Cookware- toxic pans used by restaurants

This is a picture from a very popular restaurant in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. A few months prior, the man who took this photo was there and most of the Teflon on these pans was still there. Now that the Teflon has been eaten away people are now eating from the aluminum. Some aluminum scuffs off into the food with each use. Aluminum intake enhances alzheimers and all aluminum pans scuff off some aluminum into your food during each use. 
ALL of them! The results at the University of California found that 90% of autopsies of people who died from  Alzheimers had high levels of aluminum in them. From where? Probably many sources including aluminum pop and beer cans, the high quantities of aluminum being dumped into our atmosphere via chemtrails;  but a huge source is aluminum cookware.  In Canada it is illegal to use aluminum cookware when preparing food for the elderly in old folks homes. Next they are trying to get aluminum pots and pans outlawed for use in public restaurants. Think, stay away from aluminum cookware.

Everyone loves to eat out. It's so unbelievably convenient. No cooking. No cleaning.

But what about our health? If you had a choice between someone serving you a nice glass of ice cold water in achampagne glass, but you knew it had chemicals and bacteria in it, or you had the option to walk a mile to get a glass of purified water, which would you choose? The smart person would walk.

You are what you eat.  Why do most people treat their cars better than their bodies?

Below is a letter from the owner and founder of the Canadian Holistic Cooking Academy of Canada. She is fighting to  have aluminum cookware like this banned from all restaurants in Canada.

Holistic Cooking Academy of Canada
Lori Nichols Davies, Natural Health and Food Consultant, CEO and curriculum director
Subject: Promote surgical stainless steel cookware and build immunity one meal at a time

For the sake of our national economy we must do more about preventing disease. Our health care system is breaking its back on the rising incidence of obesity, cancer and diabetes, all preventable through diet and cookware. Most people and chefs are not aware of the health hazards of the metal oxides entering the food when cooking with inferior cookware. What alarms me is that the pots and pans industry is unregulated, and remains unregulated in spite of the results at the University of California at Berkley that found aluminum in 90% of autopsies of the dead from Alzheimer's disease in 1997. The pubic truthfully needs a third party reference to safe cookware, and I hope our voice will help guide you best to safety.

I was unaware that there are 80 kinds of stainless steel until March 2009, when Sandy Clubb of Salad Master Cookware visited from Niagara Falls to my Academy in Richmond Hill and enlightened me regarding the surgical steel with titanium cookware. Now 316Ti and 304Ti is the only metal that a surgeon can put into our body to repair hip, heart or ears or any part of the body without the body rejecting it.
As a baby boomer seeking healthy longevity, I say that surgical stainless steel cookware is the only cookware to buy. Surgical stainless steel makes all vegetables taste so good that children ask for third helpings. It's the best taste because of superior nutrition. I hope many crappy companies and crappy jobs will be lost in this paradigm shift to excellence and wisdom for healthy longevity. In August 2010 I met Ron Geyer of Ottawa, Ontario with his Vacumatic-line of cookware. Now I am pleased to know that there is another company that sells top of the line surgical stainless steel cookware and for a much lower price. Having bought this Cookware subsequently five holistic teaching chefs now also have it.  Its lifetime guarantee of service for the rest of the life of the cookware, not just my life, cannot be replaced.

In my test kitchen, I can say I prefer the lid of the Vacumatic, which has a 3-way whistle vent.; closed, open, and whistle mode. Very different from the annoying tapping sound of Salad Master®. I can turn a knob and the whistle stops. With Salad Master I either lower the heat or remove from heat so the noise stops. With the whistle  turned off, I can proceed to simmer soup bones at a low, rolling boil for hours without a noise. Now that's quiet cooking everybody likes.

And the truth remains. No cookware can pass the Baking Soda Test except surgical stainless steel with titanium. Please do this test to find out for yourself how your cookware contaminates your food. Simply take a teaspoon of baking soda and boil it in a cup of water for five minutes using in any pot you wish to test. Now taste that water. Now you will understand many things, such as you might not be such a bad cook yourself if you had the right cookware. Glass and enamel cookware, iron and all non-surgical stainless steel tastes poisonous because it is poisonous.

I am a firm believer in the benefits of cooking in quality surgical stainless steel waterless cookware. Many features make surgical stainless steel cookware unique and superior to all other metals and surfaces used to cook food. I love the true 7-ply thickness of surgical stainless steel cookware. I can now bake cake on the stove top while saving lots of money by not using the oven. It makes the oven obsolete. I cooked my turkey on the stovetop. Food can cook even in the fridge thanks to that seven-ply protective surface on the top, bottom, and all around the sides. That's Belkraft's 7 ply construction all the way up the sides too, not just on the bottom.

The vaporseal method of waterless-cooking takes cooking to a whole new level. The vacuum vapor allows food to cook at much lower temperatures so we chefs can retain over 93% of the vitamins and minerals in foods. Now this is truly holistic cooking. The point is, the vacuum-seal holds the inside of the pot or pan air tight and hot while the pot is off the stove or in the fridge cooking. (I was surprised with this test of seeing that the food would continue to cook even in the fridge, demonstrating how the heat conducting core of the cookware retains heat even when off the stove) Just the right temperature is maintained effortlessly inside the pot without destroying color or nutrients because of that vaporseal. It really cuts down on heating bills, say UBC studies. And Belkraft  is the most equitable investment for everybody.

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