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The REAL Noah's Ark
click on pic for larger image

How to get to heaven and stay out of hell
My wife's extensive site on Bible prophecy
Discovery of the  REAL Noah's Ark 
Discovery of the Ark of the Covenant 
The Bible - Truth or Mythology?
Excellent online bible teachings & lessons
Ten Commandments  Plus History,  & more!
Sabbath-Sat or Sun?
Prophecy Unveiled
Prayers for sharing
EndTimes Prophecy Links
Grace? How do I know if I am saved?
Hell  is REAL folks
Truth about the Rapture
More bible issues-
death,  baptism, 
spirit  channeling
third secret,Catholicism
Just Bible.com - find any chapter & verse here
FREE Bible - download 
a whole bible here
Websters Dictionary
look up any word here
Current Time
WorldWide Time clocks  
WORLD AFFAIRS - also see the "Must Read" section further down
Niburu - Planet X 
it's not a hoax, folks
New World Order 
tying it all together
How the United States  is  following bible prophesy
Our shadow government
Concentration camps for US citizens & UFO info
The Omega File of UFO's
News resources , many links, & special articles
Newsfeeds - more links
How to use NewsGroups
Feed the Hungry-FREE
Acrobat Reader - FREE - needed to open pdf files
Home Security systems
Receive news updates subscribe/unsubscribe   to or  from our listserve   
Publish to your own newslist - the tools 
Trojans & gold removal via password theft
sites for finding people
FREE E Mail accounts
Use encrypted certified email to protect privacy
Wanna know what BIG Brother knows about you
Evidence Eliminator
anonymizer - make your surfing habits private
How to tell if your phone is bugged or not
FAQ-Frequently asked ?s
How to copy and paste
e-mail locator system to find people who have changed addresses
ecurrency exchange
Perfect Money
AlertPay-now PayZa
Foreign currency exchange rates
Clickbank - visa proc
ATM machine scam
e-told club scams list
Hyipsy - net tracking  software  program to uncover net scams
Telephone scams
Due Diligence Boards
ponzi's and pyramids
Web Police
Producing Programs
Explanation of clubs
What's a gifting program-explanation 
READ this info re: Art Ops and stock games! 
BEST MLMS to join
Zeek Rewards
Mazu Global
Dr. Harry's
Heart powder
MLM Warnings !!!!
Cancer cures - Info
World Time
World Time 
Doctor Yourself !
All about MMS
Gallstone cleanse
Stroke indentification
Splenda - a poison
Honey&Cinnamon cures
See volcano erupt
Salsa Recipes
Cookie Recipes
Metric - English conversions
Time Zone Converter
Dental Health-a must read
Root Canals cause probs.
Controlling Diabetes
Electric blankets unsafe
MSG - making us fat
Niburu-Planet X info
Nesara explained
Harry Potter and the Anti-Christ
Science links
Excellent cheap beach spot to vacation in Mexico (our favorite) 
Moving to Mexico information
Star chart for your area
Free Energy resource list
Is our earth hollow?
Feed the Hungry-for free!
WayBack Machine digital website archive library
Mammograms  ?????
Parasite Zapper
Generic Vitamin Co-op  vitamins at very low $$$
Prescription pills for weight loss, hair loss, sex, pain, birth control
How does aspirin work?
You won't like the answer
The Fluoride Issue - it  decreases intelligence
The Aids Story
Sharing and Friendship
FREE Resource - a - day
Interest calculators
Hoaxes-Urban Legends
Alien Stuff
Radiation sickness from fallout explained
Chemical and 
Biological Agents
FREE Energy devices
Cancer Cure Information
Oral Chelation/Life Extension Products
Get viagra, xenical,
propecia, &celebrex here
Viagra for women - here
The PillStore - discreet shppng, non prescription
aspartame - a poison??
Coke or water?
Say NO to vaccinations!
Phenylpropanolamine recall
The crime against milk
Fluoride lowdown
The skinny on fats
Microwave ovens a no-no
Food Irradiation???
The Mystery in your Milk
Lowdown on SOY
How to build a ram pump
Russian Women
Free fax#,Free e-mail, remote e-mail retrieval
FREE Atomic Clock (shows precise time)
FREE Websites
FREE Internet Access
Women - READ THIS!!!
525k baby names here
The Final Warning
illuminati & end times
Queen of England amends our social security-very interesting!
Patriot Act II- bad news
Birth of our shadow govt
Iraq - Things are NOT as you are being told!
Islam as a system
NESARA-true info
The REAL 911 story
Depopulation via virul epidemics-Sarc,Aids......
Nuke threat-hoax or real?
World affairs news resources , many links, 
& special articles
Homeland Security- more loss of rights
US Concentration camps
It's all in place folks
Red/Blue Lists
Disarming America
America-a police state?
Israel-Palestine affair
educate yourself here
The REAL Christopher Columbus
controlling population using ELF  arrays
Secret Shaddow Govt
additional info regarding this site's contents
Upcoming martial law and FEMA information
FEMA roadsigns to the concentration camps
underground empire???
crossing the pond with crocs and gators
Trading programs and the small investor
investment programs inside USA are doomed
consumer net fraud information
stark viewpoint of big brother's actions
majestytwelve - NWO plans & procedure
ChemTrails - a reality
Judicial Corruption
The Aids Story
Federal Reserve System
How  duped we are.
The Biggest Secret
UFO's are real folks and so is FREE Elec Energy
Carnivore - privacy loss
Income Tax dissention
teach your child about government
More about things you probably don't know about but maybe should

