Freeze dry your own food
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There are many methods to preserve food; salting, drying, canning,
freezing, dehydrating, freeze drying, etc. but of those methods there
is only one that has 
a. the least shrinkage of product, 
b. retains the most nutrients; (freeze dried 97%, dehydrated 60%, 
    canned 40%) and
c. establishes the longest shelf life. (up to 25 years). 
That method is freeze drying. Dehydrated is good for only up to 4 years, 
canned 3 years, frozen in a regular freezer,  2 years. Freeze drying by 
removing ALL the water is the only method that will yield the longest shelf life.

The downside of freeze dried foods is that to buy them in their freeze dried 
state is expensive. I am a consultant (distributor) for ThriveLife foods, mostly 
freeze dried product. The food is excellent, with shelf life up to 25 years, but 
the cost per can or package is high.  Read my page at ThriveLife for all 
the reasons you should be storing freeze dried food. I go into it in depth on 
that section of my website. But now you can make your own much more economically.

The high cost problem goes away (especially if you are processing your own 
foods) or greatly diminished if you buy foods in bulk, fresh or frozen,  by using 
a Harvest Right home freeze dryer. It is an easy process to create your own long 
shelf life freeze dried foods with this machine.

One thing you need to realize is that no matter which method of preserving 
food you choose, storage temperature greatly affects longevity of product. 
You don't store preserved food in your hot garage or attic. Store your food, 
even freeze dried, in your basement or an underground cellar where temperatures 
are cooler. Consider the following chart of stored temperature vs longevity.

Freeze drying requires temperatures on the order of -40 F  which your
normal freezer can not get down to, but now you can purchase a home
freeze drying unit that can and will produce batch after batch of 15-25 
year shelfl ife great tasting high nutrition freeze dried foods for much less 
than buying freeze dried product. 

After the food is frozen at -40F then the freeze dryer creates a powerful 
vacuum around the food. As the food is the slightly warmed, the ice transitions 
into a vapor or gas and then evaporates. Virtually all water is removed from the 
food in this process.

Then you simply put the food into mylar bags with an oxygen removal packet 
inside and heat seal them. Or put the food into a canning jar, again along with an 
oxygen removal packet and tighten the lid. I use a FoodSaver with it's canning 
jar air removal attachment to evacuate the jar of air also but still put an oxygen 
removal packet in the top of each jar. I prefer the canning jars because I can 
see what's in them and my food is touching glass and not a plastic bag. It is NOT
recommended to use the FoodSaver bags as they do not maintain the integrity 
needed for 25 year shelf life. You can also use #10 tins providing you have a 
machine that will evacuate and seal the lid. You don't just put a plastic lid on it 
and call it good.

Using oxygen absorber packets and how many to use of what size

To use your food simply open the mylar bag or glass jar and add water to the 
food until it regains its original fresh flavor, aroma and appearance. It's not

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You tube videos on freeze drying
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- 60 more videos on freeze drying 

They also have geodesic dome greenhouses and emergency shelters.

Much of your garden produce can be freeze dried. Same with 
beef, pork, chicken, fish, dairy, cheese and eggs. Spaghetti, macaroni, 
lasanga and casserole dishes can be freeze dried where you simply open
the jar or pouch, add water to rehydrate, heat and serve.

On my ThriveLive site we have what are called "meals in a jar"; more specifically 
ThriveLife recipes  where you assemble certain ingredients in a pint or quart jar
and when it comes time to eat; you take it off the shelf, put it in a pot, add water and 
five or ten minutes later you have a meal to eat. The Harvest Right freeze dryer will
allow you to make meals in a jar using fresh or frozen produce, including  meats. Use 
my Thrivelife page to know what to put into those jars.

Buying canned goods and food pouches from Walmart or Costco may seem
like a good idea for preparation for bad times, but expiration dates
come rapidly and the quantity of preservatives, chemicals, and things 
we don't want in our food is enormous in these types of prepackaged foods. 
We are currently consuming food we bought for storage in 2012 that is already 1
 to 2 years past the expiration date. That's not good.

