NuwayTV Box updated 7-24-2015
for more info besides this page and to order.
See  for set up and user info.
I received my box and am using it; this has got to be the most trick devices 
I have ever been exposed to. Picture quality is beyond excellent.
And - this is a simple system to use as the software is already programmed 
into the box. You just have to type in what you want to watch and it finds it.

I am a NuWayTVBox affiliate. This webpage you are on now is my 
own summary of compiled information. My official affiliate webpage 
for NuWayTV is at  which will look like your 
webpage if you choose to become an affiliate marketer also, for FREE. 

Here is an initial simple video on how to use the box. 

This is a cheaper (much cheaper) and better way to view movies, serials,
news and live sports than paying for cable and satellite services.
You just need a good internet connection and the NuWayTV system.
Watch all your favorite movies - old and new releases also, TV shows,
reruns, old serials, and sports events without cable and satellite bills.

$299 one time cost for equipment, plus $12.95 shipping, no monthly fees,
no annual fees, no affiliate fees to earn on sales to others.

Complan if you want to market the unit to other people
NuWaysTV is different in that you do not have to purchase a unit yourself
nor pay a monthly fee to be able to earn money marketing the unit to others.
But you can earn more and many levels deep if you do purchase a unit yourself.

NuwayTV pays affiliates $50 for the first level of direct sales without having to 
buy a unit themselves, or pay a monthly fee of any kind, or pay a personal 
website hosting fee. Affiliate sign up and website URL is free. NO other 
TVBox company offers that. No other TVBox company offers the quality, diversity 
and simplicity NuWayTV system does either. Your unit comes preprogrammed 
and the software is automatically updated when youhave the box connected to 
the internet.
When an Affiliate buys their own NuWayTV unit then they have the opportunity to get 
paid on up to 6 Levels instead of just one level.
Example: Buy your own NuWayTv and  sell 2 units and get paid 2 levels, sell 6 
units and get paid on all 6 levels.
Level 1 pays  $50
Level 2 pays  $10
Level 3 pays  $10
Level 4 pays  $10
Level 5 pays  $10
Level 6 pays  $10
We wish everyone to have their own NuWayTV unit. . This way you really can 
recommend honestly. For affiliates that have not purchased their own unit we 
still pay $50 only every direct sale they make.  We pay commissions Weekly 

Introducing the NuWayTv Box!

Includes remote, NuWay TV box you connect to internet,
keyboard, power supply and cables you connect to TV
Works on older TVs that have only phono cable plugs also.

At $20/pop for two theatre tickets; this system won't take long to pay for itself.

I did receive my NuwayTV Box and got it up and running. This is  one of 
the most incredible devices I have ever seen. It works well, REALLY well.
It is actually quite easy to use, much more so than I had anticipated. At 71, 
I am still academically founded but challenged to operate the cellphones and 
games our kids speed a hundred miles an hour through. I expected this to be
difficult but with the mini keyboard it is really quite simple. Up and down and 
sideways keys, ok button, space bar, menus to select from. If I can figure 
this out, anybody can. Picture clarity is excellent, there has been no starting 
or stopping during a movie, no bad pixels, just a great streaming picture.

The unit does come with a phono cable set to work with older TVs but it 
wouldn't work on our 2001 analog antique JVC so I had to go down to Best 
Buy and buy a TV that had an HDMI input. You can get a good Insignia 32"
(made by Samsung for Best Buy) for only $239. Incredible picture. On our first 
use we watched a couple youtube videos also as well as a selection from the TV 
series A.D.The Bible Continues; a great series about Jesus, Rome, Pontius 
Pilot, and the apostles. We also watched some sports. We watched 
Exodus - Gods and Kings without having to spend the $20 theatre ticket and 
even dialed in the new release of San Andreas with Duane Johnson, the Rock, 
from wrestling fame, as well as watched the other 2014 San Andreas version. 
That's a lot of tension in those two movies. 

You know what's best. NO COMMERCIALS to have to watch every five minutes, 
and no more pay-per-view or netflix costs. 