Actually my dogpage has become more of a homepage than this one now. This page still has a lot of applicable links and information on it but also contains outdated information I need to spend a day to remove.

 Biblical Information
The first page  here  will tell you what you need to know about getting to heaven and staying out of hell.
  It's my parachute page. Many believe we are now entering into the Great Tribulation period and Jesus may come fall of 2016. This part of my site contains an immense amount of Bible  information - including details of the discovery of the real Noah's Ark  and Ark of the Covenant - as well as  different sets of Bible essons,  non denominational;  giving you the information you need regarding key issues such as death, soul, heaven, hell, immortality, the sabbath, mark of the beast, mark of God, channeling and spiritualism, the second coming, understanding revelation, church and Bible history starting with early Rome after Christ's resurrection; AND the things you need to know  to give you a good chance at getting to heaven at the second coming.  Go to  here  for that section of this site. 

Irina's Prophecy videos are now posted in English at
www.iisusbog.com    click on the English button. Great graphics.

Another even more detailed exacting analysis (non denominational) 
of Daniel's prophecy can be found at 
where you can watch the whole 2 hour DVD online.

Best Fiscal Opportunities on the Net  
and the rules to play by  if you don't want to lose your shirt. The fact is, good money can be made on internet programs. But there are rules to stick to if you want to turn black ink instead of red. The rules I go by and the PLAN can be  found here. The programs and opportunities I invest in can be found  on my dog page here.

Weight Loss
Lose up to 10 lbs. a month! Painless.  Safe & Effective..
Actually there are three sets of information at this page, all are key 
in the battle of the bulge.  Information on hundreds of different diet plans and diet products on the market. This page allows you to make better choices based upon knowledge of what the different components can do.   Get more info at 

Helping Others
Please take a look at our helping  others page and join us in sharing 
with those that have not. There's a link there that takes you to a page with 7 banners you click on to provide free food, shelter and help all around the world.

My Newsletter
To get on my newsletter list (goes out once or twice a month to keep you abreast of the best moneymaking program updates as well as controversial issues such as Planet X,  earthchanges, Nesara, Biblical prophesy and archeological findings, etc. & other things of interest go to here  and sign up. Find copies of the most recent newsletters  here.

CerMa Engine protection system using a 2 micron coating of ceramics. This is high tech stuff.  Emissions disappear, mileage increases, engine gets quiet; not teflon based. Makes your diesel quit smoking also. I am a distributor and can have it drop shipped to you for 2/3 OFF what you find on the site. I use it in ALL my rigs including the lawnmowers.

Amsoil - synthetic motoroil and libricants that actually cost less to use than standard oil p[roducts and protect your engines much better

The least expensive source of vitamins and minerals on the planet.