You can buy freeze dried foods from companies like ThriveLife, and
Wise, and Desert Foods  but paying $30+ for a #10 tin of mushrooms
3/4 full when you could buy a full #10 tin of sliced mushooms or sliced olives 
in bulk at Cash N Carry for under $10 isn't good economics. You can buy #10 
tins of Stag Chili there also at very reasonable prices and freeze dry the chili 
for a 15 to 25 year shelf life instead of the 2 years in the can.
The Cash N Carry can only has a couple year shelf life, but if you freeze dried 
the contents of those cans; it becomes 15-25 years. You can also buy fresh 
mushrooms and freeze dry them for even more nutrition, less shrinkage and 
better taste. Some  #10 tins of already freeze dried product can cost up to $60 
and more; especially meats. You can buy large roasts, steak and hamburger 
at the wholesale stores restaurants buy from, like Cash N Carry, for very 
reasonable prices  and freeze dry them either raw or after cooking  and 
save a lot of money over buying freeze dried meats in a can. 

Harvest Right has a video gallery posted at 
which contains many youtube type videos to teach you what you need to know.

Preparedness - Why do I need long term food storage?
Please visit my page at for an event that may 
be affecting all of us in the very near future. Govt has done a good job of keeping 
this from the public. They have also taken our tax money and built underground bunkers 
and cities for the elite to protect them from this life changing event.
See my page at for how to have clean potable
water when your faucet has none to give.
See my page at  for more in depth 
information on preparedness than is contained in the paragraph below.

Being prepared means having enough pure water, food and medical supplies to 
get you through an extended grid blackout,  extreme weather condition; snowstorm,
extended freeze, flooding, hurricane, simple windstorm, etc. from several days to 
several months or longer.

If you missed the recent National Geographic documentary "American Blackout"
you can watch the full length version at  
This is a must watch. Although this was a fictional movie it is probably very accurate in portraying 
what will happen when the power grid goes down and people run out of food, water, electricity,
and gasoline. Those who didn't prepare will become your enemies and attempt take from you so
they can survive. The grid will go down; when is the only question and whether will be due do an EMP
weapon burst, cyber attack or  an enormous solar flare(s). The key thing to note in this movie is the
irrational behavior people exhibit when under stress and they have no water, food, or electricity.
Keep in mind less than 5% of the population has food for 7 days or more.
Less than  2% of our population have both food and water for more than 7 days.
Less than .5% have food, water, and medical supplies for more than 7 days. Scary. 
Supermarkets turn over their entire inventory every 4 days, or in as little as 4 hours if 
a major event or emergency such as
a blackout occurs. That's why they ask for your 
phone number and track your
purchases so they can anticipate what's needed and 
continually restock. There is no one to three week stock of food kept in a grocery 
store backroom.

 We can live without oxygen for about three minutes before we pass out.
 We can live without water for about three days before we start getting delirious.
 We can live without food for about three weeks before becoming too weak to function.
 Store enough pure water. Change stored water at least annually.
 1 gal/person/day for the first three days
 3 gal/person/day for 3 to 10 days
 10 gal/person/day for emergencies more than ten days
 You should have both stored water as well as mechanisms to properly filter  or distill water.

Now, imagine a world where there is no Wal-Mart, no grocery store, no doctor, no hospital.  
The only way you will survive is if you plan for it, now.  The government will not be there 
for you on the other side of PX - Planet X (or terrorism).  If fact, it may decide to target 
you and take what you have.  Governments are funny that way.

Please give a Harvest Right freeze dryer some serious consideration for long
term food storage preparedness. Along with a good medical kit, a colloidal silver
generator, and a gravity fed Berkey water filter you could be in better shape
for a disaster than 90%+ of the existing population.

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