Sale-Hearth pads for wood/gas/pellet stoves

chimney Parts

You have to come pick up all items sold. Cash only.
4392 NW Gustafson Rd
Silverdale, WA 98383

$25 each - any pad

These  hearthpads were left over from my heating business I ran for 24 years.
All will need the metal edges wire brushed and repainted. The following are available.
two pieces 56" x 56" in panelcast brick. One pad has four holes drilled in it for the spacers
and bolts to be used as a backwall. They could be filled back in if it were used as a regular
hearth pad. The 60" x 60" round front slate pad has a hole knocked out of it for an outside
air kit in a mobil home installation. That hole could be concreted back in. The 84" tall by 30"
wide pad has angled corners (sides) for installation to protect the wall behind a stove in a corner

56" x 56" panelcast brick (two pads)
48" x 48" panelcast brick backwall
2 - 60"w x 12" deep slate hearth extension pad
1 -  60" x 12" deep pebble rock hearth extension pad
1 - 48" x 12" brick hearht extension pad
36" x 36" slate hearhtpad
32"w x 24"deep beige tile hearthpad
32"w x 44" deep hearhpad
24" w x 36" deep small tiles and slate hearthpad
30" w x 24" deep slate hearthpad
60" x 60" round front hearthpad slate
48"w x 8" deep hearth extension
84" tall x 30" wide slate back wall corner pad

Chimney Parts  $500 takes the works.

This is a roomful of miscellaneous chimney and ductwork parts left over from my heating 
business of 24 years. Includes ductwork, wood, gas, and pelletstove parts.  Support packages, 
flashings,chimney, ductwork fire dampers, etc.  Probably a good $10k or more at wholesale 
prices worth.  $600 takes it all.


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