Graphic Chart  showing gas prices throughout the US, use to plan your route for cheapest gas.

Heart Disease - 1 out of 2 of you will die of heart disease. 2500 people every day die of heart disease in the US alone, a football stadium's worth every month. Unnecesarily. You CAN  Reverse atheriolsclerosis. We HAVE magic bullet to heart  and cardiovascular health. View one of the most informative and amazing videos you will ever see.  What's cheaper?? A $90,000 heart attack or 5 grams of L Arginine a day to cleanout your arterial network and give you the arteries of a teenager again?

Cancer Info - 1 out of 3 of you will die of cancer; again, unnecessarily.
There are many alternative cures for cancer that work. Jesus said my people die for lack of knowledge. It is the absolute truth regarding cancer. Start on this page and learn what allows cancer to grow and how you can stop it without chemotherapy or radiation therapy which only give you a 3% chance of survival. You can make cancer go away and you can prevent it from occurring in the first place.

Natural  Help - The science behind the erection. 
A page written on the science of the erection and how two inexpensive 
naturally occurring substances can replace expensive non natural viagra in the battle to maintain attention until YOU decide it's enough. Puts YOU in control.

MMS - Miracle Mineral Supplement 
It cures cancer and a host of other problems, and is very cheap. A $20 bottle lasts a year.  I have added many youtube videos and resources to my explanation page on this item. MMS is not chlorine dioxide which is the component that does the work.  MMS is sodium chlorite (NaClO2) 22.4%. Mixing with citric acid briefly produces chlorous acid (HClO2), which in successive steps oxidizes ambient chlorite (ClO2-) to produce chlorine dioxide (ClO2). Chlorine dioxide is the yellow gas produced in solution and diluted before use. Chlorine dioxide is a potent broadspectrum anti-microbial agent. It is true that ascorbates (like orange juice) and other antioxidants taken the same day of treatment and any protein in the stomach at the time of treatment will react with ClO2 and render it  less effective or ineffective.
Once it is introduced into the bloodstream, chlorine dioxide performs a highly energetic acceptance of four electrons when it comes across any cell that is below a pH value of 7. This means that diseased cells are essentially vaporized (i.e., 'oxidized') while healthy cells are unaffected. This is NOT about an income opportunity. This is about a substance that could save many millions of people suffering from diseases and illnesses, including cancer, malaria, AIDS, bird flu, anthrax, ETC.  This substance helps the body heal itself from abscessed teeth, infected gums, and pyorrhea, arthritis, hepatitis A, B, and C and all other strains of hepatitis, herpes, asthma, arteriosclerosis, snake and spider bites, diabetes, burns, food poisoning, psoriasis, eczema, ETC.  MMS removes toxicity. It kills pathogens, bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi, mold, yeast and anything else that's anaerobic. It's quite a story, red about it and get some before FDA and big pharma remove our access to it.

Federal Income Tax
Who owes it and who doesn't? 
Is there even a law on the books that says we have to pay it? 
Investigate the evidence yourself at the above link.
Watch this short video for what a jury did to the IRS when they refused 
to give the jury the law that required the defendant to file his taxes. 
Why did they refuse?? Because there is NO LAW!
Get the cd from ICF that contains ALL the information.

Ionized Water
Pure, healthy, alkaline drinking water which is rich in minerals, purged of impurities, and ionized through electrolysis to obtain active hydrogen which is abundant in "extra" electrons. These extra electrons impart strong anti-oxidant properties to the drinking water. And you make it yourself with a home machine. This machine along with the K2 whole body vibration system below are as close as you can get to obtaining  the fountain of youth today. This is such an important addition to your family I have created a VERY extensive subsection of my website devoted to this subject. Several machines of different prices ranges are available. 

Love your dog?
Do you feed him commercial dogfood? Did you know you are killing him and  removing at least 8 years from his life? Did you know commercial dog/catfood contains ground up euthanized dogs/cats/cow parts/chicken parts/hog parts, diseased animals and other roadkill complete with collars and tags and the shit still in them and complete with the sodium pentabarbitol which is still active that they used to kill them plus a ton of preservatives so all that stuff doesn't rot? If you love your pet, you need to read what this man went through with his pet and what he discovered about commercial petfood. On a positive note there are 9 brands of petfood (and I'll bet you've never heard of ANY of them) that ARE safe to feed your pet. Iams, Ukanuba, Sportsman, Purina, Pedigree - none of those are on the good list. 

