Electric Power Bikes

The electric alternative to pedaling.
7 forward speeds, 5 levels of electric motor assist (or none if you wish)
Long lasting lithium ion battery; 25 - 45 miles per charge, 750 watt motor
Sold factory direct which eliminates a 30-40% middleman charge
$999 - $1699 depending upon which model chosen.

Order through this link and I receive an Amazon giftcard commission.
Not sold in bike shops, factory direct only. Why buy through my link?

See all 10 models at this link 
Shown below is the bike I chose, a radmini step thru 2 - love it!


3.3" x 20" fat tires, great traction.
Step through design makes mounting and
dismounting easy.

Folds up to fit in a small space, like back of a SUV
Includes LED headlight, and tail lite / brake light,
disc brakes both front and back, foldup pedals
Rear racks, front racks, a rear view mirror and
extra batteries also available.

How to troubleshoot and tuneup the derailer if the gearing system gets out of whack.

My name is Berry. This is not a factory website. It is my own personal
website upon which I share with you my experience with this unique E Bike. I bought
two of them; one for me and one for the wife; for me out of necessity. I am 76 and
no longer have the stamina to do steeper inclines on woods trails with a regular pedal 
bike to keep up with my 8 and 9 year old grand kids; with a second set of same age 
grandkids from my daughter headed this way also. This bike solved that problem.  
This bike opens back up the world of trail riding I enjoyed for so many years in 
my younger days. As a class II electric, limited to 20 mph,  this bike can go anywhere 
legally a pedal only bike can go; including DNR and forestry trails, and city trails such 
as Spokane's Centennial trail and the
Beacon Hill trail system. It can go on logging 
roads where a motorcycle would have to be street legal, like a dual sport, to go on. 
This electric bike needs no licensing. It's not a "seniors only" bike but certainly opens 
up a whole new world of recreation and adventure FOR seniors.

Why buy through my link?
Getting your hands on and a hold of one of these bikes is not an easy process.
You can't just go into a bike shop and walk out with one. It's a process.
These bikes are in high demand. Virtually anyone who rides one, wants one.
After riding one you won't want to go back to a pedal only bike. The main outlet for these 
in Seattle  has limited manpower to work with the public on these bikes. It took me almost 
a month from the time I signed up to view and try out the bikes until I could put my hands 
on one.Then if I hadn't paid for them also at that time it would have been another month to
month and a half before I could actually get one. You can see one and test drive it
for $40 at Schweitzer Mountain in Idaho as well as a shop in Wallace Idaho, but neither
place carries the rad mini step thru models. I live in Davenport, about 30 miles west
of Spokane where you can see and physically touch a rad step thru mini and take it for a spin
around the block. The bikes also come freight free in a boxed package that requires 
some assembly.  If you can't do that I can help with that. If your derailer system is not set 
correctly, or gets out of whack, I can help you adjust that also. I also have a page that 
details those settings  here.

Some You tube videos for additional information:







My Contact information  berry@detailshere.com