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The Geneva Bible is the one King James rounded up and burned because it clarified things in the notes he didn't want the common man to know.

Also see  to download the Authorized 1611 King James Version  that is considered  the most unadultered version of the bible available today. 

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a. donate a bible for free just by clicking the banner button below.
b. buy a new bible for yourself or a loved one ; they have the NEW king James version which means it's got everything in it with nothing left out AND with the reworked language it is now readable and understandable. T
he New King James Version is  a beautiful blend of accuracy and readability that no other Bible translation offers. Go to  to enter the bookshop where you can buy a bible online. (this is NOT an affiliate deal - no commission here)   just a great place to get the best bible available.

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Right now, 200 million Christians are living under restriction for their faith in Jesus Christ. Most do not even have their own copy of the Bible, the one weapon they must have in order to be victorious in the spiritual battles they face every day. You can provide your suffering brothers and sisters with a portion of God's Word at no cost to you.

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Need to purchase a Bible or Bible software for yourself or to give as a gift? Then why not purchase it here, where you’ll not only receive a discount price, but you’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing that a significant portion of the purchase price will support the Suffering Church through the ministry of Open Doors.

Nelson Bibles features the New King James Version, the one endorsed and used by Brother Andrew. It took seven deliberate years to develop it, and more than 130 biblical scholars and Christian communicators labored over every phrase. Their goal was to create a translation of the Bible with the poetic beauty and accuracy treasured in the KJV, yet with a contemporary style as familiar and easy to read as other modern translations. The result is the New King James Version, a beautiful blend of accuracy and readability that no other Bible translation offers.

Please note: items purchased from the Nelson Bible Bookshop will be shipped separately from any other items you order from Open Doors. Also, express delivery is not available on these items.

Adult Bibles

The most comprehensive and approachable study Bible available!
NKJV Nelson Study Bible

Type: Genuine Leather
Color: Black
Number of pages: 2432
Dimensions: 1.50 X 6.37 X 9.24

The Nelson Study Bible is considered to be the most comprehensive study Bible available. In it you'll find thousands of exegetical annotations for a devotional, yet scholarly, look at the text verse-by-verse. Features include in-text charts, a prophetic reference system, 32 pages of Bible summaries in color, plus word studies, maps, special articles, time lines, and book intros, as well as cross references, concordance, and subject index to help you find the information you need to understand what you are reading and apply it to your life. This is the Bible that Brother Andrew uses!

Suggested retail: $79.99
Open Doors price: $68.00
(you save 15%)

Your purchase will provide Bibles to the Suffering Church!


Discover a classic combination-the New King James Version and Slimline style!


NKJV Slimline Bible

Type: Bonded Leather
Color: Black
Number of pages: 1152
Dimensions: .75 X 5.50 X 8.25

Big study Bibles are fine for home and office use. But people on the move need the Slimline - the New King James Bible that goes anywhere you go, with style! But even with its sleek dimensions, you won't sacrifice important features like a full concordance, translation and explanatory notes, and full-color study maps. With its presentation page, elegant ribbon marker, and gift box, the Slimline makes an affordably priced gift for those who use their Bibles wherever they go.

Suggested retail: $24.99
Open Doors price: $21.00
(you save 15%)

Your purchase will provide Bibles to the Suffering Church!

Youth Bibles

The all-new Bible with the "straight truth" today's teens want to hear!
Extreme Teen Bible, NKJV

Type: Full-Color Hardcover
Number of pages: 1664
Dimensions: 6-3/8 x 9-1/4

Introducing the Bible that equips teens to take their faith to new heights with a well-grounded sense of who they are… what they believe… and what God promises for their future! All of the innovative study helps are geared to the teen culture - guaranteed to address the issues young people deal with every day. Generous book introductions and hundreds of relevant study notes bring the message of the Bible into focus and help teens target God’s plan for their lives.

Suggested retail: $24.99
Open Doors price: $21.00
(you save 15%)

Your purchase will provide Bibles to the Suffering Church!


The Bible that will transform your kids' study time into a great adventure!
New Explorers Study Bible, NKJV

Type: Full-Color Hardcover
Number of pages: 1744
Dimensions: 5-1/2 x 8-3/8

Your pre-teen children will want to dig for God's truth on their own with this exciting new Bible created just for them. Spread throughout are full-color pages that bring God's Word to life…Bible heroes speak directly through the text in language young people can read and understand. Your kids will find features such as Bible lessons, maps, study notes, and dictionary-concordance that make opening the Bible a new discovery into God's love for them and His plan for their life.

Suggested retail: $24.99
Open Doors price: $21.00
(you save 15%)

Your purchase will provide Bibles to the Suffering Church!

Electronic Bibles

Includes more than 76 Bibles and reference works - #1 in content!
Nelson's Electronic Bible Reference Library

For Windows 3.1/95/98
Professional Edition
Includes 76 titles worth $1,900

This easy-to-use library on CD-ROM puts some of the world's most trusted study Bibles and reference works on your computer screen in seconds - at a fraction of their cost in printed form. It allows you to quickly and easily work between difference reference resources - cross-referencing, comparing, searching, integrating, and adding new depth to your study. And instead of a shelf of heavy books, it is all on two convenient CD-ROMs. Included are Bibles, word study tools, commentaries, maps and charts, study Bibles, dictionaries, theological studies, devotional classics, church history, cross-references, study guides, and more.

Suggested retail: $399.99
Open Doors price: $299.00
(you save 25%)

Your purchase will provide Bibles to the Suffering Church!


The affordable way to discover the exciting power of electronic Bible study!
Nelson's Discover the Bible CD-ROM

For Windows 3.1/95/98
Includes resources worth $450

Introducing the CD-ROM product that is the perfect foundation for an unparalleled Bible reference library. Maintaining the look and feel of Windows, users are given immediate access to essential Bible reference resources, including six Bible translations, world-renowned commentaries, dictionaries, MIDI hymns, and more. Search features provide rapid location of Bible verses, application notes, and topics of interest. Plus, it's easy to add additional Logos Library System electronic titles.

Suggested retail: $59.99
Open Doors price: $48.00
(you save 20%)

Your purchase will provide Bibles to the Suffering Church!