Tired of Spam??? Spam Arrest is the answer!
click image to see HTML code
Here's how to keep unwanted spam from coming through to your 
regular email account, allowing only the senders you want to receive from to come through, but still allows you to go to a place and look at it all and delete the ones you don't want rapidly and forward the ones you DO want to your regular email account. This is a trick system and it's cheap and there is an affiliate program to go along with it. 
click image to see HTML code
Go to here to find out more. 

Subliminal Messaging on your computer screen. Ever bought subliminal tapes to lose weight or stop smoking? Gotta listen to them 
for them to work, right? How many hours a day do you spend in front of your computer screen?? Has the light bulb come on yet? Check it out!
I really like the system and hardly notice it is running.

Webhosting - Build your own website
A good inexpensive webhosting system starting at only $6.95/month with over 1700 website templates to choose from for easy building and 500 megs of space can be found at http://allhostingsolutions.com/g.o/detailshere  ,click on "hosting packages". It would be hard to use up 500 megs of space. My website is eight years old, is hundreds and hundreds of pages, lots of pics on some pages, and it is still only 48 megs.  This is a good deal folks. This is one of the best "build it yourself "website packages for a professional look that I've seen without having to do a lot of learning as with using Frontpage 2000. 

My favorite  webhosting service , AND THE ONE I USE TO HOST 
THIS WEBSITE, is www.linearwebhosting.com ; sites as low as $6.95/mo. E-Mail John Cardinal at jcardinal1857@gmail.com  & tell him Berry Ball at detailshere.com sent you. I have been with them going on 12 years now or better. Excellent service, zip for downtime. You can build your own website and do your own posting using Frontpage 2000 like I do. 

Talk to anyone around the world - computer to computer for free and computer to land line telephone for a fraction of the cost of using any other phone service.
  It is VOIP, meaning you use your computer and a microphone. If you call computer to computer anywhere in the world it is a FREE call, and the system works good (not always but good). If you want to call from your computer to a landline telephone anywhere in the world you use the SKYPE-OUT part of the system. You have to buy time up front but it it cheap. A call from Mexico to the US is 1.7 cents/min. If my wife calls her mom in Russia from our home in Mexico using TelMex the call costs 83 cents.min.  If we use the Broadzone system the call costs 23 cents/min; but if we use skype out (our computer to mom's phone in Russia, the call is only 4.4 cents/min.  A good value. I can call my pastor 40 miles away cheaper on skype-out than I can on Telmex.

Battery Reconditioning
Extend the life of your batteries. Save money by reconditioning existing batteries including ni-cads and portable hand tool batteries.


Publish to your own mail list at minimum cost!     
Problem - most mail account servers won't let you send an email to more than 25 people at a time and then on top of that, everyone gets to see everyone else's email address which is a real no - no. And setting up a true listserve with your ISP is expensive. 

I now use the system at http://yourmailinglistprovider.com  Cost is based on emails sent per month but $20/mo for 20,000 emails/mo is not bad and it works really well and is very simple to use.

Audio Generator system 
Put a talking message on your webpages. The system at the above link works very well but costs $30/mo. I have found a piece of software that does it for only a one time cost and I will resell this for only $25 sent to my paypal or ebullion or egold account. You can see an example of this at www.detailshere.com or on the top of this page also. Trick stuff. Making the audio file is the easy part. Helping you get the html correct when you post it on your site is the tricky part and will probably take us a couple emails to get that part right so it works.

Hacker prevention tools
Hacking is big business today. Not only do they post lookalike sites and send you deceptive emails to get you to give up your passwords to e-currency sites so they can steal your money (I know, I've been violated several times now) but now they have means to actually enter your harddrive and watch your keyboard strokes. You need tools to prevent this. 

