the same program. But you can run more than one TV showing 
 the same movie.

To restart the unit hold down the FN button at the left bottom of the keyboard
at the same time you hold down the "enter ctrl-alt-del" at the right side of the keyboard.

If there are any questions  I can't answer we can get Cyrus at NuWayTV
in Florida to answer  321-312-6322.  

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