Jotul Firelight Gas freestanding stove

This sale is for a Jotul Firelight direct vent gas stove, never used.
The direct vent flue system has a 4" inside pipe and a 6" outside pipe
where combustion air enters the stove independent of the house air.
We closed down our heating business at the end of 2001 and this was
one of the floor demos.  It has never been fired. It is still sitting on it's
original pallet it came with. It is blue enamel and includes the side wings.
I think it is set up for propane but can be converted to natural gas also. We
had saved it for our new home, but the home we are moving into is not large
enough for a stove this size. These stoves were over $2000 15 years ago.
They are no longer made. You can't buy a new one, although parts are still available.
I do have a .pdf 28 page installation manual for this stove I can email you.

this pic shows the doors open, but the stove we are selling is blue enamel, not green.

A warm, wonderful centerpiece for the hearth and home. This furniture
quality cast iron gas stove features the largest open door fire viewing area
of any gas stove in the industry. Available options include fire screen for
open door viewing, wall thermostat, remote control, mobile home kit, and
choice of two enamel colors or Matte Black paint.

Revolutionary new JøtulBurner™ delivers unsurpassed gas burner technology
and flame picture realism

50% heat control turn down

Largest fire viewing area available in a freestanding gas stove with open
door fire viewing – an industry pioneer!

Hand-crafted ceramic fiber log set burns with the glowing warmth of a real
wood stove

Conversion kit included for use with propane gas

No electricity required to operate

Technical data for Jøtul GF 600 DV II Firelight

BTU range: 40,000 Max BTU input – 20,300 Low output

Efficiency: Up to 87% Steady State (A.F.U.E. 73.5%)

Heating capacity: Up to 2,000 sq.ft.

Finish options: Blue Enamel

Flue outlet: Top, rear

Gas types: Natural Gas, LP  the stove is in Silverdale WA

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