You should always use the mouse and onscreen keyboard to write in passwords instead of your keyboard. Just as egold passphrases using the SRK box uses your mouse to type in a password, your computer has the same ability. 
Go to Start\All Programs\Accessories\Accessibility ...... Should be fourth one down, "On Screen Keyboard".  You DO need to select the box you are entering the information into before mouse clicking on the letters will put them there. 

I  use the free home version of Avast4.0  www.avast.com which seems to do a good job. 

Another good choice of hacker spyware is Spyware Nuker; this found files on  my computer other spyware programs didn't. Free trial also. 

Window Washer  - I use this program daily to remove many megs of extraneous and temporary files from my computer. Along with running a thorough scan disk and defrag weekly, window washer used daily keeps the machine running good. www.webroot.com  Free trial also.

I also use a completely separate computer that I reformatted the harddrive on for accessing any e-currency or PayPal accounts or any other financial matters like accessing debit card accounts or bank accounts online. This other computer never sees an email or internet surfing where a bad file can be downloaded with hacker information on it. 

Excessive protection?? I don't think so from what I've seen and heard from others. I've lost enough coin to hackers already and I know a person that has lost $300k to a hacker using e-gold's SRK passphrase technology, and another that lost $200k at egold also.  He reported it within 8 hours and the money had already gone through several accounts and was converted to Euro's and was never able to be retrieved.  I personally lost $9k at ebullion the day before my cryptocard arrived but they were able to recover $8600 of it. That would never happen at egold. The key is not to get it hacked in the first place. 

Use your cryptocarded, hackerproof, ebullion account whenever you can.

 Russian Brides   and singles sites
My wife is Russian; met her on the internet in Russia from one of these sites in '97 - awesome lady - been married going on 14 years now and we're still on the honeymoon. See her at www.iisusbog.com and check out her new book. The above site, Bride.Ru, has a huge selection to offer in all age groups with free contacts via e-mail. Also check  my rather lengthy page  here which details many more resources and covers a lot of the legalities involved in getting one of these unspoiled passions over here.

HOWEVER, beware it is big business for Russian guys to steal Russian women pics off the internet and market them to try to get money out of you. They will email you as if they were them. The key is when they start asking for money. You really need to verify who you think you are communicating with is who you are communicating with.

Mexican women and men (lots of them)  of all ages can be found at  http://mx.match.com   and   www.mexicancupid.com   Hint, when filling out the box to find your soulmate: Yo soy means "I am" , buscando means "I am seeking", entre años means "between the years of ", Y means "and", and ubicación means "where they live". Oh, and a "mujer" is a woman and an "hombre" is a man.   Mi español es muy pocito tambien.

Also see www.catholicdatingsites.net  for links to many christian dating sites (not just catholics) .

See also http://www.datingreviewsonline.com/ 
for many different categories and 

 Planet X
The close passage to earth of Nibiru or Planet X  could be the greatest catastrophic infliction of loss of life upon mankind, since Noah's Ark. Supposedly, Planet X will enter the Earth's orbit soon, like in the next 2 to 5 years?? Volcanoes all over the Earth will erupt along with multiple earthquakes, whereby two thirds of the Earth's population will be annihilated. Another 20% is expected to starve to death during the next six months due to lack of sunlight and volcanic ash that will cover the Earth. Subsequently, only about 10% of the Earth's population (600 million) will survive, which fits in nicely with the New World Order scenario (and revelation - this event may signal the opening of the 6th seal for the reduction of Earth's population. This may well be one reason for all the underground shelters through out the United States and the rest of the world. This will enable only the chosen people of the New World Order to survive.By keeping this story out of the major media it will delay the collapse of the world economy, stock markets and real estate prices. Go to   here  for the info.
It's still coming, we just don't have the when pinned down; but the best resources seem to point within the next three to seven years. If you think I am a crackpot on this just ignore the site and keep playing ostrich.

K-2 Whole Body Vibration System
A revolution in excercising without the effort
Busy schedule??? Accomplish in ten minutes three or four times a week more than you could accomplish in  hours in a gym - without having to lift ANYTHING or stress your joints.  Let science do the work. No electrical stimulation, vibration waves stimulate the muscle growth.