Now on our old JVC I ran the sound from the TV through my 1972 Akai 1200 watt 
stereo system with a nice pair of Bose speakers attached. BUT, there are no 
phono plug outlets on a new TV, just a wierd optical digital  plug that is stereo output
that is supposed to plug into a brand new stereo that also has an optical digital plug. 
But Best Buy never even had a new stereo with an optical digital input. And they didn't 
have an optical digital to phono plug converter either.  So you gotta go to
or and search for an optical digital converter. I found many and chose 
one for about $16 including $3 shipping. It didn't work but the $50 one from Tiger Direct
worked very well. You connect the optical digital cable that comes with it to
the small converter box, the other end to the TV audio output port, plug in the power 
supply, connect the right and left phono plug ports to the stereo input and to the converter 
box outputs, and you can then control the sound from your movie playing on the TV 
through your stereo system. The stereo system simply has much more base, highs, 
clarity, and definition than the sound system that comes with your TV.

The NuWayTV box wlll revolutionize how you watch TV.
$299 one time cost for equipment, plus $12.95 shipping, no monthly fees,
no annual fees, no affiliate fees to earn on sales to others.

Millions of people, just like you are looking for a practical as well as
economical way to watch television in their homes. Some individuals
and families spend a hundred dollars or more/mo. with their cable/satellite
companies. What makes this even worse is trying to find show worth watching.
Plus, coupled with the fact, that all of these shows are loaded with commercials
that you must either sit thru or prerecord them, so that you can fast forward through

Are you looking for shows and movies that are not available with your monthly cable
plan? Do you have to resort to buying HBO, Netflix, Hulu, Roku, Sports Channels,
and other devices in order to see them? The NuWayTv media streamer out paces
premium streaming media services and devices like Amazon-Prime, Hulu Plus, Apple
TV, Netflix, Chromcast, Roku, Fire TV, plus all the cable & Satellite providers. The
NuWayTv out preforms the competition in the number of channels, movies, tv shows,
theater releases in HD, foreign channels, live sports from around the world with parental
controls & More!

NuWayTv is that device that can give you everything you could possibly want to see.
The only monthly fee is just the cost of your internet? How much money could you
save each month? Even if you decided to keep your basic cable, how much would
you save each month because you would never need to buy pay per view, or rent

I invite you to find out more about the NuWayTv see what it can do for and your family.
There is no need to ever pay for cable/satellite programming again. 
It's all there in streaming content you can get from the internet. The owner of NuWayTV 
is compiling a list of places we can go to get content for those of us not really knowing 
exactly what is available to watch.

NuWayTv allows you to receive streaming unlimited content directly 
from the internet. This is what makes it legal. You are not downloading content using 
the NuWayTVBox.  NuWay is NOT downloading content and forwarding it to you. 
NuWayTV does not download or store any content. It simply allows you, via the software 
already built and programmed into the box when you receive it,  to access and 
stream content that is already available on the internet. The NuWay TVbox simply 
allows you to find where this content is that other sources like your cable company 
are also using and charging you for. It also allows you to customize the menu to your 
taste! Two competitive companies producing a similar device (at a higher cost and not 
as many features or as easy to use I might add) have already been the legal route to 
determine watching streaming content; not downloading it and not copying it, but simply 
making available what is already there is not considered piracy and is in fact legal.

This is a major thorn in the cable/satellite industry's pocketbook because they love to 
charge you $70 to $150/mo for content you too could access for free if you had the 
NuWayTV system.

100,000 plus Movies and TV Shows without commercials.
Live worldwide sporting events
All seasons of every TV show ever made

Plus, the NuWayTv box allows you to turn your TV into a computer so that you can
access Email, YouTube videos, Skype & Music Jukebox. The NuWay box is newer
and faster with twice the gigs of competitive suppliers. The company I started with 
charges you $50 more than the NuWayTVbox , and then $50/mo to make money on 
others who also buy a box. NuWay charges nothing and pays $50 first level and 5 
more levels at $10 each with no monthly fee or autoship required.

How does it work?
Click "set up" at  for instructions on how to set it up.
See also a page at  for set up 
and user info and how to find what you want to watch. This page is a work in progress.

Why would you want to eliminate all your monthly charges and buy one of these?
Watch the first two minutes of this competitor's video for the why.  
The NuWay box costs less, there's no monthly autoship or charge to receive affiliate 
income, it includes a keyboard, allows you to email, use skype and and watch youtube 
videos that this competitor's system does not.

Is your internet connection fast enough to run this?
Go to  and find out what your download speed is.
You need a minimum download speed of  10  megabytes/sec for high definition and 
6 megs for regular  media to make this work.

So why wait until you get your next Expensive Cable/Satellite  Bill?
$299 one time cost for equipment, plus $12.95 shipping, no monthly fees,
no annual fees, no autoship, and no affiliate fees to earn on sales to others.   for more info and to order.

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