Sale - gaslogs for woodburning  fireplaces - masonry or zero clearance

You have to come pick up all items sold. Cash only.
4392 NW Gustafson Rd
Silverdale, WA 98383

$25 each - except the two new roots sets are $40 each.
The demo roots set is $25. The other five demo sets are $25 each also.
I have six sets of new, in the boxes, gas log sets and 6 sets of demo gas logs.
These include large bottom logs, middle logs, and top logs, sand, gravel, and large rocks,
embers, and burner pan and burner tube; and an instruction book with the new ones in a box.
It does NOT include the safety pilot valve or the gas shut off valve required by code to be in
the floor or wall close to the fireplace opening so you can shut the fire down if there ever is a
problem without having to go outside to do so. These valves can be purchased at any stoveshop
such as Custom Hearth or Heritage Fireplace or Rich's that sells gas logs and gas appliances.

The burner tubes need be fitted with the proper orifice fitting. Natural gas has only the fitting
with a larger hole than the propane fitting which has a smaller opening plus a nut around it with
holes drilled in it for extra air to be mixed with the LP gas. When you tell me what gas you will be
using we will look in the box for the proper fitting. If everyone wants propane I may not have
enough of the propane fittings.  When you buy the in floor or in wall shutoff valve, natural gas
or propane makes no difference. But when you buy the safety pilot valve it has to have a pilot orifice suitable for either propane or for natural gas. The same orifice will not work for both gases. The
valve is the same but the pilot orifice is not.

In new I have 1 24" roots set, 1-18" roots set, 1 24"  oak set, and 3  18" oak sets.
The demo logs are still in the demo environment but there is no gas hooked up to them. You
will have to choose which of the six logsets you want and I will disconnect them and box them 
for you. The demo logs contain rocks, gravel , grate and burner pan and burner also. These 
are all propane, if you want natural gas I can change the entry orifice fitting for you.

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